Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Slow, Violent,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Here's a story about a younger man and an older woman falling in love and the drama that revolves around them, fueled mostly by how their past keeps popping up.

Uncomfortable would be a good word to describe how Sean felt at the moment. Underage would have fit his situation even better. Decadence was shown lavishly about the dining hall; velvet curtains, silk hangings, tasteful paintings, and enormous crystal chandeliers hung everywhere to give the whole place the air of decadence and "old money". It was a GenenCorp shareholder's meeting to celebrate the company's breakthrough success in the pharmaceutics industry and Sean had been invited. He may be one of the largest independent shareholders at the decadent dinner, with up to thirty-four percent of the company's stock but he most definitely did not belong.

Sean was twenty-two years old.

So, to repeat what he was already thinking, he was very uncomfortable. Fact of the matter was he wasn't all that social a person. He went out little, preferring the company of a good book to most people he knew and never was into the wild party seen that many of his college buddies favored. He hardly thought of himself as anti-social, far from it, he enjoyed a good conversation or better yet a good debate on society and its morals, but he was a loner.

And so, Sean sat in the far corner of the room sipping an excellent vintage of cabernet sauvignon while he watched and listened to other shareholders boasting about their other investments while at the same time hiding how they play the market. It was disgusting. Sean could tell right away that most of them didn't have a clue as to what they were doing and simply stumbled across GenenCorp's stock by pure luck, a total shot in the dark to spend their leftover play money on. Sean knew the company had potential from the start. No insider info on this venture. He had been closely monitoring the company since it first built itself from the ground up, observing closely what went in and what came out. As he had predicted, GenenCorp's stock skyrocketed within a year and instantly Sean went from a scrounging college student with a BS is biochemistry to a millionaire. Of course none of his friends knew that, Sean's living habits didn't change. He still lived in the same two-bedroom apartment for the past three years while he worked on his graduate's degree in biochemistry and whittled away the time at his computer, monitoring stocks and reading. It was his idle hobby of watching the market that landed him with over six million dollars worth of stocks. To say he was ahead of schedule to retire early would be an understatement. If he so chose, Sean could retire right now and simply continue day trading.

So why was he here? He thought idly to himself. Sean wasn't so sure himself. A part of him thought it might be exciting to dress up and rub elbows with the rich and maybe find out any tidbits of useful information about GenenCorp from the board of directors that should be floating around. But there was more to it then that he supposed. He wasn't quite sure what else it was that drew him to the meeting but there was more than a need to get out every once in a while. Sean took another sip of his wine as he continued to scan the crowd. He always did that; old habits die hard. Then again, he never did try to stop himself from observing a room; he simply did it. He just didn't notice he subconsciously did it until he was thirteen. Sean popped a cracker with caviar in his mouth just as she sat down next to him and he nearly choked.

Seemingly out of nowhere a woman with raven-black hair in a stunning black dress that hinted at some very sensual curves pulled up a chair beside him and sat herself down. She wasn't very tall, only 5'4" judging by how she sat beside him, but she carried herself as if she were at least six-foot. She didn't look a day past thirty, but considering the crowd he was in Sean would roughly guess she was closer to thirty-two. She coolly pulled a fluke of champagne from the tray of a passing waiter and took a light sip. Sean didn't know what to say, too flabbergasted by the fierce intelligence that flared brightly behind her soft brown eyes, so he sat there dumbly, put on his poker face, and then turned back to watch the crowd, not wanting to make a major faux pas and scare the woman away. He did, though, continue to watch her from the corner of his eye.

Just as she did with him.

