Mate Swapping - A First Experience
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Cheating, Slut Wife, Swinging, Group Sex, Orgy, Interracial, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Phil and Pam have been married about four years when they meet a new couple, Sam and Lauren. One evening they become very good friends.

Pam and Phil had been married about four years, and they loved each other deeply. Pam and Phil had gone through college together and gotten married the year before she graduated after five years of effort to get her degree. They'd been lovers for several months before Phil proposed to her, and they'd quickly found that making love was one of the hottest and sexiest things that either of them had ever experienced.

As a few years of married life passed, Pam and Phil continued to be very much in love and they were very sexy and hot passionate lovers with each other. They continued to fuck each other as frequently and as passionately as they had during their months of dating and getting to know each other. Phil was a well-built man of about 6'3" and he had a nicely hung 8 inches of hard cock that he used to pleasure Pam whenever they had sex. His cock would harden at just seeing her and if Pam was responding, he knew his cock would be totally hard and aroused in only a matter of seconds. Pam was a nicely built natural blonde who actually had a brain inside her head. Phil found her so luscious that he and Pam would make love at the drop of a hat -- and did so frequently.

Then, one warm spring day, Phil met a new couple, Lauren and Sam. They'd just moved into the community and Philip happened to strike up a conversation with them one day as he was gassing up his car. Lauren was a tall leggy brunette with a very nice set of rounded breasts and a nicely firm ass that set her tall womanly body off just right. Like Phil, Sam was in very good shape as well, and Phil began to have some interesting thoughts as he stood introducing himself to Lauren and Sam as he continued pouring gas into his car. In fact, as Phil stood there mindlessly pumping the gas into his car, he was sizing up Lauren's sexy body and he found himself wondering how it would be to have her hot pussy in his face or her legs spread and his big horny cock fucking into her wet pussy. He felt a raging hardon beginning in his pants and he tried to switch his mind back to getting his gas tank filled.

Phil gave Lauren and Sam his phone number and address in case they needed any help getting settled into the community. "Yeah," Phil thought to himself, "Pam and I will everything we can to make you feel right at home." Phil's cock remained hard the entire time it took him to drive on to work and he went straight into the men's room and jacked off as he envisioned the very real possibility of someday getting a chance to fuck Lauren.

Phil couldn't wait to get home that night and tell Pam about the new couple he'd met. He and Pam had occasionally talked about the possibility of swapping mates with another couple for sex sometime but it had always been an abstract "what if?" scenario and nothing related to a specific couple. Now that Phil had actually met a sexy twosome like Sam and Lauren, he hoped that there was a chance he and Pam might have their first swapping experience with them. Phil intended to do everything he could to see if he could make such an experience a reality.

Not knowing if Lauren and Sam had ever experimented with partner-swapping, Phil and Pam decided to just invite the other couple over for dinner one spring evening and see where events might end up. They were both so turned on after Phil contacted Sam and got their agreement to come over that Phil and Pam fucked their brains out that night. They found themselves not only fucking each other as lustily and sexily as ever but also beginning to talk actively about what an evening with Lauren and Sam might be like.

A week later, the night had arrived and Pam put on the final touches around the house in preparation for Sam and Lauren's arrival. They decided to fix steaks and baked potatoes out on the grill along with some cold beer and plenty of munchies beforehand to tide them over until their steaks were cooked to order. When the doorbell rang, Pam walked slowly to the door, trying to fight down the feeling of nervousness that had come over her in the last hours as she'd realized that she and her husband, Phil, were actually about to try swapping partners with another couple for an evening of lusty sex. Pam was wearing a sundress that was low-cut in front and she'd decided to wear her sexiest strapless bra underneath it to show as much skin as possible. Her matching yellow thong panties didn't reveal any telltale panty lines under her dress so Pam was pretty sure she gave a very sexy appearance to Phil and Sam.

As the door swung open, Pam was very anxious to see what this new couple looked like since she'd only been given a verbal description from Phil's meeting with them at the gas station. Sam was a very handsome tall man with brown hair that almost matched Lauren's in color but his hair looked very thick and Pam found herself imagining her fingers running through his hair as they turned each other on in pre-fuck foreplay. Pam could feel her pussy start to get wet as she greeted Sam and Lauren into their home.

The two couples immediately seemed to warm to each other, and Phil loved how Lauren had dressed for the evening. Her pants were so skin tight that he wasn't sure how she'd squeezed her nicely rounded ass into them. Her top was loosely fitting and showed her bare midriff at the bottom between her top and her tight-fitting pants. The top emphasized her sexy full tits underneath and both Phil and Pam began to pick up clear messages of sexual innuendo from the moment their visitors walked through their front door. Phil was thoroughly pleased not only at how Lauren and Sam had dressed for the evening, but also the casual comments that were made about each other's mates and different sexual comments that got dropped into the conversation here and there.

Finally, Phil decided to see if it would be possible to get Lauren and Sam to swap mates for the evening. He made an excuse to accompany Pam into the kitchen and he told her what he wanted her to do. His plan was for Pam to lure Sam off towards the guest bedroom which was in the part of the house away from the main bedrooms. Phil would try to get Lauren by herself and see if it would be possible for him to seduce her there. Pam was hot to see if she could get Sam to fuck her so when she and Phil agreed to go ahead with their plans for th evening, she went back into the family room and asked Sam if he'd like a tour of the house. As she asked him that question, Pam leaned over to grab some of the empty glasses and snacks on the table in front of Sam and gave him as full a view down the front of her sundress as she could manage. The skimpy strapless bra she had on underneath the dress also fell forward as she leaned over, giving Sam a view of Pam's sexy full breasts down to her nipples. She looked up at Sam as she was leaning over, giving him a sexy "come with me, baby" smile that she hoped conveyed to Sam exactly what she wanted.

