Loving Amy
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Rape, Spanking, Slow,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This is a love story. Brad Pittson mournes the loss of his wife even after four years. He sells the business he and his wife had built because it held no satisfaction for him anymore. He befriends a girl and gives her a home. He finds a new reason to live and they slowly fall in love.

Brad Pittson drove through the driving December rain toward his regular Thursday night restaurant. Every Thursday night since a drunk driver had killed his wife, four years ago, he ate at the Italian restaurant owned by two brothers. His construction company had built the restaurant and he had become good friends with the owners over the past several years. The restaurant was a medium sized establishment that had flourished because they served excellent Italian cuisine at moderate prices. It was not the fanciest in town, but there was rarely a table available to walk-ins. Brad knew that his regular table would be waiting for him. It always was.

The Pittson Construction Company had prospered because of its reputation for high quality and attention to detail. "On Time And Under Budget" was the motto of The Pittson Construction Company and was posted on their letterhead. Brad had been in business for twenty years. The first several years had been rough. His wife Vera was his office manager, confidant, and support throughout the rough times. He knew that he would not have made it if it had not been for her support and sacrifices. Brad Pittson could look with pride at the many buildings that were now a part of the community. But now, after Vera's death, the luster of running a successful business had gone. This morning he had inked a deal to sell the company to his employees. The Pittson Company was sold to its employees for three million dollars, well below the appraised value. Brad Pittson figured that three million dollars plus the money his father and mother had left him was more than he would need. His cash assets were a little over seven million dollars, plus the stocks, investments and properties. He had no personal debts and his tastes were simple. His house was very nice and was paid for, as was the hunting lodge that he and his father had built six years ago. The low sale price for the company would help insure that the company would grow and prosper. The new owners of the company had asked Brad if they could keep the Pittson company name. This made him very proud because the new owners were very qualified people and would continue his business style, giving quality and value to every customer. Now Brad was retired at the ripe old age of forty-one.

Brad's mind began to wander to thoughts of his wife Vera. Brad and Vera had been sweethearts in Canaan High School. Everyone knew that they would marry after school. They were together always. Vera was the only girl that Brad had ever gone with. Vera had only gone out with one other guy in school and that had only been for a month. Vera was a beautiful woman with a great figure who turned men's head whenever she walked into a room. She kept her looks and figure until the day she died. Her personality complimented her good looks. She was a delight to be around. She was also an asset to the business. Not much escaped her watchful eye. Many times she had saved the company from business pitfalls. Vera was devastated when she found out that she could not have children because of a childhood illness. Brad's love lifted her up and pulled her through the crisis. They threw themselves into each other and the business. It was always their intention to provide for the employees when the business was sold.

Brad lost a lot of his drive after Vera died. It just did not seem worth the effort anymore. Brad Pittson had become a carpenter right after high school. His father was disappointed that he would not be coming into the law firm with him, but supported Brad in his decision. About a year after graduation he asked Vera to marry him. When she accepted he was the happiest man in town. The wedding was a huge affair and they honeymooned in Virginia Beach. Their marriage was successful because of the great love they had for each other and the fact that each seemed to be able to read the other's mind. Brad had rugged good looks that he carried well on his six foot three inch frame. He became disenchanted with the construction company that he was working for and decided to start his own company. He was too young to realize that his youth and inexperience would be gigantic hurdles to overcome. He and Vera forged ahead anyway. They started small, doing remodels and additions and, as his reputation grew, began to take on bigger and bigger work. He made a promise to himself that he would not cut corners and use inferior materials as his past employer and so many others did. The first several years became a battle for survival. Several times there was not enough money for food and the rent was past due often. Slowly the reputation of the Pittson Construction Company grew and many important contacts were made. These contacts became important as the company grew. Brad hired only the best workers that he could find. Most of his employees stayed with him until the day of the sale of the company.

