Father's Sin
Chapter 1

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Rape, Incest, Father, Daughter, Pregnancy, Cream Pie,

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Lisa Sampson's summer home from college takes a turn for worse when her lust-filled dad begins to notice his daughter has grown up.


"That's all the stuff", Danielle sighed with relief, latching the door of the blue Buick station wagon. "Home, sweet home, here we go," the she smiled at her friend Lisa.

Lisa grinned back, thinking how wonderful it would be to see mom, dad, and Celeste, her younger sister again. Danielle and Lisa had met freshmen year at UCLA. The two blondes had immediately hit off.

For Lisa, the more timid and serious of the two, Danielle had represented something she had always wanted to be--easygoing and popular. Danielle was heavenly beautiful, too. Her lengthy blonde hair cascading wave after wave across her slim shoulders. Her soft blue eyes... To Lisa, her friend seemed to make friends so easily. Everything came to her effortlessly. She was popular with all the guys at the dorms, she was always the one with fantastic ideas for their adventures...

Danielle got behind the wheel of the battered buick, glancing happily at her friend. Nothing could bring her down today. She had done great these past semesters, and she had her best friend to thank for that. If Lisa had not been constantly pestering her to study, she knew she would definitely have flunked her classes. "That Lisa, she's really something," Danielle mused as she thought about her friend. Her thoughts, however, slightly dimmed her euphoria. Lisa was such a beautiful girl--woman-- she corrected herself. Both girls were now nineteen, certainly no longer adolescents. "Well maybe girls" Danielle corrected herself as she blushingly reflected upon the fact that they were both still virgins. Oh, there had been many times she could have given it up, but somehow she felt that it would be like betraying Lisa, who was so shy.

"Lisa was too reserved", Danielle thought. That was why she never involved herself in any relationships with the opposite sex. Looking at Lisa, it would seem surprising to anyone that didn't know her that Lisa that she was unattached. "I mean the girl looks stunning!" she thought. "My god, if I was into girls, I guess she's what I would..." she reddened at the thought, glancing sideways at her friend's ripe body. Lisa's full breasts outlined against the cardigan she was wearing. Her faded jeans clinging tightly to her buttocks and long legs...

"God, stop this!" Danielle berated herself. "What am I turning into, a lesbian?"

The three hour drive flew by quickly and the girls soon neared Springdale, Lisa's hometown.

"Ah, the smell of the suburbs", Danielle inhaled, as she drove toward Lisa's house. Danielle herself, lived only a few miles away in Amherstville, so she was fairly familiar with Springdale.

"Stop! There's my street!" Lisa yelled.

"Dammit, give me a warning next time", Danielle grumbled good-naturedly, as she car swerved into a narrow street.

"Oh, there's Dad! Washing his car as always", Lisa laughed, pointing to a large man in front of a large blue house, who was spraying water over a red convertible. "He does this almost every weekend," she told at Danielle, laughingly.

The stationwagon pulled into the large driveway, a safe distance from the man and his hose. Opening the door before the car had even come to a full stop, Lisa rushed out toward the approaching big man, whose face lit up as he recognized his daughter.

"Daddy! God, I missed you and mom so much," Lisa sailed into the embrace of the huge man, losing herself into the vast expanse of his chest as his brawny arms wrapped themselves lovingly around his daughter.

Joe Sampson hugged his daughter closely to him, revelling in her sweet ivory soap scent, as his daughter jumped into his embrace, her arms wrapping him tightly around him, pressing her bosom into deep contact with his chest. Unexpectedly, Lisa's father felt a dull throb in the area of his groin, as he felt the ample bosom of his daughter crushed warmly against him in their heated embrace, aware of her pelvis pushing up against him, her head cradled into his chest.

"Oh, Lisa, it's so great to see you back again," he murmured thickly into her full blonde hair, revelling in her clean fresh scent. He reluctantly pulled himself away from his daughter as soon as he realized that they had an audience.

"Who's your friend," he gestured toward the girl in the car, who had been watching the reunion of father and daughter.

"Danielle, come out and meet my Daddy!" hollered Lisa. Danielle had been watching Lisa's embrace with her father with a bit of surprise. Was this the same timid Lisa who was so reserved around other people? Lisa had acted totally different with her father.

