Jennie's Story: The Accident
Chapter 1

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Incest, Brother, Sister, Oral Sex, Pregnancy,

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The love between a brother and sister, as told from the sister's point of view. My own sister helped me to write this one using experiences from our own life, well, some are true and some are not, you have fun picking out which is which.

It was an unusually warm spring morning for the island of Cape Breton in 1977, which for those of you who don't know is located off the east coast of Canada. This is where and when my life and therefore my story began.

Small and wrinkled, wet from head to toe, I was dried off before being placed in my mother's arms. Not that I remember any of this mind you, afterall I had just been born. No, I would have to endure the story of my birth as told to me by Mom countless times growing up. Seven hours of painful labor she would say, it seemed like we never wanted to come out. By we I mean my brother and I, together Fraternal Twins. I was born first but only by three minutes and after my brother Mark's delivery a nurse could be heard to say how cute it was, brother and sister not wanting to be seperated for very young. Like many twins we were born slightly premature but only by two weeks so the doctors would diagnose us as healthy and after a few days hospital supervision our parents were permitted to take us home.

Home would be a single story three bedroom Ranch with a finished basement on the outskirts of town in a rural area very near the ocean where we were placed in the same crib in what would later become my room.

Unlike Identical Twins conceived from a single egg and sharing the same genetic makeup, Fraternal Twins are born when two eggs are fertilized at or near the same time. This means twins can have similiar features but like us most often do not. Twins are also known to develop a strong bond that lasts their entire lives and for us this is true.

Inseperable as children we always had a need for one another that we did not have or even want with anyone else. Mom would tell me we even had our own language together, a common abnormality for twins known as Cryptophasia or Twin Language. When seperated from one another for whatever reason we would both begin wailing, each of us missing the other until finally reunited we would hug for the longest time trying to soothe the other's cries and once calm we would resume our unintelligable conversations, concerning what Mom said nobody knew for sure.

We would outgrow this however, encouraged by Mom who would spend much time reading to us and introducing new stimulus whenever possible including interactions with children our own age. Both Mark and I were friendly and outgoing, never shy between ourselves or others but as best friends we sometimes just preferred to be left alone with one another.

Being a boy, Mark rough-housed and wrestled with me but I always seemed to develop just one step ahead of him and usually won any battle he started, that is unless I let him. Being a girl, I would hold Tea-Parties and play House pretending we were Husband and Wife, both games in which Mark loved to play a role. Even though by now we had our own seperate rooms we would frequently share the same bed together as i'm sure all small children do when confronted with the dark of the night, mysterious sounds, and of course Thunderstorms. We both loved to show affection so kisses and hugs were common between us.

As time moved on another reason for our close attachment became the increasing tension between our parents as they slowly fell out of love for one another. Almost nightly screaming matches would wake the two of us and soon either Mark or I, but usually Mark, would journey across the hall seeking comfort in the other's bed. We would always sleep face to face in each other's arms, holding one another tight, sometimes quietly sobbing as we listened to our parents fighting as they moved towards seperation.

Mark and I however would only become closer relying solely on each other for everything. We each shared the same group of friends in Junior High and were always together between classes and at lunch. After school, always in my room, we would do our homework or just listen to music, neither of us being shy we just sat around in our underwear while we both felt free to talk about almost anything.

"Did you see Danny kissing Beth today outside the cafeteria?"

"How could I miss them, he practically had his tongue down her throat, i'm surprised she wasn't choking."

"And she was letting him too, I always thought Beth was a slut, it was funny to watch though. Mark, have you kissed a girl yet?"

"What are you talking about I kiss you all the time?"

"No no, I mean have you ever kissed anyone romantically before, not what we do?"

"Oh, no I guess not then, I don't know any girls I would feel comfortable kissing, you know, besides you."

"Yeah, same here, I can't wait to try it though."

"Really, you'd like to kiss another girl, Jennie are you gay?"

"I mean boys you jerk."

"I know I know, can't you take a joke. It must be nice to kiss someone, I wonder what it feels like?"

"Mark, this is just an idea, but since we don't mind kissing a little bit with each other why don't we just do it a little longer than usual, we could practice on one another."

"I don't know, what if I do it wrong, maybe we shouldn't."

"It's not rocket science, now how am I suppose to get a boy to kiss me when I can't even get my own brother to do it, you know at least this way we could be honest with each other and tell if we're doing it right or not."

"Well, I guess it would be okay, but if we feel weird we tell each other right?"

"Deal, now how do we want to do this, how about you sit here in front of me."

"I guess so."

Mark climbed up onto the bed and sat down, just looking at me while waiting for me to make the first move I guess. I was a little nervous but still willing to try this. Leaning in I kissed Mark full on the lips, something we often did anyway but this time I was more forceful, even pushing Mark back slightly, and of course I had no intention of letting up anytime soon.

