Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Blackmail, Lesbian, FemaleDom, Spanking, Humiliation, Masturbation,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A female executive is slowly being dominated by her assistant.

Mrs. Wendy Wilson was a mid-level executive at a large downtown marketing firm. She was due for a big promotion, and was thrilled about the chance to move up to the next floor. She would be glad to get rid of her assistant Sandra O'Donnell. Wendy thought, "The stuff I have to deal with, because Sandra is the daughter of the president of my marketing firm, and it's my job to baby-sit, oops, I mean train. My boss said that whatever I did, I must keep Sandra happy, and not let her quit NO MATTER WHAT! Think of this as a test Mrs. Wilson. Pass, you'll succeed, and will be promoted, and have a great career here, but Fail, and well..."

Wendy remembered back a few short weeks. Sandra on her first day at work, she started to flirt me. It was innocent in the beginning, every morning Sandra told me how great I looked. The flirting continued, and gradually developed into touching. At first it was a hand on the shoulder, or hip. Sandra said, "Gee Wendy I really like this blouse, or what is this skirt made of?" Soon Wendy's touches began to get more personal. I would be sitting in my chair, and Sandra would rub her breasts up against my shoulder or the back of my head. She would have her hand on the lower part of my back when she talked to me, and would pull me close and hug me. This went on for a weeks. Everyday Sandra would find a way to stand very close, and touch me a little more than the day before.

I tried to ignore her; I was ashamed of the growing fear inside me. I could not compel myself to yell at her. As the touches became a daily routine I was having a hard time forgetting she was my assistant, and it was a woman that was flirting with me, the light pats on my ass, the caress of my back, and the feeling of her soft body pressing into me. I went home and cried every night about the helplessness I was feeling. There was nothing I could do. First thing Monday morning she followed me into my office, and as she shut the door she grabbed my butt as I passed by, and I yelled at her. "Don't do that again!" I was pleased I finally said something. A feeling of pride swept through my body. I was going to be free from her caresses, and there was nothing she could do about it now.

"Do I have to tell my dad to fire your fat ass? Do you need this job? How hard will it be to get another job in this climate of corporate layoffs?" Sandra said gloating

"Just don't touch me like that again, or I'll... I'll... report you." Wendy said trying to sound firm; and thought, "I don't have a fat ass! I'm a 36D-26-37 at only 135lbs, and my ass is just a little wider than yours. Talk to me in ten years bitch." Sandra is obnoxious, and worthless, but I need to be careful of her threat, and I cannot get laid-off."

Wendy looked at Sandra. Sandra was 24 years old, 5'5", and had long beautiful flowing midnight black hair, which came to the middle of her back. Her face had the glow of youth, and money. She had a body that was absolutely remarkable. Perfect sized breasts, thin waist, and long toned legs. Sandra was a 34C-22-33 maybe 120lbs.

"You'll report me huh? Yea right. Did you forget who my dad is? I think I'll call him, and see what he has to say about this. You might as well start packing, but I'll give you one minute to apologize." Sandra said.

Wendy was worried because she needed this job to pay her half of the mortgage, and the car payments. She knew it would take a month or more to find another good job, and also knew in that time her family would suffer. "I'm sorry Sandra." The idea Wendy had to apologize to her assistant for standing up for herself was hard to take. The shame of the knowledge that with that one sentence she was agreeing to let Sandra do whatever she wanted to her.

The next day Sandra comes into my office, and leans over my desk, and she has the top three buttons of her pale yellow shirt unbuttoned. I tried not to look at her firm breasts incased in a yellow satin lace bra, but the harder I tried not to look, the stronger the pull. I looked. Sandra smiled at me and buttoned her shirt, making me feel foolish, and naughty as she reprimanded her boss for staring down her blouse. "Mrs. Wilson, don't stare at my breasts, it is very rude, and I don't appreciate it. I'm here to work. Refrain your urges."

Wendy now knew the answer by heart and said, "I'm sorry Miss O'Donnell, I wont let it happen again." She was humiliated every time the sentence was uttered, and she said it at least five times a day.

It was getting worse. Sandra was standing behind me in the empty elevator last week. She put her arms under my breasts and pulled me close to her, I could feel her breasts on my back, and her hard nipples pushing firmly into me. She whispered in my ear, how she was going to screw the daylights out of her boyfriend. I was mortified, I could see the reflection on the brass doors, and we looked like a pair of lovers. I could not find the courage to protest, and when Sandra started squeezing my breasts, and said "Wow these are nice, maybe I'll ask you to show them to me tomorrow." She caressed me for three more floors, until the elevator doors started to open, and she just walked away. I stood there in the elevator, with my arousal growing, the hard nipples calling for attention, and I did not know what to do. Her touch confused me. I was humiliated, and so scared I wanted more.

