Kathleen's Story
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2002 by Kathleen

Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A submissive prostitute for hire describes her lifestyle and experiences.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   BDSM   DomSub   MaleDom   Rough   Group Sex  

My name is Kathleen, or more appropriately, Slave #39. You see, I belong to The Syndicate. The Syndicate is a collection of Masters and Mistresses who enlist submissives such as myself for their services. I do not know how big The Syndicate is, or even who runs it. I found out about it four years ago, when I told a close girlfriend about my deep desire for being dominated. She immediately referred me to The Syndicate, and I have been a slave in it ever since.

My duties in The Syndicate are very clear cut. Each and every day, I must wait until 10:00 a.m. to see if there is a message for me. If one doesn't come, then I am allowed to spend the day whatever way I choose to. But if a message does arrive, then I must follow its instructions to a tee.

On the days when my services are needed, I usually do not arrive back here at my apartment until at least 9:00 p.m. My day is spent with a Master or Mistress, or both, pleasing them in whatever way they desire. The basis is my job is sex, of course, but I also have to do chores and cooking on occasion. I'm kind of a maid... but I'm a maid who fucks.

The tradeoff for me in this is quite positive. I receive $1,000 per week, from an unknown specific source, plus full medical insurance. Even if a week goes by and I do not receive a message, I still get the $1,000 paycheck. Being a slave is my job, thus I am not permitted to work anywhere else, such as a second job. The Syndicate runs my life... but I would not have it any other way. My contract runs out at the end of the year, but I am already making plans to renew it for an additional 18 months. I am very happy. I am also very well off in life, especially financially.

Here is a little information on me, if you're interested. As stated earlier, my name is Kathleen / Slave #39. I am at the age of 26 and have been in The Syndicate for the past four years. My height is 5'8" and I weigh 125 pounds, and my hair is long and blonde, and I have brown eyes. The contract states that I must stay in excellant physical shape or risk being terminated. So I do stay in good shape, with at least two visits per week to the health club. I have to stay under a certain weight (128) and pass random tests.

To join The Syndicate, I had to move from California here to Nevada, where it is based and operated. My family is in California and I miss them, but my life is here now. I've never told my family about The Syndicate and never will. They wouldn't know what to think if I did tell them.

My last assignment with The Syndicate was two days ago. It was a Monday and if no message came, I had plans of going to the state park with a friend for a picnic. But when the ominous knock on my front door came at around 9:45 a.m., I knew that it was time to postpone all the plans I had made.

I signed for the envelope from the messenger and when he left, I ripped it open. Sure enough, it was the thick peach colored stationary, with these words typed on it:

TO: Slave #39
FROM: The Syndicate

Your services are required today. A
limosuine will arrive for you at noon
and will take you to your destination.
You are to wear:

A thin white blouse
A black micro-miniskirt
Black spiked high-heels
Nothing else... no bra, no panties

Make sure you look your best, or risk

The Syndicate

That was it! That is all it usually ever says, except my required attire is always different. But really, it gives absolutely no details on what I should expect, or what I am getting myself into. I never really know what will happen to me until something actually does happen.

And each time I receive a message, I hope and pray that I procure either a kind and loving Master or Mistress, or both, instead of a cruel and harsh individual(s) who is into giving pain and punishment. I spent a day last week as a 'torture slave', and it was not a pleasant experience. I can take it, though, otherwise I would not still be a submissive in The Syndicate. I just prefer softer D&S.

The last thing I want in life is to receive punishment courtesy of The Syndicate. If I am disobedient in my duties or do not live up to their standards, I will come home from my day of submission only to find The Punisher. The Punisher has a key to my apartment and can let herself in at any time. She is a sadist who brutally whips and punishes me, whenever I deserve discipline!

Fortunately, I have not seen The Punisher in eight months... I consider myself an obedient slave, who always lives and abides by The Syndicate's lofty standards. I never complain during my submissive duties. I know full well that the pain and despair The Punisher will give me if I do complain is ten times greater than what I receive during a normal S&M session. So I grin, and bear it.

