Wedding Day To Remember
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Reluctant, Blackmail, Cheating, Slut Wife, Gang Bang, Interracial, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Tracy had been so good, yes she had let a boy de-flower her, however after that she was determined to make sure that her husband would be the next one inside of her. She did fine for two years until her wedding day, and then a jealous boyfriend ruins everything and much worse.

It was a day I had looked forward to ever since I was a little girl. Today is my wedding day and to tell you that I am excited is an understatement. I could sleep hardly at all last night. Sandy (my maid of honor) and I talked till early in the morning about our lives. We spoke about our childhoods as well as how we learned about life.

I had once dated her brother Terry, and I grew to like Sandy over the years. Even when Terry and I broke up two years ago, Sandy and I stayed close. I am not telling you that she is my best friend because that would not be correct, but Sandy and I liked a lot of the same things and I guess she is as close to a best friend as I could ask for.

We still had plenty of time before we had to leave the house (her house) to get to the church. The wedding is scheduled for 11:30 and the reception is at 1. It was 8:50 and I was wanting to get in my wedding dress and wear it over to the church instead of taking it and putting it on there at the church. Sandy seemed to be as anxious as I was for me to get into my dress. Terry was nice enough to let us use his room for changing and getting ready. His room had one wall that was nothing but floor-length mirror on his closet door (that is why we used his room). I stood there looking at the beautiful woman looking back at me in the mirror. Sandy and I were talking about how happy Peter is going to be seeing me walk down the isle. There was a knock on the door and Terry asked if he could come in a moment. Sandy and I said sure and the door opened and in walked Terry with a big grin on his face.

Sandy said, "I need to go check on the food for the reception, I want to make sure the caterer get everything there on time."

Terry waited for his sister to walk out the door and when it was shut, he said, "I have an early wedding present for you." And he handed me an envelope. I said, "Oh, Terry, you shouldn't have, you have been way too kind already, letting us use your room and driving us over to the church. This is way to much."

Terry said, "Look in it and then tell me that." I opened the envelope and inside I could tell it was pictures, I then said, "What's this, Terr, you're giving us pictures?" I said that as I pulled them out but the moment I saw them my stomach turned upside down. And I dropped them on to the floor.

I could not believe the pictures that he had shown me. They were dirty pictures of a woman sucking his dick. I saw that and did not look any closer before I dropped them on the floor. When they hit the floor they spread all over and as I looked down, I saw that I was the woman/girl in the pictures doing all those nasty things, and there were so many. I could not believe my eyes; my mind was racing and my eyes swelled with tears.

I managed to say as Terry knelt down, picking them up, "Why? How? When?" Terry stood up and handed me the pictures and as he did he said, "Look at them close. I want to give you these pictures and the developed film. I made these when we were together and it is just my way of finally letting go of you, so to speak." I began to feel a little comfortable, however, "shook" might be a better way to describe what was running through me. Part of me was glad that Terry was giving me these pictures because I did not want Peter to know that I had been sexually active before we got together.

Again I asked, "Why did you take these? When did you take these? Why are you giving them to me now on my wedding day?" Terry smiled and said, "Well, to tell you the truth, I want something from you. In fact, I want three things from you. First of all, ever since we broke up, I can't get you and the way that you sucked my cock out of my mind, so I want one last blowjob right now."

I almost screamed but I did not want Sandy to know what kind of an asshole that her brother was. I said, "Are fucking crazy? Are you on drugs? Get the fuck out of here!" Terry stood there smiled and said, "Sure, no problem. I'll just give the other stuff to Peter when we get to the church. I'm sure he will appreciate these. I'm sure he already knows how great a mouth you have." Terry walked to the door and as he reached for the door knob I said "Wait, wait a minute." Terry stopped and turned and said, "That's more like it, but since you were such a fucking bitch about it, I want more than just a fucking blowjob; you now have to convince me that you not only will suck me off, now I have to feel as if it is your idea and not mine. Even if you just suck me off and I don't feel that you enjoyed it, I'll still give Peter the other set of pictures and the film. Do it right and all this will be our little secret."

Here I was in my wedding dress with my veil and everything. I said, "Let me get out of this dress first." I did not want to do such a disgusting thing while I was in my snow white wedding dress. Terry said, "Oh, no, you stay dressed just like that and come over here. I want to watch you in the mirror."

He walked over to the mirror and stood there waiting for me to move. I guess I waited too long because he then said as he started walking to the door again.