Sandra opened my office door and said, "Can you get me some coffee, Wendy?"

Wendy was sitting there behind her desk, and she was buried in paperwork, but did what Sandra said, and went for coffee. Wendy could not believe she was getting her assistant coffee and thought, "Why am I getting this for her she should be getting mine."

Sandra loved the look on Wendy's face, and almost laughed when she said, "I'm sorry Wendy, but I'll need more cream for my coffee. Can you be a dear, and get me some?" As Wendy turned to leave again, Sandra watched Wendy walking away and thought, "damn that woman has a cute ass for a woman in her late-thirties." She could just make out the panty lines under her grey slacks, as each step pulled the pants tight across each ass cheek, and she thought about how to remove them. Her boss had a great figure. She had large breasts; trim waist, and a perfect ass, just how Sandra liked them with a little extra cushion.

Wendy was fuming as she returned for more cream. She thought, "I need to keep Sandra happy, so I can continue working here, but I need to stand up for myself. I seem to be following all of her suggestions." It was getting harder for Wendy to be around Sandra

Wendy came back with the cream, and gave it to Sandra, and when she turned to go back behind her desk she felt Sandra smack her butt.

"I'm sorry honey, but I asked for more sugar, not cream. Now go get me some sugar." Sandra ordered, and she smacked that cute ass again harder.

Wendy turned and yelled, "Why don't you get off your fat ass! Get it yourself! I'm the boss here, and you're MY assistant, and don't ever touch me like..."

"Wendy, what did I say if you ever yelled at me again? Sandra asked quietly.

"Y... You would... Uhm... you said... you would sp... spank me." Wendy whispered.

"That is right. Now go get my sugar, and when you return I'll have to give you your much-needed spanking. Go, and think about how disappointed you have made me."

Wendy went to get the sugar, and thought all about the upcoming spanking, and thought, "She has to be joking! There is no way I'll allow her to spank me. What if she makes me? I will be strong, and tell her no." Wendy walked back into her office, and handed Sandra her sugar.

"Mrs. Wilson, I hope this will be your first and last spanking I'll ever have to administer. Do you understand? I said do you understand!"

"Ye... Yes. Please Sandra don't do this!"

"What did you call me?"

"Please Miss O'Donnell. Please don't do this to me. Please..." Wendy said pleadingly.

"I'm sorry, but you left me no choice. I feel bad that I must punish you. Please don't make this harder than it needs to be. Please pull down your pants, and we'll get this over with, so we can be friends again."

Wendy started to tear up, as she unzipped her pants. She gave one last plea and said, "Please don't make me do this! I'm begging." Wendy saw the look in Sandra's eyes, and pushed her pants down to her knees. "I wish I had on a nicer pair of panties," Wendy thought. The comment from Sandra made her aware of her plain panties.

Sandra said, "Wendy, your choice of underwear needs a lot of improvement. Please lower them, and lay across my legs, and receive your punishment." Sandra looked at Wendy standing there with the grey pants and her white briefs around her knees, She was stunning. The blush on Wendy's face, and the tears falling down was making Sandra wet. The power to control Wendy was an aphrodisiac. The feeling of her boss now lying across her lap was so great. Sandra could tell her boss worked out, and ran her hand across the ass of her boss. She squeezed the left cheek first, and then the right, and reached between Wendy's legs and ran a finger across her vulva.

"Don't do that!" Wendy said, and she was trying to get up, and leave.

LIE DOWN! You will hold still, if you want to continue working here. Well, what's it going to be?

"I'm sorry Miss O'Donnell, It wont let it happen again." Wendy felt the deep feelings of humiliation sweep through her. Here she was a collage educated, professional woman with her career on the rise, and she was getting a spanking from her secretary. Life was not fair.

"Good girl Wendy. Now open your legs and we can continue your punishment."

It took all Wendy's will power to open her legs for her younger assistant. Wendy felt a finger tracing patterns on her ass cheeks, and the finger followed the cleft of her butt, and moved lower in between her thighs. Wendy was trying to block out the finger entering her.

Sandra was in heaven. The fact her boss willingly opened her legs, and the lips of Wendy's vagina were now very visible through the brown fur it was making Sandra hotter. Sandra rubs the outer lips, and pushes her finger inside Wendy a couple times, and then Sandra then proceeded to spank her older boss.

Crack... Crack... Crack... the sound of the spanking resonated throughout the office.

