Mental Telepathy
Chapter 1

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, Coercion, Mind Control, Masturbation, Petting, Sex Toys, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism,

Desc: Mind Control Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This story is based on those fantasies people, me in particular, have about being the end all of end alls in sexual prowess. The ability to provide pleasure to people at whim, in a manner that provides opportunities that otherwise would never be possible.

John had always wanted to be the one true ladies' man. He'd wished on stars, at wishing wells, and even included a prayer or two to make himself so attractive and desirable that all women would want him immediately. Over the years of fruitless wishing his wishes changed a little and became a wish to be able to make women cum through thought. Kind of a cumulative wish between the babe magnet and the bend a fork without touching it fantasies.

Although reasonably attractive, at slightly over 6 feet, trim at 190 pounds and athletic with dark brown hair and eyes, his shyness held him back from being defined as a "ladies' man." He had a good sense of humor, was laid back and could deal with most stressful events without getting unreasonably angry, but wasn't a pushover and could hold his own in an argument. His work kept him pretty busy but he still had time to wish he could attract several of the ladies at the office and add some quality playtime to his schedule. He still looked younger than his years at age 40.

As John was driving home from his over 30 league baseball game, after putting in four 16 hour days at the office, it began to rain. His fuse had blown on his radio and he was thinking of how to get the bastards at the Mercedes dealership to fix the thing for real this time. Four times to the dealership for the same problem was really pissing him off now. Better to think of something pleasant, like Nancy at the office. God was she beautiful. He wanted her to notice him but always seemed to stand in the elevator with her in total silence.

The elevator was a slow one and he always grew uncomfortable as he stood with nothing to do other than stare at the door expectantly. He did notice that she had no rings, but an awesome body. Nice firm breasts, with nipples that always seemed to be at attention. Light brown straight hair that looked like silk that flowed over her shoulders to the middle of her back. Long legs that appeared from under her normally, just slightly shorter than appropriate skirts, with trim, muscular in that feminine sort of way calves, long thighs with the muscle ridge that told him they were firm, under skin that appeared so soft.

He knew from overheard conversations that she had been through a couple of failed relationships in the past few months. That this guy just wanted to live off her, that guy was a little too cocky for her tastes. How he had wanted to raise his hand and say "ooh me ooh me" when she was lamenting about the fact that there isn't a decent guy out there anywhere, to her friends. All these thoughts ran through his head as the sun went down, dark descended over him and it began to rain. He fought to keep from being mesmerized by the windshield wipers.

When he woke up, he realized that the rain was hitting his face. His car was laying on its side a few yards from where he lay, with one rear tire sticking up towards the sky turning slowly like it would never stop. He looked to his other side and saw the hill, with the broken guardrail at the top and the signs of his end over end trip down the hill to the bottom of the ravine. "shit, I must've fallen asleep behind the wheel, I wonder if anyone will find me..." were the thoughts that ran through his head, which, by the way was pounding. He slowly moved each limb, determined that, although severely bruised the only part of him that took any serious damage was his head. The bump on the back of his head was egg sized already, growing rapidly and bleeding. He knew he took a pretty hard hit. He slowly raised his body off the ground and worked his way up the hill back to the road.

An explanation to the first nice person that stopped, two cell phone calls and a ride in an ambulance and John was in the hospital. As he lay on the treatment table getting the wound in his scalp sewn shut he looked over and saw the nurses legs, trim legs, nice legs and he began to wonder what she would look like under that stark white and starched uniform. He closed his eyes and imagined running his hand up under her skirt, what it would feel like as his fingers met the fabric of her panties, would they be sexy silk, a vixen in disguise, or would they be sensible cotton? He could imagine the feel of them under his fingers, the feel of her lips through the... silk, had to be silk. He could feel them growing, becoming softer, spreading slowly for him, the sensation of actually feeling her was so real to him.

The faceless legs before him began to move, to jiggle, to spread. He heard a sigh, one that reminded him of the last bout of horizontal aerobics he had participated in. As he turned his head slightly to see the face that matched the legs he saw a nurse, just a plain looking woman, relatively skinny, hair tucked up under one of those modified shower caps that surgical nurses wear. Her face was flushed, her forehead glistened with a sheen of perspiration, but it wasn't hot in the treatment room. "what the hell is going on here?" thought John and then his conscious thought was consumed with, "Ow shit! That hurt!" as he received the anesthesia for the stitches.

A few hours later after arguing, unsuccessfully, that he was fine to go home, he was laying in the hospital bed watching TV. Not a show that he would ordinarily watch but having been placed in a semi private room he had to share the channel selector. Another one of the degrading things he had to endure as part of a hospital stay. The nurse came in, not the same one as the emergency room, but the same type. The kind that asks you questions only so she can write the answers in your chart, the just another piece of meat type of personality. She was pleasantly plump and apparently not willing to admit the change in her body. Her uniform was a little too tight, the buttons straining to hold her oversized breasts in, the slight pouch just below the waist.

