Cowboy Way
Chapter 1

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Incest, Sister, Safe Sex, School,

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Story of brother/sister incest and older woman, younger man sexual involvement as well as others.

Sweethome Valley Ranch never looked prettier as I sat easy in the saddle and looked down at the houses of my brothers, sisters, cousins, and way up to the north, I could just barely make out the old homeplace where mom was probably sitting in her rocker and reading her bible this time of day.

It was just sunup and my stomach was growling powerful loud for some attention. I decided to head for my cousin Burl's house and see if he would feed a friendly saddle tramp, namely me. Besides, my little sister was there helping Burl's wife Janice with the new baby. Coretta; the baby of the original family was near to making babies herself, provided she could find someone dumb enough for her to break to her saddle.

I tolerated her because she made the best jowl gravy in three counties and believe me when I say a county covered a lot of territory and a considerable number of jowl bacon gravy makers in this part of the country.

I suppose I should be brutally honest and say she was damned easy on the eyes and purty as a speckled pup which helped to make the task of toleration somewhat more tolerable...

I had just turned thirty-five and as usual I was ganged up on at my birthday dinner and verbally hosswhipped cause I refused to get married. I enjoyed a woman's company but the right woman hadn't showed yet. Coretta turned nineteen a few weeks before my birthday so I said, "Tell you what folks, after Coretta ties the knot and a woman comes along as purty as she is, I'll take to the yoke true enough."

Coretta giggled and gave me a hug, "I love you too brother mine!"

I reined in and stepped down to throw the reins over the rail by Burl's back door. I could smell biscuits, bacon, and eggs wafting in the air which made my stomach go ape shit crazy with growling.

Burl looked up as I staggered weakly through the kitchen door and grinned then turned to pick up the coffee pot and pour me a cup. Coretta grabbed my Stetson and gave it a pitch for a ringer on the hat tree down the hall.

Two big gulps and three mouthfuls later I croaked, "How's the new kid?" Burl barked a laugh, "Loud Wes... real loud, I slept in the tack room last night. I damned near fell out of the saddle yesterday from lack of sleep."

Coretta looked like she had just stepped out of one of those country living magazines. I asked, "How come you look so fresh and frisky?" She gave me one of those saccharine sweet smiles and shot back, "We ladies have an image to maintain... we don't allow lack of sleep to interfere with getting the job done."

Janice came dragging in and quipped, "Yeah and he ain't gnawing on your tit either... The kid is brutal, truly brutal to his tired mommy." Burl blinked, "I thought breastfeeding felt good! What's the deal with Junior?" Janice snarled, "The kid is half mountain lion and half Billy goat... Geeeze he can bite hard for having no teeth."

Without thinking, (or being asked), I said "why for is he biting anyway, hell he should be sucking?" Burl piped up and said, "Now when a calf bites, it's a sign they got the colic or they're... " he stopped and looked at me and said to Janice, "call the pediatrician this morning and get that baby in to see him. He's got a serious problem and don't argue with me, you hear?"

That's another thing, when I marry, I want a woman that's a notch smarter than I am, dad always said I was a notch less smarter than I should be but I think he was confusing stupidity with being lazy which is what I was when he was alive.

Anyway, Burl Junior was found to have a bowel blockage, some kind of birth defect that kept him from emptying his bowel like he should. Sort of like a big polyp he was born with and took about thirty minutes to fix. Poor little feller wasn't pooping good. Like most men, as soon as he was able to take that satisfying shit after every meal he got tamer and didn't bite his momma's tit no more.

When Janice didn't need Coretta any more, she mentioned to mom one evening I was the one that saw Burl Junior had something wrong with him. I didn't know what it meant but she looked at me funny when she was telling mom so I asked her, "What?" She shook her head and just smiled then.

When I graduated from high school the summer before I left for college, dad loaned me out to a widow lady in the next valley that was having trouble with her foreman being uppity and cussing her the way it was told to me.

I was a strapping lad six foot five tall and weighed two forty-five or there abouts without my boots on. Except for dad and two of my older bigger meaner brothers, I hadn't backed down from any man or beast for far longer than I could remember. Mom and my older sister Eve regularly opened cans of whupass on me but only because I allowed it.

I had no idea what Mrs. Bowmonte looked like when I saddled up and rode off to her rescue. I pictured her either being overweight and disheveled or underweight and scrawny with a voice like a fish monger's wife whatever that is. Sort of like one of those Italian women with a screechy voice that could penetrate concrete over a foot thick.

