Poker Wife
Chapter 1: And so it begins

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, NonConsensual, Rape, Blackmail, Drunk/Drugged, Fiction, Slut Wife, BDSM, Rough, Humiliation, Torture, Gang Bang, Interracial, Fisting,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1: And so it begins - A young bride is tricked into having sex with her husbands friends. She falls deeper into degradtion as she is blackmailed into becoming a sex slave for the pleasures of others. She discovers this has all been done to her to get revenge on her older sister but it is already to late for poor Lisa

"What are you talking about?" I answered back at Ron. We all were playing cards at my house, like we try to do a few times a year, when he accused me of trying to show off my wife Lisa. It's true that I am proud of how she looks, and sure I might have told her to wear something flattering, because a few of my old buddies were coming over, but Ron was reading way too much into it. Really, if it was up to me, I would have rather her not be here at all. This was supposed to be just the guys tonight, but Lisa honestly didn't have anywhere to go, so I told her that she could hang out and make us some food.

"Come on! Admit it Brian. Does she always wears a skirt like that this late, just walking around the house?" Ron asked, after Lisa went back into the kitchen to get us more beer.

"Well, not usually no. Look, how many times do you, Mike, and Carl make it over here? When I have company I want everything to look good. I don't see you accusing me of showing off my clean carpets?"

"Who are you kidding Brian! I mean she's here every time we come over, and always wearing something like that!" Mike added. "I don't think she's even wearing a bra tonight. How can you say that's not showing off?"

They finally stopped busting my chops when Lisa came back in. She was about to go back into the kitchen to watch some TV, when Ron asked her to play with us. "You're here anyway, so why not?" he said. "But you have to use your own money, no teaming up with Brian!" Mike added.

She looked at me for approval and I just shrugged my shoulders. Lisa is great that way, checking to see what I say first. Sometimes she takes criticism for doing everything I say, but I really value that old fashioned loyalty. That's one of the reasons I married her.

She sat down and started playing with us. I didn't mind her playing, but I still wanted to get in some guy talk with my old friends. Ron was supposed to tell me what was up with his cousin Megan. She's the only girl I ever cheated on my wife with. I had a one night stand with her about a week ago when we were all out at a bar, where I drank too much. My marriage would be ruined if Lisa found out about the affair, so I haven't talked to Megan since.

We were playing for about an hour when Lisa went into the kitchen, after I asked her to go get me another beer. "Must be nice to have a robot to do everything you say!" Ron said.

"Wear this, get that, do this." added Mike.

Here was the familiar criticism Lisa and I get. "Come on guys, your just jealous! Who wouldn't want a girl like that?" I shot back.

"You're right, I would want a girl to do everything I said too." Ron replied.

"Me too! Where's her remote control? Can I control her next hand?" said Carl.

I was waiting for Lisa to come back in when Mike, who was almost completely hammered said "Hey look, lets just have the winner of the next round get to hold her remote and control her. I'll hit the mute button and she'll have to shut up... haha" He was obviously wasted.

"She's not a robot! She doesn't do everything I say!" I shouted, annoyed at the accusations.

Ron then said, "We'll see, how about it then?"

Were they crazy? "How about what then?" I said.

"Have the winner of the next round control her?"

"What are you guys nuts. She would never listen to you, and besides I wouldn't even ask her. So just forget it!"

"So, if you told her to let the winner of the round control her like you always do, she wouldn't do it? She has no mind of her own, and of course, she would do it." Ron proposed.

Now I was getting angry. "She does what I say because she loves me, not because she has no mind of her own! She wouldn't do anything like what your saying." This was getting out of hand, and I was about to call it a night.

Ron checked to see if Lisa was still in the kitchen then leaned over to us and said "Just tell her to do it and we'll see if she's a robot or not. You can prove it right there. How about it?"

"No way! You are crazy as Mike. Forget about it." I shouted

Carl then said "What are you worried about? That she'll do what we say? You know that she loves you, and wouldn't do that because she has her own mind. Lets see."

Lisa yelled from the kitchen that she was sorry for taking so long and would be back in a minute. "Brian, if you don't at least just ask her I'm going to bring up what you did with Megan."

