Den of Debauchery
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Romantic, Group Sex, First, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This story is about the meteorical rise of Randy, the main character of the story, who is a weak no good lazy dreamer, in a job he takes up unwillingly at the diktat of his father. There he has his first sexual experience and....

As I turned in bed I thought my head would fall off. Cautiously, I opened one eye then the other. Through the crack in the window curtains I saw that at last the sun had penetrated through the clouds. I pulled myself into sitting position and lit a cigarette. 'God! What a night?' I felt that a hundred drums were beating in my head. What I really needed now was a steaming cup of strong coffee but I did not have the strength to make one. 'Best would be to go to office' I said to myself, 'one of the girls will brew one for me'. I looked at my watch. It was only seven thirty, a little early to go to work. 'Maybe one of them will come to office early too' I hoped.

One-hour later, still feeling miserable, I walked into my office with heavy steps. Throwing myself behind my computer I switched it on and with bleary eyes stared at the booting sequence of the machine. Slowly my eyes focused on the screensaver, showing vast green fields with golden yellow stalks of wheat dancing in the breeze. It reminded me of home. I leaned back and closing my eyes let my mind wander homewards...

My home was over one thousand miles to the north. My father, Mr. Prithvi Singh Rata, a well do to farmer, was a big built man with a fierce looking moustache. He was hard as nails and ruled the farm as well his family with an iron hand. His word was law. My mother was a short chubby lady with sad eyes. Her status in the family stood reduced to producing the children of her husband and feeding them.

Exactly twenty-four years ago I was born sandwiched between two brothers and two sisters. My elder brothers Shammi, 27 and Shashi, 25 unlike me were good in their studies and in sports. My sisters Ritu, 19 and Nitu 18 were not Miss Universe material but nevertheless beautiful with head turning figure and nice sized boobs. I am Randhir, tall, reasonably handsome and well built like my father. The only thing common in us children was that we all were shit scared of our old man.

My report card was a constant irritant to my father. Whenever I brought one home for him to sign, he would invariably say to my mother, 'Saraswati I don't know what will become of this son of yours. He is neither good in studies nor sports. When he is not playing with that infernal machine of his, he lies around dreaming. He is lazy and wants to enjoy all the good things in life without working for them'.

His assessment of me was right. I loved my computer and was lazy. I dreamed of vast riches, a fleet of cars and a bevy of beautiful women at my beck and call but earning all this never figured into my scheme of things. I was not much of an achiever but when I did achieve something I tended to boast about it. I was not all bad. I also had a positive side. I was good at computers and had a phenomenal memory for figures. For this reason I opted to study 'Computers and Finance'. To my father's surprise I passed my exams with excellent grades.

After finishing my course for two months I applied for jobs without any success. Then one day a job offer came from my present employers. I was all set to refuse it. Firstly the salary offered was a pittance and secondly I did not want to go so far away from home. My father however had different ideas. 'Randhir' he said, 'they want you to report on the first of next month. Today is the twentieth. I have booked your seat for the 27th. It is advisable to reach a few days earlier so that you are well settled by the time you have to report on duty'. All I could manage to say was, 'Yes father'.

My mother was very unhappy. She said to my father, 'Please, don't send Randhir so far away from me. Who will look after him and in this low salary how will he live and eat'.

'Saraswati let your son go' my father replied, 'living alone for a few years and fending for himself will do him good. They have promised him a considerable raise after six months provided he is able to earn it. Rest is up to him'.

After a long two-day train journey I stepped on the soil of this new city. With great difficulty I was able to find a room to stay. It was not really a room. It was a dark dingy hole but that was the best I could afford. My landlady, a 60-year-old widow, as I found out later was a miserly bitch. She was constantly lecturing me to mend my extravagant ways. Every day she reminded me to switch off the light or to use less water. She would throw a fit if she saw the lights burning in my room after ten p.m.

On the first morning, dressed in my only suit, I presented myself before Mr. Swami, General Manager (Accounts & Finance). Mr. Swami peered at me over his horn-rimmed glasses for a few minutes sizing me up and then got up to greet me. Mr. Swami was about 45 years old, 5'6" tall with a thin wiry figure. 'Glad you have come Randhir. You will find the work atmosphere here very congenial. I am sure you will be happy' he said, then glancing at his watch he added, 'let me check if the MD would like to meet you before he gets busy with other matters'.

Mr. Swami punched some numbers on the phone, 'Good morning sir it is me Swami. The new accountant, Randhir is here'. He listened as the phone made cackling sounds. 'Yes sir the same. Would you like to meet him?' he spoke into the phone. The phone made some more gawking sounds. 'Yes sir, we are on our way' Mr. Swami said replacing the receiver, 'come Randhir let us go. He is free and will see us right away'.

Mr. Rajan, the managing director of the company, popularly referred to as MD by the staff, was seated behind a huge desk reading the morning financial papers. His office was four times larger than the dingy hole I was living in. It was very tastefully and lavishly furnished.

'Welcome to our company Randhir. I am glad that you took up this job despite the meager salary offered by us' he said with a disarming smile and extending his hand, 'but it doesn't have to remain so. If you work hard and deliver the goods then you could end up earning more than what Mr. Swami earns, believe me he earns a hell of a lot. Our company is on a roll and set to go places. The only drawback today is that our account books are still written manually and the flow of real time financial data is lacking. Your first job is to computerize our accounts. You have six months time to do it. Trained staff is in place and Mr. Swami will give you all the help you require'.

'I will do my best sir' I mumbled.

'Good' he said and dismissed us with a nod.

The MD was a young man of not more than forty years of age, 5'8" tall and unlike Mr. Swami was of stocky in built. 'Mr. Rajan is very young' I commented.

'Yes and he is also very intelligent. Under his dynamic leadership the profits of the company have soared to new heights in the last few years' Mr. Swami replied proudly.