When I arrived, the foreman curled his lip and began on me right away. I gave him a few seconds and dozens of meaningless words then stepped down to look down at him and say 'boo'. Dad had told me I was Mrs. Bowmonte's guest and to act like one. I figured a good guest would clear the air of any misunderstandings with her hired help and if necessary, pass out a few forehead adjustments.

He was a slow learner. He whipped out a butterfly knife and commenced to threaten me with it. I was polite and reminded him if he wasn't careful, he might accidentally injure himself. He mentioned I would bear the brunt of the injuries and proceeded to try and carve me.

Well the silly fool, it was easy to remove his knife from his possession then prepare him for the sheriffs' deputies to haul his ass off on charges of assault with a deadly weapon. Besides, I wasn't twenty-one yet and he was over twenty-one so he had that problem to contend with also.

A much nicer man I liked a lot better replaced the troublesome foreman and things got much better for Mrs. Bowmonte. Her husband of fifteen years had lost his life when he was trying to pull a tree stump and managed to flip his tractor over on him self.

They had four children, three girls, two in grade school, and one a sophomore that I knew already. The boy was just a toddler and a few years away from taking over the family ranch.

I kind of got ahead of myself and didn't mention Mrs. Bowmonte wasn't skinny or overweight. She was a very attractive thirty something woman, (her words relative to her age), with about a 38D, 28, 38 figure and a very purty face framed by unbelievably long black wavy hair that never seemed to need a comb ran through it.

Her sparkling blue eyes never failed to capture my imagination and the soothing and often sultry tone of her voice kept me in a constant state of rut. I was a virgin when I went to help out but she made sure I was adequately relieved of that burden. Her hubby had been gone for nearly a year and a half when I arrived.

The first few days, I flirted with the girl named Lilly who was a sophomore. I also flirted with her younger sisters and they ate it up. Lilly pretended I was gross but secretly liked it one of her sisters told me.

It was my habit on dad's advice, to take a ride each evening after dinner and just make my presence felt. The hands were friendly and invited me to play cards or watch movies on tape with them but they knew I was there to protect Mrs. Bowmonte's interests and I was quick to break asses if someone got silly.

The foreman I disarmed the day I arrived was nearly my size and so was a couple of the hands. However, I had only one other occasion to lay hands on someone after that and the foreman fired the idiot when he heard from the other hands what happened. He had frightened a mare with a colt and she bit him. He became crazy and took a two by four to her just as I rode up.

I asked him to stop and when he didn't I stopped him. He just wouldn't leave well enough alone and was pissed so he started swinging. I waited for an opening then stepped in and grabbed him then flung him over the corral railing. He bounced a couple of times and stood to come back after me but I saved him the trouble and vaulted the fence and kicked him in the nuts. About the quickest way to cool his jets I knew of.

The foreman listened to the witnesses and sent his ass packing.

Mr. Bowmonte had built a really nice screened in porch on the side of the house and it made the perfect place to sit and enjoy the evenings after the air cooled a bit.

I had helped Mrs. Bowmonte with the dishes and put the food away while she gave the kids their baths and helped Lilly with her summer school homework. She wasn't dumb just lazy a bit and didn't get some assignments turned in and so it was summer school or fail.

Mrs. Bowmonte came out and asked if I minded if she sit with me a spell. I was glad to have her with me cause she always smelled good and looked better than she smelled.

"Do you have a girlfriend Wes?" She asked me I blushed, "No ma'am... I sure don't... I wish I did sometimes so I would have someone to go to the movies with or just go goof off."

She looked at me and smiled, "Me and James dated all through high school. We were friends before that and fell in love after he came home from the Navy. I sure do miss his companionship and sweet loving he gave me."

Misunderstanding her meaning, I said, " You cuddled a lot? Mom and dad do that all the time... It gets embarrassing sometimes how they carry on with us kids watching."

She gave a soft laugh, "Oh we cuddled and billed and cooed a little when we had the time. I meant when the kids were in bed and we were in bed in each other's arms that he gave me good loving and made me happy."

I felt my face burn and muttered, "Oh I see... I didn't understand... I hear mom telling dad some nights how much she loves him and how good he makes her feel in his arms."

Instead of sitting in the big rocker like she usually did, she had sat down beside me in the small swing that hung from the ceiling joist on chains. I was so big she and I were hip to hip with her thigh burning mine.

