Politics of Control
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A Jazz Club Story - With her back to the door, her eyes sparkled as she slowly unfastened each brass button. She stopped as the soft inner curves of her breasts were revealed, and laughed richly when she saw my expression. (This is the fifth of five Jazz Club stories.) *** Silver Clit Finalist, January 2003. ***

"Meet me in front of the restaurant," Kate said over the phone.

"I'll be right there."

I flipped my cell phone closed and smiled to myself. I was already halfway to my car, and looked back at the big Antebellum house that was the Jazz Club. I imagined Kate, standing in the bar, slightly winded from her mad dash up the stairs, her leggy blonde friend staring at her in bewilderment.

The thought of Kate bolting out of the ladies' room and racing up the stairs, completely disheveled, appealed to me. I grinned at the thought. After the day I'd had, I needed a good laugh. All day I had spent my time counting (almost literally) the minutes until I could see her. When I finally had seen her, I had been this close--I mentally held up my fingers, a hair's breadth apart--to having sex with her in the ladies' room. But I hadn't, and that's the other reason I was smiling. Instead, I had given her my phone number and told her to call me. Then I had walked out of the restaurant, leaving her hot and bothered.

She had called me, and I had heard the desire in her voice. With another smile, this one of anticipation, I pocketed my cell phone and headed back towards the restaurant.

I was just rounding the side of the porch, heading for the front door, when it flew open. Still shrugging on her coat, Kate walked out onto the porch and looked the other way. I chuckled quietly and began walking towards her. At the sound of my footsteps, she turned towards me and her face softened. She finally got her coat situated and took a few steps towards me. I stopped, to let her approach me, and stuck my hands in my pockets, grinning the whole time.

She smiled as she walked towards me. When she saw my grin, she raised her eyebrows.

"What's so amusing?" she asked archly.

"You. Me. Us."

"So you think this is funny?"

I shook my head and tried to compose myself. "No, it's not really funny. But someday, we're going to look back on this and laugh." I couldn't help myself, and started grinning again.

"Oh? What makes you think we're going to be together long enough to reminisce?"

"Because you know what you like," I said teasingly.

Her eyes flew open in surprise.

"And I know what I like," I said quickly.

She cocked her head to the side and looked at me, still bristling.

"I like you," I said simply.

Her face softened and then she smiled. She walked towards me and hooked her arm through mine. When she started to pull me with her, I resisted. Her brow creased as she looked at me expectantly. I pulled my hand from my pocket and slid it around her waist, pulling her close.

"Mmm," she said. "I can't wait to get you home."


She nodded. "Let's go."

I shook my head. "Not yet."

She half frowned. "Not yet? I called you. What more... ?"

"Shhhhh," I said, and then kissed her. "I want to get to know you better."

"I'm a woman who wants to fuck you. What more do you need to know?" She ground her hips against me, and I almost gave in. "I'm not used to taking no for an answer," she said dangerously.

"Ah, good," I said, as lightheartedly as I could. "It'll build character."

Her eyes flew open in surprise, again, and I grinned shamelessly.

"Let's have some dinner, a nice bottle of wine, and get to know each other. Then we can see where things lead," I said.

"They'd better lead to my bed." She thought for a moment and then smiled ingeniously. "I know! Why don't we do things my way? I've got food at home, I've got wine at home, and we can get to know each other later. Right now, I need to be fucked."

I chuckled and shook my head. "Patience, Kate. Let's do things my way. I'll make it worth your while," I said seriously.

She leered at me and then pursed her lips in thought. With a mischievous twinkle in her eyes, she finally nodded. "Okay, we'll do things your way. But I think you're going to wish you'd done things my way after all."

"We'll see," I said.

I turned her towards the front door of the restaurant and pulled her close. Once back inside the Jazz Club, the hostess gave us a startled look. I chuckled ruefully to myself and had no trouble figuring out why. I had left several minutes before. Kate must have made quite a commotion, first when she flew out of the rest room, and then when she came bursting out the front door, looking for me. Now, we were back. Together.