Back in the accounts department he showed me my cabin. The cabin was spacious, adequately furnished with glass windows all round it. On one side was the wall. Through a window in it I could see the city's golf course. On the left was the accounts department and on the right the audit cell. The entry was from the front. He called three ladies and said, 'Randhir meet Mrs. Meera, Mrs. Neha and Mrs. Abida. They are familiar with accounting procedures and are computer literate. From today they will report to you'.

Before proceeding further a few words about my three assistants.

Mrs. Meera, 40, was short, not taller than 5' 3", slightly plump with big boobs. She had a pleasant smile and a motherly look. She was married and was the mother of two boys of 15 and 13. Her husband was ten years older than her and worked as a foreman in a local textile factory.

Mrs. Neha was around 36. She was taller and slimmer than Mrs. Meera. Her tits were about the same size as those of Mrs. Meera but as she was slimmer they gave the impression of being larger. She was also married and had two kids, a boy of 12 and a 10-year-old girl. Her husband remained at home and looked after the kids, as he did not keep good health.

Mrs. Abida was the youngest and the prettiest of them. She was in her late twenties, 5'6" tall, slim with beautifully shaped boobs just the right size for her slim figure. She was also married but her husband had recently gone to the Middle East to work. She had no children.

Being new in town I had no friends and I could also not afford to go out very often. Therefore I plunged headlong into my work. The ladies were very cooperative and friendly. Soon we were on first name basis. As I did not have cooking facility in my room I usually bought my lunch from the street vendors and ate cold sandwiches for dinner. One afternoon at lunchtime Meera said, 'Randhir you must be sick of eating the unhygienic rubbish the street vendors sell. You should stop it. You could get sick. Today I have brought lunch for you. Would you like to taste it? I cooked it myself'.

'Sure Meera it will be a pleasure' I replied.

After a hearty lunch I said, 'Meera thank you very much for the lunch. You are a very good cook. After many months I have tasted such good food'.

'Thank you. From today I will bring lunch for you every day' Meera said.

'Thank a lot but I don't want to put you to any inconvenience' I replied.

'Inconvenience? No it will be a pleasure' Meera said. Abida and Neha were not far behind. They also started to bring food for me. After that day we all ate lunch together. With their cooperation and hard work I was able to complete my assignment in five months only.

'Well done Randhir' MD said, 'go to Mr. Swami he has a special envelope for you'.

The envelope contained more than I had expected. Not only was I given higher than the promised raise, I was also promoted to the post of Senior Accountant.

My first thought was to write home and convey the good news to my family and the second to look for another place to stay. I smiled to myself as I wrote the letter. I could visualize my father's reaction. With my letter in his hand he would say to my mother in his usual baritone, 'Remember Saraswati, I always told you that if this son of mine decides to work hard then he can do wonders'.

This was my father's old habit. Whenever he was happy with one of his children he or she became his child otherwise the child was my mother's. I felt very proud when ten days later I received a telegram from my father reading "Well done my son. We are proud of you. Keep it up". From the very next day of getting my raise, I started to hunt for new accommodation.

One afternoon at lunch Meera said, 'Randhir I hear you are looking for a new place to stay'.

'Yes as a matter of fact I am' I replied, 'the place I am staying in is the pits and now with the recent raise I can afford something better'.

'Have you found anything suitable?' she asked.

'No not yet. The rooms I liked were way too expensive and the others were not what I was looking for' I replied.

'I have a friend, who has a room to rent. If you like I can show it to you' Meera offered.

'Sure I would love to see it' I confirmed.

'Good. I will bring the keys with me tomorrow and you can see it after work' Meera said.

Next day we left work a little early. The room was actually a fully furnished one-room apartment. It had a large bed, a three-piece sofa set with a center table, a table with chairs for eating meals, a small kitchenette and an attached bathroom. It was airy and had a large window for natural light. I fell in love with it immediately.

'Meera it is lovely. I hope your friend does not want too much money for it. I have already told you how much I can afford' I said.

'Don't worry about the rent. We can negotiate it. The main thing is that you should like it' Meera said.

'Meera I love it' I replied.

'Come let us talk to my friend' Meera said and led the way.

After introducing me to her friend she started talking to her in the local lingo. I did not understand a word of what they were saying. I could see that a big argument was taking place. At last Meera smiled, 'Thank you Rajni I knew I could count on you. Come Randhir we have things to discuss'.

When we returned to the apartment I asked, 'How much does she want?'

She named a figure. 'That much? It is a little more than what I had wanted to spend' I said.

'Actually she wanted very much more but this is the best I could do. You decide now' Meera replied.

'Meera you are an angel. You did well. I think it is worth that much. I will take it' I said making up my mind, 'when can I move in?'

'Right away if you like' Meera said with a smile.

With Meera's help I was settled in my new apartment within two hours. 'Thank you Meera' I said, 'come I will treat you to coffee and snacks'.

'You think I am going to let you off so cheaply?' she laughed, 'you will have to pay me my brokerage for finding this beautiful place'.

'Meera are you serious?' I asked surprised, 'okay how much?'

'Three months rent payable now' she replied.

I was aghast. 'What! You know I don't have that kind of money to pay you' I said.

'If that is so then I will have to collect my dues in kind' she said.

'In kind? How?' I asked.

'Apna karz uttarne ke liye aapko mujhe chodena pardega (To pay off your debt you will have to fuck me)' she said and lay down on the bed pulling up her sari above her waist. Shocked I stared at her fat thighs and her hairy choot (cunt). I could clearly see her slit and her swollen clit.

'Aap kya dekh rahe hain? Kya aapne pahele koyi lardki nahin chodi? (What are you staring at? Haven't you fucked a girl before?)' Meera asked.

I had never seen a naked woman in my life before let alone fuck one but I lied, 'Kaun keheta hai? Maine pahele kayi lardkiyon ko choda hai (Who says? Of course I have fucked many girls before)'.

'Phir der kayeki? Aao aur mujhe chodo (Why the delay then? Come and fuck me)' she invited.

I quickly undressed freeing my raging hard on.

'Oooooo what a nice big cock you have' Meera whistled.

