Chapter 1: Genesis

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Light Bond, Anal Sex, Enema,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1: Genesis - A love story with depth.<br> Do not be misled by the Keywords, they will expand as the story unfolds.

The last sixteen months have been fantastic for me. I met Elaine and we fell for each other. She was only 27 and had been widowed when her husband had been killed in a car accident. I was 33 when we met and single, I'm not the handsomest of men but I just never met a woman I felt comfortable with. That ended when I met Elaine, we seemed to get on so well together.

She drank real coffee, smoked (lightly) and laughed at my jokes and funny observations. I liked her taste in clothes (not expensive but good quality), her CD collection was better than mine (in quality and quantity) and she was a modern woman but loved to be feminine as well.

I lived in a three bedroomed apartment which I had recently redecorated and had fitted a new kitchen. Being single I was able to do the work myself at a leisurely pace. All that was left to do was sort out some curtains for the third bedroom and get some bed covers. I found Elaine's advert in the local newspaper, she made curtians and soft furnishings. She agreed to call the day after I rang, as I still had six days holiday to go it seemed the best thing to do.

Elaine arrived at about nine thirty. I was looking out of my third floor window and saw a tall, slim woman wearing a light coat walking down the road. Moments later the entry intercom buzzed and I let her in. As she exitted the lift opposite my apartment door I did a quick appraisal of her. 5' 8", slim, dark brown hair with eyes to match - pretty. She smiled and held her hand out as she approached my door. A perfect set of teeth appeared from between her full lips.

We shook hands and I showed her around my flat before inviting her into the kitchen for a coffee. As we drank I commented about her arriving on foot. She couldn't afford a car and was getting about on buses if required. Later I was to find out that her husband had been a bit of a gambler and they didn't have much of a home life together.

She loved my place and told me it was her dream to get a commission to decorate and furnish a nice apartment. Since she had finished her course in Interior Design all she had done was make curtains. With a quick apology for being rude she said that I had done a lovely job and it was tastefully decorated. I thanked her and we got down to discussing what I should do with my last bedroom. She asked me lots of questions about who was likely to use it, what colours did I really like, and most importantly, how much was I willing to spend.

The first question really had me thinking. I had friends, quite a lot in fact. But non of them had ever been to my place. In fact I treated my home as a bit of

a sanctuary from the hectic life I led. Why should I furnish a bedroom to pander to someone elses tastes? How could I make it somewhere I would like to rest and sleep in if I wanted a change from my bedroom? Could I really let myself go and do what I fancied rather than just have a room that no-one would use and would likely remain closed until the next time I decided to decorate.

I asked Elaine what my options were. She said I could turn it into a copy of some Venetian palace, a sixties hippy commune or a dungeon if I wanted. Just make somewhere where I could indulge myself a little and perhaps fantasise for a few hours. That was when I decided to go for it. Nobody but Elaine would know what was behind the door and apart from her telling someone about it there would be the knowledge that I was able to do what I wanted without anyone else knowing or interfering.

Elaine was a bit surprised when I told her what I wanted. She blushed a bit and I thought she might decline to help me but eventually she made a few suggestions and we got down to the business of designing my "dream room".

We had to get some professional assistance with some of the work and I got quite a lot of things from sites on the internet (don't you just love the anonymity of the web), but eventually it was just how I wanted it. Elaine was intrigued by it all and some times when we were working together I detected a flush of excitement from her. She would go quiet for a moment as if she were thinking deeply about something, then she would shudder a little bit and shake her head as if to clear the thought. It wasn't something blatantly obvious and not being used to the company of women an awful lot, it was something which perplexed me.

The last few weeks of work had been exciting for me. Whilst I was at work, Elaine would let herself in and do some work during the day and I would rush home from work to see what had been done and decide whether I liked it or not. Sometimes I would phone her and ask her to change something or to tell I approved of what she had done. It was all done on a friendly client-supplier basis but I was seeing a lot of Elaine and my thoughts were becoming a bit more serious with regards to asking her out socially.

