Chapter 1: The View From Above

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Teenagers, Reluctant, Coercion, Heterosexual, Humiliation, First, Oral Sex, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Size, School,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1: The View From Above - On a wild midterm fling, college friends come home with Bob and discover his old treehouse in the back yard. The five teens also discover the view into Bob's high school coach and his wife's bedroom window. A bit of truth or dare leads to further discoveries about each other... all great fun until the coach make the ultimate discovery.

"What in the world is that!" Kim was peeping out a window into Bob's backyard. Bob's gaze was fixed on Kim's long, tanned legs and her lovely, rounded ass just barely covered by a stretchy little black skirt. Bob was particularly intrigued by the faint hint that underneath Kim was wearing a thong. What a great weekend this is going to be, Bob thought with a smile.

It had been a stressful mid-term for Bob and his four college friends. The freshman year is always a tough one, so the only way to ease the pressures and anxieties seemed to be a long weekend road trip. Bob's parents were vacationing in Europe, so what better place to go and relax on the cheap than a large, comfortable, empty house. The trip was made all the more exciting by the fact that none of the five freshmen had ever slipped away without telling parents, friends, or school officials. For most, it would have been no big deal, but for each of them it was a slightly clandestine, deliciously naughty adventure.

"Oh, that monstrosity is my old treehouse," said Bob whose attention had shifted to Kim's long, luxurious, dark hair that cascaded down her shapely back.

"Oh, lemme see!" giggled Heather. She sprang across the room to join Kim. Heather "sprang" everywhere. She was a cute, petite, blond bundle of energy who was a bit on the ditsy side. Everything was extreme for her. The simplest joys were major ecstasy and any small dilemma was a major crisis for Heather. Subtle was not a word anyone used in describing her. She had chosen to wear a low slung pair of tight jeans and a cropped top that showed her trim, muscular tummy complete with her newly pierced belly button about which her parents knew nothing. Piercing was about the naughtiest thing she had ever been brave enough to do. Heather bounded across the room and peaked through the blinds.

"Wow, look at that," she exclaimed. "That's amazing, Bob! Did you actually build that yourself? Dude, it is way up there!"

"Not really. My father is an engineer and super anal about everything, so when my friends and I started building a small treehouse, he decided to 'help' us. Our little platform with a few boards nailed to the tree for a ladder became the 'Tree Top Hilton' when my father got involved. My friends and I pretty much sat around and watched the Frank Lloyd Wright of treehouses build the thing. It's cool though. I spent a lot of time up there during junior high and high school."

Bob's father's treehouse was magnificent. It had three levels all large enough for people to stretch out in sleeping bags, electricity, protection from wind and rain, toy storage bins, lockable trap doors and windows, all embraced in the bosom of a giant, majestic live oak tree with huge sprawling branches. A flood of memories came back to Bob as he joined the girls at the window. He had masturbated for the first time in that treehouse, smoked his first cigarette there, and had seen his first real naked woman by peeking into the next door neighbors' window from that lofty perch. Ah, fond memories.

"That is the coolest treehouse that I have ever seen," said Jack. Jack was Bob's roommate and newly found friend. Jack was the tall, strong, quiet type. He could be unnoticed in a room full of people or he could be the center of attention when he tried. He just didn't try often. He was painfully shy and didn't realize how frequently girls noticed his broad shoulders, trim ass, and wonderful smile.

The fifth member of this small band of adventurers sat and watched the entire scene from the den couch. Sarah was Heather's roommate. She didn't feel right about this whole weekend. Cutting Friday classes made her nervous. She had been taught to never go to a guy's house without having parents there. All of her upbringing had been very conservative, as were her clothes and everything else about her.

Kim and Heather were both really skinny, but Sarah was more substantial--not fat, by any means, but simply a large girl. She wore loose fitting sweaters or shirts most of the time to keep from accentuating her large breasts and was always well groomed. Proper young ladies did that. She probably would have stayed at the dorm alone for this weekend, but Heather had talked her into coming along and she secretly liked being around Jack a lot. Now she was very uncomfortable, but it was too late to do anything about it.