I took Kate's recently donned coat and hung it in the cloakroom, then hung my own next to hers. When I stepped back to the stand, the hostess had composed herself and was looking at me with an air of professional competence. Her eyes were smiling, however, and I grinned in reply.

"Is the Jungle Room available?" I asked.

Kate looked at me inquisitively and the hostess smiled. She consulted her seating chart and then nodded.

"Could you put a table for two in there for us? We'd like to have a little privacy for our dinner."

"Certainly, sir. Just one moment."

As soon as she'd stepped away to find a busboy, Kate looked at me. Her look said she expected answers, and that I'd better start coughing them up.

"You know the dining room at the top of the stairs?" I asked.

She nodded.

"Behind that is what used to be an upstairs porch, or some kind of sun room. It's got a couch and a couple of chairs in it, but they also book it for small, private parties."

"I see."

"I don't know what they call the room, probably something boring like 'The Back Porch Room, ' but we call it the Jungle Room."

"And why is that?"

I smiled guiltily and explained. "The furniture is this wicker stuff, and the upholstery is a big jungle print. The room is decorated with bamboo and... well... it's just jungle-ish," I said sheepishly.

"I see. Well, Tarzan, while they're setting up our room, I'm going to go freshen up."

My eyes flicked to the rest rooms and I nodded. I almost chuckled, but caught myself at the last moment. Kate's hair was mussed and her makeup, slight as it was, was a little smudged. Also, her clothes were disheveled, from when we'd gotten worked up in the ladies' room, earlier.

I admired the swing of her hips as she walked away, letting my eyes drift up the long line of her back, to her shoulders. With a guilty grin, I realized that she was watching me, over her shoulder. When my eyes met hers, she smiled, tossed her hair, then closed the rest room door behind her.

When she returned, she looked lovely. She had straightened her blazer and school-girl skirt, freshened her makeup, and brushed her hair. Her shiny, dark brown tresses flowed around her shoulders in a wave, and she smiled as she walked towards me. Something was different about her, I decided, but I couldn't figure out what.

Just then, the hostess returned, and I stopped wondering what it was. The hostess picked up two menus and a wine list, and then escorted us upstairs. The Jungle Room was normally cozy, but with a small table and two chairs, it was downright intimate. I held Kate's chair for her and then seated myself. The hostess handed us our menus, and me the wine list, then silently departed.

I'd barely begun to study the menu (despite the quality of the food, I rarely ate at the Jazz Club) when Julie tapped lightly on the door and entered. She looked at us in surprise, but quickly composed herself, quirking her lips in a slight grin when she looked at me.

"Are you serving tonight?" I asked, surprised to see her.

"Yeah. The bar was slow, so I picked up a table in the upstairs dining room, then they gave me your table."

She told us the specials, and I looked at the wine list.

"White or red?" I asked Kate.


I nodded at the wine list.

"White, please."

I don't know wine like I know Scotch, so I simply ordered a Riesling from a vineyard I recognized. While Julie was gone, getting the wine, Kate studied the menu. I studied Kate, studying the menu. She caught me looking at her, smiled, and then licked her lips sensuously. When I shifted in my seat, to give my growing erection room to expand, she smiled knowingly and returned her eyes to her menu.

Julie returned in a few minutes, bearing the bottle of wine and two glasses. After I had gone through the motions approving the wine, checking the cork and tasting the small amount she poured in my glass, Julie filled Kate's glass, and then my own.

Julie took our orders, the grilled swordfish for Kate, and a salmon in dill sauce for me, and then left the room, closing the door behind her.

"You know her?" Kate asked, indicating Julie.

"We're friendly. I come here most every Tuesday, sometimes other days. When the bar is slow, we'll talk. She's a nice girl."

Kate merely nodded. Then she lifted an eyebrow speculatively, and I held her gaze. She grinned and took a sip of wine, and I silently started breathing again.

"I don't know if you actually had time to read that card I gave you," I said. She blushed at the unspoken allusion to her mad dash up the stairs. "But it would have told you that I'm Ethan Mackenzie." I extended my hand over the table.