He had nothing to do but observe her observing him. And again his mind began to wander. What would she look like with no clothes, would he want to have sex with her if he had the chance? A knothole in a tree looked good at certain times, of course there was the splinter thing, everything had its downside, but he wasn't sure if he would really go through with it if given the chance. She was a little too cold, but she did have nice breasts. He wondered if she had big nipples, would they grow or were they large around but small in height? He began to think about running his fingers over her nipples, softly, slowly, just barely touching the surface, waiting for them to rise to his attention.

As he watched them her breathing changed subtly, he watched as she shifted her body, reached around her back and adjusted her nurses uniform. The action caused the front of her dress to slide slightly, from side to side over her breasts. They were firm, not what he expected. Of course contained in a bra but he could still tell by their motion that they were firm, and yes she had long nipples. He could see them even through her bra as her dress slid from side to side.

His thoughts turned to running his hands down her body, he could actually feel the softness of her rubinesque belly as they slid slowly lower. He could feel the course hair, thick as his fingers slid lower. He could feel her clit as his fingers passed over it to slowly separate her lips, feeling her moisture. The feelings and sensations he had through this harmless fantasy were so real. He could actually feel her lips separate as his fingers slid gently into her, he could feel her walls contract around his fingers. Much more real than any fantasy he'd ever had before, so real in fact he almost wiped his hands on the sheet of the bed, they felt that wet. He looked at them but they were dry.

As he glanced at the nurse she was sweating... She plopped down in the chair next to his bed, the one intended for visitors, and looked at him. Hard. John felt as if she were looking into his soul she looked so hard. Her legs were crossed and her top leg was rocking as she tried to write his data on her clipboard. She wriggled her bottom on the chair from side to side. Surreptitiously, trying to hide her motions. John could smell her arousal but couldn't figure out why? Did she have a Dr. she was late for meeting in the linen closet? She stopped writing and sat still for a moment with her eyes closed, seemed to shudder once, then again... Her eyes popped open and she looked again at John, almost as if she was surprised to see him lying there, stood abruptly, dropping the clipboard on the bedside table instead of returning it to its rightful place in a hanger beside the door to the room, and almost ran out of the room.

Now John wasn't the most experienced guy in the world but he wondered... Damn, it looked like she had a mini orgasm right in front of him. What the hell was that all about? He shrugged his shoulders and went back to staring idly at the TV. His member was rock hard, but not being an exhibitionist he would have to let it deflate on its own, slowly, so fucking slowly. Maybe his recent dry spell was why things seemed to feel so real when he fantasized, but why did the point of his fantasies seemed to get hot too? Must be pheromones, they were hot already and their scent set him off.

The nurse came back into his room and grabbed his chart, quickly, almost as if she was trying to get in and out before she was caught again. Her hair was disheveled and her uniform wasn't zipped as high as it was, more cleavage showing and the white stockings were gone. John couldn't quite put his finger on it but her clothing looked slightly askew. Things you'd never notice unless you gave her an in-depth once over like John had done. Again John thought about her ass, slightly too wide for his tastes but, did her pussy really feel as soft, as pliant as he had imagined? How would it feel as his cock slid into it? Would that softness wrap slowly around his member, he could feel it as his imaginary cock slid into her, and began to pump in and out.

His cock was actually tingling so hard he was afraid he would cum. And as he opened his eyes the nurse was bent over the table, her ass was moving slightly, as if she was pumping back into... well as if she was having sex from behind. Her mouth was open and she was gulping air, nipples hard and pressing out against her uniform. Her arms supported her upper body as she leaned forward against the table. A soft and subtle moan slipped from her lips. As his attention to his fantasy slipped and was filled with this curious nurse seemingly close to an orgasm standing next to his bed she turned to look at him. Her face was filled with conflicting emotions that John determined were a mixture of curiosity and frustration. She seemed like she was on the edge of orgasm but she seemed mad at John at the same time. And she had a look on her face that begged the question... "What the fuck is going on here?" She grabbed the clipboard and ran from the room.

John took his member in his hand, fingers wrapped around his hardness and began to stroke, subtly, slowly, as he didn't want the guy in the next bed to hear his ministrations through the curtains that separated their beds. He had tingled so hard, actually could feel the soft wet walls of her pussy sliding up and down his hard member during his fantasy about the nurse he knew he had to cum if he was to get any sleep at all that night. The tingles built in him as he felt their warmth spreading through his body. He could feel his legs tensing, as he held his breath and prepared to let go, his testicles pulled up tight to his body, and right as he was starting to shoot the first pearly white string of cum under his sheets, the door opened and in walked the nurse.

He couldn't stop what was already in motion but tried to stop his stroking. He tried to lay still with his eyes closed, to breath normally but the pleasure coursing through his body gave all the tell tale signs, the last quivers of his body as his cum came to a close, with a snort or two he just couldn't control. As he opened his eyes the nurse was standing in front of him, just watching him. He was furious with himself as his face turned red with embarrassment. He was waiting for a rebuke, a comment, but she said nothing as she walked over to his bedside table, pulled out the thermometer and stuck it in his mouth. As they waited for the beep she just sat there looking into his eyes.

