Life Happens
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2002 by Gary Johns

Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A mother and her son find love through tragedy.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Incest   Mother   Son   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism  

Kevin Wentworth was ten years old when he first noticed that his mother was a "woman." He had been having strange but pleasant feelings for several years and wasn't sure what was causing it. However, when he would get that excited feeling in his stomach, he knew that it was somehow related to girls, including his mother. He put it all together one evening when he was in his mother's closet, searching in her hamper for her recently worn panties. It was a few weeks earlier when he first discovered that he could get "that" feeling when he was around his mother's silky underclothes.

Kevin had just found a pair of panties when suddenly, the bedroom door opened and his mother walked into the room, followed by a man. Kevin quickly pulled the louvered closet door closed.

"Shhhhh, my son's sleeping," Kathy said as she led her date into the room. She staggered slightly as she lifted one leg at a time to take her heels off and flip them into the corner.

Kevin was petrified of being caught in his mother's closet. He stood behind the door shaking, peeping through the opening. He watched as the stranger pulled his mother into his arms and kissed her. His hands slid down to her shapely buttocks and squeezed.

As Kevin watched, the stranger fondled his mother's ass, squeezing her globes in his strong hands. Suddenly, Kevin could feel his fear turn to anger; anger that some strange guy was fondling the woman he dreamed about. Then, he watched as the man's hands went to the back hem of her dress and slowly pulled it up. Now, a third emotion gripped Kevin and it was the strongest one. He felt excitement; it was the same feeling he got when he smelled her panties.

"God baby, you have a great ass," the man said as his hands continued to squeeze Kathy's buttocks. Then their lips went together again and their hips began to grind into each other.

Suddenly, Kathy pushed the man back and went to her knees in front of him. She pulled his zipper down and reached in to fish his penis out into the open.

Kevin put a hand over his mouth when he saw the large "thing" that his mother pulled from the man's pants. He couldn't believe it. Something must be wrong with him, he thought, as he watched his mother squeeze the long shaft in her fist. It looked like the thing he peed with, but it was much longer, stiffer, and swollen grotesquely. The large head was red and angry looking, almost frightening, yet his mom didn't seem to be afraid of it. Kevin stared in fascination, his heart pounding in his chest, as his mother moved her hand slowly up and down the long shaft.

A large drop of clear liquid bubbled out of the head and began to drip. Kathy stuck out her tongue and lapped up the juice, and then following it with her lips to the swollen head. She moaned and sucked the head into her mouth.

Again, Kevin almost cried out as he saw his mother take the thing into her mouth.

Kathy loved oral sex. She had given her first blow job when she was fourteen and there had been many others since. Then there was that party when she was fifteen and she drank alcohol for the first time. How many boys were there? she thought, three... no four. She wouldn't let them have intercourse with her; but, she sucked them all off-one twice. The boys loved it. However, Kathy did it for herself, almost craving their hot sperm.

Now at twenty-five, Kathy loved oral sex just as much as she did then, if not more. She moaned as she sucked the large head into her mouth. She worked on the head as her hand continued to move up and down the shaft. It had been a long month since she had had a man and she was bursting with need to have him inside her. Yet, she didn't want to take the sweet rod out of her mouth.

He's a young man, Kathy thought, so he's good for a couple of climaxes tonight. Then, she moaned deep in her throat as she made her decision and began to jerk him off.

While Kevin resented the man with his mother, he also envied him. He knew that his mom had been on dates before and, in fact, would bring some of them home. However, he didn't get to see many of them.

Kathy always tried to keep Kevin from knowing when she was with men. Unless they were going to be in her life for a while, she figured it was better if he didn't know them. She also knew that Kevin was very protective of her. He had been the only man in the house since she had divorced Rick, when Kevin was six years old. Rick wasn't Kevin's father though. Kevin had never seen his real father.

Kathy had become pregnant when she was 15 and still in high school. Her parents told her to have an abortion, but she refused. While she believed in a woman's right to choose, even at her young age, she knew that it wasn't right for her. No, she would have her baby, no matter what the consequences. Her parents sent her to live with an Aunt in Texas.