Taking the tray of glasses, chips and dip back into the kitchen, Pam came back and took Sam by the hand, leading him out of the family room. As they walked through the door, Pam looked back over her shoulder and said, "Phil, you take care of Lauren while I give Sam a tour of the house, OK, honey?"

"I sure will," Phil answered as he turned to Lauren as she sat there in the chair next to him. "Lauren, would you like the tour of our place?" Phil asked as he stood and offered his hand to Sam's sexy brunette wife. Lauren looked into Phil's eyes, wondering and hoping that his invitation was something far more than just a walk around the house. She'd been feeling a growing attraction to Phil from the moment they'd walked in the door that night and she'd known for some time that her pussy was wet and she'd been growing increasingly horny.

Phil made a halfway effort to act like he was showing Lauren the home they'd been living in for over a year. But when they got to the master bedroom, Phil intended that the "tour" would take a temporary pause there while he and Lauren got to know each other a whole lot better. When he showed Lauren into the bedroom, he walked over to the large French doors that looked out onto their tree-lined backyard. Lauren joined Phil there as they looked outside and as she stood there next to him, he allowed his hand to go around Lauren's waist and he pulled her close next to him. Waiting to see her reaction at his first touch, Phil felt Lauren push firmly against him as well and he turned towards her, using his arm behind her back to bring her facing him as well.

"I think Pam and Sam will be busy for quite awhile, Lauren, and I think I know what Pam's got in mind to show your husband. Would you like to see something along the same lines?" Looking into Lauren's beautiful deep dark eyes, Phil reached over to Lauren's chest, covering her right breast with the full palm of his firm muscular hand. He could hear the low hiss of her breath as Lauren responded to his touch, and then Phil pulled Lauren close to him, feeling her firm asscheeks under his right hand as he let it fall below her waist.

Phil let his left hand drop down across Lauren's chest, and then he slid it up underneath her top, covering her breast through the cup of her bra. He squeezed the fullness of her tit, feeling the hardening of her nipple underneath his hand. "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, your hand feels good on my breast, Phil," Lauren hissed as she reached down, grabbing the fullness of his growing cock through his pants. Phil was pleased with how openly Lauren was responding to his seductive moves and foreplay with her. He momentarily caught himself wondering exactly what Sam and Pam were doing at that moment, but he couldn't worry about that right then. For now, he had a beautiful young brunette in his arms and he intended to enjoy a hot lusty fuck with her. Yeah, she was another man's wife but for now he was going to enjoy being with her. His wife was with Sam so he hoped they were making the most of their opportunity as well.

"Lauren, I want to fuck you, baby. You're so hot; I've had an erection since the first time I saw you tonight," Phil said as he felt her soft hand squeezing and groping his nearly erect cock. Phil reached down between their bodies, pulling the top Lauren was wearing off over her head and revealing a very sexy pink lacy demi-bra that she was wearing. He quickly reached behind her back, undoing the snap that held her tight -fitting pants closed and then began peeling them down off of her long shapely legs. Phil loved the matching pink thong Lauren was wearing and he slid his hand between her thighs, feeling that her thong was already soaked wet with her growing arousal. Phil quickly slid his own pants and briefs down off his body, his cock jutting out at a very sexy angle from his groin. Leading Lauren over to the king-sized bed he and Pam shared every night, Phil pushed Lauren back into a sitting position and he immediately knelt down between her legs so he could eat her pussy. Lauren still had her bra on but she reached up and removed that as she began to moan and whimper as Phil started licking and fingering her horny brown-furred pussy. In about 10 minutes, Phil had brought Lauren to the point of orgasm and she collapsed back onto the bed as she felt her orgasm explode in her groin.

Phil's hard cock was throbbing in anticipation of sliding inside Lauren's hot pussy. He moved up onto the bed above her, helping her to position her head on the pillow and then he spread her legs, seating the engorged head of his cock in the tightness of her cunt lips and moved his hips forward, watching the tip of his dick, then the entire head and then several inches of his cockshaft begin disappearing inside Lauren's hot naked body. Lauren threw her long legs up around Phil's waist, locking her ankles together and she began hotly driving her ass up from the bed to meet his downward fuck strokes deep inside her body.

Phil felt his cock grow quickly wet from the ample juices of Lauren's hot pussy and as he began to drive his cock in and out of her pussy, he leaned over, taking the dark brown nipple of her left breast in his lips and sucking firmly on the hardness of the peak while his other hand closed over her right breast and he carressed and played with it, too.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, fuckkkkkkkkkkkk," Lauren moaned as she felt Phil's hard thick cock begin to drive harder and harder into her pussy. She loved to fuck and she hoped her husband Sam was getting a similar treatment from Pam. She and Sam loved to swap mates with other couples and she always enjoyed feeling another horny man's cock driving into her horny pussy. As Lauren allowed herself to relish the hotness of Phil's energetic fuck of her pussy, she felt another hot climax explode in her groin and she moaned that she was going to cum just as she heard Phil moan out that he was going to cum as well.

In the other end of the building, Sam had already gotten Pam's sexy sundress down to her waist and her left breast was inside his mouth as his hand slid down into her panties.

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