Diver Down?
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, Spanking, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Sex Toys,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Micah Spinney was the kind of guy that a lot of other men envied. He rode that cusp of being so gorgeous that women had a hard time resisting him, but was just rugged enough that guys liked and looked up to him. He could be the pretty boy and the jock. Here is the story of how a special woman tamed him.

Micah Spinney was the kind of guy that a lot of other men envied. He rode that cusp of being so gorgeous that women had a hard time resisting him, but was just rugged enough that guys liked and looked up to him. He could be the pretty boy and the jock.

Micah had walked into a good situation with Integra, a major computer manufacturer/retailer. He was their server troubleshooter. He spent so much time in Chicago area colleges, getting them online, and setting up the Illinois State Parks Department of Natural Resources, that Chicago had become a home away from home. When his parent company swallowed one of its major competitors, the formers Chicago base of operations became Integra's mid-west sales base. They had the space and basic staff to continue the sales operation, only now with Integra components. Micah was called upon to push the Integra style, made popular in their advertising, to the staff that stayed from the old company. When the head of Integra's Media Response Sales team balked at the move from New York, Micah made his move.

"The field work with the servers is killing me. I've had to deal with so many punks and know-nothings that I'm burning out faster than I ever thought. I'm just 30 and sometimes I feel 50. My girlfriend and I both travel a lot, and if one of us stayed put, I might even get to see her more, maybe even get married." He pleaded with Marty Dunbar, Integra's VP of marketing.

"I can pick up the ball here. I know the product, I know the specs and I can teach it to the reps. I'm making punks and dolts into experts with the server product, our sales staff should be a piece of cake." Micah insisted.

"I'll tell you what. I know your work in the field has been tiptop. Customers have told me that you leave a tech support Integra expert behind with each installation. I'm bringing in 20 of our best New York product movers and a couple interviewers to recruit from the newspaper want ads. Before I bring in a new Media Response Sales Manager, I'll give you 2 weeks to impress me." Dunbar challenged.

The rest was history. Micah had a phone staff of 60 working 3 shifts internationally in 4 languages. Their expertise and ability to sell the company, made selling the product easy. He worked face to face, hand in hand with the 3 shift managers perpetuating the advertising image found in print, TV and radio.

Watching Micah arrive at work and walk through the plant and right through the live sales room was always impressive. The men would holler across sanitary production rooms to acknowledge his presence; minimum wage shippers would smile and needle him about his favorite sports teams. He was the cheerleader as he went through. But, when he got to the live sales floor, where most of his staff were female, was where he shone best. Every single operator, whether busy or not, waved a hand, saluted or greeted him personally. He made every woman flush; it seemed, with his smile. If you didn't know better you would think he slept with each of them the night before. The women found him totally disarming. The woman he wanted to disarm, however, wasn't such an easy conquest. Her name was Kate Marble, and here is how he first met her almost ten years before...

While setting up computer servers and systems for the City of Worcester Mass., he met an intern and Holy Cross student, Kate Marble. Kate went to Holy Cross on a swimming scholarship and was dabbling in computer science. Her plan was to propel Holy Cross to some NCAA small college championships and then use that as a springboard to the 1988 summer Olympic team.

Micah met Kate as a City intern while showing municipal employees the basics of the Integra system. They had spirited conversations and Micah found her refreshing because of her profound knowledge most any subject that came up. He became interested in her swimming and always promised that, if he were in town, would come to a meet to see her in action. His interest in her was solely platonic, as much as he loved her mind. She was at least 3 years younger than he, and he figured with her athletic background, her long and slight athletic frame, maybe a little androgynous. Kate was 5' 7" and weighed 100 or so pounds. From her look at her internship, she had no breast, little shape, and he figured her to be boney, with so little meat on that tall frame. All he could think of were the gymnasts he had seen in the Olympics, pumped with steroids at an early age to develop proper muscling.

Micah ran into a problem with the cities main servers on, what was supposed to be, his last Friday night with the system before he moved on. The glitch was electrical in nature and he thought he had it down to surges in the building's electrical. This changed everything because one power surge in the wrong component and ZZZZZTT, he had 4 very fancy looking black towers of chips and wire that could do little more than flash error lights.

After making arrangements for city engineers to meet him on Monday, he looked at his watch and saw the time, way after 11. He was too tired to make the 2+ hour drive home, so he called his hotel to stay on and crash for the night.

Upon waking on Saturday he turned on the TV for the news and saw a sports piece about a local Olympic hopeful performing today at the Holy Cross NCAA swim competition. There, with her head peaking out of the water, was Kate. He had already thought of returning on Sunday afternoon to begin prep testing on the system to be sure there was no surge damage, maybe he would stay the weekend and go to the meet. He knew it would make her happy, he had enjoyed her conversation and insight all week. It was the least he could do. Then, maybe he could hit the local clubs tonight and find a mate for the night.

When he arrived at the swimming venue he found it was sold out. Using his looks, charm and sweet talk, he got the woman at the box office to give him an access pass so he could see his "girlfriend", Kate Marble.