Brad was a fair man to work for. He expected a lot and gave back a lot. He always took ten percent of the profits and gave them back to the employees at Christmas. If an employee had personal problems or financial problems Brad would help if he could and if the situation warranted it. Several times an employee would find that an anonymous person had paid his late mortgage payment. Everyone knew who did it but no one had the guts to ask Brad and Vera if they were the ones who had paid the mortgage.

The Jaguar sedan pulled into the restaurant parking lot and maneuvered into the last remaining parking spot. It was still raining hard and the spot was as far from the restaurant as it could be. Brad reached over the back seat and got the umbrella. He opened the door, pushed the button on the umbrella to open it. The umbrella gave just a little protection as a brisk breeze was driving the rain. It was a chilly rain as it was the last week in December. The temperature was about 43 degrees. The wind made it feel even colder. While the parking lot was almost full, not a soul was in sight. Brad started walking to the building. A movement next to the building caught his eye. Brad looked closer and saw that it was a teenaged girl standing as close to the building as possible to get what little protection the building offered.

As Brad walked close to the girl he saw that she was wearing blue jeans, a light shirt and a windbreaker. Definitely not dressed for this weather. As he got up to the girl he saw that she had been crying. Her eyes were red and puffy. Brad walked over to her and put the umbrella over both of them. She immediately started to pull away from him.

"Don't move into the rain, I won't hurt you," Brad said.

"Leave me alone," the girl said.

"I'm just trying to help. You're not dressed for this kind of weather," he said.

"Leave me alone."

"Can I call a cab for you?" asked Brad.

"No, just leave me alone"

"Do you want to tell me what is wrong, are you lost or hurt?" asked Brad.


"I'll tell you what. I'm going inside to get dinner. I hate eating alone. Will you have dinner with me?" he asked.

"No," was her fast reply.

"If you are worried that I am some kind of a pervert or molester you don't have to be. This is just an offer to dinner," he said. "Besides, if I do anything funny in the restaurant all you have to do is scream. Do you think I would want that?"

"No I guess not." She said.

Brad started for the restaurant with the girl following three steps behind getting drenched.

"Come on and get under the umbrella, ordered Brad.

She quickly got under the umbrella making sure their bodies did not touch.

As they walked into the restaurant Joseph, one of the owners gave them a quizzical look.

"Two for dinner tonight Joseph," Brad said.

Joseph raised an eyebrow and turned to escort them to Brad's regular table. He removed the "reserved" sign and placed a menu in front of each of them. Joseph lit the candle in the center of the table and asked if Brad would like his usual cocktail. After a nod from Brad he retreated to the bar to prepare the drink. He obviously was not happy that this girl was in his restaurant. Brad pulled a comb from his jacket and handed it to the girl.

"The restrooms are at the end of the dining room. Take this comb, dry your hair and try to dry your clothes some," Brad said.

Without a word the girl turned and walked in direction that Brad had pointed. Joseph hurried over to Brad with the cocktail.

"Is there something I should know Brad?" Joseph asked. "She has been standing out there for two hours," Joseph offered.

Brad answered, " No nothing is going on. She was getting soaked and looked like she needed dinner."

"Please be careful Brad," Joseph warned. A smile from Brad and Joseph left to seat another couple that had just walked in.

The girl returned to the table and sat down. Brad could tell that she had been crying again. She had tried to dry her hair and clothes but had not made much headway. She had run the comb through her hair, which had helped only a little. Water was still dripping from her clothes.

"Are you warm enough?" Brad asked.

"It's warm in here. I hope it will warm up a little when I leave," she said.

Brad had to smile at her naiveté It would not warm up in this rain and especially since the sun had gone down hours ago.

" My name is Brad. Since we are having dinner together I think it would be nice to call each other by our names. What's your name" Brad questioned.

She hesitated several seconds before answering; "My name is Amy".

" Well Amy do you want to order or shall I order for both of us?" Brad asked. "You can order," she said. " The veal Scaloppini is very good here and the portions are large. I think you will like that," Brad offered.

"That will be fine" she replied.

"I think that you should have something hot to drink with your meal to get some heat back into your body, will tea be ok?"

