Two Days In Paradise
Chapter 1

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, Rape, Coercion, Heterosexual, Incest, MaleDom, Rough, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Voyeurism, Size, Violent,

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Teenagers hear their mother's confession of incest, sexual blackmail and seduction, at the last reunion they will ever know. They gain new understanding of their family's past and what it means to be human.

It was during a family vacation in the early seventies when we learned that our seemingly ordinary family wasn't so normal. My sister and I had caught my mother and her brother screwing in the woods. I was a little surprised, but my sister was really pissed. Mom had intended to tell us about the relationship at the end of the week, just before we left Uncle Larry's cabin. Dad was supposed to be with us by then. This was to be our last reunion.

You see, Mom and Larry had been lovers from an early age and Dad had been their best friend. When Larry went away to see the world, Mom chose to marry Dad and settle down to raise a family. Unbeknownst to their children, my sister and I, Mom, Larry, and Dad, had a deal. Mom had agreed to be Dad's wife and bear his children with the understanding that, as soon as we were out on our own, Mom would spend the rest of her life with her brother. It was now time.

I understood how shocked my sister felt, but I had always thought there was something screwy about the relationship between our parents. For instance, even though they sometimes made love noisily, they kept separate bedrooms. They never kissed in front of us, or used cute love-names for each other. Dad was often absent from home without explanation and once Mom left on a trip with a colleague from the high-school where she worked, only to return two days later dressed like a hooker.

That day at the cabin, we learned Dad had a string of girlfriends and Mom didn't care. Over the years, every time Larry had visited us, he and Mom had screwed like bunnies, with Dad's knowledge and complete understanding. Basically, Mom and Dad had only stayed together for us and even though they sometimes indulged their sexual needs as a couple, they were what they had always been, best friends.

Okay, that's the background. What I really wanted to relate was the incredible story Mom told us that evening. We were sitting around the campfire singing songs, drinking some very potent peach brandy Larry had been saving for a special occasion and playing games like charades and poker. We were pretty smashed when Larry got to talking about his travels, then told us about his tour in Veit Nam. Made bold by the alcohol, I told the story of my first sexual experience, with a baby-sitter, which kind of pissed Mom at first, but then she laughed and said the girl had tried to get in her pants as well. Sis brought us down with her story about being gang-raped at a party while away at college. We all held her and tried to comfort her. I think it made her feel a little better to get it off her chest.

After my sister had regained her composure, Mom cheered us with the description of her and Larry's first attempt at intercourse, which had been a complete disaster. It was a hilarious tale. This led us to start a round of dirty-jokes. No one could beat Larry for off-color humor. It was while we were feeling mellow and happy that I happened to remember the incident about Mom taking-off for the weekend with the male teacher and in the spirit of our new openness, asked her about it. From the way she winced and glanced at Larry with a worried expression, I realized she had never told him about it, and probably had never intended to do so. He just shrugged and said she might as well fess-up.

She sighed unhappily and said, "All right, you want to know? Well, pass me that bottle of brandy and I'll tell you my cheating story."

The way she said it, made me wish I hadn't mentioned the event. Mom took a long draw from the bottle, then stared into the fire for a moment and this is the story she told:

I was teaching advanced algebra at the time this happened, three years away from tenure and not at all sure I was going to make it. The school was losing two teaching positions, and I suspected I was going to be one of them. My best friend, Marge Sergeant had already gotten her notice and she was devastated. Everyone knew who was in the running for the other cut. Me, and a guy named Horton King who taught music. Horty, as the students and faculty called him, was well-liked. I, on the other hand, taught the difficult class everyone wanted to avoid and socially, I tended to be outspoken. I knew for whom everyone was rooting.

Horton, on the other hand was a gentleman about it. He went out of his way to be pleasant to me, even though we had disagreed heatedly in the past. I guess, when you have the upper hand you can afford to be amiable. One day he surprised me by asking me to lunch in town. I thought it nice of him, and was glad at least one person wasn't treating me like a leper, so I was happy to agree. After our meal and some pleasant conversation, he brought an envelope out of his pocket and told me it was a better offer than the school was likely to give me. When I opened it, I found a letter of resignation in his name, but it wasn't signed.

