Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Romantic, Lesbian, BDSM, DomSub, FemaleDom, Spanking, Rough, Light Bond, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Water Sports, Scatology, Exhibitionism, Doctor/Nurse, Caution, Violent,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The Party ends and Holly leaves with Donatien for a liason. And a surprise.

Holly gave a start as the handcuffs clicked into place.

"What are you doing?" she asked.

"Just a lesson, Holly," Doctor Holcomb said, in that deep, soft voice.

She struggled at the handcuffs, but her hands were securely fastened behind her back.

Oh, God, what had she gotten herself into?

The situation had stemmed from an occurrence earlier that afternoon. Doctor Holly Jackson was a new intern at County General Hospital, just settling in to her normal duties in the Emergency Room. A new patient had been brought in by the paramedics and Holly went to admit her.

One look at the girl on the gurney was enough. The ligature marks were plainly visible, both on her wrists and ankles and, by the bruising on her neck, someone had tried to strangle her. She was obviously naked under the thin blanket.

A glimpse under the blanket showed Holly the young woman had bruises and welts all over her body.

"Brief period of unconsciousness," the paramedic told Holly. "She didn't want to come in, but her boyfriend made her."

He motioned over at the boyfriend, a slender young man who stood nervously near the entrance to the hospital. The kid was no older than his girlfriend, maybe twenty, and his slight build belied the harsh injuries he had inflicted on the poor girl. Holly felt her stomach tighten in disgust.

"Bring her in here. We had better notify the police," Holly told them.

The older paramedic stepped close to her.

"It was consensual," he said quietly. "We had to help the kid untie her. He panicked when she passed out and called 911."

Holly looked down at the brutalized woman on the gurney. Her pretty face was streaked with tears.

"You let him do this to you?" Holly asked, incredulously.

The girl looked up at her, embarrassed by all the attention. She looked away, unable to speak.

"Look. If your boyfriend hurt you, I can get you assistance. There's help available. I can refer you..."

The girl on the gurney cut her off. She looked scared and embarrassed as she spoke.

"It was my idea," she said. "I made him do this."

Holly was stunned (and a little disgusted) by the girl's pathetic attempt to blame herself for the terrible abuse she suffered. She opened her mouth to respond, but Doctor John Holcomb's deep voice interrupted her.

"So this is that incident?" he asked the paramedic brusquely, as he stepped in beside Holly.

"Sure is," the paramedic told him. "She was tied up real thoroughly. It took a while to cut off the ropes."

Holcomb looked over at the sallow boy watching from Chairs. He shook his head in thinly disguised disgust. Holly had worked with Doctor Holcomb, of course, and she knew his warm, gentle bedside manner could turn into brusque irritation in a heartbeat. But she also knew he was an excellent physician.

"So why is she still in the hallway, Holly?" he asked her. "Planning on examining her right here, in front of everyone?"

Holly looked down, embarrassed. Doctor Holcomb had that effect on her. His gentle grey eyes would suddenly turn cold, and his manner could turn cold as well.

But Holcomb ignored her embarrassment. He looked at the young woman. "What's your name?" he asked.

"Alicia," she said softly.

"Well, Alicia, we'll take good care of you," the doctor said with a smile. His good looks were an asset in such cases, Holly thought. In the short time she'd been here she'd noticed that his blond hair and strong jaw, not to mention the hours he spent in the gym, made him both an object of interest among some of the women and occasionally the object of scorn by others, who saw him as more of a poster boy for the ER than a "real" doctor.

With the help of the paramedics, Holly rolled Alicia into Exam Room seven. Holcomb followed.

The paramedic began to leave the room, but Holcomb stopped him. "Tell her boyfriend I want him in here," he said.

"Sure thing, Doc," the paramedic answered and left.

Doctor Holcomb began to gently examine the young girl.

"Was this your first time trying bondage?" he asked gently, as he checked her wrists. The marks were livid and bruising was already starting to show.

"Well, kind of. Tim had tied me to the bed, but I wanted to try it standing up."

Doctor Holcomb nodded, seeming to understand. Holly was impressed by how well he covered the anger and disgust he must feel. Why, the young woman might have...

"How long were you tied up for?" Doctor Holcomb asked the young woman, as he checked her ankles.

"About an hour, I guess," the woman told him.

Holcomb shook his head. The exam room door opened, and the boy from the hallway entered. Holcomb looked up at him.

