Ghost of Statum Shores
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Cheating,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Frank falls in love with Rebecca. Marlowe, she is jelous. When Marlowe lets Rebecca drown, Rebecca comes back and haunts Marlowe and drives her insane. Then Frank and Rebecca must wait a hundred years to pass before they find a host to come back from the dead. Then Frank and Rebecca can live again physically instead of ghostly spirits.

Ghostly spirits have cursed the Steamship Sara, built in 1855, by a man known to his peers as, Sir Francis Darake. He named his ship after his mother that past away from small pox. Most of his friends called him by his nickname, Duke. Duke carefully looks over the plans for the trip to Queensland. His finger glided on the map as he checked every path for the Sara to travel safely up river. His friend Frank was very masculine, brown-haired and blue-eyes. He stood by him and shared his views about the river-rapids on the map. Frank concluded that in his opinion, the trip would be safe.

Nearby, the Ocmulgee River stood a parlor, where people gathered for the trip to Queensland. Frank viewed horses coming down the path pulling a Victoria, Sitting in front, a beautiful woman, effeminate and wearing a white satin dress and a bonnet on her head. She had green-eyes and flaming red-hair. The horse and Victoria pulled up to the stall where, Frank assisted her.

" Hello Ma'am," my name is Frank. "Frank is it?" she asked.

"Yes, ma'am and whom may I call you?" Frank asked.

"Rebecca Quin," she replied. With a sweet voice.

He walked with Rebecca and gradually bent over, picked up a rock and skipped it across the water. "Very impressive, Frank." She was flattered and giggled. Rebecca continued to walk close to Frank and talked about her ill mother in Queensland. She told Frank that Janet, her mother, is sick and needed her support. "I'm sorry to hear that," Frank said. "I'm sure she will get better when I'm home." She had a look of despair. Rebecca and Frank encountered each of their thoughts and it was a wonderful start of friendship and Frank wouldn't let her out of his sight. They continued to walk

The wind started to blow a little harder and you could hear the sails flap as it was raised by crewman. The men talked, and worked under the sol of the day preparing for Sara's trip up river.

Nearby, peddlers and merchants prepared to board the ship, counting their bags and gathering a few items before loading.

Rebecca started to sing a song for Frank, with a sweet voice senorous like lovebirds. Softly she sang the words, It's all a world can say, a word or two my way, a gift of presents and sayings like a charm, your world is your fear now, but yet your near, I can't even say the words to express your love, take my hand and walk with me in to a wonder-land, where the birds fly so free and I cherished every moment, and may I say, I cherish it with you. On my own I can tell a fortune a thousand-miles away, and if you tell me that you love me, I love you too. I may not get to heaven, but I try so hard and pray for these gifts I'm given, on this one and special day with yours true, I love you once more.

She ended singing with a twinkle in her eyes. Loudly, Frank whistled.

"Where did you learn to sing like that?" he asked.

"I was singing since I was five-years old. My mother would hold me in her arms and sing me to sleep at night. I'm going to eventually make it to Atlanta. I could be the next Mary Lou Wilks, yea know!" she said. With a twinkling in her eyes.

Loudly, a voice came from the Sara, "all aboard now, Duke hollered."

"Tallyho," Frank said.

The ladies walked on the plank and entered on the deck of Sara. Margaret Rose, a passenger approached Duke. "If I may ask you, when are we are going to land in Queensland?" she asked.

"In about three-hours against the current up river, because there has been word that the Osachee Indians are trying to attack steam-ships delivering by day; this is why we are going to travel by night. On the morrow, I will return from Abbeville and sail out for the ocean through Savannah, weather permitting." Duke said.

"Well, thank you for the information Mr. Darake," she said. Duke tipped his hat.

Rebecca stood by the stern of the ship, and gazed at the beautiful sunset. The sky was orange, and radiant in color. It was a flush of yellow-haze mixed in with the sunset orange, and a pink hemisphere. It was a beautiful sunset and the night was just beginning. Rebecca was sapient and something of a soothsayer. The sky gave her feelings and emotions never felt out of the ordinary. She was weary and prudent and believed in the supernatural. She claimed to have heard voices from the past, but wouldn't be beguiled by people who might take advantage about her feelings.

The birds were singing and flew over the Sara. Black hawks could be heard from the tops of pine trees. You'd see big Sturgeon explode on the surface of the river after prey. It was a delightful push off and Sara's 2-cycle engines roared on, as she headed up river. The smokestacks were exhuming dark and gray-black smoke. The horn was timbre in sound and the people from the banks of the Ocmulgee waved and cheered her trip a successful one.

Dan Tucker was a blacksmith, a native of Florida and moved to Georgia in the fall of eighteen hundred and sixty. He was a wealthy man who had returned from Sacramento, after the gold rush in California. Dan struck a mother- load, panning in Sacramento, near the mountains. He staked his claim like everyone else. He worked vigorously day and night until he gathered as much gold as he could. He met his beloved wife there in Sacramento. Her maiden name was Marlowe Ann Harris. After she married Dan she became Mrs. Marlowe Ann Tucker. Marlowe was something of a delightful lady, charming and very cunning. She always made it a part to acquaint herself in every conversation. Her peers would look in disgust as this rich lady was acrimonious, and she told her struggle in life on how she had to eat wild-berries, when she was young. Her father was killed in the battle at Forge and her mother raised her in a small town called Waterloo, Georgia. When she was twenty-one years of age, she moved to Sacramento and looked for prosper and wealth which she did find after her acquaintance with Dan Tucker. After her marriage to Dan, the couple decided and moved to Jacksonville, Georgia. Then Dan and Marlowe had decided to relocate to Abbeville, where she would build their dream home. The money Dan had received from his gold made him a wealthy man. Marlowe had sought what she desired and it was money.