"Well let's go climb up," squealed Heather. "I like never went in a guy's treehouse before. Did you like have a secret club too? Huh, did you? I bet you did. Come on, you guys. Don't be party-poopers. Let's go play in Bob's treehouse."

Heather continued the constant flow of words while everyone else looked at one another.

"Sure," said Bob finally. "I haven't been up there for a good while, but it should be in good shape. For going up there is a chain ladder; for coming down there's a sliding pole. Jack, when you get up there, lower the basket that's on a rope and I'll get us some snacks to put in it. You guys climb on up while I get the electricity turned on."

Everyone was giddy as they made their way out into the backyard. The giggles stopped, however, when they took a close look at the long ladder made out of chain with wooden steps. It made its way to the first level of the treehouse, a good twenty feet above the ground.

"That looks pretty scary," said Sarah quietly. "I don't know about this." She unconsciously chewed on her lip.

"Oh, my gosh. I forgot I had on a skirt. This going to be a rather... uh... revealing climb. Jack you go first... ah... to help, of course," blushed Kim.

Jack made his way up the shaky ladder followed by Heather who giggled and squealed all the way. Getting from the last wrung of the ladder up through the trap door took some athleticism. Jack finally just lifted Heather the final distance and she ended up in his strong arms.

"My goodness," she said uncharacteristically quietly. Her firm breasts grazed Jack's chest, a moment that didn't go unnoticed by Jack.

Sarah climbed the ladder with ease and pulled herself up at the end. Then it was Kim's turn. Just a she was about three-fourths up the ladder, Bob returned carrying an armload of drinks and snacks, including a large bottle of Tequila which was an afterthought. He was shocked when he looked up at Kim's lovely panties shining in the subdued light. He started to turn away just as Kim looked down and saw him.

"Hide your eyes, Bob Martin!" Kim tugged to no avail at her short skirt. Bob looked down quickly. He could feel the blush spread up his face to his ears. Kim reached the top and, as Jack helped her into the door, Bob could not keep from quickly looking up. Kim's legs were spread apart and the shiny black material of her panties was clearly visible again.

Bob was still looking upward after Kim cleared the door. She peered down over the edge. "You didn't look, did you, Bob?" she said with exaggerated concern and a slight grin.

"Of course not! Gentlemen don't look!" said Bob as he began to load the groceries into the basket.

The treehouse was furnished with a bunch of beanbag chairs into which everyone found their places. Bob broke open the tequila. "I'm sorry, but I don't have a blender or anything, so we'll just have to pass around the bottle." He lifted the bottle. "Here's to a great time away from school with great friends."

The tequila passed from lip to lip until it reached Sarah. She paused, thought for a minute, seemed to say, "what the hell," and she took a long swig. "Yak," she cried. The tangy liquid burned as it slid down her throat. Everyone laughed, except Sarah.

"So, what did you guys do up here, Bob? Did you do, like, you know, guy things... like looking at dirty magazines and doing... uh... well... guy things. I have two brothers so I know about... uh... those things." Kim's cute little nose wrinkled every time she said, "guy things." She continued to tug at her tiny skirt while adjusting to her beanbag chair. Her long legs seemed to dominate the small space.

"What's up there?" said Heather interrupting Bob's response.

"Just another level. We called that the "observation deck" because you can see the whole neighborhood from there, including the next door neighbors--one of my high school coaches and his wife," Bob said with a nonchalant smile.

"You spied on your neighbors?" exclaimed Kim. "Bob, you naughty little perve, you!"

"Hey, I couldn't help it if the window up there looks right into the upper windows-the one's without curtains-at Coach's house," argued Bob futilely. "And, I can't help it if Mrs. Smith walks around naked sometimes either."

