Chapter 1: Picture Perfect

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Voyeurism,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1: Picture Perfect - This is the story of Jamie and his beautiful wife Susan. Jamie says that "Susan has been demanding, overbearing, selfish, dominating, jealous, and sometimes just plain nasty. The problem for me is that when Susan isn't exhibiting one of these annoying traits she can be very loving and she is so beautiful I just can't stay made at her."

My wife Susan is a beautiful woman. She is five feet six inches tall and weighs 115 pounds. Her legs are a cross between a model's and those of an athlete. They are shapely and not large while appearing to be strong and agile. The beautiful legs come together in the most wonderful Mound of Venus I have ever seen. Her ass is firm and nicely rounded and makes her look sexy in anything she wears. Susan's hips and waist create a very nice smooth curve. Susan wears a 36C bra but her breasts are of such fine shape and firmness that she can go without a bra anytime she pleases. He short dark brown hair and her beautiful blue eyes sometimes make me think of a young Liz Taylor. Susan's near flawless beauty is what I love most about her because frankly, the rest of the package can be hard to deal with.

Susan and I have been married for seven years and during that time Susan has been demanding, overbearing, selfish, dominating, jealous, and sometimes just plain nasty. The problem for me is that when Susan isn't exhibiting one of these annoying traits she can be very loving and she is so beautiful I just can't stay made at her.

I think that part of Susan's problem is that she knows that she's beautiful. How could she not know when people have been telling her that all her life. She's used getting her way because people fall over her to give her what she wants just so that she will smile at them. Don't get me wrong, Susan is not a terrible person. Inside of her there is a very loving decent person that comes out sometimes but doesn't know how to stay out. I know that Susan loves me because I am about the only person that gets to see the sweet Susan. Unfortunately, I only get that privilege on rare occasions. In the main Susan tries to totally control me. She tells me what to wear, what kind of car I should drive, what clubs I should join, what charities I should do volunteer work for, and who my friends should be. I don't really mind most of these things except that her choices for me are always based on how they can help her. Susan is also very jealous. Anytime she sees me talking to another woman or if I get a call from a woman Susan wants to know who I was talking to and what we were talking about. Then she asks questions like, "Do you think she is prettier than me?" or "Is there something going on between you two?" I have always been a faithful husband to my Susan so I find all these questions very bothersome.

Now after seven years of marriage I realized that Susan was not going to change into the loving person she keeps hidden inside and although I am still almost mesmerized by her beauty lately I often think I may have to leave her so that I can get back control of my life.

Now with all that as background I can begin to tell you about recent events that have changed my life. A few months ago Susan started telling me about a friend of hers at work. It started out as comments like "This friend of mine at work is so funny" or "My friend told me a great story the other day." This went on for a couple of weeks before she mentioned that her friend was a man and his name was Bob. I was getting the feeling that this whole 'Bob' thing was just a game she was playing to make me jealous but it didn't work, at least not right away. Susan continued to tell me stories about how great Bob was; how funny, how smart, how good an athlete, etc. I was beginning to get tired of hearing about Bob and finally I told Susan that I really didn't care to hear any more stories about her great friend Bob. Susan accused me of being jealous and that I had no reason to be. Bob was just a friend and would continue to be and she wouldn't discuss it with me any further. The next day Susan came home from work and started telling me another tail of Bob's greatness. I was absolutely sure that Susan was not up to anything with Bob other than to make me jealous but in spite of that it was beginning to get to me. I didn't know if it was jealously or if I was just mad at Susan for playing games.

The following Friday we made plans to meet some friends for drinks after work. As we all lived in different parts of the city or the suburbs but all worked in the city we always got together at Clancy's Pub. It is a nice Irish pub in the city not to far from where any of us worked. That night when Susan arrived there was a guy with her that I didn't recognize. Susan introduced him as her friend Bob. Bob was an average looking guy about 6 feet tall maybe 175 pounds nicely dressed. Bob joined right in our conversations but as he talked I failed to see any of the great sense of humor or intellect that Susan had ascribed to him. Maybe I wasn't being unbiased in my judgment but I didn't think he was anything special. As the evening went on I kept an eye on Bob to see if I could figure out what it is about him that Susan liked. It didn't take long to figure it out. Every time he got a chance to complement her he did. "You're so smart, you're so funny, you have great taste in clothes, etc... I noticed when he spoke with other women in the pub he used the same complements. I think it was obvious to all of the guys and most of the women in the place that this guy was on the make. The complements were his come on. He sounded like a 70's lounge lizard. It was also obvious to me that when he looked at Susan it was with pure lust. He didn't want to be her good friend, he wanted to fuck her. I couldn't blame him for wanting that but I sure as hell wasn't going to allow it to happen.

On the ride home that evening Susan asked me what I thought of her friend Bob. Well she asked so I told her. I said, "He is no more a friend to you than a stud horse is to a mare. He doesn't want to be your friend he just wants to fuck you. He is just a guy on the make. He hit on every woman in the pub tonight using the same lines he's been trying on you for the last month or so. But I could see in his eyes that the main object of his sexual lust is you."