The beep finally came and as she rose to walk out of the room, she stopped, leaned over to him and whispered in his ear, "now we're even" and she turned and walked out of the room. John couldn't figure out what was happening to him. That was the sexiest thing, the most erotic thing that didn't quite happen to him. It amazed him at how great she looked now that he could imagine her in the throes of orgasm.

It took him a couple of days to get his shit together enough to leave the hospital, the Dr telling him had been lucky when he had been thrown from the car. The Dr told him he had a concussion and to report anything strange that happens, weakness in an arm, blurred vision, difficulty concentrating, anything at all come to see him. John wondered if he should mention the fact that every time he thought of a woman in his presence she seemed to feel his thoughts. But he thought that the Doc would definitely keep him in the hospital but this time supply him with a rubber room, so he said nothing.

As he sat in the taxi on the way home he tried to think this thing out. The only way to answer his question of whether he could actually, what, think a woman to orgasm was probably the best way to say it, would be to experiment. He tried to think of an experiment that would follow the best scientific practice he could come up with. As he rode up the elevator to his apartment on the fifth floor he was planning his day. He would take it easy for a couple of hours and then go out to lunch. He would pick a woman in the crowd, key on her and see what would happen.

As John walked in the busy restaurant he began looking for his unlucky, or perhaps lucky as some would say, victim. There were women of all shapes and sizes but he finally settled on the librarian type seated alone in the corner. He sat so he could face her and watch her, but he was distant enough and hidden enough that he could observe while remaining unobserved.

She was cute, but not gorgeous in a mousy sort of way. Glasses of course (fits the librarian image), her blouse although tight was buttoned high up on her neck and kind of loose hiding the contours of her body. She had a book opened on the table next to her plate obviously reading as she ate. He thought that perhaps she was reading something racy that would upset the objectivity of his experiment but decided to continue.

He started to think about kissing her neck, the small portion that showed between her chin and her high cut blouse was slim, with the cords of her neck outlined against pale skin. As he imagined how her skin would feel against his lips, she licked her lips and raised her head, as if to give him more room to kiss. His kisses trailed down her neck to the edges of the neck opening of her blouse. She leaned back holding her head high and looked around the restaurant. The action caused her blouse to tighten over her breasts and John again began to wonder about the size of her breasts, how they would look without the confines of her bra and blouse. He imagined her nipples to be dark, small circles on relatively small breasts, perhaps just a handful. As he imagined his fingers gently passing over them he could see the points of her nipples poking against her bra and blouse.

He could feel their texture against his fingers and he imagined that he was leaning over to circle them with his tongue. He could feel their texture against his tongue and watched as she leaned over and pushed her plate to the other side of the table. As he adjusted his angle he could see her legs. Skirt to just below her knees, with one leg tucked up under her on the bench the other hanging over the edge of the bench. She seemed to be rocking on her heel under the drape of her skirt. Her shoulders were pushed back seemingly thrusting her breasts out for his inspection and gentle ministrations.

As he looked back at her face he could see her eyes darting around the restaurant. The expression similar to what one would expect from a deer caught in the headlights on a cold winter day during hunting season. Then he watched as they slowly closed. He continued his gentle stimulation of her breasts. Imagining the taking of one nipple in his mouth to gently twirl his tongue over and across it. Just barely touching it with his tongue. Her hands reached out and gripped the table with such force he could see that her knuckles were white even from the distance.

He imagined his hands moving down to cup her breasts, tested the weight gently and slid further down her stomach. Her stomach felt flat and smooth her skin soft to his imaginary touch and as he observed her she seemed to lean even further back. His fantasy began to take on the tones of his actual situation as he imagined that he was sitting next to her sliding his hand down over her skirt to her leg that was folded beneath her body. Then traveling up again, he was surprised that she was wearing thigh highs with garters. Who would've imagined that this bookish woman would be wearing them? He could feel her moisture seeping out into her panties. They were almost soaked through to his touch. His finger focused on her clit through her panties, sensible cotton panties, but the dichotomy was lost on John. He watched her across the room at the same time maintaining his mental vision of his fingers' manipulation of her clit, as she began to undulate her hips. You would never be able to tell unless you were paying attention to her. Her moves were subtle, an almost imperceptible shifting of her weight, but he could feel how excited she had become. She licked her lips as if her hard breathing had made them dry.

He imagined sliding his fingers faster over her clit, through her panties, sliding under the leg band to provide direct contact with her clit. She jumped and kind of jerked forward a little at her table across the room still holding the table as if her life depended on it. Her leg was moving up and down and even a casual glance would notice the movement at this point. He watched as her hands traveled up her body to cup her breasts, taking her nipple between her fingers through her bra and blouse and rolling between her fingertips. Her mouth was slightly open and he wondered if she was making sounds but across the room with the background din of the restaurant he couldn't hear a thing.