"Come on, Sarah, let's go take a look," said Heather. She scampered up the stairs to the next level. Bob and Jack watched as Heather's jean-covered ass wiggled into the semi-darkness. Sarah followed dutifully after taking another big hit on the tequila bottle.

"Look in the toy chest up there... there should be some binoculars and I don't know what else. Help yourself," said Bob.

Heather dug around in the toy chest and found two binocular cases, one contained binoculars and the other contained an interesting plastic baggy. "Bob, I do believe I have discovered your stash!"

"Jesus," muttered Bob. "I forgot that stuff was up there. Anything in there other that seeds and stems?"

"Enough," said Heather in a stage whisper.

"I don't know... , " thought Sarah newly apprehensive. "I've never done drugs." She whispered so only Heather could hear.

"Well, it's about time," said Heather. "It's just pot, silly. You will like it."

Soon a joint was passed around at both levels along with the last remains of the tequila. Sarah was feeling flushed and tipsy like she had never felt before. She needed some fresh air. She stuck her head out the large window behind her. Below her stretched the rest of the backyard and the back of the neighbor's house. A light suddenly came on in the house and a naked man strolled though the room.

"Oh, my god," hissed Sarah.

"What's wrong?" answered a now mellow Kim.

"I can see in the neighbor's window and there's a naked man!" whispered Sarah.

Everyone clambered up the stairs with the girls in the lead. "That would be Coach Smith," said Bob.

"Get the binoculars," shrieked Heather.

The three girls peered over the window's edge and, sure enough, there stood Coach Smith in all his glory. He was heading toward middle age, but obviously had taken care of his body. Coarse, dark hair covered his ample chest, a thin strip of which pointed down to his flaccid penis.

"Shit, look at that," said Kim.

"No, don't," said Sarah not once taking her eyes off the coach's body.

"He's got a big one," giggled Heather. They all burst into gales of laughter, then suddenly fearing that they might be seen or heard, all three whirled around and sat back against the treehouse wall. From his vantage point across the room, Bob saw another flash of skin and black panties as Kim's skirt fell away from the back of her legs. She scooped a hand under the material, but the gesture was too late. She acted as if she didn't notice where Bob's eyes were fixed.

"Where are the binoculars?" said Kim.

"We can't do this," plead Sarah.

"Come on, Sarah," answered Heather as she slowly peeked back over the top of the windowsill.

Kim adjusted the binoculars on Coach Smith's penis. From this distance with the glasses, she could see every freckle. "Jesus, he is hung," she whispered. She handed the binoculars to Sarah. Sarah reluctantly focussed on the coach's prodigious member. She had never actually seen a man's dick before and bubbles of excitement grew within her. The combination of grass and tequila was taking its toll. Suddenly, Coach began to nonchalantly stroke his penis.

"Oh, my god" was all Sarah could mutter.

Without warning, Mrs. Smith walked into the room wearing a bright red dressing gown. Mary Smith was an auburn-haired beauty. Bob had always considered her old until he grew mature enough to fully appreciate her radiant quality and great body. He had watched her on many occasions from the treehouse while he stroked his dick and squirted cum all over the adjacent wall.

Mrs. Smith walked over to her husband and kissed him deeply. His hands dropped down to her firm ass and he returned her fervor. Her hand slipped to his groin and she gently clasped his semi-erect dick carefully avoiding any pain that might be inflicted by her long red fingernails.

"Sweet Jesus! They are going to do it right now, I think," whispered Heather. All five young people peered down into the Smith's bedroom wide-eyed. The binoculars were eagerly passed back and forth.

Coach Smith loosened his wife's robe and let it slip from her white shoulders. She was completely naked underneath. Her pendulous breasts sprang into view. They sagged only slightly under their own weight and two large, brown nipples seemed to occupy the entire end of each breast. Coach lowered his head and took one nipple in his mouth. A look of genuine ecstasy came over his wife's face.

