My Lovely Jennifer
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Swinging, Oral Sex, Cream Pie, Voyeurism,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This is the story of Rick and Jennifer and their sexual adventures.

I met Jennifer during my senior year in college. I was sitting in the student union reading when she came and sat in a chair facing me and began reading a newspaper. When I looked up the newspaper was blocking my view of her above the waist but I could see the lower half of her body. I did a quick appraisal, starting at her delicate ankles and moving up her nicely shaped calves and on up to her knees. I could only see a little of her thigh where it disappeared under her skirt.

I turned my attention back to the book I was reading until I saw movement in my peripheral vision. I looked up to be greeted by a vision of erotic beauty. The newspaper was still in place blocking my view of her upper body but now her knees had separated far enough that I could see clearly between her thighs all the way up to her white cotton panties. The view only lasted about ten seconds but it froze me to my chair for the next half hour causing me to miss my next class. The reason I was frozen to my chair was that I wanted to see what the rest of this woman looked like.

Finally she put the paper down and I found myself staring at a very lovely creature. Her hair was a very dark brown, almost black, her eyes were the most beautiful blue I had ever seen, her nose was the perfect size and in perfect alignment with the symmetry of her face. Her neck had a long graceful flow from her chin to where it ended between her shoulders. Although I couldn't see her breasts through her sweater it was obvious that she was well enough endowed in this area. Her dark complexion had an almost olive hue. Except for the blue eyes I would have guessed that she might have been either Greek or Italian.

I was suddenly aware that she was looking at me and had caught me staring at her. I relaxed a little when I noticed that she was smiling at me, so I said, "Hi."

She said, "I noticed the way you are looking at me, do I have something on my face, some food or something?"

I said, "No. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to stare. It's just that I was wondering who was behind that newspaper and I was looking your way when you put the paper down and you caught me staring. By the way, my name is Rick Ellison." I stood to offer her my hand.

She said, "I'm Jennifer Krupp," as she stood to shake hands with me. I was surprised to find that Jennifer was about five feet eleven inches tall only two inches shorter then me. Standing she was even more beautiful that she was sitting. "Nice to meet you Rick."

I said, "Oh, you're German."

"My father is German, my mother is Italian."

I smiled at her and said, "Great combination."

We sat back down and started chatting. We talked about our courses and current events. When it came time for my next class I didn't want to leave but we were having a test in that class and I couldn't afford to miss it. As I got up to leave I asked her if I could see her again. She said, "I'll be around. You'll probably see me in here again."

That wasn't good enough so I said, "I meant like go out together somewhere."

"You mean like on a date?"


"I'm sorry, I can't. I have a steady boyfriend. But thanks for asking."

I walked away feeling a little foolish. Later that day as I though about it, I was glad I asked her out. If I hadn't I might never have gotten the chance again and it would have driven me crazy.

I didn't see Jennifer again for about a month. I was sitting in one the bars frequented by the students from the local college having a few TGIF beers with my friends when I heard someone say, "You're Rick aren't you?"

When I looked where the voice came from I found Jennifer standing there. I said, "I'm Rick and you're Jennifer right?"

"You remembered."

"How could I forget someone like you." I meant it but I said it like I was joking, using an obvious line. Jennifer said something else I couldn't hear in the noisy bar, so I stood up and lead her farther from the bar where it was a little quieter. Then I said, "What were you trying to say."

She said, "I said that I wondered what happened to you. I go to the student union almost every day and I haven't seen you in there since the day I met you."

I couldn't tell her that the reason I hadn't been back was because of her. It was just that I was so taken buy her that the idea of seeing her, talking to her, and knowing I couldn't have her was something I didn't want to endure. So I said, "I was a little behind in some classes so I have been hitting the books to catch up."

"Are you caught up now?"

I said, "Yes. All caught up."

"Good, then I'll see you around the union?"

I wasn't sure how I wanted to respond to that question so I blurted out, "How's you boyfriend?"


"Gone? What do you mean?"

"We broke up."

"I'm sorry."

"Don't be."

I said, "Okay I won't. Instead I'll take advantage of the situation. How bout going out with me?"

Jennifer said, "When?"


"We're already out."

"Right. I'm out with my friends and you are out with your friends. I mean you and me out together without our friends. Not here. We'll go somewhere else."

Jennifer though for a moment then said, "I'd like that. Let me go tell me friends I'm leaving."

I watched her as she walked away with a feeling of excitement no girl had ever given me before.