Before I could reply to that Lisa came back in and sat down and gave me my beer. Ron looked at me, like he was waiting for an answer. I gave him a pissed off look in return, to show him that I wasn't going to do this. We started the next hand.

"So, Brian, I was talking to my cousin Megan yesterday." Ron came out with.

I couldn't believe this. He was serious. This could ruin my marriage! I had to do something, so I gave in and interjected "This game is getting boring, maybe we should do something stupid to make it fun."

"Like what?" mocked Carl.

"Lisa, your almost out of money anyway so how about you stop playing, and just wait on us." I said.

"Sure, I'm getting tired anyway" she agreed.

"But to make the betting fun you'll have to wait on whoever wins the round." I explained.

"Okay, whatever." Lisa said.

Ron silently mouthed the name Megan to me, so I continued reluctantly "So whoever wins the round, you have to do what they say, Lisa."

"So if you don't win, then I'm not getting you any more beer." she joked.

Ron asked "So, if I win she has to do what I say, just like she does what you say?"

"Yeah." I let out resignedly.

"Just for the round." added Carl. "Then whoever wins the next round gets the remote."

Mike thought that the remote talk was real funny, and grabbed a remote off of the table and said, "Whoever has this remote then, controls her."

Lisa, hearing all this now, was noticeably offended. She was mad, especially at me, but I could fix this later, but I couldn't fix her knowing about Megan, so I acted like I wanted her to do this. "What do you say, honey" I asked her.

She looked at waiting for approval. Ron leaned behind Lisa, so she couldn't see him, and mouthed the word Megan, again while shrugging his shoulders. He obviously wanted me to shrug my shoulders again, to show her that I approved, so I did it.

"Okay, I'll do it."

Mike put the remote where the chips were and we started playing. We played a few hands a round so it was about 15 minutes later, before someone won the round. It was Carl. He grabbed the remote. He told her to get him a beer, like I usually do. Then, as she was about to leave the room, he said, he was just joking, and he would rather just have her sit with him for good luck in the next hand. Lisa got up, walked over and stood next to him. After a minute or so, he said, "You can just sit down here." and he put his knee out.

Lisa would never do this. I know that she was about to tell him to go to hell and Ron would eat his words about Lisa having no mind of her own. This would be over right here. She kept looking at me waiting for approval. "Do you really want me to do what they say?"

Then I saw Ron hinting about Megan again and motioning for me to shrug my shoulders. I did and Lisa sat down on Carl's knee! Lisa then said, "Fine, but I don't want to make you mad, so just tell me if you want me to stop honey." Little did she know I couldn't tell her to stop, but I trusted her, and there was no way that she would stay on this guy's knee, just because I wasn't objecting.

I sat there watching my wife looking at me from across the table, sitting on another man's knee. After a few hands the round was finally over. Mike won this time and grabbed the remote from Carl.

"What a waste." He said to Carl. "Give me that remote!" He turned to my wife and said "Lisa?"

"What Mike?" she quipped.

"Hey, call me honey. I have the remote, come on." He joked.

She waited a few seconds then said "What Honey?"

"We were wondering earlier, are you wearing a bra under your t-shirt?"

She again waited a bit before answering "No."

"Well, since you don't seem to like underwear, I say take off your panties too then." Mike said as he pretended to press buttons on the remote.

Lisa looked over at me for a second then stood up. She let out a deep sigh and slipped her underwear down and off, while carefully making sure her skirt stayed down the entire time. After she was done, she sat down in her chair.

A few hands later and the round was about to end. "I'm about to lose the remote, shit. Lisa, sit over here like you did with Carl for this last hand. Maybe it will give me some luck." said Mike.

Lisa got up and went over. This was worse than before, and I'm sure she'll see the difference. Where as Carl had on pants, Mike is only wearing shorts, and now she was no longer wearing anything underneath her skirt.

Mike put out his bare knee for her to sit on, and she slowly sat down sideways on his leg. I couldn't believe it! Doesn't she realize that her bare privates were touching my friends knee and that this is out of line?

After the next hand, Mike won the round again. After a few hands he said "Lisa, your being rude why don't you face the table." She turned her head a bit more.