"You Tim?" he asked. "You tied her up?"

Tim blushed furiously, and looked away. "I didn't mean to hurt her," he said quietly.

"I wanted him to," Alicia repeated.

"Yes, but you didn't want him to maim or kill you, did you?" Holcomb asked, his voice surprisingly gentle.

Holly was surprised at the odd look on Alicia's face. She seemed almost uncertain how to reply. Finally she managed to say, "No, not really..."

Holcomb nodded. Again, Holly marvelled at the good job he was doing of pretending to understand the whole sick situation. Holly watched him examine the bruising on the girl's throat.

"You enjoy being choked?" he asked, his voice still soft. He pulled up a stool beside the gurney and sat, so his face was on a level with Alicia's.

She nodded.

"I asked him to choke me," she admitted. "Doctor, please don't call the police. It wasn't Tim's fault. I wanted him to do it."

Holcomb nodded, in seeming understanding.

"I understand. But the way the ropes were tied, they tightened as you struggled. That's what caused the injuries and the rope burns. You must like to struggle?"

Alicia shrugged and smiled a little.

"Well, when a man breaks in your house and ties you up and rapes you..." She looked at the doctor, who nodded.

"Well, none of the damage is permanent. You were both lucky. You could be dead and Tim would be looking at a murder charge."

He looked at Alicia, his grey eyes solemn. She managed a nod.

"I didn't really mean to hurt her," Tim interjected. "I just did what she wanted."

Holcomb got up and turned on the boy. His soft attitude was gone, like a mask he no longer needed.

"You ever tie up somebody before? Choked them? Raped them?"

Tim shook his head fearfully.

"God, no! It was just a game."

Doctor Holcomb shook his head.

"It's not a game. Games are for fun," Holcomb told him. "More accurately, it's a sport. Sports injuries are common." He looked at the boy coldly and got up from the stool.

"If you wanted to parachute jump, would you just go out and do it, or would you get training first?"

Tim looked at him uncertainly.

"I guess, I'd get training. I mean, you could die..."

Holcomb nodded. "Very good. You could die. And Alicia could have died today."

Holly watched in relief. The boy had done something terrible, and if the girl actually had wanted this to happen, she needed help.

"Should I get a Psych Consult, Doctor Holcomb? Or call the authorities?" Holly asked, glad to be back in the real world of hospital procedure. But Holcomb turned and pinned her with those hard grey eyes. Holly's stomach tightened. She had angered him.

But Holcomb was not angry, just irritated with her.

"A psych consult, Doctor Jackson? So Doctor Burashi can tell us this girl is masochistic and enjoys having pain inflicted on her? Or call the authorities, so the police can try to put her boyfriend in jail?"

"Well, like you said," Holly responded, "She could have died." Holly looked him squarely in the eyes. She was an intern and knew better than to let some doctor intimidate her, even John Holcomb, the head of Emergency services. Especially in front of a patient.

"She could have, yes." He turned back to the boy.

"If you and your girlfriend want to play bondage games, I suggest you find some books." He reached into his scrubs and pulled out his wallet, withdrawing a business card.

"This woman can help you find lots of information. She can also mentor you. One of the first things she will tell you is NEVER put pressure on the front of the throat." He stared at the boy, then down at Alicia. "He could have easily crushed your larynx. That is not a pleasant way to die."

He handed the card to Alicia, who looked at it.

"But isn't this a sex club?" she asked hesitantly.

Holcomb smiled at her, shaking his head.

"You're playing sex games, pretty advanced ones. You need to learn the rules, before somebody gets badly hurt."

Alicia looked at the card and nodded. She handed it to Tim, who looked at it nervously. Holcomb actually chuckled.

"Nita is a very nice lady, and will totally understand. She can help you learn to do this safely. I don't want to see you back in here again, maybe badly injured next time. The police just don't understand these things."

Both nodded, and Holcomb walked to the door. He turned at the threshold.

"Doctor Jackson can clean those wounds up and can get you some clothes," he told Alicia. He left.

Holly spent the rest of the shift thinking about the incident. She was very nervous over it. She kept thinking about the circumstances, wondering why they had so upset her. She finally realized, with a small shock, that the incident had, to her, a very erotic element.

Something about the girl today, so pretty, so naked, so helpless. And the way the doctor had handled her so confidently and with such... She immediately pushed those thoughts out of her mind. John Holcomb was being professional. He surely didn't have these thoughts.