That night Jennifer and I had a great time together and when I got back to my dorm room I knew that I was already falling in love with her.

After that we saw or at least talked to each other every day going on dates on the weekends. On our third date I borrowed my roommates car. He had an old Buick La Saber his father had given him. He called it his love machine because of the large back seat. That night I took Jennifer out to dinner at an inexpensive Italian restaurant then we went parking. I parked the car in an area where we wouldn't be disturbed and we sat and listened to the radio as we began necking. After a half hour of heavy petting, with all clothes on, I suggested that we get in the back seat. Jennifer gave me a devilish looked and asked, "Why do you want to get in the back seat?"

I said, "So we'll have more room."

"More room for what?"

"Just more room."

"I don't think we need more room"

This wasn't getting me anywhere so I said, "It was just a thought. We can stay where we are."

Then Jennifer said, "Well if you want to get in the back, let's get in back."

Once in the back seat things began to progress quickly. I soon had Jennifer's blouse and bra opened and was joyfully sucking on her nipples. I had more difficulty with her pants. She was wearing tight jeans so I couldn't get my hand in her pants and I couldn't get the top button opened. Finally in frustration I asked Jennifer if she would open her pants for me. By this time I had her breathing pretty hard so she was willing to help me. She got the button and zipper opened but then because of the confined quarters and the tightness of her jeans it took the both of us struggling together to get them over her hips and down her legs. When I was pulling them off over her feet, Jennifer said, "From now on when we go out I'll wear a skirt." Those words almost made me shoot a load in my pants.

Now I had Jennifer sitting in the back seat with her blouse and bra opened exposing her breast, and a pair of white bikini cut panties. As I leaned in to suck on Jennifer's breasts again I placed my right hand on the narrow strip of white cotton that covered Jennifer's treasure chest. I rubbed the material gently against her pussy eliciting a soft moan from her. As I slipped my fingers under Jennifer's last line of protection and teased her vaginal lips, Jennifer's hips began to lift trying to increase the contact between my fingers and her pussy. When I finally let my fingers penetrate her, Jennifer began humping against my hand. As she continued the humping motion Jennifer said, "Come inside me now. I want you now."

After a short fight trying to get my pants off Jennifer suggested that in the future we both wear skirts. When I had finally removed my pants I pulled off my jockey shorts and then I reached for my wallet and pulled out a condom. When Jennifer saw the condom she said, "You don't need that. I'm safe. I'm on the pill and I want to feel your juices inside me"

So I dropped my wallet and the condoms on the floor and removed Jennifer's panties. Jennifer slid down on the seat and after trying a few different positions we settled on having Jennifer put her right leg up on the back of the front seat and her left leg going up the back seat with her foot on the rear deck under the window. This way I was able to get between her legs and get my cock into her pussy. I had known all along that Jennifer wasn't a virgin but she was so tight that she could easily have made me believe she was a virgin if she wanted to. When I was finally all the way inside her tight, warm, and juicy love tunnel I was laying on top of her with my knees bent and my feet pressing against the window in the drivers side back door. My cock and balls were extremely happy where they were but my back and legs weren't and I could tell by the way Jennifer kept trying to adjust her position that she wasn't any more comfortable than me. In spite of our discomfort we were both able to achieve orgasm.

When we had finished we decided to just get out of the car to get dressed. The fact that it was November and the temperature was in the low fifties just made us dress that much faster.

On the way back to the campus I was afraid that Jennifer was disappointed with me because of the discomfort of our coupling. The fact that she didn't speak on the way back to campus didn't help my insecurity. When I pulled up in front of her dorm, Jennifer kissed me so tenderly yet at the same time with so much passion that my cock started to get hard again. Then she said, "I love you. Call me tomorrow." She was smiling at me as she closed the door.


The next evening I went out with Jennifer but this time I had to take my own car, a 1985 Mazda RX7. It's a two seater so no room for sex. We necked and grouped each other for a while then I had to take Jennifer back to her dorm. As I was driving back to the campus Jennifer opened my pants and pulled my cock out. As I drove she slowly stroked my engorged member. When I pulled up across the street from the dorm Jennifer leaned over and took my cock into her mouth and proceeded to give me my first blow job. She bobbed her head up and down on me until I felt my balls tighten. I warned her that I was about to climax but it didn't stop her. When my cock began to spasm Jennifer began pumping my cock with her hand while she kept her mouth over the head. She didn't let any of my cum escape her mouth. When I stopped pulsing Jennifer removed her mouth from my cock and then got some tissues from her hand bag and deposited my load in the tissues. She dropped the tissues into the litterbag I carried in the car then she kissed me and I could still taste the semen in her mouth. Again as Jennifer got out of the car she said, "I love you."