He wondered if he should stop, being afraid that this woman would get caught, would get in trouble in some way. She seemed to have lost touch of where she was, or just didn't care anymore. But she finished the event, as she again gripped the table with both hands, her head down between her arms and her body began to shudder. She slowly let her head fall back and slid down the seat, her entire body was tense, as she went over the edge. Her head jerked forward, and her body shuddered, tensed and then shuddered again. John was amazed as he watched this woman have an orgasm in public, trying to control but failing. She jerked forward once, then again and again. Her leg was tense under her, she was sitting with her hips tense and thrust forward as if trying to pull something into her.

As she began to settle down, she seemed to remember where she was. She straightened back up on her seat and leaned forward over the table, shaking her head in sudden jerks as if trying to clear her mind. Her eyes popped open, again that frightened deer look and she glanced around the restaurant, catching John in his observation of her. She smiled and blushed as she collected her purse and stood to leave. He had an evil steak, a flash of evil as he imagined sliding his finger into her canal, while she stood. She was wet and firm, with a band of muscle that clamped down on his finger and her knees began to buckle. He watched as her eyes rolled back in her head and she slowly settled back into her seat, sitting sideways on the bench, her legs tense, her hips perched, her stomach fluttering as he rubbed her G spot in his mind. Her legs thrust out into the isle and he could see the hard nubs of her nipples through her blouse as she again shuddered rhythmically, her legs quivering her hands slightly in the air, hands clenching and unclenching rhythmically.

As she settled down her eyes once again opened to look directly at John. A questioning look on her face he smiled and looked away. She bumped into two tables as she worked her way down the aisle and he could see her grip was tight on the doorframe as she worked her way through the door.

He was convinced that he had that effect on her. The timing was just too perfect for all of her reactions. How the hell had this happened to him? Was it the result of the accident? How did that set him up for this? He noticed that she had left her book sitting on the table as she had left in haste. He walked to her table and noticed that it was a romance novel. He picked it up, allowed it to open to the last page she had read and read a phrase or two that told him of the hero of the novel ravishing the heroine. Had she gotten a head start? Could he get to a woman that wasn't already thinking of sex? Sounded like another experiment was on the way.

As he walked to his apartment he noticed that a woman stood waiting for the elevator. He moved to the back of the elevator as the doors slid shut and leaned against the back wall. He looked at the woman's back, nondescript a little overweight, bright yellow thin fabric shirt, with pastel green shorts. He imagined sliding his arms around her and trailing his fingers around to her nipples. As he imagined his fingers coming in contact with her she jumped as if startled and turned to look at John. He was still leaning against the back wall as she glared at him, with a questioning look on her face. John smiled uncertainly at her and she finally smiled back.

Ok, John was starting to learn the rules of this gift he had been given. If the woman was thinking sex then she would probably go with it, but could you expect her to be any less annoyed at this mental stimulation than she would be if he just walked up behind her and slid his arms around her? A new twist to the discoveries he was going through. He made a decision to be careful with this gift, to use it carefully and only in the right circumstances.

The next day was John's first day back at the office since the accident. As was his custom John worked hard and diligently, taking only a few minutes to eat his lunch at his desk as he worked. He was behind before his accident and things were worse now. Everything was going fine for him until he took his afternoon run to the lobby for a candy bar. Always a chocolate craving late in the afternoon which he typically tried to ignore but today he felt as if his stomach was eating itself by 3:00.

As the door of the elevator began to close he heard a shout and the clicking of a woman running in high heels "hold the elevator, Please!" he barely got to the door open button before the door came to a close.

He gulped down a breath with a hiss as Nancy turned the corner and got on the elevator. Today was different than all the others before. He was afraid to think, afraid she would feel his thoughts, but he was captivated by her as he always had been. Her short dark blue skirt highlighted the fact that she had a flat stomach, a nice tight ass, with no panty lines. Her white blouse allowed the outlines of her bra to show through her blouse, stark against the darker tones of her skin, the lines lost as they slid down under her dark blue blazer. Her hair like silk, fine, resting gently on her should as it flowed down her back.

He tried to think of baseball, who won the 1972 world series anyway? Why had they chosen 90 feet between the bases? Who had played the most consecutive games? But his eyes lingered on her. He tried looking at the door as he always had. But his thoughts turned to how much he'd love to take her into his arms, to hold her tight to him, to lean slowly over and gently kiss her eye lids, trail kisses down the ridge of her nose, a gentle peck on her cheeks to feel her soft lips finally meet his. He looked over at her to catch her pursing her lips just slightly. Almost a kissing motion. A deep breath taken and held just a moment before sliding out of her slowly, but not quite silently.

The door to the elevator opened and he followed her out. He was several steps behind her thinking that he had escaped as he noticed her ass swaying down the hall. He watched as it floated away marveling at its firmness, thinking of what it must look like naked, convinced, actually feeling its firmness under his fingers as he felt it. Nancy turned quickly with a smile on her face that disappeared the instant she saw John standing well behind her.