I had read many books on sex but I had no practical experience. Therefore I got on top of her and started to push wildly with a prayer that my cock finds the right track. After a few pushes Meera said loudly, 'STOP! RANDHIR STOP'. I stopped and asked, 'What happened?' She smiled knowingly and taking my cock in her hand inserted my cock into her choot with a deft movement of her hips.

'Oh her hot slippery passage felt so good' I thought and started to fuck her with hard and fast strokes.

'Oh Randhir slow down' Meera suggested but I was not listening. This was my first fuck and all I wanted was to cum and cum quickly. I continued to bang my erection into her as fast and hard as I could. Within minutes I spurted my-cum inside her and rolled off her.

Smiling indulgently Meera asked, 'Randhir tumne mujhse jhoot bola tha. Yeh tumhari paheli chudai hai na? (Randhir you lied to me. This is your first fuck isn't it?)'

'Yes' I panted shamelessly.

'You have a very nice big cock. with a little practice you will be able to drive any woman up the wall' she said taking my limp cock in her hand. As soon as she touched my lund (cock) it sprang to attention.

'Oh it is hard again already' she exclaimed in surprise. But before she could complete her sentence I was on top of her and I pushed my cock inside her. Yes, this time I found her fuck hole on my own and started to fuck her.

'Randhir iss baar dheere dheere chodo. Phir dono ko mazaa aayega (Randhir this time fuck slowly. This way we both will enjoy' she said kindly.

Under her directions I started to fuck her with slow long strokes. With each stroke she moaned, 'Oh Randhir'. After five minutes of fucking her hips started to move in rhythm of my strokes. She put her arms round me pressing me to her big tits.

'Oh Randhir it feels so good. Y... hes my love fuck me harder. Y... hes like this. OHHHH it is lovely. Faster Randhir fuck me faster. Y... hes, y... hes. My god I am nearly there' she shouted.

I felt her body arch and her crotch press against mine. 'OH RANDHIR GO ON JUST A FEW STROKES MORE. OOOHHHHH GODDD I AMMMMM COOOMMMINNNGGG" she screamed and fell back gasping for breath.

As it was my second time I was not yet ready to cum. I continued the in and out motion. It was not long before she raised her hips upwards as if trying to stop my cock from withdrawing. She pulled my mouth towards her. Our lips met in a long passionate kiss. My strokes became harder and shorter. Her breath was coming in short gasps.

'Oh Randhir fuck me harder. Y... es my darling your big cock feels sooo good. Y... hes, y... hes don't stop. Faster y... hes FASTER. MY GODDD RAAANNNNNDDDHHIIIIIR' she shouted hysterically and fell back gasping. I was also ready to cum and with a loud grunt of satisfaction I shot my load in her cum thirsty choot for the second time.

For ten minutes we lay kissing each other enjoying the after glow of the glorious fuck we just had. Then as I lit a cigarette Meera said, 'Thank you Randhir I have not enjoyed a fuck so much in a long time'.

'Doesn't your husband fuck you? I asked.

'My husband is getting old. Most of the time he is too tired to make love to me but when in couple of weeks he does, he comes too quickly leaving me in limbo'.

After twenty minutes or so I was hard again and started to get on top of her. 'What! You are hard again so soon' she smiled spreading her legs.

When I entered her she said, 'God Randhir you are a randy man' then laughing she added, 'Randhir is randy. This is a good one. From now on I will call you Randy. You don't mind, do you?'

'You can call me whatever you like as long as you let me fuck you' I said and commenced to fuck her.

When we had finished she got up to leave. 'Meera don't go yet. Soon we will fuck again' I pleaded.

'No Randy I must go now. It is getting late. My family will be waiting. I will come again my love' she said.

After Meera left I thought, 'Father was right. Hard work has its reward. Because of my hard work I have been promoted with a big raise, a lovely apartment and have got a choot to fuck'. I resolved to continue to work hard.

Next day at lunch I did not see Abida. 'Where is Abida?' I asked.

'I bet she is with Mr. Swami finishing an important assignment' Neha giggled.

Meera grinned broadly and suggested, 'Let us start our lunch. She won't be long. She can join us later'.

'Randhir did you like the room Meera showed you yesterday?' Neha asked.

'Oh Neha I am very thankful to Meera. The room is really excellent' I replied.

'Randy I have brought some special Kheer (milk pudding) for you'.

'Randy? Since when have you started calling Randhir Randy? Neha asked looking suspiciously at me. I shrugged without replying. Getting no reply from me Neha turned to Meera.

'From now. Now start eating' She replied getting irritated.

At this point Abida joined us, 'I am sorry. I am late but Mr. Swami asked me to help him finish an important assignment' she said, 'oh I see kheer. Who has brought it? I love kheer'.

'It is for Randy and not for you or me' Neha replied sarcastically.

'Randy? Now who is this Randy' Abida asked.

'Meera calls Randhir Randy' Neha clarified pointing towards me.

'Why not? Randy is a short form of Randhir. I like it. May I also call you Randy?' Abida inquired.

'Why not? Be my guest' I replied.

During lunch Neha was very quiet. I noticed that she was preoccupied with her thoughts and in between she would glance suspiciously at Meera. The name Randy stuck to me like a leach. Soon everyone in the company was calling me Randy including the MD and Mr. Swami.

Meera came to my apartment twice a week. We fucked like hell and enjoyed ourselves. She stocked my kitchenette with the basic essentials and gave me cooking lessons. I even bought a cookery book. I wrote and requested my mother to send me recipes of the dishes I used to enjoy at home.

My mother was very amused but sent them to me adding that one day she jokingly said to my father, 'Father your son is learning to cook. It is time that he got married'.

'Saraswati I think so too. I will start looking for a suitable girl for him' my father had replied seriously.

On the days when I was alone in the evenings I tried out new dishes, which I gave Meera to eat for her verdict. Many a times I took them to the office. One afternoon at lunch Abida said giggling, 'Randy now that you are such a good cook you should think of getting married'.

One evening Meera said, 'Randy bahut dinau se kissi ne meri gaad nahin maari. Aaj tum meri gaand maro (Randy since long no one has fucked me in the ass. I want you to fuck my ass hole today)'.

