Merry Christmas
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, Cheating, Slow,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Ann Bristol and Jim Furol have both been hurt badly by their failed marriages. Jim starts a new project at Ann's company on Labor Day. The project requires them to work together closely. Jim makes a Christmas for Ann that she will remember forever. They slowly come to realize that they have each found a new reason to love.

Jim Furol pulled into the parking lot of the Walgreen's Drug Store and found a parking space close to the store for his pickup. There were quite a few cars in the parking lot for a Labor Day weekend. He had decided to pick up a few toiletries that he needed before checking into the motel. Traffic on the Interstates had not been as bad as he had expected. He had made very good time. He had decided to travel over the holiday so that he would have a few days to find a small apartment before the new project started. He hated living out of motels, as he usually had to do. This project was going to be a longer one than usual; it would last about two years.

Jim was an engineer for Park Machinery Company. Park Machinery was a company that installed production line machinery that included stamping machinery, conveyors systems and robotic manufacturing machinery. The company was unique in that it could design, estimate and install the machinery. Many times a customer's only instructions to Park Machinery would be to design and install the most modern machinery possible. Often a customer would know what he wanted his facility to do, but had no idea what he needed. The smaller manufacturers could not afford to have an in-house design engineers and would contract the design and installation to Park Machinery. These smaller manufacturers were Park Machinery's bread and butter accounts. Park's design team would meet with the customer and find out their needs, figure out what the customer's goals were and survey the competition. They would then design a state-of-the-art facility uniquely suited to that customer's needs, while making sure that future upgrades could be made without having to completely retool. Park machinery could handle the entire project from design to bid to installation. In today's business climate, the life of a new manufacturing facility was short. Computer chip plants had a life of 18 months before having to retool.

Jim Furol was a very good engineer. He had worked for Park Machinery since he got out of college. He worked in the office until about 3 years ago. He was the lead design engineer in the office. He was good at taking a customer's ideas and providing a manufacturing facility that would serve the customer's needs without driving him into bankruptcy. Jim kept up on all of the latest technology and had taken several courses on robotics. He read every brochure that suppliers sent him and kept up on what products were available in his field. Many offers for advancement had come from other companies over the years, but he had his family and a comfortable home and travel did not appeal to him.

Three years ago, Bill Park had asked him to have lunch with him. They went to a local Italian restaurant and Bill Park asked the waitress for a table where they could talk. Bill started talking about the latest project that the company had won. The conversation went from talk about the new project, to the weather and then to talk about Bill's new boat. Jim knew that the purpose of this lunch was not to discuss the weather or the new boat.

"Bill, you have something on your mind. Why don't you say it?"

Jim knew Bill Park very well. Bill was a couple of years younger than Jim's 47 years, but they had become close over the years. Bill Park was a go-getter. He had started Park Machinery on a shoestring. Jim lived next door to him and knew him just well enough to say hi to him over the fence. Both were engineers and neither of them liked the companies that they worked for. Both of them had gone with their respective companies right out of college for wages that were a bit lower than average for an engineer. The promised increases never materialized and they started looking for better opportunities. Bill had an argument with the owner of his company and left just before he got fired. He decided to go into business for himself with the help of a loan from his father and a small business loan that was guaranteed by the Small Business Administration. About a year after he started Park Machinery, he asked Jim to come with him and take over the design department. Jim knew that it was risky, but he was fed up with the company that he was working for. Jim talked it over with his wife and they decided that with her salary and his, they could make it. If Bill's company didn't make it, her salary would keep them afloat until he found another job.

He started working for Park machinery in their old building that was so drafty that everyone wore sweaters and jackets at their desks in the winter. Within a year Park Machinery had to move to larger quarters. In 3 years, Park machinery built their own building in an industrial park and opened an office on the west coast. Five years ago Bill Park announced that he had opened an office in Europe. The design was still done at the home office, but installation of the systems was done from the branch offices. Jim and Bill both knew that Jim's expertise and long hours were the reason for a large part of Park's success. Bill Park made sure that Jim was compensated well for his work. Jim invested his money well and he had no financial worries. The Park Machinery Company grew every year and became a major player in the installation of industrial machinery.

