The Dick Underneath The Stairs
Chapter 1

Caution: This BBC Interracial Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Rough, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, Oral Sex, Squirting, Voyeurism, Size,

Desc: BBC Interracial Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Beautiful Asian woman catches her well-endowed neighbor putting in work.

After driving around lost for 15 minutes, Tai finally located the apartment building she was looking for. She was there to view a two-bedroom apartment she had called about the previous day. She had recently completed two years of medical school at The University of Maryland. The commute from her present apartment was killing her. She needed to move closer to school. Plus, her present dwelling was fast becoming crime central. Just last week, a woman had been robbed one floor below her!

As she pulled over to park, she noticed the building had two entrances. One on the left... one on the right. The building, a brick four-floor walk-up with lawn and hedges decorating the front of it looked formidable. It looked clean and safe to Tai.

The woman showing Tai the apartment was talking entirely too damn much, Tai thought to herself as she walked around the apartment and gauged where her furniture would fit and how it would look. The apartment boasted hardwood floors and a huge bathroom. The rental agent had told her that there were two sides to the building, each with their own entrance and a laundry on the bottom floor, which was shared.

Tai knew without thinking that she would have to cancel her later apartment search appointments for the day. The woman explained that she was in a very nice section of town. Close to the city, parks, entertainment, major throughways, etc... It sounded and looked perfect. The woman reassured her that her neighbors well upstanding and respectable.

"None of that riffraff. This is a good neighborhood and we aim to keep it that way, Hon!" the older woman had told her while looking and envying the body of the 24-year old, 5'7", 135lb. Asian beauty. The older woman remembered a time when her breasts were stacked on her rib cage just like Tai's 36C's were... but that time had come and gone. Glancing at the younger woman's muscular thighs painfully reminded the older woman of the cottage cheese-like cellulite she had allowed to accumulate on her own thighs.

Tai moved in one month later. Summer had just begun and she couldn't wait to lie out on the grass and get some sun and read. She had two and half months to relax and kick back before school started back... and she planned to do just that!

Tai had been living in the building for more than a month now and was really starting to enjoy her new digs and the surrounding neighborhood. Across the street from her building sat basketball and tennis courts. A city park sat 5 minutes away. She had spent her days shopping the many neighborhood shops and browsing through the library and other locales.

On this particular day, Tai had enjoyed a matinee showing of "Tomb Raider" starring Angelina Jolie. For months, her fellow students had been telling her that she resembled the full-lipped star. As she had watched the movie, she had had to admit that their bodies were similar... especially in the breast department! Tai's breasts and well-rounded ass were her biggest attractions and her biggest hurdle. Men always started off talking respectable and whatnot but the conversation would invariably wound up focusing on her breasts, eyes, lips, or ass. Tai kept herself in top shape to offset the stress and anxiety of medical school. She had dated a white guy named Jeff when she first arrived to the area but outside of average sex, they just didn't click on the level she needed a man to be at. They were still friends and occasionally when Tai tired of her vibrator, she would call him and invite him over for a roll in the hay. If nothing else, it broke up the berries, so to speak.

After showering, dressing, and packing her laundry and supplies into a rather large bag, she headed for the bottom floor to the laundry room. Tai enjoyed the solitude of the large rectangular room. Few people washed laundry during the afternoon on weekdays, so she had the room to herself to catch up on some reading. As she rounded the corner and prepared to walk down the final flight of stairs to the bottom floor, she heard a scream!

Tai stopped cold in her tracks before proceeding. As her breathing quickened, she forced herself to calm down so that the pounding in her ears would stop and she could decipher just what or who it was that had screamed.

Tai took one step off of the top stair, tentatively. Then a second step... and then she heard a loud, yelping sound... as if someone might be hurt.

Tai took a third step... and then a fourth. Her skin was starting to moisten... her mouth felt dry. She was just about to call out to whoever had made the noises when she heard a low, long, deep moan come from the area just under the stairs.

"What the fuck? Huh?" Tai thought to herself as she looked at the wall to her right. She continued with her fifth, sixth and finally her seventh step and arrived at the bottom of the steps. She took a step to begin walking down the hallway towards the laundry room when she noticed a door to her right... it was cracked open about 7-9 inches. She had walked past this particular door at least 10 times and it had never occurred to her that it could be a door to an apartment dwelling! As she moved to continue walking to the laundry down the hall, something caught her eye. A movement in the darkness... and more moans!

Tai moved to the wall next to the door and slyly placed one half of her face into the partially open doorway... hugging her body to the wall so that she wouldn't be seen. She allowed her eye to adjust to the darkness... the room seemed to be lit by several candles, which were situated on the floor around the couple.

"Mmmm... Ooooohhhh... OH MY GOODNESS! YOUR DICK... IT'S SOOO FUCKING BIG! UMMMM... EWWWWW SHIIIIIITTTTTT!!" the woman lying over the arm of the couch moaned.

"UH HUH... you liked teasing me didn't you... you weren't thinking about how big my dick was when you met me were you?... HOW YOU LIKE IT NOW?" a man's voice said smoothly and venomously. As the final word spit out of his mouth, Tai heard the rat-a-tat-tat smacking of flesh against flesh as he drove his point home... albeit forcefully.

