Sweet Life
Chapter 1

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Teenagers, Consensual, Romantic, Coercion, Heterosexual, Fiction, Slut Wife, Incest, Mother, Brother, Sister, Father, Daughter, DomSub, MaleDom, Light Bond, Group Sex, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism,

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Rich retired father entertains his two beautiful daughters

I smiled to myself, life was sweet, well it is now. It wasn't always like that of course; my life has been hard. I started with nothing, building up the business, putting in long hours. Of course my first wife was neglected, she took her comfort firstly from the bottle and later in the arms of any man who showed any interest in her. That's how I found her, in the arms of the two pool cleaning guys. The divorce was clean, the judge awarded her the two kids and a small slice of my money and I walked away with the business intact. For the next ten years I worked all hours, taking sex from bimbos, not exactly girl's of the night, but more like gold diggers, hoping to get a slice of my money.

When I met my second wife, Beth, at first she seemed to be the same, but I found out that she really liked me. Her love for me is I believe genuine, based on my money, that's for sure, but as long as she spreads her legs for me when I want, she can stay. I have a pre-nuptial agreement with her, so if I throw her out she will get almost nothing, so it's in her interest to be nice to me. At forty-nine, I had a slight heart tremor and my doctor told me to take things easy? I had a long talk with my accountant and we decided to sell the business and I would retire. My accountant worked long and hard to invest my money in off shore accounts and other tax havens, it took time, but by my fiftieth birthday everything was sorted.

I sat by my indoor heated pool with a large mug of steaming coffee, watching the dawn come up through the glass walls. Despite being retired I can't get out of the habit of rising early. It was school half term so my two girls were staying with me, my how they have grown. Lucy was seventeen and now at college, while Emma was just turned sixteen and revising for her GCSE's.

"Morning Dad," called Lucy coming for her early morning swim.

"Morning precious," I replied, looking at her slim figure dressed in a small bikini. She dived into the warm water and swam two lengths before climbing out to sit beside me.

"Why can't I stay here with you?" she said, we had this conversation last night, living with her mother was hard for her and I of course had the swimming pool.

"You know why Precious," I replied, "until your eighteen, your mother has custody, after that of course, you can live where you like.

"But Dad, my birthdays not till September," she sulked, "please dad can't you talk to mother."

"Fat chance I can talk her into letting you stay," I said, "unless," I mused.

"What dad?" said Lucy.

"What about Emma?" I asked, "does she want to stay with me or go with her mother."

"Emma a mother's girl, Dad," said Lucy, "not like me. Tell you what Dad, I'll make a bargain with you, ok."

"Ok, what?" I said.

"Well if you can get Mums permission for me to stay until I'm eighteen," she smiled at me, "I'll always swim topless, like Beth does, I've seen her."

"What!" I spluttered into my hot coffee.

"You heard, I know you're my father, but you also a man too, and I seen you looking, am I right."

"Might be worth in at that," I smiled at my eldest.

Later I phoned my ex-wife.

"Now look Joan," I said gruffly, "they can't stay with me, I've got things to do."

"What are you talking about?" she said confused.

"You've got Lucy until she eighteen," I said, "so I don't want her here."

"That's typical of you, she your daughter too, you should be happy to look after her," she said her voice rising.

"I've only got your words for that," I said.

"Well as far as I'm concerned she can stay as long as she wants," she said slamming the phone down. Nice to know I still had it, I've spent a business lifetime getting my own way, with their mother it was easy, if I was against it, then she was for it.

"Ok girls," I said, "I've spoke to your mother, and it's ok with her, if you stay with me in term time. Your decision of course, stay or go, it's up to you."

"Oh I'm staying, much easier to get to college from here," said Lucy.

"I don't know, how will I get to school?" Emma said.

"Emma, my love," I said, "if you want to go back to your mother, during term time, that's fine, I would love for you to stay here, and I sure there's a school bus you can catch."

"Dad, don't take this the wrong way, ok, my exams are due next term and I don't want any hassle, so I think I stay with mum."

"Ok Emma, I think you are right, the last thing you need now is any distractions," I smiled at my youngest, but as soon as the exams have finished, please come back, ok."

"Sure Dad," she smiled back at me.

"So how did you swing it?" Lucy asked as soon as we were alone. "Lucy my precious, I've still got some secrets you know."