Yet as she thought of those cold grey eyes, and the thought of being helpless...

She shook her head and went about her business, but her deep centers, the places she seldom even thought about since Rick and she had parted ways, were awake.

At the end of shift, she saw Holcomb walking down the hall toward her. He caught her eye and approached her.

"Our couple get out of here okay?" he asked quietly.

She nodded. "Yes, Doctor Holcomb. I told her to take anti- inflammatories and keep the open areas clean. And to come back if there is any reddening or unusual swelling."

Holcomb said, "We see a lot of S.I, 's here." Seeing the blank look on Holly's face, he added, "Sexual Injuries." He smiled at her. "To be differentiated from M.I.s, which are not heart attacks."

Holly managed a professional smile. "Masturbation Injuries?"

Holcomb nodded. "We had a man come in the hospital last year. He'd tried to use a commercial vacuum to jack off with. He tore the skin off his penis, the scrotum, the whole thing."

Holly looked at him in horror.

"You're kidding."

Holcomb shook his head with a wry smile.

"You're new," he replied. "Any emergency room has stories. People try things they can't handle, and they end up here. You'll see a lot of it."

Holly frowned.

"What's wrong with people?" she asked quietly.

But Holcomb's reaction was hardly the one her parents would have had. 'What's wrong with people?' had been a common question at home. There, it was always connected with a look of disgust or disapproving shake of the head.

But Holcomb smiled.

"They're human. Just pleasure seeking animals. They make mistakes."

Holly reacted to his words without thinking.

"That girl today was sick. You should have committed her, not helped her to..." She stopped, searching for the words to convey her disgust, her uncomfortableness, her...

"Holly, would you come with me, please?" He didn't wait for an answer, but turned and headed back to his office. She followed, that nervous feeling welling up in her stomach.

It was the terrible feeling of her childhood.

She had done something wrong. And now she would be punished.

Holcomb held the door of his office open for her. She stepped in, momentarily surprised at both the size of the room and the number of diplomas and medical books on the walls.

Holcomb closed the door and motioned her to sit down. She sat, but she was not going to play the scared bad little girl.

"Doctor Holcomb," she said, making sure her voice was even and professional, "if you think I did something wrong today, I think you should simply tell me so we can discuss it."

He turned and looked at her, his grey eyes warm.

"First, it's John. Shift's over and we're both on our own time. Second, you did a fine job today. You're a good doctor. Your first thought was assault or domestic abuse, and that's natural."

"I still think that girl..." she began, but John cut her off.

"She asked her boyfriend to do exactly what he did. It was voluntary and consensual. If anything, the girl was in control."

"She was in control?" Holly couldn't keep the shock out of her voice. "She was tied up. Helpless!" But Holly was surprised at the sudden unwelcome stirrings that came, the uncomfortable urges she had not been bothered by for years.

"Yes, she was," John agreed, interrupting her thoughts. "But she was still the one in control. May I show you?"

She looked at John Holcomb. Those grey eyes had so much hidden behind them. She wasn't entirely sure she trusted him. But they were so close to the nurse's station...

"All right," she heard herself say. She wasn't sure what he would do, but surely he would not try anything inappropriate here. Her screams would be heard all over the Unit.

John pulled something from a drawer in his desk and approached her. Holly watched him uncertainly. What had she gotten herself into?

"Would you turn your back to me, please?" His voice was soft but commanding and she did as instructed. "Now bring your hands down and around behind your back."

She did, feeling both exposed and excited. But the sudden cold of the handcuffs and the solid CLICK as they closed extinguished any sexual thrill she was feeling.

"What are you doing?" she asked, her terror rising.

"Just a lesson, Holly," John Holcomb said, in that deep soft voice.

"Take these things off right now, or I'll scream," she said. She half expected his strong soft hand to slide over her mouth, stifling her scream, and the thought ran a sudden tremor of desire through her body.

With a click, he opened the handcuffs and they were gone. He walked back around his desk, slipping the handcuffs into his white physician's coat pocket, then looked over at her.

"There. That's your lesson."

She turned on him, scared and angry at him and at her own feelings. "What the hell does that mean? You put handcuffs on me, you pervert!"

John smiled, gently. "Yes, I did. And I took them off as soon as you asked."

