Abduction of Beatrice
Chapter 1: Abduction and Subjugation...

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Rape, BDSM, Spanking, Rough, Torture, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Size,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1: Abduction and Subjugation... - A professional and large-busted (found to be submissive), female is captured for the whims of a master living way beyond civilation. She is brought there for his ultimate pleasures.

It was a cold, overcast blustery winter's morning as the unconscious woman was lifted from the rear compartment of the gleaming black limousine by strong arms. She was perhaps thirty-eight years of age, maybe, with beautiful long straight shock red hair. Beautiful hair, really. She was dressed very well, it was obvious that she was used to comfortable living. She was on the short side, maybe five feet two-ish, and weighed possibly one hundred thirty pounds. Her skin was very fair and white, a stark contrast to the tall muscular black man who carefully draped her over his shoulder and carried her up the marble stairs of the secluded mansion.

Madison carried her into the great house. It was luxurious and warm inside. Dimly lit. A fire was crackling in the fireplace in the masculinely decorated den. In front of the fireplace, the restraint table had been placed earlier. Beside it was Master Thornton's "toolbox", a beautifully finished, heavy wooden antique chest measuring two feet by four, with several drawers fitted with polished brass pulls and corners. All was in place, Madison checked as he entered the room with his burden. He placed the still unconscious woman on the leather sofa and began disrobing her. She lay there so peacefully, pretty eyes closed, long lashes. She would be out for at least a couple more hours, he knew. He had only given her the shot about forty-five minutes ago in her upscale downtown apartment, sneaking up on her from behind, she had never known what hit her. He had been casing her for the last two week for Master Thornton, and this morning the fruits of his labors were going to be reaped.

The lanky negro butler sat on the coffee table in front of the prone beauty. He unbuttoned and carefully removed her white silk blouse, caressing the fine lace of the collar as he did. God, he loved undressing these women for the Master... He unfastened and unzipped her black slacks and lovingly slid them down her legs. He paused for a minute, studying her in her half-cup bra and scanty matching sexy panties. She had rather large breasts, at least an F-cup size, and upon pulling one of them down, he noticed that her nipples were large, also. Good, the Master loved big nipples. With a pair of gleaming chrome scissors, he cut the straps of the bra on all sides and slipped it off her. Just the panties left now, and the scissors made quick work of both sides of them. The womans' breasts and vagina now lay bare before the man. He leaned forward and placed his nose against her mound, only slightly covered at the edges with a smattering of fine red pubic hairs, and inhaled deeply. Ahhh, yes, he thought to himself as he inhaled the fine aroma of her cunt. She was slightly perfumed with something that flattered her natural smell, and Madison savored it for a few quick moments. He reached down with one of his large hands and stroked her softly for a few moments. He slowly palmed her mons with his hungry hand, cupping it delicately, savoring it's smooth surface and the way it lifted up from her body.

He could tell that this one had a goodly sized pussy, probably a big clitoris, also, when it got hard, her mound was a good handful for the man. No matter about her being a little loose, the master usually focused his attentions elsewhere, anyway...

Madison picked the naked woman up and turned around, depositing her face down on the table. This was a very special table, designed and built by the Master himself, after considerable design and expense, and it would adjust and manipulate itself into more than one thousand configurations. It had been used many, many times and still operated flawlessly, a tribute to the Master's brilliant mind and skills. Taking the control box, he adjusted the table into what he by now long knew was the favorite starting position, this being such that the woman would be face down on the table, but with her knees tucked underneath her somewhat, and slightly splayed out sideways, and with her rump parted and raised up into the air, looking for all the world like the view one would see from below a squatting woman.

Yes, very, very nice Madison thought to himself as fastened all of the straps required to maintain her in this exact position. From her head to her feet, she was strapped and restrained every inch of the way. The only parts of her body that she would be able to move in this positions were her eyes, ears, mouth, fingertips and toes. Oh, the toes. They were the best part to watch, how they curled and uncurled and clenched when the Master really began to work on the women.

