Joel and Ellaynne in the Great Northwest
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Romantic, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Petting, Squirting,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The odd changes in Joel Bell's life bring him to meet Ellaynne Pickett. Joel, a seasoned chaser of loose women is the one being chased by an infatuated Ellaynne. Joel, the ex-ballplayer is re-united with an old teammate Don Doomer, who moves to the Seattle area and Joel helps him find his ellusive special someone.

The what, who and where of the question, "HOW?" you met someone can be a long round a bout to get to the end and still; you never can find a reason besides fate. This story is how Joel found Ellaynne. Two people who needed each other to make a happy couple and happy life. This story will contain erotic descriptions of explicit sex acts between consenting couples. If that sort of thing bothers you, or is illegal where you live, please move on, you don't belong here.

There really is an Ellaynne, (pronounced Ell-Lane or Ell-Ann depending on who in her family you talk to.) but beyond the spelling of her name, her story and my story, have little in common.

Oh, she did marry an ex-ballplayer, too. She knows I am using her name and its spelling because I think it's sexy. When her Mom was pregnant everyone wanted her named after grandmothers and great grandmothers. Rather than hurt ones feelings her Mom took Ellen, Elayne, and Ann to make one name.

Joel Bell had a pretty good, and fairly full, life for a 27 year old. His family owned a small chain of convenience stores from just outside Seattle to the Arlington, Washington area. They had all done quite well, with Washington State being sort of rural, some people saw them as "general stores" rather than convenience. When Joel's parents wanted to retire they balked, because of Joel's budding baseball career. It was their intention to pass the business on to him. But Joel was off chasing his dream 6 months of the year, and for a couple years, even longer if he played winter ball. Joel had promised he would give baseball 5 years, and then if he hadn't made the major leagues, he would give into his parents wishes and come run the family business. Joel graduated from Clemson, going there on a baseball scholarship. Through Little League, Babe Ruth, and American Legion ball he had been an outfielder with a good power bat, and a great accurate arm. On his first day of baseball at Clemson, Coach Liggett wanted to see him throw from a mound.

"I've never pitched before coach." Joel defended.

"Dave Winfield and John Olerud were the best 2 college pitchers I ever saw, and they never pitched in the majors, so... , " Liggitt said impatiently handing him a ball.

By the time the first game of the season came around Joel Bell was a bullpen righty and spot starter. His great outfield arm proved to be an accurate pitching arm, and with no early goofing around trying to throw curves and sliders, his elbow was still fresh and had lots of snap. Coach had taught him a curve and showed him how to get more movement on his fastball. By his senior year he had a decent slider. A young kid, with a live arm and 3 good pitches. By the end of that first season Joel Bell was 3-0 with 5 saves. At the bat, he found his bat slow and no match for Division 1 pitching. It was pretty obvious that Liggitt saw that strong arm and knew he would have an attentive pupil. Talks with his High School coach convinced Liggitt that Joel was a worker and would adapt well to a pitching role. He played some late inning defense in right field for Clemson, but he was primarily a pitcher. In his senior year he went 16-0 to finish off a 40-2 college career and a National Championship runner up finish. He was drafted, #23, in the first round, by the Dodgers. He should have went higher, but didn't pitch in the last 2 games of the National Championship series, grounded with a sore arm. Sore hadn't been the word for it. He couldn't lift it. No one could find anything physically wrong with him, besides inflammation that started in his forearm and spread throughout. Joel knew why, but didn't dare say. Off the coast of the Carolina's there's lots of good sailing. He got caught in a challenge race with an old friend vs. some of his other sailing, and drinking, buddies. The winds and the competition got tough and with Joel at the winches he fought hard and long to keep the boat at top speed and on course. His forearm felt weak, but he said nothing. He pitched 5 innings in an elimination game before telling coach Liggitt his arm was dragging. Liggitt checked with his coach overhead, who was already sending down a message that Bells fastball had dropped from 95 to 88. In the dugout, Joel held out both arms to show his coach and teammates the swelling in his right forearm. They hung on to win, but Joel was a concern. He didn't pitch again in his college career. Only Joel knew it wasn't an injury, it was stupidity.