After receiving the message two days ago, I had to call my friend and postpone our park plans for another day. It was off to the bathroom for me, where I coated my face with The Syndicate's special mascara and perfumes... I am only allowed to use their kit on the days my services are needed. By the time I got dressed and was ready to go, it was still 30 minutes before the limosuine was scheduled to arrive.

So I had a light snack, not knowing whether or not I would be permitted a meal wherever it was I would be going.

At noon, another knock came to my front door. It was one of the limo drivers, all of whom are stoic men who don't say much, or show any emotion. All I know is that I have to treat them with the utmost respect, and call them 'sir.'

The driver escorted me to the limosuine and I got into the backseat. There were no windows where I was seated, so I had absolutely no idea where we were headed, let alone our direction. I am not allowed to know where my rendezvous is.

After about 30 minutes, during which time I listened to the radio and had a glass of champagne, the limosuine came to a stop. We then started backing up and I heard a garage door open behind me. The limosuine continued moving in reverse and finally came to a stop, then I heard the garage door close. After about a minute, the passenger door swung open. It was time for me to start my duty.

"Please don't let it be a sadist," I prayed to myself, getting out of the limosuine. The driver pointed toward a closed door and told me to go inside and wait. Tentatively, I walked toward the door, opened it, and went inside. I was in a kitchen, and had been told by the driver to wait here.

I stayed in one place but looked around, taking in all the surrondings. It appeared to be a normal kitchen in a normal house. But I still wondered... would my keeper on this day be a man or woman? Would they be kind or cruel? What would they expect / demand from me?

"On your knees."

In an instant, I was on my knees, having obeyed the order of a gentle male voice. I've been told that phrase so many times during the past four years, that it is instinctive for me to do it, without even thinking first. I was on my knees even before the phrase fully registered in my mind.

I looked behind me and noticed a man who appeared to be about 45, wearing a smoking jacket with a pipe in hand, at the entrance. He gave me a soft smile before stepping forward, taking a puff of the pipe.

"Syndicate did good this time," he said, in sort of a cough. "I wanted me a blonde honey, and that's what I got."

I could do nothing but smile in return at the man. I was trying to gauge whether or not he seemed like a sadist. So far, at least, he didn't. In fact, he seemed rather calm.

"What's your name?" the man asked.

I cleared my throat. "Slave #39, sir."

"No..." He waved at me. "Your real name?"

I don't get asked that question often. "Uhh, Kathleen. Kathleen, sir." No one really seems to care enough to know.

"Well Kathleen..." His smile grew wider. "I suppose you know how to cook?"

"Yes sir."

"Good! Then you can fix me up some breakfast. Something simple, like eggs and bacon. You'll find everything you need here in the kitchen, in the usual places. Get to work."

I have cooked many times in the past for my keepers, but usually am asked to perform some type of sex or D&S / S&M act beforehand. I was surprised that he wanted me to cook for him first. And I didn't know the exact time, but I knew it was the afternoon. He wanted breakfast? Now?

I did as he said; I whipped up eggs and bacon, scrambled, he soon specified, as he sat at the kitchen table and read the daily newspaper. It only took a few minutes before I had a hot plate before him.

As he took his first bite, I prayed he would like my cooking. If not, then that could mean a visit tonight from The Punisher. I didn't need that!

But the 40-something man nodded his head, indicating he liked the meal. He told me to sit down at the table across from him. I did, and then we sat mostly in silence while he finished off the food.

"Off with your clothes, girlie," he suddenly demanded.

I had been in a quiet daydream, and was somewhst startled by the quick bringback to reality. But I stood quickly, and dutifully unbuttoned my blouse. My breasts, a nice pair of 36d's, spilled out into view for him. Then I slid the tight micro-miniskirt down my hips and thighs, and stepped out of it. Finally, I slipped my spiked high-heels off... and was now completely nude before a smiling, obviously happy man.

