Two for the Money
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, Coercion, Heterosexual, Group Sex, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, School,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Emily and Kathy, two naive college coeds in dire need of cash, become involved in a modeling agency with unusual and demanding clients. Moves slowly at first. Lots of character development and build up, not a quick stroke.

"You heard me correctly. You're no longer employed here. You may pick up your last check from my secretary." Donald Sloan looked over the tops of his half-rimed glasses and quietly continued, "Eventually, I hope that any hard feelings will go away."

"I have to have this job, Mr. Sloan," whimpered the tall blond standing across his desk. Her lip quivered. Her long black knit dress was zipped up high on her neck. It clung to her every curve and curvaceous she was. She had an old fashioned hourglass figure with burgeoning boobs, narrow waist, broad hips, and legs that seemed to go on forever.

"You simply are not reliable, Judy. Look, I deal with a very exclusive, very demanding clientele. They require absolutely impeccable service. They expect the best. But, you are undependable. You've made me look disorganized... too fucking many times."

"Give me one more chance," the blond said. Her eyes were moist with tears and her voice broke as she tried to speak. She walked around Sloan's desk and began to tug on the zipper at the neck of her dress. She closed her eyes, breathed a deep sigh, and pulled the zipper down the length of her dress. Slowly tension on the dress' fabric relaxed allowing the tops of two braless mounds to come into view-perfect round orbs of pink flesh. David Sloan felt his cock begin to harden. Suddenly two large brown aureoles tipped with erect nipples appeared. Sloan involuntarily gasped at the sight of Judy's beautiful body. He looked down at his desk and shuffled some papers in an effort to regain his composure.

"Please don't make me beg... , " Judy's voice trailed off. She pulled the zipper further down. Slowly the soft dress fell from her shoulders and collapsed in a circle around her feet. Donald found it impossible not to stare at this stunningly beautiful woman. White tan-lines guided his eyes down to a tiny pair of white, lace string bikini panties.

Tears began to drip off Judy's cheeks and splatter on her tanned breasts. Donald could see her dark pubic hair clearly though the gossamer bit of cloth that vainly tried to cover her mons.

"Look, Judy, you are a very desirable, sexy woman, but you do too many fucking drugs. You are fucking up your life with that shit. Worst, you now are fucking up my life too. So, put your clothes back on... and leave now."

Resorting to sex in exchange for her job had mortified Judy enough. To be turned down made matters infinitely worse. She had undressed for this disgusting man and he had said "no thanks." Her humiliation could not have been more complete.

Judy grabbed her clothes and awkwardly zipped her dress back in place. Donald handed her a Kleenex.

"Goodbye, Judy," he sighed.

Holding back her tears and rage, the woman rushed out of the office slamming the door behind her. Donald Sloan exhaled through pursed lips and pressed his intercom.

"Maxine, I guess we need to find another all-purpose girl. Let's run a new ad in the paper."

Emily sat and stared at the invoices, one in each hand. The first was for tuition from her university for the next term; the other was for a surprise new transmission required by her old clunker of a car. Emily couldn't afford to pay either bill.

A tear rolled off her cheek and blurred one of the entries in her checkbook laying open on her desk. In the past several weeks, everything had come tumbling down at once for her. First came the news that her father had lost his middle management position. Her parents were barely holding on to their home, so they couldn't contribute anymore to her college education. Then Emily's university announced a major tuition rate increase. She already had received the allowable limit in student loans. Finally, while driving to her part-time job in the library, the transmission in her car ceased to function squarely in the middle of the busy Interstate highway. The bill for that alone was over $1,200, plus she had no way of getting to school or work while her car was in the shop.

Her rent was due very soon, her bank account already was depleted, she had textbooks to buy and other expenses, and she had nowhere to turn. Emily had never felt so helpless. Her roommate, Kathy, was in almost as bad shape financially, so she could only help by providing Emily a little sympathy.

"Come on, Em. We can pull through this! There are people out there worse off than we are. We are smart and talented... and beautiful," said Kathy with a smirk as she twisted her pinky finger into her dimpled cheek. "We just need to find a new income source."

Emily gave a big sigh and resolutely wiped away the tears.

"This is so shitty," Emily moaned. "My part-time minimum wage job won't be enough. If I work full-time, I'll have to drop out of school and then I'll have to start paying back my student loans." The tears rimmed her eyes again. "This really sucks!"

"Get the newspaper," said Kathy. "We are going to start looking for new financial opportunities!"

Three days later, opportunity still eluded Emily and Kathy. Instead, they merely were tired-tired of calling, pounding the pavement, and completing job applications. They were especially sick of being told "no."

Emily was about to toss her wrinkled newspaper away when her eyes fell on a very small ad. It read, "Sloan Talent and Modeling Agency now hiring for special events."

"Wanna be a model?" said Emily.

"May I remind you," laughed Kathy, "that we already applied to the leading agency in town and were told to come back when our cheek bones were higher and we weighed like 60 pounds... wringing wet. Can you believe that... I was high school homecoming queen no less and they acted like I had birth defects! Those bitches!"

Kathy was beautiful, but not the skinny model type. Both she and Emily were All-American college girls with fresh faces and firm figures. They both turned heads on campus daily. But, neither fit the ideal petite model mold.

Emily had light auburn hair that seemed to have a mind of its own. Unruly curls fell down to her freckled shoulders. She had very fair skin, delicate features, and a million dollar smile that she used often. She was raised in a very conservative home, so until college, she had been taught that her body was something that one kept covered and concealed. Only cheap girls would dress too sexually, she was taught. In college, Emily discovered a whole new world of fashion-one to which she was just becoming accustomed. She remained pretty self-conscious when it came to revealing outfits, but under Kathy's influence, Emily was pushing the envelope.

In contrast, Kathy was the darkly tanned, blond beauty with curves that could not be covered or disguised. She simply defined the term, sexy lady. She had voluptuous breasts and hips with a tiny waist in between. She also thoroughly enjoyed the attention the she received from guys on campus. As a result, she walked with just a little more of a wiggle than Emily would ever consider and always looked at guys through coquettish eyes.

"Ok, I'll check out this Sloan place while you go on to class," said Emily, "then at least both of us won't be wasting our time."

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