I said, "I love you too." It was the first time I said it to her and as far as I could remember the first time I had said that to any girl. It felt good.

The following weekend I got a motel room at an old roadside motel about ten miles outside of town. We were naked and in bed five minutes after we walked in the door. After experimenting with oral sex, which I had never performed before, and finding that I loved giving it almost as much as receiving it we had intercourse. Afterward as we lay in bed together we started to talk about our sexual experience. I told Jennifer that I had my first sexual encounter in high school. I said that it didn't count for much as I was so inexperience and she was the girl voted most likely to... Jennifer asked, "The girl most likely to do what?"

I said, "The girl most likely to be every guys first time." I said that was the only experience I had in high school. I said that in college I'd been involved in two long relationships, each lasting more than five months. During these relationships I regularly had sex with my girlfriend at least once a week. Then I said, "That second relationship ended over six months ago and until I met you I hadn't had sex since that relationship ended." I told her that the sex I had had in those relationships was straight intercourse and that I had never tried oral sex before but that I suspected that she had.

Jennifer said, "I was a virgin when I came to college. I dated a few guys on and off during my freshman year but remained a virgin. Then, when I was home for the summer after my freshman year I met Steve. We dated all that summer and started having sex about a month before I went back to school. Steve goes to school about forty miles from here so he came to see me most weekends. Steve had a lot of experience and taught me the joys of sex. He is the only guy other than you that I have had sex with."

I asked, "What happened, I mean why did you break up with him.?

Instead of answering my question directly Jennifer asked me, "When you were dating the two girls you mentioned, did you ever go out with another girl behind there back?"

I said, "No, I didn't."

"Well Steve did. I found out he was dating a girl at his school. Actually she found out about me and called me to tell me to stay away from her boyfriend. Imagine that. After more than two years with him I am accused of being the other woman. So I called him to find out if it was true and he admitted that he dated this other girl but said that I was the one he loved. I told him it was over. I couldn't be with a man who would cheat on me."

I said, "I am sorry that happened to you but I am glad you broke up with him or you wouldn't be here now."

She said, "Well maybe. Anyway, please don't you ever do that to me. If anything happens and you want to date other woman just be honest and tell me you want to break up. I would much rather have a clean break than have you sneaking around behind my back until I catch you."

I promised that I would never do that to her. Then we began making love again.

I used to think about that conversation and it bothered me a little. The fact that her sexual talents had been learned form her former boyfriend was bad enough but I could deal with that because that all took place before I knew Jennifer. The hard part for me was the fact that she broke up with him because he cheated on her, not because she stopped loving him. Whether Jennifer still love this guy was a question I couldn't ask her. Thankfully Jennifer never talked about Steve to me so I was able to eventually put it out of my mind.


In January Jennifer moved off campus into an old house she was renting with a group of other students. This gave us a room with a bed. No more back seats in cars and no more cheap motels. Our sexual activity was getting more frequent and more interesting all of the time. It seemed that I couldn't be along with her for more than five minutes without her wanting to play with my cock. Which always ended up with her sucking me off and that would often lead to intercourse. One afternoon while Jennifer was kissing the head of my cock and licking the shaft I asked her why she did that every time I came over. She said, "I love your cock. I love the way it feels in my hand and I love the way it feels and tastes in my mouth. I love that you enjoy it while I do it. So, if I love something that much, why shouldn't I do it?"

"I guess I can't argue with that," I said.

Then one day at the end of April about three weeks before graduation I was sitting with Jennifer, well actually I was sitting and Jennifer was laying with her head in my lap doing her thing when the telephone rang. It startled us both and Jennifer jumped up to answer it. I sat and idly listened to her half of the conversation. She answered with, "Hello" then her voice showed some excitement as she said, "Yes, I would..." then she turned away from me and her voice lowered a little, "When do you want to see me?... Wednesday is fine... What time should I meet you?" I could see that she was writing something down in the note book on her desk. "Where do you want me to meet you?" More writing, "Okay, I'll be there... Yes, I am looking forward to it... Okay, I'll see you then." She wrote something more in her notebook then closed it. Then she seemed to hesitate before she turned back to me.

I asked, "What was that about?"