"No, I mean face your whole body to the table. Your legs, swing them around and face the table, so you can get into the game more." He ordered.

She knew what he wanted I was glad she wasn't going to give it to him. She moved her legs from sitting sideways across his leg to facing forward out over his knee, but kept her legs tightly together. He wanted her to straddle his bare leg, because she wasn't wearing underwear, but I was really proud that Lisa was keeping this as proper as she could, by not opening her legs.

During the next few hands I paid close attention to how she was sitting. It was hard to tell, because of her skirt, but it looked like Lisa was really struggling to keep her balance, while facing forward on his knee, with her legs pressed together. Her feet barely touched the ground, but at least that took some of the weight off of her, so that she could keep that position. Then he lifted his knee up about an inch, by stepping on his other foot.

Lisa could no longer keep her balance, and had to put her feet down. And the only way was to put one foot down on each side of his knee. Lisa had to straddle his knee! Her skirt still covered everything fine, but I knew that Mike was there feeling her bare vagina stretched around on his leg right there!!

By the end of the round, Mike was slowly bouncing his knee up and down, trying to get what he could in cheap thrills off of my wife! Ron won the round and slid the remote over to himself.

Lisa started to get up, but Ron said that she should stay there. Mike gave him a thumbs up in return, and continued to give Lisa her knee ride. After the next hand, Ron asked her, "Why are you wearing no bra tonight, to show off?"

"No Ron! I just don't wear a bra sometimes with t-shirts like this!" she snickered back at him.

"Yeah right Lisa. Well, since you like to show off, I was going to tell you to take your shirt off. Well, as long as Brian doesn't mind?" Then everyone looked at me. I couldn't say anything because of he would tell Lisa that I cheated on her with Megan. I reluctantly shrugged my shoulders and put my faith in her. My wife had to have a limit to how far she would go and this had to be it.

Ron continued "Well look, even though Brian obviously doesn't mind, I know this is hard for you, so I'll give you a choice. I like that t-shirt a lot, because its tight and sexy, but the point of having no bra is to see some nipples through the shirt and I don't see anything. So here's the deal. I'll give you through the next hand to fix that, or you'll just have to take off the shirt. It's up to you."

Carl dealt the hand and Lisa grabbed a beer bottle and held it up to her chest for a few seconds. She pulled it away, but her nipples still weren't really erect. This was the first good sign for me in awhile, at least she wasn't turned on by all of this.

The hand was almost over when Ron chirped "Almost time to take off that top."

Lisa then let out a sigh and started to pinch her nipples through her t-shirt right in front of everyone! It seemed like it was happening in slow motion. My wife, still straddling Mike's leg, grabbing at her own breasts, while she was slowly moving up and down from his bouncing knee. Why doesn't she just make up her mind that this is too far!

"Time's up." Ron said after the hand. Lisa pinched herself hard one last time and put down her arms. Ron looked at said "There you go, that's good enough for me." Now everyone could clearly see her nipples through her white t-shirt.

"Okay just keep them that way until the end of the round, and you can keep your shirt on." Ron concluded.

The round ended about 5 minutes later. 5 minutes of watching her ride Mike's knee while grabbing at her own breasts to keep her nipples hard. By the last minute I noticed she stopped touching her chest. They were staying hard!

Mike won the round and took the remote. He had a crazy look in his eyes. He didn't say anything until the first hand was over. He just kept riding her on his knee. Up real slow and then down. She still hasn't touched her breasts for awhile now, but her nipples were even more erect now.

Then he asked her "Lisa, are your nipples still hard?"

"Yeah, Mike!" She sneered back at him.

"But, you haven't touched them for a few minutes now. How are they staying hard?" he asked.

"I guess it's cold in here!" Lisa answered, with a mean tone in her voice. She wasn't giving Mike what he wanted to hear.

"Lisa, I'll make you a deal better than Ron's. I'll just ask you two questions and if you answer them truthfully, then I wont ask you to do anything for the rest of the round, you can just sit where you arer and watch the game."

"Fine, what?" She asked.