He carefully opened the section of the table that was immediately below her breasts, freeing her full teats to hang down through it. It was really interesting to see this effect with the ones with larger breasts, as was this case with Beatrice. In fact, the very tips of her teats hung at least eight inches below the bottom of the padded table. Nice. Very nice. The Master would be very pleased at this acquisition.

Madison opened the top of the case carefully admiring it and how the lid hinged back smoothly, brass stops holding it up at a vertical angle, and ran his fingers down the row of hard plastic phalluses which nestled into fitted velvet recesses. Which one would be right for her?, he thought. Remembering that she seemed to have a full, mature cunt, he selected the second from the largest in the case. He held it up to the light, admiring the finish and fit of it, black, hard and heavy, really top quality, the Master having had them custom made in Bombay, India, a few years ago. The butler slid the top drawer open and found the jar of Vaseline. He popped off the lid and stuck the end of the phallus into the sticky lubricant, coating and chalking the end of it thoroughly, then used his hand to smear the stuff all over the length of it. It was eight inches long, but very, very thick, almost three inches in diameter, and he coated it completely. He then attached the chrome fitting at the base to the special harness which would hold it in place.

He placed the slippery tip, tapering perhaps to one inch in diameter, against the sleeping slit of the woman. He slipped the first inch of it into her, spinning and rotating it slowly to spread the lubricant evenly. Once the lubricant had been sufficiently distributed to his satisfaction, he applied pressure to the phallus, admiring the way the plump cunt lips stretched and opened around it, accommodating the huge ebony bulk.

He forced the remainder of the artificial penis within her to the hilt, meeting no more than moderate resistance from the hideously stretched pussy, and secured the straps of the harness to her body straps.

Now it would not move even a fraction, no matter how she moved or wriggled. He checked the strapping around her head, tightening it slightly, completely immobilizing her from the neck up, with her head hanging off the end of the table, chin cupped below by the padding, her mouth facing out slightly below the horizontal.

Done now, he thought, and sat down on the sofa to wait. Two hours later, the Maserati squealed up the driveway and he heard the door shut. Good, he thought. The Master was here finally. The front door of the mansion opened and shut, and the approaching footsteps grew louder and louder until he saw Mr. Thornton at the door. He smiled at the sight before him in front of the fireplace. "Well done, Madison", he said softly. "Well done, indeed". He removed his hat and overcoat, placing them on the rack inside the door. His tall, formidable figure strode over to the table and sat down on the low stool behind it.

He looked at the plump bottom spread ripely before him then glanced at the open chest, noting that Madison had given this one the next to the largest phallus. Very nice, indeed. Suddenly, perfectly timed, the woman gave a start. She was coming to. "Where am I?" the groggy, statement came...

Then she realized the predicament and position she was in, and a millisecond later realized that her pussy was widely stretched with something very long and very hard, involuntarily trying to squeeze it out. But it would not move. "Please, oh please, please god, don't hurt me", she immediately begged. "Please, where am I?" "What do you want with me?" "Oh, please, I'll do anything you want, just please don't hurt me!", "Oh, god, please, I beg of you", "Please", she began to chant. Thornton raised his right hand and slapped the woman squarely on her right ass cheek, then quickly on her left, booming: "Shut up, bitch, damn you, right now", down at her.

Beatrice's silence was immediate. A pin could have dropped. "Now, first the rules, cunt, then we'll proceed." he snarled at her as he walked around in front of her, kneeling down so that they were practically nose to nose. "You are to be here this entire weekend. During this time you are my slave - that is, you will do everything you are bade to do, without hesitation or question. There will be no infractions whatsoever. The first time that you disobey me, you'll be taken out and beaten within an inch of your life by my butler, here. Behave, be good, do everything I ask of you, and you will not be hurt. But you will be used for my sexual pleasures and whims, to the extent of what I think you can take. Submit respectfully to all I ask of you and you will be returned to your apartment tomorrow night, with another sleeping injection, along with a special formula which will render you with no memory whatsoever of what is going to happen.", he said.

"Do I make myself PERFECTLY clear, Beatrice, and if I do you may respond to me with a yes sir", he fairly screamed at her.

Beatrice closed her eyes in fear and obediently replied: "Yes, Sir", in a shaking voice.

