Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Teenagers, Consensual, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Coercion, Heterosexual, Oral Sex, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Slow,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Read the story of a fictious gang and how they run their prostitutes and such.

My friends and I have formed a gang here in the Syracuse area. We have a small crew consisting of 3 captains, 1 adviser, and 1 boss. We do have several soldiers and button men. The three captains are Eric, Gary, Paulie, and the adviser is Chris and I am the boss, Stosh.

Let me familiarize you with our business. We don't run drugs we run prostitutes, loan sharking and gambling. I own this club called The Icehouse. We use the upstairs as a base of operations, and the downstairs is a dance club. Eric runs a strip club called Papa Chubby, and Gary heads up a construction company.

It was a sunny spring day here in our little city; some local group has been trying to move in our territory. We kidnapped one of their captains and his wife. He was an Asian, part of some Asian gang. We really kicked the shit out of him and smacked his old lady around. We then brought them both together so they could see what we did to them.

I walked over to the wife and then stripped all of her clothes; she stood their naked and crying. I then told the man that before he dies know this "We are going to have our way with your wife and she is going to become our whore now." I then had Paulie put two rounds in the back of his head. Paulie and his soldier Dominick disposed of the body, and I took Kim, the wife in the other room.

Kim was crying her eyes out, and she looked up at me and asked if I was going to kill her. I told her as I lit my Cuban cigar,

"That all depends on how well you behave. As you see I have no problem killing people if they don't do what I want."

She wiped her tears and nodded her head in agreement. I told her that she was now going to work for us, she was very attractive about 5' 4" tall thin with long straight jet-black hair. She had big tits for an Asian girl they were d cups at least. I told her that she was going to have to earn her respect with the other girls and that we had several high-class customers. I then took her to the back room and showed her the showers and dressing room that was filled with (stolen) yet classy beautiful outfits. I told her that she could choose what ever she wanted to wear and that the girls shared "Everything" with each other.

Kim then made her way to the showers, I left her alone she had nowhere to go and we had armed men outside the doors and security cameras everywhere. Including the showers, I flipped on the TV and watched her wash herself. I wanted to have this girl, but we just executed her husband so I didn't want to rush it. She washed her body and stood in the shower with the water cascading down over her. She then started to massage her breasts and slowly let her well-manicured hands move down to her vagina. She then spread her lips and inserted a finger she fingered herself to orgasm. I was fucking stunned, did the execution and show of power make Kim wet in her pussy? I wondered what I should do, I decided to knock on the door and ask her if she was okay in there.

Kim came to the door with a towel wrapped around her breast with her long black hair over her shoulders. This woman was so incredibly hot I had to have her. She looked into my eyes and said

"Would you like me to give you something perhaps?"

"Yes, I would like to have sex with you."

Kim replied with "Alright my master."

I then took her into my office and moved the secret wall which revealed a living quarters that I used for special occasions. She was in awe of my taste of decorations. She moved over to the bed and told me to lie down. She then started to remove her towel and revealed herself to me. She then crawled up the bed and unzipped my fly and pulled out my cock and started to lick it to full strength. I helped her remove my pants and boxers and she went right back to my cock, licking and sucking it in her hot mouth. She then sucked one of my balls into her mouth and then tongue flicked my dick. I was ready to blow my junk right there, but I wanted to fuck this woman.

I then told her to sit on my face 69 style and I tongue fucked her tight bald pussy. I rubbed my nose in her pussy and sucked her clit into my mouth. She was moaning and still sucking on my cock. After of making her cum on my face I decided it was time to fuck. She sat facing away from me and slowly lowered her pussy down on my hard cock. We started out slowly and then went faster she did most of the work bouncing up and down on my cock She pulled me out and sucked it a little and got her juices off of my cock and then she turned to face me and lowered herself down on me. She was fucking me slowly and she made sure that my balls went up and touched her anus every time she plunged. I played with her big tits. I pulled her close as I fucked her hard and fast, as she sat up I sucked one of her nipples into my mouth and licked and bit it. She moaned with pleasure as I shot my load into her wanting pussy. She then pulled me out and lay down next to me and we laid their naked and fell asleep.

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