Jennifer said, "Oh, just something I have to do next week."

I didn't like the answer and I wasn't comfortable with what I had heard. The only thing I knew was that she was going to meet someone the following week and she didn't seem to want to share anymore information with me. I wanted to ask more questions about it but I had no reason to believe she was doing anything wrong so I didn't want to start a problem where none existed. Then she did something else that bothered me. Instead of coming back over to me and resuming her play with my now shrunken member she paced nervously around the room for a minute then said, "I need to get out of this room for a while. Can we go somewhere?"

When we left her room I glanced over at her notebook but she had closed it so I couldn't see what she had written. I wasn't happy the rest of that day but I didn't say anything.

Everything seem to be back to normal the next day and continued that way until the following Wednesday. On Wednesday my four o'clock class was canceled so I headed over to Jennifer's apartment. I had gotten over my worry about the phone call she received so when I got to the house I was feeling pretty good. I ran up the stairs to her room but Jennifer wasn't there. I went back down stairs to see if Jennifer was in the kitchen or out in the back yard trying to get a tan. There were two girls in the back yard that I didn't know but figured that that must know someone in the house our they wouldn't have been there. So I asked then, "Do either of you know Jennifer Krupp?"

One of the girls said, "Yeah, I know her?"

I asked, "Have you seen her today."

"Yeah, She was here. I think she left about twenty minutes ago."

"Did she happen to mention where she was going?"

"She didn't say anything but I think she was going to see her ex-boyfriend."

When I heard that my legs almost buckled under me. I had to hang onto the door handle to keep from falling. It felt as though all of the blood drained from me head. I needed more information so I tried to act unconcerned as I asked, "How do you know that?"

"A little while ago when Jennifer came back from her classes and I heard Susan tell Jennifer that Steve called and said that he was in town and wanted to see her. Jennifer ran upstairs. I asked Susan who Steven was and she said that he was her ex-boyfriend."

I said, "Do you know where Susan is?"

"I don't know. She left a while ago."

I said thanks and started to turn to go back into the kitchen when the girl I was talking to said, "Oh my God. Are you Jennifer's boyfriend."

I looked back at her without saying a word and she said, "Why can't I keep my big mouth shut. I'm sorry."

I didn't respond. I went back into the house and closed the door. I didn't know what to do. I could go looking for them but where would I look? And if I found them what would I do. If she wants him it's over for us and there is nothing I can do to change that. I decide to go up to her room and wait for her to come back and make her tell me the truth. When I got up to her room I started thinking, "What if she brings him here? What do I do then? That would be very humiliating for me."

I stayed anyway. As I sat images started going through me head that were very disturbing. I keep having the image of Jennifer playing with Steve's cock the way she does with mine and then sucking him off. I was in such an agitated state that I had to get up and pace around the room. That's when I saw it. Jennifer's note book was sitting on her desk right where had been when she was talking on the phone, probably to Steve, the other day. I opened the book and turned to the last page she had written on. No help there, just some notes about reading assignments, so I turned back a page, still nothing. I had to go back five pages till I found what I was looking for.

There on the top of the page Jennifer had written Wednesday 5:00 PM 440 West Mohawk St.

I looked at my watch and it was 4:45. That gave me fifteen minutes to get to where Jennifer was meeting him. It took me twenty minutes to find Mohawk St. then another five to find 440 West Mohawk. I just hoped that I didn't get there to late. What if they had met there and left already.

As I walked up the sidewalk to 440 West Mohawk I saw a sigh that didn't immediately register with me. It said "Omni School for Developmentally Handicapped Children." I went through the front door and found myself in an office area of some type. I was totally confused now. I was looking around trying to figure out why Jennifer would be meeting Steve here. Then I though they must have met outside and they already left. Suddenly I heard a voice and it took a minute for me to realized that the owner of that voice was talking to me. It was someone who appeared to be a receptionist and she was asking me if she could help me. Not wanting to look like a complete idiot I asked her a question and it turned out to be the right one. I asked, "Is Jennifer Krupp here?"

The receptionist said, "I believe so..." Then she consulted what looked like a desk top calendar and said, "Yes. She is here. She is in being interviewed by Mr. Steinhower right now. They should be done in about a half hour if you would like to wait?"

I said, "Yes, thank you," and sat down. Then suddenly it started to make sense. Jennifer was an education major with a psychology minor and this was a school for the developmentally handicapped. She is here for a job interview. I felt very happy and stupid at the same time. Then it occurred to me that maybe she was still planning to see Steve. I decided to wait for Jennifer to come out and see what happened.

