Chapter 1: Dixie in California

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Sex Story: Chapter 1: Dixie in California - Young Marine gets it on with coworker's horny wife. A fantasy based on actual events. How much is fantasy I'll let you guess.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Blackmail   Heterosexual   Cheating   Oral Sex   Anal Sex  

I met Bob and Dixie when I was transferred to Twenty-Nine Palms, California from Camp Lejeune on the East coast. Bob and I were both Marines of the same rank although I was senior to him. He had been the shift supervisor in the office until I came onboard. Since I was senior he was then reassigned as my assistant.

We hit it off good that first day and he invited me over for supper that night. I told him I was married and he said that was great and ask me to bring my wife along to meet his wife. He called his wife and informed her that we would be coming and I called my wife and told her we would be going over to some new friends home for supper.

Bob and Dixie lived in the base housing area but my wife Barbara and I lived across town in a rented apartment while we waited for a base unit to become available. After work I drove home and picked up Barbara and then drove back to Bob and Dixie's place. Bob met us at the door and I introduced him to my wife. He said Dixie was in the kitchen and would be out in a minute.

When she walked into the living room, my eyes almost popped from my head. Here was a beautiful little Mex-American doll standing before us. She was about five foot tall and as shapely as any girl I have ever seen. I could hardly keep my eyes off her as Bob introduced her. We made small talk for awhile then Dixie excused herself and ask my wife to help her get supper on the table.

Dixie sat across from me at the small table and every once in a while I felt her stockinged foot slide up my leg. The first time I almost choked on my food but I got the message that she was available under the right circumstances. I just hoped my wife hadn't observed the sparks that had been flying between us and that the right opportunity would present itself later.

After we had finished supper, Bob informed me that it was his wife's Bingo night and that he would have to babysit with their young daughter. He said he gave her one night a week off to relax and have fun away from the house and she usually went to Bingo at the EM club on base. Dixie asked my wife if she would like to go with her and she reluctantly agreed, leaving Bob and I to babysit.

We played cards and watched TV and talked a little as we downed several beers. After about the third beer, Bob got really talkative and informed me that he and Dixie were having a few problems due to the isolation, money, his working hours and a few other things but were trying to work on them. I listened to his problems and sympathized with him.

When the girls returned home, we talked a little while, getting to know each other. After awhile my wife and I told them how much we had enjoyed supper and the company and then we left for home as we had to go to work the next day. On the way home Barbara informed me that she liked Bob and Dixie very much but that they had some problems that they needed to work out.

I told her what Bob had told me and ask her how she had known. She informed me that, at the club, Dixie had left for about an hour with another man and came back smelling like she had just had sex. She had nervously explained to my wife that she wasn't being satisfied by Bob and needed to find some relief somewhere before she went totally crazy. She had begged Barbara not to tell Bob about it.

I filed this away for future reference and ask her if she wanted to continue to see them. She said that she would like to try to help Dixie and that Dixie really needed a friend to talk to at a time like this. I agreed and praised her for being so supportive.

We continued to see Bob and Dixie as friends and really grew quite close. I could tell they were still having problems and tried to talk to Bob about them. He acknowledged that most of their problems had to do with sex. He said that due to the way he worked, rotating shifts and odd hours and all, that he just didn't have the desire or energy for sex as much as Dixie did. It seemed like she wanted it all the time.

He said that he was an old fashioned Catholic boy and didn't go in for all that kinky stuff he had heard and read about, but that Dixie had had a looser upbringing and wanted to try all kinds of weird things. I told him not to knock it if he hadn't tried it and that Barbara and I had done some things he might enjoy if he tried. I tried to tell him about a few, but he clamed up and wouldn't listen so I quit trying.

He was one of the senior men and was soon put in charge of another shift, coming to work as I got off. One morning as he was relieving me, he told me that Dixie wanted me to stop by the house as she had something to send to Barbara. I told him I would. I knew that Barbara would still be asleep when I arrived home and thought that this might be the chance I was waiting for.

