Taja Mohata
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Mind Control, Heterosexual, MaleDom, Spanking, Harem, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Size, Transformation,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This is my story of how I obtained an incredibly powerful penis, great wealth, a loving and beautiful wife, tons of friends who respect and adore me, and of course several hundred drop dead gorgeous women willing to have sex with me on my terms.

My name is Tom Erickson and I am writing this story to tell you how enlarging my penis changed my life. I am sure every man has wondered what his life would be like if he possessed a really big penis. Many believe that a man with a large, thick penis can have his choice of beautiful women and will be more successful in life. And this belief is supported by scientific research, which indicates that a man with a penis measuring in the seven inch range or larger will have greater self-confidence and therefore a greater probability for success in and out of the bedroom.

Feminists decry the notion that "size matters," saying that men obsessing over penis size is nothing more than adolescent fantasizing. However, the dirty secret is that women know that penis size does matter, and they are afraid of the power a large penis can bestow. Fortunately for women, as well as most males, few men can boast of possessing a truly large penis.

The truth is that the penis grants power to its possessor, and the larger the penis, the greater the power. If you browse the internet today, you will find there are dozens of web pages dedicated to adding an additional one, two or three inches to help ordinary men obtain the benefits of a larger penis. But ask yourself this, if a cock of 7 inches or 10 inches can confer power over women and greater confidence, what would 16, 17 or 18 inches do? What if you could grow your cock to 18 inches and use it to give women sexual pleasure thousands of times greater than they can receive from an ordinary man? What would your life be like? How many women could you have sex with and how beautiful would they be?

If you search the internet, you will find dozens of pills, pumps and physicians promising a longer and thicker penis. It seems that in the last few years nearly every male has become concerned about the size of his penis. However, the truth is that for centuries men and women have sought the secret of a large and powerful penis. In the East, for thousands of years, the phallus was worshipped as a deity, as the living symbol of fertility, power, and cosmic order. India, in particular, has a long history of penis worship and blending sexual and religious practices.

Many ancient arts were lost during the years India was ruled by the British. However, in a few remote areas secret knowledge and practices that preserved the Hindu sexual-spiritual tradition were able to survive. The Kama Sutra and the carvings of the Khajuraho temples are some of the best-known examples of India's sexual-religious practices that remain. There are temple carvings and tapestries depicting esoteric practices where beautiful girls service living male gods with mammoth sex organs. For the Hindus of India's ancient male-centered society, men were kings and the penis was god. Stories of the sexual prowess yoga masters gained through tantric sex practices are legendary in the East, though often hard for westerners to believe.

I know what you must be thinking: How could I have sex with an eighteen inch penis? The process I underwent not only gave me super size but also taught me ancient secrets to channel pure spiritual energy through my penis, allowing me to master any woman. Using the skills I learned, I can focus the energy of my penis heightening the woman's arousal, causing her to dilate as during childbirth, allowing me to fully penetrate the tightest female.

This is the story of how I obtained an incredibly powerful penis, great wealth, a loving and beautiful wife, friends and companions who love me, the respect of everyone I meet, and countless desirable women. You may ask how I gained the ultimate in wealth, power, and sex. The answer is simple: the "Taja Mohata" and the incredible determination and love of my girlfriend, now wife, Sarah.

What is the "Taja Mohata?" The "Taja Mohata" is a narrative. More precisely, it is an ancient Hindu epic written about 900 BCE. It tells the story of a young Indian prince too weak to control his kingdom who was transformed into a powerful, godlike ruler. The prince came to the throne at an early age during troubled times. The Hindu monks of the kingdom feared that the prince's youth and weakness would lead to the invasion and destruction of the kingdom. These monks knew of secret tantric sexual arts. They believed that through mastery of these arts it was possible to approach godhood, in effect, to become a demigod. To save the kingdom, the monks determined to use all their knowledge to help the young prince. The "Taja Mohata" tells how the monks selected the most beautiful woman in the kingdom as the prince's wife and taught her all their secrets so she could help the prince attain godlike powers.

Also, the "Taja Mohata" is a record of the daily life of the prince and his wife describing how they applied the rituals and techniques taught of the Hindu holy men to greatly increase the prince's power and virility. In modern terms, these techniques can be described as an ancient system for penis enlargement. It combines meditation, physical exercise, diet, and manipulation of the penis by the woman to produce seemingly impossible growth in the male sexual organ. But what is ultimately achieved is far more than size: it is ABSOLUTE SEXUAL POWER.