When I laughed and said it would do me little good, he replied, "I intend to sign it, if I can get one small favor from you."

"And that would be?"

"Come away with me for one weekend and be my lover."

I'm difficult to shock, but the blatant way he had brought this up, floored me.

"What makes you think I would ever consider this?" I asked.

"You love teaching," he replied. "I can see it every time you put yourself out on a limb for your students, not that they appreciate it. Good positions are difficult to find now, with the economy in the shape it is, and I think we both know who is going to be leaving. If you should have to start over now, I doubt you will even try. Kim, you've invested too much of yourself here to just let it go. You'll hang on to the last. I'm willing to give you an out."

"For a price," I snapped.

"A price you can easily pay," he said. "Two days out of a lifetime is all I'm asking, and you needn't answer right away. You have until the end of the school year. After that, you're on your own."

"How do I know you'll keep your word?" I asked, my heart aching that I was even considering it.

"As soon as you say yes, I'll sign that paper and the next day, I'll announce it on the bulletin board. I'll tell everyone so I can't back out. You can drop the letter at the office yourself."

"How do you know I will keep the bargain?" I asked.

He smiled and said, "We both know you never welch."

The son-of-a-bitch knew me too well. I'd never broken a promise, which is why I rarely made them.

"I'll need time to think about it," I said.

"Of course," he replied. "Oh, I'm going to go ahead and book some reservations, just to be sure we can leave on the spur of the moment."

I told him cockiness brought out the rebel in me and might cost him whatever he wanted. He just shrugged and said either way, he would win something. Later, at home, I realized he was right. He would have me, or he would have the satisfaction of knowing I would have to struggle for years because I had refused him. I had to talk to my husband and best friend about it.

"Do you think you can trust him?" Jess asked.

"He can't really lie about it," I replied. "Once the paperwork goes through, he's out of there."

"My instincts say never give-in to blackmail, no matter the cost," he advised me, "But this is your decision."

"I know you're right," I said. "I just can't start over again. If Larry was here, I think I'd throw in the towel and go away with him, let Horton have the position. He isn't, so I'll have to do the best I can, even if it costs me some self-respect."

"The most important thing is, do you think you can trust him not to mistreat you?"

I didn't know. Horton was a likable fellow and aside from some differences of opinion, we had no problems between us. He wasn't handsome and he was almost a head shorter than me, which I'd never liked in a date, but otherwise I wouldn't have been ashamed to be seen with him in public. The intimate encounter on the other hand, griped me to no end. I had never been forced into sex before. I had never done it because I felt obligated. Sex, for me, was something to be cherished and given freely, with someone you love. On the other hand, it was only forty-eight hours. I had put up with menstrual pain longer than that. The thing that ragged me the most was his attitude, as if it was a given that I would succumb to his wishes. I took three weeks to answer. It didn't seem to bother him, and he never mentioned it again.

When spring break was three weeks away, I knew my time was up. The next board meeting was on the Friday of that week. I told Jess of my decision and he told me he'd support me in any way I asked. When I told Horton yes, he didn't rub my face in it as I expected, he simply removed the worn envelope from his coat pocket, signed the resignation, then handed it to me.

"You'll need a baby-sitter for the first weekend after spring break," he informed me, "We'll leave early Saturday morning and return Monday morning. Pack light summer clothes, but not many. We can buy anything you need in the Bahamas."


I couldn't believe what I was hearing.

"You don't think I would honeymoon in any mundane local, do you?" he asked.

"Yes, but..."

"For two whole days, you will be my wife and lover. I will expect you to behave as if you are desperately in love with me and please me in any way I ask. Don't worry, I'm not into sadism and would never cause you to come to harm. I will treat you well, and before it's over, I'll hear you say you've enjoyed our time together."

"I doubt that," I said.

He just smiled in that cocky, knowing way he had, annoying me to no end.

He kept his word and after the board meeting I had my confirmation, I was retained for another year. Some of the students and teachers got together to give him a nice going away party, leaving me to wonder if I would have been treated as well. I was invited to the party, by Horton, not the hosts and when I arrived, I think I made everyone uncomfortable, until he hugged me in front of the crowd and said, of all the people at the school, he would miss me the most. After that, the strained mood evaporated and I found myself receiving congratulations on retaining my job. I felt like a convicted felon suddenly proved innocent and released from prison. I couldn't help but admire the way Horton had handled the situation, and even felt some appreciation for his help.