He sat and stared at me for at least a minute, and I'm sure my body was trembling in both fear and anticipation by the time he finally broke the eerie silence. I certainly had those feelings swirling around inside of me.

"My, you definitely are a fine philly," he said through a gigantic smile. "Why don't you come over here?"

"Yes sir," I replied, my feet already moving. I stepped over to him and he slipped one arm around my waist, and then pulled me down into his lap. His other hand darted between my thighs and he immediately started playing with my clit.

"I don't like being called 'sir'. I want you to call me 'Master' from this point on. Understand?"

"Yes, Master." One of the rules of The Syndicate is that I must refer to a male Dom as 'sir', and a female Dom as 'ma'am', until told otherwise. Another rule is that the Dom is not permitted to give his or her real name.

The man's finger was already making me hot. I had been in a quiet, steady blaze inside ever since receiving the message earlier in the morning, in anticipation of what I hoped to be a wonderful and erotic day. But now, as I sat in the man's lap, his finger working on my clit, my insides were already starting to rage and burn with desire.

And I still didn't know if he was a sadist or not.

After a minute of his finger teasing, I had to put an arm around his shoulder and use it for support, while letting out my first erotic moan of the day.

Then he stopped.

"Do you like that, Kathleen? Want me to continue?"

"Yes, Master," I gasped. "Please... if you will."

His finger suddenly changed from the earlier caressess to full and powerful thrusts right into my pussy. By the time another minute had passed, I had experienced an orgasm. It is twice as erotic and hot as normal, because I am letting a stranger do this to me. I didn't even know what city I was in, let alone the man's name, or anything else about him.

"Oh, Master," I moaned, both arms around his neck, my head resting upon his shoulder. "Oh, Master..."

He slowly placed his hands on my shoulders and then pushed me away from him, until I was in a standing position just before him. I felt a bit dizzy, but looked down at him in anticipation of my next order. He still appeared calm.

"Kathleen, let's see if you can top the last slave who visited me when it comes to sucking cock. I want you on your knees, right here in front of me."

In a heartbeat, I was once again on my knees, but this time parting the lower front of his smoking jacket. I found that this man had absolutely nothing on underneath that robe he wore. His cock was very thick and long, and his balls were big and hairy. I immediately knew that if he let me give him a full blowjob, I would definitely enjoy myself! His wasn't the biggest cock I've ever had... but I surely had no problems with that beautiful monster he posessed.

I palmed and lifted the underside of his balls with my left hand, and grasped the bottom of his cock with my right. He was already at full erection, so I knew that he liked me a lot... considering I had done nothing to him as of yet.

I absolutely love sucking cock, more than anything else in the entire world. There is no doubt that I could blow an entire roomful of men, and still want more!

I opened my mouth and took the bulging cockhead of my appointed Master inside. I could not help but to let out a groan as my lips closed around the tip. I then began to knead his balls with my left hand and fingers, and pump his length with my right... and begin a gentle suction with my lips and mouth. I have learned that men prefer women who make love to their cock, instead of simple generic sucking. I am a woman who prefers making love to cocks.

Again, I failed to suppress a moan while continuing on. I slipped more of his length into my mouth and our eyes made contact as he reached out and gently touched my head. He held his palm against the side of my head as I looked up into his eyes. He smiled and shook his head at me, then ran his fingers throughout part of my hair.

I took a bit more of his beautiful cock into my mouth, my tongue now swirling and licking it at a slow pace. I then started a gentle bouncing motion, moving my head up and down at a steady speed, intent on giving my Master the best blowjob he has ever gotten in his entire life.

"Do you like sucking cock, Kathleen?"

"Hmmm mmhm..." I moaned, my mouth full of him.

"Tell me outloud," he demanded.

I slipped his tool out of my mouth and quickly purred, "Hmmm... I love sucking cock." I gave the very tip a fast lick, then slipped his cock back into my mouth.