Mark's breath was warm and rapid against the skin on my face, as was mine against his he would later tell me but the big thing I noticed right away was how fluid his lips were as our two mouths seemed to mold together perfectly. Moving in concert with one another we altered our approach, even breaking contact several times so we could try new positions, different angles. Anytime we bumped noses we would smile, even laugh a little, looking deep into the other's eyes before coming together again with our lips brushing lightly over one another as we experimented with these new sensations.

At first I had my eyes open trying to read Mark's expression which I could see easily, his eyes closed, smiling, he was obviously enjoying what we were doing. Soon I would follow his example and close my eyes so I could fully commit to this as well.

I felt my face flush as the temperature between us as well as in my own body began to rise. Mark's hand gently caressed the side of my face, his lips travelling tenderly over my own, he would soon place his arms around my shoulders helping to draw us together, something I didn't mind at all as it felt more natural this way so I returned the gesture and in the process my fingers brushed over the back of his neck. Mark suddenly moaned rather loudly and broke contact with me.

"God Jennie this feels so good, did you want to stop?"

"No not yet, I really like this too, just a minute longer okay?"

"I've got no problem with that, actually, well, you probably won't want to me being your brother and all but can we do this again sometimes?"

"You read my mind Mark, we should, umm, practice more if we want to get good at it before we start kissing others."

The both of us now openly smiling we resumed kissing, our mouths opening and closing on each other's lips faster and faster with more pressure as we became more confident in our actions and aware of the other's wants and needs. We were moving so fast now that when I attempted to lick my lips to moisten them my tongue got trapped in between us and Mark accidentaly closed his mouth over it.

"Oops, oh i'm sorry Jennie."

"No that was my fault, I thought my lips were dry."

"They seem fine to me."

"Well how did you like kissing my tongue then?"

"For a second there I almost thought you were trying what Danny and Beth were doing."

"No, I wasn't... why, did you want to?"

"I, I don't know, maybe."

"I'm willing, we could try it just once I suppose, just to see."

We came together again, slowly this time, but once our lips met we resumed what we had been doing before as if we had been doing it all our lives. Uncertain how to start this our mouths would begin to grow wide together, our tongues slowly exploring outwards, licking along each other's lips, seeking new territory. Passing over one another they would join momentarily as if one now, our lips pressed tight together, locked, creating a single vessel between us, a void filled only by our probing tongues as they passed through into the warmth of each other's body.

My body tingled and I never felt so alive before as Mark ran his tongue over the inside of my cheek, actually tasting me I realized. I needed to as well so running my own tongue under and around his, up the inner side of his face I went before withdrawing back into mine with his tongue giving chase, my mouth now so filled with his saliva I had to swallow. Finding his taste intoxicating drove me again to go even deeper into him as I just wanted to drain him of every ounce of fluid and I would drink from my brother's body forever if he let me.

Our tongues fighting for equal opportunity and space we would let them play together as we slowly seperated, meeting once more for a series of slow kisses with the last being placed by Mark on my cheek.

"Jennie, oh my God, I know we shouldn't have but it just felt so good."

"I really liked it too Mark, I suppose if we kissed like that every once in a while it would be okay, something that feels this good can't be wrong."

"Tomorrow maybe?"

"Who says we have to wait till then?"

This time, as most in the future, we would lay down with our bodies close together, in each other's arms where we would fall asleep, the both of us quite content with our love, as much love as a brother and sister should have anyway or so we honestly believed.

By the time Mark and I turned thirteen a year later our parents had stopped talking to one another and their lives now divided so they could follow seperate paths. Dad would move to the city only to visit on weekends and since Mom worked evenings that left us home alone most of the time to look after the house, complete any chores, cook supper, before doing our homework in my room. Mark and I would talk about our day at school, what we had learned in and out of class, gossip and rumours we had heard, and if either of us had a problem with a particular subject the other would help out. We both loved to play the role of teacher.

"Are you ready for that math test tomorrow Jennie?"

"Ready as i'll ever be, you?"

"I think i'd better take another look."

Laying together on my bed Mark reached over me to get a study book and from his position, being all on top of me, I could feel an obvious hardness through his thin underwear and mine as he pressed tightly against my bum.

"Do you have an erection?"

Mark was off quickly and it looked like he was going to cry as he lowered himself back down beside me and smothered his face in the pillow.

"I'm so sorry Jennie, I didn't mean to honest."

"It's alright Mark i'm not mad at you, I just didn't know for sure that's all."

"Really, then you don't hate me?"

"What, of course I don't hate you what kind of talk is that?"

Mark breathed out, relaxing greatly, and feeling much better he leaned over and kissed me.

"I really am sorry, I can't seem to control when it happens you know?"

"Well actually I wouldn't know since I don't have one, how long has this been happening to you?" Mark openly flinched somewhere around the beginning of my question.