"Practically hugging the daylights out of dear Daddy," she thought wryly to herself as she focused on Joe Sampson. A tingle went through her, as she eyed his masculine body, his broad hairy chest visible through his half-buttoned shirt, his wide muscular arms... Almost unconsciously, her gaze traveled downward, resting at his genital area. "My god, he must be immense!" she thought to herself, as she eyed what she fancied to be a bulge in the man's jeans.

"Wake up Dani!" Lisa's voice shook Danielle from her revery. Getting out of the car, Danielle smiled at Mr. Sampson. "It's a real pleasure to meet you, Lisa's told me so much about you" she grinned good naturedly at the smiling man, who had one arm draped around his daughter.

"Not all bad stuff, I hope," Lisa's father joked, winking at Lisa, who burst into giggles, nestling her head against her father's chest. Turning to Lisa, he said "Why don't you two go on inside and surprise your mother. I'll start unloading your stuff. Just tell me which stuff are yours."

Lisa quickly pointed out her luggage and together the two girls dashed into the large house. As they ran inside, Joe Sampson's eyes traveled toward the girls' hips. His eyes lingered caressingly over his own daughter's ripe buttocks, practically bursting out of her tight jeans. Then almost immediately, he cursed himself for his depraved thoughts.

"What kind of a fuckin' psycho am I, getting the hots for my own daughter! Jesus Christ!" Turning his thoughts away from his daughter's body, he beganto unload Lisa's luggage. Grabbing the largest suitcase, he proceeded to pull it out of the car. As he heaved it out, the clasp tore, and contents from the suitcase fell out.

"Dammit, why can't those girls ever learn to properly fasten the buckles on these things!" he grumbled, as he stooped over to pick up what had fallen out.His hands froze in mid-action, when he saw what lay on the ground. They were his daughter's panties. But not the kind he thought she would wear. No, these were the g-string bikini type ones, with lace and all. The kind wore by those centerfolds he saw in his Playboy and Penthouse magazines. Immediately, Joe pictured his daughter in them. Her ripe buttocks filling them up, her pubic mound pressing fully against the front, the juicy flesh of her pussy confined by the thin silky material...

Quickly he banished the evil thoughts from his mind, cursing his perverse nature. Hurriedly swooping up the undergarments, he proceeded to stuff them back into the suitcase. On a sudden, inexplicable impulse, he grabbed one--the one he had been looking at--a white laced bikini underwear--and stuffed it quickly into his pant's pocket.

"What the hell am I doing!?" he wondered incredulously at himself, and was just about to put it back when Lisa, Danielle, and Lisa's mother appeared.

"Let us give you a hand with these, Daddy!" Lisa said, grabbing one of the suitcases from him. "Boy, I really love the way you and mom decorated my room." she said, lugging a suitcase into the house and up the stairs toward her room.

"Oh, your mother did most of the work, to be truthful," Joe called after her, smiling, as he glanced at his wife Cathy. To no surprise of Joe, his wife merely acknowledged his compliment with a tight lipped smile.

"When had this estrangement between he and his wife started," he found himself asking again. But he knew the answer. Cathy had become despondent a few years ago, when she had found out she could no longer bear any children. To Joe, two kids had seemed enough, but to Cathy, whose one great desire was to have a large family, taking care of as many kids as she could, and loving them all, the blow was crippling. It had grown worse when Lisa had went off to college. Cathy had then devoted all her attentions to their youngest daughter, Celeste, almost fearful that she would lose her too. Joe had tried many times to convince her to loosen her protective shell over Celeste, all to no avail. Celeste herself had hated being smothered. While she loved her mother dearly, her mother's overprotective nature left her no opportunity to enjoy her time with friends, to hang out at the mall, go to parties, or get asked out on dates. It had only been Lisa's return home from college which had provided Celeste with her first taste of independence--summer camp. After many nights of pleading, arguing, and appeals to reason, Joe had finally persuaded Cathy to let her go.