The backs of Mrs. Smith's legs touched the bed and she slowly sat down while continuing to press her lips against his. Reluctantly, the two lovers stopped their kiss and simply held each other for a moment. Mary lay back in the bed, eyes staring into her husband's, and stretched her long arms back over her head. Her breasts flattened against her body. The coach climbed above her and began to kiss his way down her abdomen.

"Oh my god, he's going to eat her," said Kim.

"What?" queried Sarah.

"You know... like have oral sex with her," answered Heather.

Sure enough, the coach traced a line down Mary's stomach with his tongue and didn't stop until he reached her waiting pussy.

Bob's dick now was throbbing. Had he been alone, as in prior days of his youth, he would have already gotten his dick out and would have been stroking away by now. The tension was killing him. It will be very embarrassing if I cum in my pants in front of these girls, he thought.

Jack felt the same way. Heather unknowingly had a death grip on his arm. He felt her closeness and smelled her perfume. He also had never seen anything like this before. Live action was certainly different and much better than porn pictures on the Internet.

Coach hungrily licked his wife's red-haired pussy and she went wild. She fondled her own breasts, pinching each nipple frantically as he plunged his tongue against her aroused clitoris. Sarah's eyes were fixed on his tongue through the magnification of the binoculars. Sarah, like every girl, had discovered her own clitoris, but her built-in guilt and a few lectures about sin at church had stifled her experimentation with her body. Now she longed to touch herself just to somehow share in what Mrs. Smith was feeling at this moment.

Bob, without really thinking about it, placed his arm around Kim as they peered through the tree limbs. She, in turn, moved closer to him. Both grew hotter. Sweat began to pop out on everyone's foreheads.

Coach Smith unexpectedly stood up. His dick came back into view and now he was fully erect. His wife leaned forward and placed both hands, fist to fist, over his waiting, very red member. With both hands in place at the base of his penis, the tip still protruded past her grip. She leaned forward and took his red knob into her mouth. Her thick lips shaped themselves around the end of his penis for a long moment and then her tongue curled out to stroke the underside of his glistening tool just below the tip. The coach's skin gleamed bight pink from head to foot.

"I can't believe we are seeing this," said Heather. Her turn at the binoculars revealed great blue veins protruding from the sides the Coach's enormous penis. "I hope he doesn't explode," she mused.

"I didn't know regular people actually did things like this," said Sarah to no one in particular. "Amazing!"

Coach pulled his wife's face away from his enlarged cock and kissed her fully on the mouth. He seemed to be drinking in his own taste. Then he gently turned Mary over and reached around to finger her pussy while rubbing his dick against her ass. She, in turn, reached back and stroked his dick. Both had eyes closed and both had looks that were indescribable. It was as if they both were near death, yet having feelings that screamed life, not death.

Finally in one slow, strong motion, Coach Smith plunged his dick into Mary's wet and waiting pussy from behind. She brought her knees up to help him and he began to furiously move in and out of her. Her ass was high in the air and it looked as if she anticipated his every stroke and pressed back against him.

Bob slid his hand down Kim's muscular back. She looked at him and smiled.

Sarah involuntarily pressed her forearm against her own pussy. The semi-darkness of the treehouse kept her actions from being discovered. The torrid pace of the lovers mystified her.

Coach Smith moved faster and faster, then suddenly grimaced and visibly shouted as he came. He fell against Mrs. Smith on the bed and both collapsed in a tangled heap. Mr. Smith rolled over and a long string of semen hung from his glistening dick in clear view of all the spectators in the treehouse. Five fairly innocent college students stood motionless as Mary and the Coach kissed each other again, this time playfully. Mrs. Smith left the room and returned wearing a nightgown and carrying a small towel. She gently licked a small bit of semen off the end of the coach's penis and then cleaned him up with the towel. She reached to the lamp beside the bed and suddenly the room snapped to black.

Shocked, the five watchers quickly ducked and hid again under the window among the gently swaying leaves.

"I didn't realize this treehouse featured a floor show, Bob," said Heather breaking the silence. "I guess gentlemen... and ladies... do look after all."

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