It turned out to be more like forty-five minutes before Jennifer came out from her interview. She looked directly at me and it seemed to take a moment before it registered on her that I was there. Then a big smile lit up her face. She came over to me and asked, "What are you doing here?' How did you know I'd be here?"

I said, "I peeked in your note book."

"You sneak. I didn't want to say anything to you about this until I knew if I got a job. I was too nervous and I though you would have made me even more nervous."

"Well, did you get a job."

We were outside on the sidewalk now and Jennifer started jumping around excitedly and said, "Yes. I got the job. I start right after graduation. Now I can afford to stay here and work on my master's degree. We have to go celebrate."

Later as we were eating a celebratory dinner I confessed about why I showed up at her interview. I told her about how the girl in the back yard told me that she was with Steve.

Jennifer got a little angry and for a minute I thought it was directed at me then she said, "That stupid little airhead. Why would she tell you something like that without knowing who you were or if what she was saying was true. Steve did call today and talked to Susan. He did say that he wanted to see me. I called him back and told him that I couldn't see him. I told him about you and that I had no feelings for him. He said he understood and was happy for me and that was the end of the call."

I said, "I didn't ask you to explain, but thank you for explaining anyway."

"Do you remember the first time I told you I loved you?"


"When I said that it was what I felt in my heart and it is the way I still feel. When I said that I was making a commitment to you. That you can always trust me to do the right thing for us. "

I said, "I'm sorry I didn't show more faith in you today."

"That wasn't all your fault. My being secretive about my interview and then that airhead telling you I was with Steve. But for future reference, know that you can trust me." Then Jennifer leaned across the table and kissed me.

As it turned out we both got jobs in town and we moved in together that summer. In the fall we both started working on our masters degrees. Our relationship continued as it had from the start and a month after we finished our masters programs we married. Jennifer continued working at the child development center and I started my own computer graphics business...


Jennifer and I were both very lucky as we both came from loving families. My parents had been married for over thirty years and Jennifer's nearly the same. Before I got married I paid my parents the complement of asking them the secrets of a good marriage. They told me it came down to two things, trust and communication. They said that a good marriage takes a lot of work and it is not always easy, but if you love each other the trust will come. The communication you have to make work on your own. It's important for you both to know how the other is feeling. That doesn't mean you always have to agree on things. It means that you have to at least make an effort to understand each other.

I felt that Jennifer and I already had the trust part of our relationship down so all we had to work on was the communication. We talked about it and decided that we would set some time aside each week to talk to each other about whatever we thought was important to our relationship. Nothing was to be off limits in these conversations. Our talks sometimes turned into arguments but always ended with a kiss and a better understanding of the other person. Quite often these conversations ended with us making love.

After three years of marriage our sex life was still good, but we were always looking for ways to keep it fresh and exciting. On one moonless night we had sex under the stars in our back yard. We were standing looking up at the stars when I noticed that it was so dark in our yard that our neighbors wouldn't be able to see us if they looked out their windows, so I reached my arms around Jennifer and began to fondle her breasts. Jennifer leaned back against me and I kissed her neck. When I moved my hand down and pushed it inside her pants Jennifer grabbed my wrist and said, "Not here the neighbors will see us."

I said, "So?"

I was expecting Jennifer to protest some more, then I would point out that it was too dark for them to be able to see us, but before I could Jennifer turned around and kissed me and said, "So nothing." Then she kissed me again and started massaging my cock through my pants. As Jennifer was kissing me she opened my pants and began pushing them down my legs. Then she got down on her knees and took my cock into that wonderful mouth of hers.

As she was sucking on my cock I was looking over at our neighbors house where I could see Mrs. Radcliff our sixty year old neighbor standing at her kitchen window looking out into the yard. I was sure she couldn't see us but the thought of that possibility made things more exciting. That must have been true for Jennifer also because I noticed her looking toward Mrs. Radcliff but she didn't stop sucking on my stiff shaft. A short while later Jennifer pulled me down on the ground with her and wanted me to please her with my tongue which I gladly did. As Jennifer approached her orgasm I had to put my hand over her mouth to keep her from drawing attention to us. As it was getting a little chilly out we headed into the house to finish our lovemaking. After that we often had sex in the back yard on dark nights...

