Jax's Story
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Romantic, NonConsensual, Hypnosis, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Fiction, Swinging, Oral Sex, Exhibitionism,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - story writer gets invited to hollywood to help convert his stories into film

I was sitting at my computer, editing another short story to be posted on the web, when a low ding brought my attention to the e-mail icon. I open up my e-mails and there was a short message from a story editor.

Dear JAX, I have had an inquiry for your e-mail address from a guy in California. Can I forward it to him? Regards M.B.

At this time I didn't publish my e-mail address, didn't want all those spams that some of my friends endure. It'll be nice to get some feed back on my little stores, so I replied with a yes. I almost forgot about it until a couple of days later, when I had another e-mail drop in my mailbox.

Dear JAX, love your stories, would like to make a short movie, will you consider selling the rights. Regards P.J. Thomas.

Wow, I wasn't expecting that, I write my stories for my own amusement and have never considered making any money out of them.

Dear P.J. glad you like them and yes I would consider selling the movie rights. Which story are you considering. Regards JAX.

Dear JAX, at the moment I would like to use 'FAIR DEAL' for this only requires 3 main actors, with a minimum number of sets. I can offer $10000, half in advance, plus we would like you to fly out here to supervise the screenplay. All expenses paid. Regards P.J.

Well I didn't have to think too long about it, I had 3 weeks leave left from my job, so I replied immediately.

P.J. himself met me at the airport and on the drive back to the city he filled me in on his set up. Apparently he was a small independent producer of 'Adult Movies', he mentioned a few tittles of his previous epics, but I'm afraid I had to admit that I hadn't seen any of them. No problem, you can view them over the next few days, he offered. I settled into the spare rooms of his spacious villa, then after a small meal and a drink I went to bed to sleep off my jet lag.

The next day I was taken to P.J.'s small studio complex and was introduced to the other members of his team, the lighting cameraman, the chippies and sparks. I was then shown the two Sets that they had already built and although they didn't match the visions in my head, they were very well made and would do just great.

"As well as these two sets," P.J. said, "we need a couple of outdoor shots."

"What about the actors?" I asked.

"Good question," said P.J, "we've got the Old Hypnotist sorted, an old pro we've used before, and we are holding a casting sessions for the girls tomorrow, would you like to be there?"

"Yeah love to," I said with enthusiasm, "if we hold to the original script, we need a main player, Ann, who has a great set of tits on her and her friend, Jo who is slimmer."

"Well we'll try, but we have to see what turns up tomorrow," P.J. smiled.

"Morning," P.J. said with a happy smile, "feel up to it."

"Yeah, I'm looking forward to it," I replied.

"Right let's get started then," he said, he picked up the phone and requested the first girl to enter. As well as P.J. and me, Stan the cameraman was also there to cast his eye over the actors. This was all new to me, one after another these beautiful girls paraded in front of me, exposing their bodies to my gaze.

"One point P.J," I said, somewhat hesitant, "the characters are supposed to be young, fresh out of school or college with natural figures. All the girls so far are pumped up with silicon."

"Yeah, point taken," P.J. said, "but you must remember, this is Hollywood, and for the most part the film makers want big tits."

"Well from a consumer point of view," I commented, "most men hate silicon tits."

"Ok, we'll start looking for some natural looking tits then, ok," I sensed an atmosphere descend on the room, so I added.

"P.J, if I don't have an input, why am I here?"

"Sure, right," he said, but it obviously wasn't. Oh shit, trust me to put my big foot in it. Out of the twenty or so girls there, only about half had natural figures and one of them screamed 'Jo'; after a discussion between us, I convinced P.J. and Stan that she was perfect; she was duly hired for the part. That just left the 'Ann' part to find and you would think you could find a big titted actor in Hollywood, but none of the remaining girls fitted the bill.

"Never mind, we'll look again tomorrow," said P.J, who I was glad to say had relaxed a bit towards me, "I'll put the word out and there be girls all over us as soon as you can wink."

P.J. had a few friends over that night to introduce me and I didn't go to bed to very late, but when I did, I was accompanied by 'Jo', who's real name was Samantha, Sam for short, who wanted to thank me personally for her part. She had a slim figure, with long, long legs and small round tits. I spent a long time caressing this beautiful creature until she almost pulled me on top of her and fed my hardness into her sopping pussy.