Once inside, there were trials going on and soon the water cleared and the Holy Cross team was announced. They paraded out to warm up in the water. As the ladies padded out in their swim caps and eye protection, one of the swimmers caught his eye. A little on the tall side, but what a shapely ass!! So firm, so pronounced, and it streamlined into 2 perfect legs. This girl could be a model for pantyhose! Her aqua-dynamic suit showed 2 prominent nipples upon 2 small, but firm breasts. He kept looking for Kate, but his eyes were always drawn to whom he was calling in his mind, Miss Ass n'gams.

Wishing he had his binoculars, he waited for the announcements and the arrival of the seeming star of the show, Kate Marble. Once heats started he enjoyed the show. Then, finally, he heard the match-ups for the last heat and Kate was announced. Up stepped Miss Ass n'gams!! How in Gods name, he wondered, did she pack that ass and muscular frame into the droll polo shirts and slacks he saw her in at the city muni center?

Kate dominated the meet, and somewhere through the competition, he caught her eye and she made an obvious acknowledgement to his presence, causing spectators in his area to turn and look at him. He was embarrassed even more to look and see an ABC sports TV camera aimed at him.

As the meet ended and the swimmers went off she made a motion to him that he should wait. As the arena emptied he became painfully aware that only he and a bunch of families remained in the stands. Soon a security person came over and herded them all to a waiting area. After a few minutes a door opened and a large group of nubile young girls came out seeking Moms, Dads, sisters and brothers to hug and cajole. Kate had no one there to wait for her but Micah. She ran up and gave him an unexpected hug and big kiss.

He was used to having girls come on to him, but he considered her uninteresting sexually, and not interested, herself.

"What did you think? Next week we go for the division NCAA's and that should get me a serious look from the Olympic team." She bubbled.

Micah was speechless, still confused by her seeming split identity. Now she was dressed in tight jeans, and her top accented her small breasts. Her jet black hair was done in a short ponytail and, as always wore no make-up.

"Uh, Umm, WOW, I don't know what to say. I didn't know you wanted me to come see you that bad." He managed to blurt out.

Kate blushed and pursed her lips as if to make sure she didn't say too much. Then she sucked in a breath and gave a half sigh.

"Yeah, I'm SURE you never had a girl flirt with you before. I have you pegged as a hound, Micah. Don't give me the shy act. The girls in the employees lounge each made up fantasies about you and swore you winked at each of them." She said, a little embarrassed.

"Hey, I've never said a word to one of those women who work there" Micah defended.

"Come on! The way you look at each of them, wink and smile? I thought you slept with each of them, the looks you give them." Kate accused.

"Gee, I'm just trying to be friendly," Micah said, a smile curling at the corner of his mouth. "Besides I never sleep with customers."

"Does that mean I don't have to worry about you trying anything with me? I wanted to ask you out tonight to celebrate with me, but I don't screw on the first date." Kate said, shocking Micah.

"Kate, wait a minute. I've never come on to you," and then he added, smiling, "I've never even given you the look." He mused blushing. "Besides, I'm too old for you."

"Baloney," she said. "You're about 23, and I just turned 22." She said and then paused. "Micah, I'm just trying to be a smart ass. My "don't screw on the first date" remark was way out of line. I'm not promiscuous, I don't sleep around and I didn't mean to give you that impression. I am as you originally thought I was, really. Can I tell you something, just between you and me? Female swimmers get boxed in with gymnast's and people think of us as androgynous or lesbians. I dress like this when I leave the arena to look sexy. I know I'm skinny, but I'm not boney, and I know I look good in a bathing suit. There are really no clothes that make me look good. I either look like a guy, or I look like a slut. There's no clothing store called "tall and looking anorexic" out there, and I'm NOT anorexic, by the way."

"So, what's the best you look? Nude?" Micah asked, flirting.

"Now, see?! You ARE a hound. But yes, probably nude, but you'll never know. Now come on, can I take you out as a friend to celebrate? The night after competition is the only time I can eat and drink what I want, and times wasting. The most of the girls are going to a frat kegger, but I can't risk getting caught there. I have to think of the Olympic team, and I've already lied to them." She said as Micah offered her an arm and they began to walk out of the deserted arena.

"Lied to them?" Micah inquired?

"They asked me if I dove as well as did lane work and relays. I told them I did. I've done a little diving, but I'm not that good. My Dad has hired a couple of ex-Olympians to tutor me on the basics. They have a diving pool in Hartford that I have to meet them at, on Tuesday, and Wednesday nights. Actually, in the middle of the night, so I don't get caught in my lie." Kate told him as she directed him towards a bus stop.

"Oh wait, you have a car, right?" she asked him.

He smiled.

"If you stopped talking for a second, I would have told you we were going the wrong way. Do you trust me alone with you in the car?" Micah joked.

"Of course, I can handle you." Her pshaw and wink catching him by surprise.

"I bet you can." He half thought to himself, and half mouthed out. He didn't know that she caught him saying it.

This little bit of a girl was stealing his heart with her panache, wit, charm and the intellect he already knew about. Her sexy little body was only the icing on the cake. His find, feel, fuck, forget, attitude with most females had been blind-sided.

They didn't say much the rest of the way to his car. He opened the door for her and she got in, her smiling like the cat that caught the canary.