Later, when we were alone for a moment, I did thank him.

"I don't want to ruin your life," he told me frankly. "I simply want the best of life for myself, just this once. I want to spend some time with a beautiful woman in a tropical paradise, make love to her and make some memories. You see, I haven't dared to reach for my dreams, never took a risk, ever, so I haven't really accomplished anything. With your help, I'll finally get to experience a lifestyle I've always envied. Kim, even though I've dragged you into this, I truly want you to enjoy our vacation. There's no other woman I would have cared to have with me. You're special."

"I'm just a teacher who has a family at home," I replied. "I never wanted anything else."

"I'm glad for you," he said. "But for one weekend, I'm going to introduce you to the other side of life. I think you're going to like it."

As the time approached to fulfill my promise, I found myself growing nervous, as well as strangely excited. This was something totally outside my experience and it was acting on me like an aphrodisiac. Jess was hard-pressed to keep up with my sexual demands and I think he was somewhat relieved when the weekend finally arrived. I took a taxi to the airport and Horton met me at the gate. He shook his head when he saw what I was wearing.

"We have to go shopping when we get to the islands," he said. "This simply won't do. You're a stunningly beautiful woman, Kim, and should dress the part."

I wanted to be angry with him for degrading my wardrobe when I thought I was well-dressed, but something in the way he looked at me made me think the comment had good intentions. I let it slide. It was a pleasant trip and I fell in love with the island as soon as I saw it.

The hotel he had chosen had large, elegant rooms. Ours faced the beach with a wonderful view of the village across the bay. When our bags arrived I intended to unpack, but he told me no, I wouldn't need what I'd brought. We took a taxi to the village and he led me to a quaint little boutique. He chose some dresses and had me try them. They were much more revealing than my usual style and I found myself blushing when I looked at myself in a mirror. He bought the three excessively expensive dresses that made me blush the hottest and had me wear one of them back to our room. It was a silk floral in greens and yellows and was so shear it made my white underwear show through. When I complained of this, he laughed and told me to get rid of the underwear.

I was going to change in the bathroom, but he stopped me and said he'd appreciate it if I let him see me nude. Feeling uncomfortable, yet, knowing he would see me naked eventually, I conceded. Horton sat in a chair and watched as I slowly removed the new garment and then my bra. After I slipped my panties from my hips and shook them from my feet, I stood before him and turned slowly around.

"Lovely," he remarked. "I always knew your body would be as perfect as your face, it had to be. I'm pleased to see that your blond hair isn't the product of chemicals."

"You like blond?" I asked. "Is that why you chose me?"

"I love beauty," he replied. "Natural beauty, no matter the form is my preference. Had you been brunet, or something other wouldn't have mattered as long as you were as pretty as you are. Now, if you'd care to dress, I'll take you to one of the good local restaurants, otherwise I'll just sit here admiring you."

"I'm starving," I replied, and I was, having been too nervous to eat earlier. "I'll dress."

I slipped into the dress and he closed it for me. When I turned to the mirror, I saw he had been right. Without my underwear, little showed except the dress itself. If one looked close enough, the circle of my aureoles could be detected and if the light was just right, the glitter of my pubic hair would show, but somehow this seemed less obscene than having my undies visible. As I turned from the mirror, he touched me for the first time, taking me in his arms and kissing me lightly on the lips. I didn't know how to respond, so I just let him control the action.

When he released me, he stepped back and shook his head with a sad smile saying, "We'll have to work on that."

"Sorry," I said. "I'm not much of a seductress."

"You wouldn't be here if you were," he replied. "I wasn't looking for that kind of woman."

He offered me his hand and led me away. I guess I wasn't prepared for the feelings my state of dress would awaken in me. I was constantly reminded of the bareness of my body beneath the light garment. Every movement, every caress of breeze, or simply the act of breathing caused the silk to cling and flow about my body, keeping me self-conscious, arousing me almost like the touch of a lover. By the time we had eaten and taken a pleasant walk along the beach, I could feel the dampness of my vagina. I would have liked to pretend it was perspiration. I knew better.

