Drive By
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Rape, Coercion, Mother, Daughter, Spanking, Rough, Sadistic, Torture, Violent,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A slave trader looking for young virgins spots a beautiful and neglected upper class housewife in the early morning just as her husband drives off. Carelessly leaving the garage door open, she give an open invitation to any who want her. He does! He takes her by force in every opening she has... and just as he cleans up the evidence and starts to leave... her beautiful blonde haired, blue eyed, sixteen year old virgin daughter turns the shower on!

A flash of white and blonde caught his attention as he cruised through the upper middle class neighborhood in his stolen ride. He barely caught the bright flash out of the corner of his left eye. He was slowing down for a four-way stop sign. He slowed down enough to let a car approaching from the right beat him to the intersection. As he waited for the other vehicle to cross and clear the intersection he looked right, then left as if checking for traffic. Now he got a good look at the flash of color. "Damn, she's one hot little piece," he said out load to himself. He turned left and got a glimpse of her running down the drive with a briefcase in her hand. A brand new shiny black foreign luxury sedan stopped backing out the drive and a late middle age guy jumped out to take the briefcase from her. She spun around to run back up the drive; as she spun her robe flew open. She quickly pulled it shut. But, not before he had a glimpse of her tiny white panties and long, long tanned legs. He heard the guy call out, "Bye honey, see you tomorrow night, don't forget that I won't be home until about mid-night," as he backed into the street.

"Fuck, I'm going to get me some of that," An alley came into view on his left. It ran right behind the house. He signaled and slowly drove into the narrow heavily brush lined little lane. The back of the house had lots of bushes growing between the fence and the alley. About a hundred feet ahead he saw a park sign. It was the side entrance to a neighborhood pocket park. He pulled the car to the end of the park and parked it between a dumpster and a bathroom. Not a person stirred in the park, nobody walking or jogging on any of the nearby paths.

I wiped the car down quickly and eased into the shadows formed by the overgrown vegetation lining the alley. Only one other house near and it was vacant, a For Rent sign on a post by the entrance to a path leading through the shadows, bushes and trees and up to the back of the stately old home. I walked into the path casually, looking like a prospective renter as I looked over the old place. From a strategic place in the brush between the homes I could watch my back trail and see her place. Nothing stirred in the alley, the yards and the street was quiet too. Easing up near the end of the line of trees and shadows I could see the street and across it could barely make out the houses set back in the trees there. Nothing moved anywhere. Slowly, window-by-window, I checked her place out. Suddenly a curtain moved up on the second floor, it was a flutter; like someone had walked by and the passage had disturbed the sheer fabric. Not moving, I stood, looking, watching, and waiting. It was getting close to go-no go time. Then she appeared at a window at the back of the house. Her fluffy white robe slipped off her shoulders. I could see the sheer, shiny white fabric of her nightie. "Fuck this shit, I'm definitely going for it," I muttered to myself.

Some orders were harder to fill than others. This was one for a South American. They tended to be my best customers. This potential customer spotted the pair I just lately sold in Mexico at his amigos place in Columbia. The little blonde really took his fancy. He got word to me through the purchaser. This was to be an outright purchase, no auction; he would meet my price if I could fill the order with exactly what he wanted. A young blonde, fifteen to seventeen, well developed, translucent, milky white skin, white blonde hair, blue eyes. If she was virgin it would bring a bonus. They could be found, but were hard to get hold of. Not only that, these little fifteen year olds seem to think it was a black mark against them to keep their cherry intact. Spotting them at school wasn't hard, but it took time and hanging around schools was not my style. Besides, like I say, most of them are already fucking at fifteen. No, hanging around schools brought you attention, either from the little cunt or the cops. These little broads started realizing guys were noticing them when they hit about twelve. You couldn't just lurk in the schoolyard or near it. A mall, a ball game, tennis court or fining them being stupid while drinking and doing drugs at rural parties were the best places. I had made a good living over the last twenty years by delivering lush young booty to drug lords and oil sheiks. In the last year I had gone over 400 thou in five deliveries. It was a busy year but I got them all over the country except for the last time. Lila and June fell into my hands because I was patient and they were stupid. They put me up almost half again what I had made the previous eight months. My retirement account was close to five million now. The plan was five million or twenty- five years, whichever came first. It would be a toss up which one I would reach first. I didn't care, the thrill was long gone, I was in it for the bucks and wanted to enjoy my tropical South American home. I'm still young, I could live another forty years easily and that is a long time to do nothing but what you want to do, answering to no one while you lazed around the warm breezy tropic coast.

