Greenhouse Effect
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual, NonConsensual, Drunk/Drugged, Science Fiction, Humiliation, Masturbation, Violent,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Conniving shopper gets a deal that she never bargained for. Fourth story in a series

Jasmine delicately stroked the dusky blue eye shadow onto her right eyelid. She fluttered both of her dark chocolate colored eyes for an instant then studied her long full lashes for any traces of the color. Satisfied, the athletically built lady then raised a tube of coral hued lipstick to her sensuously full lips.

Jasmine's had naturally rich copper-colored skin that was the constant envy of her suntan yearning friends. Her delicate cheekbones had already been feathered with a gentle blush that radiated from her hairline, just above her ears, to her perfect chin. The image in the mirror reflected the face of a beautiful woman, with fine racial accents both Asian and Nubian, framed in a silken shoulder-length mid-night mane. She practiced her seductive smile momentarily. One corner of her mouth rode slightly above the other as her eyes flashed the twinkle of a promise.

The sundress Jasmine wore was striped vertically with alternate ivory and navy blue bands. The light garment was painted over her sumptuous curves. She reached up to her bosom to adjust her 34C bra to adjust for comfort and also the concealment of its thin black straps beneath the thicker straps of the dress. Her cleavage rose out and against the straight cut top of the low neckline. Jasmine cupped her breasts and gently squeezed them together, drawing a finger slowly over each fabric-covered nipple. Shivers of excitement telegraphed along each side of her back, parallel to her spine and nesting finally into her quivering buttocks.

As she spun around to assess her appearance from behind, Jasmine's mind was dwelling upon the fact that it had been three long weeks since she had lain with a man. If all went smoothly this afternoon, she knew that her hungers would be satiated tonight, at least physically.

Jasmine stepped away from the mirror, and instantly tugged her sundress down in the back, over the fertile swell of her thirty-six inch hips and thick muscular hocks, so that its bottom hem aligned evenly an inch above her knees. The fabric's printed stripes flared from an inch wide at her tight waist, to almost an inch and a half in width as they continued their journey across Jasmine's lush flanks.

Turning to face the mirror again, she took two more steps backwards and received a full view of her five foot six inch stature. Jasmine admired her muscular legs, the ivory sandals she wore were slightly heeled causing her calves to show their sinuous strength. In the backdrop was a wall of various ferns, vines and equatorial plants.

In fact, almost every wall in Jasmine's townhouse was adorned in the same tiered rainforest decor. Her plants were her passion. Jasmine was a well-paid registered nurse, twenty-five years old and quite able and willing to spend her free time nurturing the indoor garden that she so loved. Her main hobby was horticulture, and she focused on tropical exotics. Her second hobby might have been called shopping. She and her best friend Diane called it hunting.

Jasmine was going shopping with her girlfriend, Diane, this morning and she wanted to look spicy. The secret to a good bargain was to look hot, and then to get a man to wait on you. The cost of the item was not the issue. Diane and Jasmine often made a game out of seeing who could get a negotiable item for less. The girls also knew that most of the items in this world - were negotiable.

For the final target of their browsing, they had planned on stopping at a local nursery so that Jasmine could purchase a new plant or two to join her apartment's tropical forest.

Returning her scrutiny to the mirror before her, Jasmine pivoted ninety degrees to view her profile. She remembered that Ron had called her, at the Hospital, where she worked last night and had tried to set up a date or visit with her. Jasmine knew that it would probably end up with him screwing her brains out, but that was all right with her too. They had agreed to Saturday afternoon.

Ron was a co-dependant momma's boy, thirty-two years of age and living at his mother's home. Jasmine had met him at a party four months before, and been taken in by what appeared to be his roguish, devil-may-care ways. Two months later, she viewed the same mannerisms as boyish ways and knew that her and Ron could not be. Three weeks ago, after an argument over responsibilities, they had stopped dating.

Yet, Ron was a very skilled lover and they had a bedroom chemistry that clicked. Was she using him? Was he not seeking to use her? Tonight would be tonight, and tomorrow, Jasmine would once again, nudge his sorry ass to the curb.

It was decided that Ron would meet the two girls at the nursery around noon and Jasmine would leave with him from there. Jasmine was apprehensive about Ron showing up properly. He was bad at being punctual and he had revealed over the phone, that on Friday night, he would be out all night and partying with his buddies.

A horn bleated from outside of Jasmine's dwelling and she scurried with a wiggle to a window that overlooked her driveway. Diane's green RAV4 truck squatted on the pavement beneath the muggy and overcast morning. She could see Diane's curly blonde mop shifting around behind the windshield as she played with the radio's controls. Rain had been forecasted for today, but Jasmine was feeling upbeat. It was Saturday, on the edge of summer, and she was going shopping with her best friend. Later, maybe...

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