Marlowe sought to be sociable as she walked towards Rebecca on the ship. She stood still and her eyes looked right and then left of her.

"What's your name darling?"Marlowe asked.

"Rebecca Quin ma'am."

"Rebecca, what are your plans up river?"

" Rebecca sighed." Looked at Marlowe and spoke softly.

"I'm going to Queensland, mother is just alone and worried about the Yankee's coming to Abbeville and I need to be with her and support her."

"Are you against the war?"

"Actually, my great grandfather fought in the war, bless his heart he never returned home. I heard, Cherokee Indians up north killed him for trespassing on sacred land."

Silva made her way across the ship to Marlowe and Rebecca and introduced herself as the wife of Sir Francis Darake.

"Excuse me lovely ladies, please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Silva Darake. My husband owns this ship. I just wanted to meet everyone on board. This is my first time traveling with my husband and I want to see Queensland, I heard its very pretty there."

"Oh yes," Marlowe continued, "My name is Marlowe Tucker and she is, well, "she paused." Rebecca." she pointed towards Rebecca with her umbrella.

"My husband Dan and I are moving to Wilcox County. I plan on building a farm and a horse stable with a huge plantation, perhaps I might build in Queensland also, you know my husband is a very wealthy man and I want to be happy in Wilcox County. I love to watch horses run, play and graze in the grass. What about you Silva?" she asked. While she brushed her hair.

"I've never rode a horse but, one day I will learn."

" Marlowe smirked."

"You don't have a horse?"

"No. Marlowe."

"hmm," Marlowe moaned.

"Well, I am sure that your husband finds you divine and he'll buy you one. Dan gets me anything I want, and loves me very, very much. I just can't find the heart to say no when he insists on getting me what I want."Marlowe said.

"What about you my darling?"

"Who, me." Rebecca replied.

"Why naturally, you darling whom else may I be talking too?" Marlowe said, Sarcastically.

"I can't afford one right now. It would cost me about, one hundred dollars and my mother needs the money more since my father died. She had to sale some assets just to keep up our home." she said. With a southern accent.

"Such, a pity," Marlowe said.

"A lovely woman, so vibrant and beautiful with out a horse," she laughed at Rebecca cold-heartedly.

"You seem to be uncanny,"

"Come now, I'm sure you will prosper such as I have."

"Don't you think so," she asked.

"Maybe so." Rebecca replied.

Frank joined in.

"You know, a long time ago a great flood washed this river over the banks and killed many Indians. I hear that ghosts of the dead appear at night, and walk the banks of the river, but I have never seen one."

"There are great Indian-spirits that roam this river."

" Why do you suppose spirits wonder about?" Marlowe asked.

Frank leaned back with his arms stretched out and sighed, "I don't really believe in the supernatural, I just heard it from people."

" I'm intrigued, Frank, Marlowe said.

"Frank, repeated, I don't believe in ghosts, I believe in what every man stands for, but ghosts, he laughed, that's superstitious, he smirked with his lips and bowed his head, yes, superstitious I am, but let those spirits stay away. Frank, spoke with uncertainty.

Marlowe had taken Frank's conversation with little feeling, she hated his gossip, but most of all she was marveled. Her mother, as a farmer's wife, baked and cooked over a wood stove for her family and washed, scrubbed and drew water from an outside well and heated it on the stove.

Marlowe told her tales and comment on a few things. She'd lived a rough life and wanted more to go on, as she thought to herself. Then turned towards Frank.

"Do you know what it's like to work for two-dollars a week?" Frank, she asked.

"Yes, perhaps when I was little boy," he said.

"I guess than you know that it's hard for a woman in these times of the century to have equality with men?"she asked.

"Frank grinned, it is the woman that struggles, yes indeed, she does." Frank said.

"Money isn't everything,"Silva said. She joined in the conversation.

"I am wealthy and I am fortunent to have the things I have. I do remember the hard times and I still have my dignity, but I shalt not worry about money."

"We have to accept our failures as well as our success. I guess it's the river that makes me uneasy at the moment. The river seems to have her own troubles and she cares for no one who falls in to her currents," Rebecca said.

Frank put his hand around Rebecca.

"It's the river that conquers all, Marlowe said. I'm not at all a bit scared of the river," as she walked towards the rail of the ship.

"It's the water that frightens me, traveling up here in the dark, wondering if we are going to be attacked, It's those things that worry me the most or lose my husband and if that happens, I want to have more than an third of my husbands money, should he die, God forbid, that is what I worry about more than ghostly tales."she said. Frank frowned.

"If it is your desire you may as well do as you wish," Frank said.

Frank looked at Rebecca, "I've been thinking, I would like to spend the rest of my life with you." Rebecca moaned, she looked stunned. "My darling, she said, that was very sweet of you to say. I am looking for a husband and you fare me well. I do want to see more of you when we get to Queensland."

"Yes, you will see more of me," Frank said. He kissed Rebecca on her cheek. Rebecca blushed!

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