"I ain't got all day, you either do it or not."

Again I said, "Wait" and then, "OK, OK, let's get it over with before Sandy gets back."

Terry said, "Oh, no, it ain't going to happen like that. If you don't make me feel as if you are into this heart and soul, I don't care if I get off or not, Peter still gets the pictures and negatives. Got it? Make me feel as if you want to suck my cock and I fucking mean it. If this is the last time I get those fucking lips wrapped my cock, I want it to be the best fucking blowjob on this earth. Now I am going to stand right here in front on my mirror sideways so I can watch you sucking and working my cock as if you worshiped it. Got that, Tracy?"

My God, I could not believe Terry. He never spoke to me like this, he was always so nice, in fact that is why we broke up, he was just so average, so mundane. Now he's a fucking asshole. I knew what he wanted me to do, but how could I make him feel as if I wanted to do this when I didn't. I just know that if I don't what Terry wants me to do Peter will see those dirty pictures. I slowly walked up to Terry and I saw that he was watching me through the mirror so I looked at him took a big gulp of air and giving Terry as sexy a smile as I could I said

"How would like your big dick sucked before we head to the church, just for old times sake? What's it been, Terry, two years?"

He said, "I don't know, Tracy, I mean you're getting married to Peter in a couple hours. You sure you want to get on your knees in your wedding dress and suck my cock, Tracy? Hell, I'm game if you are. Hell, yeah, baby, come here and go for it." I kept looking at him in the mirror as I stood in front of him unbuckling his belt and undoing his pants. I slowly knelt down and as I did I pulled his trousers and underpants down. It has been two years since I last saw Terry's dick. It seemed as if had grown to double the size that it was the last time I touched it or had it in my mouth.

He was half hard and he seemed so big around, I was glad that he did not want to put in between my legs, I know it would hurt like hell, I remember when we did have sex that he was very quick and even then it hurt a little. I knelt there and I reached for his cock, I grabbed hold of it and with in a minute it was stiff and hard. God, he was so fucking big, my tiny little hand seemed too small to hold it. I leaned forward and I saw the liquid coming from the head of his dick before my lips stretched around it, Shit, he had to be twice as big as he use to be.

Terry put his hands on top of my veil and he began fucking my mouth. Before (two years ago), Terry would like to do that and it was then that I had learned how to take his dick down my throat. I knew that he wanted me to do that but he was way too big. I brought up my other hand and grabbed his cock with both of them and held on so he would not suffocate me. I heard him talking but I was so wrapped up in what I was doing I did not understand him. I felt him pushing my head back and when he did I held onto his dick stroking it and trying to get him off. I knew that once I did Terry would be satisfied and this ordeal would be over.

I was not looking at myself in the mirror, but I heard Terry say as he finally pushed my mouth off him, "Slow down, Tracy, I know you love sucking cock, but not so fast, baby. Hell, you don't know what the other two things I want you to do yet, honey."

I kept stroking his fat cock as I looked up at him in the mirror as he was looking at me and trying to pull him back into my mouth. I knew that he was close and I know Terry, I just know that if I can just get him to climax he would let this thing go and this would be over. I also knew that his sister would be back any moment and I could not be giving her brother a blowjob when she walked in. I looked up at him and said as hot as I could muster, "Please, Terry, let me have it, baby, come on, give it to me, come on, baby."

Terry smiled into the mirror and said, "God, Tracy, you are a horny hot fucking little cocksucker. I bet your little cunt is all wet right now. I bet you're so fucking hot right now, Tracy, that your little panties are soaking wet. I want you to take them off and show me. If they are dry, we can stop all of this right now and I'll give you the pictures and the negatives. Stand up and take them off. If they are wet, then you will do two things more for me."

I stood up and asked, "What two other things?" Hoping to God he did not want to change his mind and want to fuck me with his monster dick that he now had.

Terry said, "First of all, lets see the panties, then I'll tell you." I stood up and I watched myself in the mirror as reached under my wedding dress and I grabbed hold of my panties and as I pulled them down, I was so surprised when the crotch clung to me the way they did, they finally let go and snapped down. I stepped out of them and as I held them up to Terry I could see that the crotch was soaked, I mean they were so soaked they looked like I had worn them into a swimming pool or something. I knew that my body had betrayed me. I could not help it, I did love sucking Peter, and yes, even Terry when we were together. After I left Terry I had made a vow never to have sex with another man until my wedding night. So when it came to sex I would go so far and then get them off. Once they climax they are always easy to control then. And I am always so turned on I either masturbate while I suck off a guy or as soon as I can get alone I'll masturbate.