"Ok, ok, I'll see you tomorrow then for an early morning swim," she said.

"Wouldn't miss it for the world."

In contrast from me, Beth was not an early riser, while she eats her late breakfast; I pored myself a new cup of coffee and told her about Lucy staying.

"Oh good, that'll be nice," she said, "someone to talk to and go shopping with."

"Good, I'm glad your happy," not that I give a fuck one way or the other what she wants. She has one job around here and that's on her back with her legs open.

"Take her shopping today, if you like," I said, "I'll drive Emma back to her mothers, then I've got some work to do; I'll see you later."

When they returned around teatime, I was bombarded with all their new purchases.

"Tell you what precious," I said to Lucy, "after dinner, bring all your new clothes down to my den and give me a fashion show."

"Oh great," she said. She looked very grown up modelling her new outfits for me, like all parents I thought her skirts too short and her tops too low.

Its going to me nice having her here," said Beth, later in bed.

"Good," I agreed with her, my hands were gently caressing her satin smooth skin, I insist that she wears nothing to bed. Thinking about seeing my daughter topless tomorrow has got me hard and Beth is going to do something about it.

"Open you legs," I demand and move between them. As always, she is wet, ready for me, I think she is always ready for sex, the slut. I'm not a jealous kind of guy, I don't care who she fucks when I'm not there, just as long I can fuck her when I want to. Now I'm not saying she playing around behind my back, in fact I sure she not, the only time she fucks someone else is when I arrange it. I slide all the way in which brings a groan of pleasure from her lips.

"Oh yes please," she groans. I thrust in and out of her hard, watching her good sized tits move under my onslaught.

"Oh yes, you bastard harder," she shouts at me.

"Yes come for me baby," I say and she does, her body arcs and freezes in orgasm, I pump my post vasectomy fluid into her. Almost immediately she asleep, I quietly get out of her bed and head for my own room.

I wake at six as usual, and head for the kitchen, I put the coffee machine on, pick up the paper from the hall and by the time I've read the front page the coffee has brewed and I head for the pool.

"Morning Dad," Lucy says wearing her bikini bottoms and a towel around her shoulders, hiding her boobs.

"Morning Lucy," I said with a huge grin on my face. With her back towards me she drops the towel and dives in. After her usual two laps she climbs out and sits next to me.

"Well what do you think then?" she asks.

"Very nice precious," I reply, she is not as big as Beth, but they are beautifully shaped, round with small hard nipples, she certainly doesn't take after her mother as Emma does, she obviously got my genes.

"Sorry I'm not that big, you know like Beth," she said, eyes down cast.

"Precious," I re-assure, "your beautiful, size in some things, are not important, ok," I smiled at her.

"Thanks Dad," she said looking a lot happier, "I used to worry about them, especially when Emma out grow me, did you know she a 'D' cup now."

"No, takes after her mother, she was always big up top," I said.

"Me," she said cupping herself, "I'm barely a 'B'"

"My precious, they beautiful, any man would be happy to fondle and kiss them," I said with a smile.

"Dad, please," she laughed.

"Talking about having you tits fondled," I said, only half serious, "have you got a feller yet."

"Dad, please stop talking about my boobs like that," she smile at me, "I'm getting all un-necessary."

"If you weren't my daughter and you might not be, knowing your mother, I'll help you out." I said laughing.

"Dad, you incorrigible, and Mum wasn't that bad was she?" suddenly serious.

"Yeah, she was at the end, but it was all my fault," I said, "I was always working, building the company up, leaving her on her own."

"Dad, it wasn't your fault, ok," you were working for our future, nearly killed you too, now I'm going to take a shower and I see you at breakfast." With that she got up and leaned over me and kissed me on the top of my head; her tits were scant inches from my mouth. I couldn't resist. I leaned forward and I kissed her between her peeks. Without a comment she left me to finish my coffee.

As I have said, I sometimes arrange sexual partners for Beth, at my age my sex drive has reduced to perhaps once a week, not enough to keep a woman of her age happy. Also it's a power thing, the power to command her to open her legs for someone else. We don't indulge often, whenever the situation arises usually, we met someone she fancies or even a couple of guys; I will set it up and watch her enjoy herself. With Lucy in residence though, it's going to be hard to arrange anything.