It didn't help that Horton occasionally let his hand catch my waist and lightly drift down my hip, or touched my spine, then circled my back until his fingers brushed the base of my breast. I was so sensitive, my nerves so raw that each of these encounters however brief, caused me to tremble.

Larry can attest to the fact, I'm easy to arouse and there comes a point when I am beyond caring about propriety. By the time we returned to our room, I had reached that point. Horton was surprised when I fell into his arms as soon as I knew we were alone. I locked my mouth to his and frenched him with a passion I rarely demonstrated with my husband. He didn't let surprise keep him from responding and soon was fondling by body through my dress. At one point it became too much and I knew I must have him inside me. To be sure he was ready, I dropped to my knees and tore his trousers open.

When my aim became apparent he objected saying, "That's really not ness... "

He didn't have time to finish as I drew out his stiff prick and swallowed it. I sucked it hard as I pulled it out, then swallowed again. He groaned and slapped my face with his groin, discharging thick liquid down my throat. I stopped sucking for a moment as the last of it oozed into my mouth.

"I'm so sorry," he mumbled. "I swear I didn't mean to do that."

I didn't reply, only began to pleasure him again. Soon he was just as hard as before, but now I hoped, better prepared for what I needed. I dragged him to the bed and lay back, pulling his crotch to my own. He was so shocked by my behavior, I actually had to guide him to my passage, then force him inside with my legs.

"Please," I begged, "I need to be fucked."

All his hesitation evaporated as he began to stroke into me. He had barely found his rhythm when I came, crying out loudly. Inspired by my orgasm, he shoved it to me harder and faster. I moaned and told him how good it was. I came again and encouraged him to take my ankles and split me open to drive deeper between my stocking-clad legs, bringing me rapidly to another climax. When he urged me to turn over and present my rump to him, I did so anxiously.

"Fuck me," I prompted him as he climbed behind me and drove it home.

"Oh yes!" he panted and began pounding my ass.

It went on for several minutes and I came time after time before he showed signs he was about to cum. I suddenly pulled away and turned about, taking his wet dick in my mouth in time to swallow an impressive amount of juice. As soon as I had sucked him dry, he collapsed on the bed with his pants around his ankles.

"My God!" he swore. "That was so incredible. How did you learn to do something like that?"

"Is it important to know?" I asked.

He laughed and said, "I guess not."

I moved up to kiss him and he turned his face aside. I realized he thought my mouth was now unclean. I straddled him and forced his lips to my own. I made him taste his cum on my tongue.

When he stopped fighting me, I drew away and said, "It's your dick I had in my mouth. If it's clean enough for me to suck, it's clean enough for you to taste."

"I'm sorry," he sighed. "It's just that I never... "

"I understand," I said, "But you have to know I'm used to a lover who's quite liberal about sex. We don't consider any part of our bodies too dirty to touch with tongue and lips."

"I'll try to please you any way you want," he replied. "Just keep in mind I'm not so experienced with anything but straight sex. I'm willing to learn. That's why we're here. I want to know all the ways a couple can pleasure each other."

He laughed and admitted, "I thought we would be learning together, not realizing you were so much bolder. I think some of my plans may have to be revised now that I know you're some kind of love-goddess."

"I'm just a woman used to having sex the way I want it, on my terms," I assured him. "Now, I think I'd like you to eat my pussy."

"I'm not sure I can do that," he said.

"I kept you from cumming inside me so I wouldn't be messy," I informed him. "So there's no reason you shouldn't try."

I moved up to his shoulders and straddled his face. Holding my dress up in front, I slowly lowed my pussy to his lips.

"Just bathe me with your tongue all along my crease to get the taste," I told him, "Then I'll tell you where to concentrate to make it good for me."

He was a reluctant student, but I had always been a patient teacher and knew it would take some time for him to get used to my smell and taste. When he had tongued me hesitantly for a moment, he became more confident and drew me tighter against his mouth. I knew he was ready to learn how to pleasure me.