"I like you on your knees," he continued. "That's where you belong in life, isn't it, Kathleen? You belong on your knees, servicing your Master."

"Hmmm mmhm..." That kind of talk was making me hotter! And I could tell he realized this.

He let out his first pleasurable moan of the afternoon. I loved hearing it! "Oh Kathleen, you're a good little cocksucker. Yeah honey, lick it... lick it good."

I did as he said. I slipped his entire rod out of my mouth, then held it with my right hand and licked it like a lollipop, swirling my tongue up and down, and all the way around. I continued this action for quite some time, until stuffing his fat pole back into my mouth.

I resumed the bobbing, up and down motion of my head again, keeping my moist lips tight around his cock. I also frigged him with my right hand and continued kneading his balls with my left. I bit down on him, very gently. I could tell that he really enjoyed that, so I did it again. And again, and again. A gentle squeeze of the teeth... it is truly amazing how something so subtle can be so powerful.

My mouth was like a vacuum now, sucking and inhaling his cock, only to release it, then to take it back in. I was doing this at a quick, frantic pace... my own thighs were soaked, and I was sure this hunky man was close to orgasm. All I could think of was suck with my mouth, pump and play with my hands. It's the only thing that mattered to me.

I felt a thick glob of sperm hit the roof of my mouth. This was wonderful to me, because I really enjoy swallowing cum. I clamped down on his cock with my lips and held still, waiting for the full explosion. I gave him one more squeeze, and that literally triggered an unstoppable wave.

I choked and my mouth nearly overflowed with his tasty juice, as I tried my best to guzzle it all down. My mind was in a daze as I frantically swallowed, his thick sperm coating my throat and all areas on the way to my stomach. It was fantastic! He tasted delicious!

I slipped his cock from my mouth after it appeared he was empty. I held it before me and openly licked it, making sure to clean it of all the juices which remained. I gave him another squeeze, a hard one, and was rewarded with one big drop of sperm which oozed out. I quickly lapped it up, like a thirsty animal.

I then rocked back slightly on my knees and looked up at him. I'm sure my face was beaming with excitement, but he looked a little tired. He did manage a smile.

"Kathleen, my little cock queen, you were fabulous."

"Thank you, Master." His statement actually made me blush a crimson red! I overcame it, though, and looked at him with a regular expression. "Master, if I may ask this, is there anyone else I am to submit to today? Or are you the only one?"

"I'm keeping you for myself today!" he gushed, reaching forward and cupping my chin. "Why? Are you dissapointed?"

"Oh no, Master! Not dissapointed. Just curious."

A short time later, after my man had a chance to rest and regain his strength, we were in his bedroom. I was seated in the middle of the bed, while he was in a chair off to the side. Both of us were completely nude.

"I joined The Syndicate four years ago," I said, replying to one of his questions. "I don't really know how many jobs they have sent me on. It's been a lot... I know that. You figure two a week on average... maybe 400, 500 total jobs. But I'm not bored. I want more, more, more."

"Wow, at least 400!" he exclaimed. "That's one well fucked pussy you must have! Or do you do women, too?"

"Yes, Master," I blushed, somewhat shy about the subject. "Yes, I have had my share of Mistresses too. But more often than not, I am sent to Masters. I definitely prefer men."

"A pretty little thing like you... The Syndicate is based on girlies like you. But, you're not allowed to have sex with anyone outside The Syndicate, correct?"

"Right," I replied, dropping my head. That is the one thing I hate most about The Syndicate. I wish they would let me have relationships on my own. I looked up at him. "But I definitely get my fill. They keep me busy."

"What would you do, if you weren't a slave?"

I shrugged my shoulders. "Probably what I was doing before I learned of The Syndicate. Trying to make it as an actress over in California, but working as a waitress in some sleazeball diner."

