My Daughter Eases My Pain
Chapter 1

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Reluctant, BiSexual, Fiction, Incest, Father, Daughter, Light Bond, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Fisting, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, School,

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Man who lost wife has problems with dates and dating. His daughter 'helps' him out in a real strange way.

The time since her funeral had been long and torturous. My wife had died suddenly, in a car accident, and I hadn't even been able to talk to her that day. Then she was gone, leaving a huge empty and dark hole in my life.

We had been married for twenty-four years, getting married right out of high school. It had been the most wonderful and loving years of my life. Our friends and parents tried to talk us out of getting married so young, but we wouldn't listen and got married in spite of them.

Our love for each other grew and grew for all of our years together. We had a beautiful daughter in our second year of marriage that made our love even more special. I had never strayed, nor had my wife.

Sexually, we had tried all things and found that sex was a great and beautiful act to share with each other. We had done it all, trying to find out our limits, and discovered that between the two of us, there were no limits.

We had never had 'others' in our relationship, both being very happy with what we had together. Madeline, my wife, had loved sex in all of its forms and styles. She loved to suck me and have me suck her, so oral was always in our sex. We would have anal sex quite often, since we both enjoyed it.

We had mutual masturbation and fucked everywhere we felt like. (Even in public a few times, almost got caught several times too.) We had literally tried each thing we had heard or read about and found that there was not much we wouldn't do.

After her death, I was lost. I lived each day like a zombie. About a year after her funeral, my daughter, in college now, insisted that I get out and have a date. She set me up with several ladies. In every case the date went pretty well. When it finally led to sex, (sometimes after many dates) well, that is when things would fall apart. Quickly.

On one 'date' the lady I was with freaked out in a real big way when I attempted to go down on her. She had just let me cum in her mouth. It had been a great blowjob and I wanted to reciprocate my enjoyment to her.

I started down on her and about the time she realized that my tongue was just a few inches from my intended target she tried to stop me. I pressed on thinking that she would love it once I got started, that is when she freaked.

"DON"T. That is disgusting and filthy. You can't possibly expect me to let you do that to me. Quit that right now."

"It's all right, I think you will love it once you let me start. I really want to give you the pleasure that you just gave me. It will be wonderful."

"NO. I don't want you to do that to me. I have to go."

With that, in my total confusion, she jumped up got dressed and left. She refused to date me after that and I heard through the grapevine that she thought I was a very sick man.

Imagine that, she sucks me to completion, letting me cum in her mouth and she won't let me return the favor, thinking that I am a very sick man. Takes all kinds I guess. I really was surprised by her views. Glad it never went farther than it did though.

Another lady was very hot in bed but didn't like anything around her cute little asshole. She didn't freak out, she got mad. I stopped right away when she said to, but then she dwelled on it for days afterwards. I finally stopped asking her out.

My dates were progressively getting worse so I finally quit asking women out all together. My daughter, Sue, became worried about me, and even though she was very busy with her schooling, she started to drop by the house on weekends and stay with me.

On one such stay I had been out with the boys for a fun night at a local tavern. I came home and didn't know that Sue was home. I went in to my bedroom and got undressed, a bit tipsy, and then went into the bathroom to relieve myself of some of the beer that I had drank.

On my way back to my bed I walked by her room and saw her lying on top of her sheets. She looked so much like her mother. I don't know when or why, but I found myself on top of her, kissing her face and neck.

She woke up and didn't make a sound, just lying there as I kissed her and started to feel her body. My hands were in her nightgown on her breasts before I realized that this was wrong, this was my daughter.

I was shocked, drunk as I was, and very ashamed of myself. I ran out of the room, apologizing as I left. I lay in my bed for the rest of the night, afraid that I had now chased my daughter away from my life.

In the morning I made up a breakfast for us and had just finished it when she came out, still in her nightgown. Usually she would have been dressed. I could see her hair was wet, signifying that she had taken a shower.

"Daddy, why did you stop last night?"

"Oh God Sue, I shouldn't have ever done what I did last night, I am so sorry. It's no excuse, but I was very drunk. Please forgive me?"

"You don't have anything to forgive daddy. You have missed mom so much, and you haven't had a date in quite a while. I was willing last night you know. You could have had me if you had wanted to. I understand how hard it must be for you."

"Sue, that can't happen. I am your father you are my daughter. We can't ever have sex, it is wrong. Your mother would've killed me if she thought that I was... that we were... WE JUST CAN'T. THAT'S ALL."