Thinking of his wife and their relationship, Joe felt only emptiness inside. When had the fire died out between them? The first months after they had found out Cathy was sterile, sex between them practically disappeared. Cathy, who was a devoutly religious person, felt that the sexual act's main purpose was procreation. Joe suspected that she had felt differently about this before she found out about her inability to bear children. In fact sex, between them had been very fulfilling. Yet, he had cared for his wife, and realized the deep hurt she suffered. Perhaps it was this tragedy that led to their sexless marriage. It was no wonder he had responded the way he did to his daughter, when she had thrown herself against him, he realized now. Who wouldn't be turned on by a hot-looking body after 3 years of abstinence? Shaking away his dark thoughts, he grabbed the suitcase which contained his daughter's undergarments and headed toward the house.

With the promise to keep in touch throughout the summer, Danielle left the Sampson residence. After the blue station wagon had driven away, Lisa turned away from the window and once again surveyed her room. Everything had been redecorated. Pink wallpaper covered the walls. A huge waterbed had also been added, along with a variety of other furniture pieces to complement the wallpaper.

"One thing about Mom, she certainly has a great sense for interior decorating" mused Lisa as she set about the task of unpacking her stuff.

In the adjacent room, Joe was busy bookkeeping the various household accounts, writing checks to pay the monthly bills. Occasionally, he would hear noises from the Lisa's room, as she unpacked her things. He glanced around at what had now been his bedroom and study for the past three years. He and Cathy had moved to separate rooms one year after they had found out the tragic news. It had been painful for him at first, but he had believed at that time that perhaps if he gave his wife some breathing space, she might eventually get over the loss, and they could once again find happiness and bliss in each other. Such was not to be the case. It seemed Cathy was relieved to be free from the sexual advances of her husband, and since she never ventured to suggest that they resume sharing quarters, Joe did not ask. Instead, he wound up taking permanent quarters in what had once been his den.

Now, Joe became conscious of the fact that his daughter was now home; he began to wonder whether she would think it odd that he and her mom now slept separately. Certainly Lisa had been aware of her mom's loss. Lisa had been a senior in high school when they had first found out. But she had not known about the estranged relationship between her parents that came as a result. Blotting out the nagging worry about how Lisa would take to this news, Joe finished his paperwork. Since, as a writer, he had just gotten another book published, Joe often found himself free of time these days, and as was his habit of late, he decided to take a nap. As he lay down on his bed, he thought of the changes he might have to make because of his daughter's arrival. For one, he would definitely have to remove his Playboy and other sex magazines, which he had usually kept in the bathroom. Since the same bathroom connected their two rooms, he wouldn't want Lisa to come upon them.

Immediately he went over to the west end of his room, and opened the bathroom door. Startled, he found Lisa stooping over the drawers under the sink, as she began placing her toothpaste, deodorant, and other feminine essentials into the drawer, unconscious of her father's presence behind her.

Joe inhaled sharply as he viewed the bent-over figure of his daughter. She had changed out of her cardigan sweater and jeans and was now wearing a T-shirt and some very tight, skimpy, denim shorts. Gazing at the full flesh of her buttocks as she bent over, unknowingly revealing a hint of the sheer creme-colored panties which clung to the intimate flesh of her womanhood, Joe forgot about the magazines which he had stored a couple of drawers away from where his daughter was now depositing her things. His eyes clouded over as he eyed lustfully the full buttocks of his daughter. The tight shorts clung closely to Lisa's ass, and being very short, a sizeable portion of her ass was very visible to Joe's eyes.

For a chaotic moment, a red haziness washed all over Joe, and he experienced the undeniable urge to reach out with his huge hands and grasp tightly his daughter's sexy hips from behind, and press his heavy groin heatedly up into the fullness of her ass, reveling in the friction to his hot, raging prick as it fitted itself into the crease of her ass, almost pressing heatedly right up against where her pussy would be, and then gyrating wildly to and fro, thrusting harder and harder against his daughter's ass.

"Daddy?" Lisa's voice jolted Joe from his stupor. His mind snapped back to reality, and Joe saw his daughter looking at him, concern on her face.

"Oh, uh... yes... I just wanted to tell you it's almost time for dinner, dear" Joe lied quickly, as he turned around back toward his room, closing the bathroom door on his side of the room behind him. "Don't be too long!" he called out through the door.