"There's a nice place not far from here, called Margueritas, I think. It's a combination Mexican place and Steak House, 2 restaurants, one building. They'll have a band later." Kate told him as she turned in her seat to look at Micah.

She loosened her seatbelt and brought her knees up to hug her chin between them, facing Micah.

"I bet you have a lot of girlfriends, huh, Micah? Do you really not sleep with customers? I bet some girls really come one to you." Kate bubbled.

"You sure have a lot of questions Kate. You're talking to me like I'm your big brother or something. I thought you considered me the same age?" Micah teased.

"I'm sorry, I don't have a lot of dates. Sports geeks have cooties, I guess." She answered, "And, we are less than 2 years apart. When did you start college? Oops, sorry I didn't mean to continue the interrogation." Kate continued.

"Oh, so this is a date?" Micah said. "I sure am getting a lot of mixed signals from you, Kate."

"I'm sorry, I'll be quiet, I promise." Kate said as she kept her position on the seat facing Micah and pouted.

Micah thought that she sure was doing her best to act cute and be a tease. But overall, he was confused as to her wishes and feelings.

She spoke only to give directions the rest of the way and when they parked, she waited for Micah to get her door. She looked from the corner of her eye and smiled as she got out and walked with him inside.

Once inside she seemed to change once again, acting much the informed college intern he knew from work. They had a long intellectual conversation about politics, the environment and finally he steered the talk about music. They discussed the music they each liked and as they went along Kate seemed to revert into the bubbly college nymph Micah thought he might be with.

After dinner and a shared dessert, Micah asked the waiter for a table down near the dance floor. A few minutes later he rushed them down with a fat tip in his pocket.

The two danced the rest of the night and at 1:30 Micah caught Kate yawning and he suggested he bring her home. They went to the car and Kate gave directions on and off the interstate and soon they were in the parking lot of her off campus college apartment.

"Thanks for everything, Micah. I had a great time. I may see you next week. I have to intern on Monday and Tuesday if you're still around. I have the rest of the nights off, I'm sneaking to Hartford to learn how to dive good enough to make my lie true." She giggled.

"Goodnight Kate, thanks for showing me around town, and I was quite impressed by your swimming." Micah said as he leaned over to kiss her on the cheek.

She opened the door to get out and then stopped. "Do you want to come up, my roommate is either not home or asleep. We can talk some more." She blurted out, excited at the prospect.

"I don't know, going up to your room, that's..." Micah stopped and thought aloud.

If he didn't know her, he would love the opportunity to touch, squeeze and feel every inch of her tight little body, especially her ass. She was an incredible edible. But, she was sort of a customer, sort of not, and hard to figure. Was she the all business athlete, or the bubbly nymphet she flashed from time to time tonight?

"Please? Nothing will get out of hand. I won't cause you a problem at work, I promise." Kate said.

As long as she knew where he was coming from in his reluctance, he didn't see the harm. She knew he didn't like to mix work with personal life.

Once inside Kate invited him to sit on the love seat, as she made sure her roommate was out. She checked her messages and found her roommates message that she wasn't coming home. She hoped Micah hadn't heard.

She came out with 2 glasses of the same wine Micah had been drinking at the club.

They talked and finished the glass of wine and just as Micah thought of getting up to go hom, e Kate sunk into him on the sofa.

"You feel so nice and warm, I could fall asleep right here." Kate said as she tipped her lips invitingly to him.

He couldn't resist. He took her invitation to kiss and answered with a few of his own as he eventually took her chin in his fingers and led her to her knees on the sofa and then back to lay on the other side where he knelt over her prone body necking and swapping spit, rolling each others tongues over and over.

She responded by grabbing the back of his head and holding their mouths tight. He snuck his arms around her tightly and knelt up on the love seat and fell back to have her on top of him. Their lips never parted. He slipped his hands to her sides and gently slid them down to her hips and caressed the ass he had been admiring since he saw her at the swim meet. It was as firm as he expected and a joy to feel. As he squeezed those supple cheeks, she dug her middle into his.

Oh my God, he thought, maybe I WILL get laid tonight. This girl is hot!! He no more than thought that when she sat up fast.

"Oh, I can't do this, I barely know you. Here, sit up!!" she commanded as she sat up a bit to let him turn his legs out.

He half expected her to scold him for being so forward, but she sat next to him and turned her lips to his again. They necked more and he eventually had his hands over her small breasts. They were small, but firm, but her nipples felt long and hard. She groaned approvingly as he rubbed, twisted and pinched them. Her hand was now resting on his thigh and he moved his to her belly, with his fingers pointed down. He slowly slid his hand over her crotch as she did the same to him. He stroked up and down as he tried to figure if she was wearing panties, if she was shaved, what it looked like.

There was no time like the present. He slid his hand up and undid the snap on her jeans as he tipped his mouth straight down to her tipped up mouth. He was one head over her. He slid his hand back down over her jeans between her legs and began to rub up and down long strokes, getting longer until his upstroke touched her waist. 1 stroke, 2 strokes, and the third went under her jeans and slid to her shaved pussy as she sucked in her stomach either in surprise or to accommodate him.

The more he worked his hand around her pussy the more the zipper slipped down allowing him more access. Her mouth continued to suck at his tongue and 2 fingers of her hand were on either side of his cock, stroking it through his pants.

