Gina's Bridal Unveil
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Slut Wife, MaleDom, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Size,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Husband's best friend, former roommate, and the best man at the wedding provides the party entertainment with new bride on her wedding night, then takes her home to share her with his new black roommate.

Two weeks after Gina, my beautiful eighteen-year-old fiancée spent the night with Dick, the best man at our wedding, he handed me the ring to slip on her finger and, voila, I was married. The noon in June ceremony was beautiful - very romantic, a perfect garden setting, wonderful music, good friends, proud family, photographs to last a lifetime, and no glitches. Our afternoon backyard reception also went smoothly, and we both enjoyed talking and laughing with the wonderful people nice enough to attend. The weather was perfect: temperature in the low eighties, bright sunshine tempered by large Cottonwood shade, and a gentle breeze. A superb three-piece combo playing big band sounds on the deck induced most people to dance, including the kids. A self-imposed two-drink-per-person limit insured the celebration didn't get too wild, and by 8:00 PM all our guests had kissed my bride on the way out. Including the time spent in the morning getting dressed and double-checking the arrangements, everything was over in ten hours.

"Are you tired, my beautiful bride?" I expected to be drained by this time, but instead I was incredibly awake and alive.

"No. I'm wired. I wish the party wasn't over."

"Dick invited us to another one."

"I know. He told me too. Do you want to go?"

And so what we did on our wedding night was spontaneously determined shortly after our reception. It's actually an amazing coincidence that things turned out like they did - we'd planned everything before, during and after the ceremony except for our wedding night. We'd been living together, with both sets of parents aware, for six months, so there was no rush to "consummate" our marriage. Our Acapulco honeymoon departure wasn't until the following evening at 8:00 PM, although when I told people we were on a flight leaving at 8:00 the next day, I let them assume it was 8:00 AM. A day to unwind sounded appealing when I made the reservations, especially since the fare was half what it would have been for a daytime flight. In order to have more money for Acapulco, we had already decided to sleep at our apartment rather than spring for an expensive hotel. The twenty-four hours between our reception and our honeymoon departure were free. That period is the most memorable of my life.

Gina still wore her wedding gown when I cranked up my graffiti-decorated jeep, but she didn't have a stitch on within a mile. My windows aren't tinted and because darkness arrives after 9:00 PM in late June, every gorgeous inch of my bride was on display to every passing car or truck. The 'just married' and 'hot to trot' type writing all over my windows drew attention to us, but her unbelievable body kept it there.

As I drove, my fingers and hands played with the girl parts I wasn't supposed to touch until this moment - we were (finally) legally wed. The party we'd been invited to was at a mountain home an hour outside of town and most of the driving was on a winding two-lane 'highway'. Steering and shifting subtracted considerable time my hands could have spent on the objects holding my attention: the tits and cunt I'd been almost the only one to fondle for the last six months. It was hard to believe they were mine "to have and to hold till death do us part". My gorgeous bride probably enjoyed the pleasure my hands were intermittently providing nearly as much as the pleasure she derived from the focused eyes of the guys driving beside us when they could.

As we approached the turn off, I told my gorgeous bride to get dressed again - well, you might be able to call it dressed if you have a generous nature. She put on her wedding gown, her white thigh-highs, and her high heels, but without her panties, and especially without her white slip, her gown left little to the imagination. The white beads and crocheted fabric swirls were attached to white gauze as the foundation garment. The gauze was so translucent you could easily see the shadow of her ass crack. Her nipples were not quite as visible as they were on the night of her engagement infidelity, but her cunt was revealed much more. It was patently obvious she didn't have anything on except the gown.

I suppose a little history would help - after all, I did say my fiancée slept with the best man at our wedding before we were married. There was a gradual buildup to their one night affair, so it wasn't a surprise to any of us. After several weeks of escalating public foreplay between Gina and Dick while they danced at parties, I acceded to his request to fuck her. At my insistence, she acted as his date at our housewarming party while wearing a see-through top and no underwear. Everybody at the party saw him finger fuck her to orgasm on the dance floor, then take her home with him.

I listened on the phone the first time he fucked her and watched him fuck her on our couch when he brought her home the next morning. Less than a minute after I saw him deposit it in Gina's cunt, I was using Dick's semen to lubricate my stroke. She was near orgasm when my question induced her to confess that she couldn't wait for Dick to fuck her again. Her admission triggered two orgasms, and mine was the most intense of my life. While I listened on the phone, I'd heard the most intense of her life five hours earlier when Dick's cock throbbed inside her cunt for the first time.

