Kelly's Conversion

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Rape, Blackmail, Drunk/Drugged, Fiction, Incest, Brother, Sister, BDSM, Rough, Humiliation, Torture, Anal Sex,

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Prologue - He had known her since the fourth grade, as her fate would have it he met her again later in life and made her his own.

I had known her since fourth grade, her family had moved into to our neighborhood that summer and she and her two twin brothers had all started school that year. Kelly was a year older than the twins but her parents had held her back so they would all be in the same grade. I was always attracted to her, finding her beautiful even way back then. Through junior high and high school she had always been very athletic, being the star player on the girl's basketball, softball, volleyball, and track teams. She was intelligent also.

Starting in junior high I had asked her out every year and every year she blew me off never taking me seriously. You couldn't say we were friends, but we did talk from time to time, but just about school stuff. After graduation I went off to college to become a computer programmer not knowing what had happened to her.

About a year after I had graduated college, I was working as a computer consultant working at different job sites and working on a variety of systems. I met Ryan, while working for the local power plant modernizing their systems. He was just some lowly technician who had been assigned to drive me to the different sites while I upgraded them. As the job took two weeks, we had kind of become friends. At the beginning of the second week, on Monday, he told me he was going to the bar that evening to watch the football game and invited me to join him. I told him thanks, but I don't drink. He said great, then you can be the designated driver. Reluctantly I agreed to join him, never enjoying the bar scene, as I didn't drink or smoke. I meet him at his place after work, where he changed his clothes then he scribbled a note to his wife. Telling me that his wife was at the Church, helping out with their vacation bible school.

That night he had gotten drunk and stupid, even before the game came on. Realizing this guy was a complete ass hole, as I then watched him flirt with every gal in the place. All this while his wife was at vacation bible school, what a winner. Remembering why I hated bars, I hoped he wouldn't do anything too stupid, knowing I still had four days worth of work to do with this genius. As the game played on, his state went from drunk to shit faced, and as the game ended, our team losing, I began to shuffle him back to my car, happy that this night was about over.

Ryan so drunk that he could barely stand, having to grab onto me to steady himself several times. Once in the car we headed to his place. He just kept chatting endlessly the whole time. He was a friendly, talkative drunk and gave me his whole life story on the thirty minute drive, even telling me about how timid his wife was. I mean really, what was he thinking. We barely knew each other and yet here he was telling me how hot she was, and how she is in great shape, as she went to the gym three times a week. Then complaining about how boring in the sack she was, never allowing him to try anything new, that they always had sex in the same position and she wouldn't even let him leave the lights on when they did it.

He went on about how he had begged her to let him take some Polaroid's of her and how she went ballistic at the very thought. Wishing he would just shut up, I just kept driving, not saying a word. As he continued to go on about their relationship and their troubles. I was relieved when I pulled into his driveway, watching him get out of the car and stumble towards his front door.

He dropped his keys twice trying to open his door. Deciding that the lush would never get in without some help, I got out of my car and joined him at the front door, picking up his keys, as he dropped them once again. As I asked him which key it was to open the door, he leaned against it, to steady himself. As he started to reply to my question, the front door was pulled open, causing him to fall forward into his wife.

As he fell forward, his hand had gotten tangled in her robe. Having just gotten out of the shower, when she heard her husband trying to open the door with his key, she had pulled on her long bath robe, and had come down to let him in. As he pulled himself up, with her help, his arm pulled her robe open, exposing me to a full frontal view of her body, as I stood just to the side on the front porch. After steadying him, she pulled her robe closed again, not realizing that I had just gotten a peek at her body. As Ryan began to introduce us, I looked at her face. There in front of me was Kelly, my Kelly from the old neighborhood.

Seeing he made it in okay, I told Kelly it was good to see her again, and lying to her, I told her that I had had fun tonight. Going home that night I laid in bed, thinking of Kelly and how great she had looked. Thinking to myself what a younger me would have given for a view of her like I had gotten tonight. I began to wonder how she had married this retard, when she wouldn't even go out on a date with me. Then it came to me. A fiendish plan to befriend her husband, and get close to her. Then see what opportunities presented themselves to me.

The next week Ryan and I went back to the bar and watched the game even though I had already moved onto another job. With a little work from me, we became fast friends, as he was happy to have someone to get out of the house with. As the months went by we started to hangout about twice a week, Ryan grateful to have someone to drive him from bar to bar. As time went on, I had learned that one of her brothers had introduced her to Ryan, after the two men had meet at a bar. From there they began to date, and eventually married. Having only been married for six months when I had meet Ryan.

Kelly had been raised in a very religious family, and as she had matured, she embraced her religion and found it rewarding. She taught Sunday school to the toddler class even though she had no children of her own. She also cleaned the church building, and was an assistant in the morning Preschool class throughout the year, for which she was paid a meager $150.00 a week. But since she was not doing it for the money, she found it rewarding, and at 24, she found herself happy with her life, hoping to have children of her own soon, once Ryan found a better job. Her only wish was that her husband would give up his drinking, and embrace her religion.

Ryan was still pretty good friends with Chuck, one of Kelly's younger twin brothers the two would often go to one of local casino's together a couple of nights a week. Her brothers, not embracing their religious upbringing as she had, were a couple of degenerates, each one moving from job to job and always getting into trouble. Between spending a couple of nights out with me and a couple out with her brother Chuck, the newlyweds Ryan and Kelly saw very little of each other, over the next three years, as I worked my way into their lives. I had built them a computer, so that Ryan could surf the net, and to help Kelly prepare her Sunday school lessons. Kelly even asked me to design and host her church's webpage, as I ran several webpages on the side to boost my income. I got to really know her, as we worked together on the church's webpage design, making it just the way that she wanted it.

It was then that I decided that it was time to make my move.

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