"Ok, Dad!" Lisa yelled back, as she quickly continued putting her things away into the bathroom. "Boy, grownups sure are weird!" she thought as she remembered the odd look she had seen on her father's face when she had discovered him behind her. "What could have caused him to look so red, as if in embarrassment?" she wondered to herself.

Opening another drawer, Lisa proceeded to put away her last articles, when she saw what was in the drawers. At first glance, she thought they were those National Geographics that her Dad subscribed to. But when she opened the drawer further, she realized they were girlie magazines. Wonderingly, she glanced at the cover of the topmost one. The magazine was called "Puritan". Curious, she flipped it open, and gasped in shock at what she saw. The page she had turned to showed a naked couple. The man's large penis was in the very act of entering a woman's vagina. This was the first time she had seen an erect penis before. Oh, she seen penises before, namely in high school sex education class, but nothing prepared her for the sight of this hardcore pornography. The man's penis seemed to be splitting the woman in two. And the woman seemed to be loving it, from the blissful expression on her face, and the way she was arching her back. As Lisa quickly flipped through the pages of the magazine, her wonder increased. In one picture, she saw another woman actually sucking a man's penis, taking the whole thing deep into her throat. Another picture was even more incredible. It showed a Saint Bernard with a huge hard-on actually shoving it into the shaved pussy of a young girl about Lisa's age. The girl's eyes were clenched shut and her head was thrown back in ecstasy.

Lisa became aware of the fact that she was getting extremely hot. There seemed to be a dull heat at the core of her pelvis. She realized that her pussy was sopping wet. Afraid that her parents might come upon her any moment, Lisa quickly latched both doors of the bathroom (one to her room, the other to her father's room) and returned full attention to the smutty pictures. An indescribable tension began to build as she looked at the pictures.

Unconsciously, her fingers slipped into her skimpy shorts and pressed themselves against the silk barrier of her wet panties. An electric thrill shot through her as her heated pussy felt the pressure from her fingers. Losing herself to the sensation, Lisa moaned softly, as she rubbed herself through her wet silk panties. Trailing her finger up and down the folds of her wet sex, Lisa's hips began thrusting forward against the exquisite friction. Slipping part of her slender index finger into her vagina, she clenched her thighs together, as the heated tension in her loins built up to their peak. With a silent cry, orgasm shook Lisa all over her body, as wave after wave of sexual electricity shot through her and caused her to come all over her fingers, totally drenching her panties. She lay weakly against the sink, in a semi-unconscious state for a few minutes, losing all track of time and the world around her.

"Lisa, dinner time!" the voice of Lisa's father woke Lisa from her catatonic trance. Realizing what had just happened, she blushed scarlet. Quickly putting away her father's magazine, she was just about to pull her shorts back on and rush downstairs when she realized how uncomfortable it would be, with her panties drenched as it was.

"Lisa, dear, we're waiting for you," her mom's voice called out. Damn, she didn't want to keep them waiting. It wouldn't be nice to bring down everyone's good spirits with her tardiness, especially since this was her first day home. Yet she knew she wouldn't be able to sit down and eat comfortably if she had to wear those wet panties. Quickly shimmying out of her panties, she tossed them into the hamper, and pulled up her shorts. She wouldn't be able to get put on her other panties until she got down to unpacking her other suitcases.

"I'm coming," she called out as she opened the bathroom door to her room and proceeded downstairs toward the kitchen.

As the family sat down for dinner, Joe tried to avoid staring at Lisa. He was shocked at the madness that had almost overcome him upstairs in the bathroom. Christ, he had almost sexually molested his own daughter! This was the kind of thing people got sent away to prison for. Aware that his silence might arouse suspicion, he feigned avid interest in a football game showing on TV. There was a TV was located inside the kitchen, and watching television during mealtime had become a habit of Joe's. Cathy had not seemed to mind, or if she did, she never voiced any objections, so it had become routine in the Sampson household.

