True Love
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Rape, Heterosexual, Fiction, Rough, Torture, Gang Bang, Fisting, Water Sports, Enema, Violent,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The tale of Beverly, a middle-aged nymphomaniac and dedicated masochist, as seen through the eyes of her loving husband. The story contains all matter of unaccptable behavior and should not be taken seriously

You can call me crazy, but the first time I laid eyes on Beverly, I flipped. She was standing by the pool completely naked and very much at ease. She must have been in her late 40s or perhaps older; it was hard to judge because of her sleek body. Except for her boyish coif she seemed devoid of hair and her cunt jutted prominently in all its glory. Her tits had some sag but the nipples appeared as perky as a teenager's. There was a hint of stretch marks, so I figured she had given birth at least once. I began to dream that she had a daughter and I would meet her here at this party.

I walked up to her and introduced myself. She smiled and then grinned when I blurted out the words " You have a fabulous shape, there doesn't seem to be an ounce of fat on it. I am very impressed. " She thanked me with a smile and asked who I was with. I told her and she smiled.

" He's a very dear friend of mine. He's been fucking me on and off for the past 8 years and he's never disappointed me. Do you like to fuck? "

" Do I ever! I do it every chance I get."

Her eyes began to dance mischievously and she glanced down at the pouch of my briefs.

" How many girls do you think you've fucked so far in your young life? "

I had to pause for a time and do some fast mental arithmetic. That enigmatic smile returned and she brushed her hand across her flat stomach and idly scratched at the offending area. I sighed and finally came up with a number close to two hundred. She arched her eyebrows and said, " I took on more men than that last week."

The off hand way she said it made me believe that she was speaking the truth. I just stood there with my mouth open and stared at her slim body, especially her shaven cunt and wondered who this creature was. She must have read my mind because she said.

" My name is Beverly and my husband is hosting this little get together. Perhaps we'll see each other under more favorable circumstances before this evening is over; I understand that I'm going to perform my specialty later on in the evening for some of his business acquaintances. I do hope you'll be one of them."

She moved away and joined a crowd of men who welcomed her enthusiastically, groping her naked body as she laughed. I circulated and began to notice the that there were very few women here, but those that were had the look of pros. While I was musing about this fact a man in his mid 40s introduced himself to me as Beverly's husband and my host. He drew me aside and began to tell me an astounding story about his wife.

My wife has insisted that you join the party that she'll be hosting in another hour or so. However before you commit there are a few things you should know about her. Beverly and I have been happily married for almost five years and we are very happy. My wife has certain rather sophisticated tastes or perhaps I should say needs. Almost all of them involve large groups of men. I like to call it her queen bee syndrome. That's not exactly correct since the queen only mates once and certainly does not expect her consorts to damage her in any way.

Beverly requires not only attention; she needs to atone for her actions. As she grows older her ability to endure the type of penance she joyfully accepted when we were first married has been compromised, perhaps because of so much attention and too much of the severe penance she so dearly loves. In her case it is truly that the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak. To put it clinically, my wife suffers from nymphomania, is borderline anorexic, suffers from low self-esteem and is addicted to pain due to her masochistic personality. How she ever survived before we met is a mystery to me.

At 18 she was convicted and sentenced to 25 years in prison as an accessory to murder. At 43 she was released, a changed person. Her fellow inmates, the prison guards and even members of the warden's staff all played a role in making her what she is today. She entered prison as a virgin and technically left in the same condition, still untouched by any man.

A month later she was in an emergency ward suffering from severe internal injuries caused by her prison experiences. Her vagina was so damaged from having various objects inserted into it over the years, that the mucous membrane lining it had become infected from numerous perforations that had been produced from the systematic abuse of the birth canal. Her cervix and uterus also had to be removed since the constant use of blunt objects on them had caused numerous fiber growths that were potential cancer sites.

After her recovery she entered into a number of abusive relationships with both men and women. She discovered that she thoroughly enjoyed sex with men, even though most of the time they did not make love to her, they raped her. At the same time her years in prison had made her seek out dominant women as partners. A few years before I met her she began to become involved in sex with multiple partners, mostly men. This in turn evolved into her enjoyment of gangbangs. In fact I met her at a swing club where she was being gangbanged. I was astonished at her ability to take hour after hour of steady pounding.