He wasn't unhappy that he went so late, to the Dodgers, at least more of their farm teams were on the same coast as his family. However, because of his questionable condition, they did start him in rookie ball in Montana, instead of Vero Beach or San Bernadino. Long story short, Joel Bells meteoric rise through the Dodger system stalled in the Spring Training of his fifth year as a pro. He was 50-50 to go to Albuquerque or the big club. He went 15-1 combined the previous year, going 4-0 in 4 starts in AAA Albuquerque New Mexico, 3 complete games. While pitching in a Spring Training game he felt something pop in his shoulder. His catcher asked if he was OK, and Joel acted like nothing happened. One more inning and he was done for the day and was sure to make the Dodgers. He figured he could grit his teeth through a few more batters. Three pitches later his elbow popped as well, not able to withstand the extra workload Joel tried to give his forearm while compensating. Surgeons said the surgery would lay him up for at least a year, if not 2. It didn't take long for Joel to figure, that he wouldn't restart in the majors, it would be at the bottom. He knew he was done.

Home to Washington, his parents signed the store's operation over to him and they moved to Florida, leaving their new country home for Joel. After 6 months of running the 5 stores Joel was at wits end. He was making lots of money, but when figured by the hour, he was not doing as well as he should be. He certainly didn't have the time to enjoy it, and didn't have the time to have his elbow tendon replacement. The shoulder pre-reconstruction surgery was done immediately, but the elbow had to wait. Now he was pained beyond his expectations, with stress making things even worse.

When Circle Rocking R Stores called and asked for a meeting with him, he made time for them. They were a fast growing chain of convenience stores that specialized in rural situations. They catered to the farmer and farm workers close by, as well as Joe Six-Pack. They made Joel an offer he found hard to refuse for rights to the stores. Joel remained landlord of the stores, kept the Bell name on the front with a slash and Circle Rocking R on the sign. The buyer knew the value of a local name.

He sat down with his Dad, who at first called Joel foolish to even talk with them. After hashing out numbers, calling in lawyers, they figured Joel couldn't lose. As they expanded each store, adding gas, propane and kerosene, they would eventually buy the property from Joel. Until then, the right to use the building, the name and reputation, paid Joel handsomely. He made more money that he ever had in his life, for doing nothing. Upkeep on the buildings and parking lots would be minimal until they began buying the properties one by one, from him.

He walked away from the business, got his shoulder fully rebuilt, and went to the country home his parents gifted to him to recuperate.

Now, women were no mystery to Joel, he had his share on the road. He had a few serious girlfriends, but mostly he was with Annie's, baseball groupies. Booster clubs provided a way to meet respectable women, who would invite him to an occasional dinner. Those dinners usually ended up as a try to convert him to some religion, or a chance to get him in the sack. Some, however, were women, mostly divorced, who thought he was cute and really wanted to start a relationship. As serious as any of those ever got, none wanted him to leave at seasons end, or move when he got sent up another rung. Joel's career meant more than any steady fuck.

So, he lived in country home alone, with no female companionship back at home. His newly operated shoulder left him without too many options anyway. Driving, walking or riding was a job. Every which way he moved, made the shoulder move, and riding in a car was torture. After 5 weeks of rehab and having a therapist come in, he was finally ready to walk, and he hoped, eventually jog. His first day of walking brought him along the country roads and eventually to a place called The Olde Cider Mill. He went in to battle the mid summer crowds and sample the cider. Once inside he found it was also a breakfast, lunch and light dinner restaurant. He made his way through the line to get the cider only to find he was in the lunch line. Not to be thwarted, he ordered a sandwich and went to wait in the line to pick it up. There were enough gadgets and odd products on the shelves to keep him occupied while he waited. Soon, his number was called and he went to the pick up window where 3 girls frantically worked to get sandwiches plated and on the counter.

"I'm number 1145, can I get a black coffee with that?" he asked as he held up his ticket stub.

"Sorry Dodger, you get drinks when you order, we ain't got a thing here. Keep the line moving." The voice behind the counter said. Joel looked up and saw a partial face as she finished blowing him off and turned to get more plates from the kitchen.