Susan got really pissed. "You're just saying that cause you're jealous. You feel threatened by any guy that speaks to me. It really bothers you to think that I have a male friend." The rest of the trip home was filled with Susan telling me about all of my short comings and that she didn't know if she could continue to put up with my petty jealousies. I knew from the tone of her voice that it was the alcohol talking. Generally Susan didn't get that nasty in her attacks on me unless she had too much to drink. Whenever Susan has more than four glasses of wine she turns nasty on me. Susan knows this about herself and seldom has more than three drinks. One good thing about Susan, whenever she has been nasty to me because of drinking too much she makes up to me in the morning by making love to me. It always amazes me that she can wake up early in the morning after a night of drinking and feel good. Most people would have a hangover if they had been as drunk as Susan had been.

Now we jump forward two weeks to another Friday. It's my birthday and Susan told me that morning that she had called some of our friends and asked them to meet us at Clancey's that evening for a little celebration. I asked who was coming and she named off a list of everyone we normally socialize with. Then Susan asked if I would mind if she invited Bob along. I said, "Yes I would mind."

Susan said, "Why can't I have my friends at the party as well as yours?"

I responded "All of our friends are your friends. You knew these people before I did. As for Bob, I think I made it clear a couple of weeks ago that I don't like him and seeing as this is my birthday I would think that you would go along with me on this, at least for tonight."

Susan gave me a hurt look and said, "All right, but I don't think you're being fair."

As we left the house to drive into the city Susan said that she would need the car to pick up my gift and the birthday cake and asked if I could get a ride over to Clancey's. I told her that it wouldn't be a problem. Even if I had to walk it was only three blocks.

After work I got a ride with a friend who was coming to the party and we were at Clancey's by 6:15. Susan showed up with my gift and my cake about fifteen minutes later. Along with the cake and the gift she brought a surprise. Bob was with her. I took her aside and asked what he was doing there and Susan said that he had asked if he could come along and she didn't know how to say no. I told her that if he started fawning over her the way he was the last time saw him I would punch his lights out. Susan gave me a stern look and said, "You will do nothing of the sort. I will keep him away from you so there won't be any trouble."

I mumbled, "This is my birthday, why should I have to put up this?"

Susan turned to me and said, "You are being a child. If you continue to act this way I won't speak to you." Then she went over to where Bob was standing and smiled at him and they headed for the bar.

I tried to act as if none of this was bothering me, but I was on fire inside. I kept an eye on Susan and Bob all evening. I noticed that Susan slipped past her three drink limit and after five drinks I could see that trouble was coming. She and Bob began to dance to all of the slow songs being played. Bob was putting his hands on her ass and pulling her close to him. Susan kept looking over at me to see what I was going to do. I tried to stay cool because I didn't want to make a scene in front of our friends. I knew if I tried to say anything to her she would turn nasty on me and embarrass us both in front of our friends. So I put up with her behavior until most of our friends had left for home. Then as Susan came over to the table to get her drink I told her it was time to leave. She said, "I'm not ready to leave yet."

I said, "Listen, you have had too much to drink and you know if we don't leave now this will turn ugly". As soon as I said it I knew I was in trouble. You can't tell Susan she's had too much to drink when she's had too much to drink.

Susan said, "You just don't want me to have fun cause you're jealous that I have a friend and you don't have any friends. Don't worry, Bob's just a friend, he's not going to fuck me. To prove it I am going home with him and he won't fuck me. So leave me alone."

Now she was getting loud and I knew I had to get her out of there quick. I had to pee real bad so I said, "Wait right here for me, when I get back from the men's room we'll go home."

When I got back from the men's room she was gone. I looked around the bar quickly but she was nowhere in sight. I quickly headed outside. As I was coming out the front door of Clancey's I saw Susan leaving in a car and it looked like Bob was driving. I ran after the car calling Susan and she turned to look at me but they didn't stop. I ran back to our car thinking that I could catch up and follow them to find out where they were going. When I got to my car I realized that I didn't have the keys. Susan hadn't given them back to me when she got to the party. Now I was in a panic. I didn't know where she was going and I had no idea where Bob lived. I only knew that in spite of what Susan might think, Bob was going to try to fuck her if he could and in her condition she might let him.

I felt defeated. I went into the pub and asked them to call me a cab. I waited 15 minutes for the cab to arrive and then we started on the 20 minute ride home. As I sat in the cab I thought about the events of the evening and thought that they didn't amount to much as long as Susan doesn't let Bob get in here pants. But then I thought about our whole marriage and how Susan always manipulated me and got her way. I decided that I had had enough. When I got home I was going to pack some things and get a cab back into town, pick up my car and go away for the weekend. I thought giving myself some distance from Susan might help me think more clearly.