She took my hand in her own, her grip firm and dry. "Kate Kirilov."

"Pleased to meet you, Ms. Kirilov. So, what is it you do for a living?"

"It's Doctor Kirilov," she said with a smile. "And I'm a pediatric surgeon."

I couldn't keep the shock from my expression. "Really?"

"Are you surprised? Surprised that I'm a surgeon, or that I'm a woman surgeon?"

I felt my face and ears heat, and I brushed at an invisible crumb on the linen tablecloth. "Neither really," I said hastily. "It's just not what I pictured you doing."


"Well, no. Not really. But... Well, there's this thing I do. I like people watching, and as I watch them, I like to make up 'their story' in my head. Who they are, what they do, why they're doing what they're doing, etc."

"So what was my story?"

"I don't know really," I admitted. "I hadn't decided yet, I guess. I was probably too busy going out of my mind with desire."

It was her turn to grin and blush, and I used the pause to regroup and change the subject.

"My partner and I have a company that does custom software and internet applications."

"I gather your company is doing well?"

"Well, we survived the Dot-Bomb. Not many companies did, not in our line of work. We do a lot more than web stuff, though, which is why we're doing well. We do a lot of different things for our clients, and we do them well, so our business is growing."

"If your business is growing, how come you spend so much time in bars?"

I blushed again. "Actually, that's only this month. December is a slow month for most of our clients, we don't have many retailers as clients, so Gabriel and I try to schedule things so most of our teams can have the month as a vacation month. Things get pretty intense when we're on a deadline, so we work hard, we play hard, and we let our people recover before we push them hard again."

"I see."

"'You can eat a sheep only once, you can shear it many times, '" I said, reciting the quote with a grin. "Also, a lot of our programmers are overseas, so all I've really got to do this whole month is keep up with them. Not to change the subject, but... Kirilov? Russian?"

"Yes," she said simply. "My parents are expatriates."

I sensed something in her voice, but I couldn't tell what; almost a hesitation. I worked with Russians--one of our major programming groups was in Moscow--and I was curious. I didn't want to press the issue, however, so I let it drop.

There was a soft knock on the door, and Julie entered with our Caesar salads. I thanked her and she left quietly, once again, shutting the door behind her.

"I almost forgot," Kate said as she unfolded her napkin. "I'm supposed to be making you regret not doing things my way."

I arched an eyebrow at her.

She grinned, nodded, and began unbuttoning her blazer. Then it struck me! I knew what was different about her, what I'd noticed when she'd emerged from the rest room, but what I'd failed to identify. The sheer blouse under the blazer was simply gone. For the past fifteen minutes, I'd been admiring her tanned neck and upper chest.

Her eyes sparkled as she slowly unfastened each brass button, revealing more and more of her chest. I became instantly erect as she reached the last button and slowly pulled the blazer open. She stopped just as the soft inner curve of each breast was revealed, and laughed richly when she saw my expression.

"You like?" she asked in a sultry voice.

"Very much."

"Would you like to see more?"

I nodded.

"If we were at my place right now, you could touch them, kiss them. I'd like that very much."

I looked her in the eye and she grinned wickedly.

"But since we're doing things your way, they'll have to wait for later." She chuckled and dropped her hands. The blazer hung open, revealing a narrow expanse of tanned skin; I shifted in my seat. She picked up her salad fork and began eating nonchalantly. "So tell me," she said. "Why did it surprise you when I told you I'm a surgeon?"

I was shocked for a moment at her abrupt change in conversation. Reluctantly, I drew my eyes away from her taut stomach, and picked up my own salad fork. "Most of the surgeons I know are men, and I always got the impression that it was a big Boy's Club."

"Oh, it is," she said quickly. "Not so much these day as it used to be. There are a lot more women surgeons than when I was in school. But we're still very much the minority."

"Is it as competitive as I imagine it is?"

"It depends," she said. "Yes and no."

I looked at her questioningly and forked another bite of Romaine lettuce into my mouth, determined not to look at the gentle swell of her breasts.

"There's competition in and out of the hospital."