As Tai continued to peer into the cracked doorway, she could make out a woman's upper body, back, hips, and ass. The woman was a redhead with slightly larger than average breasts. Long pink nipples. Her freckled ass jiggled enticingly as she continued to get her pussy deeply rooted. She was gyrating madly and moaning unintelligible words about the dick between her asscheeks. Tai could not see the man's face (as he was hidden by the wall next to the cracked door) but she got a good view of the man's lower abdomen and the dick the woman was moaning and screaming about. Tai's mouth fell open! The man's dick was impressive to say the least! He was a very dark black man and he was fucking the redhead well!

"Ooooohhh... Dexter... shiittt... ummmm... I can't believe I'm doing this... OHHH... !!" the redhead moaned as her tits swung back and forth hypnotically.

"Yes, you can..." the man said as he reached out and grabbed a handful of the redhead's locks and pulled her head back... gently but firmly. He began using long, deep, smooth strokes on the redhead's pussy. Tai could hear the slurp-slurp sound of the redhead's overstretched pussy reverberate around the room.

"DAMN... that thing is sooo fucking thick! Look at her juices running all over that big dick!" Tai thought to herself as she began to wonder how the woman was handling something so formidable with her small frame. She could see the woman's pearly-white cum glimmering on the dick entering and exiting her pussy. Tai sensed her nipples becoming hard under her sports bra. Her pussy had also become moist. She squeezed the inner muscles of her pussy as the woman approached orgasm.

"UnnHHH... AHHhhhh... Mmmmm... Dex... Ohhhhhh... I... I... I'm CUMMING... AHHHhhhh... OH SHIIITT!" the redhead screamed as the man picked up his pace and began to hammer into her soft, upturned cheeks. Tai could see the woman's face contorting in ecstasy as she came long and hard.

The man continued to hammer through the delicate folds of the redhead's pussy with reckless abandon. It seemed to Tai that the man wanted the redhead to submit totally to his will as he ignored her pleas to give her a rest and forced her body to respond to his in ways she never could have imagined.

"OH my GOD... OHHHH... I-I... I'm CUMMMMMIIIINNNGG... AGAIN... EWWWW... Ummmm... , " the redhead screamed as the 'hidden' black man grabbed her asscheeks and pulled them apart revealing her stretched netherlips to Tai's gaze. The woman's pussy had cum hard as Tai was able to see her cum collect on the underside of his dick and drip off of his large testicles onto the couch below.

Tai watched as the redhead placed her head on her forearm and continued to moan deliriously while all the while pushing her ass back towards the sledgehammer sluicing through her audibly wet pussy. Tai had never witnessed anything so sensual, passionate... something so violently primal as the fucking she was witnessing.

"You done denying yourself, Christine? You done teasing me? You done talking down to me, bitch? HUH?" the man's deep voice resonated around the room as he punctuated "HUH" with a deep plunge into the woman's helplessly splayed pussy and began rearing back even farther before quickly and brutally shooting his hips forward till the head of his dick banged off of the deepest parts of her pussy.

"Yessssss... Yessss... Fuck ME... Ohhhhh yessssssss... No more... games... Ahhhhh... Mmmmmm... Unhhhhhhh..." she screamed as the black man suddenly withdrew his extremely thick, cum-covered 10-inch dick out of her battered pussy and began squirting thick, white ropes of cum all over the woman's upper and lower back without touching or stroking his dick!

"MMmmm... FUCK, that nutt felt good!" the voice of the black man said. Tai was wondering just what the man looked like when she saw the redhead suddenly spin around and drop to her knees... and began licking and sucking on the thick, black dick... cleaning and massaging it, while moaning deep in her throat.

Tai was outdone! She quickly made a hasty exit back up the steps and to her apartment. She was breathing heavily as she turned the key in her door and let herself back in. Once inside, she sat down on her couch and began to laugh hysterically.

"Oh my goodness! I-I can't believe I just saw that shit! I can't believe I stood there and watched the two of them. And it excited me!" Tai said to her empty apartment.

She wondered whose apartment it was... the redhead's or the black man's. She doubted it was the black man's as she had not seen many blacks in her new neighborhood whenever she had jogged or shopped around town during the last couple of weeks.

Later that same night, Tai contemplated whether it was the pounding the petite woman gave into or the size of the black man's dick that excited her more. She decided it was both! As she lay there staring at her ceiling, she reached inside of her bedside table and pulled out her pink-colored vibrator. She held it up to her face. Her vibrator was 7-inches long and worked every bit of her pussy thoroughly. The black man's dick was at least 3-4 inches longer and a great bit thicker. She wondered how it would feel to get stuffed and fucked with a dick that size. For some reason, the WAY the man had fucked the redhead... without gentleness... without regard to whether she thought he would be able to fit his entire dick inside of her or not... he was going to try anyway! That had excited her! She couldn't get the image of the black man's cum-covered cock spitting its cum onto the woman's back as she inched her buzzing vibrator between her copiously wet pussylips and slowly began to push and swirl it. The wetness of her pussy surprised even her! It was going to be an excellent session...

After she had made her pussy multiple times and just before she drifted off to sleep, Tai wondered if she would ever see the couple again... either together or separate. She sure hoped so!

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