Daddies and Daughters
Chapter 1

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Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - a photographer is persuaded to take some pics of his sexy daughter

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Lesbian   Incest   Father   Daughter   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism  

"Take one like this daddy" she was leaning with her back to the big oak tree, her short dress pulled up around her hips displaying the little white vee of her panties.

"Mmm yes very sexy darling" I said and snapped off three quick shots, all from slightly different angles.

"Now like this" she pulled the panties up into her pussy, causing her puffy little cunt lips to bulge out from either side of them.

I took a few more shots slowly sinking to my knees with each one, until I was actually sitting down and the final shot was an "upskirt" taken almost from between her feet, showing the sexy little strip of panty between the cheeks of her bottom.

"Shall I take my panties off daddy?"

Oh my god, she's sixteen years old, utterly fucking gorgeous and she's asking me if she should take her panties off!

"Only if you'll be comfortable with it sweetheart"

She giggled and stepped out of the sexy little garment, "Of course I'll be comfortable daddy, I've got lots of clothes that I just can't wear panties with anyway!"

"You mean you go out without them?" I was incredulous.

"Lot's of girls do, it's the rage now, just like flashing your boobs in a pub, every one's doing it!"

"Do you mean you flash your -- your... !"

"I think "Pussy" is what you're searching for daddy and yes, we all do!"

"My God" I laughed, "I think I was born too soon!"

Leaning back against the garden table, she raised her dress up slightly, just high enough to display the bottom of her sexy little slit, or pussy as she'd called it!

"Fire away daddy"

I used the whole roll of film up as she posed, she was a natural, she twisted, turned, pouted, laughed, tossed her hair and all the time she was looking at me, her eyes shining with excitement.

Several times I caught a glimpse of her naked bottom or her pussy and I was actually quite relieved when the roll of film was used up and I could use it as an excuse to go into the house for a cold beer.

"Why don't we go down to the pub daddy, I could murder a shandy?"

"Why not?" I agreed.

It was only when a couple of cars tooted their horns as they passed, that I remembered what she'd left on the garden table!

"Annie, I think you've forgotten something haven't you?"

She giggled and clung to my arm,

"No I don't think so daddy"

"How about your underwear?"

"No I didn't forget them, it's too hot and anyway the breeze feels nice on my, my - - - -" she let it hang!

I just groaned and prayed for deliverance from my thoughts!

We entered the pub through their beer garden at the rear, the access being a short but steep flight of stairs into the bar.

"This is the sort of thing we do when we're out daddy, watch!"

Before I could stop her she ran up the stairs, skirt flaring up showing brief glimpses of her lovely pink buttocks, as she turned round laughing at the top, a sudden gust of wind lifted the skirt up around her waist, but she made no attempt whatsoever to pull it down again, instead she just stood there laughing and completely unconcerned that her beautiful shaven slit was on full view to me and the several other couples sitting around the cosy little garden!

"Annie for God's sake put your pussy away will you, I'm quite likely to have a heart attack!"

She giggled and kissed me as we went up to the bar.

"I've won my bet anyway daddy"

"Bet, what bet?"

She giggled again and whispered, "Tell you outside daddy!"

"Go on then, tell me about the bet"

The impish grin on her face was infectious and I found myself smiling with her,


"Ginny bet me ten pounds that I couldn't get you to photograph my pussy!"

I burst out laughing, "All you had to do was to get one of the thousands I took when you were a baby!"

"Oh my God daddy, I never thought of that, mind you my way was more fun!"

"Minx" I growled, "But anyway I'm not sure that I actually saw your - - - -" I grinned a little self consciously, "Your pussy!"

"Ooh daddy" she said softly, "You sound ever so sexy when you say that!"

I grinned again, "You're getting more like your mother every day miss"

" I wish I was daddy, she was beautiful"

Leaning forward, I took her hand and kissed it gently.

"Annie, you're already far more beautiful than she ever was and you're just going to get better and better!"

She giggled again and blushed slightly,

"We could make sure you know!"


"Well you take sexy pictures of gorgeous girls every day for a living"

"So?" but I was ahead of her already.

"Naked as well as clothed"

"And they show their pussy's don't they?"

I tossed the drink down my throat and stood up, "Come on, or I'll change my mind"

People looked up in surprise as she squealed delightedly and hugged me.

"Daddy, you're so cool!"

We started again after I'd persuaded her to put her panties back on and I snapped her picking flowers with a flower basket on one arm, bending, squatting, kneeling down, reaching up and all without even a glimpse of underwear!

"Have you got a bra on?"

"Yes why?"

God that look in her eyes!

"Take it off while I get a drink, I need one"

"Can I have some champagne daddy?"

"Why not?" I laughed, "Oh and keep the panties on!"

"Spoilsport" she stuck her tongue out at me.

We resumed after a glass of bubbly, she leaned forward to pluck at a rose from the top of a bush,

"Hold it there" I said, "Undo some buttons and let a breast out"

She smiled at me and eased a pink tipped breast out from her dress,

"Like that daddy?"


Oh Jesus, look at that, she's fucking gorgeous!

"Now both boobs"

I had her reaching for another rose, a bit higher than the last one.

"Beautiful baby" I said and I meant it!

Reaching down, I lifted the hem of her dress and hooked it onto a thorn, then took six or seven shots of her half exposed bottom, before moving round to the front and finishing the roll with shots of the panties pulled up into her pussy!

"How am I doing daddy?" she asked as I changed the film and gulped more champagne.

"You're doi- -," I cleared my throat which in spite of the bubbly, seemed rather like the Sahara desert!

"You're doing well baby" I grinned and pretended not to notice that her breasts were still on display!

"I'm not getting to you am I daddy?" she said cheekily.

"Certainly not, I'm a professional, I never think of anything else except camera angles and positions etc, while I'm working"

I don't think I convinced her and I know I didn't convince myself!

She giggled and reached beneath her dress with both hands.

"So bringing that model home last week was work was it?"

Shit, I thought she'd been asleep when we crept in!

"Leslie was a friend, well you know, a girl friend"

"Judging by the noise from your bedroom daddy, I'd say she was a very good friend!"

Why did she have to remind me of Leslie? Just thinking about her gorgeous little body had my cock rising!

I grinned in spite of myself and watched unashamedly as she pulled the panties down over her hips and thighs.

"All right clever clogs, I thought you were asleep"

"How old is she daddy?"

"Old enough" I growled.

"Come on daddy" she smiled as she stepped out of her panties and dropped them onto my lap, "How old?"


She squealed and clapped her hands with delight,

"Another ten pounds!"


"I bet Ginny another ten pounds that you were fuck, er I mean seeing a sixteen year old!"

"Annie, you're incorrigible!" I laughed, "I didn't know you'd seen her!"

"I saw something dressed in black stockings and nothing else scuttling out of the loo in the morning"

"Ooops!" I laughed, "Sorry"

"Oh don't be sorry daddy" she drained her champagne, "But you can do me a favour"

"Anything baby" I said and instantly regretted it as she looked at me coyly from beneath her long eye lashes and said softly,

"If you get bored with her" she leaned forward and touched her lips to mine, very, very tenderly.

"Pass her onto me!"

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