He was still slowly lifting her up and down on his knee. Then he held her up. Then a bit higher. Her legs straddled on each side looked tired from her sort of squat position.

"What???" She asked again.

He waited a bit, and pressed up a little bit more, and held it there. Lisa had to rest and let her body weight fall to onto his leg. "First, is my leg wet?"

Lisa waited and said "Yeah a little."

It got very quiet and then mike said "Second question, is it really just a little or very?"

"I guess it's a little more than a little, whatever!" she shot back. Lisa was really getting annoyed at Mike now.

Mike started to deal the next hand and said "If you just answer honestly I'll leave you alone for the rest of the round."

Lisa yelled back "I told you that I would! What do you want?" Mike then repeated his original question "Is my leg really just a little wet or very wet? It's either a little or very? Which is it, Lisa?"

I guess she realized that it was his knee, so he had to know the truth. Lisa quietly replied, "Very."

That was horrible to hear. Even though she didn't want to admit it, Lisa just told my friends that she was very wet from doing this in front of them! Well at least it was really late so this had to be over soon.

Ron won the next Round and told her to get back to her own chair. He grabbed the remote, and said to make it fair, he would go back to the idea of giving her a choice. Ron then explained that he was going to ask her to take off her skirt, or that she could spend the round tying me securely to the chair in my underwear, so that I couldn't move. He told her that she was going to put a sexy show for her husband and he wanted to make sure that I didn't touch her. Of course he asked me if that was okay, and what could I say with Ron just waiting for an excuse to talk about Megan. I had to just trust that my wife wouldn't do anything that would need me to interfere physically.

Lisa started to tie me to the chair, and it took the entire round before Ron agreed that it was secure enough. And it was, I couldn't move at all, except for my wrists and head. Carl then dragged the chair into the living room. This is when I really started to worry. These guys are not rapists, and my wife would never do anything with them in a real sexual way, so what was going on.

They started explaining something to Lisa in the other room, where we were playing cards, but I couldn't hear. Something about my camcorders. During the next ten minutes or so, they did get both of my camcorders. I still had no clue as to what they were doing, and surely she wouldn't agree to be video taped wearing that t-shirt!

Carl came back into the living room, and turned the tv on, which was now set to show the camcorder in the card room. The camcorder was positioned where I was sitting, so that I saw my wife, who was now riding Ron's knee.

Carl then reached through the ropes that Lisa used to tie me up, and pulled my underwear down around my knees!

"You fag! What the hell are you doing?" I yelled.

"Here." Carl said, and he put my other camcorder on my entertainment center, pointing it at my crotch! 'What the hell, is Carl gay?' I wondered. He then turned up my stereo until it was blasting, and left. I yelled back at him, but he couldn't here me over the loud music.

I watched the TV intensely to see what was going on. I could hear them on the TV too. They started telling her all this bull shit about how my fantasy was to watch her have sex with all of them. Ron told her that I set this all up, and that's why I hadn't objected to any of it, and also why I let myself be tied up! Then they put the small TV from the kitchen, on the table, which I couldn't see, but I knew what it was showing, me. Ron told her that I wanted it this way, so that I wouldn't lose control after it started, and that the TV on the table would be my signal to keep going, or to stop.

He turned on the TV. I looked down at my penis to see what she was seeing. "He's hard Lisa, so he wants you to continue. That was the instructions that he gave us." 'No way she is buying this!! No way!' I thought to myself.

She looked at the screen, showing my penis, then into the camera on my old chair. I saw her face staring at me from the TV. 'Come on Lisa! Don't fall for this bull shit!' I prayed. Then she asked Ron, "Okay, so if he goes soft, then that's his signal that we are to stop?"

Ron answered "Yeah, he said that if he loses his erection that would mean that he is no longer turned on by this, and for us to stop right away."

Lisa looked back at the monitor, showing my hard penis, and sort of shook her head, as she understood everything now. I started to think of everything but sex, but it was impossible to get my erection down. Carl then mentioned that I said that it would be most comfortable to everyone involved, if she just continued to listen to them, as if they had won a round in the game.