Their date was the most powerful experience of our lives. We recalled with words what our minds replayed, and we both discovered overwhelming excitement and unbelievable sexual satisfaction recreating the bliss my beautiful young fiancée felt when Dick fucked her. I craved every intimate detail, and each new revelation triggered another incredible orgasm. I fucked my fiancée at least twice a night and a big part of the excitement was the anticipation of his boldness on their next date.

"Honey, Dick talked to me at the reception while we danced. He made me promise to ask for your permission, but I'm afraid." I felt a jolt as the blood surged into my cock. It was strange that Gina waited until we were almost to the party, but the part of my brain controlling my cock was, as usual, overpowering the part of my brain concerned with logic and reason.

"Why? It's all we've talked about. We both want him to fuck you again. Does he want to fuck you tonight? That's it, isn't it? He wants to fuck you on our wedding night." I could understand why she was hesitant to ask, but I found the idea enticingly erotic.

"No... ooohh god honey that's not it... uummm... I guess it's sort of it. He wants to fuck me tonight while we're dancing... oohh god honey he wants me to be naked while he fucks me to the music... I'm so wet... he wants to strip me and let everybody watch him fuck me."

Dick is bold. Gina loves bold, and I had been incredibly aroused watching my fiancée's eager reception to his boldness on the dance floor during the last three parties. I love bold too, but still,... I needed to think. He didn't just want to fuck her again; he wanted to fuck my newlywed bride - my legally wedded wife for less than seven hours - in front of everybody at the party. In front of my closest friends. And he wanted to totally strip her and play with her on the dance floor before he fucked her... before he fucked her on our wedding night. He wanted to be the first one to fuck my new bride after we were pronounced husband and wife. He wanted to fuck her on the dance floor. In front of my friends. And a lot of people I didn't know. While I watched. My cock was throbbing.

I slipped my hand through the slit of her gown onto her bald cunt again. She submissively spread her legs and I easily slid my middle finger in. She was much wetter than she had been just a few minutes earlier.

"You're so wet that Dick could slide his big cock into you without any foreplay. You would love it, wouldn't you?" My question was intentionally ambiguous - was I asking about the public sex or whether she'd love his big cock right then?

"I think I would Kirk... ooohh that feels so good... but I'm afraid too. Are you going to let him?" Gina's nasty mind clearly focused on the public fantasy. It was another instance where Dick wanted to push a woman in a direction she wouldn't have gone alone. I knew Gina, and Dick was pushing her in a direction she would love.

She hunched on my finger to increase her stimulation. While I gently thrust in and out, I slipped a second finger in and began to rub next to her clit with my thumb.

"Well, he's already passed out copies of the nude photos he took of you to our friends, including those where Tim and Darrell felt you up. They know Dick fucked you, and they always talk about seeing you naked. They would love to see the real thing. It would turn you on wouldn't it? You told me you wanted to let Jerry and Walt watch him fuck you. I'll bet you want Don to see him fuck you too, don't you? And Bob and Scott? You want Dick to fuck you in front of a big audience? You do, don't you?" I was hard as hell. I knew all my friends had a crush on Gina - why wouldn't they? She was nice to them, she was young and incredibly beautiful, she flirted with them, she danced tight against them, she always exposed enough skin to permanently hold their attention, and she'd let Dick fuck her so they knew her teasing didn't always stop at teasing.

"Oooohhh yes... I'm so turned on... if it was just them, but it's not. How will you feel? We just barely got married. It won't be the same as when you watched him fuck me on our couch - that was private... god I loved your eyes on us. We weren't married and we knew everybody when he fingered me at our party. He told me he was going to fuck me in front of them, but I didn't expect him to fuck me tonight. And this is such a big party - we won't even know most of the people."

She watched my face as I answered. I buried my fingers and lightly brushed her clit with my thumb. She gasped.

"I don't care about anybody except my friends, and they've already seen him do everything except fuck you on the dance floor. I was there when he fingered you while they watched, and you know how much I loved watching him make you come. They've already seen him touch you everywhere, and they know he's already fucked you. They've all seen the nude photos he took of you. There's not much more for them to see. Watching him fuck you while you dance is the only thing they haven't seen - it's the logical conclusion. I love sharing your pleasure with my friends. I think our best man should be the first to fuck my bride after our wedding, even before I fuck her. I want to let them see you become an adulterous wife on our wedding day."

"Ooohh god... you'll have to be so strong honey... I'm afraid but it sounds so exciting. You're going to let him fuck me in front of everybody... mmm keep doing that... Dick's going to fuck me again. I've been dreaming about it. He's so good looking... aahh I'm about to come... just a little more."