I walked a little further out into the trees, keeping just into the shadow so I could get a better view of the front. The garage door was wide open! I hadn't had any pussy since I turned the two teens over to their buyer south of the border. I put a snatch out of my mind. This pussy was going to be mine, recreational pussy! I saw enough of her to know she was beautiful and built. Her age I wasn't sure of but she's a little older than I prefer, I'm guessing about mid forties tops. This was going to be a quiet entry, a lot of hard heavy fucking and sucking and then I would slip away. This is why I put the snatch out of mind, never strike and hang around. Not a good way to do business, and not hanging around meant getting at least a thousand miles away. Probably California, I hadn't scored there in a long time.

Silently walking through the trees and brush, staying to the darkest shadowy area I reached the garage door. No cameras or security gear showing in front or around any of the windows. No light over the garage door. You had to watch those lights with motion activators. The automatic light had gone out within the last couple minutes. They usually last about fifteen minutes so it must have been about twenty minutes since the guy had driven off. Just like I owned the place, I slipped into the dark garage, slowly walked towards a dimly lighted window towards the back and stood very quietly listening for any sound, any movement. The two stalls beside the empty one had cars in them. One was an older sixties model fastback. It was currently popular with the rich little girls all over the country. It was mint and worth at least twenty five grand. The big luxury sedan next to it was worth at least one hundred K and the car the old fuck drove off I knew went for about A hundred twenty five K. Whoever they were, they had bucks.

It was getting close to 7:30 now. Kids would start heading for school soon. Time to get busy or get gone. The door into the house was unlocked. Stupid fucks, they leave the garage door open and leave the entry door unlocked. The was a sign that she was meant to be there for me to unload my achingly full nut sack of it's heavy load.

The place was all heavy carpet and nothing but luxury. The carpet was quiet. There was no dog food in the garage, no bowls in the kitchen; probably no pets. Looking around I found the stairs and orient myself. The cunt had gone to the back. Slowly, I walk up the stairs while I slip the mask made of a knee high nylon over my head and make sure the thin rubber gloves are on tight. There must be six doors in the big six-foot wide hallway. The place had to be close to four thousand square feet. The hallway had a curtained window at the end. The last door or the next to the last must be where I saw her.

I went to the next to the last door and slowly opened it. No squeaks or noise, I had to remember to thank her for keeping the place so orderly and well maintained. It was a guy's room. Probably the old fart's. I checked the top dresser, under the pillow, the night stand. No guns, no alarm buttons, bats, nothing for protection. Must be a nice quiet, safe neighborhood! The top drawer of the nightstand had a wooden box in it. I slowly opened it up. Shit, it had a dozen rubbers in it and at least 5 thousand in hundred dollar bills. "Thanks for the cash... and the pussy... schmuck," is said quietly to myself.

I slide the door to the next room open about a half inch. Movement! It was her. She was in her bathroom, diagonally across the room from the door. I could see her back and in the mirror I could see her front. She was brushing her hair out. She took the robe off, gave her hair a final little adjustment by tossing it to the left and right and kind of pushing up on it from the bottom with both hands. I didn't breath, didn't move a muscle. If she walked between me and the door, she would never know what hit her. Instead of coming to the door, she walked out of the bathroom and disappeared to the right. I was tempted to jump her, but she did not know I was here and I did not take stupid chances! I looked up at the top of the dresser across the room. In the mirror I could see the back of her, from ass up to her head. She was pulling clothes out of a dresser drawer and looking through the racks and racks of clothes hanging there. Finally she picked out a little summer dress and some shoes and walked over to the bed. Her back was to me as she laid the clothes down. I opened the door and slid quietly forward in stocking feet. There was only six feet or so between us. Just as I got half-way to her, she turned towards the door.