"Good," I said, "Now move forward until I tell you to stop. Oooo, yes, that's the place. Can you feel how hard my clit is? That's the most sensitive part of my body. That's where my orgasms start. Not too hard at first, just tease it round and round. You can suck on it if you like, but gently, with just your lips. Good. Now move back toward my ass. There. You can go deeper. That's my love-channel. Do you taste the salty oils leaking from my womb? Good, isn't it? A bit tart, a bit raw like fresh oysters. Oh, yeah. You're deep in there. Now go back to my clit. Tease my inner lips, then lick my nub gently. Yes. Like that. You've got a good tongue. Now, keep going back and forth between my clit and my hole. It's getting hard to concentrate, so you're on your own."

For a novice, he really was doing well. Soon I was flying high on the ragged crest of an orgasmic wave and when I came crashing down into oblivion, he lapped eagerly the honey-cum I gushed. He had become so excited by his effect on me, I had to first caution him, then actually take my quivering sex away so I could catch my breath.

I lay on him for a moment, sharing the taste of my love-juices on his lips, before moving lower. I found his organ ready for me as I raised myself, then slowly eased it into my passage. When I was sitting on his groin, I wiggled my ass and grinned at the way he winced.

"Are you ready for my ride?" I asked him.

"Yes," he breathed.

"Are you ready for me to ride your dick hard until you cum inside me?"

"Yes, please," he moaned. "I want to cum in your pussy."

I squirmed on his erection, causing him to hiss in reaction.

"I've never before let a man besides my husband cum in my vagina," I lied, knowing it would excite him more. "I'll have your sperm deep inside me, even in my womb. How does that make you feel, knowing your cum will be where my babies are made?"

"Yes, please," he begged. "Let me cum in you. Let me make a baby in your womb."

I began to ease up and down his shaft. He tried to move faster until I forced him to be stop.

"Be still," I said. "I'm going to ride your hard dick. I'm going to let you cum in my pussy and fill my womb with your hot juice. Just be patient."

I began to ride him again. It seemed to take all his will to keep from thrusting back at me. I increased my pace, riding him faster. When he reached his limit, I felt him tense and tightened my pussy around his taunt organ. Suddenly he groaned loudly and I felt the gush of semen inside me. Not stopping, I pulled my dress from my perspiring body and continued to ride his spewing tool. He was breathing hard, but the continued action of my pussy, the sight of my nude body and the scenario I had painted for him, kept him erect. Soon I was having one climax after another while he gasped and trembled beneath me.

I felt him tense again and knew he was about to peak, so I cried out, "Yes! Spray me! Fuck my pussy! Fill me up!"

He yelled and grabbed my waist, holding me tight against his body as he blasted me full of man-juice. I had another orgasm while I felt the wet goo spraying out around his penis and flowing beneath my thighs.

Horton had served me well, so I let him relax, enjoying the aftershocks passing though both our bodies while he toyed with my ass and breasts.

When at last I lay down beside him, I asked, "Was that everything you expected?"

"That and more," he replied.

"I love to fuck," I admitted, "Though I prefer it be with someone I love."

"You've never had a fling?" he asked.

"You sound surprised."

"Well, I suppose I am," he replied. "I guess I thought... never mind."

"No, speak your mind. There's no need to develop tact at this stage of the game," I told him.

"I think I assumed all women... all beautiful women, had lovers on the side."

"Why?" I asked. "Because they're supposedly more desirable?"

"No, because they experience more temptation."

I thought about this for a moment, then shook my head, saying, "I can't see that, at least in my case. I do have offers from time to time, but I'm never tempted to cheat. It might be different for other women, I can't say."

He shrugged and said, "Maybe I'm wrong."

We were quiet for a while and I was about to drift off to sleep when he said, "I've arranged to introduce you to some friends this evening. They have a house across the bay. I'm going to ask you to go along with something which may be a bit foreign to you, since I seem to have made some false assumptions about you. Still, I think you'll enjoy what I've planned."

I asked him if he cared to enlighten me and he said it was a surprise. He would tell me after I met them. I was intrigued, a little apprehensive, but decided to let it go. After we took a short nap, he woke me by pushing his thumb into my rectum. He already had two fingers in my slick passage slowly thrusting into me. Apparently he had been at it for a while, because I was extremely stimulated and came almost immediately, clamping down on fingers and thumb.

