Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Slut Wife,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This was supposed to be a quiet getaway at the beach for Teri and Ryan. When they crossed the border into Mexico, it became something else.

Terri looked over her shoulder and shouted, "last one in the water is a slug." Then she ran as fast as she could to the surf, kicking up sand all the way.

Ryan laughed to himself. He was carrying, over one shoulder, a heavy cooler loaded with a six pack on ice, sandwiches and munchies. Over the other shoulder was their beach bag. He didn't even try to catch her. With her blonde pony-tail flying in the wind she looked like a college cheerleader on spring break. She wasn't a college cheerleader but Ryan's wife of ten years and Bren and Paul's twenty-nine year old mom. Still, he found it flattering that every once in a while she was carded at a club or a bar.

They had arrived at South Padre Island very late the previous night after driving more than eight hours from their home near Dallas. This was the first time since they had been married, other than their honeymoon, when they had a week all to themselves. They had never been to South Padre Island before and they wouldn't be there now if Ryan hadn't won a sales contest.

She looked absolutely fantastic in the skimpy black bikini, thought Ryan. Before they left their room, they spent several minutes talking about the brand new tiny swimsuit with the thong bottom that Ryan desperately wanted her to wear. He persuaded her that no one she knew would ever see her. Also, he assured her that she didn't need to worry at all about her figure, she should be proud of it. After all, he reminded her, 5'4" and 105 pounds was as perfect as it gets. Finally she relented. She did, however, need to spend a few minutes in the bathroom trimming so that the tiny bottom completely covered the dark blonde tendrils that grew at the juncture of her thighs and sparsely covered her mound.

It was a weekday -- and after spring break but before memorial day -- so the beach behind their hotel wasn't very crowded. He found a spot a few feet back of the lapping surf, extended the umbrella and spread-out their colorful towels on the warm sand. Terri was frolicking in the cool water like a teenager. "Come on in chicken," She shouted.

Ryan couldn't remember a time when she seemed to be so alive. Things hadn't been going bad for them but most nights they collapsed in bed after taking care of the never-ending duties of family life. Ryan was trying his best to make it as an insurance salesman. But, after three years they were still struggling to make ends meet. Without Terri's help as a part-time cashier at Costco, it would have been even tougher.

Life for them seemed to Ryan, and he guessed also to Terri, to be like a treadmill. Not a bad treadmill, but a treadmill nonetheless. They didn't seem to be going anywhere. Lots and lots of movement and activity but things were about as routine as they could be. Up early every weekday for work. Getting the kids ready. Cleaning the house, preparing meals. Four hours working at the store for Terri, long hard days and evenings of prospecting for Ryan. Weekends were filled with catching up on the laundry for four people, mowing the lawn and shopping. When he added up the birthday parties, anniversaries, special occasions and holidays with family and friends there just wasn't anytime for them to expand their personal relationship. Nevertheless, they both felt blessed. They were healthy and better off than many people.

Secretly, he hoped that they could get a jump-start on their sex life on the long barrier island. They were both so tired most nights at home that sweet hugging seemed to have replaced hot sweaty sex. They were familiar, comfortable with each other. Once or twice a month, usually on weekends, they made tender love. It seldom lasted more than fifteen minutes. And, almost every time, Terri would remind him to be quiet so they didn't wake the children because the walls in their tract house were paper thin. He desperately missed the feverish sex that had been a part of their lives the first few years of their marriage.

Ryan ran to where she stood in the surf. He was surprised at how cold the water felt on his legs. When she wrapped her wet arms around him it was chilling. She grabbed his hand and pulled him farther out until the water was above their waists. "Isn't this great?" She asked.

"It's absolutely freezing," he shuddered.

"You'll get used to it." When he heard those words his thoughts went back ten years ago. That was how much time had elapsed since he saw her walk down the aisle of the Methodist Church towards him. She was a vision of loveliness in her white wedding dress. On their honeymoon in the Poconos she had said the same thing about the temperature of the water in the mountain lake. "You'll get used to it." She was right, he did get used to it then, but now? After a few minutes the water of the Gulf of Mexico became... well, not warm but tolerable, she was right again.