She looked up, saw me and got a look of disbelief on her face. Before she could run or scream I had her by the front of her robe. I showed her the needle pointed switchblade in my right hand. "Don't fucking move, not a sound bitch," I whispered to her. "You understand me cunt?" She looked up at me, big blue eyes wide open; she slowly nodded her head up and down. "Reach under the robe, pull the panties off, don't even think of making a protest or fighting."

With shaking hands, Claire reached under her robe and slid the little white silk panties down her legs. "Give 'em to me cunt," he ordered. She handed the fragrant white silk to him. Shocked, she stared at him as he held them to his nose and inhaled deeply. She felt her face turn red, felt the heat on her face and neck as he said, "Ah, prime cunt, really prime cunt; I want to sample the slit that delicious smell comes from, baby."

"Open up honey," I told her as I put the panties up to her mouth. Slowly her mouth opened up and I pushed the slick shiny material in. I looked down, her cunt was showing, she was trying to hide it by crossing her legs and putting her hands over her muff.

Claire looked up at the masked intruder; she could feel her whole body tremble. His body language, voice, his entire demeanor told her he meant every word he spoke. He didn't say much, but every word he spoke scared the hell out of her. She knew she was in some sort of shock, she felt dazed, like she was out of her body watching what was going on in the room without the other two persons knowing she was there.

"Move your hands honey, spread your legs," I told her. "Mmmpff," she shook her head no. I reached down and pinched a nipple through the nightgown then twisted it hard. "Ughh, Nuhhh," she shook her head back and forth rapidly. She quickly uncrossed her legs, her hands dropped to her sides. She lay stiffly on her back, spread out on the king sized bed, frozen with fear, terrified of what this madman was going to do.

She looked to him to be about thirty. Her body was lush, she had a neatly trimmed blonde patch at the top of her cunt, sparse hair lined her outer lips, her mound was plump, her crack was a thin dark line with little pink splashes showing through the thin blonde tufts.

"I'm here to fuck you baby. You give up that pussy, you do exactly what you're told to do and I won't hurt you, understand?" She nodded her head slowly, fearfully, as she looked around hoping for a chance to run.

Her cunt smelled so damn good; I want to taste it before fucking her. I shoved her legs back until her knees were almost beside her ears. The split up the middle of her mound spread open a little, the pink slit showed bright and shiny through her sparse blond curls.

"uhh, nuuuuhhh, uh uh nawwwww" Claire shook her head back and forth, tried to push her legs against his shoulders to force him off her. He had ducked his head down to her pussy after shoving her legs back to her shoulders. His tongue stabbed into her vagina. He lapped roughly up from the bottom of her labia to her clit several times. The tip of his tongue slipped into her opening and fucked into her in rapid thrusts. "Ughhh, Nuuuuhhhh," Claire tried to scream though her panty gag as she struggled to push him off. It was no use, she was held forcefully down as he continued to lap and lick her womanhood and fuck his tongue into her core.

Claire lay back, desperately wanting find she was waking up and he was going to go away. Every thing that had happened the past 10 minutes was like a bad dream. "Nawwww, Claire yelled into the gag as she felt one of his big rough fingers penetrate her and curl up to begin rubbing her G-spot. She tried to ignore how good his tongue and the finger felt as she began to respond to his double ministrations. His finger inserted and curled up into her lightly stroking her G spot was stimulating her wet vagina, was getting to her. She didn't want it to feel the least bit good; she just wanted him to go away. She shook her head again, hoping she really was dreaming.

What a tasty little cunt, sweet, hot, so damn fragrant. He took big whiffs of the struggling woman's hot wet cunt as he lapped up her juices and started finger fucking her. He laughed to himself when she started struggling and kicking much harder when he found her G-spot and started rubbing it.

Claire froze momentarily then tried to fight the masked assailant off again. He quit licking her and was crawling up between her wide spread legs. She felt his hard penis bump up against her right thigh, then drag through her pubic hair. The head of his cock lightly grazed her wet labia and slid up to wetly slap onto her stomach. He slid back and started stabbing at her, trying to force entry, trying to rape her! She had occasional fantasies about rape, especially when she was an inexperienced teen, but now that it was happening to her she was so afraid, so frightened she felt like there was a tight steel band around her chest stopping her from breathing.