"Oh, I thought you were asking something else, how long, about a month, i've been laying on my stomach alot lately so you wouldn't notice."

"What did you think I was going to ask... oh, you thought I was asking how long it was, well no I couldn't do that... so how long is it?" Mark smiled as if he was ambarassed.

"I don't know Jennie, i've never measured it."

"Am I making you uncomfortable Mark?"

"I don't know, I guess not, you are my sister afterall."

"Well, can I see it then?"

Mark would stare at me for some time to the point where I thought my question had killed him. I was almost certain he would say no.

"As long as you promise you won't be mad at me okay?"

"What if I make you a deal, i'll show you mine if you show me yours."

Mark blinked twice before smiling widely, looking down at the T-shirt I was wearing. I knew he wanted to see what was under there, I had caught him several times craning his neck, trying to get a peek. I didn't mind, in fact I was thinking of showing him my breasts anyways so I could get his opinion. While still small I was quickly maturing, unwanted attention from boys at school who would stare at me as they walked by in the hall had left me feeling self-conscious, I was beginning to think there was something wrong with me. I had begun developing earlier than most in my class, the only girl I knew with breasts bigger than mine was Beth, someone Mark practically drooled over each time he saw her.

Mark said okay and slowly stood up, placed his hands in his waistband and pushed his underwear down. Stepping out of them, my view would be obstructed until he again stood up, and when Mark did my jaw went down.

"Jesus Christ Mark what the fuck is that?"

"What Jennie, what are you looking at?"

"What am I looking at, that baseball bat between your legs, there's no way that would fit."

"Fit where, oh, you mean inside you, sorry, I mean another woman. Well its suppose to, i'm not any bigger than other guys I don't think, not that I do any comparisson around the locker room at school."

"Can I get a ruler?" Mark again had that funny smile on his face.

"Don't bother, I lied before, it's just under eight inches."

"Alright, but how wide is it?"

"I don't know, why, is it important?"

"I guess it fucking is, i'll just have to show you."

It was my turn to stand up now so Mark took my place on the bed. I was a little nervous but it was pretty obvious we both were. I needed to know for sure though so I moved forward, lifting my shirt off over my head revealing my small but what I thought of as well defined breasts. This time Mark's jaw fell open and he surprised me by inhaling sharply.

"Oh my God Jennie you are so beautiful, do you know how fucking beautiful you are, oops, sorry."

"No, don't be Mark, that's what I needed to hear, thank you. I've felt down lately but you've just made me feel alot better. What about Beth, hers are alot bigger than mine, isn't she prettier?"

"Beth hasn't shown me hers, not yet anyway, can I say this Jennie, i've always thought you were the most beautiful girl I know, and you didn't have to show me those for me to say so."

"Oh Mark, I love you, thank you. Now I have one more thing to show you."

Slowly I pushed down my panties along my thighs before stepping out of them as Mark had done with his underwear, and together they formed a neat little pile on the floor as I stood before my brother completely naked. Not since children when we would take baths together had we seen each other in this way.

"Now look at me Mark, how is... that, suppose to fit in here, you'd almost rip me in two wouldn't you?"

"I don't know, I guess you stretch a little, or maybe alot, have you ever put anything in there like your finger?"

"Well I use tampons sometimes but they're only thin and why would I want to put my finger inside me?"

"I thought I heard girls do it sometimes, pretending they're with a guy or something, maybe making sure a man's, you know, making sure a penis will fit."

"I would have to use two fingers to be even close to your size, maybe three, and i'm not talking about length. Mark, you probably won't let me but, can I, can I touch you, just so I can feel it, everybody describes it as hard, is it?"

"Actually I was kind of hoping to touch you too, your skin looks so soft, can we do this together?"

We were both eager to learn so sitting down across from Mark on the bed I gently placed two of my fingers against the side of his erection while at the same time my brother placed his hand on my inner thigh before running a single finger up and down along my pussy lips, even trying to spread them apart. I could certainly feel the strength in Mark's penis as it bucked slightly under my touch, his skin stretched and unyielding.

"You see Mark, two fingers are close, they're almost as wide as you are."

"Well from what I can see here Jennie you should be able to get at least one finger in you, if you wanted to, oh, and Jennie, you don't have to be so gentle with me i'm not going to break, you can really touch me if you want to." With Mark's permission I wrapped my hand around his swollen penis, most of the way as my finger and thumb just barely touched if I squeezed slightly.

"Is this okay, am I hurting you?"

"No, oh Jennie, actually when you did that it felt so good, I didn't know it would feel like that."

"Really, well can you do me a favour and put a finger in me?"

"As long as you promise to tell me if i'm hurting you."

"I will."

Letting go of Mark I repositioned myself, leaned back slightly to give my brother better access while he popped the finger next to his thumb in his mouth.