"Lisa, stand up." Mike said, as he moved behind her, taking off his pants and underwear. "Lean over the table and put your face close to the camera." ordered Ron. Lisa bent over the table and her face was filling the TV screen, as her head was near my old chair, where the camera was now positioned.

I saw her turn her head, to look at the monitor, to check my penis again. God why am I still hard! Mike was right behind her and lifted her skirt up a bit. Then he smacked her butt hard! Lisa jumped, but didn't protest! Ron and Carl then went behind her and started to take off their pants and underwear.

Lisa looked into the camera and mouthed, "I love you" to me! Christ how could she really believe that I wanted her to do this for me?

Ron said, "I guess you should take your t-shirt off now." Lisa lifted up slightly and pulled it off over her head. Her breasts were now pressed against the table.

Ron then asked, "Lisa, are you ready to put on a good show for your husband?"

Carl said that he had an idea, and went to grab something. He brought back a notepad and started writing something with the help of Ron and Mike. Then they gave it to her.

Ron again asked, "Are you ready to put on a good show for your husband's fantasy? Here, let's make this good. When we say a number you yell what it says by the number on the pad."

Lisa looked at the paper and stared into the monitory at my hard penis again. She wanted out, I could tell, but I couldn't get my erection to go away, as much as I tried, I was still rock hard.

Ron leaned over and wrote a few more things on the paper. Then he backed up behind her, with everyone else and said, "Okay, Lisa, #1"

She read the paper, but put no feeling into it, "Oh, I'm so horny. Will someone just fuck me."

Ron slapped her ass and said, "Remember, this is his fantasy. Did that sound like you really meant it? Say it again, this time make him think that you really meant it!"

"Oh, I'm so horny! Will someone just FUCK ME!" she said louder this time, and it sounded real enough to me. I couldn't believe that she was really going to do this.

Mike stepped up from behind, right up against her. I couldn't tell for sure if he was really inside of her, but she started rocking back and forth, towards the camera a bit. He must be pushing her with his penis. She looked up again at the monitor and Ron said, "He still wants us to continue, Lisa."

Then she started rocking back and forth, there was no longer a doubt in my mind that she was having sex with Mike, right there on the TV, I was sure of it now! I struggled against my ropes but it was hopeless.

"Two!" Mike said from behind her. "You feel so good inside me!" she said sexily.

"Who feels good inside you?" Ron asked.

She waited a second and looked back and said, "Mike."

"Six!" Mike yelled. Lisa looked back down at the paper and cringed up her face.

"Slap My ass!" Lisa said.

Mike slapped her butt hard and at the same time yelled, "Seven!"

"AGAIN!" Lisa yelled!

Another slap, and she was forced to ask again. Another slap. This went on for over a minute. "Again." Lisa whimpered, and one final big slap from Mike, before he stepped back. Did he cum? Inside of my wife?! I couldn't tell.

Mike moved over and Carl took his place behind Lisa.

"ONE!" Ron said.

"Oh, I'm so horny! Will someone just fuck me?" Lisa said.

Like before she was pushed closer to the camera. But something was different this time. She seemed surprised.

"EIGHT!" Carl said.

"I love this big dick in me." Lisa said.

Carl leaned over her, while he was fucking her from behind, and asked her right against her ear "You like fucking a big cock Lisa, don't you?"

She didn't answer, so Ron said from the side, "Eight!"

"I love having this big dick in me." Lisa replied.

She was still moving back and forth in front of the camera from his thrusts.

Carl leaned over her again, right against her ear and again asked her, loud enough so that everyone in the next room, and me in my chair could hear, "You like my big cock fucking you, don't you

No answer. He kept himself right there against her ear, while still pumping his cock into her. Her face was down, facing the table. Carl pulled her hair back, pulling her face up, so that her face was now looking right into the camera and asked her again, "You like my big cock fucking you, don't you Lisa?"

Again no answer. Her teeth were clenched and she was thrusting back and forth faster now, as he was really pumping into her. She opened her eyes and looked towards the ceiling, obviously trying to move her head, but Carl had her hair tight in his hand. His mouth was still right next to her ear, still talking to her. He was now pounding her as hard as he could, and asked once more, "You like my big cock fucking you, don't you Lisa?"