She felt the confusion well up inside of her, tempered with something else. God, she must be close to her period. That was the only time she had those sudden feelings of... She cut off the direction her thoughts were taking.

"That was a lesson?" she asked angrily. "What's the lesson? Never to go into your office alone?"

John laughed, a real, deep, delighted laugh.

"Well, maybe that too, Holly. But it was to show you something important."

He smiled and walked back around the desk, stepping very close to her. She could smell his musky smell, and realized he was as excited as she had been.

"You were helpless," he said, looking deep into her with those damned grey eyes. "Yet you were totally in control. You asked me to stop. I stopped."

He stepped away and smiled.

"That's the whole lesson, Holly. That's what the woman today needs to learn. She thought she really wanted what happened. But she didn't want to nearly die. She probably didn't plan to pass out. But Tim loves her and will do whatever she wants. Neither understands the role they have chosen to play. Now maybe you understand a little better. You were handcuffed and "helpless."" He made the quotes with his fingers in the air.

His smile faded and he stepped toward her again.

"But you were never really helpless," he went on very quietly, "because when you asked me to stop, I did. You were completely helpless, yet totally in control."

He watched her as she thought this out. Holly found that while her mind was turning this over, her body had it's own agenda. She could feel the excitement, the desire, the deep moist tight reaction in her vagina.

She blushed. Deeply, totally and helplessly blushed.

John smiled, gently. He took the pair of handcuffs from his coat pocket and held them up.

"May I?" he asked.

"Put the handcuffs on me?" She looked at him, hearing her own desire in her husky voice.

"Yes, handcuff you." He stepped close to her, so close her breasts pressed against his hard chest. He looked at her with such... calm, confidence, knowing...

"Then I would be in control. I would take my pleasure with you. You can stand silent or cry, beg me to stop, or tell me how much you enjoy it. But," and here he smiled again, "if you say 'Mercy' I will stop. Mercy is the magic word."

He stepped very close to her. His voice dropped to a seductive whisper. "If you say Mercy because, lets say, I want to have anal sex with you and you aren't ready for that, I'd stop. Or if you say 'Mercy' and just ask to be released, I would. You'd be totally helpless, and totally in control."

She felt it coming, the familiar moist tightness stirring deep in her cunt. Rick had called her pussy that, and she learned to like it. Cunt. Like Prick, it was a hard and lewd word, and she like that.

Holly used to like her cunt as well.

Right now it was tight and wet and ready. She could even feel a bit of moisture running down her thigh. Her panties were probably soaked.

John took her hands in his and pulled them gently behind her.

"May I handcuff you?" he asked.

She was amazed to hear herself say, "Yes, you may handcuff me."

She turned and offered him her hands behind herself. He took her wrists in his strong hands.

A small orgasm hit suddenly, without warning, and she cried out softly as the tremor moved through her body. Then the cold handcuffs touched her flesh and she had another, harder orgasm.

The waves of her own excitement served to excite her even more. She noticed her own breathing was ragged.

The cuffs snapped shut. She felt John's hand slide down her back, over her ass and up between her legs. She began to struggle, suddenly embarrassed by her own lasciviousness. She was damp, excited, and he was going to...

"Spread your legs, Holly," he whispered into her ear.

"I'm wet," she said, embarrassed.

"I know," he answered, his voice husky. "I want to feel your damp pussy."

She spread her legs for him and his hand slid up between her legs. She could feel his strong fingers probing through her thin clothes. She relaxed and let him do as he wished. She was helpless and that excited her.

His finger found her cunt through the thin material and pushed gently up inside of her. She writhed and groaned in pleasure as his fingers entered her, pushing her panties and scrubs inside as well. Something about the fact she was still fully dressed made her even more excited.

Something larger, maybe his thumb, had been caressing her anus. She had never had that touched, not like this. She moaned as it pushed insistently at the opening, then began to slide inside of her ass.

"Stop! Mercy, please!" She was scared, though the feeling was wonderful. She was also embarrassed that her panties were being pushed up inside there.

The pressure let off instantly, and John slid his thumb from inside her, and his fingers stopped probing her vagina as well. He cupped her cunt gently through her clothes.

"Mercy on your ass?" he asked softly. "Or do you want to stop entirely?"

She didn't want him to stop doing anything. A part of her wanted him to use her, to pleasure himself any way he wanted. But now that he had stopped, her rational mind kicked in.