Bill Park stared at his coffee cup, "Jim you're slipping. You're starting to let your problems come to work with you. You know yourself that you're getting hard to work with. I'm getting a lot of complaints from the people in your department. I'm afraid that I'm going to start losing some of my good designers."

Jim tried to read what his friend was thinking, "Are you trying to say that you'd like me to resign?"

"No, of course not. It's just that I think you need to shake yourself off, boot yourself in the ass and get on with your life."

Jim knew that what he was saying was true. He had been hard to deal with at work recently and had gotten into arguments with some of his people that he knew were uncalled for. His work was as good as it ever was, but he knew that if he didn't change his mind-set, that his performance would drop off and the company would suffer.

"I guess I've got to agree with You, Bill. I've probably have been bringing my problems to work. I'll try to be a bit more pleasant to work with."

"I really brought you here to discuss something else. This new project, as you know, is the first true turnkey project that we've ever done. We've discussed letting Roger Bass do it, but I really don't think he can do this one. I'm worried about the construction of the building. Roger has no building construction experience at all and I'm afraid that if the building falls behind schedule, the rest of the project will become a big loser."

"Are you suggesting that we hire someone for this project?"

"No, definitely not. Let me run something by you that might help both of us. I'd like to ask you to run this project. This would get you away from your problems and you'd be so busy that you wouldn't have time to think about them. I'm not saying that I want to replace you as head of the design department, what I want you to do is do both jobs."

Jim looked at him and saw he was grinning at him.

"No really, I'll get more involved in the department and I'll fly you back here as needed. I'll pay for a motel or apartment and give you 15 dollars a day for food. Any expenses that you incur because you are away from home will be reimbursed. I think this will be the perfect opportunity for you to do some thinking and to get your head screwed on right. The customer has a bonus written into the contract for early completion. I'll split the bonus with you if you complete the project ahead of schedule."

Their food arrived and they continued to discuss the project over lunch, carefully dissecting the job and trying to find any problems they might have before they had to start the actual construction.

Jim's father had been a building contractor and worked every summer with his father since he was sixteen. When he went to college he continued to work with his father every summer until he graduated. His father was disappointed that he was not coming into the business with him but didn't give him any grief because of his decision. Jim's older brother had been working with his father and both of them knew that he would eventually take over the business.

On the way back to the office Jim told his friend and boss that he would give him an answer by the end of the day. He walked into his department and told his secretary that he didn't want to be disturbed by anyone for the rest of the day. He went into his office and closed the door.

Running the project in another state would not cause him any problems at home. His only child was now 20 years old and had decided that he wanted to be an automobile mechanic. He worked for one of the larger car dealers in town. He had gotten married a few months ago and he and his new wife moved in with Jim until they could afford to buy a home of their own. Jim knew that if they didn't stop spending like they were millionaires, they would be living with him for a long time.

The company had hired good people for the design department and he felt sure that he could run the department from the jobsite without much trouble. Blueprints and specifications could be e-mailed to him as required and he could tap into the company database from the jobsite.

At 4:30 he went to Bill Park's office and told him that he would handle the new project.

When he arrived at the site of the new factory, he made a few calls and had a meeting with the customer's representatives. After getting their input he met with the contractor. He explained what he wanted to do and agreed to pay for any cost overruns that his plan caused. The contractor agreed and Jim had his construction trailer on site the next day. After the phones were in and his office equipment was leased and installed he went to a car dealer and leased a pickup for one year. If he needed the pickup longer than that he would be in trouble.

The site was cleared first, with the company working seven days a week. Jim picked up the premium time. He had the roads, curbs and parking lots installed next, leaving the finish topping off the asphalt. The asphalt would have the topcoat installed after all of the heavy equipment was off of the job. The concrete slab that would be the floor of the factory was installed next. He leased temporary structures and had them installed where the machinery was to be installed. He started to have the machinery shipped while the walls and roof were going up. By the time the building was complete the majority of the equipment was installed. When the factory was turned over to the customer, they were 4 months ahead of schedule.