What kind of power do I wield between my legs? Well, to find out you have to read my story.

My story starts about five years ago. I was 27 years old. I'm not going to tell you I was a loser, because I wasn't. In fact, I was an Ivy League law school graduate making an excellent living at a large Chicago law firm. I was considered to be a little better looking than average. Though I was never really a ladies man, it wasn't too difficult for me to find women who were interested in me. With my education and promising career, I was considered a good catch as a possible husband.

While I was considered a good catch by most women, I was totally out of my league when I met Sarah.

Sarah was a living wet dream. She was a beautiful blonde, a former Playboy centerfold and model with a fantastic body. Twenty-four years old, she was a graduate of a good university. She was smart, sexy, and able to hold up her end of a conversation on just about any topic. She had a great job with a small publisher of antique books and rare manuscripts. She was beauty with brains, and as soon as I met her I was totally head over heals in love with her, as well as totally out of my league. The fact that I was lucky enough to even have her agree to go out with me, let alone eventually have her come to love me, seemed like a miracle. Within six months, she asked me to move into her condo. Life seemed great.

However, Sarah had a darker side. She was a highly sexed woman and could be wild in bed. "How lucky can I be?" I asked myself, and I knew how lucky I truly was. The sex was great, the best I had ever known till then. Unfortunately, Sarah could be painfully honest and one fateful night, after a passionate romp, I asked her if I was the best she ever had.

Looking directly into my eyes, "No, you're not," she said. "Tom, I love you, but I'm sorry to have to tell you that you're not the best lover I've ever had. You're not even average."

What I found out nearly destroyed me. The best lover she had ever known was a guy with an enormous cock she met in college. Finding out the woman I loved thought I was an inferior lover was a shock. But knowing that I could never compete because my rival was better endowed was an emotional deathblow. Realizing her mistake in telling me this, Sarah tried to downplay that relationship and the size of her former boyfriend's cock.

I think I probably could have got over that, until one day I discovered Sarah's diary. I knew it was an invasion of her privacy, but I couldn't resist reading it. What I learned broke my heart and broke me as a man. In the diary, she raved like an obsessed teenager about her big-cocked lover. She wrote of the emotional conflict she felt between her love for me and her "addiction" to the sexual power of her former boyfriend's cock. Sarah is a beautiful woman and very independent, and I was shocked to learn that she had spent four years of her life letting this guy treat her like dirt only because of the pleasure she received from him. The diary told of the repeated humiliations she willingly endured, including a forced break-up with her previous boyfriend and sharing him with other women. But the worst thing I discovered was that she was still having sex with him, and she believed it was impossible to stop because she was hopelessly addicted to his cock.

My confidence was ruined. I became bitter, withdrew from Sarah, stopped communicating with her. As for my work, I just stopped showing up and was fired after a couple of weeks.

Sarah had no idea I had read her diary, and after puttng up with my depression, and me moping around the house for a couple of months, she told me she was fed up and ordered me to move out. At 27 it seemed like my life was over. I felt like Sarah had destroyed my manhood (what little of it was left), but I couldn't imagine living without her. On the day I was to move out I couldn't resist begging her to let me stay. To my surprise, she said I could stay provided I followed the teachings of the "Taja Mohata."

I had no idea what she was talking about, but she soon explained to me that her company had acquired an ancient Sanskrit manuscript, the "Taja Mohata," for a wealthy client. The book was unknown to the world except for a few in the upper reaches of her company, the client, and a handful of Hindu monks. She told me they had acquired the manuscript through illegal means, and their patron was paying handsomely for it. Fortunately for her, and me, her editor assigned her to prepare the layout and text for the English translation and she had a backup proof of the first volume. The second volume was scheduled to be translated in early summer. Luckily, she was one of only a handful of people in the world who knew of this ancient text.

At first, I thought that Sarah was just trying to torment me by telling me about the "Taja Mohata." However, I soon discovered how serious she was. She told me that either I would devote myself to the teachings of the Taja or she would force me to move out of the condo and I would never see her again. She agreed to support me for the next two lunar months (56 days) as we lived through the words of the Taja.