He pulled his hand from her pants and slid the zipper down the rest of the way. He tore his face from hers and looked directly into her eyes. If she wanted this to stop, now was the time. She said nothing. She just turned her body towards him a bit and lifted. He took the opportunity to take the back of he jeans and pull at them a bit. They were over her ass, and she sat back down, and threw her tongue back into his mouth. She was wearing tiny hip hugging panties and he pushed them aside as he put his fingers right into her pussy. She exhaled deeply into his mouth and reacted swiftly to his fingering. He began to saw in and out, making sure he got her clit involved. In more than a few seconds she was ready to split with an orgasm. She jerked and humped up a bit, clicking her teeth hard on his.

She was in the throes of a long orgasm, her mouth locked to his, but motionless as she concentrated on the grind in her pussy. Her mouth snapped away, she huffed and puffed in his face.

"Oh God, Oh God, Oh God, NNNNNnnnnnnnnnnnnn." She expelled a long blow of air from her mouth as she took her hand from his cock and ripped his hand from her pants.

"No more, no more, oh, oh, oh, oh, ahhhhhhh. Oh Micah, you made me cum so hard. What did you make me do?" she said chuckling and still squeezing out little spasms.

"Boys don't usually get this far with me on the first date," she said smiling but embarrassed.

"I'm not a boy, I'm a man, and you are a woman; A very hot sexy woman. How you hide that body in those clothes all week is beyond me." He said as he looked down at her.

Her top was pulled up, he slinky little bra was unsnapped in the front, her jeans around her knees.

When she said she wasn't boney, she was right. She didn't weigh much, but she was muscle and sex. No bones stuck through her frame, no fat showed anywhere. Her hips and buttocks were femininely fleshy, her breasts small but prominent and firm with long nipples.

"I gave you chances to stop, Kate, believe me, I looked out for you." Micah defended right away.

"Oh, I know Micah, I wouldn't change a thing. You are a special guy,... er, Man to me, really. I told you I'm not promiscuous, you must think I'm a slut and..." Kate began to apologize, but Micah stopped her.

"I don't think you are anything but a sweet woman, with a beautiful mind and body. I enjoyed making you feel so special. When a man and woman begin to open themselves up to each other, you can never predict the results." Micah said to ease her guilt.

"Now, how about you? I want to make you feel as special." She said as she reached over and grabbed his dick through his pants. "I like playing with these things, just like you like playing with me." She said as she knelt up on the loveseat and looked him in the eye. "I'm not a virgin Micah, I've had a few boyfriends." She said as she began to fiddle with his belt and zipper. "I know how incredible these things feel in your hand, especially when they shoot off." She said smiling at him.

Micah wanted to stop her in one way, a little worried that the wine may be acting on her, but she couldn't have drunk that much. She undid his belt and found the snap on his pants. She lowered the zipper as it trailed right over his cock.

"Ooooo, striped boxers. I had you pegged as a briefs guy as I played with it." Kate smiled and said.

She began to reach in the opening of his shorts as if something with teeth was going to jump out. She got her hand around it and brought it out.

"My, it's a big one, and really hard. It's only the third one I've touched." She said as she began to slide her hand lightly over its length.

Micah sighed and relished in the feeling of her little hands stroking him, jerking him off.

"These things are so cute, but so mysterious." She said as she spit in her hand to slicken it.

"Pull down my shorts and pants, Kate. I'd love it if you held my balls in your other hand, they ache too." Micah said throwing his head back enjoying the feeling of the stroking.

"I don't know men that well, Micah. I've never touched those before. I better not." She said cautiously.

She continued to stroke him, watching intently as the cock in her hand continued to throb.

He threw back his head and breathed in deep.

"Like that?" she asked.

"Ummm hmmm," was all he answered, still looking up trying to keep his concentration.

He felt her stop and was about to tell her that he was close when he felt her hands on his hips. She was pulling down his trousers and shorts in one motion.

"You're uncomfortable, I can tell. I'll help you. Let me know if I'm too rough, I know these things are tender." She said as she reached out, very tentatively, and took his ball sack in her hand.

"God, they feel squishy, but heavy. I'm gonna squeeze a little here... Wow, how weird. I'm not hurting you right?" she said while experimenting.

"No, they feel good now, start stroking again." He ordered her.

She scooted up to the edge of the sofa facing him, so she could work both hands on him. She liked making him feel good, and his hard cock felt nice, but strange in her hand.

"Tell me when you're going to shoot off, I want to try and control the mess, OK? Does it feel good baby?" she asked.

"Mmmmmmm, I know what would feel better." He said with a bit of a sigh.

"I can't sleep with you Micah. As much as I like you, I would hate myself later. I want to, believe me. If we ever get more serious, it can happen, OK?" she apologized turning him down.

"Well, actually, that wasn't what I was talking about." Micah said with a little smile.

Kate pulled her hands away from his genitals like they had turned too hot to touch.

"No, Micah, I've never done that. That's pretty personal sex." She protested.

"What, and this isn't? I'm sorry, I thought you were going to do it anyway." He said, disappointed

"NO, not in my mouth! I don't do that!" she said, insulted.