I looked at her questioningly.

"Inside the hospital, sometimes it seems like it's more about 'I just did this incredibly complicated surgery, ' or 'I just got a patent on my new device.' Things like that. When I was a resident, it was very competitive, because surgeons are the cream of the crop, and most everyone wants to be one. With a limited number of surgical residencies, it's very competitive. Now, it's a different kind of competition.

"Outside the hospital, well, some surgeons are simply in it for the money. It is a big Boy's Club sometimes--who's got the best trophy wife, who's got the most expensive car, house, boat, whatever. I'd like to think that most of us are in it because we love it, and we like saving lives and helping people, but that's not the case. A lot of surgeons are, but a lot of them like the lifestyle more than the work."

"I gather you're an 'I like saving lives' type of surgeon?"

She nodded. "I'd have to be!"

I was taken aback by her intensity.

"Becoming a pediatric surgeon is a lot more work than just becoming a surgeon, and you'd have to really want it. Not only did I have to study pediatrics, I had to study surgery as well. That's not something you do if you're only interested in the money. I like the lifestyle as well, believe me, but I really like saving the life of a child, or seeing the look on the parents' faces when I tell them that their child is going to be okay."

"Yeah, that must be nice."

"It really is," she said, and took a bite of salad.

She used her hands when she talked, and her jacket strayed open, revealing more and more soft flesh. I shamelessly decided to ask her more about herself, in the hopes that the blazer would drift further open.

"Why did you decide to become a surgeon?" I asked.

"My parents. My mother really. She wanted me to be a doctor, but I wanted to work with children. I thought I wanted to be a teacher, but she kept pushing me to go to medical school."

She took a sip of wine and wiped the corners of her mouth with her napkin. Her blazer slid open a little further, revealing her breasts almost to the nipples. My erection swelled further at the sight, and I shifted into a more comfortable position.

"But when I got to medical school, I found that I really liked it," she continued. "When we went through our rotations, the last couple years of school, I discovered that I liked surgery. I was second in my class, so I was easily accepted into the surgical residency, and then after that, I had a pediatric surgery fellowship."

"Impressive," I said.

"Thank you," she said graciously.

She set her fork down, and without warning, grasped the lapels of the blazer and pulled them apart. I refused to take the bait, and held her gaze. She smirked, and then moved her hands to cup her breasts. The thumb and forefinger of each hand pinched her already erect nipples, rolling them and pulling gently.

"I can't wait to get your lips on my nipples." She closed her eyes and enjoyed the pleasure she was giving herself. I let my eyes drift lower, staring intently at her perfect breasts, which were partially hidden by her kneading fingers. "I want you to fuck me from behind, and I want to feel your hands on my tits, pulling my nipples as you plow into me." She opened her eyes languidly and focused on me. "Would you like that?"

I swallowed hard, restraining myself from simply lunging over the table. When I nodded, she grinned, and I began to regret my choice in pants. The jeans made my butt and legs look good, but were tighter than I would have liked, especially with a swollen cock made harder still by Kate's teasing.

She let her hands drop, and demurely picked up her fork. "But we'll have to have patience." She smirked at me. "This salad is really good," she said, changing gears abruptly. "You should try it." She forked a bite into her luscious, red-lipped mouth and her eyes sparkled playfully as she looked at me.

I started eating, but I'd barely finished my salad when there was a soft knock on the door. Julie entered a fraction of a second later, but Kate made no move to close her gaping blazer. I looked at her curiously and she merely smiled. Julie did a double-take when she went to remove Kate's salad plate and the large charger plate beneath it. I looked up at her when she removed my plates, and her wide-eyed expression almost made me chuckle. But she wordlessly finished clearing our plates and left quietly. Kate merely grinned audaciously and took a sip of wine.

Julie returned a moment later with our dinners. I watched her as she set Kate's swordfish on the table, and smiled to myself while she covertly studied Kate's nearly bared chest. When Julie set my plate down, she smiled tightly, but I could tell that her breathing had quickened, and her face was slightly flushed. When our plates were both on the table, Julie refilled our wine glasses and then asked if we needed anything else. I told her we were fine. She nodded and quietly left the room, making sure the door was securely shut behind her.