I was upset and mortified that my daughter would offer herself to me like she just had. Not only was it the wrong thing to do, deep down I just couldn't see my daughter as a sexual being, not for me anyway.

Sue left and got dressed. She was quiet for the rest of the day and I stayed away from her. I felt so uncomfortable with her now. I had been drunk but that was no excuse for what I had started.

That night as I lay in bed trying to get to sleep I heard her come into my room. Standing at the foot of my bed, I saw her drop her robe and then start to crawl into bed with me. I turned on the lamp next to the bed and saw Sue, my daughter, naked. She looked into my eyes and then sat up showing me her whole body.

I was speechless. I didn't know what to say and my mind had shut down as far as my running out of the room. She looked so much like Madeline that my heart just melted at the sight of her nakedness.

I finally found my tongue and jumped up off the bed.

"SUE. You can't do this. It is wrong; I thought that we had that understanding this morning. You need to go to your room, NOW."

"Daddy, I love you and you need me now. It will be all right. I am pretty good in bed and it isn't like I am a virgin or anything. I have been sexually active for quite some time now. I just want to make you happy again dad. That's all."

"No, NO. I love you too Sue, but I can't do this. I know that you are trying to make me happy, but this, this is all wrong. Absolutely and positively wrong."

Sue finally stood up and pulled on her robe. No tears, no crying, just silence. I watched as she left my room and went into hers. I hoped that I had convinced her now that I was serious. I loved her more than life itself, but wrong was wrong and I had been raised to know better.

That whole next week was quiet and I fell into my work pattern. That is to say, get up, go to work, come home, eat, sleep, get up, etc. etc. Pretty boring life for a single man I guess, but what else was there to do? Go get drunk? No thank you. I would go out once in a while, but to drink constantly, well, I had no need to do that.

That Friday, Sue showed up around seven and had three friends from college with her. Becky, Cindy and Teresa. Sue introduced me to them. They would give Sue a certain 'cat got the canary' look as each girl was 'presented' to me. It was all really strange.

Later I mentioned that I was going to the store to get some steaks for grilling the next day, and Becky asked if I would get some beer.

"Mr. Johnson, could you get us some beer while you are there? I have some money."

"Becky, call me Dave. Are you girls old enough to drink? I wouldn't want to get in trouble for contributing to the delinquency or something."

"Oh daddy, we are all old enough, you should know that. I will chip in too."

"Hey, Mr... I mean, Dave, I'll tag along. I want some wine coolers instead of beer."

Teresa was a very well built blonde and had a very, well, sexy way about her. I could see her having all kinds of men stumbling and acting like idiots around her. She knew what she had too, you could see that plainly. Her walk, her dress, and the looks she would give you were guaranteed to get you revved up and roaring to go.

The trip to the store was a bit awkward for me. I had a beautiful young lady sitting next to me in the car, and she was distracting to me in a very real and even dangerous way. I felt like a dirty old man as I drove into the parking lot. All kinds of people were staring at us as we got out and walked into the store.

It didn't help when Teresa took my hand in hers and tucked her arm through mine as we walked in. I tried to break away, but she had a good grip on me. I gave up and just enjoyed it, knowing that she was just playing around.

We got our food and booze and headed back out to the car. As I opened the driver's door, Teresa jumped in front of me and entered sliding across the drivers side and stopping in the middle of the bench seat.

I put the groceries in the back seat and got in beside her. Her knee came up against mine as I started the car up.

"Uh, wouldn't you rather be over there on the passenger's side of the car Teresa?"

"Oh no Dave, I like it where I am. I want to sit beside you sweetie."

I was stunned at this development. She was the same age as my daughter. I wasn't sure, but I thought she was coming on to me. Perhaps, I finally thought, she is teasing me. I decided that she was teasing me for some unknown reason.

"Teresa, you shouldn't tease me like this. You can tease boys your age, but you should leave old men like me alone. I don't think you know what you are doing to me here."

"Hey, who says I'm teasing? Maybe I like older men. Maybe I want you. I think you have the knowledge I want in bed. You know, how to get and keep a man's attention."

"Oh, I think you already know how to get a man's attention. You certainly have mine. It's just not a good idea. I am old enough to be your father for starters, and secondly, you are my daughter's friend. Not a good idea. At all."