"OK, OK, just please don't stop! You're driving me crazy now and I'm getting close." Micah said impatiently.

She reached over and began in earnest, her stroking and fondling. She looked at him inquisitively.

"Do it anyway?" she wondered aloud.

He exhaled deeply, frustrated from wanting to cum, and now she distracted him again.

"I've never known a woman who didn't do it, or didn't want to. It's supposed to be pretty exciting, I guess. I know it is for me." He said sneering. "Please finish me."

Kate spit in her hand and began to stroke him again.

"Have you ever done it to a woman?" Kate asked him.

"KATE! We were having a nice spontaneous sexual interlude here, until it turned into 20 questions!!" he snarled, and suddenly realized how he took his frustrations out on her.

"I'm sorry, Kate. You've just had me so close to cumming and thrown me off now 3 times. I know you're inexperienced and don't realize what you are doing to me, what a tease it is." He explained in a forced calm.

"Yes, I would do it to you. There is nothing I would have liked more than to eat that cute little pussy of yours, but that always leads to "sleeping together", as you called it, and I didn't think you were prepared for it. I hope you don't think that I was trying to fuck you tonight, because I wasn't. My original plan was to go out and find a girl and bring her back to my room. Then you invited me out and I wanted to get to know you better, you've been such a good companion this week. You're a fast learner, and smart too. I don't meet women as smart as you, and so damned attractive, even if you did hide it." Micah explained.

"I wasn't really hiding it! I told you that I either look like a tart or a boy when I dress. They don't make clothes for 6 foot, 75-pound women with a shape!... um, well not quite 6 foot, but I feel it sometimes." Kate said defending herself.

Micah stood up and began to pull his pants up and straighten himself out.

"I should go before we do or say something else to make you not want to see me again, Kate. I hope we can go out again, if you'll give me your number." Micah said, knowing the moment was broken.

"NO, don't go yet! I can't send you home frustrated; you already think I'm a tease. Please?" she pouted.

"Kate, I can get myself off alone back at the hotel. I've already been way out of line here. I really like you and don't want to ruin anything. I think we have a special connection." He said stuffing his cock into his boxers and pants.

"Do you mean that the right woman could ground the hound? I see you winking and smiling, making eyes at the woman at the Muni Center. I thought it was "once a hound... " But, when you showed up at the arena today, I hoped I might get a different look at you, and maybe you weren't ALL hound." She said with a long pause, looking up from the love seat. "I like you too, Micah. I would like to go out with you again, as well."

Kate went to stand up and only then she realized that the last few minutes of conversation had been conducted with her jeans around her shins, her panties pulled askew, with her shirt pulled up and bra open.

"Look at me half stripped, and sending you home." Kate said as she began to fight to get her tight jeans up, but then she stopped.

"Wait Micah! Goddamn it! Sit down. I feel like the biggest cock tease in the world. You showed me a great time tonight and I really like you. You made me feel more like a woman than any man ever did, and I never even slept with you. I can't stand to think of you going back to your room and doing it yourself." She said as she fell back, half from losing her balance with her pants around her shins, half from wanting to pull Micah back to the couch, which she did.

"Listen, I'm not a virgin, and I'm not so innocent in some ways. I like playing with a guy. Well, one that I have feelings for at least. Their penises are so cute and responsive. I kept my virginity a long time doing this with my boyfriends in high school. I want to do it for you; I don't want you to do it yourself later." She said forcefully.

But then she got a little quieter, "Umm, I know you want more," looking innocently in his eyes, "but I would be pleased and happy to do this for you, my special friend."

Micah wasn't sure what to think. If she had been drinking a lot he would have gotten up and went right home. She did WANT to do it, and he didn't feel like it was a mercy mission. He didn't feel she OWED it to him, as much as she WANTED to do it.

"Come on. Come on" She demanded, taking charge, it seemed.

"THIS is a different situation." He said half smiling, half shaking his head.

"Remember how you enjoyed playing with me? Well, I want to play with you." She said as she reached for his zipper. As she pulled down his zipper, he undid his belt and unsnapped his pants. She turned, still stunted by her own jeans around her shins, and kneeled on the edge of the seat. She took the sides of his pants and said, "Lift up." And he did as she pulled his pants down to his shins. "There, now were even." She said proud of her accomplishment. They looked each other in the eye and laughed like hell.

"If anyone is watching us, they must think we're nuts." Micah mused as she continued to laugh.

His cackle stopped when he felt her hand go around his hardening cock, and her other cradle his balls.

"I've never handled these before. I'm kind of a newbie. I guess I mentioned that before. They're nice, and have an interesting feel to them." She said accentuating her words with a little squeeze.

She removed her hand from his cock and spit in it again.

"Will this help make things better?" she asked.

"Taking off your top off the rest of the way would be nice too. I'd love to see your beautiful body." He said.

She thought for a minute and stopped her hand play and pulled her top over her hand and threaded her arms through her straps to remove her bra.

She stood and smiled at him.

"What do you do to me? No man, and I mean NO MAN, has ever seen me completely naked." She said as she peeled her jeans off the rest of the way and then pulled her panties down and stepped out of them.