"I know this is awkward but I need your help," she said in a voice that was as enchanting to hear as she was to look at. She took another sip of her champagne as her eyes swept the crowd. Then Sean saw what she was looking out for and the only thought that ran through his head was, Oh shit. Breaking through the crowd was a man that was roughly 6'2" and at least two hundred pounds, all muscle, with a dark scowl on his face and he was heading straight for them. While Sean did stay in shape from hiking in the nearby hills and going to the gym whenever he could he very well knew that he looked very average when it came to physicality. At just 5'9" and a hundred and eighty pounds Sean definitely was not a Mr. Universe. Why the raven-haired woman chose to sit by him, he had no idea. Under the table he could feel the woman's manicured nails digging into his thigh as she calmly looked at the charging bull that stormed his way toward them. Unfortunately for Sean, he was never one to turn down a plea for assistance. He dropped his hand under the table and reassuringly held the woman's hand. She slowly let go and snuck a quick look at him, smiling in relief. Under other circumstances, Sean would have said something to break the ice but as it was, the hulking man was towering over the woman and was staring darkly over the both of them.

"Well hello, Charles," she said in an endearing tone. Her eyes flashed daggers. "How wonderful to see you. Tell me, how are the Twins? Are they keeping you happy?"

The tall man's gaze grew even darker and looked about to explode in fury. "'They' are fine, Elizabeth" he spat out between clenched teeth. "There seems to be a bit of a problem with the papers we signed last week."

"Oh, really?"

"Yes. It would appear that you now hold all the shares of GenenCorp. That is, all the shares that I bought."

"Now, Charles, you and I both agreed on those settlement papers years ago. And those shares became mine the moment you signed them. No point crying over spilt milk, dear." Her endearing smile and tone disappeared. "Your loss."

Charles' eyes hardened and his muscles bunched up as his arms rose to throttle Elizabeth.

"I suggest you do nothing rash."

It was the first words Sean had said all evening. Elizabeth and Charles both stopped what they were doing and looked at Sean. "As you can see, Elizabeth and I were in the middle of something when you barged in here. And I would take great offense if you said or did anything that would cause her any duress." It was Sean's turn to give a challenging glare. It was true though. He was never the kind of person to stand idly by while someone else was in trouble when he could do something to help. He supposed he got that annoying habit from reading too many fantasy novels.

"You, stay out of this," Charles said while he pointed a meaty finger at Sean, "Elizabeth, you are coming with me. Now."

Sean looked over at Elizabeth to see her respond. She didn't say anything but looked at him with pleading eyes, her fingernails dug into his thigh once more. That was all the reply he needed. "I'm sorry... Charles is it? Well, I'm sorry but it would appear Elizabeth does not wish your company at the moment." He stood up and lifted Elizabeth's arm slightly signaling her to stand as well. "Now, if you'll excuse us. I believe..."

Sean never finished as Charles made to shove him aside. Charles never finished the motion and his arms were brushed away before they could touch. Sean hoped this didn't end violently. He hated getting into violent situations. Surprised at being so easily fended off by a smaller man, Charles put his whole body into a push that would have knocked Sean flat on his back. Too bad for Charles Sean wasn't standing there any more. Sean sidestepped the larger man easily and tripped him with his foot. Charles lost his balance and fell face forward right into a waiter with a tray of red wine, which sent a fount of red right onto Charles dark gray suit. The clatter from the shattering crystal and silver tray drew everyone's attention where Charles stood amidst the mess, Sean had taken several tactful steps into the crowd already with Elizabeth perched on his arm. Charles spun around red-faced with embarrassment and anger but couldn't find the two and in a huff stormed back out of the dining hall. The crowd returned to buzzing about their initial conversations after a few inquiring comments into the interruption then continued on without a fuss. An unseen hand helped the waiter up and apologized for the larger fellow that knocked him over and placed a hundred-dollar bill in his breast pocket.

"Thank you very much for helping me out back there."

Sean turned around and found a pair of soft brown eyes that spoke volumes more than the words. It was apparent that she was frightened to death of Charles. Then Sean pieced it all together.

"No doubt your ex-husband has a varying opinion on that." Elizabeth's right eyebrow perked up at his words and smiled a small smile that made Sean's heart flip. "Is there anything more that I can help you out with? Fight off muggers, save your kidnapped children, defend your honor?"

"This isn't the way I had planned on meeting people. But I have to admit that the approach has its merits."

"Such as?"

"Meeting dashing young men that are willing to rescue the damsel in distress."