When I got my breath, I said, "Thanks."

"Thank you," he replied. "I'm glad you don't mind my exploring your body."

I sighed in pleasure and remarked, "I hope you don't think you're going to find anything down there that hasn't already been plundered numerous times."

"You've let men put their fingers up your ass before?"

"Fingers, dicks, tongues, dildos and a few other objects I don't care to name. No, I'm not cherry back there either. Disappointed?"

"Not at all," he replied. "In fact, I hope you'll let me sample your beautiful behind."

"We'll see," was all I would tell him.

I don't generally mind anal, in fact, it sometimes gives me extraordinary orgasms. I used to let Larry butt-fuck me when we were teenagers to keep from getting pregnant during dangerous times, but these days, I rarely volunteer to have my ass dilated. He seemed satisfied with my answer. He suggested we shower and go out for a drink. Once again I found myself walking the streets wearing the thin silk dress. I was glad to find I didn't experience the same intense stimulation as before. I decided I was getting used to the near nudity, in fact I was enjoying the freedom I felt.

As we sat at an outdoor cafe drinking tropical fruit beverages with lots of alcohol, we talked about our interests. I learned he wanted to become a concert pianist. I had heard him play and he seemed to have the talent. He seemed surprised I had no goals beyond holding on to my job. When he questioned this, I reminded him I was already doing what I wanted to do.

After a while, he called my attention to some well-dressed men sitting at another table. He said they were watching me intently when I wasn't looking. I wished he hadn't told me, because I was suddenly self-conscious again. I guess our glances in their direction sparked some further interest, because our young waiter soon returned to our table flashing his hundred-watt smile and said the gentlemen at the far table were offering to buy us drinks if we would join them.

Horton grinned and said, "I've never had a guy send a waiter for me. I think we should find out more about these fellows."

I would probably have politely declined the invitation, but I was with him, so I went.

"Hello," Horton greeted them, "I'm Horton King and this is my wife Kim."

"I'm Jordan," said a handsome dark-haired man opposite us. He nodded at the man to his right and said, "This is my brother, Jacob," and waving to his left, he introduced the two men sitting there as business associates, Martin and Richard.

I noted immediately the omission of last names, but we sat in the available chairs anyway and told the waiter he could bring us more of the cocktail we were already drinking.

"So, what kind of business brings you to the islands?" Horton asked pleasantly.

The man introduced as Jordan's brother, Jacob, said, "Actually our business is concluded and we're taking in the sights."

As he said this, his eyes drifted down to my chest and the twin points trying to penetrate my dress. I hoped I wasn't blushing as I remarked that they had found a beautiful place to conduct their business.

"Yes, it really is a paradise," replied Martin.

He and his associate, Richard, were tall, ruggedly built men with swarthy skin obviously used to a lot of sun. From the way they were dressed, I took them to be sailors, or boaters of some kind. As we conversed, they mentioned their yacht, and their island-hopping in the Caribbean. Martin asked me if I ever sailed, and I had to admit I grew seasick easily. The men seemed to address most of their conversation toward me. After a while, Horton fell silent and just listened.

Jordan asked why we were in Bahamas and I told him it was our honeymoon trip. The men all glanced at Horton, who gave them a small smile in return. We learned very little about the men during our talk, but somehow they always managed to drag small personal details out of me. When I realized I was running off at the mouth, I stopped and asked if I could have another cocktail. I felt good, very confident, and the interested glances of the strange men were making my body tingle. I should have known it was the product of too much alcohol.

Somehow Jordan and his brother learned of Horton's interest in music and began a conversation with him about the local bands. I excused myself to the ladies' room and when I was on my way back to the table, Richard was suddenly blocking my way. I stopped and smiled in confusion.

"Your husband went ahead with the brothers," he told me.

"Went where?" I asked.

"Jacob knows some men who are with a famous steel-band," he replied. "Your husband wanted to meet them and I offered to keep you company. I have to help Martin with some things back at the boat, so they said they would catch us there. Would you like to see our yacht?"