"Little bitch didn't even look at me, snotty bastard just walked away." He thought as he went to a table. "She could have at least been polite."

He sat and ate his dry sandwich thinking what a jerk he was. He came into get a cup of cider and ended up with a sandwich and nothing to drink. He looked to the table next to him and saw a woman with 2 kids and a quart of cider and 3 cups.

"Pardon me, where did you get that cider?" he asked her.

"There's a stand outside. You can buy it and bring it in," she said smiling at Joel's good looks. "If you get a cup, you can have some of this."

"I couldn't, but if you watch my sandwich, I'll go get my own." He asked.

"Put your sandwich on our table. We're about to leave, and will wait for you to return, OK?" she said.

"I appreciate this, ma'am." He said as he put his plate on her table and went out the door.

He got his own bottle and a cup and made his way through the crowd to find her table. Sure enough, they had finished and had picked up the table and were waiting for him.

"Thanks ma'am." He nodded and smiled.

"Patsy, please call me Patsy, and these are my children, Derek and Maddie. And you're?" she asked.

"Oh, Joel. Joel Bell. I'm sorry. Nice to meet you Patsy, uhh Derek, Maddie." He said, embarrassed.

"I come here a few times a week on the way to bring the kids to their father's house so I can go to work. We stop for lunch or get it to go. Maybe I'll see you again." Patsy said blushing.

Joel watched Patsy leave and admired her firm body and long red hair.

"If you don't pay attention you'll miss the fact I just got you a coffee, Dodger." A voice came from behind him as he turned and saw the steaming cup in front of him. He turned a bit to see the face of the person talking, obviously the girl from the sandwich counter, but she was already wiping tables for more people.

She was bent over a table and displayed a shapely ass in very tight jeans. "Thank You," he said to the table wiper.

"For what, Dodger? The coffee or the look at my ass?" she said without looking up and running off to another part of the dining area.

"It might be nice ass, but it's a smart ass," He thought to himself.

Actually he couldn't have picked the girl out of line- up, at this point. She had been so abrupt at the counter, that he missed her face, and here, he actually hadn't seen her face, or to his chagrin, now after he had been accused, her ass that closely either.

He wasn't much on cooking and was glad he had found this place. After being stuck in the house and living on what he could get one of his former employees to bring to the house for him; real food tasted good.

After finishing his impromptu lunch he took a menu, stuffed it in his pocket and began the 4-mile walk back to his house. After an hour of walking he was pretty sure that the country roads had fooled him, and he was lost. Somewhere along the way he had missed a turn. He turned around to back track and find his way. The first intersection he reached further confused him.

His cell phone, his wallet and everything except his keys and the change of a $20 bill were home. He knew the sun was in his face when he was walking to the Olde Cider Mill, so now a couple hours after noon, it should be in front of him again, so he kept walking in that direction. Few cars passed him and he would have felt pretty stupid flagging one down, he hoped for a Police or Trooper car to happen along.

He had about lost hope when a yellow Mercedes slowed beside him.

"Mr. Joel Bell, are you lost?" came the voice inside.

Joel bent to see the red head from earlier, Patsy, driving.

"Why, to tell you the truth Patsy, I am." He said embarrassed.

"This is my first day walking out and about from my house, and I'm afraid I got turned around." He added.

"Well, little boy, if you know your address I'll bring you home and get you a lollipop." She smartly added.

Joel got in the car and told he lived at 2156 County Road 72. She informed him that the locals called it Fernhollow Road and sped off with Joel to get him home.

"Going to pick up your kids so soon?" he wondered aloud.

"Yes, I am. It was slow at work and they asked for volunteers to go home. I'm a non-permanent employee at the Post Office, plus I wait tables. If I show up for the kids, my ex will let them go early, he always does." Patsy added.

Patsy drove past two intersections Joel never recognized and slowed as she got near his home.

"I suppose you have a wife home waiting for you, Joel?" she asked.

"Not exactly, I don't even have a dog to kick at home. Thanks so much for the ride. I owe you one. I'll buy coffee next time I see you at the Mill." He promised.