Lisa shrieked though her clenched teeth, "Yesssss!" There was no number asked this time! She had said it on her own! She must have been just trying to say what he wanted. I could only hoped that's what it was.

"I could tell." Carl said, as he moved back.

"#1" Ron said.

"Oh I'm so horny! Will someone just fuck me!" Lisa whimpered.

I could tell that she was now exhausted, but I knew that Ron had to get his turn. He told her to stand up, and then moved the table away, leaving just Mike's chair in plain view. Ron sat down in it, facing me and told Lisa to take off that skirt for the finale, and she did.

"Lisa sit on my lap, facing the camera, and fuck me then, since you're so horny." Ron commanded. She walked over, turned around, and started to sit on his lap. "No, I don't do sloppy seconds. #10, Lisa."

Lisa looked down on the ground, the looked back at my monitor. "I want to get fucked in the ass." she said. I had never done this with her, and now she was going to do it with Ron, first! she looked at the monitor yet again, and then slowly sat down on Ron's lap.

Ron guided his cock into her anus. I could see everything. She was so drenched with sweat, that her butt just slowly rode down onto his shaft, until she was fully seated on his lap, with his prick fully impaled in her ass! He spread her legs wide, so that we could all see and then ordered her, "Now, fuck me Lisa! Come on, put on a show!! Move that ass up and down as fast as you can!"

With his penis in her ass, She started moving her hips in circular motion, fucking him! He just sat there, while my wife fucked him! Mike grabbed the paper, put it in her hand and said, "#11"

She slowed down in order to read it and said, "I need another dick in me." With Ron already in her ass, Carl moved in front of her, standing still. I couldn't see anything now, except for her head, because of Carl's back, but he started pumping away. My wife now had two dicks inside of her, getting double fucked, and really stretched out, and there was nothing that I could do to stop it!

Mike walked up to her head, stuck his dick into her mouth and she just started sucking! No number, no command, no nothing, just took it in her mouth. With 1 dick in her pussy, 1 in her ass, and 1 in her mouth, she started moaning like crazy. It was so loud. Over and over. Mmmppphhhh mmmmmppphhhh. She was going to cum, harder than I had ever seen her do it, I could tell.

Then they all backed off real quick, leaving her panting and about to cum. She was crazed. She looked at them panting, and gained her balance to walk over to them, but Ron stopped her. "No, get on your knees and crawl over here." and she did! My wife dropped to her knees and slowly crept over to them, still looking totally out of it with lust.

Mike grabbed the camera, and pointed it down at her. Lisa was looking up into the lense. Carl slapped one of her breasts hard. "Mmmmmpppp" came out of her throat. She liked that? Another slap. "Mmmmpphhh", she groaned, and touched herself. Another slap and Ron ordered, "Don't cum yet!" I wished that they would just let her orgasm, so that she would stop acting like this!

Mike was still pointing the camera down at her, while Ron and Carl started slapping her in the face with their dicks. Lisa grabbed them both and started to jerk them off. I had never seen her this turned on before!

Carl and Ron stood there, with her jerking them both off, and it looked like they were about to cum. Lisa sensed this, and looked back and forth at each cock, trying to figure out which one to suck, so that she wouldn't miss either load. Back and forth she frantically sucked on one and then the other. Then they both started to twitch and she panicked. Not wanting to miss either, she grabbed both of them and shoved their tips into her mouth at the same time, while both dicks exploded together, giving her so much cum, that it filled her mouth to over flowing, even with her swallowing as fast as she could.

Mike then gave the camera to Carl, and stood there jerking off. She tried to stop him, because she never got to cum, and needed a hard dick so bad. But it was too late, he spurted his load all over her face. She started to touch herself again, to finish herself off, but again Ron stopped her. He said go in there, finish with your husband. Tell him how much you liked being a whore tonight.

Lisa ran in and jumped on me. My yelling at her was drowned out by the loud music, unable to move in my ropes, I just sat there getting the fuck of my life. Mike, Ron, and Carl all left while Lisa fucked my brains out. She was talking dirty to me, telling me how turned on she was and then she came hard! She got off of me, untied the ropes, and passed out right there on the floor.

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