As Wendy lay across her assistant's lap she wondered how this came to pass. "Sandra did not order, or threaten me. She politely asked me to receive this spanking and I actually agreed. She said to pull my panties down and I did, but I also opened my legs for her. Why did I do this?" all her thoughts stopped as she felt the first smack to her ass. The humiliation was the worst part. Lying across her assistant's lap, with her plain white panties around her knees.

Crack... Crack... Crack... Crack... Crack... Crack... Crack... Crack... Crack...

The pain was getting harder to tolerate, and Wendy started thrashing around to stop the pain, but Sandra was holding on to her to tightly.

Crack... Crack... Crack... Crack... Crack... Crack... Crack... Crack... Crack... Crack... Crack...

Wendy was forced to plead, "Please... stop! I'll do anything... please... No more! I can't take anymore... Please stop!"

Sandra was enjoying spanking her boss. The swats to Wendy's ass was starting to hurt her hand, Sandra was getting very wet at the sight between the squirming Wendy legs. Sandra could clearly see Wendy's pussy, and this almost sent her over the edge, and thought, "Soon Wendy will be relieving this damn itch between my legs." Sandra gave Wendy five more hard slaps, and started to caress Wendy's ass again. This time her ass was hot to the touch. Sandra pushed a finger between the open legs of Wendy, and slowly started to stroke her boss's pussy until it became soaking wet. She worked her finger into the crack of Wendy's pussy. After giving her boss an orgasm Sandra reluctantly pushed Wendy off her lap and said, "Please sit on my lap, and let me give you a hug."

Wendy crying, and sniffling was pushed off of her assistant, and Wendy pulled up her pants, and sat down on her assistant's lap as ordered. The hug from Sandra felt good after the pain of the spanking, and humiliation of her climax, and she needed to feel safe again. Wendy held her assistant tight, and cried on her shoulder. "I'm sorry. I'll be good..." Wendy clung to her assistant, and cried.

Sandra felt her boss squeeze her tight, and was crying on her shoulder. Wendy's breasts digging into her own felt so good. Sandra reached up and started to caress Wendy's breasts. She caressed her boss for about a minute, and whispered in Wendy's ear, "I didn't know a little spanking would turn you on. You have great nipples Wendy. I like the way they feel in my palm."

Wendy quit crying and said, "I... Uhm... I'm not... I never... well... I LOVE my husband." Wendy said. Like that was all that needed to be said. Unfortunately she could not forget the feelings still resonating on her moist pussy where Sandra touched her, and the pain from the spanking coming from her ass. Wendy tried to forget it was a woman that touched her intimately, but her wet panties bothered her as she moved to get more comfortable on here assistant's lap. She felt very humiliated about the recent spanking, and how she laid there, and let a woman finger her vagina, and bring her off, and now she was letting Sandra stroke her breasts.

Sandra could feel Wendy squirming on her lap, and knew her boss was trying to fight the feelings coursing through her body. Sandra said, "I'm only a 34 C-cup, not as endowed as you, but my boyfriend likes the size. Here, I'll show you my rock hard nipples." Sandra slowly opened up her burgundy shirt, and then opened the front clasp on the lacy white bra, and showed Wendy her tits. "Wendy, I think you're rubbing off on me. I feel dampness starting in my panties. Are your panties getting wetter? Do you like my tits Wendy? If you want to you can kiss me right here, or lick this hard nipple. You see it is calling to you, right? I won't tell your husband. Lick it Wendy!" Sandra was pulling Wendy down to her right nipple.

Wendy thought, "Please quit Sandra, I am getting wetter from your words. I'm not like that! I love my husband. I like guys, and not girls. Run!" Wendy rushed out of her office, and went to the restroom. She was sitting in the stall, and could not get the image of Sandra out of her mind. Sandra's hard tan nipples, and the surrounding areolas just a shade darker. The contrast of the white bra, and the burgundy shirt opened to her pants. Wendy pulled the grey slacks down, and sat down on the toilet, and felt her soaking wet panties. "Oh my god, this cant be!" Wendy unrolled a wad of toilet paper, and tried to dry her panties. She used almost a half of a roll before she stopped. She started to dry her matted pubes, and thought, "Oh fuck it! I have to cum again!" Wendy pushed the first two fingers on her left hand inside her pussy, and used her right index finger to rub her clit. In a matter of six strokes she had a mild climax. Not enough to ease the tension, but enough to be able to walk back to her office. She thought, "I'm so shamed that I needed to climax after Sandra... it's too horrible to think about. I'm still horney, and what if Sandra is not done teasing me. I almost did like she asked. I wanted too lick her nipple. I know I did, but why? I'm not gay!"