"IEEEEE," her muffled scream tore past the panties. "GAHHH," she screamed again as she shook her head back and forth and bucked her hips trying to dislodge him. It hurt so badly, it was such a fierce pain. His cock tore into her not even slowing down as he drove it clear up to her cervix and shoved her whole body back so violently that her head thumped into the headboard. His cock was much bigger than her husbands, it was much bigger than any of the half dozen men she had slept with since she lost her virginity to a high school boyfriend at age 17.

"What A tight little cunt, bitch," he chuckled down at her. He gave an extra hard thrust and watched tears begin to flow down her cheeks as he began ramming into her even harder, savagely thrusting into her as hard as he possibly could. He knew he wouldn't last very long. After a couple minutes of savagely raping the beautiful blonde he reached down and grabbed the panties sticking out of her lips. He quickly jerked the damp undies out and fell full length on the crying woman, sought out her lips and begin to thrust his tongue into her mouth each time he drove his hard pulsing cock into the terrified woman's pussy. He crawled up a little higher on her and began to rub the top of his cock into the top of her pink and blonde slit. Her knees jerked up involuntarily, she quivered and shook her head no, her pushed the base of his cock into her clit with more pressure and was rewarded with her hips suddenly coming up to meet his thrusting loins.

Claire lay helpless as she was savagely raped. Only minutes before she had seen her husband off to the airport. Returning to her bedroom, she had applied makeup and prepared to get dressed and wake up her daughter.

As the rapist grunted and thrust into her burning vagina she lay terrified remembering she had been waving at her husband as he drove off. She had been standing just outside the garage so he had not used the garage door remote. Thinking of getting her morning started, she had carelessly left the door open.

"SSSSS, OHHHH, YEAH, you hot little fuck you, damn, what a ball drainer you are," he hissed into Claire's ear as his cock began pumping spurt after spurt of hot wet sperm into the crying woman's sore vagina. He began to grind the base of his cock into her clit as he rammed deep into her womb spurting gobs of hot cream. She didn't know which did it, probably not the hot spurting, but he had made her hot when he licked her vagina, had stimulated her G spot and kept grinding into her clit until she was on the verge of a climax. Desperately, she tried to think of anything but how good his tongue had felt, how her G spot was so stimulated and sensitive, how good it felt when he thrust deeply into her, far deeper than her husband ever had, how good it felt when he shoved deeply into her aching vagina and starting spurting his hot cream lode into her twitching, spasming vagina! As her climax approached, she tried to ignore it, think of other things, ignoring how good he was at fucking her; suddenly he stuck a long blunt unlubricated finger knuckle deep into her ass! It sent her off like a bottle rocket!

"AHHHH, OHHH, it hurts," Claire moaned as he slowly pulled his softening cock out of her burning vagina. She felt the hot runny sperm flood out of her and flow down across her thighs. At least she was on birth control, she wouldn't get pregnant, but what about disease? Suddenly, horrified, she remembered the talk she had with her 16year old daughter last week about birth control and protecting one's self from venereal disease.

Priscilla wasn't sexually active yet, but she was extremely beautiful, and extremely well built for her age. It would not be long before she would want to try sex.

PRISCILLA! Where was her daughter? Did this bastard have her? Turning her head slightly she could see the alarm clock, it was time for Priss to get up and get ready for school. She had to get this bastard out of here... and fast. If he got his hands on her baby, she knew she would die trying to stop him from defiling Priscilla.

"Get up, stand up and get that nightie off cunt," he said quietly. Claire jumped out of bed and pulled the gown off. Standing, trembling, stark naked in front of the masked assailant she quietly pled with him to leave. "Please, you got what you wanted, now get out. I won't tell anyone, I don't want anyone to know about this, please, just get out," Claire begged.