She wouldn't move over, so I finally just drove back to my place. The whole drive over she would rub her leg against mine and one time her hand caressed me along my neck and up to my ear.

"You are a sexy guy, do you know that Dave? I'll bet you are one hot lay."

I almost lost control of the car when she said that. She was caressing my neck at that time and there wasn't much I could do about her right then, having to drive and all. We got home and I practically ran the stuff into the house in a futile attempt to get away from her.

My heart beating fast and my breathing was labored. I started to put things away when Teresa waltzed into the kitchen. She started to 'help' me as I moved around the room. Her hands were on me each chance she had. I fought to keep control of myself and not become a jerk, but it was hard.

I heard laughing and looking up I saw Becky, Cindy, and Sue. They had been watching Teresa as she fondled me and I tried to break away. I was mortified. Something wasn't right here for sure. Sue had a look that told me she was up to something in a big way.

"What's the matter daddy afraid of a little girl? Been so long since you have had any that you can't remember what to do?"

"Sue, this is impossible. It's not funny. I am your father. We need to talk, come with me to my room."

They were all laughing at me now, and I was getting over my stunned shock of the situation. I marched Sue into my bedroom. As I went to close the door the other girls crowded in with us.

"WOW, look at the king-sized bed. We could all fit on this baby."

Becky flung herself on my bed as she shouted that comment for all to hear. I was in shock all over again. What the hell were they trying to do? Get an old man all worked up? Why?

I had turned to watch as Becky jumped onto my bed. When I turned back to Sue I saw her looking over my shoulder at Cindy and Teresa. I turned to look at what she was looking at and was at a loss for words momentarily.

Cindy was naked, and Teresa was just pulling off her panties. I was looking at two exquisite creatures. They both had well trimmed pussies and Cindy's breast's were firm and stuck out like pyramids. Teresa's breasts were larger, still firm, but they had a tiny bit of sag due to their size.

I realized that I had a serious problem on my hands and everything had gone so fast I had no idea on how to stop this. The young flesh being paraded in front of me was also turning me on.

I looked back at Sue and saw that Becky had gotten undressed also. Her body was tight and very 'hard'. Her breasts were somewhat smaller, but they really stuck out. Her nipples were also an interesting item. They appeared to be hard as rocks and sticking out about three-quarters of an inch from her areolas.

MY tongue seemed to have left my body since I couldn't say a word now. I was so unbelievably stunned that I just stood in my bedroom with three nude young ladies standing in front of me.

"Oh look! Dave likes us!"

"WOW, what a bulge down there. Is that a jar of pickles in your pocket or are you really happy to see us naked?"

"I get him first. I went with him to the store, so I get to have him first."

"Hey, shouldn't Sue decide who gets him first, after all, it is her dad."

"Sue, you have to let me have your dad first. I really need it bad."

They had all gotten in close to me and were undoing my clothes. I was still in lala land and didn't react like I probably should have. I mean it had been quite a while since I had had any sex and they were so, well, naked.

"Sue, you can't be serious. I can't do this. You are all young enough to be my daughters. We can't do this, it isn't right. Stop that, right now."

They paid me no mind and in a matter of minutes I was as naked as they were. I turned to find Sue and again got a shock. Sue, my daughter, had taken off her clothes and was coming up to me.

Her friends trapped me. Becky had a tight grip on my cock and was slowly jacking me off. Teresa was fingering my ass and kissing me on the mouth as I tried to break away. Cindy was rubbing my chest with one hand and fondling my balls with the other.

Sue stepped up to me and took my hands in hers. She put them on her breasts, holding them there. She looked into my eyes and told me of their plans for the weekend.

"Dad, you are now our slave. We will tell you what we want you to do and you will do it. We want to have you, carnally. You will suck and fuck us all weekend. You are not an old man this weekend you are our stud. You are not a father you are my sex God. We are going to fuck your eyeballs out and there is nothing you can do to prevent it."

"NO! Sue we can't. I am your father. You girls are too young. This isn't right."

"I'll tell you what isn't right dad. You have not had a woman for too long. You had a nice big and very hard cock that you are not sharing with anybody. You have all of the knowledge from you and mom saved up in your head and you haven't given it out to me. That is what's not right."

"SUE. I can't do this. What will people say if they find out?"

"They would be jealous of you for having four sexy women at your disposal. They would be upset because those four sexy girls had your wonderful cock for their enjoyment. This is going to happen like it or not, so you might as well get used to it and get with the program, old man."