The two of them laughed at that and were soon in a long conversation that put Sean's mind at ease in the large crowd and Elizabeth's from her ex-husband. Elizabeth had recently divorced Charles, only a month since the ink dried on the settlement papers, and now she was a single woman with plenty of money and endless amount of time on her hands. A dangerous combination, Sean thought, and he said so. God, she had a beautiful laugh. She came to the party for the same reason he did, to simply get out of the house and 'to play dress up' as she put it. Sean was surprised at how such a dazzling woman was so intelligent. Most of the girls he met in college didn't even have so much as half the good looks that Elizabeth did and didn't even so much as hold a matchstick to the bonfire of intellect that she possessed. Almost everything she did spoke confidence and daring that Sean found alluring and extremely sexy. But there was more to her than that. She had depth, a strong sense of self that he hadn't found anywhere else; and he had most definitely looked. He found that when she made her choices she stuck with them, unlike other girls his age that vacillated from one choice to the other and then finally went back again after they thought they had made up their mind. In other words, she wasn't fickle. Again, that strong sense of self kept hypnotizing him as the two of them talked about everything and nothing.

"So tell me," Elizabeth said as she took a sip of her champagne, "What is college-boy like you doing in an overly decadent dinner party such as this? Don't you have a beer bash to get to?"

"Gee, you're right," Sean said sarcastically, "I forgot all about the frat party tonight. I guess I'll have to apologize to all the other drunken college students who I don't know or care about in the haze of bong smoke, now won't I? Honestly, I was never part of that crowd and if you ever catch me in it as I burn away my youth, go ahead and shoot me. I probably would thank you for it in the afterlife. The party-hardy life was never my gig."

"And the classy dinner party is?"

"Well, I'm not much for any party scene at all. To tell you the truth, large crowds make me nervous. But I tell you what. There is one thing going for the classy dinner party."

"And what is that?"

"The classy beautiful women, of course." Sean said that while looking deep into Elizabeth's eyes and had the desired effect of making her blush.

"My, my and a charmer too."

"But of course! Care to dance?"

Elizabeth arched that eyebrow of hers again and Sean nearly melted on the spot. Instead of doing that though, he took her proffered hand and raised it to his lips then led her to the dance floor. The band had struck up a hot tango and Sean was glad he took the ballroom dancing classes that his friends ribbed him about. Sean wasn't surprised that Elizabeth could dance as well. Matter of fact, she was a fantastic dancer and with that black dress she wore had all the heads turned in their direction as the two of them swept the floor to the sultry music. Dancing with her was like holding on to a livewire, an electric charge zipping through every touch of skin accentuated with every step and turn. If she was a livewire then Sean never wanted be grounded even if it were the death of him, dancing with her felt that good. The band finished up and the two of them ended holding each other tightly, breathing heavily from the exciting dance. Again that burning light in her eyes had flared up and Sean was tempted to kiss her, crowd be-damned.

But he didn't. The mere fact that he thought about it gave him a giddy rush; he was never this bold, especially around women. The two of them looked at one another for a brief moment then Elizabeth led them off the dance floor to their table, a wide grin on her face.

"Wow," were the first things out of her mouth as they sat down to catch their breath.

"Enjoy yourself?"

"Immensely," she continued. "I haven't danced like that since... well since ever! I'm surprised I still remember the steps since when I took those classes in college. 'Bout damn time I put it to use. God, listen to me go on. I haven't had that much fun in years."

"Didn't look like you had forgotten much," Sean commented, "How long ago since you took those classes."

"I'd have to say at least twe..." she caught herself but it was too late. "Damn, I shouldn't have let that slip." She had a bemused look on her face. Twelve years. That would roughly put her at thirty to thirty-four unless she got more than a bachelor's degree.

"Doesn't matter, I would have found out eventually by our second date." Did he just say that?

"My, my. Second date. Aren't we the confident one? What makes you say that there will be even a first date?"

"Because, like you said. You haven't had this much fun in years. You're a free woman now and I would be sorely disappointed if you didn't revel in it at first. Second, because I've always had at least a second date." He didn't mention that he had only had one girlfriend in his high school senior year but that lasted for over a year. "So, could I get your number?"

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