Late one Friday evening, Elaine had been there when I got home from work and had stayed for a couple of hours to finish some painting. I had made some coffee and we were having a little chat when I asked her what she was doing that evening, specifically what she was going to eat. She replied that it would probably be fish and chips picked up on the way home then an early night. I suggested that we could order a Chinese and have a meal together. This was sticky ground for me. I had really come to like Elaine but there could be a bit of embarrasment for both of us if things went a bit awry between us. Of course Elaine now knew some things about me that nobody else did and they could be embarrasing for her, likewise I knew that she knew etc etc etc...

Silence She thought carefully for about half a minute and agreed with a big smile. We got our heads together over the menu for the local Chinese and within a few minutes had phoned in our order and now came the pregnant pause as we waited for meal to be delivered. Shall we eat at the table or off our laps, which wine should we open, chopsticks or knife and fork. As we were discussing our options, Elaine asked if she could use my bathroom to freshen up and to get off some of the paint on her hands and the bits in her hair. I told her to go ahead, why not have a shower and I should have everything ready when she was done. Again, that silence while she thought. Again, that big smile and agreement. Off she went while I got down to laying the table and opening the wine (red). A mans work is never done (except by a woman). By the time Elaine emerged the table was set, the food was on the hotplate and the wine was at room temperature. I had also lowered the lights and put some "lurve songs" in the CD player.

The next 2 hours were memorable for me. Lovely food, sparkling conversation and the company of a beautiful woman. Yes, I now thought Elaine was beautiful. I am not a shallow person and look further than the projected image of someone I know. Elaine was pretty on the outside by all means, but inside she had a quality that cannot be defined. She was graceful, coy and had the ability to make me feel special myself when she flashed me that smile.

Now came the hardest part, in the words (almost) of that immortal song - Should I stay or should I go? I offered Elaine a lift home. Yes, you've got it. Silence Thirty seconds later she dipped her head slightly and softly asked if she could stay the night. This was a bit different, I knew she was serious but her demeanour was almost servile. Of course I offered to prepare the spare room, that would not be neccessary she informed me, giving me a brief smile.

I was by now both confused and excited. Which of these emotions she picked up on I don't know but with hindsight I would say confusion would be the likeliest. She got up from the sofa where she had been sitting and gave me a soft kiss on the lips. This calmed me down a bit, and she walked into my bedroom telling me to give her five minutes. I went and put the dishes and glasses in the dishwasher and wracked my brain trying to remember the etiquette to be observed when going to bed with a woman for the first time. A minute later I was standing like an idiot outside my bedroom door getting ready to count to 240.

Thinking like a mature adult again, I went into the bathroom and took the quickest shower I have ever had and cleaned my teeth as if I was about to be interviewed for a toothpaste commercial. My palms had got quite moist by the time I gripped the door handle and slipped into the darkened bedroom. I undressed quickly and slipped into the vacant half of my bed. Elaine's form was shadowy in the faint light the curtains let in but I could see her eyes were open. Trying to be sophisticated and not just grabbing her, I laid my arm across her as she lay on her back and placed my hand on her shoulder as it peeped above the bed clothes. Obviously, there wasn't a lot of room in the bed and I could tell that her nearest arm was lying straight down her side between us and my hand was telling me that her other arm was possibly lying likewise. I was lying on my side so I lifted myself slightly and leaning over, I went to give her a kiss on the lips. She moved suddenly and I ended up getting her nose in my mouth and a squeak form her as my erect dick brushed the back of her hand. This wasn't going to go down as my most erotic memory at this rate. It was obvious that Elaine wasn't relaxed and my amateurish attempts weren't helping. We eventually got into position for a real kiss and I felt Elaine's hand turn round and she tenderly took hold of my dick and gave it a gentle squeeze. After about 5 minutes of kissing I felt Elaine relax and she half turned towards me and slid her other arm over my side underneath the covers.