"Look at you in your wedding gown - everybody at the party will know you're naked under it. You'll be showing off all night. Your cunt will be dripping, aching and Dick will finally strip you for every guy there to see it. They'll know you are married, but not to him - they'll see your wedding rings touching his cock. And then, he's going to fuck your juicy cunt for them. He's going to slide his huge cock into your hot cunt so every person at the party can see. Your tight juicy twat and his plunging cock will be the night's entertainment. You'll come again and again. Every guy there will think you're easy - they'll all want to fuck your nasty cunt too. You'll be known as a slut wife from now on. I just hope I can keep from coming in my pants."

"Ooohh honey... that's so hot... he's so handsome... mmm... I love his cock... aaahhh I'm going to come."

I immediately removed my fingers from her cunt.

"No, I'm not going to be the one to make you come tonight. Dick owns your cunt from this point on." I glanced at her as I drove and could see the anguish removing my fingers caused. "You do have to do two things for me though."

"Honey that was mean... ooohh I'm so close... what?"

"I'll be standing next to the dance area. When he takes off your wedding gown, bring it to me so we don't lose it."

I could see her wiggling on the seat to maintain her sexual arousal. I knew she could come that way. She'd done it the first time Dick took her out to our car during a party.

"Ooohhh honey... you just want me to walk over to you and then walk back? Naked?"

"Yes. And quit moving around so much. I don't want you to come until you're with Dick."

"Ooohh honey I want to come so bad."

"Good. The second thing I expect is for you to you act as his bride at the party. Act like you're his newlywed wife - not mine. Act just like you did two weeks ago. Tell him that I've given you to him for another night. Tell him your cunt belongs to him."

"Ummm... honey, we won't know most of these people. I'm still in my wedding dress. I've got wedding rings but he doesn't." Her engagement ring and her wedding band were a matched set and my band matched hers. The engagement diamond was a high quality stone that subtracted a quarter year's salary from my bank account. Our matching bands were designed with small diamonds in a unique pattern and surface cuts in the gold so that, even from quite a distance, they were easily seen as a set.

"That's what makes it so exciting. I want them to know you're not his wife. Don't you think that will make it even nastier?"

"It was exciting at our party because we were all friends. They will guess you're my real husband from our clothes."

"Don't make them guess. Tell them. I'm your real husband. Dick's your husband for the night. That would make it even more exciting for everybody when he fucks you, wouldn't it? You're so young and beautiful - think of how nasty it is. The groom's best friend and the best man at their wedding fucks the bride on their wedding night in front of her groom and everybody else at a large party. Everybody who sees it will remember this party their entire life."

"Ooohh honey... it would. I want them to know... yes, I'll tell them. I'll tell them you're best friends. I'll tell them that Dick's the best man... they'll wonder what I mean."

"They'll figure it out when he fucks you." I paused while I wondered if the time was right. I decided it was.

"Gina, I have something for you. I've had it for over a week but I didn't think I would give it to you until after our honeymoon." I pulled over to the side of the road and removed a slim jewelry case from the glove box.

"Put your foot on my thigh Gina." She placed the ball of her left high heel near my knee while I took the ankle bracelet from the box. I slipped it around her white thigh high and locked it on her beautiful ankle.

She could see the etched letters in the fading sunlight. "What does it say honey?"

"It says 'Dick's'. It's locked and I have the key. Considering the timing, I guess you could say it's my wedding gift - or maybe giving Dick's cock to you is my wedding gift."

"It's locked? When will you unlock it?"

"I'll put it on whenever I give you to him. Wear it tonight and let people read it. If anybody asks, tell them you're his for the night." She put her foot back down so she could attack me with love. Her kiss was passionate. Her kiss was emotional. Her kiss transmitted love down to my toes. My guess: she liked it.

My cock was pulsating, and the thought definitely crossed my mind to pull her into the backseat. We were both in need of relief, but I felt I'd be cheating with my best friend's wife if I fucked her then. I'd just told her she was his, and after I'd given her to Dick I didn't want to immediately take back what I'd freely given. I finally pulled her arms from around my neck so I could drive the remaining few miles to the party.

"Gina, there will be lots of other guys that want to fuck you too. Nobody but Dick tonight, okay?" Her head nodded assent, but her dreamy, unfocused eyes led me to believe she was wondering what it would feel like to be in the center of lots of guys.

Dick saw us as soon as we entered and hurried to meet us at the door. He'd changed into khaki pants and a Polo shirt, typical clothing for most of the men at the party. My white tuxedo was clearly formal wedding attire and her white wedding gown, sans undergarments, matched my tux. We were obviously a newlywed couple. I shook his hand before Gina greeted him in her usual manner - a juicy French kiss with her arms around his neck and her body pressed tightly against his.