After Jim cleaned up the minor problems at the factory and removed his trailer from the site he went back to Park Machinery to resume running the design department. The department had run fine with only a few minor problems that he had solved after flying back to his office. He had only had to come back to his office 4 times during the time he was involved on the other project. The complexity of the project and his time away from his familiar surroundings forced him to come to grips with himself and he shook the bitterness.

About 30 days after he returned home, Bill Park came into his office and handed him a check for 112,000 dollars. He told him that the company was so pleased with Park that they wanted them to bid on all of their projects around the world.

After that, Jim ran all of the larger projects for Park Machinery. He was spending about half of his time on the road. He didn't particularly like all of the traveling that his job required, but it had been a Godsend to him. It allowed him to keep busy and keep his mind off his troubles. When he and Marie had gotten a divorce he had become bitter and it had affected his work and his attitude toward life.

He and Marie had started dating in college. He was a senior and she was a freshman. They hit it off as soon as they met. After he graduated and had a job he asked her to marry him. She accepted and told him that she wanted to marry him right away. He tried to convince her to wait until she graduated, but she finally convinced him that they should get married right away. She told him that the only reason that she went to college was to please her parents. They had saved all of their lives to provide a college education for their children and she felt that it would hurt them if she didn't attend college.

They got married about 2 months after he proposed. She left college after their marriage and she got a job as a bank teller in a local bank. She worked at the bank until their son was born. After a 2 year hiatus she went back to work for the same bank. She started to get promotions until she became a branch manager. The bank was taken over by a larger bank and then that bank was taken over by a regional bank. Marie knew that she would never rise higher than branch manager because of her education.

They were doing well with both of their salaries and they started to buy houses as rental properties. Marie took care of the rentals and she seemed to be happy with their life until the last 2 years they were together. The sex became almost non-existent and they argued quite often about nothing. Their son had moved into his own apartment after he graduated from high school and Jim always felt that it was because of the way he and Marie were always at each other's throat.

One Saturday morning Jim got out of bed to find that Marie was already gone. He found an envelope on the kitchen table. In the envelope was a letter and divorce papers. Marie told him in the letter that she had found someone else and that she had taken half of the money out of their savings and checking accounts to allow her to start a new life without him. He found out later that she had moved in with a man that she worked with from the bank. He was 6 years her junior and they only lasted about 6 months. He heard that she was now living with a pharmaceutical salesman who was on the road a lot. He knew that this one would not last long either.

Jim gave her a lot of what her lawyer asked for. He kept the house he was living in. He signed the rental properties over to her and gave her the stocks that they owed. He had an excellent salary and he wanted her to be able to make a fresh start and be happy.

He took a week's vacation when the divorce was final and stayed drunk for a week at a house on the beach that he had rented. After he returned home he found out that Marie had had several affairs during the course of their marriage. He had never suspected anything. He had been faithful to her and he had assumed that she was the same. The bitterness that tore him up for a long time started to eat away at him after he found out about her affairs. He never dated anyone after his divorce.

This new project was smaller than the first one that he had run after his divorce, but it had to be done in 3 stages. A new addition to the plant would have to be built and the machinery installed. After the machinery in the new addition was tested and running, the operations in the old part of the factory would be moved to the new machinery. The machinery in the old part of the building would then be tore out and new, modern machinery would be installed. Finally another new addition to the factory would be built on the other side and it would be outfitted with new machinery. When the job was completed, Parameter Fabrication, Inc. would have one of the most modern facilities of its kind in the country.

Jim paid for his purchases and walked out to the rental car that he had picked up at the airport. A woman was standing behind his car watching the store. She was a pretty woman about his own age. She was dressed casually, but he could tell that she still kept her figure.

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