She lay her cheek on my upper arm near my shoulder and whispered, "Have you ever made love Wes? I think a big guy like you would have lots of opportunities to make a woman happy." she was a smart woman. She knew if she didn't get the ball rolling, I would fuck it up and leave her needy. She spoke plainly to me and made sure I understood she wanted me and wanted to give herself to me if I was willing.

I swallowed hard and said, "no ma'am... I never have... I guess I had a chance or two but didn't know what to do and it slipped away from me."

She said, "Look at me Wes... do you think I'm pretty?" I gasped, "Oh my god yes Mrs. Bowmonte!" She giggled, "My name is Karen... call me Karen when we're alone Wes."

She said, "Lets go inside and I'll go to my bedroom and get ready then you follow me in when I call. I echoed nervously, "get ready?" She nodded, "uh hum! You know... take my clothes off so you can take yours off and we'll do it."

I don't know what came over me but I boldly said, "Uhhhh well... I would love to watch you take off your clothes if you are of a mind to let me!" She laughed softly, "Oh yes, I would love for you to watch me undress... it's sexy and makes me hot to know a guy is looking at me."

I frowned, "Hot?" She bit her lip and said, "Not that way,,,, Horny! Wanting to fuck... get it?' The idea of her wanting to fuck that bad was excruciatingly exciting.

She stood and so did I then she said, "Now you may cum before we even get close but it's ok if you do. That just means you'll take a bit longer to cum the next time and longer still for the next time. Try to hold back if you can because I would like for your first cum to be inside me so you can cum anytime your cock is inside my pussy." My balls twitched and I had that cumming sensation you get when you're horny as hell."

I watched her disrobe and saw just how really beautiful she was. Her ass was perfect and I couldn't tell she had breast fed her kids at all. They were high and large with puffy areola and nipples. Hard work had kept her trim with muscular full rounded thighs and shapely calves tapering down to slim ankles and impossibly tiny feet. She giggled and said, "My feet are size nine, they just look small because I'm what is known as voluptuous." when I commented on her feet.

She lay back and said,"After we get this first fuck out of the way, I want to suck your cock. Ever eat a pussy?" I was nearly speechless and moaned, "No I haven't." She laughed easily, "I'm certain you're a man who will love the taste of cunt." I gasped, "I don't know how or what to do!"

She smiled, "I'll teach you baby! Now move up on top of me and let me get your cock started in me ok?"

I thought I would faint when she gently took hold of my cock to stroke it as she guided me to her opening. Her tummy was hard and the vee of her thighs was covered in the luxuriant pelt of her pubic hair.

She was trembling with desire when she said, "Ok Wes, push on inside me, if you need to cum baby... go ahead... I need to feel your hot seed filling my aching slit."

I pressed deeper and heard her grunt, "oh fuck it's big and good baby! Damn it's just what this little girl needed darling."

I managed to grit my teeth until I bottomed out and heard her moan, "OH shit Wes... I'm cumming and I was worried about you cumming too soon." That was the words that tripped my trigger.I gushed and she gushed and then she cried and I cried, then she gasped, "Oh fuck... damn its like a dam broke... oh shit you have so much cum its not real."

I felt like I was pumping a quart in her when she whimpered, "Oh fuck... kiss me Wes... I'm cumming again baby! Oh fuck you got a good hard full cock baby."

She moaned, "Oh god I want to have your babies darling... oh god fuck me hard my love... fuck me till I'm blind baby! Oh shit you got just what the woman needed... a good hard big cock full of hot creamy cum."

She was right about me loving the taste of pussy. I crave it all the time now. She taught me everything. She's the only woman I've fucked so far who could suck my cock down her throat while I shot my load in her mouth and my cock is ten inches long and four inches in diameter.

I had to leave after the two weeks was up to help drive our herds to summer pasture. I went back a couple of times that summer and I guess I really fell in love with Karen. She cried like a baby the last night I saw her before I left for college. She gave me a soulful sweet fuck and cried, "give me a baby darling, I want to have your child my love... oh god I love you so much Wes... oh honey! I'll always love you my darling."

I heard later she was pregnant and married her foreman. I never went back to see her after she got married though I saw Lilly one day when I was home during spring break and she said her mother said to tell me she would love to see me.

I liked the guy she married though and told Lilly to tell her mom I thought about her often and missed her good cooking... Karen would know what I meant... I wanted to say, "Also tell her I can still taste her sweet pussy when I concentrate. God I would love to fuck her again." But I didn't... I don't know how to explain it but I'm almost sure Lilly knew and would have liked for me to say it so she could tell her mom and think about it when she masturbated listening to her stepfather and mother fuck late at night.

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