Well of course he was perplexed. Had she smiled as she turned thinking John had actually touched her ass. Was the instant disappearance of her smile due to the feeling of having her ass felt by a relative stranger, or because she had realized that she had only imagined his touch. He wanted to ask her out, to try his luck but he was terrified about his gift that seemed more like a curse. If he couldn't get through a simple elevator ride how would he get through an entire evening with her. If she wore clothing that got him fantasizing at the office what would she wear if they went to dinner? Would he ever forgive himself if he didn't ask her out?

These questions and several thousand more wear flashing through his head when he heard a knock on his door frame. As he looked up he was shocked to see Nancy standing at his door.

"umm hi, John?" she asked.

"Hi, yes I'm John."

"Hi I'm Nancy from marketing, um, we're working on a project for a client and we're not sure what we can offer him. He wants some special stuff and we needed some input from an engineer that can think outside the box. Do you have a couple of minutes?"

"I'd love to help you Nancy, but I'm kind of in the middle of something. Can this wait a couple of hours?" he responded.

"Well, I was kind of hoping to get a start on it and then wanted to try to get out here almost on time, its 4:00 and I was hoping to get out of here by at least 5:30."

"It's gotta get done today?"

"No it can wait till tomorrow" she said with a slight frown on her face. "I'll jot down a few ideas, maybe it's best if I organize my ideas first anyway. How about early tomorrow morning then?"

"I'll finish this up tonight and be ready with a clean deck tomorrow morning, I promise." And he flashed her the best smile he could muster.

"Great! till tomorrow then" and she flashed him a smile that played at the corners of her eyes, flashed her bright white teeth, a few creases giving her face character and endearing her to him just a little more.

She spun from the door and the last glimpse he had of her was the flash of her skirt and she scurried away, almost like she was afraid. The aroma of her perfume lingered in his office. He tried to concentrate on finishing the design job on his desk but every so often he would get a whiff of her scent. It smelled sensuous, womanly, with a touch of sex thrown in.

The hours passed and he slowly but surely finished his project. He finally rose from his desk and glanced at the clock, 11:13. It was late and he had to be in early the next morning to meet with Nancy. He checked his memo box out in the connecting lobby of the offices and noticed that he had a message. As he skimmed through it he found that it was the ideas that Nancy had thrown together before she left for the day. He wondered what she was doing right then. Had she left for a date? Was it a steady or a first date? Did he kiss her, did he run his hands down the soft skin of her neck, down the firm lines of her back?

As he thought about her he found that he was taking the place of the imaginary suitor of Nancy's. Again, his lips gently caressed her forehead, slid down to place a gentle kiss, soft as a snowflake on each eye lid, kissing her gently on her cheek, to kiss her neck softly, lingeringly, sliding up over her chin to finally feel the softness of her lips against his, her lips parting slowly, her soft tongue, the tip of his sliding slightly into her mouth to wrestle slowly, seductively with hers.

His hands held her head, the soft brown silk of her hair cascading through his fingers as his hands gently caressed her head, held like a treasure between his fingers. His kisses trailing down her neck, feeling the swell of her breasts against his chin as he slid lower. His hands sliding down the fabric of her back, still tangled in her soft brown hair pulling her chest tighter to him as his chin gently separated the confines of her blouse, his tongue licking trails along the edges of her bra.

The sound startled him as he stood in the middle of the foyer to the office complex. It sounded like a... well a moan. He looked down the two halls he could see. No signs of anyone. He quietly walked to the end of the hallway to the farthest reaches from his office and as he turned the corner he saw an office where light was spilling from a partially opened office door. He snuck quietly down the hallway to pear through the crack into the office.

Her chair was leaning back, her feet on the edge of the desk. It could be no one other than Nancy. At first he wondered why she was there? Didn't she say she had plans this evening? Didn't she want to leave early?

He could smell her scent coming through the crack and again that moan... "ohhhh..." He could see her chair moving rhythmically as if she was, well masturbating. He wanted to see her, wanted to view her as she ascended her pleasure. He could see her only in his mind as his view of her was from behind and was blocked by the chair she sat in. He thought of how he'd love to feel her. How he wanted to slide his hand down her trim toned flat stomach. Her hair was trimmed and sparse, her legs spread wide. He imagined he was kneeling between her legs as she leaned back in her chair, her ass forward in the chair offering herself to him.

He imagined kissing the insides of her thighs gently sliding his tongue up to the joint between her body and leg. He could feel the sinew of her tendons as he suckled on then so close to her lips but never quite touching.

"Oh shit... It's happening again" it seemed so loud as she said it but it was whispered.