I picked up my glass and Kate's eyes met mine. She smiled, teasingly running her tongue over her lips, and picked up her own glass.

"A toast?" I asked.

She nodded.

"To doing things my way?"

She shook her head and grinned. "To doing things my way. You don't know it yet, but you're playing right into my hands."

"I am?"

"Oh, yes. Your self-control is very good, I'll hand it to you. But it's not that good."

"Oh, no? Should I take that as a challenge?"

She nodded mischievously. "But I'm going to win this one."

"A bit of that competitive streak coming out?"

"Perhaps. And perhaps I'm simply enjoying watching you try so hard to resist me. It's very sexy."

"Thank you," I said with a grin. "So, what shall we toast to?"

"To patience. 'Cause you need all the help you can get." She smiled broadly, flashing me a perfect expanse of white, even, beautiful teeth.

I laughed richly. "All right then, to patience."

We raised our glasses and touched them lightly. She looked at me over the rim as she sipped, and her eyes smoldered. I set my wine glass down and tried to unobtrusively adjust my painful erection. She noticed the movement and grinned at me. She set her wine glass down and reached under the tablecloth for a moment. When her hand emerged, she shifted in her seat and I felt her stocking-clad leg brush against my calf.

Her foot slid along my inner thigh until it contacted the ridge formed by my rock-hard shaft. She moistened her lips, closed her eyes, and began caressing my length with surprisingly dexterous toes. I ran my hand along her shin and gently squeezed her leg, tickling my fingers along the back of her knee. She shuddered and smiled, her eyes still closed. Even with the delicious aromas of our freshly arrived food, I thought I detected a whiff of her arousal. I smiled to myself and tickled the back of her knee again.

Slowly, almost reluctantly, she opened her eyes and looked at me. "You sure you don't want to do things my way?" she asked, her voice husky with desire.

"No," I answered honestly. "But after you flat-out challenged me a moment ago, I'm going to stick to my guns."

"Hoisted by my own petard?"

I laughed lightly and nodded.

"Oh, well," she said. "Then I guess there's nothing to do but keep teasing you." And with that, she pulled the blazer open completely and tucked the loose fabric behind her.

Her breasts and trim stomach were entirely exposed, and I let my eyes drift lower. Her delicate foot was still softly rubbing my erection, and she felt it swell as my eyes devoured her bared beauty.

"You like?" she asked softly.

"Mmm hmm."

"Me too," she said, rubbing her foot along my hard-on.

With that, she picked up her dinner fork, her eyes twinkling with suppressed laughter. She began to eat, and I picked up my fork as well. The salmon was done perfectly, and the dill sauce was a delicious complement.

"May I try a bite of the salmon?" she asked.

"Sure." I expected her to reach across the narrow table with her own fork. When she didn't, I hesitated. She took one pointed look at my fork, and I got the message. I flaked off a Kate-sized bite, making sure to get a little of the sauce, and then slid my fork under the pink fish.

She opened her mouth, and I lifted the fork to her lips. As she closed them around the morsel, she closed her eyes. I swallowed hard as her lips tightened around the fork and I slowly withdrew it from her mouth. Her foot caressed my erection as she made a production out of savoring the salmon. Just as she intended, my eyes were riveted to her pursed, luscious, beautiful red lips. I think my erection grew another inch, and when she felt it throb, she opened her eyes and smiled impishly.

"Mmmmm," she practically purred. "Very good. I especially like the sauce, nice and creamy."

My dick throbbed again under the gentle pressure of her toes.

"Would you like to try some of my swordfish?" she asked.

I nodded and she fed me a bite. I don't think I made quite the spectacle she had, but I tried not to disappoint her. The swordfish was excellent, with a nice lemon-pepper tang to it. She smiled when she pulled her fork back and her eyes twinkled as she watched me swallow. I took a sip of wine and we resumed eating.