Watching Wendy run away was more than Sandra could take. She rubbed her dripping cunt through her pants, and had a large satisfying climax. She thought, "It will be so easy it will be to get into Wendy's panties. Wendy will do all the work. All I have to do is tease her, and that sweet pussy will be mine. Here she comes."

Wendy was having a hard time gathering up her courage to enter her wing of the floor. She took a deep breath, and tried calming her fears about what Sandra would say. She didn't know if she truly wanted Sandra to stop, and this worried her more. She waited as long as she could, and went back to her office.

Sandra said, "I see you changed you perfume since you left." Sandra leaned over towards Wendy, and took a big sniff, and said, "Yep, I can no longer smell your sweet musky scent. I hope you washed your finger."

Wendy cringed at Sandra's words, but entered her office, and shut the door, and leaned on the door as soon as it closed. "No! I am not like that! Please help me, someone!" she thought.

It took Wendy almost an hour to finally relax, and quit looking at the door. Wendy was hoping Sandra would stay out of her office, but wanting Sandra to enter, and order her to lick those hard firm nipples. Wendy did not know which she wanted more. She was humiliated by the idea she wanted to be dominated by her assistant.

Wendy was home, and her husband was licking her nipples, and moving lower. Wendy looked down, and she saw Sandra. It was Sandra, who was now licking her pussy, and her tongue was inside her pussy pushing in and out slowly, and now her talented tongue was licking her hard clit. Wendy was getting close to an orgasm, and as the powerful orgasm rolled through Wendy, she got scared, and pushed Sandra away. "No!" Wendy said.

Her husband was confused about the sudden change in his wife, and said, "What's wrong honey?"

"Nothing dear, it's just a long day, and I'm kinda tired. I'm sorry..." Wendy was ashamed this happened. She loved her husband dearly. She's never dreamed about another man, let alone a woman in her bed.

Sandra barges into Wendy's office and announces, "Tomorrow you will report to the Oakwood medical facility at 10:00am for your annual physical."

"That's not my doctor."

"I thought we should go to the doctor's together. You can show me yours, and I'll show you mine." Sandra turned and went to the office door, and turned and said, "Yes, Wendy I want to show you mine. I can't wait." At this comment she pulled up her skirt, and showed Wendy she was not wearing any panties, and then rubbed her cunt through her sheer to the waist suntan pantyhosed. "You need to show yours. No! I'll wait till tomorrow morning. Will you be dreaming of my pussy tonight? Of course you will. Wear something pretty for me under those drab clothes, and put on some more make-up." and closed the door thinking of the fun she would have with Wendy.

Wendy was staring in her lingerie drawer, and heard Sandra's words, "Wear something pretty." Wendy debated on what to wear. Wendy was looking, and saw nothing but plain white panties. There was nothing but white, the choice was between rayon or cotton, and the lone black pair she wore under a certain skirt. "I better go to the mall and buy something nice."

Wendy was drove to doctors, and they entered the doctor's office.

The nurse said, "Mrs. Wilson, and Miss O'Donnell please come this way." They followed the nurse to the examination room, and she motioned both women inside. "Please have a seat, and you." The nurse said pointing to Wendy, "Remove all your clothing. This means all your clothing. I don't want to come back in here, and tell you to take off your panties. Strip, and the doctor will be in to look you over." The nurse gives Sandra the gown for Wendy, and leaves the room.

Wendy was nervous now she was alone with Sandra. Wendy looked around the room for a place to undress with some privacy, and saw the exam table. The table looked like a folding massage table. The bottom of the table was folded down, and the Chrome stirrups were already in place. The top of the table was raised a little, and Wendy could already see herself lying down, her knees folded over the curved bars, and her legs opened. She pushed this thought out, and tried to relax. Sandra's staring was unnerving Wendy, and she thought, "She'll watch as I lay here open in every way a woman can be opened. How can I get out of this?"

"You heard the nurse Wendy. Remove your blouse, and hand it to me, and I'll fold it for you. You better get naked, or the nurse may spank that cute ass of yours." Sandra said. She liked the way Wendy looked today. Sandra could tell Wendy wore more make-up than usual, and wondered about the panties.

Wendy heard the comment about spanking, and went weak in the knees, and thought, "Why do I feel this way?" Wendy turned her back to Sandra, and started to raise her blouse, but stopped at the command from Sandra.

"Turn around! It is time to show me your body." Sandra ordered.

Wendy turned around, and with shaking fingers pulled the grey sweater over her head. Wendy was very conscious of the show she was putting on, and could not stop, or turn away. She handed the sweater to Sandra, and stood there waiting the next command, and her nipples where getting hard and her breasts stated to ache.