One Valentines Day I called Jennifer at work and told her that a car was going to be waiting for her when she came out of work. I told her she was to get into the back seat of the car and not speak to the driver. I said that the driver would give her an envelope with instructions for her. I asked her if she understood my instructions and I could her the excitement in her voice as she said, "Yes, I understand".

In preparation for the evening I rented a black Lincoln Town car then went to a costume shop and rented a chauffeur's outfit. At 5:30 that evening I picked Jennifer up outside her office building. She didn't say a work as she got into the car. Watching her in the mirror as I drove along the expressway I could see from Jennifer's body language that she was both nervous and excited. When we were a few blocks from our destination, the Hayatt Regency Hotel, I handed Jennifer an envelope. Inside were the following instructions:

'Mrs. Ellison, we will soon be arriving at the Hayatt Regency Hotel. Before we reach the hotel entrance you are to remove you pantyhose and panties. When we stop at the entrance you are to drop them onto the front seat next to the driver, then wait for him to come around and open your door. You are to then go into the hotel and go to the front desk and ask for an envelope that was left there for you. This envelope will contain further instructions and a room key for room 1526. Once you have the new envelope you are to go to the room and then follow the directions you will find in the new envelope.'

I watched in the mirror as Jennifer read the instructions. She didn't hesitate. As soon as she finished reading the note she folded it and put it back in the envelope then pulled her skirt up and remove her panty hose. Before she removed her panties Jennifer put her hand between her legs and pressed her panties against her pussy and rubbed herself for a few seconds, then she removed her panties. I caught a glimpse of her dark hair as she pushed her panties down over her thighs. Once she had them off she rolled them into a ball and held them in her hand until we pulled up to the hotel entrance. I quickly got out of the car and went around to the other side and opened the door for Jennifer. As she stepped out of the car Jennifer did not look at me but she let her skirt ride up her thighs so that most of her upper thigh was visible and I got just a momentary peek at her pussy as she climbed out. Once out of the car she walked straight into the hotel with out looking back.

Once Jennifer was out of sight I took the car and parked it in the hotel parking lot. I sat in the car for a while and as I picked up the panties that Jennifer had been wearing I thought about her walking through the hotel lobby with no panties on. To my knowledge Jennifer never went anywhere without wearing panties, so this must have made her at least a little self-conscious. I held Jennifer's panties up to my face and I noticed that the gusset of her panties was wet. Apparently she was already excited. So was I. I inhaled the scent of Jennifer's sex that lingered in the material of her panties, and I thought about the instructions in the second note.

The second note said; 'Jennifer, You will find a bottle of Champaign chilling on the table by the window. You are to open the bottle and pour yourself a drink. Then stand at the window and lift your glass in a toast to our love. After you have had your drink you are to take a shower. When you come out of the shower I want you to come back to the window and pour yourself another drink and while standing there naked make another toast.

You will find panties, a bra and stockings in the top right drawer in the dresser. There is a cocktail dress in the closet along with your shoes. When you have dressed and finished with your hair and makeup you are to open the top left drawer of the dresser where you will find further instructions.'

I sat in the car and watched the window that I knew belonged to room 1526. I didn't have to wait long. The windows in the rooms in this hotel went from floor to ceiling so when Jennifer came to the window I could see almost her whole body missing only the lower portion of her legs because of the angle from where I was sitting in the car to the fifteenth floor. I watched as Jennifer filled her glass with Champaign and lifted her glass in a toast. I knew she couldn't see me, which made it more fun to watch her.

Jennifer took a couple of drinks from the glass then disappeared. About fifteen minutes later Jennifer reappeared at the window, in the nude. She stood in front of the window and poured herself another glass of bubbly and made her toast. When she put her glass down she moved away from the window and I knew that she would be getting dressed which would take a while. As I waited I thought about the next envelope she would open. Inside the last envelope along with the instructions were two other items. First was a small jewelry case which contained a pair of diamond earrings as a gift for her and the second item was a small white handkerchief.

The last note said; 'Jennifer, I hope you like the earrings. In a few minutes you will be leaving the room to go down stairs. There are two things you must do just before you leave the room. First, pull the drapes closed. Second, take the handkerchief you found in the envelope and tuck it inside your panties so that it presses against your pussy. Once you have done this you are to go down to the lounge in hotel and take a seat at the bar. Order a drink and wait. Tonight you are a married woman on the make and I am the stranger who is going to pick you up in the bar and seduce you.