Thornton walked behind the woman again, sitting once more on the leather stool. What do we have here?, he thought to himself. He reached out with both hands towards the stub of the great phallus which protruded obscenely through a very stretched pair of cunt lips, and stroked her labia, which circled around both sides of it, very slowly and softly, running his fingertips through the lovely sparse red hairs which fringed it. He enjoyed himself in this manner for a while, pinching them, pulling them open even more, even pinching her on her clitty from time to time, wrenching gasps from her. After manualizing her in this way to his satisfaction for now, he rose and came around beside the table and sat on the second stool, admiring the large teats dropping through the opening in the table. He reached out and caressed them lightly, strumming his fingernails over their smooth surface. Very nice, indeed, he thought again.

Dropping his hands to their very tips, he first lightly teased and tweaked, then fiercely captured both nipples between thumb and forefingers and stretched them down hard, pulling them several inches away from her breasts, fiercely yanking them, hurting the woman, and held them like that. Beatrice moaned with pain as he pulled on her nipples hard, real hard, now starting to squeeze and twist them as they were stretched. Redoubling his efforts, he began wringing them, twisting them entirely around as he pulled hard, he pinched and pulled and twisted on the tender tips of her poor mistreated udders like this for ten long minutes, enjoying the terrified look on the woman's face, enjoying her howls and occasional screams as he tortured them.

After what seemed like hours to Beatrice, he finally released the abused, erect nubs. They stood at attention for him now, over-stimulated, erect nipples now jutting out an inch from her. This was exactly what he wanted, and he licked his lips as he adjusted the screws on the gold nipple clamps...

Fitting the first one over the nipple of her right breast, he tightened it very, very tightly over it. Beatrice groaned loudly at first, until the excruciating pain began to subside, her nipple numbing slightly at the constriction. This was repeated on the left one, then he reached into his chest and picked up the little heart-shaped gold weights, each about the size of a plum, with a little gold chain, and hooked them onto the clamps. This action resulted in her nipple being stretched almost as far as they were when he was pulling and twisting on them. He stepped back and admired his handiwork. He reached below the table and tugged slightly on the chains, stretching her nipples, and Beatrice screamed again. He knocked them both sideways simultaneously, watching them pendulum back and forth, swinging the stretched nipples to and fro with their weight.

He sat back down on the stool to the rear of the woman and stared long and hard at her proffered rump. He motioned to Madison, and the butler came to him. "Spread her cheeks for me, Madision, I want a little taste", Thornton said. The butler immediately reached down with both huge hands, cupping the plumply rounded globes and stretched them widely apart as far as they would go. This resulted in Beatrice's most secret place being spread-wide for Thornton's pleasure. He admired the tiny little puckered hole of her anus, thrilling at the sight as he never failed to do. Leaning forward, he touched the tip of his tongue to the center of her ass, lightly brushing it up and down across the open butthole. Beatrice gasped at the tickling, slight, contact. Back and forth his tongue washed the surface of it, tasting her, laving her, slipping it in just a little bit at times. At the other end of the table, Beatrice cringed inside, realizing that she was at their mercy...

Thornton raised back up, and reached for the container of Vaseline. He stuck the first finger of his right hand deep within the jar, stirring it around, thickly coating it with the gooey lubricant. He touched it to her rose. He painted the Vaseline lewdly across the surface of her sphincter, plump cheeks still held widely apart by Madison, then slowly inserted the tip of it into the tight opening. Beatrice involuntarily strained at the insertion, her anus trying to resist further entry, a clenching display of hopeless futility against slick lubricant and a strong hand. Her asshole closed over his fingertip as she whined pitifully. Thorton grinned lewdly at the nasty sight.

His erection was already twitching hotly in his pants. And it was talking to him. Glancing at Madison, he could see the negro, too, was immensely erect. Good. Soon it would be put to good use.

Bearing down, now, Thornton smoothly pressed the long fat finger to the hilt into the woman's ass in one smooth, slow, steady, motion, the Vaseline erasing any resistance her sphincter muscle might have presented. Beatrice uttered a long, baleful whimper as she felt her ass take his fat finger, feeling her bowels pierced so deeply... He held it buried deeply, for a time, allowing her a moment to acclimate to the nasty intrusion...