When I arrived at Dixie's it seemed the whole neighborhood was still asleep. I knocked softly on the door and Dixie opened it and invited me in. She was still in her thin almost see-thru nightgown and looked sexy as hell. My cock started to harden just looking at her sexy body. To hell with friendship, I knew I had to fuck this sexy bitch, today.

She knew the effect she was having on me but had to justify the situation by playing out her role. "I wanted you to come by to pick up that recipe that I promised Barbara," she said. "Is that really all you wanted me to come by for?" I ask knowingly. "No, I also wanted to talk to you about something. I know that Barbara told you about the problems Bob and I are having and that I went out with another man at the Bingo game."

"Yes, she told me about it and No, I haven't mentioned it to Bob, although we have discussed some other things, and I have thought about it," I said. "What would it take for you to keep your mouth shut about what you know?" she asked nervously, knowing the position she was in.

I pulled her to me and she reluctantly came into my arms. I felt her small perfectly shaped warm body mold into mine as I ran my hands down over her curvy asscheeks and pulled her warm crotch into mine. I knew she could feel the hard bulge of my rising cock as it pressed into the "V" of her soft warm belly.

"Dixie, you're a beautiful, hot-blooded, young woman who loves sex and I just want some of the same things you want. I know you want to do all kinds of things and Bob doesn't want to, so you can do them with me instead, as long as we don't get greedy," I replied. "OK," she said reluctantly. "What do you want me to do?" "Get out of this nightgown first," I said as I stood back.

She began pulling it up her body and over her head. When it was up to her waist I gazed at her perfectly formed mound of Venus with its dark covering of thick black hair. As it reached above her breast I took in her beautifully shaped full tits with nipples like dark strawberries. She was really a beautiful young woman and I was about to have my way with her.

As the nightgown went over her head she tossed it aside and came into my arms. Our lips met in a smoldering kiss as my hands roamed over her body. I kneaded her spongy asscheeks and then slipped my hand around front into her hairy bush and pressed my hand between her legs. They parted slightly to allow my fingers to find her slit. I rubbed my finger up and down her moistening slit until it parted allowing my middle finger to slip inside the tight hot opening.

I pushed and my finger slowly slid into her tight hot pussy. She moaned deeply into my mouth as I began to slide my finger in and out in a slow fucking motion. I dropped my mouth down and covered one of her tits and began sucking the whole end of it and laving it with my hot wet tongue. I pulled off it scraping the nipple with my teeth and began to chew on the other one as she moaned and rubbed her hands through my hair.

All the while she was fucking herself on my deeply buried finger. "Do you like what I'm doing, Dixie? Do you like my finger up your little cunt?" I questioned. "Oh... Yes..." she moaned, "I love it..." "Well, it's time to see what else you like. Do you like cock, Dixie? "Take my cock out and feel it." I said huskily.

I was still fully dressed and she felt down and found my zipper and pulled it down freeing my hard cock into her soft warm hand. We were still standing in the living room and I was kissing her soft warm mouth as she jacked my cock back and forth in her hand and I slid my finger back and forth in her pussy. We moaned into each other's mouths and I slipped my finger from her tight juicy cunt.

"Do you like my cock, Dixie?" I said. She moaned and nodded yes. "Would you like to suck my nice hard cock, Dixie?" I ask as I gently pushed suggestively on the top of her shoulders. "Oh, yes... , I want to suck your nice big cock... I want to taste it and feel it in my mouth. I've never sucked one before but I want to try it. Bob never would let me suck his," she moaned and offered no resistance as she slid to the floor on her knees before me looking straight at my steel hard rod and still jacking it with her hand.

She pulled my uncircumcised foreskin forward and licked it, toying with it with her hot wet tongue. She had never seen an uncircumcised dick before and it fascinated her. She licked all over the head with the tip of her hot wet tongue licking away the precumm that was dripping from the little hole in my cockhead. She tried to suck out more.

