Cat and Canary
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2002 by Honey Moon

Sci-fi Lesbian Sex Story: Chapter 1 - In the distant future, long-range scout ships search the universe for suitable new colony worlds. Carrie Byrd is rather reluctant to be assigned to such a ship. That all changes when she meets her new partner, Cat. The female felinoid and the human hit it off right from the start. Respect and friendship is soon followed by love.

Caution: This Sci-fi Lesbian Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   Lesbian   Science Fiction   Masturbation   Sex Toys  

Carrie Byrd looked at her orders with a sinking heart. When she applied to the Academy she had specifically requested planet-bound duty. Now that she graduated, specializing in communications, the powers-that-be saw fit to post her on one of the new Pegasus-class, long-range scout ships. Worse yet, she had only two hours before the shuttle lifted! Carrie did the only thing she could do in the situation. She grabbed all her uniform jump suits, her music, and literature files, and a couple very personal belongings; hastily packing them into her duffle.

"Shipping out sale!" she bellowed as she threw open her dormitory door.

The response was instant! Her classmates and friends for the last two years, swarmed in to see what they could get their hands on.

"Hey Canary, I thought you wanted a base posting," Millina Fray, her closest friend asked her, as the excited crowd fought over her old junk.

Carrie shrugged her shoulders. "So did I. Apparently somebody up there thinks they know better!" Carrie didn't even fight her nickname anymore. In boot camp, the drill instructor naturally took C. Byrd, as Canary Bird, and that's what Carrie had been known as, ever since. Carrie and Millina hugged tightly. "I'll miss you, Mill. Every chance I get, I'll send you a file, okay?"

"You better, Birdie! You just behave yourself with your partner, you hear? What's he like, is he cute? Are you planning any personal explorations?"

Carrie blushed. She still didn't feel comfortable discussing such personal matters, even after she and Mill had drifted past friendship, into a loving and sexual relationship. Millina was from McCaffrey, one of the newer, more open-minded colony worlds, and she just loved teasing her Earthling friend.

"I don't know. The orders were just cut this morning, and they don't say."

Millina patted her back. "Well, I'm hoping for you kiddo. You be sure and tell me everything that happens, you hear me?"

Carrie promised she would and was on her way, after one last kiss. Millina would see to the sale of her junk, and credit it all to her account. All Carrie had to worry about was her new exploration partner. She strapped herself into the commercial shuttle, and managed to grab a quick nap in the 40 minutes of freefall, before docking at Aurora Station.

When Carrie presented herself to the Station Master, requesting directions for the scout ship Fairview's berth, she didn't understand his sudden laughter.

"You did say communications officer Byrd, didn't you?" he said with a last chuckle.

In her confusion, she made matters worse. "Yes sir! Canary Byrd, I mean Carrie."

If it weren't for the reduced gravity, he would have fallen from his chair. "Canary Bird! That's priceless!" he wiped his eyes. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry! I couldn't help it. Just wait until you meet your pilot, flight control officer Cat!"

Carrie couldn't help grinning. "Cat and Byrd, what a pair!"

"Well little Bird, you best fly now, can't keep your partner waiting!"

Carrie thanked him, and was on her way. As she approached her new home for the next year, she saw a few Techs making final checks, but no sign of her partner. She boarded the Fairview, and headed for the control cabin.

"Hello Cat? I'm sorry; I don't know your full name. Are you on board?" She nearly jumped out of her uniform, when someone soundlessly came up behind her.

"Actually, Cat will do nicely," a low whisper sounded in her ear. "Few humans can pronounce my true name."

Carrie spun around, and stood eye to eye with a panther! At least that's what it looked like. "You startled me!" she gasped, as she tried to calm her heart.

"I do apologize, Carrie Byrd," Cat whispered as a huge grin split her darkly furred face. "You humans are so easy to sneak up on!"

Carrie looked over her new partner. It really was amazing how much she resembled an Earthly panther. The only real differences were the size of the skull, the opposable thumbs, and the four prominent breasts, under the sleek black fur of her chest. Carrie felt herself blushing, when she noticed the pink nipples peeking out of that glossy pelt.

"Um, that's okay. Just don't make it a habit, okay?" Cat dropped down to all fours, and padded silently through the ship.

"We really are lucky. Fairview was just commissioned." Carrie was almost mesmerized, watching the powerful muscles roll beneath Cat's shining fur. Cat paused and keyed open a cabin door with the tip of her long tail. "This can be your place."

"That's great!" Carrie entered the compact unit and stashed her duffle on the bunk. "This is much bigger then my Academy dorm!"