After Kevin was born, Kathy decided to stay with her aunt and finish high school. By the time she reached the age of twenty-five, she had a baby, been married, and then divorced. During most of that time, she struggled to make ends meet.

Kathy didn't date that often now, but on occasion, she needed a man. She needed a diversion occasionally. Randy was a new diversion and he looked like he was up to the task.

Kevin heard the man moan and saw his hands go to his mother's head, pushing the long shaft into her mouth. Then, he could see him tense and his body freeze. He heard his mother respond with a moan as she continued to suck on the head, her hand working up and down the shaft rapidly. It appeared to Kevin that she was drinking something and there was something white leaking from the corner of her mouth. Seconds later, the hard shaft in his mother's mouth began to shrink and slipped from her lips, leaving a string of something sticky behind. Kevin watched his mother lick her lips and then lick the dripping head, still leaving some of that white stuff dripping from her chin.

"Wow, baby, that was awesome. You can suck a cock like nobody I know. Now, I need some of that pussy."

"Cock!... Pussy!" Kevin heard those terms from the boys at school but never related them to anything. Now, suddenly he realized what was going on. He watched his mother walk over and turn the lamp down until there was just a faint glow in the room. His eyes strained as he saw her take off her dress. He saw a brief glimpse of her body and then the stranger blocked his view as he pushed his mother onto the bed. A little moan escaped Kevin's lips as he watched the man pull her panties off and throw them across the room. Then, Kevin saw the man's head drop and his mother's legs go up into the air, followed by a scream. He was about to rush out of the closet when he saw her legs wrap around the man's neck and her hands grab his head.

"Eat me! Eat me! Oh God, suck my pussy," Kathy screamed and writhed on the bed as her lover's tongue dug deep into her dripping sex. It took only minutes for her to reach a peak, her body lifting off the bed in pleasure. She held Randy's hair in her fists as her body convulsed.

Suddenly, Kevin could feel something strange happening to him. He felt his own immature penis throbbing and suddenly, it was as stiff as a board. It had happened before, mostly at night, but he was never sure what caused it. Now, he knew. It began to pulse in his pants as he watched the man crawl between his mother's thighs. He couldn't see clearly but it appeared that his shaft was going into her body, somewhere between her legs. He could tell by the way she was moaning that she loved whatever he was doing.

Suddenly, the stranger's hips began to move up and down rapidly. The room was filled with their moans and the loud slapping sound of the man's balls. Kevin noted that the two round things looked gigantic compared to his tiny lumps.

Kevin watched his mother and her lover, taking it all in. They were rolling around on the bed; moaning and shaking like dogs having fits. Then, the stranger's body went tense again, he moaned loudly and then he fell heavily onto her body. The room was suddenly quiet, the silence broken only by the couple's heavy breathing.

After a few minutes, the man stirred, lifting up on his hands and falling onto the bed.

This time when he pulled his shrunken shaft out, that same sticky stuff was running from between his mother's legs. Now, Kevin knew about erections but he still couldn't figure out what the sticky substance was.

Much later that night Kevin's mother led her lover downstairs and let him out of the house. She never liked her dates to be there when Kevin got up in the morning.

Kevin took the opportunity to slip out of the closet. However, before he left, he rushed over and picked up the panties lying in the corner. He figured his mother would think her date had taken them. He rushed to his room. His mind was a whirl of excitement and confusion as he jumped into bed and wrapped the soggy cloth around his still pulsing penis. As he stroked himself, he felt an even stranger feeling of excitement come over him. His body shook and his little penis pulsed. Suddenly, there was pleasure like nothing he had ever known before. It was so intense that it almost frightened him. Still, he kept on moving the panties until the strange and wonderful feeling slowly flowed out of him. Then he collapsed onto the bed in exhaustion. Kevin had a big smile on his face and knew that he had learned a secret that no one else knew-masturbation.

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