Saturday Morning
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2002 by Falcon

Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Just a short tale about my lover and I on saturday morning

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Slut Wife   Swinging   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Sex Toys  

I slowly open my eyes and stare up at the bedroom ceiling wondering why I am awake. It's Saturday morning, I rub my eyes and run my hand down to my semi erect cock wondering if I should get up or try to back to sleep. As I roll over I see you lying beside me, then in an instant I remember that our prayers have been answered, we are finally together. You worked last night I think to myself as I lay there, just soaking in your beauty as you sleep, I can smell the smoke from the club, knowing full well that by the time you get home in the early hours of the morning you are far to exhausted to shower, you just need sleep.

I lean in closer to you so as to be able to smell your hair and wonder what you got up to while I was at home, did you get to pick up some young stud, making him believe that he had been the one to do the picking up. This was one of your favourite ploys; to manipulate some guy into thinking they were seducing you. Or did you finally get to experience the tenderness of another woman, to feel her soft sweet lips against yours? To enjoy the taste of cunt juices, belonging to some other woman instead of your own.

These thoughts were racing through my mind as I lay there, knowing full well that if any of these or any other little adventures had occurred last night, that you would share them with me in detail. This was the way our relationship was, built on openness and trust, never a doubt that the love for each other was intense and the trust was complete. So strong was our bond that after a while we were able to sleep with others and return home without fear of reprisal.

My semi erect cock was now gone, instead it had developed into a raging hard on, needing to be satisfied. Slowly I started to play with myself squeezing my balls, and running my hand up and down my shaft, masturbation was another of our joys that we often shared together, but that was not going to be enough this morning. I had to be inside you. And soon!!! Knowing that you sleep with a nightie but no underwear I start to gently rub your mound, being sure not to wake you just yet.

The need to force my fingers into your cunt is building inside me, but I resist, wanting to enjoy this and hopefully you will enjoy it while you are still sleeping. Slowly I move closer so that my cock is pressed against your arse while still playing with your smooth shaven mound, as I start to slip one finger into you, you moan a little and spread your legs just the slightest, allowing me better access. At this time I am a little disappointed as I think that I have awoken you, but I was wrong. You are somewhere else in a deep sleep with that seductive grin that you get when you are horny.

The moistness of your cunt is a little surprising to me as I start to explore inside your walls seeing as I have just started my little game, it is then that it dawns on me. You did get a fuck last night!

And this was somebody else's cum still inside you. The thought of this just made me wilder with the desire to fuck you. With two fingers now inside you I get them very wet then press the into your arse, knowing how you love anal sex, I start to lube your rim and press the head of my cock hard against it. By this time you start to wake and realize what is going on, just as your turn your head towards me and smile, I kiss you deeply and force my cock deep into your arse I ask "did you get laid last night slut?"

"Yes", you moan as I start to fuck your arse so hard that it is a mix of intense pain and pleasure, you move so as to be on your knees while my balls slap hard against your pussy.

"Did you enjoy it bitch?"

"Yes, it was wonderful" you reply between your whimpers and moans.

My cock is pushing in and out of your tight arse so fast not the I can feel my orgasm starting to build as my balls tighten and my cock grows with the intense pleasure of being buried deep in your back passage. The pleasure you start to feel is overwhelming your body as you reach out for the closest thing you can find, you grab your hairbrush and force it deep into your cunt. Pounding away on yourself in rhythm with the anal fucking that you are getting.

Knowing that you are well wet from your fucking last night and the sensations that you are feeling know, I slow my pace to allow you to reach into the bedside draw and take out the gun that you need to carry for your security work, once in hand you push it deep into your pussy and start fucking yourself while I continue satisfying myself in your sweet sexy arse. Your eyes close and you throw your head back in ecstasy as you feel my hot cum explode inside you filling you until it starts to drip down my balls and into your cunt. Your breathing tells me that you are well awake and well into your orgasm as you arse squeeze every drop from my cock and your hips buck forward in pleasure as your own juices start to cover your gun and your hand.

Once we have caught our breath, I kiss you again tell you how much I love you and begin to run my hand gently all over your body. You then ask,

"Would you like to know about my fun last night babe?" knowing full well what my answer would be, you smile, get out of bed. Then come around and take me by the hand, kiss me softly as we walk to the spare room. There on the bed is another couple, naked, quietly fucking. It is then that you tell me the whole story while of the previous night. While we sit and watch them fuck, we both get aroused again and start to pay with each other, the couple on the bed have seen us now and this raises their pleasure. It becomes a circle of events, watching and fucking. You got to fulfill all of your current desires last night didn't you? You turn and smile at me. "I am such a slut aren't I?" You say.

In the best possible way babe, and I love you deeply for it. With that, we know it's going to be a very enjoyable rest of the weekend.

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