"You may now take your pleasure, Madison," Thorton said softly, never taking his eyes off the woman's ass. Madison released her bottom and eagerly went around to the other end of the table, facing the woman, and walked up to her face. Beatrice, pretty head completely immobilized, could not help but see the huge erection under his slacks. Then she saw two black hands reach for the button and zipper, then the slacks slid down long, muscular thighs. The silk shorts clung tightly to an enormous penis. Beatrice paled before him as he dropped the shorts, and the massive black erection rotated down from his waist and hung horizontally, right before her lips. Oh, god no, she thought, oh god no... He's going to stick it in my mouth. Oh my god, oh god, she trembled inside.

A sick feeling went through Beatrice's stomach as she realized that he was going to fuck her mouth...

Behind her, Thornton withdrew his fat finger to its tip and eased it back in to the hilt, wrenching another groan from her. He began slowly sawing it in and out of the woman's fleshy ass, fucking her with his finger, distracting her senses slightly from what was unfolding in front of her face, making her focus on the ravishment her asshole was being subjected to.

The butler touched her full, quivering lips with the tip of his dripping prick...

"Open your lips, bitch", was all that he said. Beatrice did as he said. "One warning, bitch. One time. If you bite me whether on purpose or accidentally, I'll slit your throat from ear to ear", Madison boomed down at her, looking at her all the while, even enjoying the simple pleasure of her not being able to look up at him, her head being restrained the way it was. Beatrice kept her lips opened widely as the butler inserted a couple of inches of his throbbing prick into her pretty mouth, then she closed them obediently, beginning to suckle him a little, wanting to please him. "How does her mouth feel, Madison?", Thorton queried from behind the woman, still rhythmically sawing his finger in and out of the woman's butt, exercising it, (and unbeknownst to Beatrice), getting it ready for him, stretching and relaxing the tight little sphincter muscles. "Mmmm", Madison moaned quietly, his great hands clasping the sides of her restrained head, stroking her long red hair with his fingers while he slid the bulk of his fierce erection back and forth with her clasping mouth. "Delicious", he said.

Thornton reached below the table and admired at how the little heart shaped weights were swinging to and fro in tandem. Leering, he caught them up in his left hand and gave them a sudden tug. Beatrice moaned shrilly around the penis in her mouth, eliciting a growl of pleasure from Madison. "I really don't think she likes to have her titties pulled, Madison", Thornton said with a wink to the butler. The tall black man continued to thrust slowly in and out of the woman's mouth, every once in a while giving her a little bump against the opening of her throat, making her cheeks puff as she gagged. Thornton reached once more and selected the very largest butt plug. He lubricated this quickly, placing the pointed tip at her puckered little anus, now drawn up not quite so tightly, being stretched and relaxed somewhat. Spinning and twisting it into the opening of her butt, Thornton applied moderate pressure with the tip of it, which tapered from a half inch at the point, to more than two inches in diameter at the base, before it reduced again, so as to hold itself in place. There was little resistance to the first of it, her ass easily taking the plug until about the one and one half inch part. Thorton applied more pressure, wondering to himself if he should have selected the next size down from the chest...

There was a moment's strain, a sudden intake of feminine breath and a slippery whisper. Beatrice's ass closed over the widest part of the butt plug and itimmediately went painfully tight around the lesser diameter of the base. She uttered a long, pitiful, guttural moan around the black man's erection as her ass stretched around the plug when it sank deeply inside.

Madison's breath was coming in rasps now, the long ebony shaft sawed steadily in and out of the woman's mouth. He held her by her head again and suddenly forced the swollen head of his prick into the opening of her throat, and continued the thrust to the end, until her nose and lips were flattened against his abdomen. Beatrice began retching, her throat muscles involuntarily trying to expel the intruder, but the man held right there, never letting up on her, savoring the massage his prick was enjoying from the gagging reactions. Suddenly, his orgasm was upon him without warning and he kept his prick in her mouth to the hilt as he welled up, exploding so deeply into the woman's gagging throat that she never even tasted his hot sperm...

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