Gift From The Future
Chapter 1

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Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Roy Baines is one of the top weapons desigers in the government. He has plans to build a super secret weapon that would be light years ahead of what they had now. He is visited by beings from another place. They bring back a woman who had lived 500 years in the future.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Oral Sex  

Roy Baines sat on the bank casting his line into the glassy, still waters of the lake. His mind wasn't really on fishing, and he would probably have lost the fish if it did strike. He had bought the three acres on the lake as his hide-away, a place to think. That's what the reason was for his weekend at the lake this time. He had a lot to think about. The decision that he had to make would effect the direction of rest of his life; probably his decision would have a major impact on the future of mankind.

He looked out over the lake, drinking in the magnificent silence. Most of the people that had cabins or houses on this side of the lake were like him; they built here to get away from people. He had put a manufactured doublewide on the property, a spot that gave him the best view of the lake and the surrounding mountains. A diesel generator provided power to the house. Solar panels and a small wind turbine provided enough electricity to run a low-wattage electric heater to kept the house from freezing when he was not using it, but just barely. He had pulled out the cheap insulation the manufacturer had installed and had foam insulation pumped in. The foam insulation insolated the house from the cold. The worthless windows that came with the house had been replaced with triple glazed windows. He had composting toilets installed so that he wouldn't pollute the lake and a gray water filtration system insured against gray water pollution of the lake. It had all been expensive, because of the remoteness of the property, but it was worth it. Earlier in the season, he had wired the generator to run and charge the batteries if the wind turbine and solar panels couldn't keep them fully charged. A friend in town owned a feed and grain store that also provided the locals with fuel oil, and kept the diesel tank topped off and kept an eye on the house.

His mother and father knew about his get-away place, but had never seen it. They were both retired and their focus in life now was to see how many golf courses around the world that they could play before they died. Both of Roy's parents had been college professors and he had inherited their genes. He graduated from college with a dual major in chemistry and biology. The government had recruited him and sent him back to college where he earned a master's in both chemistry and biology. He became fascinated with physics and started pursuing a degree in that discipline also. He found that he had a real aptitude for physics and went on to get his doctorate in physics by the age of twenty-six. It was after this that he went to work for the Department of Defense in their top-secret weapons program. This program was the reason that he needed to have some time to himself. He needed to think this out.

The Four-Star General in charge of the weapons program had called him into his office for a luncheon meeting. Roy arrived at the office wondering what the reason for this meeting was. He was wrapping up a successful weapon development assignment, trying to put all of the paperwork in order so that the Defense Department could present it to Congress for funding. He knew that he would be given another assignment when Congress approved the weapons system. He would have to be available for a while in case he had to testify before the Armed Services Committee. It was hard talking to a bunch of idiots whose only concern was getting re-elected. Rarely did they have the intelligence or inclination to discuss high tech weapons.

As he walked down the hall to the General's office he was thinking about the new weapons system that he had been highly instrumental in developing. It was the next generation "smart" bomb. The bomb was so accurate that so-called "collateral damage" would be almost eliminated and it had the ability to "shape" the detonation to direct the explosion away from civilians. If the mission was aborted or if the bomb malfunctioned the bomb's detonator could be defuse remotely. The electronics, in that case, would fry themselves to avoid the possibility of falling into enemy hands. If there was still a possibility of the bomb causing collateral damage, it could be guided to an unpopulated area and detonated. The brass at the Pentagon were no overly thrilled about the "collateral damage" aspect of the weapon, they loved the accuracy. It could be launched from a much greater distance than before and had stealth design.

The luncheon with the General had started off well, with a lot of compliments on his achievements in the past few years. Roy had been working for the government for nine years. When the General got to the reason for the meeting, the tone of it changed. The Pentagon wanted Roy's entire staff to be put on a top-secret project at an undisclosed site. The scientists would be allowed to bring their families to the secret location and they would be housed in a "village" to be constructed just for them. The scientists would receive a healthy increase in pay to compensate them for their hardship and the General implied that Roy would be taking over the General's job as soon as the project was successful. Roy knew that would never happen. A military man always had that post.

Three years before, Roy had done a feasibility study on a theoretical weapon that was so far advanced that no one knew if the scientific facts that the weapon was based on were correct. He was sure that the type of radiation that the weapon relied on did exist, but no one could prove it. Hell, a few years ago, no one knew that neutrinos existed. Neutrinos are so small that if one were dropped on a human's head it would fall right through to the human's feet by falling through the spaces in the atoms of the body. If the type of radiation that he had written the study about could be found to exist, it would revolutionize warfare.