My erection gave me away. I still think that I had it due to the stimulation and the lack of sex I had had recently, but nonetheless I had the erection that made everything possible.

I was soon on my back on the bed. I had a woman straddling my head and her tight, hot, wet, and young pussy was grinding on my nose and mouth. My tongue was licking at her clit when it passed by on her strokes along my face.

I had a hot wet mouth on my cock. The girl was very good at what she was doing. I felt the head of my cock hit her throat several times, and then all at once I realized that she had all of me in her mouth and down her throat. Her lips were on the base of my cock.

I felt another tongue on my balls and it was licking in long slow strokes up and down them. I felt it go down further once and it lightly rimmed my asshole. I could feel it as it insistently poked at my nether hole, demanding entrance.

I didn't last too long and as I started to cum I tried to let the girl who was taking me down my throat know I was close. Her mouth came up off of me and I heard Sue say, I want it all down my throat dad. Shoot it down my throat.

I then felt her take me back into her mouth, and again down her throat. I lost it at that point, mostly because of the unforgiving tongue in my ass. I shot my first load of cum straight down my own daughter's throat.

The girl riding my face started to climax and her motions got jerky. I felt her flood my mouth and face with her juices. I licked them up as best I could, relishing the taste of the young pussy juice flowing into my mouth.

Becky got off my face and as she did Cindy straddled me. She looked down at me and smiled.

"If you lick my asshole like I did yours, I'll let you fuck it later."

I was speechless. I had just been given a world class blow-job by my own daughter, sucked a very young ladies pussy until she literally sprayed all over my face, had my asshole reamed out by another young woman, and now that woman was telling me that if I licked her asshole like she had done for me I could fuck her ass later.

I couldn't think at all. I collapsed back and closed my eyes as I felt Cindy lower her pussy and ass down onto my face. Sue was still sucking on my soft but now hardening cock. Teresa was getting involved too. She had her face on my stomach and was moving down to Sue. Soon I was getting a double blowjob.

My senses were in overload and I just gave up at that point and went wherever the tide took me. I had never had more than one woman at a time, ever. My daughter had given me a blowjob to end all blowjobs. Her friends had held me and now, sucked me. I had sucked on an almost virginal pussy her juices flooding my face and mouth like Niagara Falls.

I got Cindy off with my tongue in her asshole and my fingers in her pussy. I found that as she came her asshole opened up looking so inviting. Her pussy clamped down on my three fingers and I couldn't even move them in her at all she held me so tightly. Sue moved up to my head and lovingly looked down at me as Cindy climbed off.

"You tasted so good daddy. I never thought that you would taste so good. Mom must have really liked to suck down your cum. I know that I really do."

"I can't believe that this is happening. Sue, you know that this isn't right. You planned for this to happen and now you have really messed things up here."

"Oh no daddy. I have really opened things up, not messed up. I have always wondered what it would be like to 'have' you. After this weekend I will know. You have so much to teach me, us actually. You will be our professor. Our professor of love. What we learn from you will be a standard that we will hold against all men from now on."

"Sue, can't you see that me and you having sex is wrong? Fathers and daughter shouldn't have sexual relations."

"Hey, will you two just shut the fuck up and get with the program here. I need some release and 'daddy' is getting soft. Sue, go take a shower or something until I get this monster cock in my little pussy."

Teresa had moved up between my legs and was now attacking my cock with gusto. Her mouth and tongue were moving all over and soon I was in her throat deeply as I could go. She gagged a few times, but gamely kept my all in.

I watched, as she would take me in and out of her mouth. Her eyes were always on mine and I found that to be the sexist thing I had ever experienced. To look into a woman's eyes as she sucked you into her throat was the hottest thing I could imagine. It was like window into her soul with nothing hidden just pure unadulterated joy.

In a matter of a few minutes I had another hard-on. Teresa slipped up and straddled my legs. Her hot, wet and very tight pussy slowly enveloped my cock. She worked it into her depths so excruciatingly slowly. Buried, after a moment she just held still. Her eyes were on mine as she then started to roll her hips, beginning a dance that would see both of us off to nirvana.

Teresa was very good at fucking. Obviously all of these girls had some experience at sex. I was the lucky beneficiary of their talents. I may have been their professor, but they already had A-plusses as far as I was concerned.