He could taste her as he imagined his tongue reaching out to gently trace her lips. He could feel them separate as his tongue traced her from her opening up, slowly, tongue flat like a cat's to a gentle flick at her clit. He watched as her body twitched the tingles of the contact of his tongue with her clit shooting through her body. He fantasized about sliding up her body, her blouse was open and her bra with a front closing clasp was pulled to the side. Her nipples were a light pink and were long and very hard.

As he imagined the head of his ragingly hard cock coming in contact with her wet lips he heard her gasp, and felt tingles rush through his body. He could feel her wetness and the resistance of the walls of her pussy as he slowly slid deeper into her. He looked down as he pulled his cock out of his recently unzipped zipper but it did not look wet. He stopped and reversed his motion to pull out just an inch then to return the pressure as he slid deeper into her. The feelings while he stood in the hallway as he watched her were so real, as if he was actually making love to this woman.

Her hands fell to her side almost touching the floor as he began to imagine thrusting deeply into her. Pulling almost all the way out, with a little pause then to slide deeply inside again. The tingles were building, he could feel them beginning at his crotch, racing down the shaft of his cock. He could feel his testicles pulling up tightly against his body as he prepared to shoot. It felt so good and he knew he was racing to an orgasm without even touching his cock.

Nancy, pushed even further back in her chair, leaning back so far that John could see that her nipples looked exactly as John had imagined them. He watched as her body began to shudder, tenseness coursed through her body and she began to grunt with each wave of pleasure coursing through her body. Her hands were laying at her sides, hanging down almost touching the ground as her orgasm raged through her body.

He struggled to keep from grunting as the first streak of his hit white cum burst from his cock. He reached down to grasp his cock and stroked through his orgasm. He opened his eyes to see Nancy's arm moving rhythmically again. Stroking herself through another orgasm. His being finished he was able to observe her more intense second cum.

Her body was tense and quiet moans slipped from between her lips, their tone and intensity rising as she neared her release. Her head went back pushing deeper into her chair. The chair vibrated with tension as she reached the edge of the abyss of pleasure. She was pushed so far back he could look down her chest and could see her nard nipples thrusting out, about æ of an inch long and pink. Her breasts shook with the movements of her hand as she drew rapid circles on her clit. Then as he watched her mouth fell open and her body froze, just for a second or two but she seemed so tense.

A burst of sound starting with her grunt, "ohh!... unnh unf ohhhhh..." and her body jerked forward hiding her from John's view. He watched as the chair jerked again and again accompanied by her moans long drawn out, punctuated by grunts that telegraphed such pleasure to John's ears that his reaction was instant and almost violent tingles coursing through his body. Her orgasm ended with a long sigh as she let the air slowly trickle from her lungs.

John snuck quietly down the hall back to his office. He quietly put his things away, turned off his light and snuck to the stair well, thinking it would be best if he went down a flight or two before getting on the elevator.

As he lay in his bed he could not get the visions of Nancy out of his head. He thought she was beautiful and now had an idea of how beautiful she was in the throes of sexual release but he hadn't been able to see her face, a full view of her body. He wanted her worse than ever now. But how would he get through his meeting with her without thinking of her in that way. Would she be receptive or would she freak.

The next morning came with trepidation. John sat at his desk as 7 came and went and then 8. He tried to get some work done but couldn't seem to concentrate on anything. He was tired and nervous.

Finally Nancy popped her head around the corner and said "Hi! How are you this morning, sorry I'm late, didn't sleep well."

She did look a little rough but still was the most attractive woman John had ever spoken to. She sat down and they began to discuss the project. John did pretty good at concentrating on their work and they actually got a lot done. She had a lilting laugh which she bestowed on John freely. He enjoyed making her laugh. She had a silky voice and turned out to be bright and articulate. He enjoyed working with her.

As they finished up their preliminary work on the new project she thanked him and told him he had some great ideas.

"It's great to finally work with someone who knows what the systems are capable of. " she said as she rose to leave his office.

"I've really enjoyed working with someone who is pushing the edges of the system. You're ideas have been great, I've ummm really enjoyed working with you" John said to her in a timid voice. Her stretching as she rose was enough to highlight her body to him. John imagined reaching out and caressing her breast as she held her arm behind her head. She had a look pass across her face and John knew she had felt his touch.

"would you like to... Ummm I mean do you have plans for lunch?" John couldn't believe those words had come out of his mouth.

"No I don't have plans, but, well I haven't been feeling so great the past couple of days. I don't know what it is but, well I've been... Oh never mind, you wouldn't understand."

"You know what? I probably would understand, but we can't talk about it here. Lunch?"

"Ok, lets go" Nancy finally relented.

As they sat at the quaint quiet restaurant located far enough from the office that the majority of the employees would never go there, John leaned over the table and whispered to Nancy; "Do you feel at times like someone is touching you?"

"Yes! How'd you know?" she responded with shock and surprise in her eyes.

"I don't know how to tell you this Nancy, you know the past few weeks that I've been out of the office?"

"Yeah I noticed that, I noticed that you weren't in, I thought perhaps you were traveling"

"No I was in an accident and something happened to me."

"What happened?"