'No way' I replied, 'I am not a homosexual'.

She laughed and said, 'Don't be stupid. Fucking a woman in the ass doesn't make you a homo. Try it. I assure you that you will enjoy fucking my tight gaand (ass hole)'.

I refused but she persuaded me. 'All right I will do it but on the condition that if I find it repulsive I can stop and you will not insist on it ever again'.

'Agreed' she replied laughing, 'you will not stop and will want to fuck my gaand again and again'.

'Do you have vaseline?' she asked. I shook my head.

'Doesn't matter' she said and getting up brought some cooking oil in a small bowl from the kitchenette.

'What is this for?' I asked bewildered.

'Apply it on my gaand and on your lund. It will make the entry less painful for me. I am scared that your big laurda (cock) might hurt me'.

As I entered her puckered hole she screamed, 'OWWW my god it hurts. Ohhh thank god it is in. No don't stop. Continue'.

I stared to move my cock in and out of her butt hole. 'Oh Meera you were right. It is very enjoyable. Your tight ass hole is like a vice'.

'I told you so' she panted, 'darling now keep rubbing my choot with your hand while you fuck my ass hole. Y... hes like this. God it feels so nice'.

It was not long before I filled her ass hole with my-cum. She was right. I really enjoyed fucking her tight butt hole. When I was hard again she asked, 'Which hole would you like to fuck? My choot or my gaand?'

'Your gaand' I replied grinning broadly.

With the passage of time Meera became more and more possessive towards me stoking Neha's suspicion.

One evening, when I was about to undress to fuck Meera the doorbell rang. Neha stood at the door. I tried to stop her from entering but she pushed her way in. Seeing Meera lying naked in bed she said, 'So this is what is going on between you two. My suspicion was right'.

'What have you come here for? To spoil our fun?' Meera said getting annoyed.

'No Meera, not to spoil your fun but to join in it' Neha replied with a smile and started to undress.

Neha looked much prettier without her clothes. Her big boobs were hard and her nipples taut with excitement. Her pubic hair was neatly trimmed. I could see her swollen clit peeping through her cunt lips.

'Randy isski choot aur gaand maar kar isse apne laurde ka johar dikha do (Randy show her what your cock can do by fucking her cunt and her ass hole)' Meera said.

I undressed and approached the bed. Neha was staring at my cock. 'Fuck me where ever you like but give me that big magnificent cock of yours quickly' Neha said.

Catching her ankles and pressing her knees on her tits I entered. 'OH Randy your cock feels so good inside me' Neha sighed, 'now darling fuck me as hard and fast as you can. I love a real hard fuck'.

I pulled back and pushed in with all my might. 'Y... hes like this' Neha moaned. I commenced to fuck her with hard strokes.

With each inward stroke she shouted, 'Oh y... hes'. After few minutes her bottoms started to move in rhythm of my strokes. Her breath became shorter. Her body arched upwards. 'Y... hes Randy it feels great. Y... hes harder and faster. God Randy I can't hold back. Y... hes I am about to cum. OH Y... HES I AM THERE OHHHH RAANNNDDDIIIIIEEE' she screamed hysterically and lay panting heavily.

After we had regained our breath Neha said, 'Oh Randy it was wonderful. I have not been fucked so hard for a long time'.

'What about your husband? He must be fucking you' I asked.

'Yes he does but only once in a fortnight or so. He does not keep well and cannot fuck the way I enjoy it the most, hard and fast' Neha said and started to kiss and lick my cock. This made my cock hard again.

'Randy now fuck Meera. Her choot must be leaking like a municipality tap' Neha suggested.

'No Randy fuck Neha. Let her enjoy your lund today. I have enjoyed it for the last so many months' Meera replied.

'Meera you are an angel' Neha said spreading her legs, 'come on Randy, fuck me again'.

When we had finished another satisfying fuck Meera said, 'Randy now you must fuck her gaand'.

'Okay I will do that as soon as I am hard again but in the meanwhile why don't you fetch some oil from the kitchen' I replied.

'Neha do you think you require oil?' Meera asked Neha.

'Yes definitely. Randy's laurda is very big and without any lubrication it will tear my gaand' Neha replied.

After applying oil on her butt and my cock I pressed for admission. 'Oh Randy it hurts. Dheere dheere dalo (Push it in slowly)' Neha groaned.

Under pressure of my lund her sphincter snapped open admitting my laurda. 'OWWWAAAA god that hurt' Neha screamed.

After we had finished they left promising to come again. They continued to visit me thrice a week. On one such visit I asked, 'Why do you come together? If you come separately then I can do more justice to both of you and I won't be alone on other nights'.

'No Randy it is better that we come together otherwise people will start gossiping about us. There is safety in numbers they say' Meera replied.

'I agree with her' Neha said.

On another occasion I asked, 'Can't you ladies come on Sundays? Then we can enjoy ourselves for much longer'.

'Sorry Randy on Sundays we would like to be with our family' they replied.

Sensing my disappointment Neha said, 'Why don't you ask Abida to come on Sundays. Her husband is away and she is alone'.

Surprised I said, 'You think she will come?'

'Of course she will love to come. Don't tell me that you have not fucked her yet' Neha giggled.

'No I have not but would love to. She is very pretty'.

'Yes much prettier than we are and younger too' Meera laughed.

'Please do not misunderstand me. I did not mean it that way at all' I said apologetically.

'Don't worry we don't mind. You will love fucking Abida's choot. It will be much tighter than ours, as she has had no children. I hear men love tight choots' Meera said laughing.

'Why do you say that she will love to come?' I asked.

'You mean you don't know?' Neha replied and turning to Meera added, 'what you have not told him anything?' Meera shook her head.

'Tell me what? I asked, 'come on ladies tell me'.

'All right I will tell you' Neha said, 'about fifteen years back our company was started by Mr. Bala. He was a good employer but followed conservative policies. The profits were small and so were our salaries. Five years ago the poor fellow died in a plane crash. The company devolved on his widow. In the beginning she started to attend office but soon realized that she was not cut out for this sort of work. I am told that in order to have a member of the family as MD, she searched for a capable relative. She located Mr. Rajan, our present MD'.