Terry brought my panties to his nose and took in a long smell of my wet crotch. He said, "Tracy, Tracy, you are so fucking wet right now I bet you are actually dripping onto the carpet. So the second thing I want you to do is, you are not to put any panties the rest of the day. Can you do that, my dear?"

I thought for a tiny moment and said, "Sure, OK, yeah, I can do that, that's all you want is for me to be naked under my wedding dress and after today when I leave on my honeymoon with Peter, you will give me the rest of the pictures and the negatives?" Terry still holding my panties to his nose said, "That's right, Tracy, but the is just one more thing. You see, dear, it has been so long since I last had you that I will be the first person that you fuck today. I'm going to fuck you with my log before we leave for the church."

Immediately I said, "No, please, not that, please, Terry, I'll do what you want, I'll suck you off, you know I will, and you know I love doing that, I'll go without panties all day, hell, all next week if you want, but please, anything but that." Terry looked at me and with a nasty smile on his face, he said, "Anything, Tracy?" I said, "Yes, please, I'll do anything but please don't fuck my pussy with that thing. Please, I've saved myself for tonight; I'll do anything but that. If you fuck me Peter will know I am not a virgin and he thinks that I am, please, I'll do anything you want."

Terry said, "OK, tell you what. I can live without fucking your pussy. Hell, I fucked it before, and pussy is pussy, but fucking your ass is a whole other thing altogether. I have never fucked a girl in her asshole; you're going to be my very first."

My mind was screaming, "NO, NO, NO." I just knew that his dick would rip me if he tried to fuck me there. My only hope was to go along and get him off with my mouth. I know men; they always talk like that when they are hot and wanting to fuck. Peter even talked like that when I would refuse to let him fuck my pussy. Every man I have known talks like that all the time when they want sex. Jimmy did (he was between Terry and Peter). I know that if I can just get him off this will all be over. I knelt down and literally pulled his cock into my mouth as I began to stroke him and suck him like a lollypop. Terry grabbed my head again and was holding me tight as he fucked my face. I could tell he was getting close. Knowing that made me work harder. I heard the door open and a man's voice.

"Terry, your sister said to tell... What the fuck? Man, I'm sorry I didn't mean to just bust in like this, I mean, your sister said you were up here talking and I was to tell you she had to run to Wal-Mart and if she did not get back in 45 minutes you were to take the bride to the church and she would meet you both there."

All the time he was talking I was fighting to pull back from Terry's cock ramming in and out my mouth. I tried to push him back with my hands on his dick but he only held me tighter with his hands around the back of my head.

Terry said, "Come in here, Charlie. How would you like a blowjob? Tracy here loves sucking off guys; shit, she is the hottest cocksucker in town; this bitch has a mouth that loves the taste of cum and is hotter than a fucking firecracker. I bet if you ask her she would tell you just how much she would love to suck you dick. Now wouldn't you, Tracy?" with that he let the back of my head go and I pushed off of his dick. I had to hold on to it to keep from pushing myself over. Terry again said in a very strict tone, "I said, 'Wouldn't you, Tracy?' Tell Charlie here just how much you want to suck him off and you will get what you want sooner.

"Tell you what, Tracy, lets do this: Lets have a cocksucking contest and see who you can get off first. The loser fucks you in your ass. How's that sound to you, Charlie, want to have a cocksucking contest and the winner fucks Tracy here in her ass?"

Charlie closed the door and walked up to us undoing his pants and dropping them, showing me his hard-on. Instantly I knew if I had to get fucked in my ass to keep those pictures from Peter I wanted Charlie to fuck me he was one-third the size of Terry. Of course being a few years younger helped and yet I thought it could also hurt me. I mean the way he was so hard so fast I sure as hell did not want him to climax the minute I put my mouth on him. I turned my head to Terry and went after him like a woman possessed. Terry told Charlie to move a little so they both could watch me work.

Terry said to Charlie, "Get down there, pull her ass up and finger her." I heard that and I looked to the mirror as I watched Charlie lifting the back of my wedding dress and placing it on the small of my back I could see my white stockings and my white flower garters that I was to throw at the reception. I watched as he brought his hand up between my legs and his fingers touched me.