As soon as it was clean she raised the shaft and licked the underside all the way to my balls. She reached into my pants and gently lifted out my ballsack and proceed to lick my balls all over. Then she worked her way back up to the head giving it a good swipe with her tongue before pressing her warm lips over it and sucking it into her hot wet mouth. She swirled her tongue around the bloated head getting a good taste of it before sliding more cockmeat into her hot oral cavity.

"You like that cockmeat, don't you Dixie? You love my big hard cock stuffed into your hot little mouth don't you?" I questioned. "UUUUUUMMMMMM..." she moaned around my hard cock stuffing her face. "That's it, baby, eat all you want, suck it good!!! I groaned as she placed both hands on my asscheeks and pulled them back and forth forcing me to fuck her mouth with my cock. I could see she was taking more and more dickmeat with each stroke and each stroke was faster.

"Ohhh... Dixie, baby, it's breakfast time. I got some sweet cream for you. Just suck it all out. Here it comes, baby, suck," I cried as my balls exploded and flooded her hot sucking mouth with my squirting ball cream. She sucked and swallowed and milked my balls until I began to grow sensitive and had to pull her away from my cock.

I could see that she had been fingering her pussy and clit as she had been sucking my cock and wondered if she had managed to cumm while doing it. She sat back on the floor, looking up at me smiling, and said, "You can feed me breakfast anytime. I just love that big Indian sausage of yours and that's the best cream I've ever had."

I laughed as I pulled her to her feet and slipped my hand over her juicy cunt. "It's not fair for only one of us to eat though is it?" I reminded her as I pushed her down on the sofa. I slid to my knees on the floor between her smooth spread thighs, looking directly at her juicy hot hair-covered cunt mound with the slightly spread lips.

"I guess not," she said. "Just what did you have in mind?" she asked as she rolled her hands over her firm shapely titties. "Well, I see some nice hair pie here, and I believe I would like to have a helping or two of it if you don't mind," I replied, as I pulled her thighs over my shoulders and her ass closer to the edge of the sofa so I could reach her hot cunt comfortably. I could smell the sexy aroma wafting up from her hot juicy hole as I spread her lips.

"Oooohhhh, my gawd, you're going to eat my pussy. Bob never would do anything like that and I've been dying to see what it feels like. Yes... , Suck it for me... Eat it real good... Put your tongue in it and lick it all over," she begged. "Bob doesn't really know what he's missing," I said as I extended my stiff tongue and began licking her thighs on each side of her hot swollen pussy mound.

I licked up and down her thighs several times and then licked up each side of her pussy slit. Finally, I licked down her ass crack letting my wet tongue pass over her crinkled butthole on the way down and back up. "AAAAGGGGG..." she moaned, as my tongue passed over her asshole again and continued lightly up and over the top of her pussyslit.

By this time she was moaning loudly and trying to push her hot pussy up to meet my wandering mouth. I placed my thumbs on either side of her slit and opened the flower of her cunt to my probing tongue. As I dipped my stiff tongue into it she pushed up and my tongue sank deep into her pussyhole. She started her first orgasm as I began fucking her tight sweet hole with my tongue.

I continued licking in and out and around as she bucked and rolled her ass around on the edge of the couch. I pulled my tongue out of her pussyhole and began to lick up and down her open slit. I gather some spit on my tongue and applied it to her tight brown hole and worked it around with my tongue then moved back up to her steaming pussy.

I found her clit and she almost bucked me off when I began flicking it with my stiff tongue. I licked it some more as I placed my middle finger on her spit lubricated asshole and slid it slowly inside. She started cumming again before I had it past the first knuckle and started crying out as she worked her clit on my tongue and her asshole on my finger while holding her hands on my head to keep me from stopping.