"If you make it there, I'll have a cup with you. I have my doubts you'll ever find the Mill again, after today." She said chuckling.

"Don't you have to get your kids?" he asked, wanting her put down of him to stop.

"They don't expect me until 9 o'clock, I was just going to get them early. I may go for a coffee first, unless you can make some." She explained.

"I'm not much on brewing, but would you like to come in for a coffee? I could go for another cup." Joel said, getting out of her car.

They walked up his steps and he held the door open for Patsy. She was definitely a couple years older than he, but had a fine body and the long red hair really did it for him. As she walked up the steps inside the split-level house and up the first landing, he couldn't help but admire her.

"Do you make a habit of picking women up?" She asked smiling to him.

"I could have sworn YOU picked me up, Patsy. Although, we are in my house." He said laughing at her comment.

"Do you know the last time a man was polite to me and called me ma'am, like you did today? It's been a long time. When I'm with my kids, I'm so obviously divorced. Not many men are interested in my resume when they see the kids, although they are good children, don't get me wrong." She said sighing.

Joel was confused, and wondered if she was making an assumption.

"Patsy, I wasn't really trying to hit on you or pick you up today. I hope you didn't think I had an interest in you and made up the story about getting something to drink back at lunch." Joel mused.

"No, I knew that. It was just that you were polite to me and didn't treat me like garbage. So many men are rude when you are with your kids; their father is no exception. He was so nice until we got married and then he turned into a rat. I don't think he was civil to me once in 4 years of marriage." Patsy explained.

"Well, he was obviously nice a couple times. Those kids didn't fall from the sky." Joel said with a chuckle as he got the coffee maker loaded and going.

Patsy went to say something, but she was obviously choking back some tears of regret.

"We were so stupid. We thought they would make things better. His next idea was to get me a boob job. Two kids didn't save our marriage, so he thought two tits would. I thought my breasts were still pretty nice and not that small. But, he wanted huge round ones to make himself happy. He didn't care about me. He borrowed $5000 dollars and gave it to me for a boob job for our anniversary. That was the last night I spent with him. When I called him and told him to pack up his stuff and leave, do you know what he told me?" She paused and swallowed a lump in her throat. "He said OK. That's all, just OK, and worse yet I had to move, it was his fathers house! I took his five grand and used it to get a lawyer." Patsy confessed.

"Well, this has turned into a cheery meeting, Patsy. Let's change the subject, OK? Where did you say you worked, The Post Office? What do you do there?" Joel said trying to diffuse the down nature of where they were going.

"Joel, isn't this pretty obvious what I'm doing here? I did pick you up, and even talked myself into your house. I'm a lonely divorcee who wants a man for companionship and... and sex, too. Joel, you're a good-looking guy and I'm sure you're not stupid." Patsy shocked Joel by saying.

"Patsy, Id be lying if I said that the thought of getting you in my bed never crossed my mind, but I didn't really think you were picking me up. I..." he began before she interrupted him.

"Let's cut the baloney out Joel." She said as she kissed him full on the lips.

The kiss was long and deep. Joel thought to himself that she must have been a long time without a man.

"Wow, that was some kiss, Patsy." He said as he held her. "I find it hard to believe that a woman as pretty as you has to pick up guys."

"It's not like I make a habit of it, I was on the way to get my kids when I saw you. Guys don't want kids hanging around, and it's hard to get out without them. I'm either at work, or with my kids. I've planned weekends away with a girlfriend, and guys think that if you're over 25 and travel with another woman you must be a lesbian." She said frustrated and beginning to tear up.

"I think you're making a lot of assumptions about men in general. The right guy wouldn't care about the kids, if you were part of the package. I already know that you're a good mother, well mannered, neat, fun loving and damn attractive." Joel told her trying to lift her spirits.

"You left out one other quality, you must think I'm a whore too." She said pouty. "I probably lost my chance at a nice guy like you."

"I'm not really looking for a full time relationship Patsy, but I would date you in a second. I'm a sucker for red hair." He said as he held her close and kissed the tip of her nose.