'Mr. Rajan is a far of relative of Mr. Bala' Neha continued, 'he is highly educated and very capable. His talent was being wasted in the company he was working for. He took over the management of the company about five years ago. Mrs. Bala, not wanting to lose touch with her company invited Mr. Rajan and his family to stay with her. With his unorthodox ideas Mr. Rajan did well. He was not averse to take risks. The company flourished and the profits soared. Four years ago we shifted to these premises. Our salaries also increased but naturally not in the same proportion as the profits'.

'Come on Neha I know all this' I said interrupting her, 'tell me some thing that I don't all ready know'.

'I will tell you' Meera said, 'our MD is a debauch'.

'What? A d... debauch? I don't believe it' I replied.

'You better believe us. We should know' Meera said.

'Let me tell you in more detail' Neha said, 'when we shifted to these premises he showed his true colors. He went after the female employees. In this choot hunt he found Mr. Swami an able ally'.

'You mean our Mr. Swami?' I asked incredulously.

'Yes my dear the very same' Meera confirmed.

'Didn't the ladies object?' I asked.

'Of course they did but the MD went about it quite cleverly' Neha continued, 'he targeted only married women. Slowly he replaced unmarried girls with married women. In order to retain this lucrative job they did not mind sleeping with him'.

'This is fantastic. You mean to tell me all women fell to his lust without a murmur' I asked.

'No, not all. There were a couple of hiccups but they only strengthened the duo's position. There was one lady, from our department, who resisted and threatened to report them to the police but before she could do anything, the duo had her arrested on trumped up charge of embezzlement. Poor thing she is still languishing in jail' Neha said,

Taking up the thread Meera continued, 'The other case was of a lady from the sales. They had taken her despite her protests. She committed suicide the next morning. In her suicide note she rambled about 'indecent happenings', 'highly placed people' and 'death better than life of dishonor' etc. but did not name anyone or be specific. There was a big investigation. The police came to our office also but nothing came out of it. The duo managed to have the matter hushed up. After these cases no one dared oppose them'.

'I still don't understand' I said.

'Look at it this way. Jobs are not easy to come by. Especially jobs that pay nearly double of the going market. To retain such a well paying job it is not a big deal to let the MD fuck your choot once in a while' Meera clarified.

'You mean you two have also been fucked by them?' I asked hesitatingly.

'Yes. Both of them have fucked us to their hearts content' Neha giggled.

'You mean they do all this in the office? I asked.

'Yes in office and also in Hotel Bailey. MD rents a suite in the hotel by the year' Meera replied.

'What do you think Swami and Abida are doing when she says she is helping him to 'complete an urgent assignment'? He is fucking her my friend, fucking her' Meera said emphasizing each word. I looked unbelievingly at them.

'Meera he won't believe us till he sees or hears for himself' Neha said.

'We will ask Abida when she comes to tell him how she fell into their trap. Yes but first we must arrange to get her here and Randy's cock inside her choot'.

'This Sunday is my birthday. Why don't I invite you three to my flat for lunch on that day' I suggested.

'Good idea. She won't be able to say no to that' Neha said.

Shaking my head I said, 'I still can't believe all what you have told me. If it is true then, I think I am employed in a den of debauchery'.

'You should be happy. You are a man' Meera said catching my cock, 'here you will get new choots to fuck every day. If the word gets out about the size of your cock then you will have fucked every cunt working for the company within a couple of years. Come Randy fuck us one more time then we have to go'.

On Sunday I got up early and finished cooking the lunch by noon. At twelve thirty the three ladies arrived. Meera was clad in a blood red sari. Neha was wearing a dark green sari and Abida was in a spotless white sari. All three looked very pretty. They sat down on the sofa and I sat opposite them. We chatted for a while then offering them drinks I said, 'You ladies talk to each other. I will go and give the finishing touches to the lunch'.

This was as per plan we had discussed earlier. I did not go into the kitchen but stood, out of their sight, by the door listening to their conversation. Few minutes later Meera said, 'Abida tell us about your sex life?'

'What sex life? I have none' Abida replied blushing, 'you know that my husband is away'.

'Don't try to fool us. We know everything. We know what you do when you are helping Swami with an urgent assignment'.

'What do you mean?' Abida replied a little too quickly.

'Stupid girl before you came we used to help him in his urgent assignments' Neha said laughing.

'Oh kya ussne tumhain bhi choda tha? (Oh did he fuck you also?)' Abida asked.

'Haan aaj se nahin kayi saalon se woh humain chod raha hai (Yes, he is fucking us since many years)' Meera replied.

'I thought I was the only one' Abida said.

'You are mistaken my dear. Abida we also know what you do in the stationary store with that man from the sales' Neha giggled.

'God you know about him also. Are you two prying in my affairs?' Abida asked getting annoyed.

'No we are not prying but we like to know what all is going on around us' Meera replied.

'Abida when Swami was looking after your sexual needs then why did you get involved with this sales guy?' Neha asked.

'You should know Swami better than I do. He loves tits and is an ass hole man. Most of the time he fucked me in the ass hole only and neglected my choot. My choot remained thirsty. One afternoon when I was issuing stationary to this sales guy I felt very horny and seduced him. Now Swami fucks my gaand and the sales guy my choot. Swami ordered me not to wear a bra. He said that undoing it is very cumbersome. Look even today I am not wearing a bra' Abida replied laughing and undid the buttons of her blouse to prove her point.

The sight of her beautiful tits made me hard as a rock. Both Meera and Neha peered into her open blouse and placing their hands on her tits squeezed them. 'Hey! Don't press them like that. You will make me horny' Abida giggled buttoning her blouse.

'Abida why did you come to work here? With your husband working in Dubai I am sure you didn't require the money' Neha asked.

