Marian's Discovery
Chapter 1: The Discovery

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Reluctant, BiSexual, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1: The Discovery - A young married woman discovers a new world of sexual pleasure.

What was it about hunting that so captured the male mind? Marian gazed out the window at her husband's retreating back. No matter - it gave her some much needed quiet time. Time she would use to visit her special place. It had been too long. She slipped into a pair of sandals and stepped out into the garden.

It was warm and overcast. The pathways were covered with soft grass, lined on the edges with flowers. As she moved further from the house, the path became less distinct and, in the trees, disappeared altogether. But she knew the way. She'd known it since childhood. The long-abandoned part of the grounds, now so overgrown as to be invisible from the main house. It had once been a favorite spot for evening gatherings, with manicured hedges, a gazebo, fountain, benches and statutes. All were now gone except for a single bench in a clearing. Her place.

She walked though a grove of birch and alder trees and wove her way through a series of overgrown hedges, all now taller than she. Almost there. But as she was about to round the end of a hedgerow to enter the clearing, she heard a distinct moan. She started slightly. At first, she thought that it was a bird or some other animal, and she almost turned and started back to the house, but the repeated sound of moaning stopped her. The sound was unmistakably a woman.

She knelt and peered through the branches into the clearing.

Her breath caught at the sight that greeted her.

On the bench, a woman knelt, her full breasts hanging out of her open bodice and her dress pushed lewdly up over her naked buttocks. Behind her, a man knelt, his mouth working between her open legs. She was moaning with ecstacy.

With a shock, Marian recognized the woman as Cassie, her chambermaid. She couldn't see the man's face, but his muscular, black body reflected a life of physical labor.

Cassie's eyes were closed and her mouth hung open in an expression of unrestrained lust as the man's tongue explored her vulva.

Despite herself, Marian felt her heart rise in her throat with excitement. She could almost feel the sensations between her own legs. She felt a familiar slickness developing between her labia. She couldn't believe she was so aroused by the sight of a woman being taken orally. She knew she shouldn't be here, shouldn't be watching this couple in such an intimate moment, but she couldn't tear her eyes away. As if hypnotized, she stared at the rhythmic movement of his mouth between Cassie's legs wondering if he would bring her to a climax.

Her question was answered almost immediately as Cassie let out a long, throaty moan and her buttocks shuddered in orgasm. Marian pressed her own thighs together tightly, feeling a thrill shoot down her body to her warm core. Oh, what would it be like to feel a tongue exploring her from behind, pulsating with life and movement and pleasure. She could only imagine the feeling of freedom, of pure liberation.

Marian's pulse pounded violently in her ears, and her hand traveled down involuntarily to her own crotch. She pressed the palm of her hand against herself, feeling the moist heat of her body through the thin barrier of cotton as her legs parted slightly.

The man rose, and Marian's eyes widened as she saw his engorged phallus jutting massively over heavy balls. She looked up at his face and recognized him - it was Troy, one of the farm hands. As she watched transfixed, he grasped the rigid shaft in his hand and directed it between Cassie's legs. Feeling him against her, Cassie arched her back, raising her glistening buttocks in open invitation. The man grasped her hips and thrust forward. Cassie groaned with pleasure as he slid his full length into her. Her gleaming white teeth were bared and her eyes were closed as he began to thrust into her with long, smooth strokes.

As Marian experienced Cassie's animal lust, she pushed the material of her panties aside and dipped her fingers between her slick lips. Furtive, secret, and dangerous, she slipped her panties off to avoid soaking them. As her gaze locked on the man's swollen member sliding into Cassie, she found her clitoris. Warmth flowed down her legs, sending pleasure flowing to her very nerve-endings. Her other hand gripped a branch tightly as her body swayed in an involuntary rhythm, grinding against her fingers as if they could penetrate her with the same gratification as a male member.

Marian had to turn her head and press her mouth against her shoulder to stifle a cry when she climaxed, exploding her senses into waves of pleasure. Her body shook with vibrations, her fingers slick with the wetness of her release. Perspiration beaded her brow, and she drew in a ragged breath as her gaze wandered.