Although the method she used to greet him didn't change, the tremendous passion and the extended duration did. She kissed with the ardor normally seen from lovers long separated and she ground against him with lust rarely seen outside the bedroom. Her wedding rings sparkled as she pulled on the back of his head to tightly clamp her lips to his.

Gina appeared willing to let Dick fuck her right there, but he finally pulled her arms from his neck. He backed up a couple of steps to look at my new wife and everybody in the entrance hall followed his lead. There were at least ten people in the entryway watching them, including, I later learned, the homeowner and his beautiful young wife.

"Turn around Gina. Let me see." Dick was in charge and I could see the joy she received from submitting to his will as she slowly turned for his inspection.

"You look great. Put your hands behind your head." She locked her eyes with his as she clasped her hands behind her head. The position thrust her tits out and raised the slit in her gown dangerously close to her cunt. Nearly the entire width of the support bands on her thigh highs was visible through the slit.

"Turn again." I noticed her glances toward the eyes of the other men as she slowly spun, and because I knew my fiancée so well, - excuse me, my bride so well - I knew their lustful eyes inflamed her even further.

"You look hot Gina. I love your wedding dress a lot more now than I did earlier."

"Thank you Dick. Kirk said I should take off everything except the dress. You won't be embarrassed to be with me, will you?"

"I couldn't be any prouder unless you were naked."

"I'm not far from it." Then she smiled at him. "Maybe I will be."

"You're close right now. You'll drive every man here crazy." He appeared to just notice her gold ankle bracelet. "What does your anklet say?"

She didn't say anything before she hiked the hem of her gown past her thigh highs, then placed her high-heeled foot on the armrest of the chair next to Dick. From where I stood I could see her smooth cunt was wet, so I knew the people behind me could see it as well. Dick bent down to read it and I saw him look at her cunt and sniff the air as he bent. She rotated the anklet so he could read it and I smiled at the shock in his face when he did.

"Kirk just gave it to me Dick. It's my wedding present. He told me I had to wear it when he gives me to you." He looked at me and my grin just got bigger.

"If you do what you requested permission for, I'll be thanking you Dick. Gina can't wait. Neither can I."

He grinned. "It won't be until very late."

"Have fun until then." I let my lips and tongue explore Gina's lips and mouth, the same lips and mouth that Dick just probed, and her response was as passionate as it was when Dick kissed her. I removed her arms but held her left hand with mine long enough to insure everybody could see our matching wedding bands.

"I'm proud to be your husband Gina. I love you."

"I love you too Kirk. I'm proud to be your wife. Are you sure this is what you want?"

"Yes. I know you'll love it and I want the best for you. Dick's the best. Enjoy yourself."

I turned and walked away. I could feel the eyes of every person in the entry foyer follow me and I finally understood what Gina meant when she said she could "feel the eyes" on her. She'd learned to love the feeling, but I was sure the best I'd ever learn would be to ignore them.

I wandered around trying to get a feel for the party. It was a large house, with three main party areas: the pool and deck in back, the family room/kitchen area, from which you could see the pool, and the large formal living room, which was converted into a dance floor by the removal of furniture and rugs. There was a bartender attending a well-stocked bar near the pool, and I didn't see anybody without a drink. The dance music was reasonably loud on the "dance floor", but very muted throughout the rest of the house.

I estimated that there were around seventy-five people, the vast majority of them couples. There may have been ten single guys, but I only saw two unattached girls and they were together. I was relieved when I didn't see any children. I didn't know the party hosts, but his company was one of our clients, and Dick managed the electrical engineering on their last project. Dick arranged for our group of guys to be invited, but most of us didn't know anyone else there. As the night progressed, I kept mental count of the number of people I knew, even casually, and I finally ended up at sixteen.

I hung out with Don, mainly near the food in the kitchen. Jerry, Bob, Walt and Scott were with dates so they frequently stopped to talk, as did Dick and Gina. The guys were all in our wedding party and they managed to change out of their penguin outfits before they left the reception. Their dates attended our short ceremony too, and they were appropriately dressed for a casual Saturday night party. Gina and I were the only sartorial fish out of water at the party and the more I thought about it, the more I liked it.

I kept an occasional eye on my bride and my best friend. Okay, you're right, watching them was my night's prime objective, it's just that they were frequently hidden or in different areas - if they were within sight, I observed as covertly as possible everything they did. I didn't follow them from area to area, and the only time I could watch Gina dance was when I was dancing too, but it was enough to keep me at least partially hard most of the night.