'No it was not for the money. I was getting bored at home. Sitting alone in the house I constantly thought of my husband and how much I missed him. Usually I ended up fingering myself. Then I saw this advertisement. I had worked as an 'accounts clerk' before my marriage and was computer literate. So I applied for the job and got it'.

'You mean you got the job before they checked out your choot' Neha asked.

'Yes but that came later' Abida giggled, 'a week later Swami told me that the MD wanted to meet me.

Surprised I asked Swami, 'The MD wants to meet me, a lowly clerk?'

'Yes. Our MD likes to meet all the people big or small who work for him' Swami clarified.

After lunch that day Swami took me to meet the MD. It was now that they interviewed my every hole thoroughly'.

'You didn't object?' Meera asked.

'In the beginning I did but with my husband in Dubai I let them have their way' Abida laughed.

'Aren't you scared that you might get pregnant with your husband away in Dubai? Neha asked.

'No not at all. After my husband left I continued to take birth control pills regularly not knowing when I would get lucky' Abida giggled.

'We know that Swami screws you during lunch hour what about the MD?' Meera asked.

'Swami tells me whenever MD wants me and I go to Hotel Bailey after work. You know about Hotel Bailey don't you?' Abida said. 'Yes of course' both Meera and Neha replied in one voice.

'Enough about me' Abida said, 'tell me about your sex life, now that Swami is not screwing you any more?'

'Well we have our husbands' Meera replied then gesturing with her hand towards the kitchen smiled broadly.

'Kya Randy tum dono ko chod raha hai (What? Is Randy fucking you both?)' Abida asked in a surprised tone.

'Yes since many months' Meera laughed, 'agar tu chahati hai tau Randy tujhe bhi chod sakta hai (If you want then Randy can fuck you also'.

'No thank you. I am happy as I am' Abida replied blushing then lowering her voice she added, 'I have heard that men from the north are big'.

'What do you mean big? Randy is six feet tall and well built' Neha replied with a straight face.

'No I don't mean that way' Abida said.

'Then what way do you mean? Say it clearly' Meera asked.

'Okay. I have heard that the cock of the men from the north is much bigger than that of our men' Abida said.

'I don't know if one can generalize but one thing I do know is that Randy's lund is bigger that Swami's cock' Neha said.

'My god even bigger than Swami. I don't believe it' Abida countered.

'I will call him then you can see it for yourself' Meera said.

'No please don't call him. I will feel embarrassed' Abida said blushing.

Despite her protests Neha called out to me, 'Randy come here for a moment. Abida wants to see how big your lund is'.

This was the cue I was waiting for. I quickly undressed and walked into the room with a glorious erection. 'Did someone call us?' I inquired moving the foreskin of my cock up and down.

Both Meera and Neha got up and pulling Abida to her feet pushed her into my open arms. I caught her firmly by her waist and placed her hand on my raging hard on saying, 'Check it out for yourself'.

'My god Randy your lund is really very big' Abida whispered feeling my cock from its root to head.

I snapped open her blouse buttons and placed my lips on hers. She grabbed my head and pressed her lips to mine. Her mouth opened and our tongues met. As we broke our kiss and stood panting Meera put her fingers in Abida's waistband and pulled open the string holding her petticoat. Abida's sari became loose but did not fall to the floor. With one tug Neha pulled it down.

'Meera look she is not wearing panties either. I suppose Swami has asked her not wear them also' Neha giggled.

'I think it is more for the benefit of the sales guy. It makes a quickie quick' Meera laughed.

We stood kissing and fondling each other. 'Randy tum kiss ka intezaar kar rahe ho? Abida ko chodo (Randy what are you waiting for? Fuck Abida)' Meera screamed.

'Haan Randy Abida ko chodo (Yes Randy. Fuck Abida)' Neha echoed.

'Haan Randy mujhe chodo (Yes Randy fuck me)' Abida sighed.

I led Abida to the bed and laid her on it. She looked so beautiful. I kneeled next to the bed and kissed her firm boobs. I licked and sucked her taut pointed nipples. Abida moaned loudly in ecstasy. I worked my way down to her hairless shaven choot stopping only briefly on the way to tongue her belly button. As I licked her choot and sucked her swollen clit Abida became hysterical. 'Oh Randy no one has done this to me before. It feels soooo wonderful. Go on Y... hes little more y... hes AAAAHH' she shouted as she came.

I heard Neha say, 'My god Meera Randy is eating Abida's pussy. He has never done this to me. Has he eaten your choot?

'No he hasn't. I think it is the hair on our choot that put him off' Meera replied.

'Then we must immediately do something about it' Neha said.

'Yes we will but let us watch them first' Meera said.

I bent Abida's knees on her breasts. I could see the hole of her choot. It was big but not as large as that of Meera and Neha. Without hesitation I stuck my tongue in it and started to tongue fuck her. 'OH MY GOD' Abida screamed and with a loud 'AAAAHHH' came for the second time in five minutes.

'Oh Randy, don't tease me any longer. Put your lund inside me and fuck me' Abida pleaded.

Getting on top of her I placed my cock on her choot hole. 'Randy, please enter my choot gently. I am scared of your big cock' Abida requested.

Grinning at Meera and Neha I pushed my lund in her choot in one stroke. 'You mean not like this' I said.

'OOOWWWA you naughty man. That hurt' Abida screamed, 'why did you do it this way when I asked you to go in slowly'.

'Frankly I thought that you were joking. I am sorry. Did it really hurt much?' I asked and started the in and out motion.

'Just a little' Abida replied, 'I screamed more out of surprise than pain. Oh my god it is lovely' Abida moaned. I continued to fuck her with long slow strokes. Soon she was in hysterics.

'Randy darling please stop teasing me. Fuck me harder. Y... hes that is the way. Y... hes faster. God I am in heaven. Y... hes darling fuck me harder and faster. OH, OH I AM NEARLY THERE' she screamed.

I continued to move my cock in her choot as fast and hard as I could. Meera had been right. Abida's choot was quite tight. Fucking a tight choot was as enjoyable as fucking in the ass hole. I was not going to last too long.