"Lucy, my love," I said the next morning at the pool, "you didn't answer me yesterday about a boyfriend."

"Oh no, I didn't," she said with a smile, "you side swipe me by kissing my tits," she laughed.

"So?" I asked.

"No Dad, no one like that," she said, "I've got a few friends at college, but no one I let between my silken thighs, ok."

"Nice turn of phrase that," I said, "silken thighs."

"Why dad?" she asked.

"Well," I paused trying to think of a way to approach this, "sometimes Beth and I entertain here," I started to say.

"Oh good, I like a party," she said.

"No not that sort of party," I said.

"Oh no, not wife swapping," she grinned at me.

"No not exactly," I confessed, " I usually find some guys to entertain Beth, you know."

"Oh Dad, that sounds like fun for her," she whooped, "what's in for you though, and am I invited."

"Of course not, if your mother found out about it, you'll be back there straight away," I said, "and we both don't want that."

"Honest Dad, I won't say a word," she said being serious.

"Thanks precious," I said, feeling better now that I had confided in her.

"But dad, what do you get out of it?" she asked.

"I don't know, it a control thing I think and of course Beth's a lot happier afterwards." I said, "she a young healthy woman who needs more sex than I can give her. I would rather supply it for her, than she went out and found it herself." Lucy nodded her agreement.

"Ok dad, I think I understand," she smile at me, "I'll still like to be invited, should be fun."

"Thanks for understanding," I said, "once your eighteen, I can't stop you doing anything you want to do, ok, until then you're a child and I must protect you from the gross element out there, who would corrupt you," I said teasing

"Dad, don't be so fussy," she said, "I'm no virgin you know."

"No I didn't, but I suspected," I said, "you're a lot more confident now than you were only a very short time ago."

"Thanks for telling me, and treating me like an adult," she said getting up and kissing me on the head, "anytime you need someone, I'm here for you, ok."

Thanks precious," I said.

"And Dad,"


"You haven't kiss my tits goodbye yet," she smiled.

"Oh yeah, came closer," I said and I have each nipple a kiss, "see you at breakfast."

"Dad," Lucy said, she had just sat down after her customary two laps and the water was dripping of her almost naked body, "have you got any plans for Beth, you know, like you were telling me about yesterday."

"No, not at the moment," I replied, wondering where this was heading.

"Well, I was wondering," she said, "if I can arrange something for her."

"What! why?" I asked.

"Well as you said yesterday, it's a control thing, and I was thinking about it all day, I must take after you," she said looking directly at me. I watched her hand idly stroke the inside of her parted thighs.

"I don't think a young girl your age should be thinking of things like this," I said, my eyes still watching her hand.

"Please Dad," she said, moving her hand to the strip of material between her legs and gently rubbing. I knew she was manipulating me, but I couldn't look away. "I promise she won't get hurt and she will enjoy herself."

"As you said yourself yesterday," I said, still watching her fingers rub her pussy on the outside of her bikini pants, "what's in it for me?"

"I promise you'll enjoy it too," she said.

"Not good enough," I smiled, "offer me something else." I tore my eyes from her crotch and looked her in the eye.

"Ok then," she said, "how about I get a topless picture of Emma for you."

"Ok," I said, "lets get this straight, if I let you arrange a sexual liaison for Beth, you will provide me with a topless photograph of Emma, right." Lucy just nodded and smiled.

"Ok, your on, but one small thing, I don't care weather Beth enjoys herself or not, but she mustn't be permanently harmed in any way, physically or mental, ok."

"Sure Dad," she said, her eyes bright with excitement, her fingers now were urgently moving between her thighs. I watch her orgasm approaching, her eyes closed and she came with a grunt.

"Oh yes," she sighed, opening her eyes to look at me and smile.

"Did you enjoy that precious?" I asked.

"Oh yes, much better with you watching," she laughed. She got up and presented her boobs for me to kiss and she was off.

I don't know what Lucy had arranged for Beth, or when, that is until one night, I was watching TV in the basement lounge when Lucy comes in, dressed in her pyjama top, and sits on the sofa next to me.