The rest of dinner was much the same. Kate teased me mercilessly, turning each bite into a sensuous event, all while rubbing her foot over my straining erection. I didn't know whether to watch her lovely lips or the red, diamond-hard points of her nipples. She could see what effect she was having on me, and never relented for a moment.

In truth, I had begun to regret not simply going home with her. She had teasing down to an art form, and I was ready to shoot off in my jeans, just from her foot. I could only imagine what the rest of her could do. But I resolutely refused to give in to her, no matter how much I wanted to sweep the dishes off the table and take her, hard and fast.

I managed to finish about half my salmon and Kate had made only a small dent in her swordfish by the time Julie returned. Julie licked her lips and shifted nervously when Kate made no move to cover her breasts.

I hastily looked at my watch and realized that, since our dinners arrived, we'd been teasing each other for the better part of an hour. Julie kept stealing glances at Kate's pert breasts as she asked if we were finished. I told her we were, and declined the offer of To Go boxes.

"Did you save room for dessert," Julie asked brightly, clearly falling back on routine.

I was just about to decline that too, and ask for the check, when Kate pressed her foot into my groin and forestalled my reply.

"Yes, please," she said smoothly. "We'd like a creme brule and a glass of Remy Martin XO."

"Certainly," Julie said. "I'll get that right out to you."

When Julie left, Kate looked at me, eyes ablaze. "I hope you like cognac," she said. "Because I do, and I think you'll like how I plan to enjoy it."

"Cognac is fine," I said, as calmly as I could. I really, really wanted to leave. Her insistent foot had worked me into a near-frenzy, and I had serious doubts about my ability to last until we got to a bedroom.

"How's your self-control doing?" she asked teasingly.

"Fine," I growled.

"Good. So this 'patience' thing is really working out for you?"

I smiled ruefully and she giggled. She took a sip of wine and rubbed her toes along the length of my swollen shaft. I groaned softly and closed my eyes, enjoying the sensation but hoping that I wouldn't lose control.

Thankfully, Julie knocked softly several minutes later, and then entered, bearing our dessert and the cognac. When she went to set the dish and glass on the table, Kate held her hand up.

"I think we're going to sit on the couch and enjoy our dessert. Have a busboy remove the table and chairs, please." Kate said.

"Of course." Julie set the dish and balloon snifter on the end table next to the couch and headed out to find a busboy.

Kate smiled at me and pulled her blazer closed. I quirked an eyebrow at her and she grinned.

"You're the only man I want tonight. There's no sense teasing someone who can't have me."

"And what about Julie? You don't seem to mind teasing her."

She shook her head. "That's different. I'm not going to go home with a busboy, now or ever. But we might take Julie home with us."


"Not tonight," she quickly amended. "But sometime. Maybe. She's cute."

I filed that comment away for future analysis, and looked up to see Julie, another server, and a busboy enter the small room. Holding her blazer together with one hand, Kate rose gracefully and walked around to my side of the table. I stood and put my hand on the small of her back. She smiled up at me and leaned against my side.

Julie and her helpers made quick work of clearing the table and then removing it and the two chairs. When the other server and the busboy were gone, Julie turned to us.

"Do you need anything else right now?" she asked.

"I think we're probably fine for the moment," I said. "Thanks."

"Check back on us in about 15 minutes, though." Kate said.

Julie nodded and shut the door as she left. I looked at Kate, but she merely turned and lifted her lips for a kiss. I willingly obliged her, relishing the feeling of her body pressed against me.

"Mmmmm, I like that," she said breathlessly.

"Me too. Let's forget dessert and just get out of here."

She shook her head. "We're doing things your way," she said teasingly. "Besides, I want to enjoy the cognac."

"I'll buy you a bottle on the way to my house. Two. Whatever you want."

"Patience, Ethan. Patience." Her tone was almost mocking as she repeated my words from earlier. Her smile took the sting out of it, though. "I think you'll enjoy the dessert and cognac."

I pulled her roughly to me and pressed my lips against hers again. She came willingly, and her tongue sparred with mine as I tasted her.

"Trust me," she said when we broke the kiss. Her eyes were still closed and her voice was shaky.