They spent most of the day at the beach. They finished the beer, ate the subway sandwiches, swam and read pocketbooks. Being careful, they made sure that they were covered with heavy sun block and usually sheltered by the big umbrella. Later, in the afternoon they wore T-shirts. Nevertheless, that night they saw that every inch of skin that hadn't been covered by their respective swimming suits was bright pink. For Terri, that was a lot of pink. They were both uncomfortable. Thank God for Solarcaine.

That night they dined at the sumptuous seafood buffet on the second floor of their hotel. After dinner they took a moonlit walk on the beach, around the town and then returned to their room. In spite of their mild sunburns, that night on the cool hotel bed sheets, the freedom of being away from home and responsibilities brought out feelings that had been repressed in their day-to-day lives for years.

Ryan had kissed her sweet lips thousands of times before but, for some reason, this time seemed like the first time. She seemed different, more responsive, more sensitive. The kisses were wetter, longer and more intense than he remembered them ever being.

Terri too felt renewed, released. Released from what she wondered for a moment? God, she was wet and horny. If Ryan didn't put it in soon she would have to take the matter, or his cock, into her own hands. She broke the marathon kiss and said, "Oh baby fuck me, please fuck me." Wow! Thought Ryan. Terri didn't usually talk like that. As a matter of fact he couldn't remember when she had begged for it. He wanted to make this special, he wanted to take his time. He really hoped that after a few minutes of moving in and out of her tight sheath he could prolong his climax. He wanted to drive her crazy with lust, to make her scream. He couldn't remember the last time she had clawed his back in the throes of ecstasy until it hurt.

"Ryan, give it to me. Fuck me now." But he didn't. Rather, he licked her breasts, he traced kisses down her flat stomach. The tip of his tongue teased her navel. She was writhing underneath him. And then he was at his favorite place in the whole world. He kissed the trimmed pubic hair, then lowered his face to her mound. With his thumbs he parted the wet lips. His tongue explored the smooth skin. Then his lips were on her swollen clit. Gently he sucked. She bucked up at him. Then she started to pull his hair, she was experiencing her first climax of the night.

Terri loved what he was doing and what she was feeling. Why, oh why didn't they do this every night at home? Why did it take a change of scenery for Ryan to become the hot horny man she had married? But for this moment, right now, she didn't care. He was doing what she really wanted him to do everyday. Then, she felt his tongue explore every part of her vagina. He stuck it in as far as possible and wormed it around the opening of the dark, wet cavity. Then he traced it down her taint. She lifted up to make it easier for him. He toyed with her little asshole and covered it with his saliva. She loved it.

Finally, neither of them could wait any longer. The kissing, booby sucking and oral sex had been great. Terri had tried to suck him but he didn't let her. He knew that as hot as he was it wouldn't take but a minute or two for him to climax. Then, it would be over for him for the night. That wasn't what he wanted. The foreplay had done its job. Terri was hot as a firecracker and begging to get fucked. He was stone-hard and willing, no eager, to accommodate her.

When he lifted up and crawled between her wide spread legs on his knees, she reached between them and grasped his hot shaft and pulled it to her wet opening. Then, as he had thousands of times before, he sunk into her to the hilt. She climaxed during the seven inch trip, and for a minute or two after, as he rested there deeply embedded while she clasped her spasming pussy around his big hard cock.

This night Ryan was able to hold off, at least for awhile. For some reason he was able to postpone his release until she begged for it. "Honey, cum in me. Shoot inside me. I need the big one now." Her natural blonde hair was fanned out on the hotel pillow. In the glow of the dim light cast by the lamp on the night stand he could see the beads of perspiration on her brow. He couldn't see her big blue eyes because they were covered by her eyelids which were squeezed tightly shut. Beautiful seemed such an insufficient word to describe her.

She held on to his ass-cheeks and pulled him into her as deeply as possible. Her heels dug into the rumpled bottom sheet that had come loose from the mattress. He couldn't hold back a second longer. He felt his climax approaching. It seemed like a gallon of fluid was rushing under his cock racing to the opening. Then the liquid that had been in his body, in his prostrate and testicles was deeply inserted and transferred into her warm body. He collapsed on top of her. As familiar lovers, they shifted until they were laying on their sides facing each other. There would be no pillow talk. Almost instantly they drifted into dreamland with smiles on their faces.

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