Sue moved up and placed her pussy on my mouth. I was still a bit reluctant to do this with my daughter, but after the wonderful deep throating she had given me I finally decided that I could at least pay her back with a good tongue-lashing.

Teresa kept up her rolling movement posting on my hardness. After a bit I felt her start to cum. She was shaking and moaning in such a manner that I couldn't hold back and shot off into her tight wet pussy as she orgasmed.

Sue pulled back off of me and I looked up to see that Becky was now sucking on Sue's breasts. Cindy crawled over and started to go underneath Becky as she knelt in front of Sue. Sue was fingering herself and letting Becky suck on her nipples.

As I became a bystander I watched Cindy start to finger Sue and still keep on sucking Becky. Teresa meanwhile was back on my cock, trying to get me hard again. I let her play with me and absently began to finger her little asshole.

Teresa moved around so that we were in a classic sixty-nine and really started to suck on me. I had her wet, cum filled pussy over my head and I just couldn't resist licking her with my tongue.

I stabbed my tongue into her pussy and started to suck out our combined juices. When she realized what I was doing she started to jerk around and for a minute I thought she was trying to get away. I soon realized that she was cumming. Little tiny rolling orgasms were cascading over her taught body.

I was amazed at this event. I had never seen a woman have an orgasm like this before. (Not that I had had a lot of women before.) I watched her body as she orgasmed over and over. I felt her throat open up and my cock slide in. Her lips ground on my pubic hair. Her twitching was running up through her body and I could feel it in her mouth and throat. I soon had an enormous erection. It was so hard it almost hurt.

Teresa flopped off to the side and Cindy moved up to straddle me now. She had her back to me and when she got in position, she lowered herself down. When my cock was about to enter her pussy, she grabbed it and moved the head of it to her tight little asshole.

Sue showed up with some KY jell and slathered it in and around Cindy's asshole. She then rubbed some on my hard cock. Cindy then aligned herself to my cock and slowly lowered herself down. Cindy worked my cock into her and soon had me all of the way in her ass. I hadn't been in such a tight hot hole for quite a while and I almost lost it right away.

I managed to hold off and she rocked on me until she had loosened up enough to start stroking up and down on my cock. She would go all the way up until the head of it was about to get out and then she would plunge down taking it all in to the base. She kept this up until her orgasm hit her. She started to cum hard and really began to ride my cock.

I felt the beginnings of my orgasm quickly approaching. The third in such a short time. I must have been overdrive due to the impossibility of the situation. Brain in a fog I came for the third time this evening not far behind Cindy.

Afterwards we all cuddled up together and fell asleep. I awoke in the morning within a tangle of legs and arms. I managed to get out and get to the bathroom. I took a shower, shaved, and did my personal morning stuff. I then got dressed and started breakfast.

As I cooked, I thought back over the last night's events and tried to come to grips with myself. I had fucked and sucked my daughter's college friends. I had even been sucked off by my daughter. I thought back to when she had been a little girl and the thoughts I had for her for when she grew up. Her having a good boyfriend then a husband. This was not at all what I had planned.

The girls all got up and showered and when I had breakfast done, they were all sitting at the table, ready to eat. They all kept looking at me and smiling. They giggled and whispered to each other throughout breakfast. I was getting uncomfortable again because I knew that they were planning something that involved me.

After breakfast Sue took me aside and told me to take it easy for a bit while they cleaned up the kitchen. Walking out to the living room I realized that I was the only one fully dressed. They were just in their robes. I should have known that something was going to happen this morning.

I grabbed the morning paper from the front stairs and went to my favorite chair. Sitting down I started to read it, catching up on the local news first. I sensed rather than saw someone slip up next to me. I had the paper up and was holding it with both hands as I read.

Hands reached out and started to caress my legs. Other hands started on my neck and head. Still other hands started to unbutton my shirt. Then my pants. I put the paper down to look at four young naked women, ready to play yet again. Tossing the paper aside, I opened up my arms and was immediately attacked by very aggressive and strong bodies.

They pulled and pushed me onto my patio up to my hot tub. My clothes were stripped off and I was led into the warm bubbling water. Four nude girls followed me in and I was soon being fondled under the water and of course, doing some fondling of my own.

Sue was the first to directly approach me. She backed up to me and I felt her hand on my cock guiding me into her pussy. As she settled down on me she leaned back and took my hands in hers, placing them on her breasts. Then she started to pump up and down on me like she was riding a horse.