If Micah wasn't hard before, he was granite now. Kate's 5 foot 7 inch frame was absolutely perfect as a nude figure. You could find no fat. She was solid. If she rippled with muscle at all, it was in her abdomen and belly area. It was smooth with just a hint of the bands of muscle behind her perfect skin. Her rib cage showed a slight depression under it, but again she was not boney, or ribby. Her breasts were small, but surprisingly prominent, her nipples were dark aureoles, and on the small side. However, the tips seemed to be constantly erect, and stood out close to a half inch. They begged to be sucked. She did a pirouette and Micah drooled as he saw her perfect ass. The buttocks, just exaggerated a bit, with just a hint of a crease where they met the backs of her thighs. The flare of her hip was perfect. Her body was sculpted for speed swimming, but Micah knew it would be a great vessel for sex. It bothered him that he really felt something special for this one. He knew he could have had her on her back with his cock stuck up her pussy before. She was just that hot and ripe.

"You are the most beautiful woman I have EVER laid eyes on, Kate." He said, almost drooling. "My God, I thought you were shapeless all week. I thank God you have such a beautiful mind and personality."

"Why?" She asked as she finished her spin and knelt in front of the love seat, "you wouldn't have given me a second look?" She asked as she used both hands to begin to pleasure him.

"Let's face it Kate, I truly got to know you before I ever had an interest in your body." He said.

"Oh, you have an interest in my body?" she coyly asked him.

"You know what I mean." He said snapping a smile at her.

"I'm sorry, I love to see you squirm, hound," As she doubled her efforts to get him off.

Micah was enjoying the soft little hands that were stroking his cock and fondling his balls as he sat back in the loveseat and closed his eyes to concentrate at the task at hand. Her slicked hands felt so good; he couldn't help but look down at her when she took her hand from his sack. Her eyes were affixed on his cock and the hand that stroked it up and down. The hand that was fondling his balls was now pulling on her nipples as she knelt to the side of him and stroked him off.

He began to feel a rumbling in his groin and he knew the sights in front of him and her little hands we beginning to work their magic.

Another look at her and the intense resolve and interest in her eyes told him she was enjoying this as much as he.

She flicked her eyes up and caught him watching her.

"Exciting, Huh?" she questioned.

"Yes, this is exciting." He said through broken breath.

"No," she said. "You said most girls found it exciting, putting it in their mouth."

"Umm, hmmm. Yes, it always seems so." he said trying to concentrate on blasting off, as he closed his eyes and tipped his head back.

He was getting close to cumming, but he wanted too look at those beautiful breasts and nipples as he got ready. He opened his eyes to see her pursing her lips to kiss the head. Once, twice, she kissed it then snaked her tongue out to test the taste and feel. She licked the whole underside of the head and then looked up at Micah.

"Scarey, but exciting." She said as she licked the underside again, as if it would set off a bomb.

Micah groaned at the touch of her tongue.

"Don't do anything you don't want to do." He said through broken breath.

"Shhhhhh, don't ruin the moment. I NEVER thought I would ever do this, and your pleasure made me want to. Enjoy it." Kate said with much trepidation in her voice.

She formed an O with her mouth and stuck out her tongue and put the head of his cock to it. Cautiously she moved forward a bit and the head of his cock slipped in. She ran her tongue over the head, testing its feel, and looked at Micah for reaction. He was looking up and groaning.

Still stroking with her hand she bobbed her head over just the head letting it slip in and out of her mouth. After just a few more strokes of her hand, along with her mouth, was all he could handle.

"Katie, I gonna cum. Here it cums." He shouted.

Kate pulled her mouth and face away, almost in terror. There was no way she wanted any of that stuff in her mouth. Micah first shot rose like a Saturn booster over her head and plopped on the carpet behind her. She had done this before, because she knew to keep the pressure on the stroke, and not to stop. A second shot blasted out and hit her in the chest; the third fell on the carpet between them. Then, it dibbled out and over her hand.

"Oh, Oh, Oh, Ohhhhh, Ack ack," he groaned as he shot his load. His eyes were closed and did not know or care where it went. When he finally opened them and looked down, Kate was still holding his cock, admiring the icing it had on it now.

"Wasn't that better than going home to do that alone? I hope I made you happy, and you're right, it is exciting." Kate said teasingly. "Scarey as hell, but exciting."

"You won't be telling anyone that I made you do it?" Micah asked, somewhat facetiously.

"Micah! Don't be silly. No one ever forced me to do anything. It just seemed the right thing to do, but I was afraid of your cum. Sorry, but I didn't want that blucky stuff in my mouth." She said.

Without thinking, still enjoying his orgasm, he said, "It doesn't taste bad, a little salty."

"How would YOU know?" Kate asked, astonished.

Sorry that he said something so off the cuff he fessed up.

"I've tasted it off my lovers lips, and some have even shared it with me afterwards. It's really no big deal when you're in that state." Micah said, his experience flooring her.

"Well, bringing up other sluts tendencies to compare me with sure cheapens what I just thought of as special." Kate said, a tear coming to her eye.