Her hips were moving in rhythm of my strokes. She was gasping for breath. Suddenly her body arched. 'OH RANDY JUST A FEW MORE STOKES. Y... HES, OH Y... HES, GOOOODDD I AAAMMMM COOOMMMINNNNGGGGG' she shouted and lay back gasping for breath. Few seconds later with a loud 'AAAHHH' I spurted my-cum into her choot. We lay kissing for several minutes basking in the intense feelings that we had just experienced.

As I lit a cigarette I saw Meera and Neha going towards the door. 'Hey girls where are you going? We have yet to eat lunch' I shouted after them.

'We will be back. Just going to buy some thing to drink' Neha replied.

'No need I have a bottle in the cupboard and loads of coke in the fridge' I said.

'We have checked. Half a bottle of rum will not be enough for four of us' Neha said.

'Go on fuck Abida again. We will come before you cum' Meera said laughing at her own play of words.

'Oh yes fuck me' Abida sighed, 'what a fabulous idea'.

I was on short strokes when they returned. When we finished Meera said, 'Come on you two let us have a drink now. You can continue after lunch'.

'This is not fair' Abida said, 'we both are naked and you are still dressed. Randy, help me undress them'. Amid lots of laughter and giggles we managed to take their clothes off.

After lunch Meera said, 'Abida show Neha and me how to shave our pubic hair'.

With my shaving equipment Abida helped both Meera and Neha shave their choot. 'God I feel my skin is burning' Neha complained.

'Here use my after shave lotion. It will cool it' I said offering my after shave spray.

'Randy you devil this stuff burns even more' they shouted

'It will soon be okay and you will feel nice' I replied.

'Yes now it feels cool. Randy, how do you like our choots now?' Meera asked.

'As sweet as sugar' I replied kissing and licking them till they came with loud moans of pleasure.

'You are a sly one Randy. Tell us who taught you to eat pussy like this' Neha panted.

'No one. When I saw Abida's bald choot I wanted to kiss it. Her feminine aroma went to my head and I wanted to taste her. Then one thing led to another and I did what I did' I replied laughing.

All afternoon and till late in the evening we drank and fucked. I don't recall passing out or the ladies leaving.

Sudden sound of laughter brought me back to the present. Slowly I opened my eyes. All three ladies were standing in front of my desk smiling. 'Good morning Randy' they said together.

'Ladies please not so loud. My head is hurting' I said, 'what I require is a large cup of hot coffee'.

'I'll get it' Abida volunteered. I saw that Meera looked upset.

'Meera is something troubling you?' I inquired.

'Yes I have a bone to pick with you' she said getting excited.

'With me? What did I do? I replied as Abida returned with a steaming cup of coffee.

'Randy if you ever, ever again pass out when I am sucking your cock then I'll... I'll... ' Meera burst out threateningly.

'Yes say it. I'll... I'll what' Neha interrupted...

'Yes I dare you to complete your sentence that 'I'll... I'll never let you fuck me again' Abida giggled.

Meera looked at both the ladies and blushed. 'No I can't say that. How will I survive without Randy's cock? But it is very demeaning' Meera finished lamely.

'I must apologize Meera I had too much to drink' I replied apologetically.

'Then you should not drink so much' Meera said.

'He did not want to but it was you who forced him saying "Randy darling have another drink. Your birthday does not come every day"' Neha said mimicking Meera.

Meera looked sharply at Neha and was about to reply but I intervened. 'Please ladies don't argue. It was not her fault that I drank so much. I should have known better' I replied.

With Meera appeased things came back to normal. I was in heaven. Meera and Neha visited me thrice in a week and Abida came on Saturday after work and left only on Sunday evening.

A month later when I came to work one morning I saw a beautiful girl in the audit department through the glass partition. Boy she was a beauty. She was about twenty, 5' 6" tall, slim with an hour glass figure. Her hair was done in two plats, which lolled lazily on her shapely large boobs. She was dressed in a tight blouse and body fitting jeans. Her tight clothes showed every curve of her body to its best advantage. 'I must meet her' I thought and kept an eye on her.

Shortly before lunch I saw her leave the room. I followed and found her near the water fountain. 'Hello! You must be new here I have never seen you before' I said.

She looked at me with her big black eyes. 'Yes I am new. Today is my first day' she replied.

'I am Randy' I said sticking out my hand. I saw her big eyes cloud and realizing what I had said corrected myself, 'Oh sorry my real name is Randhir but everyone calls me Randy'.

Her eyes cleared and with a twinkle in her eyes she replied, 'Glad to meet you Randy. I am Mala. For a moment I thought I was about to receive an indecent proposal'. We both laughed. While we were talking I could see her nipples through the thin material of her blouse. Apparently she was not wearing a bra. Seeing this my cock started to stiffen. After exchanging some pleasantries I returned to my cabin. Her musical laughter echoed in my ear for hours.

In the following days I made it a point to cross her path as often as I could. Many a times we stopped and talked. With passage of time we started to chat on the Internet. Her desk was facing my cabin and we could look at each other while chatting on the Internet. My infatuation with Mala did not escape the three ladies.

'Have you noticed that our Randy is busy chasing the new girl in the audit department' Abida said one afternoon at lunch.

'Why not? Randy I say fuck her. I bet she is a virgin. You will enjoy popping her cherry and fucking her tight choot' Neha suggested.

'Randy, please be careful. I hear she is MD's niece' Meera warned.

'Come on girls you are making a mountain out of a molehill. I have no interest in her. I just talk to her out of politeness' I lied.

Once morning while chatting on the Internet I picked up enough courage and asked her out for coffee after work. Pat came her reply 'Would love to'. I was overjoyed and waved out to her. She smiled back. That evening we had coffee together and walked around in the park. In short we both had an enjoyable evening.

The next day at lunch Neha complained, 'Where were you last evening? We waited on your doorstep for over two hours for you'.

In my happiness I had forgotten that Meera and Neha were scheduled to visit me yesterday. 'Sorry ladies I forgot. Last evening I took Mala out for coffee' I said.

'You think it was fair to take her out at our cost' Neha complained.