I had her breasts in my hands and could feel her nipples, hard as diamonds, poking into my palms. I started to roll them between my fingers, pinching them every so often. Sue shot into a very hard cum and shook all over as she came. She finished up and moved away before I could cum.

Becky moved up to me next and aligned my cock to her asshole. She lowered herself onto me and when I was about a third of the way in, she just let go and fell down on my hardness, taking all of it into her tight tender ass. She froze there for a bit, then as she got used to the intruder, she rolled and pumped at the same time, fucking my cock with a motion that never seemed to quit.

Her ass was so hot and wonderfully tight I was having a very hard time preventing myself from cumming. I knew that with two other girls waiting in the wings I needed to have control and be there for them too, so I was trying my damnedest to last. Finally, Becky came with a groan and fell away from me. I caught her and held her until she regained her senses.

After she got up and moved away, Teresa grabbed my hand and pulled me up and out of the tub.

"We need to get dried off before we are all like prunes. Lets go inside, I want to try something new and different."

Curious, I followed this angel in. Her hand never let go of mine. Teresa had some knack for making me feel so special like I was her boyfriend or something of the kind. I liked the whole idea of being her boyfriend but I knew too she was too young for 'that' kind of relationship.

"I heard about this from a friend who saw a porno. In the movie he swore that this woman did something so nasty that he wouldn't even tell me about it. I found out by renting it myself. Since then I have always wanted to try it. I think that now is the time and you are the man for the job."

She led us into the living room where somebody had put down two sleeping bags, some pillows, and of all things, a large plastic sheet. Teresa lay down on the plastic sheet, crying out as her warm skin touched the cold smooth cover.

She spread her legs way apart and then worked them up and over to her head. Here was this creature, this beautiful, shapely, and desirable woman, spread out and totally exposed to my view. Her pussy lips were wet and slightly open. Her little brown bud was open a bit and it seemed to be opening and closing in little motions, drawing me in to touch.

Cindy came in with a bottle of cooking oil. She opened it up and poured it all over Teresa's wide spread crotch. Her pussy glowed with the sheen of the oil.

"Dave, I want you to finger me. Run your fingers up and down my slit, then finger fuck me. OK?"

"OK. Is this what you want babe?"

"Teresa, please call me Teresa. I don't like to be called babe. Yeah, that is what I want you to do, only add another finger."

I had two in her tight pussy and stroking them in and out when she said that. I wasn't sure where this was leading, but I was beginning to get an idea. This was something new. If it went where I thought it was anyway.

"OK. Now, add another finger. I want all four fingers now please Dave."

I obliged her and inserted my fourth finger. It was so tight and wet I was getting a hard-on just fingering her. Her next command was the one I had been waiting for. At that point I knew that we were going where none of us had been before.

"Now, uh, well... put in your thumb. I think I am ready for your thumb now Dave."

"Are you really sure Teresa?"

"OH YES. Please, put it in."

I pulled back my hand a bit then rolled my thumb in alongside of my fingers. I pushed into her gently as I could. Teresa was having none of that at this point. She grabbed my hand at my wrist and pulled it in fast. It happened so quickly and I wasn't expecting her to do that. She had my whole hand in her pussy. Up to my wrist. I held still as she shuddered and actually came. Then she pulled in more of my hand.

Pretty quick she had me fully in her pussy. She moaned and was cumming in an almost steady rhythm. I stroked in and out of her tightness, being careful to be gentle. She was about to pass out so intense were the feelings she was having. I heard Sue and Becky moan and looked over to see them masturbating wildly as they watched me fisting Teresa.

Cindy had disappeared and I was busy having fun so I didn't really care where she had gone off to. Teresa was still having multiple orgasms and I was now stroking about a good third of my lower arm into her pussy. I had balled up my hand into a fist and keeping my fingers tucked in so the fingernails wouldn't scratch her. I let her set the speed.

I suddenly felt something at my asshole. When I turned to see what was up, Cindy had shown up and had a carrot in her hand. She smiled at me and pushed a finger into my ass. I wasn't sure I wanted her fucking my ass, since I had no bisexual or homosexual tendencies, but I was tied up at the moment fisting Teresa.

I felt a mouth on my cock and looking down between my legs I saw Sue beginning to give me another world-class blowjob. Cindy meanwhile, had the carrot at my asshole and began to push it in.

