Lurking in the Shadows
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Science Fiction,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This is a story that is set in the ShadowRun realm, it is NOT sexually explicit however there is a little sex in it.

It had all started when I met Blake. It was a simple repair job or at least that is how it began. He was a Rigger who was having some problems with a circuit interface on his Rigger board. I was a student doing post graduate work at the University of Washington, good ol' U Dub. My major was Electronics, centering on computers with a minor in programming. I was also studying their repair, to work on the boards, building and modifying computers you learned some and I wanted to know more. By knowing how to repair them you learned what made them tick and knowing that I thought you would know better how to improve weaknesses and eliminate problem areas. You could as they say, Build a better mousetrap! I had set up a small shop in the apartment next to mine and did minor repairs for the students who needed them but couldn't afford the prices charged by the more normal repair shops. I took a lot of my price out in trade for things that I needed as well as time payments. Someone had turned Blake on to me as he was unhappy with the person who had been doing his repairs. I took his board into my shop and went through it. Whoever had set the thing up had done a real hashed up job. There were a lot of cold solders mixed throughout the board and it was a piece of junk. I told him that I could fix the problem he was having right now but that he would continue to have problems until he replaced this piece of drek and got a decent board. He looked stunned.

"I just paid mucho dinero for that thing. It worked fine when I first got it," he said.

Placing the unit under a large magnifying lamp I started pointing out the problems. Even his unskilled eye could see what I was referring to. "Let me guess, you're having feedback problems. Especially when it becomes highly stressed or when you are trying to also control your peripheries while driving? Even when the problems are not apparent you have a headache after each run? All because this is a hash job. You need a new board."

"Man, I don't have the bread right now to buy another board at least not a hot board like I need. Can you just fix it?"

"Blake, I can fix it but you'll be back soon for another repair. I could build you a new board cheaper than it would cost for the repairs on this one."

"Make the needed repairs on this one and start building me a new board. I can't pay you much right now. My money is tied up in other things but I can pay you a little at a time and that way there'll be no out of pocket cost for you."

I took up pen and paper and started to question him about what he wanted the board to do. Was he running drones? How many ports did he want or feel he needed. What about remotes? With his answers I began to get a feel for what he wanted in a board and what he wanted it to do. Knowing he worked the streets I asked about some 'specials'. One thing he didn't do was fly so I didn't need the fine tuning that an aviation interface would call for. Controling aviation drones didn't call for as sensitive controls as actually piloting a craft with YOU inside it. When I quoted him a price he only smiled. My price was a little more than half of what he had paid for this broken piece of drek.

I made the repairs, cleaned and repaired some of the immediate problems I saw with his board and sent him on his way. I then started to make a list of the parts I would need for a new board to meet his requirements. It was fun. I was building a custom interface for someone who was paying me and it was not just a class project or a simple repair as I had been doing.

One afternoon after paying me some on the account Blake asked me to join him. We went to a small neighborhood bar and took our beers to one of the booths in the back.

"I have been meaning to ask you, what kind of name is Brian Whitefeather?" he said.

"Why you dumb paleface. I am a Cascade Crow Indian. What kind of name should I have? John Smith?"

"Well, you have the high cheek bones and long hair like an indian but I never met an indian with brown hair and hazel eyes. And while you don't smile a lot and have that stone-faced stoic look your complexion is lighter than most indians. I didn't know so I asked," he stated matter-of-factly. "The long braid with the feather and raccoon tail in it does look indian. What's with them anyway?"

"My Dad was an Eagle Shaman and my Mom was a Raccoon Shaman. I wear these to honor them."

"Hey man, if I stepped on some toes it was unintentional. The temperature in this place just dropped about twenty degrees. I picked up on 'was'. Are they dead?"

"Yeah, nine years ago in a 'minor' corporate skirmish. These corps think they own the world. If they want something they take it or try to and then money can make it all right again. Piss on them!"

Blake looked surprised at my outburst. "First time I ever saw you get steamed about something. You don't care much for the Corps either, huh. That's what I wanted to talk to you about. I'm putting together a little group for some work in the shadows and I need a decker. Would you be interested?"

I just looked at him for a minute while I collected myself. "What kind of work, when and what's involved?"

"Well, not all of it will be decking. Sometimes you'll be running Matrix cover for us, digging up the scoop on what we might need and other times you'll be a street soldier. Like I said it's a small group so we'll all be working as samurai as well as our specialties. I have a small job coming up soon. Your end would only be a few thousand but it would introduce you to the others and you can see how we operate. We have needed someone who knows electronics and decking. It's been the hole in our group."

"Give me a couple of days to think about it, Blake. This is new to me. I've heard about the shadows and even know a few people who played around the edges but I've never done anything like this. I don't have any equipment, guns, nothing. I know how to shoot but I don't have anything to shoot."

"If you come in with us I'll front you the equipment. I have a fixer who can get you anything you want so start thinking about it. I'll see you Thursday and you can let me know." With that he got up and left.

During the fall of 2045 the Togiwara Corporation decided it wanted several hundred square miles of Salish-Shidhe Council lands. They wanted more territory to handle the expanding they were planning and didn't want to worry about buying or leasing the land so they launched a private army backed up by tanks and heavy artillery to take what they wanted. For some reason it is not called a "war" when Corporations do battle. Only Nations can go to war however the equipment is the same and you wind up just as dead.

The S-S Council had information about the intentions of the Togiwara Corp and had several small units of Rangers spaced along the border between its lands and Seattle. When the invasion started the units were to report as to the location, line of march and try to slow them down until reinforcements could arrive.

Unit 6 did more than just slow them down, they stopped them completely. The Combat Shamen attached to the Unit caused a land slide to block a small pass the corporation forces were trying to slip through to outflank the army that they thought would be waiting for them. When the S-S aircraft arrived the corporate forces were still bottle-necked and were soon strafed out of existence.

With such a badly bloodied nose right from the start the Togiwara Corp saw the futility of their invasion and did not continue. They removed what forces were still active and able to return. They even paid "penalties" for the damage they had caused and went on as if nothing had happened. A bad "investment" on their part.

To me it was more than a "bad investment" as my parents were the Combat Shamen attached to Unit 6. Magic works both ways. When the landslide occurred Mages with the Invaders knew that magic was in use. Using their ability for astral projection they found where the team was located and called in the big guns. Artillery can overcome barrier spells like it can overcome many other things. At twelve years of age I now had no parents and a nice settlement to help me get a start in life. I went to live with my father's sister, Dawn Bird who was a Decker for one of the businesses in Spokane.

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