I wondered why Horton would just leave me this way, but Richard seemed sincere and I had neglected to bring my purse, so I didn't have cab-fair, besides, I was curious to see the sea-craft. Richard led me out of the cafe through a garden and we met Martin outside. He was behind the wheel of an ancient Rolls Royce, black and shiny as obsidian. Richard helped me into the back and away we went. Martin drove at a reckless speed through the narrow streets and roared along the rough asphalt roads beyond the village. Soon we reached the port that served this island and came to rest close to a waterfront warehouse where we parked. The salty smell of the ocean mingled with the stench of fish and rotting timbers I have come to associate with seaside docks.

It wasn't far to the pier where the small-boat docks were located. I have never seen the number of sea-craft and the variety of designs and colors before, nor since. I was fascinated. Their own craft was very sleek and looked fresh from the factory. The name on the bow was "Jolly's Roger".

"I thought boats had female names?" I questioned.

"Not necessarily," replied Martin. "Sometimes you might name one after a personal quirk. The tour-boat in the birth next to ours is called, "Captain Broke". The name says it all."

Martin climbed aboard the yacht and Richard handed me across to him.

"Welcome to our home on the sea," Martin said and held me close against his body for a moment as the boat swayed, making my footing unstable.

I pushed away from him and walked a couple of steps before my three-inch heels slipped on the polished deck. Martin easily caught me again and guided me to a cushioned bench, where he seated me and kneeled at my feet. As he removed my shoes, he almost casually glanced up my thigh to my crotch. I pushed my hem between my legs, cutting off his view of my bare cunt. Richard offered me another drink and a tour of the boat. Wishing to turn my thoughts away from how vulnerable I felt, I gratefully accepted. I was amazed at how much room there was in the space below deck. I would have thought it would be cramped and close. The two sleeping cabins were large and immaculately tidy. Everything was decorated in shining brass and polished black leather. It all looked very masculine and I mentioned this.

Richard laughed and said, "Well, we had it out-fitted to our taste, since we rarely have feminine company."

"What, no woman in every port?" I teased him. "What kind of sailor does that make you?"

The strong scotch I had been given was warm in my stomach and my head felt light. I giggled and wondered why I was so amused.

"Oh, we do occasionally find a woman to suit us," Martin replied to my question, "But we're such vagabonds, we never inspire long relationships. We feel very fortunate if we can have the company of a lady for even one day."

"Yes, and we're very selective," added Richard. "Since we so rarely get into port for any length of time, the woman we spend time with, must be superbly beautiful and charming. Martin's tastes run to cultured women with lovely faces and sweet personalities. For myself, I could care less about such things as long as she has a shapely body and sexy ways. So you see, it can be very difficult to find all this wrapped in one winning package."

I laughed and said, "You sound as if you are talking about having one woman between you. What fun would that be?"

"You might be surprised," said Martin. "We find that the ratio of two-to-one is the perfect formula for us. Everyone gets pleased. No one is left-out."

To me it was a strange concept. They freshened my drink while we sat in the large forward compartment that served double purpose as both kitchen and living area. It reminded me of the lay-out of a large RV. I mentioned that I couldn't imagine trying to cook anything while under sail, much less being able to eat what I had cooked.

"Then I suppose giving you a motor tour of the port would be out of the question?" asked Martin.

"Unless you enjoy cleaning vomit from your floors and everything else," I replied with a grin. "I'll stay securely rooted, thank you."

"That's a shame," said Richard. "We would have loved a woman's company for a few days."

He was sitting close by my side while Martin sat facing us across the cabin. Martin got up long enough to go to a cabinet and start a reel-to-reel tape player which produced soft dance music. I felt a hand on my thigh and found Richard had moved closer and was smiling at me.

"How do you like our home so far?" he asked.

"It's lovely," I replied, thinking of asking him to remove his hand.

Martin moved in front of me and asked, "Do you like to dance?"

"What woman doesn't?" I returned.

"May I?" he asked, offering his hand.

Letting him bring me to my feet and take me in a loose embrace, eliminated the need to worry about Richard's hands, not that I was overly concerned. As we slowly danced, Martin told me about spending months at sea with no other company but Richard.

"Usually, by the time we reach land again, we're thoroughly sick of each other," said Martin.

"Mildly annoyed," corrected Richard, tapping him on the shoulder.

