18 Months and Counting
Chapter 1

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Outdoor Public Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Almost 21 year old Bill has a chance meeting with a cute nymph, named Debbie. He agrees to meet her friends who turn out to be sexy, horny girlfriends. His somewhat narrow opinions of sex and sexuality are drastically changed. This is a lusty romp that ranges from the bedroom to the great outdoors.

Caution: This Outdoor Public Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Lesbian   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Group Sex   Oral Sex   Petting   Cream Pie   Slow  

It was a nice day in May in the Windy City. I was preparing to leave this city in the near future. I was tired of the crowds, the traffic and the all the crime... My plan was to move to the western part of the country and breathe some 'fresh air'. I had a good job as an accounting intern, and attended night school for a degree in computer science. In my spare time, I was a man on the prowl for the sweetness young women harbored between their legs. I was a social person, and formed relationships with females easily. Not to say, there were not 'guy' friends, but my focus was on young women.

Today was one of those frustrating days in traffic. There was some construction, which involved a detour, on my way home from work. Because it was the end of the week, there was no need to go to any classes that night. Traffic was very heavy, with the main flow heading out of town, or to the busy airport a few miles from where I lived. Fortunately, I knew the area well, and was able to avoid the most of the stop and go traffic stuff by traveling on secondary streets. I seemed to be making good progress, considering it was Friday.

The trees were full now and being the weather was quite warm. The women of the city had long since shed their 'heavy winter wear', much to my approval. My appreciation for the fair sex was in high gear, as I neared my 21st birthday. There was no steady female in my life, and that was just fine with me. My main interest was not in monogamy. I hoped to experience as much sexual activity as possible before moving away from the city.

I was feeling good about avoiding sitting and starting, sitting, and starting. What a waste! I despised wasting time, and the power under the hood of my Chevy. I was cruising about 30mph, and began to slow for a right turn. A sudden movement distracted me to my left. Into my view came two lovely blonde girls having a water fight. They wore tiny matching red thong bikinis, with nothing visible separating their lovely round ass checks. The nearest one bent over to pick up the hose she had dropped, and I just drove on past the intended turn...

Damn, a dead-end sign came into view with a one-way left turn available before the street I was traveling ended. So, I turned left to rejoin the backed-up traffic on Foster. I traveled a few city blocks in lighter traffic than I expected. A cute girl stepped off the curb onto the street about 2 car lengths ahead, and stuck out her thumb. I pulled over just after passing this cutie, and watched in the mirror as her school uniform bounced above her knees as she quickly ran up to the door. She leaned in and said, "I'm going down to Central. Can you get me close"?

I said, "Sure hop in, I am going there myself". "Oh, great", the cutie replied.

She opened the door and bounced happily on the seat, as her short uniform skirt rode up her thighs. I noticed the thrust of her nicely developed breasts pushing into the white uniform shirt. This girl had a nice body from what I could tell. Usually girls in the big city did not hitchhike, but it seemed like this was a lucky day...

I asked, "What's your name"?

"Debbie and what is yours"?

"Bill". I answered

"I'm surprised you stuck out your thumb, because it is kind of dangerous to hitch these days".

"Yeah, but I needed to get home quickly to meet my girlfriends at the park. I missed the bus, because we had to get stuff out of our lockers. Graduation is next week and I had to round up books and gym stuff to take home with me. Besides, you look kind of nice all dressed up".

Only then did I notice she had carried a bag loaded with stuff. She had dropped it on the floor at her feet. Deb was a pretty brunette with brown eyes, nice smooth skin and a big smile. I secretly wondered what charms where hidden under her Catholic High School uniform.

"So, you are a senior, Debbie? Bet you're glad high school is almost over".

"I sure am. My friends and I are really looking forward to summer. Did you graduate, Bill"?

"Yep, I graduated 2 years ago, from St. M's. I am working, and going to night school. Took my computer lab finals this week and am waiting for grades to show up in the mail".

"You seem like you have things together", Debbie stated.

"Well, I don't know about that, Debbie? I try to do most of the 'right' things and avoid the law. Otherwise I like to have fun".

Debbie chuckled and asked. "Do you like to party and stuff, Bill"?

"Yeah", I replied. Her question stuck in my mind a while and I was unsure why she had asked.

Debbie indicated I should turn left in two more blocks. Her parent's place turned out to be within walking distance of my apartment. We pulled up and chatted for a little while.

Debbie turned and asked, "If you are not busy tonight you can meet some of my friends at Irving Park around 6:00".

I was a little surprised, but said, "OK".