Dick and Gina mingled with ease and seemed to enjoy meeting all the new people. Attractive people are always warmly welcomed, and Dick and Gina are both extremely good looking. They were often the focal couple when they entered a new group, especially since Gina still wore her extremely revealing wedding dress. They laughed frequently and joined easily in conversations, and they touched each other whenever they spoke. They both finished several drinks as they moved from group to group to socialize, and I enjoyed watching the men eyeball my bride nearly as much as I enjoyed the tremendous anticipation of what was to follow. Gina held Dick's arm wherever they went, and she was acting exactly as if she'd just married him. She was acting exactly as she acted at our housewarming party.

Ah, our housewarming party, the most exciting night of my life. The first and only time she played the public role of Dick's date - until tonight. We obviously knew everybody well. The other five guys in our core group already watched Dick play with my fiancée on the dance floor, and everybody else had certainly heard about it. Dick shared the Polaroids Gina gave him, photographs I took of her luscious naked body, so I believe everybody at the party had seen every inch of her beautiful body. The seven guys in our group accepted - no, much more than accepted, we embraced - unusual lifestyles and interests. They were still friends after Dick fucked my young fiancée - still friends with Gina, still friends with Dick, and most of all still my best friends. We hid nothing from them, and Gina loved it - her cunt was always wet when she was around them because they knew Dick had fucked her. Dick's status as the unofficial leader of our group was enhanced, Gina's flirting became much more exciting because they knew she had already fucked one of her fiancé's best friends, and my reputation as the most incorrigible nonconformist in our group was solidified.

This was a different party environment, and I was sure most of the people there wouldn't embrace the idea. A young bride, on her wedding day, acting as one man's wife while her groom watched was not normal, but I found the strangeness itself arousing. Gina's actions were evidence that she did too. If they only knew how far Gina was going to go in letting Dick act as her surrogate groom on her wedding night. It couldn't get any hotter.

I saw Gina point me out numerous times during the evening when Dick introduced her, and I saw many people bend to read her anklet. It was nearly an hour into the party when Allen, the homeowner and party host, joined Don and I. His young trophy wife wasn't with him.

"So you're Kirk? Gina's new husband?"

"Yes, how did you know?" I smiled at him as I fake dusted the lapels of my tux.

He smiled back. "I guess your clothes do give it away, don't they?" He studied me for a second. "I was in the entry when you came in so I knew already, but then Dick introduced your wife as 'Kirk's bride, Gina'. She pointed to your group." He continued to analyze me before he continued. "Your wife's beautiful."

She was thrilled when Dick introduced her to Darrell and Tim as my fiancée, so she must have asked Dick to continue it. One difference, and when you looked at her dress it really wasn't a huge difference, was that she was totally nude when she met Darrell and Tim. The main difference was that I was now married to her. My cock throbbed at the thought of Dick introducing her as my bride while she acted like his.

"She is. I'll tell her you said so. She loves to hear it when guys appreciate her." Don smiled, and I knew he was thinking she loved more than appreciation from guys. He replaced me as Dick's roommate and he'd been in his bedroom the night that Dick first fucked her on their couch. Gina said he watched her walk naked to the bathroom in the morning. I thought that what he heard would be more interesting, but I didn't talk to him about it.

"She's wearing the hottest wedding gown I've ever seen." He spoke with obvious trepidation. I'm 6'1", 190 pounds and an ex-marine with combat duty in Vietnam. He was a little bigger than Dick, but not much. Maybe 5'10", with a little paunch. I guessed between forty and forty-five years old. I knew he wanted to talk about my wife, so I put him at ease. I smiled at him and noticed visible relaxation in his shoulders.

"It wasn't easy to find, but I assume you like her wedding dress Allen?" He nodded as I moved closer to him. "She's as hot as her dress. She loves being at your party like this. What do you like about her dress Allen?"

"Damn, it's great. It, uh, really shows off her, um, body." He didn't look confident again.

"It's all she has on Allen. Can I ask you - did you already know she was naked under it?"

"Well, I saw you when you came in and... uhh... I overheard Dick talking to her. I could see she wasn't wearing a bra. I could see her... umm... her..."

"Tits Allen?"

"Well, I was going to say nipples, but ok... her tits."

"Do you like her tits?"

"They're beautiful." He said it almost with reverence.

"I agree. Did you notice her stiff nipples? She gets very excited when guys look at them. They're very sensitive too. You should hear her moan when somebody plays with them. What else did you notice Allen?"

He paused for a second. I could see he was getting more uncomfortable by the second. "I didn't see... uh... any panties, and I didn't see any... um... any... um... hair."

"So you've been trying to look through her dress?"

He shuffled his feet. "Um... yes."

"She'll be glad Allen. She wouldn't have worn it if she didn't want men to look. She's so excited walking around almost naked that I can smell her excitement. Here they come - see if you can smell her Allen."