By now I was pretty excited but I had no clue as to how Elaine was feeling. I couldn't tell if she was going to turn into a rampant nymphomaniac or lie there docilely whilst I had my wicked way with her body. I snuck my head under the covers and attached my lips to the nearest part of her body. By kissing around and taking little nibbles now and again I progressed to her nipple by way of a very firm but modest sized breast. I almost ruined it then by pulling back in shock. There had been something puzzling me as I wandered around her breast with my lips, something had brushed my cheek but it didn't register as my brain was busy keeping me in control so to speak, now my lips had suddenly got hold of a nipple that was totally different to any that I had seen or felt before.

It felt like a nipple, warm and firm and slightly mobile but it had to be an inch long. Yes it was a shock, but Elaine must have felt my dick throb and lurch in her hand as I eagerly wrapped my lips around that nipple and tenderly caress it with my tongue. That was when I heard the longest moan I have ever heard from a woman. Elaine's leg came up over my hip and her heel went up to my buttocks and she pulled my lower torso to her, all the time this moan came from her throat and ended in what I have heard described as a death rattle. Because my ear was near her chest I could feel her heart beating rapidly and her lungs were taking deep breaths, almost gulps of air. Elaine shuddered and stiffened for five seconds then relaxed whilst the breath gushed from her lungs. Her hand had tightened on my dick almost to the point of pain then relaxed its grip slightly and pulled up me once or twice drawing a copious amount of pre-cum from me. Her body pulled away and she rolled over onto her back lying there still breathing heavily while her hand had relinquished its grip on my dick. God, she had come within about fifteen seconds of me getting my lips round her nipple. Now I wasn't going to let this go to my head, I hadn't just become the greatest lover of all time but I was intrigued. I lifted my head up and looked over her face. I asked if she was alright.

"Give me a minute and then do the same to the other one." She gasped.

I slipped my hand under the covers and onto her tummy to gauge her breathing rate and to feel if her heart had settled down a bit. Her tummy muscles clenched beneath a thin layer of padding when my hand touched her but they soon relaxed as I stroked her with my open palm. As all her vital signs slowly returned to normal, except for her temperature, she felt very warm to touch, I slowly kept up the stroking of her tummy. My palm told me that there was a slight bulging but it all felt very firm and the skin was very smooth. I was getting into this. Now to see if I can work the same miracle on the other titty. My head dipped slightly and because the covers had slid down during our previous encounter I was able to get a glimpse of my target. My previous observation was confirmed, Elaine had modest sized breasts and they were very firm. They stood proud from her chest and I could just make out her large nipples in silhouette.

Not being very adventurous I simply followed my previous line of attack and started to kiss and nibble my way around her breast until I arrived at her nipple. Hey, it worked last time. No way was I going to be shocked this time but my brain told me otherwise. Something had touched my ear whilst I was roving around and as I took her nipple into my mouth I felt metal touch my lips and something hard against my teeth.

"It's a silver stud. Get your teeth behind it and tug whilst you suck with your lips" gasped Elaine as she was writhing her way into another of those fantastic orgasms.

OK so I was shocked, almost to the point of pulling away but I eagerly pressed on and complied with her instructions. Wouldn't you?

She started to grunt as soon as I had my teeth under the stud. As my lips sucked her belly started to undulate and her breathing got wild. This time she squealed out loud whilst her breath grunted its way out of her body. I sensed rather than observed her passion but hoped that sometime in the not-too-distant future I would be able to watch her in broad daylight as I drew these orgasms from her body.

As Elaine came down from her high I began to appraise her anew. She could appear confident then switch to being meek in an instant. There was an almost virginal aura about her then suddenly she became a firecracker. I realised then that she must keep a very tight control over her emotions and demeanour. This was an insight that never failed to surprise me as our relationship progressed. She was like one of those mirrored balls in a dancehall. Shine the light on her in another way and the light came back a different colour. In a word - remarkable.

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