"I want to stop. Now."

John said nothing, but he removed his hand from her groin gently. There was a click and the handcuffs were gone. He looked at her with concern.

"Are you all right, Holly?"

She exhaled in relief. He had told her the truth. He really let her go, even though he must be at least as excited as she. She really was in control.

And that excited her even more.

"I'm fine, John. I loved it. I was just testing you."

He nodded at her.

"Did I pass?"

She managed a smile.

"Can we go somewhere where we have a little more privacy?" she asked.

"Good idea," John said with a smile.

Holly looked down at her pants and was surprised (and a little turned on) to find a dark wet stain in the crotch of her light pink scrubs. John noticed her realization.

"God, I'm a mess," she said.

John took her face in his hands and kissed her, sliding his tongue deep inside her willing mouth. She sucked at him hungrily, the many months and months of pent up and ignored passions rushing to the surface. He pulled away first, turning to take his overcoat from a hook near the door.

"If anyone asks, Holly, it got cold outside since you came on shift, and you forgot your coat. I loaned you this. And rather than have you wait for the bus, I offered you a ride. Okay?"

She nodded and he held the big coat for her go put on, wrapping John's scents permeating its lining around her still quivering body.

Five minutes later she was in the passenger seat of his Jaguar as he pulled out into traffic. The night was actually only a little chilly, but it was clear and bright, beautiful really. John looked over at her.

"Are you still comfortable? I don't want to push you too hard."

Holly looked at him uncertainly. The moment seemed to have passed.

"I'm not sure," she told him truthfully.

The heater came on and the warmth began to fill the sedan.

"Would you like to take off my overcoat? I'd like to look at you," he said.

She was surprised at her body's reaction to the request. Her cunt was suddenly awake again, very tender and very aware of the pressure of the seat pressing against it. But it was her mind that seemed wet and engorged as well, filling with unfamiliar erotic thoughts.

She managed to take off the jacket and tossed it into the back seat. John looked at her openly, and she let him, enjoying his appreciative appraisal of her small breasts and rather wide hips.

"It's not perfect," she said, almost out of habit.

"You let me look at you, enjoy you, and then tell me how imperfect you are? You have a lot to learn, Holly."

She smiled at him, her excitement growing.

"When we get to your house, you'll have to teach me."

John suddenly pulled to the side of the road. They were beside a park and there were deep shadows here.

"May I cuff you again? In front, if you like. It's more comfortable."

She looked at him and shook her head.

"No, I don't want to be comfortable. I want to be yours, the way you want me. You make the choices. I still have Mercy, right?"

"Always," John agreed. Then he said more coldly, "pull your pants down. Leave the panties on."

Holly looked at him, a little shocked. Then she started to remove her scrubs pants, pulling them down over her hips, revealing her tanned thighs and white cotton bikini panties. She pulled the pants down around her ankles.

"That will do," John told her. "Now sit up, turn towards the passenger window and put your hands behind you."

Obediently she did as told, excited and surprised by the level of her excitement. The leather seats of the Jaguar were cold on her butt and thighs, and that was exciting as well, as was the warm, musky smell the leather of the seat gave off.

She felt the cuffs click into place. Her heart raced.

John took her by the shoulder and pushed her around so she faced forward in the seat. Her shoulder strap was still in place, and he pulled it tight between her breasts, accentuating them.

His hand slid into her crotch and she spread her legs, letting his fingers slide along the wet, rough fabric of her underwear and feel her still swollen and damp cunt just underneath.

Then John stopped touching her and turned in his seat. He pulled the car back into traffic. As he drove, his right hand slid over to her thigh, her panties, down into her groin then back up, feeling her breasts through her clothing for a moment, then moved back down over her very taut belly and to the waistband of her panties.

She was breathing heavily, loving this. Rick had been her first, and only, lover. He had been gentle and caring, but they had never done anything like this.

He turned off the main road and up a side road. Here it was darker and his probing fingers became more insistent. He slid his hand under the waistband of her panties and down, over her downy mons and up inside her engorged cunt lips.

His fingers found her wet slit and ran gently in the crease, parting her folds and sliding down into the valley of her cunt, and then deep, deep inside of her.

She began to moan in passion. She could feel the wetness he was creating in her, but did not care. His fingers were deep in her, finding a place she had never known existed, and insistently touching and rubbing her, fucking her with his fingers. She gritted her teeth as the wonderful feeling suddenly burst open and her body was racked with a deep, powerful orgasm. She reveled in it, letting it grab her and shake her with pleasure and completely surrendering to it.