"AAAAHHHHGGGGG!!!!!!!! YYYEEEESSSS!!!! Suck my clit... Finger my asshole... I'm CCCCUUUUMMMIIINNNGGG... !!!" she cried so loudly that I was afraid all the neighbors would hear. I continued to work my finger up in her loosening asshole and soon inserted another and then another. I had made up my mind that if I could get her rear hole loose enough I was going to put my hot cock in it.

I knew I could fuck her pussy anytime now but it had been a long time since I had had my cock up a willing girl's tight hot ass. With one hand I undid my belt and pants. Letting them slide to the floor, I raised up from eating her pussy and pushed her legs back toward her head with her finger impaled ass almost straight up. I stood up and positioned my cock and as soon as I removed my fingers I replaced them with my cockhead before the muscle had time to close back down.

When it did, my cockhead and about two inches of cockmeat were inside her tightly clutching hole. "Oh, my god! You've got your cock in my asshole," she groaned, as I gathered some pussyjuice and rubbed on the exposed portion of my dick to ease its passage into her tight virgin ass tunnel.

"Yeah, Dixie, I'm gonna fuck your tight little ass with my big hard cock. You like getting assfucked, Dixie? I'm gonna fuck your little asshole and shoot my hot cumm all up inside it," I said, as I began slowly easing a little cockmeat into her tightly stuffed asshole.

"Oooohhhh... yes... stuff my little asshole with your big cock... plug me with it. Shove it all the way in and fill my ass with your hot cumm," she begged, as I slowly pressed harder and deeper until my balls were mashed against her asscheeks.

"Look, Dixie. Feel it. My dick's buried all the way up your tight little ass. How does it feel to have a big hard cock all the way up in there? I bet Bob's never done this either," I teased as I dragged her hand down to feel where my cock connected with her asshole.

"No, he certainly hasn't, and it feels wonderful now that you've got it all in," she said as she started lightly fingering her stiff clit. I started slowly fucking in and out of her tight velvety asshole as she dropped her legs and wrapped them tightly around my waist. It wasn't long before she was cooing and grinding her asshole tightly into my pistoning cock and begging me to go faster and harder and deeper.

She was still fingering her clit and moaning loudly and I knew she was about to cumm soon. I reached up and tweaked the big nipples of her wildly swinging tits and in a few more strokes she blasted off. I was right behind her, squirting my creamy hot load deep into her steaming hot bowels. I continued pumping slowly until all the squirting stopped.

I sunk down on top of her as my cock slipped from her cumm slicked asshole with a POP like a corkgun. I rolled off her and sunk down on the sofa with a laugh, as I finished shedding my tangled pants and shorts, "Damn, Dixie, that's the best piece of ass I've had in a long, long time. Too bad Bob doesn't enjoy it that way."

"Yeah, I guess I'll have to keep you on tap for when I need a really good assfuck, huh?" she said as she rose and went to the bathroom and got a warm wet washcloth and cleaned my cock, balls and ass. When she was satisfied that they were clean she dropped the washcloth to the floor and dropped her head into my lap and began to lick my cock and balls with her soft warm tongue. I let her lick and suck all she wanted hoping it wouldn't be long before I would be fully hard again.

When my soft cock started to get hard again, she pushed me down on the sofa with one leg over the back and one on the floor as she knelt between my spread thighs. She pushed my legs back as I had hers and began to lick all over my asscheeks and around and over my balls then down to my asshole. I felt her hot wet tongue lick over it and then try to spear into it.

My half-soft cock was hard in no time. She toyed with my asshole a little and then moved up to my balls giving them a great tongue bath before sucking each one into her hot mouth and rolling them around with her tongue. When she finished there she moved up to my cockshaft and worked on it like an ear of corn, nibbling and sucking her way from top to bottom. She gave the head a few little swiped with her tongue and then rose up.

I acted disappointed that she had stopped and she promised, "I'll suck it off for you like that some other time. Right now, I want to get fucked. I want this big beauty up in my tight little pussy as far as it will go and for as long as I can keep it there." She pushed me back down on the sofa and straddled me, guiding my steel hard dick to her juicy hot pussy.