Lisa tried to remain attentive, as her mother drilled her with questions about college life, professors, classes, etc., but her thoughts kept going back to those dirty pictures she had seen in the bathroom. She realized now that the magazines were her Dad's. It seemed kind of weird, thinking that her father would actually buy these kinds of pornographic material. Oh, she knew that he was like any other male, with sexual needs and urges, but still, this was her father! "And why would he need such stuff if he had Mom," she wondered to herself. Could it be that he and Mom were quarreling? Come to think of it, her parents had seemed kind of quiet and detached toward each other. Even now, they almost seemed to be ignorant of the other's presence, with Mom latching onto Lisa, giving her the third degree, and Dad watching television.

After dinner, while Lisa insisted that she be the one to wash the dishes and clean up, Joe went upstairs with the intent to hide his magazines, and thus avoid any embarrassment that might come up between he and Lisa. Entering the bathroom, he locked the door to Lisa's side of the room, just in case she should accidentally enter. Opening the drawer full of magazines, he quickly moved everything back into his bedroom in two trips. Deciding to take a bath before Lisa could come up and possibly hog up the bathroom, he grabbed his undergarments and prepared the tub, setting the timer for the jacuzzi. Stripping naked, he surveyed himself in the full length mirror.

"Not so bad," he thought looking at his body. Only a slight bulge in is stomach. Sit-ups could cure that. In fact, Joe realized that he had a body that many men would envy. Wide, hairy chest, muscular arms, broad shoulders. "And large dick," he thought smugly looking at his heavy schlong. Even flaccid as it was now, it measured about 5 inches. When erect, it was immense.

"I've got a tool which many woman would die for, yet look at the sorry situation I'm in," Joe thought darkly. "Trapped in a loveless marriage. My daughter comes home from college and I get the hots for her! Damn, what am I going to do? The thought of Lisa stirred him, and unwillingly, he found himself hardening, as the recent memory of his daughter, bent over like that, her ass thrusting outward, almost as if she was begging to be fucke--.

Jerking his head, Joe tried to shake away his immoral thoughts. Picking up his clothes from the tiled floor, Joe proceeded to drop them into the hamper. When he opened the hamper lid, he saw panties. Lisa's cream-colored panties. Experiencing a feeling of disorientation, almost as if the world was spinning all around him, he clutched the towel rack, barely preventing himself from stumbling to the ground. The sheer panties lay in the hamper, atop his older laundry. Gingerly he picked them up, pinching it between his index finger and thumb. Bringing Lisa's panties up for a closer look, he realized suddenly how warm and damp they were. Lifting them up to his face, he pressed his nose up against the underside of the panties, feeling wetness on his nose, and a musky scent which assaulted his senses. Looking wildly around, he quickly locked the bathroom doors, then reclining himself onto the toilet seat, he bent over to examine his daughter's panties. The wetness on them WAS pussy juice, he realized now, as the musky odor pervaded his lungs. Cathy had used to smell like that, when they were having sex.

"Like mother like daughter," Joe thought suddenly, as he clutched his daughter's cum-drenched panties. He experienced another nagging guilt at what he was doing, but he was just too aroused. "Besides," he reasoned, "Lisa won't ever find out about this anyway, and only I will know about it."

Satisfied that no one need ever know, he bent over his daughter's panties again. They were quite warm, he realized. Warm and moist. She must have just switched out of them. Suddenly the thought occurred to him that Lisa might have found his magazine collection while putting her things away and had become aroused by them. She must have gotten aroused she saw those smutty pictures. That would explain why the panties were drenched. With a groan, Joe buried his face into the panties, licking at the slick juices in the underside of the panties, the place where his daughter's pussy had rubbed against throughout the whole day, all the time during on her long ride home from college...

The musklike taste of his own daughter's sexual juices heated Joe, causing his cock to grow even hotter, till it was practically in pain--a hot, red, throbbing machine denied release. Laving his tongue up and down the length of his daughter's humid panties one last time, lapping up her sexual dew, Joe lowered them from his face and began to rub his cock against it. His already hard cock strained harder, as the friction of the moisture-saturated silk rubbed against his cock head. In seconds, pre-come coated his cock's head, only to be mixed with his daughter's pussy juices. Closing his eyes tightly and leaning backwards, Joe brought the underside of Lisa's dripping panties directly around his cock head, enveloping it. Then fistfully gripping it around himself, he imagined that instead of the panties, it was really the entrance to his daughter's pussy, which his big cock was now rubbing into. The head slipping invasively and parting her glisteningly wet nether lips, as they clung lovingly to him, her juices bedewing him with her sexual moisture, their sexual parts rubbing in intimate connection.