Not only would I be required to engage in daily meditation, eat a special diet, and practice ancient tantric exercises, but Sarah and I would be repeating all the daily activities of the ancient prince and princess just as they had performed them thousands of years ago. Both of us would need to memorize all the words of the prince and his wife as they were recorded and repeat them to each other. As she explained the steps necessary to relive the prince's transformation, I realized how difficult the process was going to be.

For the 56 days we were to follow the regimen of the Taja, I would have to abstain from alcohol and live on a strict vegetarian diet, and I love red meat. I would need to mediate and engage in intense yoga exercise four hours a day, and then spend the remainder of my waking hours performing tantric sexual exercises.

The only respite from the routine, which turned out to be both a blessing and a curse, were the exercises Sarah performed on my penis every evening. These consisted of over an hour of stroking, caressing, and manipulating my penis as she repeated the mantras the young wife spoke to her prince three thousand years ago. But the most difficult requirement was that I was not to be allowed any sexual release for two months.

Although the whole idea sounded crazy, I accepted Sarah's ultimatum and promised to do everything she demanded. Sarah's determination and excitement about what the "Taja Mohata" could accomplish convinced me to do my best to follow the teachings of the Taja. The next day we started.

That first evening, Sarah came home from work and we discussed the choice of a name for my penis. In the Taja, the prince named his organ after a Hindu deity, and like the prince, I was to give my penis the name of a god. Unfortunately, the Taja never disclosed the names of the prince, his bride, or the name given to his penis. However, the Taja gave us some guidance in that my penis was to be given the name of a god who represented the qualities I desired for my penis, and for myself. I chose the name of Thor, who I knew was the Norse god of thunder and war, believed to be powerful and fearless, his power manifest in the force of the raging storm. Later, I found Thor was also associated with love, marriage and the home, so the name was a lucky choice - or maybe it wasn't just luck.

For the next two months, I ate the Indian-style vegetarian dishes Sarah prepared for me. Every day, I meditated and performed the required yoga exercises. Then, I would shower and perform tantric sexual practices with names like "glorious bull, divine stallion, concealed cobra, benevolent god." According to the Taja, the techniques would allow me to control my organ and use my phallus to wield superhuman chi power.

Every evening, after Sarah returned from work, she would prepare herself for our evening practice. At these times, she dressed in provocative clothing to arouse me as much as possible - a harem girl's costume, mini skirts, bikinis, sexy lingerie. As the bride had done to help the ancient prince become a demigod, Sarah dressed to excite her man-god: me. Of course, this was the truest test of my self-control, as I was tempted every night by Sarah's gorgeous body - without any hope of sexual release.

After Sarah served me dinner, I was required to stand in the living room and bare my phallus to her. Sarah kneeling at my feet, as seductively and submissively as possible. Then, she began our nightly exercises, touching, stroking, kneading my penis. The experience was not terribly painful, but it wasn't particularly pleasant either. During these exercises, Sarah's attention was totally focused on me and my penis as she repeated the young bride's words. She told me how great and powerful she wished Thor to become, how she desired to be penetrated by his strength, filled with his power. She had never expressed any desire to share me with other women, but now, in accordance with the precepts of "Taja Mohata," she told me of the many desirable women she wanted me to enjoy, the beautiful women who would submit to the power of my phallus.

After two weeks, we noticed that Thor was growing. At first, I thought that all the attention we were giving my cock merely made it appear larger. But the ruler didn't lie. I had grown an inch longer and gained a half inch in thickness. Sarah was amazed. She no longer spoke of how powerful she wanted Thor to become, but was telling me, and Thor, how powerful and great I and my penis now were.

By the last week of our 56 day regimen, Thor had reached an astonishing 10 1/2 inches in length and 2 1/2 inches in diameter.

By now, Sarah was clearly obsessed with my penis. Every night, she repeated phrases like, "Thor, you are my god... I worship you... Thor, you deserve anything you desire." She was literally drooling as she prayed to my cock, and she seemed to be genuinely excited at the prospect of me having other women. If I didn't know she was merely repeating the bride's words from the Taja, I would have believed that somehow she was changing just as my cock was changing. It was almost as if having 10 1/2 inches of cock earned me total respect from Sarah, which included the recognition that a man with a cock as big as Thor deserved a lot more than just one woman.

Finally, after two months of following the Taja, Thor was ready to prove his power inside Sarah's lush body. On the last night of our regimen, the exercises Sarah performed on my phallus completed, she gave to Thor a final gentle tug. Then, at my feet, her head bowed, I heard her say, "It is done."

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