Gina and Dick walked by on their way to dance. She smiled at me and squeezed my biceps while I watched her rub her tit on Dick's arm. Allen was watching her too, and I could see the lust in his eyes. I also saw him sniff the air.

"I love the smell of her wet cunt Allen. I usually don't let her wear perfume so I can smell it. Did you smell it?" He nodded at me.

"You were right Allen. You couldn't see pubic hair because she shaves her pussy. Have you ever seen a live shaved cunt before Allen?"

"No." His emphatic response accented the glint in his eyes as they tracked her retreating ass.

"You might tonight. Will it upset your wife?"

"No. We've been to, um, gentlemen's clubs before."

"Tell your friends but see if you can't shoo out those who wouldn't appreciate it."

"I'll come by to tell you when everybody that needs to leave is gone. How's that?"

"Tell Dick. He's the one who needs to know. And Allen?"


"They will see more than Gina's body, if you know what I mean?"

"Okay." He looked thoughtfully at me again. "I'm going to let my imagination run wild on that." He looked again and I thought he would chicken out before he finally whispered, "Can I ask you a very personal question?"

"I think I can guess, but go ahead." I whispered back.

"I know Dick pretty well from business and I know he gets around. I've seen him with several beautiful women. Why is he with your bride? She said you two got married today but she's acting like he is her husband, not you." I could barely hear him.

"Did you see what her ankle bracelet says Allen?"

"Yes. It says Dick's."

"I gave it to her tonight Allen. There is a lot of history to fully explain why, but I'll cut it short." I spoke in a normal voice. As long as I was going to explain, I didn't want him to say he couldn't hear. "Dick and I were roommates for six years before Gina and I met - three in college and three after. They became close while we dated, and she loved it when I asked him to be the best man at our wedding. I admire them more than any other two people in the world, and they've developed a strong attraction for each other. The romance started when Gina drank too much at a party and started kissing Dick, but when I told her I enjoyed watching them, they became increasingly sexual in front of me while they were dancing at parties. It excited me, so I encouraged Gina to go further. I even asked her to take Dick out to our car for awhile at the parties. That excited me even more when she told me what they had done, and he told her to ask me if he could fuck her. I told Gina two weeks ago that he could. I enjoyed listening on the phone the first time he fucked her and watching the next day as he fucked her on my couch right in front of me. I probably enjoyed it as much as Gina and Dick enjoyed it, and Dick asked if he could fuck her again tonight. I gave her the ankle bracelet so they both know I approve - sort of a wedding gift. I'm enjoying watching them together and I'll enjoy it even more later. I gave my bride to my best friend so he would be the first to fuck her on our wedding night." I looked him in the eye while I spoke, and he averted his eyes after he heard it excited me when they got sexual on the dance floor in front of me. I kept rambling to the end, despite his embarrassment. Hell, he asked. He kind of shuffled his feet and I thought for a second that he might reply, but he finally just lightly slapped me on the shoulder and walked away. I saw Don smiling, and then I smiled when I heard his signature deep bass chuckle. I would recognize it anywhere.

I was quite aware that nobody I talked to, outside of my friends, was interested in my ideas or opinions. They only wanted to meet the man in the groom's tuxedo who would let his bride in her scandalous bridal gown behave as the wife of another man in front of his eyes - especially one as drop-dead gorgeous as Gina. Most wouldn't meet my eyes, but I could "feel the eyes" on me when I wasn't looking. I was getting used to it and it wasn't so bad. It wouldn't be something I'd ever learn to enjoy like Gina, but I was already close to being able to ignore it.

They could see I was a lot bigger than Dick, and I've been told I look the part of the ex-marine that I am, so I'm sure they were baffled. Partly I'm sure it was feeling sorry for me, partly wondering how I could let it go on. You don't often see a stunningly beautiful young bride ignore her new husband in public, especially one hanging all over his handsome best friend.

Most of them were not bashful about looking at my wife, whether in our group or away from it. It was easy to see why. Her wedding dress was a smashing success. It was covered with beads crocheted into detailed patterns atop white gauze. We'd been told that beads covered over 85% of the gown, but the part that wasn't covered was the vital part. There's an old saying about statistics being like bikinis: what they reveal is interesting, but what they conceal is vital. Gina's gown teasingly revealed 15% of both the interesting and the vital parts of her 35C-21-34 statistics through the thin gauze, which was thin enough to detect color differences and shadows underneath it even from the outdoor pool lighting. In the family room where the lighting was good, it was nearly obscene. The loci of her areolae and nipples were evident by the color difference, but the erect bumps would have given them away anyway. The dress would have been revealing due to its brevity even if it didn't transmit so much information about what was underneath it. It was a long gown with a front slit that ended a few inches below her cunt, and the top was cut so low that there was very little cloth between her bare skin and her areolae. It was difficult finding a wedding gown this revealing, and during the ceremony the white slip underneath was the only thing that made it marginally acceptable in public. Without the slip, light was transmitted easily between her legs, and even without the enticing center slit it was easy to see the silhouette of her hairless cunt.