Sometime during dinner you retrieve the handkerchief from you panties so that I can smell the scent of that sexy pussy of yours. I'll see you in a while. Love, Rick'

It was a little after seven o'clock when the drapes were pulled closed in room 1526. I gave Jennifer ten minutes to get down to the lounge then I got out of the car and opened the trunk and got my suitcase out. I went quickly up to room 1526 and showered and dressed in a tuxedo I had rented for the occasion. This took me all of half an hour. When I walked into the bar I spotted Jennifer before she saw me. She was busy at that moment talking to a guy who was standing next to her chair. I decided to just watch for a while and just let Jennifer talk to this guy and see what would happen. After about twenty minutes it appeared that the guy asked Jennifer to go somewhere with him. He reached out his hand to her but she didn't take it. She shook her head no and said something and the guy raised his hands in the air and backed away from her in mock surrender. A couple of minutes later he shook Jennifer's hand and headed across the room where he joined several people sitting at a table.

I waited another couple of minutes then I headed over to Jennifer. As I walked across the room the only thing I could think of was how much I wanted to ask Jennifer about the guy that was talking to her, but I knew that that would ruin the mood I was trying to create. I slipped into the chair next to Jennifer and said, "Mind if I sit here with you for a while."

She said, "How long is a while?"

I said, "Long enough to buy you a drink and talk you into going to dinner with me."

She said, "I'll take the drink and we'll see about dinner."

At first it was much harder to pretend that I wasn't Jennifer's husband than I thought. Our conversation was clumsy and I think we both felt awkward, but after a while I was able to get into the fantasy and act as if I didn't know Jennifer. Jennifer was able to get into the spirit of the game and was soon acting as if we were meeting for the first time.

We talked for a while like to people trying to get to know a little bit about each other then I asked her if she would join me for dinner. I got up and Jennifer took my arm and we walked to the hotel restaurant.

During dinner we got deeper into our roles and the situation began to feel real to me. I complemented Jennifer on her beautiful earrings and she said, "They were a gift from my husband."

I said, "Oh, you're married?"

She said, "Yes."

"Why isn't your husband here with you?"

Jennifer looked down at the table as if she were upset and couldn't look me in the eye. "He was supposed to be here but when I arrived I got a message that he had to stay late at his office to finish up some work. He stood me up on Valentines Day. I have a half a mind to do something drastic to get even with him for that."

I said, "If you want revenge, please let me help you."

All through dinner Jennifer played the angered wife and I the opportunist trying to take advantage of her state of mind.

After dinner Jennifer and I went back to the lounge where there was a band playing romantic music. We danced a few times then Jennifer excused herself to go to the ladies room. When she returned we went back out on the dance floor. As we were dancing Jennifer put the white handkerchief in my hand then whispered in my ear, "My husband asked me to keep this in my panties for him. I decided to give it to you instead."

I held the handkerchief up to my nose and inhaled deeply. The scent of her sex was unmistakable. My cock got so hard I though I was going to lose a load in my pants. Right then all I wanted to do was drag her up to the room and get myself inside that hot, wet pussy of hers. I brushed my lips over her ear and said, "You smell great. I would love to get close enough to smell your sexy scent for myself."

Jennifer pressed herself against me and said, "If you want we can go up to my hotel room and I will give you what I was planning on giving my husband tonight."

Jennifer took my hand and led me to the elevators. When the elevator doors closed behind us Jennifer pressed herself against me, then kissed me and said, "My husband will be sorry he stood me up tonight." Then she kissed me again. This kiss lasting until the elevator doors opened on the fifteenth floor.

When we got inside our room Jennifer suddenly moved away from me and said, "I'm starting to have seconds thoughts. I shouldn't be doing this just because my husband chose to work instead of meeting me here."

I sat down and said, "If you really want me to leave I will, but just let me say that if you were my wife I never would have left you alone tonight."

"You're right. To hell with him."

I said, "Earlier you said that you were going to give me what you planned to give your husband tonight. What were you going to give him?"

Jennifer went over to the bed and sat down and said, "My husband is always after me to give him oral sex. He wants me to let him cum in my mouth. I've never done this before but decided I was going to do it tonight. I was even planning on swallowing his spunk. That's his loss."

I got up and walked over to Jennifer and stood in front of her and said, "You were all set to perform oral sex tonight. It's not good to not act on that." I opened my pants and pulled my cock out and said, "Why don't you do mine so you don't lose the moment."