"Oh God, I'm sorry! My words just sort of came out after you called it blucky. Yes, I've been with my share of sluts, whores, and easy women, but tonight was special." He said scrambling for the words to make it right. "Really, it was. Kate, I really like you, a lot. What happened here tonight would not have happened if I didn't think so. I knew you were an inexperienced woman and promised myself not to bed you down, even though I could have, and you know it. What happened here tonight was beautiful, don't let it cheapen in your mind, because that would make me sad, after you've made me so happy." Micah preached.

"I'm not just another conquest? A notch for a hound?" she asked cautiously.

He reached out and put his hands on either side of her supple nude body. He rose in the sofa a bit and brought her to him. She thought he was going to kiss her breasts, but he angled his mouth just below her left breast and kissed her there.

"I've kissed your heart. It's a heart I would like a chance to win. Don't cheapen yourself or me about anything that happened here tonight. I've never kissed anyone's heart before. Take me serious, please. If you think that I've notched you as a conquest, you've broken my heart." Micah said, as he began to get dressed. "Go to sleep my little sweetheart, but do me a favor. If you wash or shower, don't try to wash off my kiss, it won't go away. I may be a hound, but you are stealing my heart. I will call you, OK?"

"You're not feeding me a line, Micah? Don't let me fall for you if you are." Kate said cautiously.

He stopped dressing just as he got his pants hiked up.

"No lines or lies. I really want to get to know you better, Kate. Haven't you felt anything special tonight?" he asked.

"I became aware of something when I saw you at the arena. When I came out I gave you a hug and kiss. After I did that, I asked myself why, and I had no answer. I sensed something exciting. Oops, exciting, there's that word again. Yes, even that was exciting, especially knowing it made you happy." She said smiling, with no regrets.

He was fully dressed now and was about to be off to his hotel.

"Goodnight," he said extending his hand to her.

She took his hand and stood. He opened his arms and she leapt into them. He felt her nude body against him as he ran his hands over her back and buttocks.

"Oh, your hands feel so good, do you have to go?" Kate asked, hoping.

"Yes, it's the best thing. I'll dream about you.

Micah stayed in Worcester three more days, but Kate's classes prevented him from seeing her beyond a few hours at her internship. She still showed up at work wearing unflattering clothes and looked as if nothing had changed. Once, while doing a little flirting with Micah, she overheard one of the office girls say, "Look at the beanpole, she thinks she has a shot with the computer hottie."

It took all the will power on earth not to go over and tell her she had his penis in her mouth last weekend.

Kate began meeting the diving tutors on Tuesday and Wednesday nights in Hartford. It was a little over an hour to the site, so she had to finish her studies by 9:30 to make her 11 o'clock evening appointments. Her father had pushed her to try for the Olympic team as he had some thirty years ago. He knew that diving prowess, as well as her expert lane work, would help her secure a spot. Although a disability prevented him from traveling from Washington State, Kate's Dad looked out for his daughter as best he could. The former Olympians he knew and hired for Kate had been swimming coaches on previous teams and knew what she had to work on. They, themselves, earned their living doing diving exhibitions and stunts at amusement parks around the country, as well as Las Vegas, Atlantic City. Hartford was their home base for show and routine rehearsal.

Kate, having been diving since she was a child with her father, knew the basics. She had just never taken it too seriously. She proved to be a fast learner with her natural athleticism taking over. She also surprised her own self by what she already knew. By the time she went to the pre-Olympic trials she would be able to not only show herself to be a great heat, lane and relay swimmer, but her long slender lines would make her diving dexterity look all the better.

Since their first night together Micah only saw Kate on the following Monday and Tuesday. He was then off to San Diego for at least 10 days. Calling Kate was getting harder and harder. Her nights were filled with the diving, as well as 2 nights at her internship. Her extra study time was taken up in the computer labs, where their hardware more suited her needs.

After not speaking for a full 7 days, Micah finally was able to connect with Kate at her internship.

"Hi, sorry to call you at work, but I've tried everything else and can never catch you. How are you?" he asked excitedly.

"Calling me here is fine, nothing is going on. I'm fine, how are you? I thought I would see you sooner after the line you fed me that night in my apartment. You haven't laid it on as thick in our phone talks, but those are getting fewer and further in between. I'm feeling like a bigger fool everyday." She swiped at Micah, blindsiding him.

Micah was floored. His mouth went dry and he had all he could do to swallow.

"Kate Marble, is this you? What in hell are you talking about? I've been all the way across the country since the Wednesday after I left Massachusetts. I've called you 3 times and tried to call you 20 more." He paused to recall each of her stabbing words. "Line I fed you? Do you think I was playing a game with you? Kate, I thought we had something special that night and we were going to try and find out how real it was. What's the problem?" Micah wondered.

"Listen, I realized that the "I kissed your heart" line was all baloney after I thought about it. You're out in San Diego using it on someone else right now." She shot back.

"Well Kate, you have me all wrong, but apparently somebody gave you some ideas about me, or you've been burned before. I'm going to hang up here, because I may say something that I'll be sorry for. But, I want you to know that you have me smitten and all of my words and intentions are serious. If your intention was to hurt me, you have done it. If you mean what you say, you are wrong. I have to go." Micah said as he cut off the call.

He was confused because of the way he had been treated. What could he possibly had done or said to make her feel this way? He was a day away from flying back to New York where he planned to see Kate, and now, he was lost.