"Would you try to bring me home after the first date, or would you want to just kiss me on the doorstep?" She asked crooking her eye at him.

"I'd bring you home and kiss you everywhere!" He answered as he hugged her.

She broke the hug and looked at him in wonderment.

"If you would consider coffee a first date, show me where the cups are and I'll pour." She flirted and walked toward the kitchen.

They sat at the kitchen booth and sipped coffee, making small talk about likes and dislikes when she finally asked him what he did for a living.

"Hmm, surprised you never asked before. I didn't figure you were a gold digger, you would have asked sooner. I'm, a... retired, I guess. I tried to become a major league baseball player, but my arm sort of fell apart," he said holding his 50% mobile right arm painfully out. "Umm, I just had surgery. But I did own Bell's In and Out stores, but just made a deal to let Circle Rocking R put their name on them and run them. So, I'm unemployed, with income, and I guess that's retired." He said smiling proudly.

He felt her stockinged toe run up the side of his leg under the booth.

"Bells In and Out, huh? I like the sound of that. Is this the part of the date where you bring me home?" she asked.

"... and kiss you on the doorstep?" Joel said with a smirk.

"Call it what you like, just kiss me there!!" Patsy said as she got up from the booth taking Joel's hand.

He took her hand and held her cheek to cheek as if to dance, but rested his other hand on her ass, squeezing it.

"Mmmm that feels good," she whispered. "I haven't felt like a woman in along time Joel."

"I'll work on that Patsy, but you have to promise not to beat yourself up afterwards. I'm opening my arms to you because you are a beautiful attractive woman who has the same needs I do. None of this "whore" talk. A whore would have been riding home with messy underwear already." Joel scolded her.

"Don't worry, you've made me feel like a woman already." She said as she wrapped her arms around him.

Joel walked her to the living room and showed her the sofa. They sat together and Joel kissed her full and eased her back onto the cushions. After some serious necking he slid off he sofa onto his knees, while she lay flat out on the sofa. While kissing and caressing her face he slid his hand over her breast and pinched at the nipple through he bra. She groaned approval and he repeated the same with the other. He undid a button on her blouse and slid a hand into the cup of her bra and repeated the pinch on her left breast, but his right arm could work well enough to do the other. He saw the front clasp on her garment and undid that, freeing both breasts.

He looked at them and told her how beautiful they were and sought to kiss them, suckle and slobber all over them. Her nipples were the puffie type, unusual in a woman who has had children. The nipples must have been even more incredible before, but they were certainly sensitive now, and looked like dollops of strawberry ice cream on her soft mounds. He alternately cupped each at the base and squeezed them up to pinch the nipple, flailing his tongue on the tips, then sucking them full.

"Ohhhh," she moaned, "My panty's are so fucking wet, touch me there.

He just smiled at her and moved his mouth lower to her belly button, a classic inny. As he worked his tongue over and in it he put his left hand on her leg at the bottom edge of her skirt. Slowly he inched it up her leg until he reached her pussy. It felt like she was only pantyhose, no panty or thong. He rubbed his thumb up and down the lips through the crotch panel material.

"Oh God Joel, RIP THEM! Touch me, please touch me!!" she commanded.

Joel smiled at her, looking up from his belly button dessert. He caught his thumbnail in the seam of the crotch panel and dug down to tear the panty hose just enough. He slid a finger inside of her.

"Ohhhhhhhhh," she came. "Uh huh, uh huh, uh huh, Ohhhhh" she came again.

He took his hand from her crotch and turned her legs toward him. Putting his hands on the outer part of her thighs he pushed the skirt up to her waist. Her red haired pussy stared at him through the peephole he dug in her pantyhose. He ripped more of them down and dove in to her crotch with his mouth.

"Ohhhhhh," she pushed her crotch to his face lifting her ass right off the sofa cushion. "Eat me, eat me, Ohhhhhh!" she whined in ecstasy.

Her pussy was framed in fire red hair, making Joel even crazier with desire for her. She was wet, almost oozing juices that Joel lapped up. It seemed her hood was larger most he had seen, making her clit look like a tiny penis, a very sensitive tiny penis. Her stomach muscles seemed to convulse each new time he touched her clit with his tongue. He couldn't remember the last time he made love in the broad daylight. This was a treat, with Patsy so pretty.