When we pulled up in front of my house Bob's car was there. I paid the cabby and went up to the door. I look through the window in the door. I could hear music coming from the family room in the back of the house but I couldn't see Susan. I opened the door as quietly as possible and crept in. I tiptoed into the kitchen. From there I could see into the family room. The two of them were on the sofa. Bob was all over Susan, kissing her and trying to open her blouse. Susan was kissing back but she wasn't letting Bob open her blouse. They stopped for a few minutes to finish the drinks they had made. While Susan was draining her glass I could hear Bob giving her reasons why she should give in and have sex with him. Susan just kept saying I don't know if that's such a good idea. I found myself watching these two very drunk people, not caring if they fucked each other or not.

Bob started kissing Susan again and this time she let him open her blouse and unhook her bra. Bob began sucking on her nipples while at the same time he was trying to push his hand up under her skirt. Susan was trying to keep her legs together then suddenly her legs separated. Bob pushed his hand all the way up to her panties. I think that Bob and I both noticed at the same time, although I think I recognized the meaning quicker, that the reason Susan had open her legs was because she had passed out. I was debating what to do. Should I go in there and physically throw Bob out of my house? Should I wait to see if he would be a gentleman and cover Susan up or would he take advantage of her condition. I watched as he looked at Susan's face then her breasts, then he looked up her skirt at her panties. He picked up his drink and finished it. Then he sat back and laid his head back. I could now see how very drunk he was. He couldn't lift his head now. He looked like he wanted to get up but he couldn't. Then Bob joined Susan among the unconscious.

I though to myself, 'Great now the show is over and I have two unconscious drunks to deal with.' I went into the room and tried to wake them. There was no way I was going to wake them, so I sat down and looked at my beautiful wife laying there with her breasts exposed, and her legs spread revealing her panty covered pussy. The scene gave me an erection and an idea. I decided to teach Susan a lesson she would never forget. First I got a blanket and pillows out of the closet and spread them on the floor. Next I lifted Susan off the sofa and put her on the blanket. I removed her panties then I went down on her pussy and licked and sucked on her until her pussy was good and wet. Then I dropped my pants and fucked my wife. The thoughts of what I was doing and planing to do had me so excited that I reached orgasm much quicker than I would have expected given that I was fucking an unconscious woman. After I had released my load inside Susan's pussy I wiped my still dripping cock across her mouth and in her hair.

Next I dragged Bob off the sofa and removed his pants, shoes, socks, and boxer shorts. I unbuttoned his shirt and pulled him onto the blanket next to Susan. I took Susan's panties and stuffed them into Bob's shirt pocket. After that I went and got my Polaroid camera. As I was framing the picture I saw some of my cum starting to slowly leak out of Susan's pussy and run down between her ass cheeks. For some reason this site got me aroused again and also got my mind working on being even more devious. I set the camera down and went over and moved Susan down the blanket and rolled her onto her side and placed her head on Bob's hip just inches from his cock. Next I took Susan's hand and wrapped her fingers around my cock and started jerking my self off with her hand. Once again the image of what I was trying to do had me so hot that it didn't take me nearly as long to climax as I would have expected. When I felt myself starting to cum I moved Susan's hand so that most of my cum shot into her hand. I also let some land on her face and in her hair. Next I took her cum filled hand and put it around Bob's penis. I jerked Susan's hand up and down so that Bob's penis was covered with my cum. In spite of his condition Bob's penis became partially erect. Finally I positioned the two of them such that I was able to insert the end of Bob's cock into Susan's mouth. What a scene. It looked for all the world like Susan was sucking Bob off and he just blew his load in her mouth, on her face and in her hair.

I got the camera and took several pictures then put the camera away. I quickly packed a few things in a suit case and went to get my car keys out of Susan's hand bag. There next to the keys was the birthday card Susan had forgotten to give me. It was a very nice card and the words Susan wrote were even more special. They told how much I meant to her and how much she loved me and how she wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. Unfortunately this note was written by that sweet Susan hidden deep inside my wife, not by the overbaring bitch now drunk and unconscious on the floor. I got a piece of paper and wrote Susan a note. I said, "I can't forgive you for what you did to me last night or for all the little things you have done over the last seven years to make me less of a man. But if you should ever decide to become the Susan who wrote this card I would be yours forever, because I could forgive her anything."

I left the note with the card and one of the pictures I had just taken. Then I called a cab. As I waited for the cab I looked at the scene I had created in the floor in the other room. Knowing Susan as I do, she will wake up early, maybe 5:30 or 6:00 am to go to the bathroom. She'll find Bob's penis stuck in her hand from the dried semen and she won't remember what happened. She'll go into the bathroom and see herself in the mirror and upon further examination she will realize that she not only had oral sex but also intercourse and won't be able to remember any of it. Then later she will find my note and the picture and think that I came home and found her like that and that I have left her. What happens next will be up to her.

The cab arrived and I left.

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