"The pants."

Wendy reached around to the back of the black pants, and unsnapped then unzipped the pants, and let it fall to the ground. She picked it up, and handed it to Sandra. Wendy now stood there in full view of Sandra in brand new underwear. The panties were a royal blue, and had lace edging on the waistband, and lace edging on the inside of the crotch panel. The panties were getting damp, and the matching bra was not concealing her hard nipples. This was the first time Wendy was conscious of another woman starring at her as she undressed. She was pleased with the complement she received on her lingerie.

"I see you wore something nice for me. I like it. Now, take off your bra, and let me see your big tits." Sandra was pleased with Wendy's lingerie, and the lace edged leg bands hinted at the brown hair hiding behind them.

Wendy let the bra fall off her shoulders, and handed the bra to Sandra, and when ordered to she removed her panties. It was harder to hand the panties to Sandra, because Wendy felt her juices starting to flow, and was embarrassed to have Sandra know she was getting excited. There was no hiding the fact as she handed the panties over.

Sandra took the panties from Wendy, and felt the damp heat seeping from the crotch. "You naughty girl. You should be ashamed to be getting excited in a doctors office." She looked over Wendy. The older woman had large firm breasts. The drooped a little, but were still well shaped. The nipples were brown and hard, and pointing straight out. She had a full brown covered nest.

The doctor entered and said, "Good, I'm glad your ready for the exam. I see you're not shy about nudity, so we'll skip the dressing gown. Please step on the scale and we'll get started. The doctor said, "5' 7" and 135 pounds, not bad. I see by your chart your 38 years old. Please take a seat on the table and lay down, and I'll be giving you a breast exam, Hey Sandra, why don't you take the left breast, and I'll do the right.

Wendy tried to protest, but was scared to say anything. She's never had two people touch her intimately, and was feeling degraded as the two women worked on her nipples. Wendy felt humiliated as her juices flowed, and was nervous, but soon had to surrender to the feelings.

Sandra noticed Wendy's excitement as she caressed her nipples. Sandra pulled on them, and squeezes Wendy's nipples in ever increasing pressure, and loved Wendy moaning as her left nipple was squeezed.

The breast exam was murder, but thank god it was over. Wendy now feels the overwhelming guilt at having Sandra, and another woman touching her breasts. She was about to cry at her humiliation at having enjoyed the breast exam. Wendy could not believe she actually moaned in pleasure. How can she face Sandra now?

As the doctor placed Wendy's legs in the stirrups, Wendy felt how exposed she was, and she wanted to close her legs, and leave, but the desire for Sandra's continued touch was a craving she was having trouble suppressing. Sandra was running a hand down the inside of her right thigh just lightly caressing it.

The cold speculum was inserted deep inside Wendy, and opened up. Wendy felt the knowledgeable index finger of Sandra bringing her to the brink of an orgasm. Wendy tried to fight the growing pleasure, but was having a hard time as the doctor again tweaked her hard nipple. The orgasm rolled through her, and was probably the best orgasm Wendy's ever had. The humiliated feelings of being in an office, and the people right outside the door heightened the affects of her climax. She knew someone could just enter the unlocked door at any time. Wendy bit her lip to keep from screaming as the powerful orgasm rolled through her.

Wendy wanted to die as she was made to get on her knees, and place her head on the table. She spread her knees, and closed her eyes as the exam continued.

The next hour the two women teased, prodded, and poked poor Wendy, and Wendy had two more orgasms.

The doctor said, "Mrs. Wilson please stand up your exam is over."

Wendy cringed inside as she started to stand on her shaky legs, and felt the wet paper table liner sticking to her bottom. Wendy pulled the wet paper off her ass, and tried to hide the vast evidence of her arousal, and started to get dressed.

"Looks like the little lady liked her exam." The doctor said, ripping off the wet paper liner, and wiping up the table from all of the patients juices.

The weeks went by, and Sandra's behavior in the office was beginning to interfere with Wendy's life. All the suggestions seemed harmless at the time, but it escalated to being more risqué as the requests added up.

Wendy was sitting at her desk, and Sandra entered and said, "Wear a dress tomorrow."

Wendy wore a skirt, which came down to her knees, and was nervous about the dress. She wore pants most of the time so she could wear baggy sweaters to hide her breasts.

Sandra said nothing to Wendy about the dress, but that night before she left for home, she said "wear a dress, but wear a button shirt tomorrow."

Wendy was at her desk wearing a white button shirt, and a dark blue pair skirt. Sandra called on the phone and said, "Unbutton your shirt to your waist. I'll be in to check on you later."

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