She pulled back and pushed me down on the couch. When I was seated, she lowered herself to my lap. Her skirt rode up as she sat, and I was treated to a bewitching expanse of her long, lush legs. She leaned forward, retrieved the creme brule, and then giggled at the expression on my face.

Her ass was pressed firmly against my erection, and she wiggled it deliciously as she cracked the caramelized shell on top of the dessert. She scooped out a bite of the creamy custard and held it up to my lips. I rested my hand on her toned thigh, and opened my mouth. As I savored the texture and flavor, she smiled at me.

"You like me feeding you?"

I nodded. "I'd rather you were feeding me something else."

"Oh?" She scooped another spoonful, which I accepted.

"Aren't you having any?" I asked.

She shook her head and fed me another bite. "I'm saving myself for creme Ethan." She wiggled her hips for emphasis and my poor, swollen, over-stimulated erection throbbed. She fed me another bite. "I'm going to take your cock out and suck gently on the head."

I groaned and she wiggled on my lap. She fed me another bite and grinned lasciviously.

"I want to slowly lower my lips over you, tasting each inch as I swallow it," she breathed.

I ran my hand up her leg, under her skirt, almost to her hip. She gasped as my fingers neared the warmth of her pussy. I could definitely smell her arousal. She closed her eyes as I slowly insinuated my fingers between her thighs and moved towards the damp heat of her slit. My fingers grazed the narrow strip of pubic hair and she gasped. With an effort of will, she composed herself and opened her eyes. She scraped the last of the creme brule out of the dish and fed it to me.

"God! I can't wait to get your fat cock inside me," she said.

"Then let's go."

"Not yet. We haven't had our cognac."

"I'll buy you all the damned cognac you want. Louis XIII even, but let's go." I was practically growling.

"Trust me," she said soothingly.

Her mischievous expression told me that she wasn't going anywhere until we'd at least tasted the cognac. Reluctantly, I pulled my hand from under her skirt, took the empty creme brule dish from her hands, and set it next to the snifter. I picked up the cognac and cradled it in my hand, adding my body warmth to the dark amber liquid. As I brought it towards us, the aroma overpowered the scent of the aroused woman on my lap. When the two mingled, my head swam. I held the snifter to her lips, but she shook her head.

"You drink it," she said, her eyes shining.

I looked at her questioningly.

"You'll see."

I sipped the heady liquor and rolled it around my tongue, letting the fumes rise into my sinuses. When I swallowed, Kate was immediately there, kissing me. Her tongue forced my lips open as she pressed herself against me, and I eagerly kissed her back. When she pulled back, she ran her tongue over her lips and grinned at me.

"I love drinking cognac like that," she said.

To tell the truth, I was beginning to like it too. The warmth of the liquor was spreading through me, and the lingering feeling of her lips on mine complemented it nicely.

"I want another taste," she said insistently.

I put my nose in the snifter and breathed in the aroma as I tilted it upward. The cognac rolled onto my tongue and I held it in my mouth for a moment. When Kate moved towards me, I set the snifter on the end table without looking. Her lips met mine before I swallowed and I let her suck a little of the cognac from my mouth.

With one hand on the small of her back, I raised the other and put my palm on her smooth stomach. She arched her back as I moved my hand upward and gently cupped her breast. The liquor began to burn my tongue and I was forced to swallow. Her lips were still crushed against mine and her tongue darted into my mouth as soon as she felt me swallow. I kneaded her breast, twisting her hard nipple, and she moaned as our tongues thrust and parried.

She pulled back only long enough to catch her breath, and then pressed herself against me again. I moved my hand to the other breast and she whimpered as I tugged on her rock-hard nipple. When she wiggled her ass against my tightly encased prick, I broke the kiss.

"If we don't get out of here right now, I'm going to do one of two things," I said tersely.


"I'm either going to come in my jeans, or I'm going to throw you on the couch and fuck you right here."

"What happened to being patient?" she asked with artful innocence.

