Sissy's Adventures
Chapter 1

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Fiction, Humor, Incest, Brother, Sister, Father, Daughter, Grand Parent, InLaws, Light Bond,

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This is a sendup of every slut/bimbo story ever written. Sissy Slickslit, a teenaged airhead with a sexual appetite that seems to know no bounds, is recruited to serve Megalomania Enterprises as a member of its Customer Development organization. Her interview uncovers the fact that when it comes to sex, Sissy is the ultimate equal opportunity partner. Things only get wilder when she attempts to balance her family's demands against those of her employer.

Sissy Slickslit had just been hired by Megalomania Enterprises as a file clerk and was absolutely thrilled with her job. The buxom 18-year-old airhead was fresh out of school and as green as grass. Sissy just loved the attention she started getting from all the men in her department. It wasn't a week before she accepted her first invitation to lunch. This initial invitation quickly developed into a motel date after work and Sissy was only too happy to jump into the sack with her married supervisor. The poor man wasn't getting much at home and Sissy considered it just good manners to let the man enjoy her body.

Word quickly spread throughout the department about Sissy's charitable nature and soon she was a regular at the local hot pillow motel. In fact many days after work she participated in more than one therapy session. On Fridays she would rarely get home much before midnight. This did not sit well with her family, especially the men who depended on her to take care of their needs when their wives or girlfriends weren't available. This had been her lot in life ever since she was 10 years old.

News travels fast even in a big company if the subject is a buxom 18 year-old blonde who can't seem to say no to any invitation or any sexual act. Stories of her willingness to allow men to ride her bareback provided she reduced their sperm count with a killer blowjob, or two in some cases, spread like wildfire. Her offers to take it up the ass rather than risk being flooded with sperm were apocryphal.

One lucky guy even told of being allowed to tie the teenager up once his sperm count had been lowered with a pair of blowjobs, and then spending the next two hours seeing how many times he could come inside her and how many times he could make her orgasm. He claims she asked him to fist her because that made her come really fast and hard. He swears she ultimately took him nearly up to the elbow and when she came her cunt clamped so hard around his arm that he couldn't pull it out until she finished her orgasm.

Sissy was quite amazed when she was asked to interview for a position in the division office. The bimbo met with the assistant to the division manager, an attractive woman in her mid 30s with a voluptuous hourglass figure. Ms. Ellen Luxore had never married, although many men had tried to win her.

"I am Ms. Luxore and you will be working directly under me, in more ways than one, if I feel that you can do this job. Mr. Janus and I have discussed this matter for quite some time and he agrees that I require an assistant to help me carry out my particular duties for the company. Let me explain just what our division does and exactly where you would fit into its overall strategy. We are responsible for customer development and good will. Your duties would focus on becoming a liaison between our division and those potential customers we are currently marketing."

"I'm sorry Ms. Luxore, but I don't know what a liaison is?"

The attractive dark haired woman laughed politely and replied. " A liaison is a go between. You do know what a go between is, don't you?" Sissy nodded her head happily. Ellen sighed deeply and pursed her carmined lips before continuing.

"You seem to possess the basic instincts that will be required for this position. According to my information last week you were sexually involved with nine male employees of the company; after working hours of course."

She paused to let Sissy react to this information. To her utter amazement the pretty blonde began to count on her fingers and whisper to herself. Then she beamed happily and responded. " You must have missed two of the guys; probably the ones that double teamed me on Monday and Thursday. That sure surprised me and did they ever wear me out; but it was for a good cause and so I didn't get mad at them."

There was a long silence and Sissy shifted herself into a more formal posture, fearing that she had done something to trouble this forceful lady who she very much wanted to be her friend. She could already feel the dampness in her thong bikinis that she had put on just before coming to this meeting. Sissy hoped that Ms. Luxore would not detect the aroma that was already emanating from her shaved pussy.

"You certainly have a very active social life. That's one of the characteristics that we absolutely require for this position. Let me continue. I want to describe some of your duties in detail and then I want you to take off that tacky dress so I can see what your body looks like."

Sissy was so rattled at this point that she stood up and quickly shucked off her dress, to reveal her white lace cantilevered shelf bra that struggled to contain her melon shaped breasts, and her matching thong bikini that clung like a second skin to her dripping cunt. Ellen's eyes widened as she took in the dazzling display of teen flesh. She immediately homed in on the wet crotch of the girl's white lace bikinis and mentally began gnawing her way through the flimsy fabric to get at the juicy twat that lay beneath. Now it was her turn to be rattled.