I'd never seen her look more radiant - or sexy. She's 5'4", 105 lbs., has extremely light blonde hair, very striking emerald green eyes, a beautiful face, and a great smile. It's easy to see the lust in male eyes when I'm with her and she always exudes sex appeal. Her eighteen-year-old firm body always attracts male eyes, but not with the undivided attention I saw in them tonight. She practically glowed from joy and excitement.

Tonight was special for a number of reasons. First, she'd been on the orgasm precipice even before we got to the party and Dick's foreplay kept her poised there all night. Second, she was on display for many male eyes and that always made her hot. Then she'd been drinking and that always focuses her attention on sex. Add to that it was her wedding night, a night traditionally dedicated to sex. And finally, the man who fucked her better than any of her previous lovers - including me - was going to fuck her in front of everybody. It was truly a cosmic convergence of arousal buttons for my bride.

Her eyes and her laughter sparkled and her nipples stayed hard, mainly because of the number of eyes focused on them in every social group they visited. Gina's ultimate aphrodisiac is seeing male eyes mentally undressing her while they focus on her as a sex object. I knew her cunt was dripping although it was hidden; and I guess whether it was hidden would depend on your definition - for instance, as Allen noted, her dress could not have hidden the shade difference between skin and pubic hair. Lustful eyes would have been enough, but Gina rubbed her nipples on Dick's arm whenever she held it, which was most of the time. I also noticed how often she clenched her buttocks, and I knew she was trying to stimulate herself without being able to touch.

As the evening wore on, the passion between my best friend and my bride became more obvious. Gina was underage, but nobody cared, and the alcohol loosened her inhibitions. They held hands, she hung on his arm, they kissed, they hugged, and they touched each other more - both familiarly and sexually. Since others were also drinking, their eyes became bolder, and the stares Gina's body attracted became more obvious, lasted longer, and induced more erections. She loved the attention from the eyes and the bulges in the pants, and her smiles were often directed at the boldest men.

They danced several times, although not nearly as much as at the last three parties and the passion that I now expected when they danced was certainly present. They kissed like lovers, they ground, bumped and humped like lovers, and they touched and fondled to arouse like lovers. I was dancing with Bob's girl Becky when I saw Dick's whisper cause Gina to back up about a foot. I turned Bob's girl and we both watched him openly slip her right shoulder strap down to the bend in her elbow, then pull her to him so her bare tit was pressed against his chest. Dick slipped his hand between them to feel my bride's naked tit while they danced.

I knew he was feeling her up partially for my benefit, and Becky did too. She giggled a little when I pulled back - I didn't want to do anything sexual with any girl except Gina, but I was sure hard dancing with Becky and she felt it against her very briefly. Becky understood I was hard because of Gina and Dick, so she danced without touching it any more, although she smiled and seemed to enjoy my condition.

Aside from us, there was not much of an audience for Dick and Gina on the dance floor. The other couples dancing were often doing similar things and it wasn't a party where the main activity was dancing. Most of the people were in other rooms. Even if there had been people in the room, it would have been difficult to see. The only light was from overhead lights way down the hall, so the dance area was nearly dark. The dimly lit room encouraged adventurous hands, and most of the dancers indulged, although none were as flagrant in their exhibitionism as Dick and Gina.

The covert foreplay was finally, finally over a little before 1:30 AM. Many of the people were still there, but those with babysitters and, more importantly, uptight attitudes were gone. It looked to me like about half the original partygoers had disappeared. Dick sat on one of the easy chairs in the family room and Gina was seated sideways on his legs flirting with two single guys standing next to them. Don and I were in the kitchen when Allen caught Dick's eye and nodded. Dick whispered to Gina and she immediately stood, hiked up her gown so she could straddle his legs with her back to him, and sat down in his lap. His second whisper induced her to raise her legs and hook her knees over the armrests. His hands pushing up on her ass induced her to lift it up far enough so he could pull her hemline to her waist. I was mesmerized at the sight of my bride's wet, widespread twat on display in the well-lit room. I saw Don pull his camera out of his coat pocket.