"Fuck patient," I snarled. "I want you." My hand snaked back under the pleated skirt and I dipped my fingers into the furnace of her pussy. She gasped as they easily slipped into her wet depths. "And I know you want me."

"Oh, God!" she breathed. "I've wanted you since the first time I saw you."

I began rubbing the top of her clit with my thumb. "Then let's go," I said urgently.

She shuddered and arched her back. "Not yet," she said, panting softly.

I renewed my attack on her clit and she cried out quietly. "Now," I said insistently. "Let's go."

With an incredible effort of will, she shook her head. She reached down and grasped my wrist, staying my hand. "Not... yet..." Her breathing was rapid, and her face and neck were deeply flushed.

The scent of her arousal filled the room and my cock ached as I inhaled her aroma.

Just then, there was a knock at the door and it quickly opened. I had completely forgotten about Julie, and she was halfway in the room before I could even look up. At the sound of her entrance, Kate stiffened and began to turn. With growing panic, I watched the tableau unfold. I opened my mouth to speak at the same time Julie got a good look at the two of us, nearly in flagrante delicto. Before either of us could react, Kate spoke.

"Julie." She used her surgeon voice, accustomed to giving orders and having them instantly obeyed. "Come in and shut the door behind you."

I was stunned into immobility. Kate swiveled her head to look at the surprised girl. Without thinking, Julie did as she was told. Her mouth worked soundlessly as she watched Kate stand. I watched raptly as Kate turned and took off her blazer. She let it fall to the floor and then moved towards Julie.

Julie was much shorter than Kate, and petite, compared to Kate's long-legged elegance. Kate, topless and clad only in her school- girl plaid skirt and knee-high white stockings, used her body to press Julie against the door. She had to bend to kiss the girl, but Julie didn't move as Kate's lips crushed against her own. They shared a long, heated kiss, and I tried to find a comfortable angle for my straining, aching cock.

"You guard the door for me," Kate said huskily as she pulled back from the kiss.

Julie swallowed hard and nodded, practically mesmerized.

Kate turned to me, her face a mask of desire. She was quickly between my legs, dropping to her knees and tearing at my belt. In a fraction of a second, she had it undone and was ripping at the buttons of my fly. With five rapid-fire pops, my jeans were open and Kate was fishing in my boxers for my swollen manhood.

She extracted it roughly and wrapped her fist around the base, aiming me at her descending lips. In a moment, the head of my cock was engulfed in warm, wet, sucking, licking heaven. I looked at Julie, who was watching us with eyes wide as saucers, and then groaned as Kate took half my length in her mouth.

With a seemingly practiced gesture, Kate flipped her long brown hair over her shoulder, giving Julie an unobstructed view of her sucking lips and my rigid dick. I ran my fingers through Kate's hair and rested my hands atop her head. When she began bobbing up and down, swallowing more than half my length, I groaned and let my head loll back against the couch.

With all the night's teasing and taunting, I lasted no more than a minute. My balls were already tight against my body as I felt the first stirrings of a powerful orgasm. A supernova erupted behind my tightly clamped eyelids when I felt the first surge of semen blasting from the tip of my cock.

Kate worked her lips against my spasming shaft, greedily swallowing my seed with each powerful spurt. Through the intense, overwhelming pleasure, I faintly heard myself groaning. I gripped her head and held her down, trying to force more of my erection into her mouth, humping my hips in time with my spasms.

When my climax slowly began to subside, I opened my eyes and stared at the ceiling. The ringing in my ears faded, but the sensations radiating from my groin continued to pulse and pound at my senses. I could vaguely sense Kate still sucking at my slowly deflating erection, moaning with pleasure as she worked her lips and tongue over my shaft, taking care to avoid the supersensitive head.

I blinked and simply stared, slowing coming back to my senses. I realized that I still had a death grip on Kate's head, so I relaxed my fingers. When I lifted my head, the first thing I saw was Julie. She was leaning against the door and rubbing her small breasts through her shirt with one hand. The other hand was drifting towards her pussy when her eyes met mine. She grinned guiltily and immediately pulled her questing fingers back to her waist. I smiled at her and she blushed.

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