"Why are you doing that Mark?"

"You're very dry down there, this will make it easier I think."

After placing his wet finger against my slit Mark began to push. Slowly sliding between my pussy lips he would move from the top down, finding resistance at first but we were both amazed when he slid right into me, his finger disappearing up to the second knuckle.

"Holy shit, am I hurting you?"


I wasn't lying to Mark but then again I wasn't telling the truth either. The second he had begun to probe me I could feel a rising energy somewhere deep inside of me, something before unknown to me as a heat began to grow, that heat becoming a fire when Mark's finger penetrated all the way into me. Now twisting his hand a little gave me tiny spams as if electricity was somehow surging through me. The whole experience being very pleasurable as I became aware of my own body, every part of it at once and for the first time. Leaning closer to my brother I put one arm around his neck to draw our two bodies together even more as I wanted Mark to go deeper still inside me.

His swollen penis was laying against my thigh so I again took hold of him with my free hand, Mark hissing as I did. Feeling it for size, slowly moving up and down his full length, imagining how such a thing would fit inside me it just didn't seem possible. Mark's finger was now brushing against the top of my vaginal wall, moving it in and out slowly I could feel clearly as my pussy lips were clamping down on him, a rising bubble somewhere deep inside seemed to be lurking there just under the surface. Mark's breathing was becoming very pronounced, almost eratic.

"Jennie, maybe we should stop, I feel funny."

I agreed completely with Mark, whatever was happening to him seemed to be directly related to what was occuring inside of me. Letting go of his swollen member Mark would soon withdraw his finger from me.

"You weren't that wet a minute ago, did you pee Jennie?"

I didn't think so and told Mark I was sure I had not. Later when alone I would explore further into my own sexuality, inserting my own fingers, first one then two, into my pussy opening, quickly learning how to stimulate myself even more by rubbing just above my slit over my clitoris with my other hand, the desired heat I was seeking now so intense I was sure I would explode and in a way I did, achieving my first orgasm at my own hand. Mark and I didn't know it but we were introducing each other to self-stimulation, in other words we had been teaching each other how to masturbate. Of course we had been close to jerking each other off as well and while neither of us did climax it was still the first sexual act between us, we just didn't see it that way. What we did next almost became the second.

"That felt so good Mark, can we try something?"

"What's that?"

"Can we touch them together, I just want to see how they fit."

"I suppose, you don't want me to lay on top of you though, like they show on TV, i'm kind of nervous right now."

"No, just scoot in a little closer to me okay?"

Lifting ourselves up so we could move closer together, Mark's elbow brushed over my left breast.

"Oh, i'm sorry Jennie."

"Well don't be, do you want to touch me there?"

"Yes, I mean, can I?"

"Of course, go ahead, look Mark i've always trusted you and I feel really comfortable when i'm around you, do you know what I mean?"

"Yes, I know exactly what you mean, I feel the same way Jennie."

Mark's hand would come up slowly as he turned his palm to face and cup the underside of my left breast. Moving along one side, gently caressing my skin, his thumb found and brushed over my nipple. A lightning bolt seemed to move right through the center of me and I sighed unexpectedly, quite loudly too.

"Jesus sis are you alright?"

"Oh yeah, God Mark that feels so nice, please do it again, just once more."

Mark would actually repeat the movement for me several times, his other hand taking up position over my right breast so he could manipulate both of my nipples. I smiled openly, we both did, that warm feeling returning but this time I didn't care, in fact I never wanted it to end.

"Do all women have such large nipples Jennie?"

"Mine are bigger than most, even Beth's, i've seen her and other girls in the locker room at school."

"They're really sensitive, and they got bigger when I first touched them."

"I noticed you did too when I wrapped my hand around you."

"Thank you Jennie, i've learned so much."

"I love you Mark, I always will."

Mark and I came together, our bodies tight, never afraid to show affection. My breasts would be crushed between us but I didn't mind. We were so tight that neither of us took notice that Mark's penis was not only pressed hard against my vagina but it was slowly making it's way inside of me.

"Oh shit Jennie i'm sorry, what do you want me to do?"

"Don't worry you're not in far at all, it just looks that way, my lips are closed over your tip that's all. This is what I wanted to see anyway, how they fit. I guess you can pull back anytime, whenever you want to."

Mark leaned in and kissed me on the lips, softly but for several seconds, pulling his face back to look into my eyes making sure it was still okay with me. It most certainly was and it had been awhile since we kissed so placing my arms around his neck I drew us together. Our lips seemed to melt into one as we passionately kissed for several minutes.

Mark pulled his erection out of me so we could lay down together, leaving me with an empty feeling I almost asked him to put it back in. After awhile we would seperate, redress, and go back to our homework. Stealing glances at one another and smiling, lessons in school now seemed less important after lessons in life.

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