I hard Charlie say as I moaned at his touch, "Jesus, she is so wet, I think she peed herself." Terry kept pumping in my face as he said, "No, she just gets that way when she is hot, wanting cock. You love cock, don't you, Tracy?" I knew what he wanted me to say, I was trapped and I had to play his fucking game. I had to get this over with. I pulled back from his cock to give my aching jaw a break and to say as hot and as nasty as I could because I knew that is what men like at times like this, "Yes, I love cock, I love big fat cocks." I said that and went back to sucking his fat cock. Then he said "When you walk down the aisle this afternoon will you be thinking about my cock in your mouth sweetheart?" he pushed me back expecting an answer. I said, "You know I will, Terry, you know I will."

I dove back for his cock to suck and get him off. All I could think of was making him come so he would leave me alone. He then said, "I bet while you are walking down that aisle you will be remembering how Charlie and I both fucked you and how much you wanted us to fuck you, won't you, bitch?"

I let go of his dick pulled back and said, "Yes, God-Dam-it, yes, now stop talking and come for me, come for me, baby." I felt Charlie fingering me and it was driving me crazy, I was lost to my own lust. My body wanted sex in the worst way. And I knew that if I did not get these two guys off soon I would not be able to stop anything that they would want to do to me.

I heard Terry talking softly and so tender as he kept pumping into my fist and face. "That's it, Tracy, that's it yeah, suck it baby. Yeah, Charlie, that's it yeah, put it in her. Fuck her, Charlie." I felt Charlie move in between my legs and I felt his dick against my cunt. I felt as if I was on fire, and the only thing to put out the fire was Charlie. I felt him slide inside of me and I gave out a very loud, very hot, very horny moan. I could feel myself being invaded at both ends at the same time. My mind was going crazy. One moment I was shouting at myself "yea, yea, fuck me" while at the same time I could hear myself also screaming "NO, NO, NO, you can't enjoy this, you can't you can't enjoy this, they are forcing you to do this, stop liking it, stop it, stop loving the feeling."

I gave into my sick naked lust. Terry had me to a place that I could not escape. I felt him begin to ejaculate and I took a great big gulp of air before I pulled him into my throat as far as I could without pain. I felt his cock pulse as he emptied his balls into me one more time as he had so many times before when we were together. I was so wrapped up in sucking Terry off that I forgot about Charlie fucking me. When Terry pulled out of my mouth I just dropped my face to the floor and closed my eyes facing the mirror as I captured every moment of pleasure coming into my brain from his dick in my cunt. I barely heard Terry say something to him because I was lost in that place of pleasure. I felt him pull out and I opened my eyes to see him pulling back.

I said, "NO, don't stop, don't stop, fuck me, fuck me." I heard Terry say, "I want to watch you suck him off Tracy, suck the kid off, come on, honey you know you want to, you can play with yourself the way you like to as you suck him, baby." I pushed myself up with my tired arms and kneeling in front of Charlie as he came in front of me I sucked him in my mouth. I did not have to hold his dick. He was small enough (about the size of Peter) that I could take him all the way in my mouth and down my throat without any trouble at all. I began working my head bobbing it back and fourth working his dick wanting to feel it explode in my mouth. I reached under my dress and found my clit and my hole, I began to rub it as I held my eyes closed fucking Charlie's dick with my mouth. The more I sucked the more I rubbed myself the more I rubbed myself the more I wanted him to come. I felt something pushing against my opening and I touched it with my fingers. When I realized I was touching the end of Terry's cock I moaned knowing that he was going to try and fuck me with it. As Terry slowly entered me I thought I would be ripped open but just the opposite happen, he went in so perfect, and I felt like his whole body was inside of me.

I guess what surprised me so much was feeling him like that gave me pleasure like I had never felt before in my life. I felt Charlie begin to ejaculate and I milked his dick for every drop. I kept milking him so hard that when he finally did manage to pull out of my mouth there was a large popping sound as he broke the suction. Again I dropped my face to the floor leaving my ass in the air for Terry to keep fucking. I just laid there moaning and moaning as Terry fucked me. I was lost; I was so out of it with pleasure that when Terry asked me a question I did not hear it. He stopped fucking me and I cried out "No, don't stop, keep fucking me."

Terry said, "No, not until you tell me," and he started to pull back away from me and I could feel his lovely fat cock slowly coming out of me. I said, "WAIT, wait what was the question? I'll answer it."