She split the outer lips open with my spongy cockhead and slowly lowered her bottom until the big flared head slipped inside the tight rubbery ring of her inner lips. It felt like someone had put a rubber band over my cockhead. It was tight but very hot, smooth and moist. "OH MY... I know you're bigger than Bob but I didn't think it was that much bigger. Just go easy till we get it all in," she begged.

"OK, Dixie, baby, I'll just be still and let you work it in. Start again when you feel ready," I moaned. She slowly started to move up and down a little at a time and worked her ass around and around. It started getting easier as she started to get more lubricated inside. All at once she lifted and settled down all the way, cooing loudly as my hard dick plowed all the way in to my balls. She ground her pussy hair into my crotch and lay still.

"Oooohhh... yes... it's all the way in... it feels so good..." she said. She lay down on my chest for a minute to let her cunt muscles adjust to the bigger than normal invader. Presently she started kissing me and our tongues began to duel as her lower body began a slow dance against mine. It was a long slow screw intended to last a long time and prolong the pleasure to the utmost for both of us.

She raised up on her arms and I could see down between our bodies to where my proud stiff cock was slowly being swallowed and regurgitated time and time again by a tight hairy mouth that felt like hot moist silk inside. I gave myself over to the pleasure and wished it would never end. My hands roamed her hot willing body until they found her breast and closed on her big strawberry nipples.

I squeezed her breast and tweaked her nipples between my fingers and thumbs as she cooed and moaned atop me. I took one big nipple into my mouth and began to suck and chew it as she tried to force more of it into my mouth. I opened my mouth wide and sucked in as much of her breast as I could hold and began to suck it hotly.

"Yes, yes, suck my tits, bite them, chew them to a pulp. Oh, God, that feels so good I never want it to stop," she cried, as she milked my swollen cock with her tight sucking pussy. "Ohhhh... goodness... I'm going to cumm soon. Fuck it, baby, Fuck my little pussy hard. Hard and fast and deep," she begged, as she speeded up the fucking motions of her ass. I put my hands on her asscheeks and started pounding into her juicy cunt as hard and fast as I could.

I could hear squishy sucking sounds as I fucked back and forth in her tight sucking pussyhole. Just as I felt the creamy hot cumm rushing up from my balls and into her cunt, she cried out that she was cumming, too. We both exploded in a crescendo of moans, groans, cries and coos. If the neighbors weren't awake before, they certainly had to be now.

She collapsed atop me for several minutes as she milked my shrinking dick of the last of its juices. When she had recovered a little she again slid down to my crotch and began licking my cock and balls clean. She took my shrinking cock completely into her mouth sucked hard and pulled back at the same time. My cock slipped from her mouth with a loud plop and I felt as if she had drained my balls for a week.

"Well, I guess that's empty for awhile now," she remarked laughingly as she fondled my empty ballsack. "Tell Barbara, I'm not sorry I didn't leave any for her." "I couldn't do that, Dixie, you see Barbara is a lot like Bob in some ways. She won't admit to herself that sex could be a lot more fun if she would just loosen up and try to experience more new things," I replied as I began dressing.

"Well, I guess we'll just have to make the best of things and hope that one day they will decide to loosen up and live a little," she observed as she slid her hand over her well-fucked pussy. "In the meantime, I'm glad we found each other. Even if it's just for a little while. I'll try to see you again as soon as I can," I promised, as I kissed her and headed for the door.

Barbara and I remained friends with Bob and Dixie until they were transferred to Hawaii. We did many things and had a lot of fun together as couples but the most fun was when Dixie and I were alone together sharing the uninhibited sex that we had both come to need and expect from each other.

As far as I know she never did get Bob to open up and give her the kind of sex she needed so desperately. I saw them one more time after they left Twenty-Nine Palms but then... that's another story.

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