They had driven into a residential area. John pulled into a driveway and the garage door began to open. He pulled inside and the garage door closed behind them.

"Are you comfortable?" he asked.

"Oh, God, John. I don't know and I really don't care. If you want me here, that's where I'll be. You do whatever you want."

He smiled slightly and nodded.

"Just remember "Mercy."

"I will. Do you want me to struggle or anything? Or touch you?" She smiled at him. "I want you to be happy too."

He smiled at her, but shook his head.

"That's sweet, Holly. But this is your time. Your pleasure, your excitement, your permission and your trust, that's my pleasure. I'm going to fuck you, don't worry. I'll get my orgasms too. But not for a while yet."

He unfastened his safety belt and slid toward her. She relaxed into the seat as his hands found her.

He slid his hands up over her small breasts, feeling them through her scrub top and bra.

"I want this top off of you."

"You'll have to remove the handcuffs," she said, not wanting him to stop.

"No, I don't," he said. He took the thin fabric in his hands and ripped it, from the V of the neck down to the hem, revealing her white bra beneath and her nicely rounded breasts. She knew the bra's fabric was thin and quite sheer, and knew he could see her very dark nipples, standing in excitement.

He slid his hand over her right breast, rolling her taught nipple between his fingers. Then he slid his fingers under the tight thin material of her bra, touching her tender flesh. He gripped the the fabric of the bra and suddenly ripped it, exposing her breast. Holly bit her lower lip as her excitement began to rise even higher.

He took her nipple in his mouth. He sucked at it roughly, then bit it very gently. He increased the pressure of his teeth as she writhed in both pleasure and a certain level of fear. Then he backed off.

She felt him slide his hands under her hips from either side, cupping her ass. His hands continued to move together, until his fingers found the edges of her panties and slid beneath. His hands found her cunt, her center, the moist, excited core of her. His fingers opened her, caressing her clitoris and down, spreading her labia open, sliding up inside her folds, to the opening of her cunt.

His fingers slid inside her again, as another finger found her asshole and gently began to work it's way inside of her.

"No, I may be dirty," she said.

"Is that Mercy? Or just embarrassment?" he asked.

She paused for a moment.

"It feels good," she finally said.

"Then don't worry about it being dirty. That's my problem."

His finger found her asshole again and traced around the edges of it. The feeling was strange to Holly, but also very exciting. Then the finger pushed at the middle gently and she felt herself pushed open and his finger slowly slide up inside of her ass. Holly groaned at the strange feeling of fullness and pleasure as his finger probed deeply inside that virgin passage.

Holly could feel another orgasm building as his other hand probed deep inside her vagina as well. Then his probing fingers found the anterior surface of her vagina, and began to stroke. There was a sudden terrible feeling of needing to pee, but that was quickly replaced with growing excitement and passion. She felt him slide another finger inside her ass, gently forcing her asshole even more open.

"Oh, God. Oh, my God!" she cried.

His hands worked, gently and with increasing speed, fondling her, probing her, finding her most intimate pleasure centers and expertly enticing them into wonderful turmoil. He leaned against her, kissing her lips, sliding his tongue deep inside her mouth, probing her there as well, and moaning his pleasure as she responded to the passionate kiss with her own tongue and lips.

Her pleasure engulfed her. Holly had never been so excited, so helpless, so in control of herself and so out of control.

She groaned as his fingers and tongue worked at her, inside of all of her openings, filling all of her, and rapidly stroking and working her clit as well,

She came. Her orgasm was so intense it seemed she would die. The spasms were almost painful and she pressed into him, crying out again and again. She was trembling and she could not breath, only come and come and come.

Holly's orgasm consumed her, huge and dark and moist and hot.

The warm darkness swallowed her.

She was only vaguely aware of the passenger door opening, and the handcuffs being slipped off. She felt John's hands slide under her and then he was lifting her from the seat and carrying her into the house.

She opened her eyes.

"What happened?" she asked.

"You're fine," he said. "You passed out. That happens sometimes."

"Where are you taking me?"

"The shower, then bed." He smiled down at her and added, "If that's all right with you."

She moved up against him. "You're the doctor," she mumbled happily.

"So are you," he said with a grin.

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