"Damn I love it when you cunt beg," he told her. "Begging makes my cock hard, get down on those knees and get me off with that pretty little mouth cunt," he ordered her. "No, please," SLAP "suck my cock you stupid cunt, get me off and you better suck me like your life depends on it." Reaching out to her shoulders her pushed down forcing her to her knees. "I'm not going to tell you again or warn you either, you suck me like you never sucked a cock before or I start beating your ass until you do, now suck dammit," he growled into her ear.

With his hand in her hair, Claire leaned forward and sucked the head of the big cock into her mouth. He was big, much bigger than her husband. She had to stretch her lips wide to get him in. Not wanting to think about what she had to do, Claire began to lick and suck on the big shiny red cock head. Gradually she worked the head further and further into her mouth until she started to gag. Sucking hard, licking, pulling back, plunging forward, she tried as hard as she could to make him cum in her mouth. She hated the taste of sperm, would hardly ever let her husband shoot into her mouth and she would not swallow! Now she was desperate, she wanted nothing more than to have him get off in her mouth. She would gladly swallow his sperm if he would just get out of the house before Priscilla woke up. She was running out of time.

She was scared, scared enough to do exactly what I told her to do. She sucked my dick right into her mouth and started giving the best head I ever got. Scaring them like that always made them suck like they never had before in their life. "Damn baby, get after that, yes, go for it, suck it you little cocksucker, yeah, get it deeper, yes, yes, all right, get ready baby, your going to get a mouth full, ahhhhhhh." Claire braced herself for the hot sticky blast she knew was going to flood her mouth. She hated the bitter salty taste and the sticky texture but she was going to suck every drop out of him and make him happy. "Cough, cough, Claire coughed softly as she finished sucking the last spurt out of him and swallowing it down. Slowly, she pulled back and let the big half hard cock pop out of her pursed lips.

"OK, you fucked me and now I sucked you off, please just leave, let me alone, please," Claire begged. "Sure, no problem, you did good baby." I reached down and pulled her up to her feet, pulled her to me and grabbed her right tit. It was damn nice, a nice firm 36. I massaged it, plucked at the nipple and stared into her eyes. She was scared, more scared than she had been when I fucked her earlier, it was easy to see. But, what the hell, hubby said he wouldn't be back till midnight. "Turn around cunt, make a little circle for me, come on spin around and show me that ass." Slowly, Claire spun around in a circle, he ordered her to do it again then stopped her as she faced away from him on the second time around.

"Fuck, you got a nice ass lady, a real nice ass. How old are you?" Claire stuttered, "I, I, I'm 35." P, p, please get out, just leave me alone."

"Uhh uhh lady, that little ass you yours just looks to damn nice. I think I just might want to sample some of that."

Before she could move I clamped a hand over her mouth and shoved her forward. When her knees hit the bed I pushed her face down on the bed. Those nice little globes were sticking right up in the air. Damn she had a fine little ass. "Now this is going to hurt a little bit, no getting around that honey, just reach back and spread those little cheeks. I'm going to fuck your little shitter. "NO, please, no, please, I'm begging you, don't do that, my husband tried, I can't, please, UGHHH." I pushed her face into the blankets and shoved my cock up against the crack of her ass. "Spread em and help me get it in or I'm going to plow it open cunt,"

With shaking hands Claire reached back and spread her cheeks. Crying, she braced for what she knew was going to be one of the most painful ordeals of her life. Holding her breath she reached back with her right hand and guided him to her tightly puckered back entrance. She had to do it, he couldn't possibly cum more than three times, if she could get through this last rape, if she could just get him up inside of her and make him cum, he would leave and she would be traumatized, but alive, and Priscilla would be safe!

