Time to Protect Earth

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Science Fiction, Time Travel, Oral Sex, Pregnancy, Slow,

Desc: Sex Story: Introduction - A hostile alien vessel heads for Earth. Time travel by Vortex is perfected, and our heroes fight to save Multiple Parallel Earths. Completed, and edited. June 2003 Silver Clit award Finalist. Thanks to all who voted.

Dear Reader,

Time To Protect Earth began as an amalgamation of ideas, and the wish to write a time travel story of my own. I have always been fascinated with time travel; the possibilities, and the paradox's. I have created several stories using this plot device, but this is the first to be written, and published. I wanted to write a story about the interaction of modern man, with less modern man, but it didn't quite work out that way.

This story is only the beginning. It would also have been the end, if I had not made the mistake of picking the character I liked best, and telling his story. He became a little larger than life, and started making demands. Since he was already held by a contract, I had no choice but acquiesce to those demands. Thus we have this story. Amazingly enough, the Title still works well, if not even better. The story I really wanted to tell was that of a semi-parallel story, yet to be written. It will happen, eventually. But first there are other projects, and other stories, I wish to tell.

Do not think that just because it's here, on a site that seems to specialize in erotic fiction, (believe me it is fiction) that it is not really publishing. Sites like this are the new pulp fiction magazines; that Astounding, SF&F, and others were to Science Fiction back in it's glory golden age. Our beloved host, is the new millenium's John Campbell. Our editors are the polishing of this new voice, our voice, crying out in the wilderness.

It's also a lot of dirty fun for the inner pervert. This story however only has sex scenes because I felt the story warranted the graphic nature of it, at that point in the story. I was feeling rather wishful myself, some day I may remove it all together. The sex dwindles rapidly as it becomes more than passion and lust, and becomes love. The actual amount of sex does not decrease however, just the amount of time I spent making it graphic.

Now it's time to give credit to everyone's assistance, and influence. First and foremost is my editor TeNderLoin. To all the wonderful fans who have written in to thank me, encourage me, or to come up with wild ideas about what they think will happen next, Thank You So Much.

Then, would come some of the many other stories, and books. "1632" by Eric Flint; "John & Argent" by CMSIX; "The Time Machine", and "The Days of the Comet", by H.G Wells. These are just a few stories about the unchanging, unpredictability of our world. And how we, as lost and tossed about humans, can change it. For better or worse, on fates whim.

PT Brainum 5/29/2003

This story is mine, all mine! You'd better not steal it, on pain of horrible mutilation by evil lawyers. If you want to buy the rights to this story, make a movie out of it, or even a TV series; then write me, and we'll talk. If you're an agent, or a publisher, and want me to write a book; again write me, and we'll talk. If you're a beautiful young women, who likes to bed young exciting single authors who enjoy pleasing women; then write me, and we'll talk. Ah, hell, if you're anybody; write me, and we'll talk.

Reading this story, when you know you shouldn't, is strictly forbidden. This includes: minors, people with no sense of humor, the unimaginative, and those with weak hearts. Please keep your hands inside the ride at all times. Do not stand and exit, until the ride has come to a complete stop. Thank You.

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