Jennifer took my cock in her hand and acting as if she was nervous about doing it, she took my cock into her mouth. She acted like she was choking on it a couple of times but was soon giving me one of her great blow jobs. I hadn't realized just how horny I was until Jennifer started pumping up and down on my cock with her mouth. It only took her a few minutes to bring me to climax. Jennifer managed to keep her mouth closed over my cock while I ejaculated. When the last spasms of my orgasm passed Jennifer let my cock slip from her mouth then she tilted her head up and opened her mouth to show me that her mouth was full of my cum, then she closed her mouth and swallowed. After that Jennifer stood up and kissed me. I could taste my cum on her lips but I didn't mind.

Jennifer told me get undressed and lay down on the bed and I did as she directed. Then Jennifer said, "Earlier you said that you wanted to smell my sex. Do you still want to do that?"

I said, "Yes, very much."

Jennifer kicked off her shoes, hiked up her dress and climbed on the bed. She stood directly over me straddling my head with her feet so that I was looking directly up between her legs. Jennifer lowered herself down until she was mashing her panty covered pussy against my nose. As she did this she asked, "How do I smell?"

I said, "Great. I want to eat you."

Jennifer stood up again and while still standing over me she pulled her dress off over her head then she pulled panties down and removed them. Looking up between her legs I could see her beautiful vulva. It looked so inviting. Soft with just a little dark fuzz on it. Her labia just barely visible inside the slit dividing the two halves of her vulva. As Jennifer start to lower herself down over me I could see that her juices were flowing making the visible edges of her labia shine.

When she was finally within my reach I stuck my tongue out and touched her anus and ran my tongue from there to the opening to her pussy and pushed my tongue inside. For the next ten minutes I did everything I could to bring Jennifer to orgasm and succeeded. Her orgasm caused her juices to run into my mouth and over my chin. When it passed, Jennifer leaned forward and took my cock back into her mouth while I continued to give her oral pleasure. As I brought Jennifer to her second but slightly smaller orgasm I felt the stiffness returning to my cock and soon I was fully erect.

Jennifer turned around so that she was facing me as she lowered herself onto my shaft. She began moving her hips up and down slowly, lifting up until my cock almost came out of her well lubricated vagina, then pushing down until I was completely inside her. Jennifer lay down on top of me and we kissed as we fell into a nice comfortable rhythm. Later as we both approached our climaxes, I rolled us over so that I was on top and then I lifted Jennifer's legs up and leaned them against my shoulders. Then I began pumping my cock into Jennifer's pussy as fast and as deep as I could. After a few minutes of this Jennifer moved her legs off my shoulders and put her feet on the bed on either side of my hips so that her knees were bent. Then she pushed her pelvis up to meet each of my thrusts until her orgasm started, then she wrapped her legs around me and pulled me into her. She had me held so tight with her legs that I couldn't move. As I lay there motionless

I felt the muscles in Jennifer's vagina squeezing my cock as her orgasm pulsed through her body. This muscle action triggered my climax and I shot my hot load deep inside Jennifer.

Afterward we lay in each others arms and drifted off to sleep. When I woke up in the morning Jennifer was already in the shower. When she came out she said, "Don't you think you better take me home before my husband gets worried? Besides, I know he'll want to have sex with me as soon as I get home and I can't wait."

So we went home and made love again. Afterward we talked about the evening. Jennifer said, "That was one wild evening. With those notes and instructions I had to follow, you had me wet before we even got to the hotel. I could feel the dampness in my pussy as I walked through the hotel. It made me self-conscious and aroused me at the same time. Then making me sit in the bar by myself for so long made me feel like I was really out cheating on my husband."

I said, "When I came into the bar you weren't alone."

Jennifer said, "Oh, you saw me talking to Gary?"

I said, "Who is Gary?"

Jennifer said, "He's a guy that works in my office. I don't know him very well."

"What were you two talking about?"

"It was just small talk at first then Gary asked me if I was with my husband and I said no. That must have interested him because he moved a little closer to me and told me I was a very attractive woman. Then he asked me if I would like to come over and join him at his table. I told him I couldn't because I was meeting someone."

I said, "You didn't tell him who you were meeting?"

"No. It wasn't any of his business and it added to the fantasy that I was having an affair."

I said, "So now this guy thinks that you are playing around on your husband."

Jennifer said, "So?"

I said, "Your right. Who cares? That's our business."

Over the next two years we had many similar adventures. Some that I orchestrated and some that Jennifer put together herself. We found these games exciting and they helped keep our sex life energized.

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