Debbie got out and moved her lithe young bodily sexily up the stairs to the entrance of her house. I leaned down a bit as she climbed the stairs to see if her panties would greet my 'greedy' eyes. She turned, waved, and disappeared into the house.

I drove the few streets to my place, and unlocked the door. I quickly got out of the daytime clothes and prepared to relax a bit before getting into the shower. There were three bottles of wine in the refrigerator. I uncorked one and turned on the stereo. My favorite jazz station was playing some of the 'laid back' tracks I enjoyed after a hectic day. The wine mellowed my spirits and I dozed for a few minutes. I looked at the clock, and decided I was time to get the city grime off and walk to the park.

The water felt great, as any remaining physical stress seemed to float down the drain. I lathered my cock and wondered if I might get into Debbie's panties. After finishing the shower, I changed into a comfortable shirt, shorts and sandals. My thoughts were on the young graduate-to-be.

I walked to the park after exchanging brief pleasantries with the property owner, who was tending to roses in front of the house. He and his wife were a nice couple, and they never complained about the occasional pounding of my bed while fucking any young ladies I'd occasionally bring up to spend the night.

When I got to the park, my eyes focused on a girl waving excitedly at me. She was with three other girls, and as I got closer, there was the realization they were sitting in pairs. Two brunettes were sitting on the grass together and Debbie was sitting with a blonde cutie with brilliant blue eyes. The blonde was sitting between Debbie's outstretched legs. As I got closer, there was pot smoke in the air. They were passing a joint around and talking excitedly. Deb introduced me to the blonde girl Chris, and the two brunettes, Lisa and Lois. I wondered why these four cute girls were practically sitting in each other's laps. What was their relationship?

I wondered...

They passed the joint around and then over to me. My 'pot' indulgence was at a minimum, with school and work, so I got pretty stoned quickly. My cock began to rise, as the reality of sitting with four sexy, soon-to be-graduates emerged. We smoked this stuff for a while as the sun began to sink in the sky. As it got darker, I realized that Lisa's hands were up under Lois's shirt rubbing her breasts. Lois moaned and leaned back so Lisa could kiss her. Golly, these girls were lesbians, or something. I looked at Debbie and she smiled. Debbie had pulled Chris's shirt up cupping some very nice titties with cherry tipped nipples.

I was in shock! My cock was very hard! I wanted to fuck badly! I was doubtful though, because I thought all the girls here were lesbians. Debbie and blonde Chris were looking at my obvious bulge and smiling... Evidently, they were not just gay, because Chris was breathing heavily. She licked her full pink lips. She looked over her shoulder at Debbie while pointing at my dick. Debbie smiled broadly...

"Bill, can we go to your place and play? We can all have a lot of fun". She motioned for me to come closer, and kissed me. Debbie grasped one hand and held it to Chris's warm tit with its' erect nipple, and Chris reached between my legs and rubbed my erect and throbbing cock.

Emboldened now, I kissed Chris's hardened nipples and sucked them gently as she cooed softly into my ear. I slid a hand up her soft quivering thigh, and slid under the leg of her shorts to find her damp panties clinging tightly to her cunt lips.

Debbie looked at me innocently, and asked. "Isn't Chris lovely Bill? Do you want to fuck her"? "Yes, I would love to fuck you Chris". She moaned loudly now as my finger encroached under the elastic band of her wet panties, and insinuated into her slick cunt. Chris rubbed my cock in earnest now, and I almost came in my pants...

"Oh shit, the cops are over across the park, let's go". Debbie arose quickly

We stood up and I looked at Lois and Lisa who were pulling up their panties while lying down. "Holy shit", this could be bad", I remarked with a note of panic.

"Are you all 18"?

I did not have any issues with the law, and certainly did not desire any to start tonight. They all replied in the positive to my question, so every one buttoned up and headed out of the park to my place.

Chris had to do some shopping with her mother the next morning and had promised to be home early. We walked to Chris's house and she kissed Debbie with their pink hot tongues teasing... Then Chris came over and looked at me with those big blue eyes. "I can ditch church with Debbie on Sunday. Can I come over"?

"Sure that would be great, Chris". She turned a waved to all. I inhaled her scent from my fingers and tasted them as she strode quickly into the entrance of her parent's house.

We all waved goodbye and headed to my apartment.

Debbie looked at me and smiled. "Chris is really, really hot Bill. She loves to fuck"!

Damn, was that a stroke of luck when the 'red thong' girl bent over or what?

I hoped the landlord was not around as I climbed the stairs with three good-looking girls. The coast was clear and we settled in to my small place. Deb acted as if she had known me forever, went to my music collection, and got some tunes going. Lois and Lisa settled on the couch.