"Well, I've always thought you were cute, always wanted to get the chance to ask you out but I was afraid you'd think I was nuts, I mean until last night we'd never really spoken to each other." He told her, blushing with insecurity but he'd gotten so far now he couldn't turn back.

"I probably would've said yes to lunch you know, I thought you were cute too, I was really excited about this project and the chance to get to know you a little." She said as she looked down at the table.

"Well, you probably won't think so after I tell you what's going on..."

"What are you talking about? She asked with some alarm in her voice.

"The accident I told you about, well it seems like... well it's kind of like... ummm, I can sort of fantasize about somebody and they seem to feel it, I mean feel it for real, ever since the accident."

"You're so full of shit John your eyes are turning brown..." she said.

"No really! You said something weird's been happening to you, like someone has been touching you, that's been, well its been me! I'm really sorry I don't know how to control it yet."

"No way John, that's really too far out to be real." Her curiosity overriding her sense of anger.

"Really," John said. "Close your eyes"

As she closed her eyes he thought about kissing her neck and as his imaginary lips made contact with her skin her eyes flew open. "It HAS been you!" and she just looked at him. "But last night I was in my office, and, well, I felt... touches."

"I know, I was in the hall outside of your office, I was thinking of you at the mailboxes and I heard a moan and when I went to investigate, well your door was slightly open, and I umm, saw you..."

"I don't know whether to be mad or to throw myself at your feet." And she smiled at him, a warm deep smile, with her eyes more than her mouth, looking at john differently than she had before. "if, as you say, you watched, well what did you see..."

"ummm well you seemed to have a really good time..." and John couldn't quite keep the smile of his face.

Now that she believed him she fired off a series of questions, how, when, where, can he turn it off? All the obvious questions.

"I'm still learning to control it, and I can feel what I imagine"

"Last night, when I was close to coming, I felt,... Umm... I felt like someone was, well, making love to me."

"I was, and I felt you too..." John replied shyly.

She reached out and touched his hand, taking it in hers on the table. She ran her long slim fingers over his and he couldn't help it. He began to think of what it would feel like to trace little circles over the skin of her arm as he held her hand. Her breasts hanging pendulously as she leaned over the table almost begged to be touched. His imaginary hand reached out and touched her breast, her nipple began to harden under her blouse.

"Are you doing it now?" she asked.

John's face turned beet red as he said "I'm really sorry, I just can't seem to control it yet, I'm trying not to"

Nancy looked John in the eye, and said "I don't want you to stop. It feels good."

John was able to watch her face as her breathing changed, as her nipples rose to their full height, he imagined reaching down to trace little circles on the insides of her leg. As the circles grew and slowly but inexorably traced higher and higher she moaned and slid down on her seat, her legs spreading to give him access. He could feel her silk panties as he pulled them to the side and slid his finger under them to touch her lips. They separated as if by magic as he traced their length, feeling the moisture seeping slowly out. He gathered some moisture with his finger tip and gently traced circles around her clit rubbing it side to side as his circles decreased in size but increased in speed.

Her brown eyes looked deeply at him and then started to lose focus. Her eyes rolled back into her head and she moaned quietly... "God, that's goooood... don't stop, I'm getting close... Ohh you do that, ohhh, so good... I'm going to... ohh you're going make me... ohhh please please make me cum..."

Her grip on his hand tightened and he slid an imaginary finger into her, tracing her walls searching, seeking as they slid slightly deeper in her. He knew when he found it, her eyes flew open almost as if afraid. "ohh fuck, yes..." through gritted teeth as she reached her crescendo. John was able to sit there and watch as the tremors of pleasure coursed through her body. Her nipples pressing out to be visible through her bra and blouse, her breathing heavy, her groans whispered as she came.

He held her hand as she came back down and her eyes slowly opened. "That was wonderful, thank you" and she laughed. That is absolutely amazing, you never touched me and I never touched myself but that was one of the best orgasms I've ever had." And then she asked, "can you do that to everyone?"

"I'm not sure, I think you have to be in the mood for it to work if you know what I mean"

"I think everyone is always in the mood they just need some help to get there... At least I'm always in the mood. Let's try an experiment... See that lady over there? The one that looks so angry, the one that has files open on her seat?"


"Try it on her..."

"No, I couldn't"

"Sure you could, she'll like it! I promise!"

"But I have to fantasize about her... and I'm sitting here with you..."

Nancy slid out of her seat and onto the bench with John, trapping him in the back and shadowing him as she leaned forward. "Besides..." John continued lamely, "We're going to be late getting back to work."

"We're not going back to work today."

"Now slide your fingers along the sides of her breasts, don't actually touch them just run your hands gently up and down the sides."

As john began to think of how the womans' breasts flared out slightly from her sides he could see the subtle change in her breathing patterns, and he could feel Nancy's hand sliding his zipper down slowly.

"Look at her nipples, she feels it!" Nancy said excitedly.