Cat rose to her hind legs and watched amused as Carrie checked out the amenities of the cabin. Crossing her fingers for luck, the human turned to the catering computer. "Coffee, black." With a yelp of delight, she snatched the steaming mug, and inhaled deeply of the rising steam. "Thank goodness! I was worried they didn't have my preferences programmed in yet!"

Cat purred deep in her throat; a sound Carrie recognized as a giggle.

"You humans and your caffeine!" She padded over to the unit, and hissed quietly at it. Carrie nearly dropped her mug when Cat picked up a large crystal goblet and began to lap at what appeared to be fresh blood! Cat looked at her; droplets of crimson fluid clinging to her muzzle. Carrie was startled further to see the thin, snake-like forked tongue flash out and clear away the dampness. "I am sorry, Carrie. I know some humans are bothered by this, but it is best to discover such things early, I think."

Carrie recovered fast. "That's quite all right. I'm no vegetarian." She found she was beginning to like Cat's openness. "I think everything is going work out!"

Carrie was right. It was a little disturbing, at first, to watch Cat consume raw meat with such delight, but the human soon adjusted. Besides, Cat couldn't understand why humans would ruin perfectly good flesh by broiling the life force out of it!

Late, by ship's time, Carrie snapped on the lights in her cabin. She heard that sound again. She pressed her ear to the bulkhead, trying to figure out what it was. After weeks of FTL flight, she knew every sound that the Fairview made in its normal functioning. This late night sound was driving her insane! She asked Cat about it, thinking her keen hearing would surely pinpoint it, but the feline told her she was too deep a sleeper to have heard it.

That sound had mysteriously vanished after that. Cat refused to talk about it; in fact, the feline was starting to get rather snippy the last couple of days.

Tonight was the first time in almost a week Carrie heard the strange rhythmic hum. "I have to track that down, or I'll never get to sleep!" Looking over all her exploration gear, she chose the tool best for the job. Slowly she walked through the ship. Pausing from time to time to hold a drinking glass to the bulkhead, Carrie placed her ear against it. She was tracing the sound to its source. At the entrance to Cat's cabin, she heard her partner cry out, as the sound suddenly increased in tempo.

Carrie slapped the door actuator key. The door slipped silently open. The human gasped, and dropped her glass when she saw what was happening inside.

"Close that!" Cat roared.

"I'm so sorry!" Carrie stammered as the door slid shut again. The human couldn't get the sight out of her mind. Cat, on all fours, was thrusting herself madly at a machine strapped to the side of her bunk. The device's single large shining piston was pumping into her, accompanied by that odd rhythmic humming! The feline was whipping her tail from side to side, her large yellow eyes burning with her rising passion!

Carrie made her way to the control deck, and slumped into her crash couch. She still couldn't believe what she saw!

In a few moments, Cat padded in, tail limp, almost dragging on the deck. "Carrie, I am shamed." She blinked her large eyes, and Carrie was shocked to see they were full of tears. "No human has ever seen that behavior before. My people, when separated for long periods of time, sometimes have to please themselves, to maintain mental and physical health."

"Cat, have you ever had any human friends before?" Carrie asked kindly.

The feline looked puzzled. "No Carrie. I knew humans from my training, but you are, were, my first friend."

Cat's normally quiet voice was nearly a whisper, and Carrie's heart went out to her. Her own shyness over such matters melted away. She just had to reassure her friend. "Wait here a moment, will you? I have something to show you." Carrie hurried to her cabin, removed her jumpsuit, and pulled an old friend from under her bunk. When she returned Cat looked startled. "It's okay Cat, I have to teach you something about humans."

The feline's yellow eyes looked her all over. "I have never seen a human uncovered before, Carrie." Those yellow eyes seemed to lock between Carrie's legs, making her feel a little tingly all over. "You have fur!"

Carrie giggled, looking at her dark pubic hair. "Well, we don't call it that, but I guess we do have some." She took her hand from behind her back, and let Cat see the long tapered crystal she held. "I think you may know what this is, Cat."

Cat's jaw actually dropped open. "Is, is that a male simulator?"

Carrie blushed, but couldn't help grinning. "We call them dildo's, or vibrators, but that's what they are. If a human is away from her kind, she may go crazy, if she doesn't take things in hand, as it were." Carrie didn't know what made her, but she reclined on her crash couch, and put her left leg up on the armrest. "This is Maxwell. I guess you can say we've been lovers for years." She touched the stud at the base, and the transparent crystal began to vibrate gently in her hand. "Would you like to touch it, Cat?"

The feline looked confused, eyes darting from the toy to the growing dampness between her partner's legs, and tentatively reached out a finger to the shiny device. "It's warm, and it tingles!" she exclaimed. "I, I understand the warmth, mine heats to blood temperature. Why does it buzz so?"