The more he ate her, the more she raised her legs, until they were both pointing skyward. Doing this caused the material of her pantyhose to ride up and prevent him for getting a full lick at her lips, so he grabbed the flap he had torn, and widened it more, exposing her extra white ass with the crimson slash between her cheeks.

Redheads were always very fair skinned and only the parts consistently exposed to sunlight gained any sort of tan, usually after lots and lots of freckling. Unless they wore a thong bathing suit a lot, their asses were always extra white and fair. It made the darkening skin from their crotch that went between their cheeks seem fire red, with her asshole like a little target. A target he had a hard time resisting with his tongue.

Her next orgasm began cresting and he knew she would push him away. She had 2 big ones already, so this third would leave her ultra sensitive. Just as she began to squeal and scream out her orgasm, he dropped his tongue to her asshole. She jumped immediately and grabbed her pussy, covering it with her hand. The hand in his face caused him to look up and he saw her face, as red as her hair, contorted and seeming chewing air, her jaws gnawing at nothing. Then she froze and a long "WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" ground from her throat. Joel decided it was time to let her breath, and he relented from his licking to swash his tongue across her butt hole once more and then trail little kisses across her buttock and then up her leg as he lowered it to the floor. He kissed up her stomach to her breasts and rested his head in between them. As he looked at the rising and falling mound in front of his eyes with the puffy nipple begging to be sucked, he wondered why any man would want her to augment them.

"Oh Joel, Oh Joel," she puffed.

"That was animal, simply animal. I'm not sure I ever had an orgasm before, compared to that." She said through hard breaths.

Joel knelt straight up and loosened his belt and pushed his pants and boxers down his waist a bit. The sight of her red haired pussy on the edge of the sofa was more than he could take. He couldn't wait to cleave it with his hardened cock.

Patsy was still coming off her orgasm with her eyes closed telling Joel how well he had done, how good she felt, when he aimed his cock at her slit. Her lips were parted a bit at the bottom of her red gash and that was where he chose to bring the staff of hard flesh in his hand. He nudged the head through the parting lips and pressed forward, filling her in one stroke.

"Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhh, OHHHHHHHHHHHH, Joel!!" she shouted as she brought her hands to the flat of his stomach. "Please wait, I wasn't ready for that. God, I haven't felt a cock in so long. Fuck me you sweet man. God sent you for me. I have a feeling I'll ride by tomorrow and this house will never have existed."

Joel smiled down at her as he began to pump in and out of her.

"Sorry, I couldn't wait any longer, your red haired pussy had me crazy. Just enjoy it. You are so damn tight, it feels like I'm in your ass." Joel said as he began to pick up speed in his thrusts.

"Uh, uh, uh, uh, God it's so good Joel. If I thought getting it in my ass would feel like this you could do it now. I never did that. Uh, uh, uh, uh." She grunted with his pounds at her pussy.

"Perhaps another day. I want to fuck you silly this way." He said gritting his teeth, enjoying the rushes of pleasure through his cock and balls.

"Uh, uh, uh, uh, I wanted to suck you, eat you like you ate me. Uh, uh, uh, uh, make you happy!" she continued.

"If you think I'm not happy now, you're crazy." He smiled and they both laughed.

Her smile was quickly wiped off by an orgasm that began to come over her.

"Ohhhhh, Ohhhhhhh, Uh, uh, uh, uh, Gzzzzzzzzzt! Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Joooooooeeeeeeellllll!!" she expounded as she came.

"Grrrrrrtt, Oh Patsy, I'm close too! You are so fucking tight!" he growled at her through clenched teeth.

"Joel, in my mouth. Cum in my mouth PLEASE. I'm not sure I took my pill today. Uh, uh, uh, uh, don't cum in me." She begged.

He stopped abruptly. "Fine time to think of it." He snapped. "Joel, don't be mad, I miss lots of them. I haven't needed them in almost two years. If I knew about your cock this morning, I would have taken it. Don't be mad. You never gave me a chance. Remember you just took me, shoved it in?" She apologized and explained.