"Let your fingers caress her nipples, roll them gently between your fingers" she said as her fingers traced the length of John's erection. The tingles made John shudder slightly.

"Does that help or make it more difficult?" Nancy asked John.

"I don't know, never done this like this before..."

Her voice low, conspiratorial, "when you fucked me last night, did you stroke your cock?'

"ohh... that feels good!" John moaned, "No, I didn't have to..."

"Did you cum?"

"Yes, I did..."

"Without touching?"


"But I want to help you..."

"Oh god! Don't stop!"

John could see the small bead of sweat that began to grow on the woman's top lip, and watched as her soft pink tongue reached out to lick her lips. He traced his fingers down her stomach, down past her panties, and he was surprised as he found no hair, only her puffy lips and moistness, lots of moistness...

"She has no hair... I mean down there... and she's wet, I mean really wet..."

"Oh god look at her!" Nancy exclaimed in his ear... and as John opened his eyes to look at her he found that she had slid low in her seat, her legs rocking open and closed. She leaned way back on her padded table bench her head falling back as John reached his finger inside and began to pump her gently, dragging his finger up and over her G spot as his palm patted her clit with each thrust. Her chest was heaving with her breaths and her nipples were visible from several tables away...

"she's going to cum... Watch her!... oh god make her cum..." Nancy whispered in his ear as her rhythm of stroking sped up in her excitement... The woman at the table began to thrust her hips up from the seat then jerked her body, small quick shudders as each wave of pleasure passed through her body. She began to settle down as John lost it. The strokes on his hard cock had become too much and he began to cum... White shots of cum shooting between Nancy's fingers as she continued to stroke him, to become a flow down over her fingers, lubricating his tingling cock, the tingles rising to the point that several moans snuck from between John's lips.

"Yesss cum for me baby... cum... let it feel good..." Nancy kept a dialogue going until John's orgasm had long since stopped. By the time he got his shit together enough to look for the woman across the way her table was empty, she was gone.

Nancy grabbed his hand and dragged him out of the restaurant.

"Where are we going." John asked.

"To my place." Was Nancy's response. As they walked in the door of her apartment she began to kiss John, her fingers running up to feel the short hairs where they had shaved his head for the stitches. He kissed Nancy with feeling, his lips pressed tight to hers, his hands running up and down her back. He reached down to feel her ass, as he began to think about the hard nipples that pressed against his chest.

"Oh my god! Its like two at once!" Nancy exclaimed in his ear. And John slowly pulled his hands to the front of her blouse to slowly undo each button. The skin that appeared as each button fell loose was soft, and tanned, and packed full of breast. Her soft pink nipples came to view as he undid the fastener at the front of her bra. He leaned down and gently took one into his mouth and began to flock it with his tongue.

"ohhhh..." Nancy breathed in his ear as she leaned down to kiss his neck. John's hand slipped down to feel the true softness of her legs, as he slid his hand back up. Nancy didn't want finesse she wanted John, and she wanted him now. She slid her panties to the floor to fall like a puddle at her feet and she grabbed his wrist with her hand forcing his fingers to her moist cleft. His fingers spread her moisture over her wetting her clit and her lips. Nancy raised her leg and placed it on John's hip and as he pressed slowly forward he felt the head of his cock slide between her lips.

She was as tight as he had imagined as her inner muscles pulled him into her. John began to thrust up and into her, forcing her back against the wall. He moans were slowly changing to grunts as the pleasure in her body built. Nancy could feel the pleasure coursing through her body. She could feel his thrusts, she felt so full as the length of his cock spread her inner walls and traced over her engorged clit with each thrust. Her other leg gave as the pleasure overtook her ability to stand and they slid down the wall as John continued to thrust into her deeply, the slide slowing as they approached the soft carpet on which they had started.

As the tingles continued to race from her nipples and Nancy felt John's hands rhythmically separating the cheeks of her ass, she also felt her nipples being pulled by John's imaginary fingers. She began to cum, the pleasure flowing through her in waves as she felt John's fingers everywhere at once. She felt like she was being caressed by an army of hands as John continued to thrust from on top of her. She knew he was nearing his climax as his breathing quickened, along with his thrusts. She could feel his cock grow as he prepared to shoot his cum. She lost what we know as consciousness as she felt his fingers trace her ass and she began to cum... Her world consisted only of her pussy and John's hard cock thrusting in her.

John's world had reduced only to his cock and the soft sheath into which he thrust. He tried to hold back but when her body went tense and she began to quiver it was more than he could handle. As he began to shoot her inner muscles squeezed him pulling him deeper into her. His cum seemed to last forever and seemed to him voluminous. The pleasure was so intense it was almost painful. He screamed with the last cum ejecting pulse, deep into her.

They lay on the carpet pressed against the wall both of them lost for words and struggling to get enough wind back to even laugh. It was the most intense sex either of them had ever had.

When Nancy had finally recovered enough to speak again she said; "ya know... you're going to have to learn to control that... and I'm just the one to help you learn..."

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