"Dad," she whispers in my ear, "put this on." She holds up a videocassette. I push it into the slot and push the play button on the remote. The picture shows a Hotel room from a high corner angle. After a few minutes Beth enters and picks up the note from the bed, she reads it and looks around picking up a blindfold and two pairs of handcuffs from the pillow. Lucy leans against me, her free hand unbuttons her top and she starts to fondle her own boobs. I tear my eyes away from Lucy and back to the screen where Beth is taking her clothes off. Once she is naked, she lies down on the bed and puts the cuffs on each wrist and the blindfold over her head. Then with a bit of trouble she pulls the blindfold over her eyes and snaps the cuffs on to the headboard. She lies there for some minutes then Lucy comes into the room. She sits beside Beth, she checks the blindfold and handcuffs, then her hands move over Beth's naked body, squeezing her tits, bringing a moan from Beth's lips. Lucy hand now moved between Beth's legs and when she doesn't open them immediately, Lucy slaps her hard across her tits, the sound of the slap makes me jump. Lucy's hand, between Beth's legs makes her hips jerk back at her hand; within seconds Beth orgasm could be heard. Lucy gets up and leaves, beside me I could hear Lucy breathing become heavier too. I put my arm around her and cup her tits, her nipples are hard as bullets; my eyes don't leave the screen.

Soon after Lucy exits and young man enters the room, he can only be twenty or so, he sits on the bed and he starts fondles Beth's tits for awhile, then he moves between her still open legs. He unzips himself, and grabs Beth's legs and forces them still wider. His hard cock pushes into her, making her back arc and a long moan escape her mouth; my own cock has become painfully hard in my trousers. The fucking on the screen is becoming frenzied and can't last much longer, right on queue, the guys starts to come, pumping his sperm deep inside Beth's pussy. The guy gets up, zips himself up and exits, within seconds the next guy enters, he is also quite young, and he begins to fuck Beth. I tear my eyes from the screen and watch Lucy, her hand is working between her own thighs, while she watches the action on the TV. I must have missed the second guy climaxing for when I look back a third young guy is entering the room and takes his turn between Beth's wide spread legs. I can feel Lucy actions becoming more urgent beside me, again I tear my eyes away from the action on the screen, just in time to see Lucy in the throws of her own climax, I squeeze her tits hard. When I look back to the TV, Beth is again all alone; she lies there spread-eagled on the bed, Lucy enters again to unlock the handcuffs and exits quickly before Beth can remove her blindfold and identify her captor.

"Did you enjoy that Dad?" Lucy asks.

"Sure precious," I reply, "very naughty."

"Yeah, nice though," she says with a huge grin, "did you like my arrangements?"

"Yeah very good," I said, "I won't asked how you did any of it, ok, but I'm impressed."

"Oh dad," she hugged me, "I'm so glad I made you happy," my arms cuddle her in return.

"But now I got to wake Beth up," I said, getting up from the sofa.

"Sure dad," she smiled up at me, she is still lying on the sofa, her slim legs open. I look down at my nearly naked daughter, the invitation to fuck her is clear.

"See you in the morning precious," I said, tearing myself away, I was on my way to Beth's bedroom, easing my hard cock in my trousers as I went.

"Good morning Dad," Lucy said arriving for her morning swim, "did you sleep well."

"Like a log precious," I replied. She dived into the warm water and swam her two laps. Once she had settled down sitting next to me she said.

"Can I do it again," she said slightly breathless, "it was so, I don't know how to express it, the feeling of power and control over someone else."

"Of course my little one," I smiled at my eldest daughter, one thing for sure, despite what I have said before, she definitely has my genes.

"Oh and one more thing Dad," she said, pulling a Polaroid picture out of her swimming bag and handing it to me. I look at it to see my youngest daughter Emma, kneeling on a bed, dressed in a pair of Jeans. Her top was naked, her large breast jutted naked and proud towards the camera.

"How did you gets this?" I asked unable to tear my eyes away from the picture.

"As you said the other day Dad," she chuckled, "we all have our little secrets. Got a great pair on her hasn't she."

"Sure has, I'll like to get my hands on those," I smile at my eldest.

"Well you never know Dad," she said, "I'll might be able to work something out."

"Yeah, ok," I said, "and what will it cost me."

"I don't know yet," she laughed, "but I'll let you know. Now kiss my tits, I'm going for my shower."

"See you at breakfast precious," I said, kissing her tits goodbye.

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