Terry said, "When your new husband is fucking you tonight will you be thinking of him and his small dick or will you have your eyes closed fantasizing it is me with my log fucking you tonight?" His question cut me straight to the bone; he knew just what to say to make me think. I knew what he wanted to hear, I knew how sick his mind was, I knew that he wanted to hear that I would be thinking of him. I opened my mouth and said, "You, you know I'll be thinking of you, I love your cock, now fuck me baby, fuck me and make me come, please make me come Terry, make me come."

Terry began pounding in and out fast, so fast my cheek was rubbing the carpet floor. I felt myself racing to a climax like I had never experienced before. Oh I have had many, many climaxes, but they have all been with my fingers and Peter's fingers. This was so much more; I was feeling every fiber of my body screaming out to my brain to hold on that this climax was going to be the best one of all. I was getting ready when I heard Terry grunt and I felt him flexing his body against my ass-cheeks. I knew that he was coming, I was almost there, I mean I was right there ready to have the hardest climax of my life and Terry was slowing down and as hard as I moved my ass around I could not capture that climax.

Terry said, "Hey, Charlie, no need to jack off, come over here and fuck the bitch. You want him to fuck you, don't you, Tracy?" I said in my soft voice, "Yes, oh yes, please do it. I want to come." I felt Terry move away from me and I hoped that if Charlie could hurry up I just might be able to capture that feeling Terry almost gave me. I felt fingers at my asshole and I felt one push in. It felt good; I also felt fingers working my pussy sliding in and out. I felt more pressure as I think two or three fingers worked into my asshole. I was surprised that it felt so good. I found myself pushing back against them as they now freely moved in and out of my asshole as the fingers in my pussy. I felt myself again begin to climb that wall of pleasure. I felt the fingers pull out and I opened my eyes to see Charlie pushing forward as I felt his dick slide into my asshole.

I gave them both a moan of pleasure as Charlie buried his dick in me and began to fuck me. I thought there would be some kind of pain, but there was none. There was nothing but pure pleasure covered with my lust to climax. Terry moved around in front of me again and pulled my shoulders up so I would suck him some more.

He said, "Get me hard again, baby. I'm going to fuck you one more time before we leave and I take you to the church to marry your new husband. If you want me to fuck you one more time just begin sucking my cock. Don't worry, you already have the other stuff they are yours, if you want to stop now just drop your head and enjoy Charlie as he fucks you, Tracy." I looked up at him, and then I looked into the mirror at Charlie fucking me. I looked back up at Terry and I opened my mouth, moved forward to capture his dick and I took his limp dick between my lips, I wanted him to fuck me one last time before I married Peter. Charlie kept fucking me like a crazed man and as he did and as I sucked on Terry's limp dick, he began to grow in my mouth. He grew to the point that I had to grab hold of it again with both hands. Charlie was slamming into me hard and fast, I felt him explode in my ass. I flexed my asshole tight milking him for every drop. He pulled out and so did Terry.

Terry moved behind me and put the head of his dick against my asshole. I did not know what to expect, I felt him push in and there was pain, not much, but I found myself doing the pushing back. I felt us both fucking each other I was fighting to catch my breath as Terry pounded deep inside of my asshole. I found myself again racing one more time to that climax that eluded me before. I was bound a determined to get it this time. I worked my ass, up and down, back and fourth and I shoved hard back against Terry racing to that climax. I heard Terry moan again and he grabbed my hips as he ground himself into me. He came, he came and I was there, I was right there. I reached down and began fingering my hole and my clit. It wasn't the same thing but I did manage to climax. I knew that if he could have managed just a little longer I would have experienced something like never before.

I felt Terry pull out as I laid there with my face on the floor my ass in the air and my hand rubbing and fingers fucking myself I saw a flash and opened my eyes to see Terry taking pictures of me from the rear. Charlie said, "God look at the size of that hole. Look at all the stuff coming out of her holes." This all happen as I was in the middle of my climax that I lusted for and needed so bad. I could not stop fingering myself I did manage to mumble a slight "No" but it was more for my benefit than to stop Terry.

I simply fell over on my dress and I heard Terry say, "Don't worry, Tracy, these are for me. No one will ever see these pictures, I promise." I lay there and began to cry. I had saved myself for over two years just for my husband on our wedding night and here I was hours from taking my wedding vows and I had allowed two men, one of which was a complete stranger to me, use me and fuck me in my mouth, my cunt and my asshole. What made me so sick was the fact that I received so much pleasure from it all.