"Do all you Limeys take this long on foreplay," she muttered, now breathless from my attentions; her hips were thrusting back at me in perfect sync. This wasn't going to last too long, I thought, but I hung on just long enough to bring her off to a noisy orgasm.

"Oh my, that was nice," she cooed in my ear.

"Thanks," I said breathlessly, I got a big day tomorrow so don't wake me up too early," I kidded.

"Sure lover," she smiled at me.

I was woken by this nice feeling in my groin, when I was awake enough I realised I was getting an early morning blow-job.

"Morning lover," she cooed, my hard cock plopping out of her mouth, "sorry if it's too early, but I couldn't wait any longer. Now I was awake and taking more notice, she impaled herself on me. While she rode me hard, I busied myself with her small but perfectly formed tits.

"Good morning," said P.J, "I've already had calls from the office and there's some 10 actors waiting for us to look at, so a quick cup of coffee and we'll go, ok." I was please to see things were ok again between us. Well she stood out a mile, if you excuse the pun, she was fairly short, just over 5 foot, with a nice pair of natural 34 C tits; this time I didn't need to persuade P.J. he just smiled at me and hired her on the spot.

Filming started the next week, the first few days they filmed the outdoor scenes, where both girls were arriving and leaving the Fair. After this the action moved back inside the studio. It turned out that both actors were fairly new to the profession, both had done nude modelling and short adult loops, but this was their first major roll with a speaking part. The Hypnotist, Tom, was an old pro, with hundreds of credits to his name; his professional help was very welcome to both nervous girls. The main action scene, were the Hypnotise gets to fuck the beautiful, but scared 'Ann' seemed to take forever, but as P.J. told me, this bit was the main theme and would take up at least two thirds of the whole film. Old Tom seemed to have endless stamina for a guy his age, as he thrust into the young curvy 'Ann', although there was frequent shouts of 'cut' from P.J, for a change of camera angle and to stop Tom from coming. In the end P.J. gave Tom the green light and he pulled out of her and put a string of pearls all over her face.

By the end of the week the shooting was completed, with just the post production work to do. P.J. invited everyone over for a party to celebrate. The party really got going about midnight when both 'Anne' and 'Jo' were egged on to do a sexy strip, after which they dance almost naked with everybody. I lost contact with Sam, but I made a grab for 'Ann' real name of Trish, as soon as she became free. While dancing we kissed and I gave her tits a good mauling. Later I found myself in bed with her, her ample body moving delightfully under me as I thrust into her; I'm afraid Sam was all but forgotten. Sam forgave me later when she joined us the next morning, I don't know where she slept and I didn't ask. I enjoyed them both though, with frequent intervals of rest, then I watched the two girls get it on together. Sam who had been my constant bed partner all week would be sadly missed when I left to go home.

I kissed her at the airport with a promise to e-mail her often, P.J. shook my hand and he said he would send me the finished film as soon as it had been completed. My own flat never felt so empty, but P.J. promise of using more of my little stories brought a smile to my face and my fingers flashed over the keyboard trying to put down in words, all the action of my last 3 weeks. At last the postman brought the DVD disk containing the 40 minute epic, still called 'FAIR DEAL' I was please to say, with the screen play credit to me. I popped the disk into my player and watch transfixed to the action on the screen. I could hardly believe that only a few weeks ago I was actually fucking both the two stars of this film, with a promise of a repeat performance when I returned to Hollywood.

I was sitting at my computer, editing a new story when an e-mail drops into my in-box.

Hi JAX, Hoped you liked the finished product, the punters do, it's currently number 9 on the best seller's list. Your balance is in the post. Ha, ha.

I would like to use another of your little stores; perhaps you can supply me with a complete list.



P.S. I think we should keep to the hypnotist format don't you.

Dear P.J, I look forward to receiving the balance of the $10000 and I'm glad your little epic is doing so well.

I have written one or two hypno stories, which might convert quite nicely, to the film format. The one I would recommend is 'PIER SHOW'. This story is about an old hypnotist and his young apprenticed. Copy enclosed.



Dear JAX, Thank you for your recommendation and I agree. Please let me know when you can get out here, I will wait for you before we start interviewing for our players.



Tomorrow I better asked for some unpaid leave due to a death in the family or something. Tonight I'm packing.

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