Theoretically, the weapon could be powered by a battery pack hidden under a man's suit coat. The weapon itself would be about the size and shape of a TV remote. This is what was causing him so much trouble now and was the reason he had taken three weeks of his accumulated vacation time. He had to think this thing through.

Roy stared at the lake. He was worried about the Pentagon going ahead with this weapon. First, it would be very expensive. He knew that wouldn't be a problem, some money would be diverted from other departments. That is how many weapons are funded. The public would be amazed how many weapons came from Department of Agriculture funds. Second, the science for the weapon was only theory. It might take years only to find out that his theories were wrong. Third, and this is what the kicker was. He knew that the government had a habit of propping up dictators and then going to war against them a few years later. What would happen if the weapon fell into the hands of a dictator and he later turned against us?

The weapon basically loosened the molecular bond that held things together. If the weapon could be made and you pointed it at a man and fired the thing, the molecular bonds would cease to exist and the man would fall into a pile of the elements that make up a human. The gaseous elements would naturally disperse. It would be impossible to tell where the weapon was fired from, as it made no sound and had no telltale traits like smoke. He shuddered. If a terrorist got hold of just one of these, he could bring a nation to its knees. Would the United States be able to make sure that no one ever got one in their possession?

He knew that he would have to build a whole new generation of instrumentation to prove his theory. There might not even be a suitable material available to harness the radiation that he was sure existed. There was a plus side to the weapon's development; a lot of pure science would be needed to develop it. Pure science was never wasted. He stared out over the lake. What about the trade off though? Pure science was great, but then we had a terrible weapon that we probably couldn't control. Was it worth it?

Roy reeled in the line and picked up his gear. He walked to the house, trying to get his mind on the weapon system that was causing his distress. He finally pushed it out of his mind. So what! He would go ahead with the project. If he didn't succeed, the pure science would pay off in the future. He had questioned weapons systems before on philosophical grounds and had found that his fears had been vastly overblown; at least they were so far.

He hit the switch to turn on the generator and started to fix a sandwich. With the sandwich and a healthy portion of the very bad commercial potato salad that he had purchased on the way up to the lake, he walked out on the porch to watch the sun go down. As he started to sit in the wooden rocker that he put out on the porch whenever he was there, the paper plate folded and the potato salad fell to the floor. He quickly grabbed at the sandwich and caught it just before it joined the salad on the floor. He went back into the house and got paper towels and spray cleaner to clean up the mess. After he had the mess cleaned up he decided to have just the sandwich for dinner. He didn't need all that starch anyway.

Roy didn't consider himself athletic, but he ran five miles almost everyday and worked out on the weight machine three times a week. His father and mother had instilled the benefits of exercise and healthy living into him and he had developed a passion for exercise. He was the talk of all of his friends. He was as hard as a rock without being built like those men in the body building magazines.

Roy Baines had a lot of friends. He was smart but he never lorded his intelligence over anybody. He lived in an apartment in Arlington, Virginia because of his work schedule. An apartment was smaller, therefore was much easier to keep clean. He dated occasionally, but he didn't have any special girl in his life. Women tended to shy away from him after the second time he canceled a date so that he could work on a weapons project. Sunday football games and ice hockey were his off-duty passions. He would often have a roomful of his friends and their dates at his house when the games were televised. Sometimes he would have one his female friends there also.

He sat on the porch long after the sun went down. When he felt that he couldn't take another mosquito bite, he got up and went inside. There were strategically placed lights throughout the house that ran off the batteries. The light on his nightstand was one of these. He turned the light on and went into the bathroom and adjusted the shower. As he took a leisurely shower he made a mental note to call the General tomorrow and tell him that he would start working on the new weapon as soon as he was done with the Armed Services Committee.

Roy took one last look outside and went into the kitchen and hit the button that stopped the generator. He could hear the wind turbine spinning and knew that he would have lights tonight if he needed them. The system had never given him any trouble.

After he had crawled under the covers, he turned on the TV. He had a satellite dish on the house, as cable was not available at the lake. He had a satellite telephone for the same reason. There were no cell phone towers for miles so a cell phone wouldn't work up here. He fell asleep in the middle of the hockey game and was startled awake when the crowd cheered a goal. He turned off the TV and went back to sleep.

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