Joe's hands stroked faster, and his grip tightened more, as his breaths came from him in short, quick, gasps. With a hoarse cry, he thrust his cock directly against the underside of the panties, as shot after shot of hot cum boiled into Lisa's panties. With each shot, he stroked up and down, using his cock as a swizzle stick and stirring his jism with the sexual dew of his daughter, trying to mix the two.

After what seemed like an eternity, he stopped cumming. With his sexual heat abated, the nagging thought that what he had just done slowly came back to him, with increasing weight. Gazing at the wet panties he held, Joe was suddenly repulsed at his actions. "Christ, what the fuck am I doing? How can I be feeling this way about his daughter," he thought. "How can I be sure that I'm not gonna one day grab Lisa up in her bedroom and rape her?" he thought, aghast.

"My god! What kind of beast have I become!". Sick with the thought, he hurriedly tossed his daughter's panties back in the hamper. No longer in the mood for a bath in the jacuzzi, Joe released the water and returned to his room. Changing into some clothes, he went downstairs to the living room and tried to absorb himself in the football game going on. He was determined to forget the incident which had just happened, forcing it into the back of his mind.

After cleaning up the kitchen, Lisa went up to continue unpacking. She had already found a perfect spot in the corner for the exercise machine. The only stuff left were clothing and other small articles.

She decided to use the jacuzzi to relieve the fatigue she felt from the three hour ride first, before finishing unpacking. Grabbing some undies from a suitcase, Lisa entered the bathroom. After turning on the water for the jacuzzi and waiting for the water level to rise, she remembered her panties in the hamper. "The one I came all over," she thought, blushing. For no arguable reason, she went over to the hamper and pick up the wet panties. They were still very warm, and wet.

"God, I must have flooded this thing," she thought, mortified. Deciding to take another look at those arousing pictures, she opened the drawer. Staring dumbfounded at the space where the magazines had been just a moment ago, Lisa thoughts were in turmoil.

"Dad must have put them away," she realized, when her mind had calmed down sufficiently for her to reason. A horrifying thought came to her suddenly. Could her father have found out that she had read the magazine? Maybe she had misplaced it when returning it and he had noticed something amiss. Her faced grew hot at the embarrassing thought. She realized distractedly that she was still clutching her wet panties. Curiously, she raised them to her nose and gingerly sniffed them, wondering how she smelt. The strong odor of musk pervaded her nose as she inhaled the scent. Lisa had thought that she would be repulsed by the smell of her own pussy, but actually the musky odor was quite arousing. Extending the tip of her tongue forward, she licked the silk material at the underside of her panties. The taste was strange, but not revolting.

"So this is how my pussy tastes," she thought, as gave the wet material another lick, this time a long continuous lap, laving the entire length of the insides of her panties, lapping up the spunky milkish-color dew that clung to the silk.

"That's kind of odd. I never knew that my cum was so thick" she thought wonderingly, as she examined the gruel-like jism that coated her panties. Dismissing the thought, she savored the starchy, slightly salty taste of her cum. It was not a bad taste at all.

She was woken from her reverie by the splash of water from the overflooded jacuzzi onto the floor. Quickly turning her attention away from her panties, Lisa threw them back into the hamper, rushing to the tub to turn off the water. Pouring some shampoo into the bubbling whirlpool she waited for the bubbles to form, then got into the tub.

Immersing herself slowly into the steaming, hot water, she sighed in pure enjoyment as streams of bubbling water shot against her body. The tightness seeped out of her muscles as she leaned back leisurely against the tub, eyes closed dreamily in relaxed thought.

"Ahhhh..." her whole body sighed in unison, as the bubbling waters continued to caress her. It had been quite a while since she had ever felt so relaxed. "It's great to be home," she thought lazily, watching the shampoo bubbles as they continued to build, covering her up to her shoulders.

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