A few months later I was invited to witness and participate in another gangbang featuring Beverly, who was beginning to become somewhat famous in swingers circles. This time she was handcuffed the entire time and during the infrequent rest periods Beverly received during the day and a half ordeal she took large enemas and irritating douches designed to weaken her and somewhat reduce her enjoyment of the brutal reaming she was getting.

For reasons that I could not quite understand I couldn't bring myself to take a turn on her sweaty body. Instead I spent literally hours watching this lean middle-aged woman take cock after cock in both her cunt and asshole. I don't know what made me do it, but I later returned to her gangbang. By then she was in her twenty-eighth hour according to one of the guys who was waiting his turn. This would be his third time with her and he wanted to use her asshole since her cunt was now quite loose. A group of guys were speed fucking her, giving Beverly a minute or two of furious fucking, then resting up while the other members of the team took a turn. Except for the slapping of flesh against flesh and an occasional gasp when one of them bottomed out inside her well stretched cunt, it was very quiet.

She seemed to be almost in a trance, hardly reacting to the relentless hammering her cunt and asshole were getting. Her skinny body was coated with sweat, not surprising since the room was quite hot. A number of heavy-duty lamps were located next to the bed on which she lay so that the guys taking pictures and videos had enough light. I remember focusing my attention on her tits as they bounced in rhythm to the strokes of the guy doing her. I watched until the speed fuckers got tired of wrecking her cunt. When they finished she was made to swallow the contents of the rubbers they had worn. Beverly went after those bags of scum like a starving animal. I learned that she hadn't been fed or given any water during this ordeal.

Part of me was fascinated and the rest repelled by what I witnessed in the next few hours as Beverly was ruthlessly skewered. It became quite apparent that this was not a typical gangbang; it was more like a gang rape. The men treated Beverly as if she was a piece of meat to be used as they saw fit. She in turn seemed to be challenging their masculinity in subtle ways, rarely reacting to the vicious assaults on her gaping cunt and asshole, staring into the hot lamps as if she was all by herself and acting completely relaxed as the men labored over her, appearing to be desperately trying to get her attention. Even as I took my leave, a couple of the studs were talking about taking a break so they could load her up with a couple of killer enemas while they took it easy, resting up for another go at her.

After that I became sort of a gangbang groupie for her. Beverly finally acknowledged my presence after I attended a couple of her performances, and during one of her infrequent breaks she asked why I wasn't fucking her. I made a joke that in my case, it was all or nothing. She looked at me like I was crazy and I could see her mentally writing me off. Despite that screw up I continued to show up to watch this skinny, short haired woman in her mid 40s be absolutely annihilated by armies of hard dicked studs who seemed to get all sorts of enjoyment from brutally reaming her out until she was unconscious. Then she'd be revived and gangbanged some more for having the nerve to pass out on them.

I watched her gangbangs become so hardcore that only a certain kind of man would participate. I also noticed that women were beginning to show up at these functions in growing numbers, and soon they too" joined in the fun". There was no way that Beverly could stand up to the type of punishment that a woman equipped with a long thick strap on dildo could dish out, but she tried, always to fail miserably and then have to pay the price as she was forced to take on gangs of disgruntled males who would do their worst in an attempt to outdo the woman who had just reduced her to a puddle of pussy juice.

After one particularly violent gangbang that lasted for almost three days she had to be hospitalized. The doctors could not believe that she had managed to survive the damage that her skinny body had absorbed. Besides being in shock and totally dehydrated, an extra long dildo had evidently made contact with the scar tissue from her hysterectomy, causing severe internal bleeding, and her sphincter muscle had been torn in a number of places by numerous forced entries of various blunt instruments. Witnesses to the event described watching her being plugged, then cruelly fucked, after taking an enema that was so large it actually caused her stomach to expand to the point that it began to compress her lungs, making it difficult for her to breath. Others mentioned that she kept passing out while she was being gangbanged in a sauna by teams of men or women taking turns working on her for brief periods in the incredible heat, then retreating to rehydrate while another group brutally pummeled her severely dehydrated body.

It was at this point that I once more introduced myself to Beverly and offered to become her manager and do my best to protect her from herself. My offer struck a sympathetic chord within her complex psyche, and she in turn offered to become my sex slave under certain conditions. She also confessed that she needed to be gangbanged because she enjoyed being the center of attention and loved the sexual pleasure of being viciously raped for hours on end. It was only later that she trusted me sufficiently to confess that she needed pain as a way to make up for being such an outrageous slut. That was when she insisted that I have her properly punished for her past activities. Once she was punished to her satisfaction she would become my wife.

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