"You tell me," Carrie said quietly, as she touched the tip to one of Cat's nipples. The feline closed her eyes and purred. "Feels good, doesn't it?"

"Yes, it makes me grow ready to..." Cat snapped her mouth shut with a click of her sharp teeth.

"It's okay, Cat. I get very wet when I do that to myself."

Cat struggled with herself, then finally sighed. "The tingle in my breasts is making my body lubricate itself; I never felt anything like it!"

"Would you like to see me use this on myself? Maxwell is very talented. The built-in energy field keeps him sterile, and nice and slippery." Carrie watched Cat's eyes as she spread herself, letting the tip of the crystal enter her. "Um, b-best of all, his sensors can tell how aroused I am, and, and the vibrations, they increase to match!" Carrie moaned, as she slipped the warm toy in and out of herself. Somehow, it was so much more exciting, having her feline partner watch.

Cat could hear the steady increase of the device's vibrations, as Carrie's hand steadily moved it in and out of the human's life giving orifice. Carrie was rocking her head from side to side and moaning, as she worked the device faster.

Cat twitched her sensitive nose. She inched her head closer to Carrie, and sniffed. The human smelled so good! "Carrie," she whispered.

She didn't say another word, as she threw caution to the wind. Her long, forked tongue flicked out and sampled the dampness growing between Carrie's legs.

"Oh Cat!" Carrie gasped at the contact. "That's nice!" As the thin tongue slipped up into her, up alongside the vibrator, Carrie felt her release approaching. "Oh yes, that's so good!" she managed to say, as her body started its joyful spasms.

When her partner finally stilled her body, Cat felt very embarrassed. "I apologize, Carrie. I overstepped myself; I treated you as a sister. Do you forgive me?"

"You, you treat your sister like that?" Carrie asked in amazement.

"Yes. What do you do if your sister doesn't have a mate, yet needs more then a simulator? It is a sacred duty."

Carrie made up her mind. "I would gladly help you, if you were my sister, Cat!" She got out of her crash couch, and sank to her knees, next to the panting feline. "Do you need my help now, my sister?"

Cat nodded in the human fashion, and Carrie hugged her partner tight. She buried her face in the warm soft fur of Cat's neck. Carrie never noticed her partner's almost spicy scent. She inhaled deeply. The feline's natural musk would bring in big credits, as a perfume!

"Lay back Cat, I want you to feel as good as I did."

Carrie gently kissed her partner's muzzle. Growing ever bolder, she slipped her tongue into Cat's mouth, and thrilled as she felt the razor-sharp teeth. Cat's people weren't exactly built for kissing, but the feline was doing very well indeed! Cat was purring non-stop now, and when her tongue entered Carrie's mouth, and she was amazed at how far it reached into her throat! The human moved down her lover's body, teasing in turn, the four swelling nipples, as they peeked from the rich shining fur.

Carrie was surprised again, as a thick sweet fluid began to seep into her eager mouth. She suckled for a moment at her friend's heaving breasts, feeling, more then hearing, the deep rumble of her partner's contented purring.

With a final swallow, Carrie moved lower. She noticed for the first time that Cat's fur was much thinner in her pubic region. She parted the damp fur, and carefully touched her tongue to the darkly glistening lips. Cat jumped, and then settled back down, as Carrie explored.

Carrie and Millina had pleased each other before, so Carrie was in a unique position to compare relative anatomy. She tried to find a clit, but found nothing similar. She gave up her search, and just slipped her tongue into Cat, tasting her musk. It was different from a human, but not bad at all! Carrie lapped happily, as Cat shuddered under her.

Suddenly, a ring of muscle gripped her probing tongue, just as Cat let out a roar. Carrie forced down her momentary panic from the fierce sound. Her partner was only letting go to her orgasm! Wiggling her tongue in the tight damp opening was driving Cat insane. Carrie was almost jealous! It would seem that the entire lining of Cat's vaginal tunnel was packed with nerve endings, corresponding to the human clitoris!

"Oh Carrie, my sister, that was lovely!" Cat finally purred, when she released Carrie's tongue. The feline turned, and carefully licked her partner's shining face clean. "I, I think I'm beginning to love you, Carrie Byrd."

Carrie smiled at her partner. "I think I'm in love with you too, Cat." The human giggled. "You can call me Canary, if you like."

Cat seemed puzzled. "Canary Byrd. Somehow, that sounds pleasing to me."

Carrie laughed out loud, as she pushed her partner's head down between her legs. "You're about to become the Cat that ate the Canary!" Cat didn't get the joke, but that was okay. Canary had lots of time to explain.

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