Becky came up alongside of Teresa and opened up her legs.

"Do me too. Fist me. I want to try it. The oil is right there. Come-on Dave, fist me too."

I started to finger her tightness. After a few minutes of gentle pressure, oil, and fingering, I had my hand in Becky's pussy too. Teresa had passed out and as I fisted Becky, I removed my hand very carefully from Teresa's pussy. I leaned down as best I could and kissed her now red and swollen pussy.

Becky was thrashing around and getting very vocal as I fisted her. I tried to be gentle as I could but her movements were hard to adjust for. Cindy had that carrot totally up my ass and was stroking it in and out. Sue was deepthroating my cock and before I could even warn her I shot off, forcing her to swallow my load.

Becky came and came hard. I barely kept my balance as she rocked and rolled around my hand in her pussy. Sue pulled up by me and took my head in her hand and gave me an open mouthed kiss. I could taste my cum on her tongue as she fed it to me.

We all collapsed after a few minutes and rested. Cindy was the only one who hadn't been serviced so I offered to fist her too. She looked at Teresa and Becky, passed out on the sheet and then said that she would take a rain check. She had a different thing she wanted to try.

"I will let you fist me later. When you are able to, I want you to fuck my ass. I want you to do something else while you do that too. If you would want to that is."

"What would that be?"

"Would you... uh... well would you, you know, well, try to put your hand in my..."

"You want me to fist you in your..."

"Yeah, if it doesn't hurt too much. I really like anal play, and I think it would be so far out to have you do that. If, that is, you would want to do that."

"What brought that on?"

"I watched that movie with Teresa, and the gal in it did just that. She had a man fist her in her ass. She looked like she really enjoyed it too. I have wanted to try it ever since."

"Well, I don't want to hurt you Cindy. I just don't know if I will be able to do that without hurting you "

"You can loosen me up by fucking me first, then we could just work up to it gradually. Please, I really want to try it."

"OK. I guess we could at least try it. The first sign of pain I quit though, OK?"


We rested for a bit then Cindy got into position. As her friends watched, I stuck my hard cock into her ass and fucked her for a bit. Then when she had loosened up, I pulled out and began to finger her tight little rosebud. After a lot of oil and patience, I had four fingers all the way in her ass. Cindy was really getting into this lewd act, and the other girls were too.

As I fingered her, I saw Teresa sit down in front of me and then take my cock into her mouth. I hadn't cum while fucking Cindy's asshole, and it had just been pulled out. This was so nasty I almost came right away. I let Teresa suck me and she didn't seem to mind where it had just been.

I noticed Sue lick her lips as she watched Teresa suck on my cock, and realized that the whole idea of doing that must have turned them both on. Becky, on the other hand was intently watching my hand and fingers as I played with Cindy's asshole.

Cindy moaned and then begged me for the rest. I carefully folded my thumb and pressed it in. I felt a little pop and my hand seemingly flowed into her extremely tight rear end. I couldn't believe that I had my hand in her ass. I was in a daze and stopped moving for a bit.

Cindy cried out and started to move back and forth on my hand. She was fucking my hand as I held still. I had my whole hand in her ass and she loved it. My feelings were so mixed and the mouth on my cock was distracting me too.

I watched as Cindy started to cum. All too soon she had the mother of all orgasms. I was so in awe of everything going on I just lost it and shot a huge load into Teresa's mouth. She swallowed it all and licked me clean. We all collapsed again and slept for several hours.

So far this had been twenty-four of the most demanding, exciting, and mind boggling hours I had ever had. I had dreams of youth and naked flesh the whole time I rested, laying on the sleeping bags, on the floor. Of course, I had four naked young ladies sleeping with me right there too.

Deep down I was still bothered by the sexual acts I had shared with my daughter. I knew, logically, that she had forced the issue with me. My relenting to her wishes was bothering me now. I was unsure of what our future would be like from now on.

Waking, I found myself covered with a blanket alone. The girls were gone. I got up and showered. Changing underwear, I got dressed. When I got back out in my living room, I picked up the things on the floor and put them away. The plastic sheet I took outside and hosed off, hanging it up on the old clothesline out back to dry.

I had no neighbors nearby, the closest being about one mile down the road. I didn't have to worry about someone seeing me with these nymphs, naked and fucking. I still had misgivings about the whole thing though. Was I losing it? Was I becoming a dirty old man? I didn't even know myself anymore.

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