"Ummmm, gaaah, oh, oh, oh, pleeeease, easy, easy, not so hard, please, I'm trying, OHHHH, ahhh, ouch," Claire moaned and begged as quietly as possible. It had been hard not to scream when his cock popped past her sphincter. She had begged him to hold on, to wait, whispered to him that she would cooperate, that she would make it good for him and then she slowly, painfully, so very painfully, shoved back until he was firmly lodged into her rectum. This little bitch is really a hot little fuck, what a nice little shitter. It was obvious to her from what she had said that somebody had gotten a cock up her ass and she had made him pull it out. A real man would have broke her in, I'm going to take care of that right now. "Come on baby, start fucking me with your tight little ass," I ordered her

Claire wanted to scream it hurt so badly. She bit the pillow as hard as she could, pushed her face down deeply into it in case she screamed... and pulled forward until she felt her sphincter start to expand around the big red knob on the end of his cock... then shoved her ass back on to the monstrous tube of flesh and let it slowly sink in to her until his curly pubic hairs tickled her ass. He shoved a little harder and she felt his nut sack swing forward and bump into her vaginal lips. Gritting her teeth, Claire clamped down on his throbbing cock and pulled forward. She wanted to milk him dry, hurry him up, get him out of the house as fast as she could. She held her breath and shoved back against him again. Once more the big hot tube of man flesh sank into her rectum. She felt her sphincter clutching, grasping his cock as he plowed into her rectum with even more force than the last stroke. Again and again she pushed back and clamped down on his rampaging cock. He met her thrust for thrust, felt her loosen up, felt her speed up, felt her push back harder. Clair could not see it, but as he grasped her tightly around her perfect hips, he smiled and looked down to watch her tightly stretched ass ring as he packed her back passage as deeply and with as much force as he could muster without hurting his cock!

"Yeah, that's it honey, move that little ass, squeeze my cock, come on milk it with your ass, yeah baby, yes, hot, tight, yeah, deeper, yes," she heard him moan as he began to run his hard cock deeper into her ass. At least he wasn't stabbing into her like he had her vagina. She bit her lip and tried to stay loose, it hurt, hurt badly, but she knew now that she could take it. The pain was less now than when he had forced himself into her back there, but it still hurt like hell.

Suddenly he shoved deep and pulled back on her hips. She stifled a scream with her hands. Hot gobs of semen squirted into her bowels. Again she almost screamed. The salt in the sticky liquid stung her torn and bleeding rectum. Then the worst thing in world happened. He reached around and began to clutch a breast in a powerful hand as his other hand grabbed her vagina. She felt him lightly strum up and down her wet, grossly displayed vaginal lips. His gentle treatment of her clit, the milking of her breast, the probing, cum spurting cock deep in her bowels was too much for her. She rammed her face into the pillow, loosed her ass and began to pump his spurting cock with all the fored she could as the biggest climax she ever had washed through her body and soul!

Claire lay her head on the bed and sobbed as the rapist slowly pulled out of her torn ass.

Claire lay dazed, curled up on the bed. He had tied her hands behind her back with panty hose and stuffed the panties back into her mouth again. She could see him in the bathroom as he stood at the sink and washed his cock clean. After he walked out and got dressed he wiped the bedroom furniture and then the bathroom down. He didn't want to leave any fingerprints. He made he walk to the bathroom and forced her douche bag into her vagina, washed her with several bags full of warm water. He squirted the bag's contents deeply into her, watched fascinated as water and ropy strings of semen poured out of her sore pussy. She stared straight ahead, gritting her teeth, concentrating on keeping her ass loose as he gave it the same treatment with the douche bag. She knew he wanted to leave no evidence behind. It didn't matter. How could she ever call the police and tell them she had been raped in the ass, that she had climaxed, how could she tell them that he had licked and sucked her pussy and fucked her until she writhed and moaned under him, cumming, cumming like her husband never could make her do. She knew if they questioned her, someone would see, some woman police officer, the doctor, someone would look at her and know. No, she would never tell, this would go to her grave with her!

"Well baby, thanks for the nice fucks. I really like that tight little ass of yours. I sure wish I had time to burn, I'd like some more of that fine little blonde pussy too. Claire cringed on the bed as he fondled her tits and forced a finger into her. He turned towards the door to her husband's room. Finally, he was leaving. He raised his arm in a farewell salute and turned to leave... That was the moment Priscilla turned on the shower in her bedroom. Claire recoiled in fear as she saw him freeze, she watched with her breath held as he listened intently, watched with a mother's fear as she watched his eyes flit over the family photo on her dresser. Fear washed over her so strongly she went dizzy, almost fainted as she watched him walk over to Priscilla's brand new senior picture... and smile.

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