Martin looked annoyed as he relinquished me to his partner, who immediately pulled me close and moved me about the room. I'm not sure he was a better dancer, but feeling his body against mine through the silk of my dress definitely raised me to another level of excitement. In the middle of the next dance, Martin cut-in and took me in an even closer embrace. I felt his hands wander over my back before one settled on my hip while the other led. When Richard took me back he held me looser, but then, both hands rode my hips. I soon noticed that I felt damp between my legs.

As time went bye and the caresses of the men became more intimate, I found myself enjoying their attentions. They kept swapping me between them, keeping me off-guard, because by the time I was about to object to a liberty one was taking with my person, I was suddenly with the other. I should have reacted strongly when I found myself in Richard's arms and him shirtless, even more so when he reached to hold me by my buttocks while we danced, but then I was spun into Martin's grasp and he pressed me tightly against his crotch. The bulge in his pants rubbed along the top of my vaginal crease, bringing a moan from my lips.

I should have stopped it when he slipped his hands beneath my hem to fondle my bare bottom. I didn't. I was lost in the music, in the sight and feel of their hard tanned bodies under my hands. We danced slower and slower. When first Martin, then Richard began to kiss me, I didn't object. Soon I found myself standing between them, four hands roaming over my body at will, one mouth locked to mine, stealing my breath, while the other gently kissed along my neck and shoulders.

Richard drew my zipper down, tongued and kissed his way down my spine, while Martin bared my chest and began to kiss my breasts and suck at my nipples. I was so aroused that I could summon no resistance as my dress fell to the floor. By the time Martin had made his way to my crotch and begun tonguing my love-groove, Richard was already kneeling behind me, his face pressed into my ass. As I felt his long, hard tongue probe at my anus a rush of feeling passed through my body and I cried aloud. When I returned from the abyss, I was standing with my hands massaging my breasts while two half-nude men pleasured me with their tongues fore and aft.

As I came down from my second orgasm I felt myself lifted in four strong arms and carried toward one of the bedrooms. I no longer cared. I had surrendered to the moment and all the pleasures these men could give me. They lay me across a bed with my head hanging off one side. While Martin moved my thighs apart and raised them to caress my open sex with his lips, Richard offered me the velvet head of his penis. I gladly took it in my mouth and sucked while he slowly rocked back and forth, pistoning between my lips. He grew larger and soon my mouth was stretched around the girth of his organ. After a few minutes, Richard eased it into my throat and I tried to swallow it, wanting to please him. I could feel my throat bulge with the size of him and then he shoved it all the way. I almost panicked as he blocked my airway, but then he groaned and I felt his cum spray into my stomach, after which he, slowly withdrew. I took a deep breath then sucked him dry.

Richard moved away just as I jerked in the throes of climax from Martin's ministrations. I recovered to find another, somewhat smaller dick brushing my lips and took it into my mouth to enjoy. The tongue in my pussy had a different style, but was just as talented and quickly brought me to a shuddering orgasm. Martin gushed in my mouth just as Richard gripped my ankles and raised my legs from the bed. I felt something warm and firm against the lips of my pussy, then it intruded into my passage, spreading me open, stretching my labia tight and tugging at my clit.

It had been a long time since I had felt so packed with male thickness. He reached my cervix easily with length to spare. When Richard began to move inside me I moaned and quivered in reaction. Martin had kept his dick hard by stroking it and now slipped it back between my lips.

It was an incredible experience, pleasuring two men at once and being pleasured in return. Minute by minute it became better as my orgasms grew stronger. Martin was fondling my breasts and pinching my nipples gently while Richard gradually increased his pace. When he abruptly shoved my ankles toward my face, I was taken by surprise. I felt him pound my cervix rapidly and expected to have him erupt inside my womb, but he withdrew and I would have shouted in objection if my mouth hadn't been full of dick, because his dick dropped an inch lower and pressed against my anus. I tensed in expectation of intense pain as I felt the ring of my hole being forced, but he stopped just as it became uncomfortable and groaned. I felt my bowel flooded with warm sperm until his penis quit twitching. When he pulled away from my garden-gate and drove the large organ back into my pussy, I relaxed.

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