"That's fine"

Joseph returned and Brad ordered Veal Scaloppini for the two of them, coffee for himself and tea for Amy.

Brad looked at Amy and saw her watching him warily.

"Look Amy, I invited you for dinner because I like the company and I think that you need something to eat. The are no ulterior motives to my actions and I just want you to enjoy the dinner."

"Ok" she replied.

"If you want to talk I assure you that I am a good listener and I do not make judgements about people," Brad said.

"I'm ok," Amy said, "That was a nice car that you came in with."

"I just bought it. I recently sold my company and treated myself. After years of driving pickup trucks, I decided to go in style'" Brad replied.

"What kind of company did you have," she asked.

Brad told her about his company and how he and Vera had built it into a large regional construction company. He told her about several of his larger projects and went into detail about the difficulties with each project and his successes. It was obvious that he was very proud of his old company.

"What was the name of your company?" Amy asked.

When Brad told the name of his company tears welled up in her eyes. "What's wrong/?" he asked. "My father used to work there" she said "Myron Walton".

"I don't remember him," Brad lied.

Years ago Brad had fired Myron Walton for being drunk on the job. His carelessness had injured a co-worker seriously. Brad also knew that he was often in jail on the weekends for beating his family or for public drunkenness and often would not show up for work on Monday until he got out of jail.

Joseph escorted a waiter to Brad's table with a tray piled high with the dinners. He looked at Brad and told him to enjoy his meal. The food excellent as was usual for this restaurant. The portions were large and well seasoned. A basket of hot homemade bread was put in the center of the table. Amy attacked her meal and was done several minutes before Brad. She also put a large dent into the bread. Joseph had to refill her tea twice. When Brad suggested cheesecake for dessert, Amy just smiled. After the cheesecake it was obvious that she was satisfied. Brad smiled at her and asked, "Would you like anything else?"

"No," she smiled "I don't know where I would put it."

Brad noticed that she was opening up a little. She seemed very mature for her age, which he guessed to be around sixteen or seventeen. She was a very pretty girl although this was largely hidden by her wet clothing and straight hair. She seemed content to just sit and relax and enjoy the warmth of the restaurant.

Brad decided that it was time to get some information about this girl. It was clear that she was either a runaway or that she was in trouble.

"Amy I would like to know why you are out on a night like this. Is there something wrong, anything that I can do to help?"

"No, I'm alright," she replied.

"Amy look, there is something wrong. You can talk to me. I promise that I will not make any judgements or accusations. If I can help I will," Brad said.

Tears welled up in her eyes again.

"Amy I do know your father and I do know what kind of person he is. I had to fire him. Have you left home to escape him?" Brad asked.

Amy gave a quick nod of her head and the tears started to roll down her cheeks. Brad handed her his handkerchief to dry her eyes. She dried her eyes and glanced around to see if anyone had noticed.

"Can I take you home after we leave here?" Brad asked. She shook her head no and hung her head.

"Where are you going to stay tonight?' Brad asked.

"I don't know. I guess I'll just walk around until morning," she said.

"You can't do that. Anything can happen to you," he said. "Can you call home to find out if anything has changed and if you could possibly go back home?" He asked.

"I don't know," Amy said.

Brad took her hand and started for the phone, he handed her his telephone calling card and had her dial her home.

"Hello, Daddy?" she said.

Brad could hear the loud drunken voice of her father yelling into the phone, "You little slut don't you ever come back here or I'll kill you. I don't have a daughter anymore."

Brad heard the telephone being slammed down on the receiver by her father. Amy slumped against the phone crying.

Brad put his arm around her shoulder and pushed her gently toward the women's restroom, "Go and dry your eyes. Come back and we'll decide what to do."

Amy went through the door and Brad could hear her sobbing on the other side of the door. Brad went to find Joseph to settle the bill and then returned to his table. After about fifteen minutes Amy returned to the table. Her shoulders were slumped and it appeared as if she was totally defeated.

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