Joel looked down at his hands that had been gripping the tops of her thighs tight to him. They left white marks when he lost his grip. He had really been tearing her up.

"I'm sorry to snap at you." He said as he began to pump at her again. "I never thought of it that way. This is your first in that long?"

She nodded with a serious look on her face but it crept into a smile. "I'll wait that long again if it will be this good."

Joel was beginning to pick up steam again and she felt that familiar pinch between her legs.

"Wouldn't you like this little mouth to suck your cock and take all that cum in for you. If I cum one more time, I may not be able to walk later. I haven't tasted cum since high school, but I would love to taste yours." She told him while smiling sweetly.

THAT, is an offer I cannot refuse Patsy!" he said as he popped his cock from her pussy.

"HHHHMMMMMM!" she sighed as it dropped from her.

She pulled herself up to a sitting position and kissed him.

"Not since high school, huh?" he said, doubting her.

"I've sucked a few different cocks since then, 3 to be exact, but no one else had came there. Why would I lie to you?" she said with a grin. "You made this extra exciting for me, I want to make it the same for you."

"If you want to make it exciting," he said as he sat back on his knees, "take off your clothes, let me see that beautiful body of yours."

Patsy stood up and kept her eye contact with Joel as she took the blouse and bra off her arms. She fiddled with the snaps on her skirt as he asked her, "You swallowed in High School, but not since?"

"I wasn't on the pill, and of course "I was in love" then." She exaggerated. "I kind of got a taste for it, pretty sexy, but the guy who became my husband wouldn't even kiss me after I put his dick in my mouth. He said he didn't want to end up queer. So that ended soon, and he never had a chance of cumming there. Guys like to eat pussy, gals like to have a dick in their mouth, it's sexy and not dirty." She said as she wriggled out of her destroyed panty hose.

"Sounds like a real gem, Patsy." Joel said as he admired her wiggle and the pirouette she did when she finished.

"The sickening part is that I began to find out what an asshole he was on my honeymoon night. I wanted to walk out on him then, but was afraid what others would think." She admitted.

Joel extended his hands to her and she came to his kneeling form. He kissed her belly button again and then asked her to kneel. They kissed and necked for a minute as his cock bobbed between her legs.

"Get down on your hands and knees, you can suck me and I can fuck your mouth while I look at your perfect ass." He instructed her.

He touched her arm as she began to get down. "You don't mind tasting your pussy on me, do you?" He asked.

"Nooo," she chuckled. "That's how I knew he was an asshole on my wedding night; he insisted on washing it after we fucked and I still wanted to suck him. He said it would turn me into a lesbian. Hell, my pussy tastes good!" She exclaimed as she got her head down to kiss his cock.

"Look at me." she asked before she took him into her mouth. " I want to see your face when I suck the head. It's worth the whole deed."

Joel looked down at her and grinned at her request, but the grin turned into round O expelling his breath as her mouth engulfed him. She gave him a Cheshire smile, as well as you can do one with a cock in your mouth, as she pushed her mouth over him.

She sucked him in and out rocking from her hips as his cock fucked her mouth at her urgence. Every third or fourth stroke, she would take him deep almost to where she had to gag. While it felt good, Joel found the gag to be un-sexy and he put a finger ring around his cock for a few strokes to show her she needn't do that.

Joel was about half way home when she suddenly took her mouth off his cock entirely and turned on her side to put her head back. She took his balls into her mouth, licking each one separately. He wished he had taken his pants off all the way; she might have gone lower on him. After sucking, and vibrating her lips sucking air around each nut, she flipped back and took his cock back into her warm mouth.

Joel really wanted to cum now, and the thought of that little mouth sucking the head of his dick, after he came, made him crazy. To him that was the swallowing. He didn't really care if she ingested it; he just liked a woman who wasn't afraid of it and would run her tongue over him and suck him after he came.

Soon, her movement stopped, and except for her tongue and sucking cheeks, he was fucking her mouth in nice short strokes.

