Female Anatomy Class
Chapter 1

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Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Penny is a student at Barrett University. She was doing poorly in most of her subjects, and was recently caught after curfew, drunk on the campus grounds. The school decided to expel her. The meeting with the Dean Kenneth Richards to appeal against the decision leads to the most humiliating moments of her life.

Penny made sure to be punctual at her disciplinary hearing with the Dean of Barrett University. She was doing poorly in most of her subjects, and was recently written up for being caught after curfew, drunk on the campus grounds. The University was a very small, private, all-girls institution with very high standards and strict regulations. Students unable to live up to the University's expectations were expelled without much fanfare.

Penny looked very professional in her business suit. Her reddish-brown hair was pulled up, and her skirt showed off her lovely legs. She took a deep breath before knocking. She waited a moment before entering, realizing that the situation was similar to her younger years when she would get sent to the principal, but the stakes this time were much higher- her entire future was on the line!

Dean Kenneth Richards was a well-built man in his forties. He sat behind his desk hardly acknowledging the girl. The office was sparsely furnished with medals and plaques hanging on the walls from the man's military career. He trained men to jump out of airplanes or something, Penny recalled hoping to fit her knowledge of his past into the conversation.

"Good Afternoon, Dean Richards," Penny said cheerfully as Richards motioned for her to take a seat. She sat slowly, gracefully crossing her legs. She scanned the walls and added, "You must have had some career, sir. Airborne Division wasn't it?" Richards expression remained unchanged as he replied, "Yes, Miss Yoder, it was a very promising career- until my injury." He folded his arms symbolizing the end of the token pleasantries and said, "Miss Yoder, I'm afraid that your hearing is going to be very brief. You see, your behavior was in clear violation of the student handbook, and I truly have no choice whatsoever except to recommend your dismissal." Penny knew how hard a man Richards was rumored to be, but she was overwhelmed by his quickness to pass sentence. Penny took a deep breath to keep herself from tearing up. She had studied the student handbook prior to this afternoon and was hoping that her time studying the manual wasn't in vain.

She produced her wrinkled copy and turned to the page she had marked. In her sweetest most pleasant voice she said, "Dean Richards, Sir, I understand that I did something very wrong, but I do think that I could do better academically with more time. My good friend Susan had stayed with me on the weekend of my lapse of good judgment. I admit that we got carried away, but-," she paused to collect her thoughts, "I was hoping that you could let me do a University Service Project," her finger pointed to a rather unknown disciplinary option described in just a few short lines in the handbook. Essentially, the service projects were assigned completely at the discretion of the Dean of the University. There were some guidelines suggested in the book such as amount of hours necessary for completion, and so forth. Richards read the passage to himself and smirked. A thought occurred in the dark recess of his mind. Hmm? He sure hated to see one of the prettiest girls on campus leave. And she was, indeed, in a very compromising situation. He would first have to put on an act, make her think that the projects weren't meant to be easy. He looked at the girl's adorable pixy-face as if she were joking.

"Let me get this straight, Penny. You want me to have you rake leaves and put stamps on envelopes so that I'll forget the whole matter? Would that be fair?" he said in an intimidating, booming voice. The young woman was truly on the verge of crying now. Her last hope was being dashed. She looked down and said with resignation, "Oh, I see. I was just hoping to make it up to the school, that's all." she said like a true patriot. Richards continued the bluff for a moment, "Miss Yoder, I will make out your transfer forms and have them sent to you. In the meantime, I suggest that you gather your belongings from your dorm room." She turned her back and stood. Her eyes were watery. "Good Day, Sir." she said with a sniffle as she strode toward the door.

Richard's mind raced. It was time to offer her "the deal". He half stood, "Wait one moment, Miss Yoder", he said hesitantly as if questioning himself. She turned with renewed hope, "Yes... Sir." "Penny, I am not sure of the details, but there just may be a project waiting for you. You see, I understand that our affiliate school- the Warner Institute for Men has a dilemma. Their medical program is quite good, one of the very best. I teach a few courses there part-time, myself. Anyway, the graduating class completes special projects every year with volunteer patients. The only problem has been that with the campus being exclusively male, there are no projects concerning the opposite sex. I would like to see that change this year with your help. Now, it may not be fun for you, but I would be willing to forget the alcohol matter, and maybe arrange for some tutors if you'd be willing to spare a few hours of your time for the next couple of weeks helping the young men, and actively becoming a part of their studies. I will have to discuss things with the medical professors first, but what do you think?"

A thousand questions raced in the girl's mind. She didn't like the idea of volunteering to be some sort of guinea pig, nor did the thought of being surrounded by biology nerds appeal to her, but she knew that any hesitation on her part could allow Richards to retract the offer- she had no choice! "Sir, I would be pleased to help out in any way that I could." Richards realized that she had no choice but to accept his demands. Barrett was a school that promised its graduates success. He knew how hard it was for the women to get in, and also realized the strain that tuition put on families. Her parents would kill her for ruining such a promising future. Holy shit! What did I say? She thought. A contract had just been signed with the devil, himself! I know nothing about these projects, she thought. What could they entail? She came out of her daze and heard Richards speaking on the phone: "Yes, Eugene, I have her in my office right now." (Pause) "Yes, nineteen I believe." (Pause) "Wednesday should be fine, we'll be there, thank you- Bye." (Click)

Richards was beaming on the inside and suppressing a sinister smile. "Well, Miss Yoder," he said extending his hand, "Welcome back to Barrett University!" She shook his hand uncertain of how to take the news. "Thanks, Sir." The man wished that he could lean back and have a cigar. Instead, he looked at Penny in a different way. He would be seeing this gorgeous young lady over the next couple of weeks in ways that she couldn't even imagine. The power was overwhelming!

He wanted to remind Penny, however, that she was, in fact, being punished and his words came out harsh and in a threatening tone, "Now a few words are in order. First, you will be working with three groups of young men. These gentlemen are among the finest future doctors in the country. They are involved in intense studies, and will be relying on you. Once you begin, there is no quitting. I hope that you understand," she nodded. She redirected her gaze listening to Richards intently hoping for any clues to the nature of the projects. "Secondly, I expect you to be prompt, helpful, and courteous to the gentlemen. You are not working with them, you are working for them- keep that in mind. If I hear so much as a rumor that you failed to perform your duties, you will be expelled immediately. This is your second and last chance at this University." "Yes, Sir," Penny responded in military fashion. "And lastly, Miss Yoder," Richards said choosing his words delicately, "I don't want to make you blush, but you are a big girl now and I hope that you are at the age that you are mature enough to handle some of the subject matter that will be covered. Down the road, these gentlemen will perform hundreds of examinations of women. By then, you will just be a faint memory. I want you to understand that the nature of some examinations you'll receive may possibly deny you of your modesty. This is a disciplinary project and not meant to be fun or enjoyable, Miss Yoder. If you find yourself somewhat embarrassed, perhaps a bit humiliated at times, then I can only say that I am sorry, but that is all part of your required participation." Penny was in partial shock. Her face was bright red and she wanted to die. The point came across clearly enough for her. Penny left the office in a very solemn manner still unable to believe the events that had just transpired.

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