Cheating Wife
Chapter 1: The Event

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Cheating,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1: The Event - Wife gets caught with visiting lover from the past.

by Naughty Tales

I awoke needing to pee badly. I had no idea what time it was, I just knew it was late. It was still dark. Then I sleepily remembered that Pete and I had consumed an enormous amount of beer earlier. I smiled as I thought warmly in my semi slumber about my old friend.

Pete was my roommate from college. It had been Years since we had seen each other. But then unexpectedly, he had called, saying he was going to be in town for one night. Then it all just seemed to follow, asking him to stay with us rather than at a hotel, his eager acceptance, the warm reunion at our front door, even Karen seemed to be glad to see him.

She had never been very found of Pete when we were in school. She always said he was an arrogant asshole. I understood that and I guess he was. Pete was one of those guys that loved the women, all of them. He had fucked so many females on our campus that he had one hell of a reputation. As his roommate I knew first hand how the women flocked to him, hell he and his dates had kept me awake many a night as they fucked loudly in our dorm room. It seemed like he could get almost any female in his bed... coeds, female professors, professors wives... other guys girlfriends, the string of women that shared his bed was awesome to me. I thought I had had my share of pussy until I shared a room with Pete.

But now four years later he was in our home as our guest. The evening had been great as Pete and I had had a ball catching up on things over dinner and then after. As usual Pete had flirted with Karen brazenly, complementing her on her looks and specially her figure. She is spectacular to look at with a Victoria's Secret model shape. I guess Karen had mellowed a lot cause she actually flirted back with him a little. I was pleased that my best friend and my wife were getting along finally.

And the beer did flow. In college Pete could always drink me under the table. That hadn't changed and soon I was getting pretty loaded. It was time to call it a night, I decided, I did have to go to work the next morning. I showed Pete where the guest bedroom was on the first floor and then Karen and I headed upstairs to our bedroom. I really don't remember anything after that until I woke up needing to pee so bad.

I stood, still half asleep, leaning against the wall over the commode as the golden stream flowed freely. Finally with a feeling of relief I shuddered, shook it off, and headed back to bed. As I reached over to turn the bathroom light off, I looked up and noticed for the first time, our bed was empty.

Strange, I thought in my haze, where was Karen? I left the bathroom light on and turned to the hall to find Karen. I wondered if I had snored so loud, she had to sleep on the couch again. It had happened before, the last time I drank so much. I headed down the stairs but I could see in the bright moonlight that Karen was not on the couch. That was when I started to worry just a little.

I turned to walk toward the guest bedroom trying to think of some acceptable reason for Karen to be in there with Pete and could think of none. The guest bedroom was at the other end of the house in an isolated wing with it's own bath. I was heading down the hall when I first heard it. There was no mistaking that sound, it was my Karen in one of her louder orgasms. She was cumming like a freight train, she makes this funny little gasping sound that is unique, no mistaking that sound. The realization swept over me like a darkness. I felt nausea sweep over me like some overpowering force. Pete was fucking my wife... and she was sure enjoying it.

When I could move again, think again, I heard them continue noisily and I silently stepped to the door and slowly turned the knob. With the door open a crack I could see them clearly but they were far too involved to notice the door. Karen was bare ass on all fours, the two of them were in profile to me, her full firm tits hung down beautifully, her perfect ass against Pete... She was on the edge of the bed and Pete was standing on the floor behind her pounding his cock into her hard as he held her hips in his hands and jerked her back to meet each of his hard, almost vicious, thrusts. I could see his big cock driving to the hilt with each thrust. I stood there watching my best friend fucking my wife and I was mesmerized, feeling helpless to do anything. With each of Pete's thrust I heard my wife grunt loudly, "Yes... yes... yes... oh fuck I have missed your big cock Pete. I had forgotten how good it was with you in college."

I almost threw up right there, obviously this was not the first time they had done this. But when had she fucked Pete in college? We were dating heavily when I introduced them, The awful knowledge struck me, it was clear that my Karen had been fucking Pete while we were dating. How long? It had taken me months to get her in bed. I had actually proposed to her before we first fucked.

I was pulled out of my thoughts as I heard Pete reply, "Damn Karen, I had forgotten what a great piece of ass you are. Maybe I will have to visit you and David more often in the future."

I was thinking what a rotten bastard he was when I was shocked again to hear my wife. Karen moaned and twisted her cunt hard into his cock and said, "Oh God yes, I would love to have this cock in me regularly again, like before. But we have to be so careful, I love David and he must never suspect anything between us. He would die if he knew you were fucking his wife."

Shortly she came again as Pete flooded her tight cunt with his spend. Immediately Pete threw her over on her back and went down on her well used pussy. Karen screamed as he tongued and sucked her clit and labia, plunging his tongue deep into her cunt. She gasped and was obviously in some kind of Nirvana.

I stood there in shock, trying not to believe what was so obvious. Then I realized as I looked at Pete' limp cock, that he had been fucking my wife with no protection. Riding her pussy bareback, cumming in her tight cunt. The imagery swept over me and I again shuddered with some kind of mixed pain and pleasure. Karen screamed again and came even harder, even wilder. She was gorgeous and so fucking wild. I felt a strange love and pride even at that moment as I thought about divorce. How sick was I? Then I heard her say, "Enough you pussy hound. I have to get back to David before he wakes up and comes looking for me."

Pete laughed and said, "Hell I was hoping for another blow job hon."

"Not tonight hot shot, one will have to be enough for now. Maybe tomorrow if we get the chance again. Now I have to get back to my husband." I heard my unfaithful wife say.

I knew I needed to move but I was frozen when I heard Pete say, "Why do you fuck me Karen if you are so afraid of shaking up Davey?"

I heard her voice go serious as she said, "I love David and don't want to hurt him but I can't seem to resist your big cock. I love to fuck and you are one of the best Pete."

Pete laughed nastily and asked, "So you'd rather fuck me than David?"

I hung waiting for the answer. Afraid of what her answer would be. I heard her say, "Occasionally yes... I love David and our sex is marvelous. But letting you fuck me is so nasty. I love your cock in me. I love the feeling of cheating on David. And I love the way you almost rape me with it. David makes love to me wonderfully and tenderly. You just fuck the shit out of me... I guess I want both." then she said, "I have to go now. Maybe you could stay another night..."

I was barely ahead of her and I crawled into our bed not knowing what the hell to do next. What was I going to do? I hurt all over and it seemed like a bad nightmare but I had a terrible erection. I lay there pretending to be asleep as I heard Karen showering in the bathroom. There was no way I could confront her with this now. I didn't trust my emotions. I felt my tears fill my eyes as I knew she was washing his cum out of her well fucked cunt... and mouth I remembered from their conversation. When I felt her crawl into our bed and snuggle up to me I was completely confused, terribly hurt and somehow still in love with my slut wife.

I lay there long after her breathing smoothed out as she slept and I kept wondering, Why? and What was I going to do? I fell asleep sometime much later hoping when I awoke it would only have been a bad dream...

end of Part 1

My Cheating Wife

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