"Oh MiGosh Patsy, I'm gonna cum. Your little mouth is going to make me cum. All that cum you felt in my balls is gonna be in your mouth in a minute. Oh MiGosh!!" he urged her on.

"Geeez, Oooofff, Ahhhhh, Ahhhhh, Ahhhhh." Joel uttered as he went over. His cum shot up his shaft and splashed into her waiting mouth. The first shot was almost all pre-cum and water, but he felt two more heavy shots of his cum jump out to her tongue.

"Mmmmmmm - Mmmmmmmmmm," she reported as they hit her mouth.

Then he oozed a bit more into her mouth and she began to suck the last from him, running her tongue around the head inside her mouth.

She reached out to his balls as if to squeeze a bit more from him, but it also kept him in her mouth, as he was doing a combination hum, grunt and exclamation of pleasure and pleasure pain.

"EaaaaaaaaGeeeeezzzz." He cried as he pulled from her mouth. She looked up at him and opened he mouth to show him his last shot of cum, and then she swallowed it.

She smiled proudly, "You taste good and I didn't lose a drop."

He saw her running her tongue over the inside of her mouth and swallowing over and over.

He closed his eyes and sat back on his haunches with his hands on his hips breathing like he just ran a marathon.

He looked down and saw her total supine on the floor. Her white ass cheeks that ran to her perfect legs were more than he could resist. He fell forward forgetting his bad shoulder and had to catch himself with one arm, going face first into her ass. He grabbed her hip and rolled her on her side keeping his face in her ass.

"What a cute delicious ass you have Patsy. Your husband is an ASSHOLE." He said as he nipped at her cheeks and parted then a bit to touch his tongue to her little rose.

Patsy was laughing at the ardor he had for her ass, but was enjoying it. She reached behind herself and pushed his pants down the rest of the way. While he nibbled on her cheeks, she was pulling his pants over his socks.

"No one has ever licked my butt hole before. It feels strange but wonderful." Patsy said, a little embarrassed. "Can we roll a different way, I can't get at anything of yours."

"I don't need anything taken care of Patsy, it's just your ass I want to eat. I can't believe no one ever ate this or tried to fuck it." Joel said as he continued to nibble at her cheeks and dive his tongue into her little hole.

"You are so bold, Joel. Fucking girl's assholes. As good as your tongue feels, that sounds like it would hurt." Patsy said, a little worried.

"Mmmmm, a couple fingers, a few toys, a bottle of wine, a lot of lube and you would have the time of your life, I promise. Maybe someday if I get lost again you can pick me up and try it." Joel said.

When Patsy heard that, she knew that she wasn't becoming his girlfriend, just his latest fuck.

"Maybe you could call me and we could go out for a date and finish with it, how does that sound?" she asked hoping he might call her.

"Patsy, you don't want me for a boyfriend. I don't want to settle with one girl, or woman. At least not right now. We had fun here today. Maybe we can do it again. How would it look to your kids to have another man come around? Let me get all healed up and get my bearings on my life. I'm new to this retirement stuff. I know I'll have to do something to keep from going crazy, but there are too many question marks in my life to get involved with someone. Besides, right now, all you know about me is that I appreciate a pretty woman with a great ass." Joel told her to let her down easy.

"I suppose you're right, but I do really like you and would love more afternoons like this." She said.

"Without getting involved?" Joel asked.

"I think I can handle that, as long as I know it upfront." She responded.

"Patsy, it's not that I don't find you attractive or anything. Don't get me wrong. I just have too much going on inside my head right now. Plus, the thought of always having to juggle 2 kids isn't me. I'm sorry. Your kids seem sweet and I know you really love them, and I'm sure I would too. I've been involved with women with children before, and in the end you have to break up with the whole family. Don't make me sound like a rat. Stop me." Joel pleaded her with a laugh.

Patsy chuckled, "OK stop! I understand. They would have a hard time if they got attached to someone else and they left. Your point is made. But, how do we get a hold of each other?"

"You keep stopping the Cider Mill and you will run into me from time to time. Now that I know it's there, I'll be there everyday for a while. I can't drive and riding more than a few miles is a pain. They prepare food, I don't." he told her.

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