Dick moved his hand to Gina's very wet cunt and slipped a finger inside. She gasped and spread even further while he looked directly at me and raised his eyebrows in a way I knew was a question whether he should continue. I smiled and nodded. He pushed another finger in and gently moved his thumb over her clit as he slowly finger fucked my bride's beautiful shaved twat. I heard the shutter clicks from Don's camera, the sighs, pants and whimpers from Gina, and the murmur spreading through the room. Conversations stopped and Gina's exposed cunt soon became the focal point for the party. The pool area was quickly emptying as the family room filled. Gina had been ready to come for hours - she was almost there when I fingered her in the car - and Dick kept her on the edge all night. The clicks from Don's camera brought the thought: "These will be the only wedding pictures I'll want to look at again and again". Her climb toward orgasm was meteoric. Her moans and her movements exuded arousal, and I could see and hear how close she was. Again.

Dick whispered in her ear, and Gina found my eyes. I could see her question, and I smiled and puckered a kiss her way. She sent one back before I saw her answer yes to Dick. Without knowing the exact words he uttered, I knew she had just agreed to let him fuck her in front of everybody at the party, most of them strangers. My hard-on was so sensitive I knew I would have to avoid moving too much to keep from coming.

Her groan of disappointment accompanied the removal of his fingers. He helped her up, then took her hand to lead her through the crowd into the dance area. As they passed me, I grabbed her hand to stop them for a second. I pulled her bridal veil from my coat pocket and placed it back on her head to cover her face by the fine white gauze. My bride looked exactly as she'd looked walking down the aisle on the arm of her father with one beautiful exception: there was nothing under her gown except gorgeous skin.

"Don't forget to carry her over the threshold Dick. You're taking her into the room where her marriage will be consummated." I pushed Don toward the dance floor so he would be ready to take a picture.

Dick bent to grab my bride's legs below her knees, lifted her light body up, then carried her down the hall. Don's flash captured the wedding tradition as he carried her onto the dance floor, nee living room. We all followed and the dimly lit dance floor was suddenly filled with observers. I'm sure the few couples dancing wondered what the hell was happening when the entire party suddenly swarmed around them. Dick put down my bride and smiled at her before he pulled her close.

Within thirty seconds, they were teasing us. Dick kept time, but barely moved his feet as they "danced" to Moon River. He nibbled her ear while he whispered with the foreplay she loved. He kissed her neck and grabbed her ass to pull her tight against him. She rubbed her cunt on his cock, laid her head on his shoulder and succumbed to the feeling of arousal that had been her constant companion since we were in the car more than four hours earlier.

They "danced" to Red Sails in the Sunset and Misty before the Joker, a faster song, came on. Don didn't take another picture during this time - it was too dark. Dick whispered in her ear and stepped back. He barely moved as he, along with every other eye in the room, watched my wife. The other couples that were dry-fuck dancing when Gina and Dick started all stopped to watch Gina too. She held her arms straight up above her head and moved sensuously in a serpentine wriggle. He made her spin slowly so we could all see, and her veil made her look even more like the bride she was. Despite the dim lighting, I could see that the cut on her dress was well above the level of the slit in her cunt. The dark shadow hid her bald pussy, but nothing else did.

As she slinked up close to slide her body up and down his, Dick reached behind and unzipped her dress. She still wore her veil and in the dim light her face was full of shadows. I knew she could easily see out through the light mesh - much more easily than we could see in. Dick whispered and gently pushed her away. As she slowly spun and danced, her back was exposed down to her ass crack. We should have been seeing her better, but the dim lighting was frustrating. I wanted everybody to see exactly how beautiful my bride was. I spoke softly to Don.

"Take a picture."

He whispered, "It's too dark."

"Use the flash."

He waited until she was facing us before the flash discharged. I could see her smile at the camera through the veil. She faced us until Don's flash blinded us again, then turned smoothly and sensuously away to continue her dance. My eyes focused on her cunt when the second flash discharged and the slit in her gown was high enough to see how wet she was. The way she was dancing, with her arms straight above her head, would have exposed her cunt completely if the room was lit.

When the song was over, she put her arms around Dick and ground on him until Walk This Way began. It was another fast song, but she didn't start dancing immediately. I watched him whisper as he lifted her veil and then watched him kiss her with the passion of two teenagers in the back seat. He lowered the right strap and she lifted her arm out to uncover her gorgeous right tit. The same procedure on her left side turned her wedding gown into a white beaded skirt. He stepped back and she danced facing him, with her arms still above her head. Their eyes were locked in passion while she swiveled and swayed but I finally read his lips, "Let them see." She spun slowly, moving her hips and her tits sensuously and suggestively. The gown slipped lower on her abdomen with each bump of her hips and I wondered if it was going to drop off without any assistance.

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