I looked over at him, specifically his cock. I was tired of chatting, I wanted more action! But I would never say this to him, or convey in my expression I wanted our talk to end. That could mean a date with The Punisher.

Instead, I looked at his stiff cock and licked my lips. The man let out a laugh before getting out of the chair. "I think it's time I claim that little pussy of yours."

It wasn't too long before I was on my back with my thighs spread and legs in the air (a familiar position for me!), my Master thrusting his hard cock into my pussy. It was so good, he even felt bigger in me than I thought he would!

I had my arms wrapped around his neck and was simply twitching around upon the mattress, my head tossing and turning, in every direction. This man knew what he was doing! He was really giving it to me, something good!

My large breasts flopped and bounced about wildly as he continued to pulverize me with his massive erection. I could feel his strong hands gripping my ass, squeezing it with unbridled lust. His cock... oh, his cock! It felt as though it plunged deeper and deeper into me, each and every time!

I could not help but to scream and cry, as pleasure simply tore thoughout my body at an unbelievable pace. It was incredible! The man growled and grunted too, obviously enjoying this time himself.

He just kept thrusting his cock into me, so fast that I couldn't even believe it.

We shuddered together on the very edge of insanity as he maintained his constant hammering of me. The man gripped my hips viciously and began to use shorter, but somehow even quicker thrusts than before. I was going out of my mind with both lust and desire!

I then arched my back high in the air, my ass raising off the mattress. I screamed a booming scream, and the man growled as he pounded me, wanting me to drop back down to the bed. I did, and he continued his assault. But all he had was a few more thrusts... and then both of us shared in a mutual, simultaneous orgasm.

I felt his cum shooting deep into my pussy, filling and coating it with the delicious juice. All Syndicate women must have their 'tubes tied', to avoid the possibility of a Master getting us pregnant. So I let all of them shoot their wads into me... I absolutely love it!

The man kept spewing his jism into me, every last drop. My legs were wrapped tight around his waist, but I was in a cloud somewhere, a cloud of wonderful and sweet orgasm. It was just so incredible. No one had ever fucked me so good! If my pussy hadn't been well fucked before, as he said, it was definitely well fucked now!

"Hmmmm..." I groaned as he pulled out of me. "Master, that was fantastic! You can do that to me anytime you want, and I'll always come back for more..."

"Yes," he smiled, sliding down to the bed beside me, and kissing my forehead. "And I'll always want more, my little cock queen. It's too bad I only get to see you for one day. Perhaps I'll have to make a special request for you to return, sometime in the future. Yes, Slave #39."

"Hmmm... hopefully in the near future!"

"We shall see, little cock queen. We shall see..."

It turned out to be a wonderful day! Both of us fucked again, about an hour later. We then took another rest, but he made sure I stayed nude around the house... and always in his sight. Playful pinches and slaps happened all throughout the afternoon, and then he had me fix dinner for the two of us. After I cleaned the dishes, he fucked me yet again, this time right at the kitchen sink! I leaned over the sink and he took me from behind.

I sat in his lap for about two hours, as we watched television. I was very saddened when he said it was time to call for the limo, to come and pick me up. Nevertheless, we had sex one more time, this time on his living room floor. Then, unfortunately, it was time to clean up and dress.

That wonderful man escorted me back to the entrance of his garage, where the limosuine was waiting for me. He patted my ass with his hand and gave me a long kiss on the lips, before releasing me to the driver. The driver walked me over to the passenger compartment of the limosuine, but I kept looking at my Master, smiling at him. I blew him a kiss before going into the back of the limo, where there are no windows. I wished (and still do) that whoever that man was, I will one day get to serve him again.

It was a very nice ride home. I lounged in the back and relaxed, with another glass of fine champagne. When I got back to the apartment, it was time for a nice, long bath. I certainly needed one after what I had been through!

I can hardly wait for my next erotic adventure... it should make for another stimulating story. 'Til next time!

Kathleen (Slave #39)
September 3, 1997

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