Charlie left and Terry said, "Come on, Tracy, we need to get going. I need to get you to the church. Come on, get up."

I did and I brushed down my lovely white dress. I looked for some sign of what happen, maybe a stain or something, because my dress was so full, it did not appear wrinkled whatsoever. I looked into the mirror and straightened my veil that was way out of whack. I turned as Terry handed me another envelope. He said, "They are all there, all the pictures, all the negatives. You kept your part of the bargain, I'm keeping mine."

I said, "I have to go to the bathroom. I need to clean myself up." Terry said, "No, you just leave yourself alone. I don't want you cleaning up your cunt or your ass." I said, "but I have to, I have to pee." I felt him rip the envelope from my hand and he said, "I said no. Now go ahead and pee, but you better not wipe up any cum from your cunt or your ass. I want cum dripping out of you as you are walking the aisle down to your husband. I want cum dripping out of you as you stand there taking your vows and I want cum dripping out of you when you dance at the reception. If you don't, so help me I will give this to Peter."

I could not believe Terry was being such an asshole. He just had his way with me and he still wanted more. I said, "OK, OK, but when will you give me the pictures, I want them all and I mean the other ones you took just now."

Terry said as he came close to my mouth "I will give you all of them after I have my dance with you and I know you are still wet from my cum." He kissed me on my mouth sticking his tongue in my mouth I had forgotten what a great kisser that he was. It was not forceful; it was one of those hot horny types that he was telling me that he had sex on his mind. I have always been a good kisser and I felt my body responding to his kiss and, I am ashamed to say, I returned his kiss. I want to tell you I did it out of fear that I would piss him off, but I honestly think that if I said that it would be lying to you but most of all, I guess in all honesty, I would be lying to myself.

Terry pulled back and I still had my eyes closed as he said, "I don't want you chewing any gum or breathe mints. Your mouth smells like cum right now, and I want that your breath to smell exactly like that later this afternoon when I kiss you at the reception. I want to watch you kissing Peter with that cum still on your breath like it is right now." I felt so helpless. How had I allowed Sandy's brother to get this kind of control over me like this, and what could I do to stop him? I knew that once I had those pictures I could tell him to go fuck himself and Peter would never believe him. After all Peter loved me, and he knows just what kind of an asshole Terry is.

I went to the bathroom and peed. I reached for the toilet paper then decided not to wipe myself for fear that I may wipe some of his and Charlie's cum away. Part of me felt filthy dirty and the other part of me felt nasty and excited, dirty and excited. My mind was splitting in two. Terry had done something to me in just 45 minutes. I walked out and at the front door before we walked out Terry reached under my dress and felt my pussy and my ass. He pulled his hand out and said, "That's my girl. Keep it that way and everything will be all right."

Just as he went to open the door, Sandy burst in. "Good, you didn't leave without me. Give me a minute and we can go." Terry said, "Oh, shit! I almost forgot something. I'll be right back." Sandy asked, "What you forgetting, Terr?" He said, "My video cameras and the tapes." Peter was paying Terry to videotape the wedding from the preparation to the time we took off on our honeymoon after the reception. Terry had a little studio in his place set up in an empty bedroom ever since Sandy, Terry and I entered high school and over the years he had turned his hobby into a little business. Sandy said, "Hurry up, we don't have much time. I thought you already had all your stuff set up."

That 15 minutes I sat waiting for Sandy and Terry to get everything into the van seemed to take forever. All I wanted to do was get out of here and get to the church. Terry drove us over as planned, and we arrived right at 10:30. I had a whole hour to primp and get ready. Because this is my wedding day I should have been happy and excited about Peter and I, however, with what happened to me at Sandy's house with Terry and his friend, who I had never met until today, all I could think about was what he put me through in his bedroom. On top of that, instead of thinking about Peter and the wedding, I was sitting there running over in my mind everything that had happened to me so far today. I kept picturing Terry's cock and how big he had become when he got hard. But what really stuck in my brain most of all was just how long he lasted before he came. I remembered the times that he would climax so quick, that it was like he was trying to set some sort of record to see how fast he could climax years ago when we did have sex. Yet today he seemed to have such great control over himself. Charlie was the one that kept coming right away. I was lost in my thoughts of Peter, Jimmy, Charlie and Terry, I began to compare the size of all four and while Peter and Charlie were about the same size, Jimmy was a little bigger but nothing like Terry was today.

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