In an effort to gain control, the woman leaned forward and said. " Are those bite marks on your breasts? " Sissy gasped and her hands flew up to cup her heavy boobs from Ellen's eyes. " Those look rather fresh I might add. " she continued, now once more in command. A blush began to color the teen's heart shaped face.

"Gosh, I forgot all about them... Yes, they're bites, love bites. Sometimes men get so excited that they stop sucking and start chewing on them. Last Friday two of my new friends got excited; I guess the second one saw the bites from the first one and thought it was OK to do it too."

Ms. Luxore smiled sardonically and continued. " By the way, are you a C or D cup? It's hard to judge from this distance. " Secretly she was hoping that the foolish female would take the bait and allow her to get a closer view of those stupendous jugs.

Sissy sighed and answered. " I'm a tweener. During my period they get a little bigger and I can wear a D-cup bra, but the rest of the time they are too small for a D, but too big for a C cup. All the Slickslit women have this problem except grandma. When she went through the change her boobs settled into a C cup. Grandpa isn't too happy about this though, and he's after her to get a boob job to make them bigger. I don't know why, the old goat is too busy fucking me and my younger sister, plus mom, whenever he can get his hands on her, to give grandma much, if anything. Lucky for her my dad pumps a load into her a couple of times a week and both my brothers make sure she gets it at least once a week."

Sissy winced visibly when she saw the stunned expression spread over the brunette's face. Once, then twice Ellen Luxore opened her mouth to speak, but what she had just heard was still rocketing around inside her head. This simpleton, this punchboard, his airhead, was also a member of an incestuous family that spanned at least three generations. All sorts of weird thoughts danced through her mind. Was this pretty blonde the result of inbreeding? How many male members of the family were enjoying her firm body? How long had this been going on? Did she also have sex with the women, her grandmother, her mother, her sister? Would she have sex with her? Oh god, would she have sex with her, please. Ellen was totally losing control.

"Oh shit! Oh shit! Oh shit! " Sissy sounded as if she were uttering a mantra. Then she was silent, but her feeble mind began to work at assessing the damage her mouth had just caused. " Oh my god! Look at her face, she's gonna kill me any second. I'm fucked! There goes this great job. What can I do to stop her from firing me right on the spot? My only chance is if she likes girls. What the hell, what can I lose."

Ellen Luxore could not believe her eyes. Yes, she was going completely crazy. Now this young thing was standing up and unhooking her bra. She was licking her lips and smiling at her. My god, she was rolling those soaking wet thong bikinis down her firm thighs to reveal her totally bald, fat lipped, twat. She could even see the girl's swollen clit beginning to emerge from its hood, and the secretions that were oozing from that plump pussy that she so much wanted to bury her face in. Now the blonde was walking towards her and she could smell the maddening aroma of her cunt cream as it seeped from between those swollen, crimson lips that guarded her honey pot. Ellen lost control and began to shake and gasp, her arms reaching out to capture this fantasy on legs that was nearing her blushing face. Then she felt the girl's hands on her head, pressing gently to guide her mouth into the wet cavern. Ellen nearly fainted, but lust triumphed and her lips locked onto Sissy's lips, like two craft docking in space.

Fortunately for Ellen Luxore she had chosen a day when her boss was out on vacation, and a time very late in the day that guaranteed no one would be disturbing her. Thus she was able to devote her energies and attention to the job at hand, which was to suck as much pussy juice as possible from the teenager, add some bite marks to those wonderfully firm breasts and dot the insides of her marvelous thighs with hickies. Sissy allowed Ellen total freedom to ravage her bare body and Ellen took full advantage of it.

When Ms. Luxore finally came up for air she noticed that it was well past normal working hours. Realizing that her thirst for the buxom bimbo was far from slaked, and to see how much control she still had over the girl she called a halt to the proceedings.

"We are going to have to continue this interview for quite some time longer. I suggest that you get dressed and let me take you to my home where we can be more comfortable and no one can possibly disturb us. Don't bother putting on your undies because you'll only have to remove them again when we are at my home. Once we get to my place you can call your parents, if you want to, and let them know that you will be extremely late coming home this evening because of this very important meeting about your new position with the company."

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