His return home found him broken hearted and alone. For the first time in his life he had found and been with someone that meant more than just a sex partner, but someone who was intellectual and interesting on her own. He had wished that sex had not come into the equation, but their feelings for each other hung in the air so thick, that it was inevitable.

Micah's workload was getting heavier and heavier and it was becoming apparent that he, alone, could not handle it. Integra was in the process of turning more phone techs into road troubleshooters and set up men. The server business was booming.

He took his next set-up in Stores, Connecticut. He wanted to be in driving distance of Kate. He HAD to talk with her face to face.

Setting up UConn was a much easier task than he had expected and he had the system up and running with the staff trained by Friday. Instead of driving home, he woke up Saturday morning and drove to Worcester.

There were swim meets that day at Worcester and he figured if he could at least see her, he might feel better. The possibility that Kate seeing him might cause something as well was hoped for as well.

The arena was not as crowded for this event, it wasn't an elimination meet for more NCAA division qualifiers, and he was able to get in easy. The week after their first meeting Kate had propelled Holy Cross to a division championship. Now everything was tune-ups for more inter-division championships later.

When the swimmers from both schools warmed up Micah had little trouble finding Kate this time. The nubile Kate with her tall frame stuck out easily. She had not noticed him until she strode up for her heat. She concentrated on her task and looked to each side as she walked to the start. She did a double take and stopped in her tracks when she saw Micah. At first he thought he saw fear in her eyes, but a big smile wiped across her serious face and she waved, causing the half full arena to all look at him. He smiled back, a little embarrassed, and with her coach calling her to hurry along, she touched the spot he had kissed over her heart, and tapped 2 fingers on it.

Her heat broke a school record, her own, and if it were a sanctioned event, tied a NCAA record. She was at the top of her form. Micah waited, much as before, in the lobby with families and friends for the swimmers to come out afterwards.

As he stood waiting a security guard came up to him and said he had a call. Bewildered, because the only person who knew he was here was Kate, he went to answer it.

"Hi, its me." Her voice made his heart flutter. "I'm impressed you came all this way to see me. I just wanted to know if you came to tell me off, or try to get things back on track."

"Kate, I really need you. I want to get back on track. Why?" he wondered aloud.

"Because my first instinct was going to run out and jump in your arms and kiss you. If you were coming to tell me off, it would look pretty stupid." She told him. "Ummm, I'll be right out."

Micah no more handed the phone to security when the locker room doors flew open and Kate came running out whooping. She screamed and giggled as she jumped in Micah's arms and kissed him, then held him tightly.

Micah said nothing as he held her tightly in his arms as she pressed her mouth close to his ear.

"I'm so sorry for the things I said to you." She whispered. "I over analyzed everything and forgot to take one thing into the equation. I'm really attracted to you and I wanted to let you know it that night." She continued her whispers, broken by the emotion in her voice.

Other teams members and friends now looked on as she began to make a scene. He was only a little embarrassed, and closed his eyes and smiled to shut out the voyeurs.

She broke the hug and pulled his arm to lead him out of the arena. He showed her where he had parked and they walked without words to his car, holding each other tightly. Once in the car she scooted over and they kissed and necked. They heard other families approaching and they broke the clinch and Micah started the car and drove off.

"Where to?" He asked, "Out for a bite or a drink?"

"Someplace quiet, OK? So we can talk. I have to clear my mind about a few things." Kate said.

The couple found a quiet lounge and ordered wine. The talk got serious right away with Kate voicing her concerns about trust. She didn't trust him, although he hadn't given her any reason not to.

"I am sorry, but I have typed you and you are the kind of guy I would normally never date." She said.

"Just what kind of guy is that!" He said, a little peeved.

"Don't get mad, now. Some guys are just real lookers and every girl has a big smile for them and the guy knows he can have whomever he wants. He has a great personality and everyone is drawn to him. He can't be trusted because... because he has no conscience." She said looking into her goblet of wine, afraid to face him.

"Do you really think that's me? I wholly admit that I know I can sleep with some women as soon as I look at them, but I don't. Most of the women I encounter are married, and I have no part of that. Then there are the types who come onto me, and if it weren't me, it would be someone else. Let's face it; the animal in all of us wants to feel love, whether it's real or for the night. I have had my share of one-night stands and one-week relationships. But, you are all I have been able to think about. If I had an interest in the others, I wouldn't be here." Micah professed.

"GOD Micah, I really WANT to believe you, but there is a voice inside of me that is telling me to beware." Kate said.

"Yes, but, after you shooed me away last week saying I fed you a line, there was also a voice inside of you that told you that you missed me and maybe it wasn't a line. You can think anything of me that you want, but do it with proof of conviction. Admit or deny that when you saw me today your heart, the heart that I kissed, fluttered." He challenged.

"Oh, damn you, ADMIT!" she said.

"Admit or deny that when you came out of the dressing room today you didn't know whether I was here to give you a piece of my mind, or still try to win your heart; because you know you deserved the piece of my mind." He challenged again.

"Admit." She said sheepishly. "You got me on both of those counts. Goddamn it why can't I tell myself that I can trust you?"

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