She heard a slight sound behind her and wheeled around. With a shock that almost made her cry out, she saw a man standing watching her.

It was Kirk, her brother-in-law. His eyes were glinting with amusement.

Oh my God, she thought, he saw me spying on them... and...

She flushed with shame, but was helpless to do or say anything for fear of discovery by the mating couple. Her eyes widened as he walked quietly behind her and looked through the clearing to see what had so captivated her attention.

"Very provocative" he whispered in her ear as he watched the thrusting couple. The man was still rhythmically sliding his glistening shaft in and out of Cassie's welcoming depths. Marian was uncomfortably aware of Kirk's warmth against her back as he leaned forward to observe the scene. She could feel his swelling against her buttocks.

She felt his hands slide up to cup her breasts.

Oh my God, she thought, he wouldn't dare.

But he was showing every intention of taking full advantage of her. His fingers and thumbs found her still-hardened nipples and squeezed them through the soft cotton material. She could feel him now fully erect against her rear.

She struggled to get free, but his arms locked around her like a vise. She went limp, realizing the futility of resistance under the circumstances. In a flash, he had unbuttoned her blouse and pulled up her camisole, exposing her rounded breasts. His warm, rough hands caressed the bare skin, finding and squeezing her nipples again. She felt an involuntary rush of pleasure through her upper body as he played with her breasts.

An equally intense heat began burning between Marian's legs, centering on the pulsing bud of her clitoris as it grew damp with the fluids of her arousal. She bit her lip on a groan, unable to prevent a slight backward thrust of her buttocks against the raging erection pressing into her.

Then one of his hands moved down behind her and she could sense him undoing the front of his pants. She almost wailed at the realization of what was happening.

He was going to put it into her.

He had discovered her, open and wet, and was going to take her from behind like a two-dollar whore.

She was distracted for a moment by a long, deep moan from Cassie as she experienced another overpowering orgasm. Then she felt her dress being lifted, the cool rush of air against her moist opening, the hard, heavy knob of his shaft against her. Then suddenly he pulled her buttocks back against his front and plunged deep into her sopping core. Marian gasped, her hands clawing at the ground with a mixture of shock and pleasure as she took the full force of his thrust into her. The planes of his flat, hard belly slammed against the firm cushions of her buttocks, eliciting a gasp of pleasure from him as he stilled momentarily to savor the sensation of her tight vulva around him.

Despite herself, Marian let out a low moan when he began to thrust inside her, the heavy pouch of his balls slapping against her open sex as he drove in and out of her slick channel. His hands slid again around her body, his palms stroking upward over the expanse of her perspiration-slick torso to her breasts, which he cupped in his hands, his thumbs flickering over her stiff nipples.

Without breaking the rhythm of his repeated plunges into her taut orifice, he slid one hand down to the front of Marian's sex, his fingers searching for the tight knot of her clitoris within the succulent lips of her labia. Two fingers splayed around the small bundle of nerves, and then, as if sensing the pure urgency of her need, he began to massage the juicy bud directly with firm strokes.

Ecstasy washed over Marian in waves, blocking out the world around her as she experienced new heights of pleasure and became immersed in the convulsions and shudders of her climax. Kirk's fingers did not cease their relentless manipulation of her until the last of the waves had coursed through her body. Then he clenched the firm flesh of her hips and began driving towards his own climax. His palms split the twin mounds of her buttocks, his plunging staff filling her beyond belief. Marian felt another wash of tiny shudders pour through her as she felt him turn to steel inside her and spurt his seed into her in long jets.

She opened her eyes as the groaning of the man behind Cassie and her panting encouragement signified his burst of pleasure inside her.

Marian let out her breath in a long, silent sigh, feeling the loosening of the man's muscles behind her. He pulled slowly out of her. She sensed rather than heard him moving away.

Silently, Marian forced her fingers to unclench. She was shaking, her mind in a whirl. Her wanton behavior both disturbed and thrilled her, and she wondered where such prurient lust came from. Had it always been part of her, or was it something new? Either way, it thrilled her to the core.

She waited until she was certain he was gone before she turned and made her way back though the woods to the house.

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