'Relax Neha' Meera said, 'Randy also has the right to enjoy himself with someone of his generation. I will go a step further. We must confirm with him before we visit him again'.

'Yes we don't want to spoil Randy's chances of deflowering Miss Virgin Mala' Abida giggled.

'When are you going out with her again?' Neha inquired.

'Tomorrow evening' I replied.

'Oh no not again on our night' Neha lamented.

'You both can come tonight if you like' I suggested. With matters settled for the present they went back to work.

Mala and I started to date regularly. The teasing from the ladies increased. 'You are dating Mala since one month I bet you must have screwed her by now' Meera said one day at lunch. Despite my protest that I had no such intention they continued.

'I bet you must have enjoyed deflowering her virgin cunt' Neha added.

'Her cunt must have been real tight' was Abida's contribution to this conversation.

'Hey ladies I have told you repeatedly that I have no such intentions. Please now leave me alone' I said getting angry.

'Fine but remember, should you require any help then just ask us. We will be happy to help you. Won't we girls?' Meera said.

'Yes anytime' both Neha and Abida agreed.

One evening Mala and I had planned to see a movie. When we were about to enter the cinema hall I realized that I had forgotten the tickets at home. 'Don't worry the tickets are still available you wait here and I'll buy two more' I told Mala.

'And waste the others. No way' Mala replied, 'there is still time we can go and fetch them from your residence'.

As we sped towards my flat on my motorbike it started to rain heavily. We were quite wet by the time we reached my apartment. I noticed that Mala's blouse was plastered to her boobs and her dark pointed nipples were clearly visible. Her wet pants were also sticking to her body. To my intense embarrassment I could not stop my cock from getting hard.

'Oh I am so cold' Mala said shivering, 'I think I should get into some dry clothes. Randy, give me something to wear. I suggest that you also change otherwise you will catch cold'.

I was taken by surprise by this turn of events. I rummaged through my cupboard and said, 'Sorry I have nothing that will fit you'.

'How can you say that? Don't you have a pajama suit?' Mala asked.

'Yes I have one but it will be too big for you' I replied.

'Come on give me the top and you can wear the bottom' Mala giggled, 'hurry I am feeling cold'.

Taking the pajama top she disappeared into the bathroom and in the meanwhile I changed into its lower half in the room. Ten minutes later she peeped through the half open door and said, 'Randy the top is too short to cover my choo... I mean my body fully. Can I... '.

I saw the top of her naked boobs and my lund began to stiffen again and like an idiot I said interrupting her, 'Aren't you wearing panties?'

She laughed and said, 'Of course silly I am but they are also wet. What I wanted to know was that could I wear your bathrobe?'

That I owned a bathrobe had completely slipped my mind. 'Yes sure' I said.

Few minutes later Mala emerged from the bathroom hugging my white bathrobe tightly round her naked body. Just the thought that Mala was stark naked under the robe made my cock to harden again.

To hide my embarrassment I turned my back towards her saying, 'Mala what would you like to drink coke with rum or just coke?'

'Randy just a coke will be fine' she replied.

'Sure' I replied handing her a glass of coke.

Switching on an electric heater we sat in front of it on the floor leaning against the sofa. We sat sipping our drink in silence. All I could think of was a naked Mala sitting next to me. This made my cock stiffen yet again. I tried hard not to think of her but without much success.

Placing her head on my shoulder Mala said, 'Randy tell me about your family'. I told her about the farm, my autocratic father, my chubby mother, brothers, sisters in law and sisters. I finished my monologue by saying jokingly, 'I am so scared of my father that if he orders me to jump off a ten storied building then I would not have the guts to refuse and jump. Mala now tell me about your family'.

'You probably already know that my dear father started this company. Unfortunately he died in a plane crash leaving behind my mother and me. My mother called Mr. Rajan to manage it. We have a big house and as we were alone she invited uncle Rajan to stay with us with his wife and two daughters'.

'How are you related to Mr. Rajan?' I asked.

'This I don't rightly know myself. I had never heard of him before my father's death. I think he is a very distant cousin of my mummy' Mala explained, 'at least five or six times removed'.

'Sorry for interrupting you. Go on.' I said.

'In a short time uncle Rajan did wonders with the company' Mala continued, 'I like him and he loves me very dearly. I get along famously with his two daughters though they are much younger to me. In short we are a happy household'.

Then laughing she added, ' Uncle Rajan loves me so much that if I asked him to jump off a ten storied building then he would do it'.

It was a relief that Mala was quite unaware of her uncle's choot chasing activities in the office.

'You are damned lucky to have an uncle who loves you so much' I said.

'That is what I thought also till I asked him to let me work in the accounts department. You know that doing practical training in a company is an essential part of the syllabus of MBA course I am pursuing. I was shocked when uncle Rajan refused point blank to give me permission to do my training in the accounts and finance department of the company and this too without giving a reason. Normally he would bend backwards to fulfill my every wish. It was only with great difficulty that I was able to persuade him to let me join the next best, that is the audit department'.

Then turning to me she added, 'Randy do you know why he refused?'

'I have no idea' I replied.

'No I don't believe you. There is something going on which he doesn't want me to know' she said, 'Randy look me in the eye and answer my question'.

For a moment I did not know what to say. One thing was certain that I was not going to tell her that the MD was vary of Swami. Given half a chance Swami would have broached her virgin choot before you could say Jack Robinson. Looking into her big black eyes I lied, 'Promise Mala I have no idea why your uncle won't let you work in our department'.

I don't remember for how long we sat with our eyes locked. Then her lips parted and she moved her face towards me. I met her half way and as I placed my lips on hers I saw her eyes close. She grabbed my head and crushed my lips on hers. Her mouth opened and our tongue darted into each other's mouth. We were panting when the kiss broke.

'Oh Randy' Mala moaned.

'Oh Mala' I moaned.

My erect cock pressed me to seduce this beautiful virgin but on the other hand my mind warned me that Mala is the beloved niece of my MD and if things went wrong it would have disastrous consequences. As I was still debating this...

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