I showed Debbie my stash of' good' stuff saved for special occasions. Near as I could tell, tonight qualified for out of the ordinary. We coughed and sputtered through that 'j' and drank a bottle of wine afterwards. Lisa and Lois were French kissing on the couch and Debbie and I were across from them relaxing on my bed.

Debbie asked me, "Do you want to watch them get naked and eat each other's pussy"?

"Sure", I grunted. "I have never seen girls do it. What the heck. Why not"...

Debbie was like an instructor or something as she chided the brunettes. "Lois, Lisa you both have waiting for this opportunity, so go for it"! Without any hesitation, these two lovelies had each other naked in a few seconds. My eyes feasted on their great bodies, pink erect nipples and shaved pussies. They kissed and licked until eventually engaging in a '69' position. Their tongues licked vigorously at each other's pussy. They slurped and moaned.

I wanted to fuck, 'badly'.

Soon Debbie and I were both on fire watching the two brunette beauties pleasure each other. I reached for the button on her shorts and she found the button on mine. My hand found her soppy cunt at the same time her hand found my dripping cock.

"I want to fuck you Debbie, while I watch these girls eat each other out".

Debbie said, "I like what you have in you pants Mister Bill. Please fuck me now! Chris wants to fuck you also, but you will have to wait until Sunday to fuck her. My hot pussy wants you in there now. I'll bet you have a full load in these balls, and I want you to shoot all of it in me".

I pulled her shorts and panties off at one time and gasped at another bald pussy. This naked pussy stuff was growing on me... It was so sexy and never having hair in my teeth was going to be a great bonus.

I got some assistance from Debbie and my shorts and underwear joined hers on the floor. Debbie spread wide and her small hand guided me into her womanhood. I slid in easily up to my balls. This young Catholic girl was certainly no virgin... I wanted to pump Debbie hard, but she held me tightly with her legs locked firmly around my body. I was in a sexual vise. I loved being 'locked' in her hot pussy.

Debbie looked at me and pointed at the two lovelies now on their way to mutual orgasms. She said, "Bill don't move, lets just watch, this will be great"! I fought the urge to pound this bald hot throbbing pussy with all my might. I could feel her tight pussy muscles squeezing and milking my throbbing cock. My heart was pounding and I wanted to cum in her pussy. The pressure in my balls and cock was intense...

"I'm going to cum soon, Bill. Please do not move though. I will keep squeezing your cock until I cum. When I go off, don't move. Just let it shoot into my pussy". As Lois and Lisa reached a moaning writhing orgasm, Debbie began to moan loudly. "Now, Bill, now, cum in me sweetie, cum, cum, cum. I feel you squirting!!! Oooooohhhhhh, cumming, Oooooohhhhhh, cumming".

I released a long continuous jet of cum into Debbie's begging throbbing cunt. I did not pump my cock while ejaculating into Debbie, as she asked. This was the first time I did that, and it was an intense 'fucking' sensation! More streams of my seed continued to shoot from my balls through the tip of my cock into her extremely juicy hot pussy.

Debbie then relaxed her legs from their intense grip around me and whispered. "Fuck me now Bill". I needed no encouragement and slid rapidly in an out of her cum filled pussy with no friction. We were creating the hottest wettest fucking of my experience. We made all manner of wet' noises as we ground our pelvises hungrily together as more seed entered this willing orifice from my still spurting cock.

When we finally relaxed and refocused, there were Lisa and Lois looking down at us.

"Wow, that was so hot", they voiced together.

They got on the bed with us. I never before felt so much warm flushed female flesh. The intense fragrance of woman scent filled my nostrils. Lisa began to lick and suck my cock as Lois sucked a wealth of cum from Debbie. I turned to Lisa when she finished licking the juices from my cock and balls. I kissed her lovely sexually satiated face and tasted Lois's pussy nectar that was still wet and pungent. I stroked down between those silky thighs to caress her slick bald pussy lips. Her legs spread widely and I sank two fingers into that well lubricated pussy. I heard a Lois moan and turned enough to see that Debbie had at inserted her fingers in Lois's pussy and was gently rotating them.

I found out later from Debbie that Lisa and Lois had previously only desired females until they watched Debbie and me fucking. Debbie later related that they wanted to both have me fuck them, while the other watched. They had both now tasted cum and wanted me to cum inside them as I did with Debbie.

As I drove the remaining three very relaxed honeys home, I thought about the one missed turn that had quickly 'turned' my life and thoughts about women completely around. My sex-filled mind began to dwell on Sunday, when the lovely Chris would attend 'church' at my place. We all kissed, hugged, and reluctantly parted for the night. This might be a very hot summer in the city...

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